The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

CT^K-? --ESSEX. :^XS£2H!^3CW£-jir^*Y^ i^OJ-^-; B«flt!BBa«|i^^ E 20 '3 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 5 1931 214 POINTS HELD BY LEADING TEAM IN Y CAMPAIGN FSnlayson's Group Is Far Ahead; 'Harrer Is High Man. /·-' Robert Finlayson's team forged far ahead in the Y. M. C. A. membership campaign contest, the Thursday morning check-up of work accomplished, revealed. The team had 214 points. Harvey Major's team, with 154 point^vfetood second and the team under the leadership of Charles Gasswint stood ' third with 117 points.^ Clarence Schukei's team had 20 points. George Harrer ;was high individual with 129 points and C. L. Murray stood second with 64 points.'H. D. McKeever had 45 points and K. C. Blackmore had 44 points. 59 Memberships. \ A total of 59 memberships have been obtained during the campaign. Fifteen of the memberships are new and 44 are renewals.- The goal . 'set for the campaign is 150 memberships, half new and half renewals, to bring the Y membership to 1,150. About 21 attended the check-up dinner at the Y. M. C. A. building Wednesday night. A discussion of the progress of the campaign' was held. Beginning Wednesday the team members were not limited to solicit ing individuals whose names the hold on cards, but were allowed t solicit anyone. The'campaign closes officially a .10 o'clock Saturday night. The Kiwanis club held 'its firs meeting for the boys the club ha 'purchased memberships for in th Y. M. C. A. Clyde Hamlin, boys ·Wprk Committee chairman, George O'Neil, George Hill, Hardy F. Poo! Dr. B. F. Weston, Erdix Swift Ralph Fischbeck and Evron Karges helped with the party. Kiwnnians Assist. '." The Kiwanians first assisted the boys in filling out membership applications and then issued the boys their membership cards. .' Dr. B. F. Weston gave the boys a short talk urging them to make use of their membership and t" take advantage of everything 1 the Y. M. C. A. has to offer them. The boys were served fee cream. TAKING FOCH'S PLACE , Marshal'Henri-Phillips Petain, one of Franco's war heroes, has been made a member of the Academic Francaise, taking the seat vacated by the death of Marshal Fac!i. He is shoivn as he arrived at the Academic, a picture of robust health. He was Commander-in-chief ol the French armies in 1917. cake and milk by the Khvaninns present. A two reel educational feature and a two reel comedy were given. The Kiwanis club ea^h year gives 65 memberships to worthy boys who have been selected by the grade school principals and members of the club. Parties are also held onf.e 'a month for the boys so the Ki- wanians can check.up on the boys ' to their school work and tne""*.'- M:- C; A. privileges. WOMAN'S FURY BEOT HOME SCRATCHFULLY TO BUSTER KEATON LOS ANGELES, Cal., Feb. 5. --Buster Keaton, -clown of th screen, knew today, by scratche and bruises that there is nothing s wratful as an angry woman. The marks on his face, he said were put there' by the hands of Mis Kathleen Key. /-.rmer fiim beauty when he refused to help her out o: financial straits. He said she tea' him yesterday in hig dressing 1 room on a studio lot. Miss Key simply said: "Call up Mr. Keaton and see what he has to say about it." · On the telephone Keaton said: "Yes, she completely wrecked my dressing room. She clawed me and scratched and tore my clothes." Key was overpowered by wo studio' policemen and taken to he -Culver city jail, but was re- easei without charges being filed gainst her. Keaton, who is married to Natalie almadge, sister of the famous Norma and Constance, said he had known Miss Key for many years and when she returned from Europe about a year ago she came to him to learn if she might be able to return to pictures. Pair Who Robbed Civil War Veteran 'Sentenced WATERLOO, Feb. 5. (/P--Jess Mays, 39, and George Pet'tit, 38, were sentenced to 10 years each in Fort Madison- penitentiary today ·when they pleaded, guilty before Judge G. W. Wood to robbery with aggravation. They were accused of holding up Isaac Spores, 85, a Civil war veteran, in his home Tuesday night after beating. B. J. Nelson, 57, who .lived with Spores. SENATE TO GET LAW ON SMITH Body Votes to Test Right of · Power Chairman to Hold Office. WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. (A 1 )--The- senate today requested the district attorney here to jnstitute legal proceedings testing the right of Chairman Smith, of the power commission to retain office. The resolution of Senator Walsh, democrat, Montana, asking the legal action was adopted without a record vote and without debate. AHho President Hoover has declined .to 'return the nomination of Mr. -.Smith for reconsideration by the senate, the coalition of democrats and republican independents yesterday formally rejected Smith's nomination 40 to 33. The fight against Smith resulted from the dismissal of Solicitor Russell and Chief Accountant King of the old power commission by the new commission. Smith today issued a statement saying he welcomed centering the recall issue on himself. Marcel Garsaud, of Louisiana and Claude !_,. Draper, of Wyoming, were reconfirmed in 'the senate yesterday. Now You Can Wear With Real Comfort Fasteeth, a new, pleasant powder keeps teeth firmly set. Deodorizes No gummy, gooey, pasty taste cr feeling. To eat and laugh in comfort just sprinkle a little Fasteeth on your plates. Get it today at Michael Drug Co., Brady Drug Co. and other drug stores. For removing 1 red-ink stains: Keep out of the stock markets.-- JS'ew York Evening Post. County Rejects Road Bonds. .'POCAHCTNTAS, Fet. 5. (iFl--In special election, Pocahontas county voters refused, 1,693 to 2,694 tc sanction a proposed 5833.000 road bond issue to pave primaries 5, 10 and IT. Phone 693 U. S. Govt. Inspected Meats .105 S: Federal HEADLESS, DRESSED, Ib e Whola or Half, lh.. TITTLE QUALITY, Pound Specials for Friday and Saturday 2 Dozen for Glen Brand; None Better Pure Lard, 2 Ibs. : 25c Potatoes, good ones, per peck. .27c Palmolive Soap, 3 bars 20c Head Lettuce, 3 solid heads 25c Catsup, 2 large bottles for 25c Pork and Beans, 3 cans for 23c Dill Pickles, 2 pint jars 25c Oranges, nice and juicy, 2 dozen 39c Pork Loin End Roast, per Ib. . . . 15c Carrots, nice and solid, 10 Ibs, tor 25c TRY US . , WE SATISFY 618 South Ffideral Avc. Phone 1800 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SELLING -- Butter -- Fresh Creamery; Pound ' . . - . . . 2SC Cool Spring Tomatoes, 3 No. 2 tins. .25c Elnora Sugar Corn; S No. 2 tins Orange Brand Peas; 3 No. 2 tins..! Plymouth Out Green or Wax Beans; 2 No 2 t . .25c . .25c ns 25c . .17c .. loc ..18e Milford Fancy Shoepeg Corn; No. 2 tin Campbell's Pork and Beans; 2 tins Cool Snrlne Tomato Juice; 3 tins 'Plymouth-Out Beets; larjre No. 2 tin .10c ' Huppyvale Pink Salmon; tall tins; 2 for '.. . .23c Golden Bantam or Countryn TVT e\ j · c\n Gentleman (Cool Spring) 2 No. 2 tlllS 23c Instant Postum; large can 39 C Sunsweet Raisins; lur^c 4 pound pltg 3Jc Post Brun Flakes; for your breakfast, pkg lie Minute Tapioca; 8 oz. pkg. J2c Quaker Milk Macaroni; S large pkes '. . '. .20c Kali Ross Cann nnl Maple Syrup; 30 oz. bottle..35c Windmill Salad Dressing; full pint jars 2Sc Gold Medal Cako Flour; large pkg .23c Carnation Milk; 3 Tall or 6 Sml tins 25c Sugar Waterloo Hyacintbs Have Grown 5 Inches and Some Show Buds WATERLOO, Feb. 5. (.T)--Signr, of spring. Edwin Parr's 10-foot row of hyacinths has grown five inches above the ground. Some o£ them are budding. Alton Wilson of Marble Rock anc! Ned Smith of Tama county have i started their spring plowing. Temperatures here varied from 30 to 44 degrees yesterday. But the skeptics are talking about March blizzards. Charity Fund Raised. ' boxers to stage a card as a means CERTOWN, S. Dak.--Coding- of raising a Legion community char- Four hundred different kinds of fleas are known to science, says an information note, and when we see how busy the' acquaintance with just one kind keeps otd Rover, we don't wonder that science is so active.--Boston Herald. 3 things to stop a cold "·Rape's" does them all! WATERTOWN ton County Post 17 of the American Legion recently arranged with local ity fund. More than 5165 was raised for the benefit of the needy. Now, just a pleasant tablet and relief for your cold begins, instantly. And Pape's Cold Compound" relieves all symptoms of colds. It doos the three things any doctor will tell you are necessary to check a cold. "Pape's" reduces irritation and swelling of the nasal lining. So breathing becomes easy; discharge stops;, the head clears. "Pape's'' encourages perspiration; banishes thp.t achy, feverish, weak feeling which is due to inactivity of the pores. "Pape's" kills cold germs; opsns the bowels; takes germs nr.d the acid-wastes of colds right out of your system. Next time a cold starts, try Pape's Cold Compound and learn the reason for its tremendous sales p.nd popularity. Just remember the name "Papa's." All drugstores--35c. Extra Fine Granulated; 25-lbs. in Cloth Bag . . . Monarch Matches Navy Beans; Great Jfortlierng, 4 pounds ........ 2Sc Fancy Blue Rose Rice; 2 pounds ................. lie Coeounut; fresh bulk, pound ..................... 23c Brown or Powdered Sugar; 3 pounds ........... 21c Prunes; Santa Claras; 25-lb box §1.10; 4 pounds 19c Elbo Macaroni; fresh hulk, 2 pounds ........... loc Fresh Roasted Peanuts; 2 pounds .............. 23c 10T Camay Toilet Jloyal Baking Poivder; large size .............. 39c Crackers; Sunshine Krispy or Graham; 2 Ib. caddy 21c Pulmolive Soap; 3 large bars ................... iQe Cliipso; large package ........................ 21c Bluo Barrel Soap; S pound bars .................. 23c Rinso; soaks clothes white,, largo pkg .......... 19c Oxydol; large package ........................ lUc Hills or Folgers Coffee; pound tins 38c or Coffee; Pound Tins Coffeeia wiSBly 3 Ib. pkg. 59c; pound 21c Karo Syrup; red or blue label, 5 pound pail 32c Rob Ross Pancake Flour; large 4 pound pkg 2Tc Rnhb Ross Buckwheat Flour; largo 4-lb. pkg 33c Tnhlo Salt; large 10 pound sack I5c Butter Nut Fruit Jell; assorted ilavors, 4 pkgs...25c Rose Croix Pears; in med. syrup, 2 large 2 1 /, tins 2flo Pino Luko Pineapple; bk. sliced, large 2'/ 2 tin....2le TTlnnv P| seiy wipfgiy; A\ lu^. ai or riour 3.ti/ 2 ib. sue; ' .4» IDS. ipl.25 Oranges; Sunkist, just the right size, 2 dozen 33c Celery; large well bleached stalks; 2 for 29c Grape Fruit; Texn.s Seedless; 6 for .'.'.".'25o Kuino Beauty Eating Apples; extra, large size, 6 for 2fc Tangerines; medium size, dozen 19c Spinach; Texas Curley leaf, 2 pounds 23c Orunges; extra large, 100 size, 4 for 25c Head Lettuce ^'Hey Impc . rM1 . .head, 5c LARD; pure leaf, pound ... CHICKENS; 4- pound average, Ib PORK CHOPS; Very lean; Ib ,22c 17c PORK STEAK; pound BEEP STEAK; young lender, BEEF ROAST; pound 3 Ibs. 39 I. Gk A. MEAT and GROCERY 1452 NORTH FEDERAL 100% (With Other Order) J.G.A. Canned Fruits are Tree Ripened - then jpccdily and expertly canned to serve their full flavor nnti mellowness. Select a variety of luscious I. G. A. canned fruits now--they add zest and. variety to every meal. Wooden Shoe.Broken Richfield Compote PBECE WAFfFLE SET H«r« It REAL VALUEI Si» Graen GUttJ?laUi «nd S/cu^ tcK«il ONLY LG:A.Pfekles Whole I. G. A BRAND 15c OUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY Mr. Farmer:--Bring us your eggs--they buy more here! In trading with us you will always (jet the best goods, lowest prices and courfcous treatment. Let us have your orders-WE. KNOW WE OAN SAVE YOU MONEY. .Pricos Below Good For Friday, Saturday and Monday. Phone 112-113-114 30 K. State Free Delivery With S2 Order of Other Groceries--Butter and Eggs Not Included. Butter, Glenwooil 9 ·] | Quaker O Creamery, per Ib J 1 C | in bulk, S atmeal, o r Ibs. ... " «* *· Sapphire Bread, r \ P. and G- or Big i 1C*. 16~oz loaves O C I Soap 5 h irs v ... -JLO^ 6 O'clock Coffee Per 70 pound M*J v Whole Wheat, Rye or Graham Flour "-». AQ r suck .. . *iOC 35c Cut Kate Special Green OQ^ Cocoa, tcst O C _ prrmln. 2 Ins. £«JC Campbell's Tomato 9 £ o Soun. 3 rjins i5C Red Pimentoes or Mar. Cher- ·» ft rles. bottle . . 1UC Apricots, Grapc.s or Plums, 'I A pp** pin . . . . L v ·.* Pears, Peaches, j Jams or 1 A ' Jelly, per can i. vtC Crisco, ' 1 n \ per Ib. i 3"L c Pure Cifler Vinegar PCr 35 (P gallon O J 1- Baiting Soda, *}C ,, 3 pltgs tJ Prunes, 8 Ills.. . 2;c Primes, 2 Ibs.. . 2"r. Prunes, 2 Ibs. . . 35c "(I a rah mill- -1 Q lo-.vs, per Ib. 1*7 'l! Nut Meats, TO., host Rrade.lh. DQC Decker's Sliced nilc °,h' ' 33 c Toilet Paper 3 rolls 25e 4 rolls . 25c OJeomargar- O C _ ine, 2 Ibs J 3 C Mazoiu Per quart 42c Per gallon $1.38 Gruno Fruit 3, 4 and «[" 5 for ttvJ\* gurc Sorghum Per gallon . 98r Per '/ 2 gallon. . .G5c Ouatt cans . . . . 35i Brooms, Good Ones AQ f £0 r fiQ r TtiJt « / « / » · Ui/i. Canadian Style Bacon, K O ,, per Hi ' . ft J C . Green Tea Per Ib 'Ifit Per 1/2 Ib 25i PT OTfR Pillsbury, 49 Ib. sack Omar Flour, 49 Ibs. .GO Jersey Cream, 49 Ibs. SI.SB .45 Si!"leani, 4!) II). sack Si-45 lOc Macaroni, Noodles or Spaghetti, Crescent brand, 3 pkgs p Crushed Pineapple, · 'arge No. 10 cans... 35c Flour, 5-1 b. suck 29c Powdered or Brown iiiigar, 3 Ibs ORANGES, sweet and juicy, per d o z e n . . . . 10c Kitchen Cleanser, 1 cans 25c lOc Super Suds, 3 pkgs. 25c Peanut Cutter ' Per pound ..... litr: Pint jars 2.V, Quart jars 38c Oyster Sheila ' 99c| I5c Lye, 2 cans Pancake Flour 3i/ 2 -Ib. suck ... 23c Ginger Snaps or Fig Bars, ^ C j . Ibs. iJice, best grade, 4 Ibs s . 25c J^pan Green T c u siftings 1 11). pkg. . . Milk. 3 largo cans Bread--Hye, Graham, Haisin [ Graham or Whole 1 C/,0 DcGraw's Buckwheat, Wheat, 2 16-oz. loaves 1«V 10 _, b Sardines in Oil, 2 cans 1 :""; Sardines in Olive Oil, 2 cans 25c Snacks, per csm 10'' Sardinc.s in Mustard or Tomato Siince lOe ' s CIU1S ................ · ....... 23 ° loo grade, 2 cans ................ ....... 2rc 20e grade, 2 cans ....................... 35o 2"0 grade, 2 cans ............ . .......... 40c Ific Currants n f 2 pkgs ...... titJC I5e Minco Meat, 2 pkgs. Chee«c, full cream, per Ib. Pop Corn, Guaran- H Dried Apricols or (9 Date Nut teoa to Pop, o p U PciicliM, best -j Q M ConUics, * 3 Ibs ....... i-OC | gral ;| Cj pcr B U L K Pcaberry, best K' - ade, per Ib 29c _ _ _ Cut Rate Special, per lh 32c COFFEE Nash's, in bulk, per Ib 35c GROUND THE DAY YOU GET IT--WHY PAY FOR A CAN? Hard Christmas IS Water Softener Salt. S Catsup, Per Bottle Candies, OC H 1u-lb. 2 Ibs. Baconcttn Bacon, per lh Cod Fish Bonelcs-s, nilts - » 1!s -- Vinegar Pork or Beef Roast! Pint ililgs 10o 1 Our Prices Are ^ B-O7. Quart Jugs ... ,2()c j Right [kg Black Popper *JC Zi)C Pears or Green Gage Plums Largo No. 2J/ 2 cans Peaches or Apricots, ·» Q large No. 2i/ z cans.. 1"C large Bartlett Pears Q Olives or Sweet Per jrnllon C Q ~ H Pickles, can Salmon C Q ,, B Dickies, n r Q Ked Kose, «ft «OC |, fl ,u qt. jars. . 03C | | »,. c a n .. . . Z9C Salt, 3 lit. sacks Salt, I I ) lh. .sacks . . . . . .... 1 Oe ffi Plurns, largo 23c B No. 10 cans . 39c inc 1 unipxm, 2 qt. cans 2oc Hominy, large cans. . . . 1 (Jc- 18c Lima Brans, 2 cans 25c Hlilncy Beans, Ige. run lOr C.'.\'\u:;\ Heans, per ean lfl' I8c Siir-polasb, 2 cans . 2,"c Gnipiv Fruit, pir c'aii . . . K l c : »Vnx or Green String Beans, 2 c a n s . . . . . . . . 25c I Sjveet Potatoes, run. .. . liin Sauerkraut, No. 2 cans l()o ":ip;lir'tti, per ran inn 'ancrkraut, 2 qt. nans 'J.'.r '"'-i^rh, per run K| r C. E. RUSH, Prop.

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