The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 26, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, September 26, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 282. Gettysburg, Pau, Friday, September 26th, 1913. Price Two Cemta. COAT SWEATERS With Shawl Collars For Men and Women WOULD ERECT A PEACE MEMORIAL ANNOUNCE NEW HIGHWAY PLAN GET RELEASE FOR TREIBER G-and Army and United Confederate Latest idea of Good Roads Advo- E. J. Treiber, of New Oxford, is Re- Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.uu Childrens* Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. All Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" (l!!!l!lllllll!lll!lllllllll!lllIillllllliriiHllHIHIlHlllllllllllll!llll!ll!llllll!!l!ll!ll"llir^ Veterans Join in Plan to Erect Memorial of Great Anniversary here in July. ~ i Thirty four Union veterans and an Korth taj Gettysburg Interested in I cates isHifhway from South tbe Mammoth Project leased on Habeas Carpus Proceedings. Forgery and False Pretense the Charges. WALTER'S THEATRE TONIGHT SPECIAL The Popr.iar MANHATTAN PLAYERS In Their Great Feature Piav TOE CALL of THE HILLS A Story of a Woman's Temptation. It's One You"!! Enjoy. Trices 10. 20 and 30e. MATINEE SATURDAY 2.s Bargain Dime Matinee R SOIiDlER In The Free Candy For T'ie Children. N E W P H O T O P L A Y LUBIX VITAGRAPH ESSANAY TflE LOVE TEST Lubln A miner, having his mind so lunch on an eieccrtc devise with which to pnt oil blasts, neglects his wife, and she decides to elope with the village doctor. Thai; sutue morning the miner is hurl -.vhea a blast ^oes otT that he i« investigating aud i!e other miners rush for the doctor and find him at the=tatlon witli the other's wile. Both reuira in«l the wife ^oes back to her hushuiJ- NO SWEErS YItagraph Comedy In an eilbrc ro ret thin, two stont people are threatened v.Ith divore. They 20 to the fyremasiurii-and there everything i» cXDlamed. With HUGHLE MACK. FLORA FINCH and KAXE PRICE- BRONCHO BILLY'S STRATEGY Essanay Western Torn Morgan borrows some money from his wife and lose?_all Iu gambling. A uceJc Uter he sees the stage drver place two ba:j= of gold In the stage and pian= to rob It, bar Broncho Billy gets wise and prevents ir.. \\~iui G. M. ANDERSON as = ! equal number of Confederate veterans H 1 have organized the Gettysburg Peace = | Memorial Association to erecc a mem- = jorial on the Gettysburg Bafileneld to = } commemorate j held here In Jul lot the association says: j "The purpose of the Gettysburg: ! Peace Memorial Association is to obi tain from the Congress of the United j States an adequate appropriation, zo- jgether wizh the appointment of a "' commission, to erect a peace monu- ' ment on the battlefield of Gettysburg 1 In commemoration of the great frater- ! nal and patriotic meeting held there-I on the fiftieth anniversary of the bat| tie, July 1-4,1913--between more than ! 50,000 survivors of the war of 1861| G5--from the North and South. Ir. Is believed that this wonderful meeting of the Blue and Gray In peace, good ·will and loyalty, marked the harmonious unification of the ration as one people -with a common destiny; and ought, therefore, to be commemorated -with a peace monumer-t on the battlefield, which shall also serve to exalt the sentiment and responsibility of With the Lincoln Memorial Highway connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts assured of success with about $4,000,000 subscribed of the necessary $10,000,000, the Manufacturers' E. J. Treiber, of Xew Oxford, arrested recently on charges of forgery and false pretense and committed to the Adams County jail after a hearing before Squire R. M. Straley. of Xew Broncho Billy.- . COMIXG:- -r'ALKLvLT IKE'S GAL". Essanay Two Reel Coaaetly AUTUMN HUNTING I national patriotism with all the people | of our great country." The following compose c che board of directors of the association which hopes to pat through the project J. Thompson Brown. Julian S- Carr. Andrew Cowan. S. A. Cunningham. Washington Gardner, Thomas S. Hopkins. Horatio C. King, Elisaa H. : I Rhodes. Felix: H., Robertson. Eli Tor- ranee, C. Irvine Walker. A. J. West. South, in which Gettysburg will be much more interested. After approving the Lincoln highway project, the'Secord says: ""This highway, more Important In manv respects than that connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific, would [ Treiber, it was alleged, had forged " the name of his wife, Jennie Treiber, on a note for S40 and, using this note, had secured three horses from Mervin Kennedy. The false pretense charge was based on the presentation of the note bearing the alleged forgery. connect the North and the West; with j He was brought to the county jail Florida and the Gulf Coast and then! on August 29 and, after he had been on to Texas. {confined there for almost four weeks, '·A great highway, built of the best materials, open, for travel at all seasons of the vear, running from New York to Florida and thence along the Gulf Coast to New Orleans, and another highway from the Central West connecting at some point on the Gulf coast with this North and South highway would make it possible to unite North. South and West In a closer relationship than has ever existed before- This highway would make pos- and sible material developments increase in business Interests between the South ard North and the West which would make it worth many times its cost. "As the nation's the habeas corpus proceedings were instituted to secure his release. At the hearing there was not sufficient evidence to justify his being held and the release was granted, Treiber returning to New Oxford. John D. Keith Esq. represented the defendant. BIG DAMAGE TO CHESTNUT TREES LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Blight Catches Chestnut Trees on ] Correspondents $eod in Many Items the Mountain. Many Chestnuts! this Tear but Quality is Decidedly Inferior. of Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personate and Many Brief Items. During the past two weeks dozens of large chestnut trees, some of which were almost covered with burrs, havej died from the effects of the chestnut bligh'c, which is fast destroying the chestnut trees throughout portions of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A few days ago the trees were very green, and full of leaves; now they are barren with the exception of the chestnu'c burrs, which resemble small knots on twigs. With the advent of fros'c and the tints with which it has touched up the foliage, the chestnut burrs "re beginning to burst and reveal the* contents. There Is an abundance of burrs according 'to reports and of a good size, but the chestnuts are disappointing. They are exceedingly small and give ittle promise of maturing Into any- hing near a normal sized nut. Early n the season the trees were fully blossomed and there was promise of a Dumper crop, but 'the yield will be way HAMPTON Hampton--Jonas Chronister and Misses Iva Chronister and Ruth March were recent guests at the home of E. CC Winasid, East Berlin. John Reeser and family spent Sunday with J. H. Evans. BONNEAUTILLE Bonneauville--Mr. and Mrs. Ezra THUMB TAKEN OFF For new styles In salts and o\er-coats liR?.befaii ":;o-vr. "bat'the man .wliojisj -" ~ -- =-fortunate enoosh to be a patron of Thej Former Mammasburg Man Badly Hurt Phop knows that he need not seek any in f ow To . vn further. Our h-iuusome ana elegant fabrics are a«.ikins your choice and oar s are up-KXhe-minnte 21 and finish your Quint in will i manner Times" tel!s» of an accident to at can only oe done when you hai ft it made by Will M. Selligman, Cash Taylor. On September 16th, we will inaugurate A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. The Missouri Valley, iowa, "Daily ·W'. E. In the DIsplav of Suit fabrics for antuinn. now rea~,y at the LIPPY STORE there is no room for donbt as to the correct fi-bion or true quauty. Earlv choosing is best cboosinsr- j. D. UPPY Tailor. Hawn. spent Sunday with their son, an j Sylvester Hawn, and family- Albert Hemler and wife, of near Storm's Store, spent Sunday at the home of John Wagner and family. Eugene Groft, of McSherrystown, greatest---andevel-- -spent-Saturday-and--Sunday at the expectations. The greatest quari^ tity of nuts Drill be gathered along the sides and near xhe foot of the mountains. Trees on the summit are but ightlv laden- oped assec. the development of -which ·will enrich this country tieyonci the dreams of to-day," the South -with a highway such as this -rrould benefit to an almost; limitless extent the -whole home of his farfier-in-law. Charles Surausbangh- Peter Walters and Mrs. Ira Waga- inan and daughter, Catharine, and Lenas Smith soent Thursdav in Hanover. nation. This highway -would open up { Mr. and Mrs. Frank Panter, of near to hundreds of thousands of tourists Littiestown, spent Sunday with Casper Wisler, formerly of Mummasburg. In its issue of September IS the '"Times" said: "An unfortunate accident befell W_ E. Wisler this morning: at about 8:45 o'clock -while at his work in the engine room at the Railroad shops. His "thumb on the right hand was taken, off at the hand, and the tendons were pulled out by the. roots. He was immediately hurried to Dr. Heise's omce and given surgical attention. Drs. Heise and Tam- isiea -waited on him, and gavejilm. the necessary anaesthetics. It was a bad accident and -will'lay Mr. Wisler up ;for quite a while. He is a man 6S years t of age and it -will take him much longer to recover from It than it would a younger man.*' and Tiealth-seekers-and home-seekers the opportanty of spending the wincers along the South^ Atlantic and gulf coasts, or at other points in. the South which could be reached by motor trips To this main high-way, -which shoi:!d Myers and family. Mrs. Harry Gebhart and Mrs. Augustine Hawn transacted business in Gettysburg on Saturday. Dr. R_ H. Lindaman and Crist Gebhart amended the Hanover Fair on be built in the most substantial mar- j Thursday. ner. countries and states -would, of course, construct connectins lines of feeders- The building of s :en a hijrh- way -would stimulate road building throughout the South. ''The Manufacturers" Record commends this thought not only to the men who are acche in this Lincoln highway undertaking but to the great capitalists of the South, men who have made milions in this section and -who are investing millions in -its development. There are men identified FRATERNITY DANCE JHniHlHHIHHHHHHnHHUHHHI«lJIIHIIIHHIllIIIHIHHHIHHH»HIimiI!!IH»lUIHHHWIHmiHIIHIIS Student Supplies== "The Approved Kind" Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. | College Fraternity Entertained at ! Dance Thursday Evenlng- Its th'e place to meet your friends, in the sound of the Victrola music. The Sigma Alpha Epsllon fraternrcy of college entertained at s. dance In · Glatfelter Hall on Thursday evening. | Mrs. GranvHIe and Mrs- Nixon were I the patronesses- The guests included j Miss Stephanie Ford,- of Manchester, Md.; Miss Lillian Kissinger, Miss Rachel Granville, Miss Evangellne Sieber, Miss ZIta Ramer, Miss Nellie Wea-' ver, Miss Mary Slaybaugh. Miss Vir= glnia Tndor. Miss Grace Ramer, Miss Rev- Father Shanahan. of St. Joseph's rectory, transacted buslsess In Gettysburg Wednesday- Jerry Storm Intends making his home with his daughter and son-Inlaw. Mr. and Mrs- Harry Gebhart, and Peter Gebharc left Thursday for Washington, D. C., where he will be employed In a telegraph ofnce. Levi Foulk lost a valuable horse Sunday. The animal tramped In a nail which caused lockjaw. Cyril Sheely, son of Thomas Sheelv, ·with Southern interests who could or- had the misfortune on Sunday, while ganize such a campaign and head the j crawling over a fence, to fall and dis- subscription with half a million dollars or more and never miss the mon- CALL OF THE HILLS locate his arm at the elbow. Dr. H, Lindaman gave surgical attention. J. T- Miller, Tvife and daughter Mary, and Master George Miller spent Thursday at the Hanover Fair. Feature Play of the Week at Walter's Theatre- j People's and Huber's 1 Drug Stores. ininnnKinnnnninnniniiiininininnnnnnnuntimniniiunnniiiniininnninniininnnnninnn Save Money-That's what You Do, When you get Dr. Hudson on tto job. He don't farm you with any un* ecessary trips at your expense. That's not his reputation. J Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian, = j Mary Kohler, Miss Lillian Crawford. H | Miss Robertson, Miss Katharine = j Duncan, Miss Daisy Wentz, Miss Bur- inadeite Thomas, Miss Amy Swope, ' Miss Marian Sheely., Miss Viola Mil! ler. Miss Virginia Miller, Miss Ruth i Fauer. '·The Call of the Hills" one of the most powerful plays of Its kind ever ·written will be presented this evening by the Manhattan Players at Walters Theatre. The play Is a story of intense heart Interest that holds an audience from start to finish -with plenty of wholesome comedy and climaxes that are exciting, while not being Impossible or overdrawn. The Manhattan "Players consider ''The Call of the Hills" their feature play and, In recommending this to his patrons, Mr. EIUIs feels that he Is giving them more than their moneys -worth. 2 S AW SIX DEER Frank Eline and family, George Straley, York, visited Mrs. Jennie Chronister Sunday. Daniel H. Myers and wife visited friends In Hanover Sunday. Cleveland Hoover, wife and son, Seven Hundred, visited here on Sunday- Mrs. Raymond Kantz and three children, York Springs, and C. B. Kauffman and wife spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. P. H. Slagle. On the farm of Henry Raffensperger at Bowlder, tenanted by Isaac Wild, four men cut* off four acres of com In three and one fourth hours. Howard Mummert, wife and son, New Oxford, visited'his brother, Jacob, and famOy. YORK SPRINGS York Springs--The condition of Ex- Sheriff N. W. Stoner, of Adams county, who went to the York hospital for xeatment several weeks ago, remains unchanged- He is now at the home of £iis daughter, Mrs. Elliot, at York- Miss Leila Elliott, Atlantic City, is the guest of Mrs. Charles Criswell. N. R. Criswell and "wife and C. T. [,erew and wife, autoed to the Allentown Fair this week- Miss Ruth Myers, of York Springs, was bridesmaid at the wedding of her friend, Miss Harriet Elliott Sanderson, of Huntlngcon, to James Cameron Poffenberger, of Harrisburg, on Saturday morning. It was a church wedding. The J. H- Hikes farm In Latimore township has been sold to William H. Bower, of Hazelton, Iowa. Consideration 83600. A bean hulling party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Wagner, of Latimore township, one evening recently and a number of young people were In attendance. C. E. Pearson has erected an up-to- date chicken house with a capacity of 200 fowls. E. J. Myers Is erecting a large chicken house with a capacity of 500 chickens. Mr. Myers and son, Roy, expect to go into the chicken and egg business on a large scale. ABBOTTSTOWN Abbottstown--Lewis Kobler and me, Philadelphia, were 'die guests of Dr. and Mrs. T. C- Miller several days this -week. Mrsl Sadie Topper, sons, John and 'aa!, and" daughter, Mable, of Mummasburg, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. WInand and other relatives here :his week. The following are on the sick list: Mrs. Louisa Mollison, Mrs. Margaret Miller, Miss Helen" Jones, Miss Naomi Jamhart. All are ,, improving. Miss Rhea March was taken ill Monday :hreatened with, appendicitis. The Harvest Home~"services In. the Lutheran church Sunday were well attended. The church was beautifully decorated with fruits of the season. The offering- was ?45. EDWARD J. CRISWELL Reading Township Resident Died Sud- denlv at his Home- Six Deer Play in Full View of Park Visitors- Thursday morning the passengers out of Caledonia park In the nine o'clock trolley were delighted with the gambols of six deer within easy view from the station along the Conoco- chgague-JEor-Ju'.Iy tpn--minutes--the sportive animals freely played, cantering and leaping as If In s. great athletic game. They were not affrighted by shouts nor the clang of trolley gong. The_Chambersburg Valley Spirit asks "Shall deer murderers go amon^ them two months hence to malm and Edward J- Criswell died suddenly *.£ his home at what was formerly the Amatus or Germany store, Sundaj evening at 5 o'clock, aged 67 years, 4 months and 23 days. He Is survived by his widow and one daughter. Mrs. John Leas, of York, and one brother, Howard Criswell. of Sast Berlin. The funeral took place Wednesday forenoon. meeting at the house at 9 o'clock. Services and interment at the Sermcdiari Reformed church, Rev. F. '. Steraat officiating. MARRIAGE LICENSES Permit to Wed Issued by Clerk the Courts. of J Mac?-:, isrho er.terta.Ined so -well so well { last evening. A special matinee will be \ given Saturday afternoon.--advertisement GET ACQUAINTED A marriage license was issued on COMING EVENTS iade Joe pint, WHIPPED ICE CREAM original formula by a st-cret process. NotLIna: finer than this.; hill, of Hamiltorsban township. can be made- VANHJLA, CHOCOLATE, PEACH. . , 5 and'lOc a plate- Sodas and Sundaes made wita tins Ice Cream 5c, GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN | Thursday to,Russel Howe, of Frank- Happenings Scheduled In Gettysburg j lin toivnsmp,'and Miss Bessie' Glad-' for Coming Weeks. RUNKPECKMAN'S R E A L T Y P O R T ALE- _ 123 acres ?K miles from town, 100 acres farm land timbtr, 15 acres pastnre, rnnnins water, 7 room brick house, r a e of construction, Rood tvater, land n level and good pnality, pric3 S5000. FOR acrce large bank barn in , --: ^--- ,-' -t\*i. .J~ "'FOR SALE or rent: 6 rooar house 1J ! -with bath and all conveniences on ] Fourth street, Bigierville. Possession j given at once. Write or call on Chas. | H. Myers, Bigierville, Pa.--advertisement , 1 course i WILL open butchering establishment in New Oxford, Saturday, Sep- Sep'c. 27--Good Roads Mass Meeting Court House. 29, 30--Pierce, the Magiclar.. Walters Theatre. Oct. 4--Foot Ball. Albright Nixon Field. Sept College WAGON for sale. Order vragon on style of long body runabout for sale cheap if sold at once. Adams County sburg. 1)4 miles to R. R. Station, 7 icorn brick 320 acres, 5 miles from uewjsim-s. ·;« ·»"» ~ ~"; ~ C, G. Sheely.--advertisement house with halls, large bank barn, ho- pen, bugcy house, poultry houses, bmldmgs , good repairs, 2 wells and cisterns good \\ater, 8 acres oak timber, red loam soil, WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtan- fences go*!, 500 pooch trees second growth other fruit, price $5800. na Canning Company.--advertise- KUNK PECOf/ N, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. ment 1 tember 20th. Your patronage solicited. Hardware Company.--advertisement 1 College Church Endeavor Holds a Social. Socletv Over two hundred guests were present on Thursday evening at a "Ge: Acquainted Social'', which was held in the lecture room of the College Church by; 'the Christian Endeavor Society. The room was prettily decorated with asparagus, ferns and autumn foliage. A program was rendered which con sisted of musical numbers and several speeches. After this the guests played games and refreshments were served. FOR SALE: reed baby coach, good condition. Inquire 116 West Middle street.--advertisement 1 LANDIS harness machine for Will sell for $60.00 if sold at sale, once. Adams County Hardware Company.- advertisement 1 WANTED: a girl to learn dressmaking. Apply to 70 Stevens s'treet.-- advertisement 1 CARPENTERS wanted. Apply to J Francis Stallsmith.--advertisement 1 EAST BERLIN East Berlin--Moses' Sclar, of this place, on Saturday bought ths Hamilton W. King property at pub.i; sale, for 51,290. Mr. Sclar has taken possession- Frank S. Graybill, ~ of Harrisburg, and Miss Margie M. Kauffman, eldest daughter of Postmaster and Mrs. E. L. Kauffman. East Berlin, were married last Thursday eveningatt'ne home of the bride's parents. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. C- L. Baker, pastor of the Church of the Brethren- Prof. Denton Brown, after a few weeks' visit to his parents and friends here, has returned to Austin, Texas, where he Is Instructor In a university- William Zinn, wife and daughter, Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Witters and daughter, Mildred, all of McSherrystown, visited Israel Simpson and family on Sunday- Harry Shaffer, wife^and son. Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Spice, and Mr. and Mrs, Reufay and daughter, jRuth, all of York, were the guests of John Miller and family over Sundav. Meivin Sebright, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sebright- of Reading township, left Monday morning for St. Joseph. Missouri, where he will enter a professional school and take a veterinary- course. TWO OPERATIONS Miss Jeanne Sieber and Miss Frances Turner Have Operations- Miss Jeanne Sieber, of West Middle street, -was operated on this morning FAIRFIELD Falrneld--C. B. Swope has had a concrete walk laid on his property in this place. C. Grant Musselman. has returned to his home near Rochelle, EL, after spending a few weeks In "this neighborhood. George J. Kebil, wife and daughter, Mary, spent part of this week in Alfor appendicitis at the Church Home lentown. Hospital In Baltimore. The operation was performed by Dr. Cullen. who Is one of the surgeons at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Miss Sieber is resting- comfortably. Miss Frances Turner, of Baltimore street, Is at the Church Home and Infirmary, Baltimore, where she underwent a successful operation on Thursday for adenoids and the removal of her tonsils. FOOD SALE: the Guild of St. James Church will have a food sale at curb market Saturday morning. After nine o'clock will be at American Express office. Pies, cakes, home made bread, etc.-- advertisement 1 MEN wanted to work on railroad at Gettysburg, apply to Dennis Twomey. --advertisement. 1 Miss Ruth Bream has gone to Irving College at Mechanlcsburg. J. Bell Weaver has purchased aii automobile- John Ulrich, of this place, is Installing a heating plant in the Orrtanna canning house. Misses Blanche and Lizzie Watson, of SabilJasvHIe, visited Mr. and Mrs. Carroll B. ReindoHar last week. Miss Hattle Rock has returned from a business trip to Baltimore. . Clarence Singley has gone to Rochester, New York, to pick apples. Rev. Mr. Rice, of the Seminary, preached in the Lutheran church last Sunday morning and evening-. ROOFING paper: we are_closing out our $£.50, 3 ply Vera-tigh't Gravel Roofing- for $1.50 per roll. Adams County Hardware Company.--advertisement 1 .FWSFAPFR!

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