The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

CRUSAD in", by ASFOOi=.ied 1^:- ti · ! ::;iJ his SJJM! tLt? Ml.C^IS V.'sill iLo tOtl'-iu t-! i:"e to ! "\Vhy »l'j:;"r yo.a do sc"JC-i!i!:ji:":" lit-; !:::"t Of v.-.-ss it reirf.---o..r:;::ve of f/ery strenuously, especially at sciiocl. As a rale boys and girls don't grow! about: loot trouble. Their fancy begins and ends v/ith Selz Waukenpliasr. anc Liberty Bell snoes tor boys and. _ foot form lasts by skilled \vorkmen, using Selz as a positive leader in the shoe manufacturing- industrv of the world. TheV are sold exclusively in this score and hired, by \ "-"; !i ° ^-r ^n-^-trc-a *·.·: .1-^-^. into.; men who know how. This-apDeals to j ! -TM r ' :| -"' J ' ^-«=»-^ ·«*?-»'-=- ? ing;, regardless, might do permanent injury to a child's feet. most peope wo give suc matters serous thought. A TlFI l\ *J L/ L* Philadelphia Reading: Railway Send a Postal for Our JVcnr Fall Style- - SPECIAL TRAIN !cs !::rs.-r, v. hc-n r»j:u:y to; uiit-s. Mr. »jO!ir;y ::.: or i»: svp' r j! fro!!i rhnr pnritl' i Gl-;TTI'SJJri?C, PA. vt-rv la!;t\v:ir:n." ;sS2Si3SSS=s£xw ^-^.f^i^^^^^-^ ··tx-tt^'' 'Z^^vs %~~~?xJ+2; PT. 21 Special Lv! A. 31. From Special. Lv. A. M. \Vhi:« he erltici ~ : :1 ' Ga^dne^s 8:00 *Rosegarden 8:56 ^^^h^-ffle 8:03^Grantham 9:00 I ii^a tome. The crisis ji;.--.-i^i iie«-ti!ey i Starners S:IO Bovrmansclale 9:04 K s J l V A full-size package of © 5 · foiio-.vln^ household -.vash stands, loO yards 'carpet. I^all ei Mr. Stevens vislicfi the shcrln. ; chests, sicle saddle. 1 hanging lamp, j hand lamps, and lanterns, dishes and ^jpoVs. pans, kettles, knives and forks It is. There ere violation's ! the siime \vitli yoar (Iei;:aes :incl i lie.' j co:;suib!«'?. IE'S jrof to stop. Ton !-.iiv«j ' j j;ut to co your svrorn duty." "Ar.otbv-r reformer struck tne -·li':" v.-ns the hiS':!nng- repij-. Complimentary A chance to cret acquainted \vith the delicate taste and na- CJ -« live goodness of these ^crisp, fliiffy, "bits "of choice Indian Corn, toasted, Buy 2. package of Grape-Nuts from your Grocer at the regular urice -- 1 5c -- and say to him -- i remoreci r.r.Ci aiioilier rrsn.u nacsecl by: 11 Ira Taylor. Auctioneer. she minister was in bis shoes, liiej citizens of ^ev,-'oera -vrere srar.neu. It:! j li Fal^e advantage of the 5. IS'S" - i""- ; The Rc-v. ^?r. Ste"cn=; vis' tea the jus-! j tlce In isis saloon and sim: i 1 -'It's for TOU to enforce ts 1?.--. nn'i | I {sere you :ire r.mon" cue !ar»-bre:ifeers' i j The others arc- 3ei:e:iGlr!£ vt-on yon ro s j j j 'Jisiaiss ar-~ CGia;-!rdnt a-ntle n i s i i n s r i j j i Uiesn. V.'h-ir coarse are you golair v \ · i rak ^ r: , ..... il j None of yo=:r Iiusiaess. j j ! The r.est 'Jny tLc minister cora;,]r,in- ! [ i «! of i:ir:e sslcons Trbica bad r^olaies! · You'll et ir -- while they last. 111 liLL one of them oC t~C"ty »inv » nis- n ^. . i | r;jore vrerc ori'.inances Snr;- 1 ; | i flay sr-ons. Tiiey ha-1 F.OE been in-1 j j I I JV.rce-3 i:-. fi~Q v^ Thev cnme to i h Effective SeiSf, 24ta-OcL ! lie f-on± no~. ^o n:ore l^sebai: or 3 ' ! Sth.Via :cn=o rj'.eino. "Dent the me.'idser up"' 3; £ ! £ ; ] ed. nr.d a sl::-,!ic pr.rse ~as raa'le r.y ] l'~ reward :; - s^r;inr'e:" Tor tloing it. i ] He stnrtetl oat Tritii cn-eac artlor to j 1 n^flce :; two "«::;n;;te jol of ir. but it j 1 :r.stecl cuiy Iin" that tiuie. Tlie min- : Grocers in N. Y., R J., Pa. s Del, Md. and D, _ . , . . _ _ criviria avrav FREE Dacka^es of Post Toasties with Diirchases o o A x -of Grape-Nuts. The supply oi complimentary Toasties, thouc^i immense, is limiteo, so there s only one iree pkg. for each customer--- Be prompt If you. want a package* l : Consult local ticket agents. l n t:-"r.,rS^r^S J?^S^i ^ Grar.c-Xx:ib and Post Tc3St;es are bo:I: ready to eat from llie pkg.--clean anu pure--r.nd servo_. \vjtii crcan; an-d su T ar xvoncurf;:''}' clciicious and nourishing 'The \rell iaiovm Washington House, opposite the Western Maryland Railroad Station, has been leased bj- John D. j£ane. \rho as proprietor will in the future, to the best of his ability, endeavor" to see that all patrons of this established hostelry are served "with the best eatables, of the substantial and solid kind, as also Trith the cesc of liquors, both spirit and malt furnished anywhere. The fact that ?.Ir. Eane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be sufficient assurance that he "vrill take good care of such of his friend's ana patrons as visit him. FIXK'S PRIZE BEERS are served at this bar, both on draught and in bottles. I ail- i; ?^as-^. t-l=5i-^ ii:m out on i i :be jriTr .infi then IsaG Ijfm arrested n f.ncd for disorderly | nj!kinc. He r»i:t iie:irt into the fleccnt i "S \ Private Sale ^r^is^ij LADDERS ; = p^-JLJor: -r.v i;:.:t tnc2r cause TTCS lost, f assortEicnt now in s: ck, consistinc of: · f 1 he undersigned v.- Ill sell O3:c t::l!5ir more *nje Ttev. Mr. Sra ];!« puipit rsscd tae citi- Vrivr.te sale, his fann j rojjs of Xe~bcni as they had r.ever Straiglit ladders, extension ladders, step ladders ; and special fruit ladders. »i"1o~ --r.'r-'-l-i ' n-^~: " r-i:n3Jer talk before. J-lsey' s WO siiuGs i l O i t i * - ; 0 g ,, .i-rv to Got! and to ^:nn Tliev ' *· Evory ;.;ecco: i]i:s T.x-I- knotm brnno :s ninde from second growth - _^ ~, A ? , - ~ , ., T. - ^ *!,,.,,! I fr»mci- v.ith ren-'- o: a?h or cJni. -r~ of a?J or elm. H. P. MARK, f Orrtanna and t\VO i :::-.;t i,now -.3;* ;:t e'-iarcb, --hirtbor they s \Ve have 0:1 disnlav ." liv.c of "A cler.r. to\rn-- a n!cc tovrr.-- a re- SU~C* rci.C* TVSUlt?. ; I l j i ^ i - j i ofccn it-floras health to; 1 . rv.«- t-jsc- ih.'it h;. I s^ivcii T:D o: f: of rec'Ae'-v, Its bo?,t action is n; i '" "' i"*i?orsc wiion tin:' totra. Everybody seems to 1 lierebv jrive notice that I , L i « iViarai M'.utTi ·'.!.- f i i i i n - r i j ^:r.r,\-l.i( i,i-r C" , n'.ir ni ."it uili cU'J'M. · .i- ,,. i i 1,1 !·,i- u r e r s e w e n t i o i . . v. bt-'Crti.iinc: o.7e;^ivc, and cor-! will not pay any debts con- itr.nt ^.liiii SKC. 15sch:ir»ros fioni the ' . uroppmsh »n the throat, or that j traded by ir.y \V1IC, A n n i C L. (Vjked up ft-elinrr l.otrin to r.iaka life :; i iil^n. At tho f;r tniuliie. tori 1 . of ca- [ L ITyomui. ' sk I'oopk-'s l"rr.:r Store for the com- li-tc t i i u f i i , SI. 00. lie v.ill r e f u n d ihu p.unry 1C it docs not give satisfaction. D. A. Lawver, Biglcrvillc, Pa. feeder. eoinc: to clrjrch, and I guess 111 nSons too." After maturity an animal gains in fat only and so makes less gain In proportion to the food consumed r.nrt consequently less profit to the | csi Saturday, September 27th in John CcoFs woods. Good Music All are Invitee!. aiaiaiai^i3i3isiaaicMfcisiaia!ra!i 1 ^ i?3 m pj NEWSPAPER! I ! ^^;^S*^^. :i!: VGettysburg 7:25 3It. Holly Springs 8:33 . s | "Ut :L :--«.::·!; ·.-_- :i.;:,.::sr t -i t:. tbeiBiglerville 7:40 Carlisle -Junction 8:3G lEWSPAPKKl

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