Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 14
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FOURTEEN Americanism: Denying him th light to use his car for want ot t $15 license plate; losing $30 gasolln tax he would have paid.--Davcnnor Times. BLOXHAM MEAT MARKET 516 S. FEDERAL PHONE T70 FRIDAY and SAT. Special Boneless RtJMP ROAST lb. VEAL STEAK Ib. 15 Small Wieners Ib. 12 CREAM CHEESE Ib. WE DELIVER Masonic Services Are Conducted at Gamer Church for Strandberg GARNER, Feb. 15--A Masonic x'uneral was held forHaakon Strandberg at the M. E. church this afternoon, preceded by a service at the home with the Rev. Calvin Schmid officiating. Bora in Sweden July 27, 1859, he was married to ElnOra Snook, Oct. 8, 1880 and was soon after called for three years of compulsory military service. Then they came to America and lived at Britt a few months and since in Garner where he was a shoemaker. Mr. Strandberg was a member of Bethel lodge A. F. and A. M., Bethel council, R. and S. M., and Relief chapter of the Order of Eastern Star of Garner and Antioch Com- mandery of Mason City He held various offices and also was at one :ime an officer of the Grand chapter of Iowa. Mr. Strandberg is survived by his wife, his daughter, now Mrs. Alice Mitchell of Pleasanton, Kans., two granddaughters and two great- shildren. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE There is no universal standard, so you can't tell a failure till you enow what he was trying to be.-Wisconsin State Journal. C. and H. CANE SUGAR 25 POUNDS fl.23 NAVY BEANS BARTLETT PEARS DEL MONTE COLD STREAM PINK SALMON WET SHRIMP CANDY JELLY BEANS RED SOUR PITTED (Water Pack) CHERRIES COFFEE RED CIRCLE COFFEE BOKAR COFFEE (Dated) CHASE SANBORN'S 10 ib, 49c 100 POUNDS $4.75 4 ,,,, 14c 2 Mo. 2 Cans No. 1 Tall Cans 00 ZJC 2 c a ° n s l 9 c 2 lb , 19C lOc 39c Si 2 2 2 Pound 27C GINGER AI E 3aited ' Mixed cashe TM. ^ VIUIVILlll. .rtl^LlAlmonds, Brazils, Pecans, Ib. 5 / C BROWN SUGAR, 5 Pounds POWDERED SUGAR, 4 Pounds *!° IONA COCOA, 2 Pound Can 2oC BAKER'S PREMIUM CHOCOLATE,' fc' Pound lT f SARDINES IN OIL, S V Ounce Can "" DILL PICKLES, Quart Jars °° TTMrTM GRAPEFRUIT ' U1/ ' ° I '-' C ' an ''TM th " Sugar'.::".'.'. IOC TOMATO SOUP, PHILLIPS, IQi/, Oz., 5 for . 25c LEWIS LYE, Hegular size, 3 Cans . . . . ^ c ° SOAP CHIPS. 5 Pound Box ~TM. BROOMS, 4 Seam .'.'."!.'"!.'.'!!!!.'.".'·«£ NTIT^l SALTED, MIXED CASHEWS, r t I I U I O ALMONDS, BRAZILS, PECANS, Ib. i / C ORANGES APPLES HEAD LETTUCE Fruits and Vegetables Navels, 176's, 200's, Dozen Black Twigs, Fine C OC Quality 0 lbs. /-DC Size "... 2 for 11C Fresh Supply Celery, Radishes, Turnips, Cauliflower, TOMATOES, Etc. KIWANIANS AND QUEENS GATHER Several Musical Numbers by Students and Monologs Are Presented. Musical numbers by high school £ ,t Dts and a £ rou P of monologs by Mrs. Charles Grippen were pre- seated Thursday noon by the Kl- wanlqueens at a meeting of the Klwanlans and their ladles in Hotel Hanford. One hundred two attended the session. Several selections were presented by high school students who will give the operetta, "Naughty Marietta" by Victor Herbert, on Thursday evening, Feb. 22, In the high school auditorium. These students comprising the boys' and girls' glee clubs, are directed by Miss Ellen bmith, and received much applause. Solos Are Given. The first number was a solo "I'm falling in Love," sung by Roger Downing, who has the leading male role, with the chorus joining in. i Then Madalynne Powell, who has! the leading feminine role, sang a' solo, the Italian street song, with chorus. . , A duet by Miss Powell and Mr Downing was then presented, followed by the finale from the first act. These samples of numbers indicate the fine quality of performance which can be expected at the operetta. Instrumentalists Are Heard. Ruth Buehler then presented two marimba solos, Dorothy Evans furnishing 1 the accompaniment. Richard Barker played a trombone solo, with Miss · Evans accompanying- The concluding features of the program were monologs presented by Mrs. Grippen. Mrs. Ray F. Kunz presided at the meeting. Mrs. F. M. Humphrey led community staging: with Mrs. C. O. Pasnau playing the piano. Corsages were' given to each of the women. The committee in charge o£ the program consisted of Mrs. Kunz, chairman; Mrs .H. F.-.pool Mrs. Don Blair, Mrs. E. M. Duesenberg and Mrs. Pasnau. Max Boyd is again a member of the club. Spark From Chimney Sets Fire to Roof A square of roof was burned at the home of Mrs. Julia Stinehart, 804 North Federal avenue, about 1:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon. A 'park from the chimney set fire to :he roof. The fire was extinguished with a booster line and two hand :umps. FORMER NORTH IOWAN Frank A. O'Connor, Dn- buque attorney and formerly of New Hampton, has been named general counsel tor -the Farm Credit administration for the eighth district, which comprises the states of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. O'Connor, who assumed his duties at Omaha, was selected by Gov. William L. Myers of the Farm Credit association. Funny world! If a . m a n steals from the public, his punishment is to live for some years at public expense.--Midwest Review. GWA IS STOPPED IN MASON CITY Work May Be Resumed Mon day, Payroll for Week Is $8,590.76. The Cerro Gordo county Civi Works administration was advise by E. H. Mulock, CWA adminlstra tor for Iowa, that all work on pro jects will stop Thursday evening according to A. M. Schanke, loca administrator. All work will be suspended Fr day and Saturday. Plans for a nen CWA program may be started Mon day but so far n 0 details of the pro gram have been received in Maso City. · T5 eC r^ A P a y r °" f °r this weel 1 3 ,? 8 V 590 76 ' The mone y will be di: tributed among 1,015 men. FEBRUARY 15 M 1934 At the Hospitals Mrs. Lloyd Barrett, Delawar building, was admitted to the Park hospital Wednesday for a minor op 3 ration. Max Nauman, Rockford, was dis missed from the Mercy hosplta Wednesday following a minor oper ation. Frank Reras, 57 Lehigh Row, wai admitted to the Park hospital Wed nesday for treatment. Irene Spaanum, Osage, was dis missed from the Mercy hospita OF VITAMIN D A Better Balance for Your "Balanced" Meal Your IncomeTax No. 15. Exemption Allowed State Employes. The compensation of officers and employes of a state or any political sub-division thereof, if the services of such officers or employes are given in connection with activities which constitute the discharge of an essential governmental function as distinguished from a proprietary function, is exempt from federal income tax. The compensation of such officers and employes is subject, to federal income tax if their services were made in connection with the exercise of a proprietary function. For example, the compensation of the governor of a. state, the' mayor of a city, councilmen, board of aldermen, public school teachers, firemen and policemen is not subject to federal income tax. Fees received by notaries public commissioned by states are exempt from federal income tax. Compensation received by employes of a municipally owned waterworks or street railway or electric light plant is subject to .federal income tax, as such activities are proprietary rather than governmental in character. Fees for special services to a state are taxable, as, for example, compensation paid architects and builders for planning and erecting a state capitol or other state or municipal" building. An officer or on employe of a state, for the purpose, of the income-tax law, is one whose services are continuous and not occasional or temporary. pHYSICIANS and dietitians have ·*· for so many years iw« tainting 1 out the necessity foj diet that most mode are familiar w i t h the need for rounding 1 out each meal with the necessary proportions of proteins, starches, sugars; fats and mln- e r a 1 s, of calories and even of vitamins. B u t w h i l e a meal may seem to be nicely balanced because it Includes the needed meats vegetables, f r u i t s and sweets according- to accepted dietetic rules, it may still be deficient. Because, while the foods included in a well balanced diet contain vitamins A, B, C, E and G, none of them contains much of the highly important vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary to us all, and particularly to children. Known a the "anti-rachetic vitamin, i t r most Important function is to hel In building- strong-, sturdy bones, t prevent the disease of children known as rickets, and to help fortify teeth against infection and decay. The principal sources of vitamin D are cod-liver oil and sunshine. Wednesday following a minor operation. Mrs. Mabel VanHoorebeke, Northwood, was admitted to the Park hospital Wednesday for treatment. Mrs. Frank Monger, Rockwell was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Wednesday following a major operation. Nick Stenoff, 729 Jackson avenue southwest, was dismissed from the Park hospital Wednesday followin" a major operation. ° Mrs. Almar Halvorson, Joice was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Wednesday following a minor operation. Harold Mickelson, Kanawha, was dismissed from the Park hospital FAMOUS FOB Sunshine is undependable in our part of the world, and ccd-liver oi is unpleasant to the taste, disliked equally by children and adults Kecog-nizing these difficulties in securing an adequate supply of the important vitamin D, scientists, after years of research, have de- eloped an extract of cod-liver oil. his extract, abundant in vitamin D, is without fishy odor or taste, ts principal use today is to fortify milk and bread, to provide these '.wo basic foods with vitamin D. Hence the modern mother gets a better balance for the family meal- by including vitamin D m'ilk and oread on the menu. 1033, vitamin D Information Bureau, K. v. VITAMIN D BREAD Pfaff Baking Co. PACKING HOUSE MARKET S.MS- Specials for Friday BEEF VEAL PORK ROASTS Ib.8c BEEF VEAL PORK STEAKS Ib. Sc SPRING LAMB CHOPS FRESH GROUND SAUSAGE 8c lb. 6c ib. GRUPP'S PHONE 420 FOOD MARKET 1339 N. FEDERAL We Are Prepared to Supply Your Lenten Food Wants SALMON Red, Pound Can 19c PIKE Pound VEAL STEW, Ib AND FRESH DRESSED, Ib LAMB STEW, Ih . .. IOC i n LAMB -. A l U C STEW, Ih ........ 10 C bEG-0-LAMB, Choice, Ib ....... 24c CUCUMBER PICK- or BEETS, CARROTS, r- LES, Heinz, Qts. £t?L Fresh, Bunch ...... OC POT ROA^T^ ACKER'S ST\Ji J V W / l O l O SELECT, Ib BRAUN- - i n BOLOGNA, SCHWEIGER, Ib.. IOC }b SHOE BRAND, 49 LB. SACK d?1 £n $1.69 II " TEA lb - Br » vn L abel Black .._ ]b 29c Highest Quality--Lowest Priced America's Largest Seller Cut Rate Grocery PRICES BELOW GOOD AT BOTH STORES FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY 30 E. State St.--Phone 112-113 508 1st St. S. W.--Phone 114 CREAMERY BUTTER (none better) per Ib Corn, 5 cans ,,,,. Sweet Pickles, pint jar .. 15o Mlnco Meat, 2 lbs 25c Peanut Butter, pints .... i5c Peanut Butter, qts 25o English Walnuts, Ib. ... lac Velvet Tobacco, can .... 12c Dates, 2 lbs 19c Flour, 5-lb. sack 24o EGGS, strictly fresh and clean, doz. 15c Large Corn Flakes, pkg. lOo Mnple Syrup, bottle lOc 'Egg Noodles, 1 Ib. sack. . loo Hoodies, 5 pkRS 2a Dark Syrup, per gal. ... 30c Lima Beans, large c a n . . . l Cyrs. White Soap. 10 bars Gr. or Wax Str. Beans, can lOr Pop Corn that pops, 5 Ibs. 2 Catsup, largo bottle, 2 for 2 Onions, 8 Ibs Z5c Peanut Brittle, Ib lOc I Let Our Store Be Your I Store. "Our Prices Are I Never High." ^^^H^HHnM^R^^^^^HHM^I --FLOUR-Triumph (none better) 49 lb. sack 51.79 Wooden Shoe Flour, 4S-lb. sack S1.5SI Plllsbury's. 49-lb. sack S2.1fl Sunbeam. 49-lb. sack.. §1.8.0 Whole Wheat, 5 lbs. .... 85c Graham, 5 Ih. sack 25r Graham, 10 lb, sack 45r Buckwheat, 5 lbs 25r Buckwheat, 10 lbs 45r Pills. Pan. Flour, 4-lb. sk. 21c HIJACKERS. Graham in or White. 2 Ih. caddv 1 3 C Milk. 4 large 25r Uy-Krisp. new stylo pkcr. 15r VanUla Flavor, 8 oz. bottle 19( 1 .0c Pumpkin, S cans ... Siio TOc Sal Soda. S rik^s. ... 25r ifle Baiting Soda. S pkjrs. 25o Raisins, per pkf* 10f Milex, nunrt bottles 25r lOc Palmollvi! Bends, pkff. Se 'Oc Kidney Beans, 4 cans 25e --COFFEE-OUR LEADING SELLERS Hills' Bros. Coffee, lb. ... Sic Butternut Coffee, per lb Sic Chnse it Sanborn. lb. can 35c Bliss Coffee, per lb Znr Peaberry Coffee, best, lb. I9r Chocolate Cream, Ib. can 20c Red Rose. 1 Il. can 25c Brooms, good . .39c, 49o, 59o Lnrg« Prunes, per lb. ... lOc Ex. Lnrgo Prunes, 2 Ib5, 25r Dry Lima Beans, 3 Ibs. .. 25r Pudding, per pkg 5c Honey. 2 cakes ZSe Pure Crisco, 2 lbs 85c- loc Spinach, 2 cans .... 25c Copenhagen Snuff. S cans 25c Green Ten, best, lb 23c BMHBHBHRSBSHS^BIG^^^HBiHB LENTEN SUGGESTIONS Mackerel, lb. con ... lOc Tuna Flail, per can loc; 2 for 25c Red Boy Salmon, 1 lb. can 19o Fresh Boneless Cod Fish, 1 lb. box 25c Full Cream Cheese, lb. IDc Macaroni, S Ibs 2oc Spaghetti, 3 Ihs 25o Shrimp, I5c; 2 for ... 25c Mac. or Spag., 5 pkgs. 25p --MEAT-Boiled Ham, Ib 19c Sliced Bacon, Ib IBc Wieners, lb. ..' lOo Chickens Dressed to Order Steaks and Roasts--AH Kinds Dill Pickles, pint jars .. lOo Salad Dressing, qt. jars.. 25- Pens, can lOc Peas, 2 cans 25r Mazola, -quart 2no Lima Beans, 0 cans 25 lOc Tomato Juice, 4 cans 25c Farina (bulk) 5 Ibs. .'... 2Sc Mustard, quart jars .... I5c Ex. Choice Apricots, II). ]9c Dried Peaches, 2 Ibs. ... 25c Big 4 Nap. Soap, 10 bars 25c- ·25c Pure Vanilla, 2-oz. hot. 19c Toilet Paper, 4, 5, 6 rolls. 2iic Celery, large stalks, lOc, ISr Head Lettuce, solid, DC lOc Rutabagas, S l!s lOc EARL. BTJSH, Mgr. 508 First Street S. W. C. E. BUSH 80 East Stnto Street Wednesday following a major operation. A son weighing 8 pounds 99i ounces was born to iU'. and Mrs. J. L. Jamea, Thornton, Wednesday at the Mercy hospital. Amanda Forshee, 405 West State street, was dismissed from the Park hospital Wednesday following a minor operation. You thinlt a Roosevelt speech is a dandy and then you read that Europe likes It and wonder what is wrong with It.--Fountain Inn Tribune. FOOD PHONE 834 "QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES" LENTEN FOODS FISH--Perch, Pike, Trout, Lobster, Bullheads, Finnan Haddle, Ocean Perch, Haddock, Halibut, Snlmon, Scallops, Smoked White Fish, Mackerel, Catfish. CHEESE, Fancy Ixmghorn, Ib SPAGHETTI, 16 Oz. Glass Jars, Each LIBBY'S FRUITS, 1 Pound Cans PINEAPPLE, No. 2l/j Cans, Broken Sliced ... WHOLE KERNEL CORN SUGAR, 10 !bs EGGS, Fresh, Dozen 18c 19c 15c 19c 15c 49 c 18c FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS QUALITY MEATS BEEF - LAMB - VEAL BEEF SHORT RIBS, Ib HAM END, Ib GROUND BEEF, 3 Ibs PINK SALMON, 1 Ib. Can SHRIMP (Wet) 2 Cans PIGS FEET, Quart FRESH OYSTERS 8c lOc 25c 15c 25c 29c Baked Foods Bread, Rolls, Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Doughnuts, Pecan Rolls, Brown Bread BAKED BEANS Federal Packing Co. Phono 746 We Deliver §1.00 Orders 21S N. Federal Ave. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY, .... 8c . 14c LARD, Open Kettle, Ib CHICKENS, Good, Ib BACON, Decker's Sliced, Ib. BACON, Sugar Cd., 1/2 01- Whole, Ib. SIDE PORK, Fresh, Lean, Ib. PORK ROAST, Good, Ib DECKER'S PURE PORK SAUSAGE, FRESH HAM, Half . or Whole, Ib CORNED BEEF, Dinty Moore, Ib. .. BEEF STEAK, Baby Beef, !b 12c . 8c . 8c 12c 12c 13c lOc SATURDAY and MONDAY BEEF ROAST, 7 Good, Ib / C RIB BOIL, £ Lean, Ib D C STEAK, -jj- Good T-Bone, Ib... 1«JC VEAL ROAST, Q Milk Fed 5C VEAL CHOPS, Ib VEAL STEAK, Ib BOLOGNA, Home Made, I b . . . , BACON, Canadian, Ib DILL PICKLES, Large, 2 for FRESH OYSTERS, M r Good, Quart *tt)C lOc 15c lOc 5c PHONE 996 Meat Mkt. · 626 SOUTH JACKSON THOIHPSON - DEAN ·SET SERVIH GRDtlRS PIIXSBURY'S Pillsbury's Pancake Flour, 3^ Ib. pkg ................ 29c The world's most pleasant alarm clock. Plllslmry's Pancakes for Breakfast. Pillsbury's Pancakes and Folger's Coffee served Free all day Saturday Folger's Coffee, Ib. 32c; 2 lbs ........................................ 63c America's Largest Selling Pnckaeo Tea Vt LB. BLUE LABEL · 1 BLACK ORANGE PEKOE ...... O I C TCfl Vi LB - GREEN LABEL nn I ELH JAPAN GREEN TEA ......... ZiJC _ Lowest Price-- Highest Quality SUNKIST ORANGES ' Fancy Sunkist Oranges, 150 size, doz. . .. 35c Fancy Sunkist Oranges, 216 size, doz. 23c Fancy Sunkist Lemons, 300 size, doz ...... .......... .I29c VISIT OUR MEAT DEPARTMENT In preparing a fine dinner the first thing a housewife does is to select a good piece of meat. We Handle Only Quality Meat --Fresh Killed Chickens- Fillet of Pike -- Fresh Fillet of Haddock Smoked Salmon -- Salt White Fish HOME MADE BREAD and PASTRIES Simply for Naming Silverware Illustrated on Coupons in any size sack i GOLD MEDAL FLOUR "Kitchen-tested" Details «t This Store 49 lbs. $2.19 TO Buy QU:ALiTy N. R. A.

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