The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SEVEN' F.R, RAPS LYNCH LAW SUPPORTERS Says New Prosperity Close at Hand Built on Ne\y ' Social Values. WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. (,1-President Roosevelt is convinced the nation will not tolerate lynch law. Speaking to the federal council of Churches of Christ ir- America last night, he made plain his belief that America seeks a government of its own "that will he sufficiently strong to protect the prisoner and at the same time to crystalize a public opinion so clear that government of all kinds will be compelled to practice a more certain justice." The younger generation, the president added, "is not content with preachings against that vjle form of collective murder--lynch law." Mentions No Names. In a rebuke, softened only by his failure to mention names, Mr. Roosevelt condemned "those in high places or in low who condone lynch law." Gov. James Rolph of California recently gave verbal approval to the lynching of two kidnapers at San Jose. The judicial function of government, the president reminded his listeners, is the protection of the individual and the community through quick and certain justice. That function, he added, in many places "has fallen into a sad state of disrepair." "It must be part of our program to be re-establish it," he said. Turning to a common objective ot church and state, President Roosevelt described it as "a more abundant life." Itiind in Hand. Churches and governments, he said, can work hand in hand toward a new definition of prosperity --prosperity "socially controlled for the common good." He assured the council that it can be "a prosperity built on spiritual and social values rather than on special privilege and special power." , "From the bottom o£ my heart, the president said, "I believe that this beloved country of ours is entering upon a time of great gain. That gain can help Include a greater material prosperity if we take care that it is a prosperity for a hundred and twenty million human beings and not a prosperity for the top of the pyramid alone." Harry O- Voller, 27, Chicago theater ticket agency operator, was cliarged in a. warrant with being nn accessary in tho robbery a year ago of Mae West, actress, of jewels valued at 517,000. He once was manager of tho lato Texas Gulnan. (Associated Press. Photo). all retail stores, the tax increasing with the number of stores operated by the same concern. The house public utilities commit tec reported without rccommenda tion the Roe-Mooty bill allowing ci ties to own and operate telephone companies, while a county and township organization committee re ported for passage the Malone Moore of Harrison measure estab lishing county boards o£ agricultur and eliminating county agents. Th county board of agriculture woulc be composed of the 1 board of super visors, county board of educatio and one member from each town ship. Name County Secretary. IOWANS READY TO OBTAIN BENEFITS County Committees Speed Up Plans for Corn-Hog Signup Drive. DBS MOINES, Dec. 7. (,TJ-- Iowa farmers--major producers of the nation's corn and hogs--moved today to avail themselves of benefits offered by the agricultural administration. Appointment of county committees was started to speed a signup campaign as soon as official con- :ract forms are received from Vashington. Polk county effected s setup at a specially co.urfl meet- ng last night. As the organization was progresa- ng, sealers and warehousing boards n 73 of the state's 09 counties re- orted that fanners had completed .,051 corn loans at the 4o cent a ushel rate set by the Commodity Credit corporation to bring the to- al loans to 5915,652. Obliged to Sign- All farmers receiving corn loans obligate themselves to sign the corn-hog- contract. Yesterday's loan ,otal was $358,227. More than 2,000,000 bushels of corn are sealed n cribs on farms as security for the cans. Members of the Iowa corn-hog committee are determined that the signup campaign be started as soon as possible to assure Iowa farmers that the program win Be started by MOUNTAIN--fcvor kli kob KaL '·HAST--Kb: Koln Kgb k*rc Ko! ktlpy fcvi K I b k kmj kwK Kern ttdb Kemb 6:15--just riam BUI--cast; 5mUh Orch.-- midwest. G:30-- Denny Orcll.--east; Buck OE«S--mid- west rpt.; Showmen--Dixie. 6:45--Boake Carter. Talk--baste; Between the Bookends---west. 7:00--Elmer Everett Yess, Skit. TLlo--Slngtn' Sam--basic: Jones Pup-- Dlxfy; Organalittes--west. 7:30--Voice ol America--basic; Lucas Orch. --midwest. 8:00--stokowskl Orch.--also c. S:;, 1 !--Kostelanelz Orch.--c to c. SMS--Mystery Guild--c to c. 9:00--Sponsored Program--c to c. 8:30--CBS Broadcast--c to c. 0.--J5--The HarJern Serenade--basic; Myrt am! Marge--weal rpt. 10:15--Phil Hegan, Tenor--to c. 10:30--Isnam Jones Orcti.-- basic. 11:00--Ozzle Nelson Orclt.--to c. 11:30--Abe Lynian Orch.--c to c. 12:00--Dance Hour--wabe only. HASH:--Bail: W37. woi-wMa wbai wham KdJia wgar wjr wlm wsyr wraal; Midwest. wcny kyw went «'ts kwk kwcr koll wren ?.'maq. uao. NORTHWEST « CANA1IIAN--wtnoj wins stji webc wciay- Ktyi crcl clef. SOUTH--wrva wptf wwno win w]as wfln, p.'EUn wlod warn wmc wab wapi wjaj waro KVOO wky wraa wbap kprc. woal klba ktna MOUNTAIN--kon Kdyl kg.ll kghl. COAST--kEO K l l «sd Xtar. 5:45--Lowell Thomas-- east; Orphan Annie --repeat tp midwest. 6:00--Amos 'n' Andy--eafit only. 6:15--Mysterious Island--east. K:30--Cyrenna van Gordon--Ea£l. 5:45--Concert Favorlles--lo c. 7:00--storlea of the Sea--east. 1:30--Health Adventures, Talk. 7 MS--The nevellera' Buartet. 8:00--Death Valley Days, Play. 8:30--Wayne Kiny's Orch. 9:00--Hands Across tbe Border. 9:30--Schwab Concert Organ. 10:00--The Three Scamps--east- Andy--repeat for west. 10:15--The Poet Prince--also c. 10:30--William Scottl and Orch. 11:00--Dance Music Program. 11:30--Dancinp In Twin Cities. Jan. 1 or soon afterward. Discussing the campaign, R. M. Evans, state chairman, said his group plans an Intensive explana tory campaign in addition to the program already presented by the extension service of Iowa State col- DRAFT OF LIQUOR BILL COMPLETED Copies Placed Before Both House, Senate Control Committees. DES MO1NES, Dec. 7. (.Tj--Completed copies of the tentative draft of the hard liquor bill were to be placed before both the house and senate liquor control committees at their meetings this afternoon. The first portion to the bill, already in the committee's hands, outlines the setup of the commission under the state monopoly plan. It creates a. commission of five mem' hers named by the governor, pro vides for the establishment of stati owned stores, permits designation of specially designated distributor and would give the commission ful power to import, manufacture, sel and distribute hard liquor within the state. Irfivy No State Tax. It is understood that the bi would levy no state tax upon th liquor, the state to derive its rev enue from profits which would no exceed 10 per cent net. The establishment of state owne stores would be left to the tion of the commission, instead o fixed upon a population basis. There is also contemplated an vidual permit to he issued by the ounty clerk. The cost of this per- it would be 51 and the proceeds ould revert to the issuing county. Each purchase of liquor by an in- ividual would be entered upon the ack of the card, giving the liquor omraissioii a complete check on ndividual consumption at all times, hrough its state stores. Iycal Option Clause. While the bill is said to contain a local option clause, the members if the liquor committees arc far rom accord on this feature. If the oca! option feature finally is agreed ipon, it is said that it will be upon municipal, rather than a county asis. An attempt will be made by a member of the house committee to lave the state go into the distilling Business. The member points oul this would be one method of keeping down prices in tho drive to elim- natc the bootlegger. Under Jiigid Control. Another member of the commitce is openly opposed to the state mon opoly plan and wants the spirik handled by private concerns or in dividuals, as formerly, but uncle state supervision and rigid control The object in both committees 1 to thresh out their differences with in themselves, so that when a bi: is reported, it will have the unite support of the committee member? The house committee on polic control and suppression of crim and i- t-mperance today rcporte for passage the Yager bill wlilc ·ould permit issuance of six icntbs 1 beer permit. This amendment to the beer hill is wanted cspe- ially by the summer resort owners, Representative Yager said. 3 oling Says Unite in Temperance and Controlling Liquor WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. .T--A :all to all citizens to "unite for temperance education and for better liquor control," was made today by Dr. Daniel A. Poling, president of the United Society of Christian Endeavor. Dr. Po)ng, opening a. discussion on the relation of the churches to the liquor problem, spoke at the twenty-fifth amu- [Vmenca. lowan Is Officer of U. S. County Agents CHICAGO, Dee. 7. (.T)--Elwnod Douglas of Freehold, N. J., was elected president of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents last night, succeeding Robert S. Clough of Independence Mo. F. R. Kerrigan, Dubuqwe, was c\oscn vice president. A state -domino tournament wit! $200 in prizes was organized In Liifkin, Tex. IU. IN MARKET FOR 950 MILLION RFC Quotation on Gold Is Held Unchanged for Sixth Day. WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. .Ti--Tlic government continued n. six day old old price today os it entered tho mont-y market to borrow ?950,000, 000. The RFC quotation of 53-1.01 an ounce was the highest since gold buying began. But it was the same fixed just before Thanksgiving. Since that time, with the pi-ice tot newly mined domestic gold the Kruno, the government bond market has been firmer. In London, the offering for bar gold today was 532.22 an ounce on the basis of sterling opening- at 5o.ll',a to the pound. Books at the treasury and federal reserve banks were open to subscriptions for the one year 2U per cent certificates by which the government wants to raise JOSO.OOO.OOO to meet 5728,000,000 of mid-December maturities, 5114,000,000 in inter- cat charges on the public debt and to Increase its cash balance by more than §100,000,000. lege. Rule on Details. IOWA HOUSE GETS OJBEHIND INFLATION «*i*«V-;-.: :'-.' -(Continued 'From Faje 1) ·who contended .that wages .would be reduced one-half:under the'inflation plan since it waa proposed to cut the value of the dollar in two. Representative Foster of Cedar, Tensen of Audubon, Donlon of Palo Alto Doran of Boone and Durant of Hancoclc declared that the resolution was merely supporting the program of Secretary of Agriculture Wallace and asked that the assembly back up this program. Representative Donlon said "it is up to us to do our part just as the NRA- is doing its part." Representative McKinnon of Henry said the present financial system had failed, that we are going to have a new monetary system and that the resolution would aid the present and others in knowing the attitude ot Iowa. . Vote Against Resolution. Members voting against it were Representatives Burgess, Ellsworth, Fabritz, Goode, Hartman, Johnson, Lichty, McCreery, McFarlane, Moore o£ Harrison, Mooty, Peet, Sheridan, Schmitz, Willis and Miller. Absent or not voting were Avery, Brady, Fuelling, Koch, McDermott, Moore of Benton, Porter. Reed, Snyder, Wieben and Zylstra. Among the house bills reported for indefinite postponement was the Foster-Alesch measure which would permit the governor to declare an embargo on farm shipments o£ farm products out of the state and authorize him to call the militia for enforcement. Indefinite Postponement. Other bills recommended for in-1 definite postponement were the Osborn measure permitting: county boards of supervisors to bid at delinquent tax sales when no other bids received; the Schmite measure permitting refundment of assessment already paid this year for improving county secondary road systems and the Grell-Bouska Lookingbill measure imposing a tax on They would appoint a county secretary whose salary could not exceed that of either the county clerk, recorder or auditor. Counties under 25,000 could make an appropriation of 53,000 for this work and over 25,000, 54,000. The cities and towns committee reported favorably on the Sheridan bill permitting cities over 8,000 to make a levy not exceeding 2.5 mills for police purposes. The house agricultural committee introduced two bills, one recognizing the Iowa Swine Producers association, to promote the welfare of the Iowa swine industry and the orderly marketing of swine. The bill carries an appropriation oC $4,250, Fix Bread Weight. Another bill would eliminate the % pound loaf of bread and fix the tolerance in weight at from 4 to 10 per cent. On motion of Representative Rice of Keokuk, chairman of the house tax revision committee, the lower branch tomorrow will resolve itself into a committee of the whole for a. general discussion of'tax revision. No one particular bill will be up for discussion. Rice explaining that every member would be given an opportunity to set fortli his ideas on the subject. The members of the revision committee believe this will do much in expediting final consideration of the subject when it formally reaches the floor some time the first of the week. Defer Weed Bill. Administrative rulings on some details of the contract are expected to be brought to Iowa from Washington next week by Ralph Moyer, federal representative for the state. When the signup work is completed, Evans said, the work of the county committees will be complete. Administration of the acreage and production allotments will be turned over to township committees, composed of farmers residing in that township and elected by their fellow residents. Select One Member. This committee of three will select one member to represent it in the country control association. Directors of this county control association will name three or more persons to serve as the county allotment committee. The county control association will be empowered "to enforce the- contract, but- little need of "policing" is anticipated, Evans said. Names of farmers signing the contracts coupled with their-estimated production, on which benefit payments will be based, will be published in formal notices in local papers. Thia publicity, Evans predicted, will deter any person who might hope to estimate his production in abnormal amounts and thereby obtain inequitable cash benefits. McArthur on Committee. Personnel of committees includes: Iowa--R. M. Evans, chairman, Laurens, farm operator and member national corn-hog committee of 25; Ralph Smith, Newton, corn-hog farmer and master state grange; William McArthur, Mason City, state senator, Farm Bureau member and member national corn-hog committee of 25; R. K. Bliss, Ames, director state extension service. IN THE THURSDAY. 11 U'. 7 rcenlral rrMrtirnrn Tlmei Kole -- Atl programs to ney and oasn. ctialnB or groups thereof unlosn specIJtci;. coast lo cnasl (c lo c) designation Includes BASIC -- East: weat wlw weal wtlo «'Jai ivcsh wjl vlll wtbr wro wgy wben K'tam ww] r*sai; Midwest! wtnaq wefl WQC-WO wow wdal. '!.!!'TONIC HT!!l Tune In on CAMEL CARAVAN Hear the new idea in Dance Rhythms I GLEH GRAY AND HIS ORIGINAL CASA LOMft ORCHESTRA 1 Irene Tajlor "Kenny" Sargent 9 D HA Central tT * RJI» Standard Time Every Tuesday and Thursday Coast-to* Coast WABC-CoIumbia Network After debating the measure for most of the morning, the senate deferred action on a bill to reclassify noxious weeds and to make more enforceable the law against the distribution of weed seed. The upper house adopted an amendment providing that the law should not apply in the aale of seed by one farmer to another. It approved a bill clarifying the law under which delinquent poll nnd personal property taxes become a lien on real estate. Senate file -!3 providing a change in the method al) aval]Bt , 1 , nations, of computing average weekly earnings under the workmen's compensation law was made a. special order of business for next Monday. Senate file No. 33, the Harrimj- ton-Hicklin-Tripp gross tax bill remained on the senate calendar where it was-placed yesterday when Harrington invoked a rule to obtain its withdrawal from committee. I'ass Four Bills. In an afternoon session yesterday the senate passed four bills including the Frailey amendment to the beer bill under which railroad companies would pay a lump sum of ?100 for permission to sail beer on all their diniug cars and other equipment, instead of paying 515 for a permit for each car. · Another of the bills passed would permit mutual insurance companies other than life to establish a guaranty fund. A house measure, it now goes back to the lower branch for consideration of a minor corrective amendment. Postponement Asked. The house judiciary committee No. 2 today recommended indefinite postponement of the Peet bill which would limit endurance tests to 10 hours in each 24, but recommended for passag' the Felter measure which would prohibit walkathons. dancing marathons and similar contests. The house judiciary No. 1 committee recommended for passage the Moore of Benton, Cunningham and Mitchell 1)111 revamping the gasoline tax refunds law. The bill would permit refunds only for gasoline used by farmers for agricultural purposes, stationary engines, air- I planes, boats and cleaning and dye| Ing establishmcnta. . tunjcct lo ctianse. r. NBf-WKA* UTTIVOBH U. wtag K«d -_ NORTHWEST ft C A N A D I A N -- w t m j Klba kstp webc wday K f y r crcl clef. SOUTH--wrvji wplf wwnc wls wjaj w l l a waun mod wsm wmc *v£b wapi wjdz womb KVOO wky wfaa wbap Itprc woal klbs ktbj. 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MIDWEST--waah WR! wrat wmbd wlbw k f n k f a b wkbn wcco wabt ktrb 'dag wble RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE GKUNOVV SUI'BR SERVICE The first real advances In electric refrigeration for the home. VANCE MUSIC CO. 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