Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 18
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i^^ r-a*- --".- 18 MASON CITT GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 5 M 1931 1, 5 YEAR PLAN IN 4, SAYS STALIN If' Technicians Can Make Most of Resource Three Will Do It. ' v MOSCOW, Feb. 5. OP--Joseph Stalin, making one of his infrequent .speeches, today told the national congress .that the five year plan of industrialization certainly will be completed in four years and that if Russia.'s technicians could take ad- yantage of all the national resources it could be completed in three. .*'';· Ttier soviet' union soon will be the greatest ^agricultural* nation on ;earth, he said, .and the communist system has been demonstrated bV · fore the : world as the-only ona in which ah economic crisis such as · iias"laid low the'capitalistic nations ij impossible. ' , He was frank in criticizing some : executives under the five year plan fas "chair warmers"'and "signers of i papers," but he predicted that with the support of all tha workers the : soviet union was destined to achieve ; epochal victories; · both : : industrial land social. . RIVALS CHICAGO MASSACRE : ' W h e n they start play ing-mini a- ·fture football we' presume they will 'use a nickel and two dimes in the .backfield instead'of a quarter and :twp halves.--Southern laiimbeririau. PimpI es Heals Inn? Days or Less !'Here is ,a wonderful ;antisepti . oil now, dispensed by pharmacists a trifling cost, that will do -more to wards helping you get "rid of un : .sightly spots and skin troubles than 'anything-'you've ever used. I'i: Not only does' this, great healing .antiseptic oil promote rapid ant healthy healing 1 - in -open sores anc ^·wpurids, but boils, abscesses and ulcers that are discharging are almost immediately relieved .and cleanly healed. . . . ' . . \ You can obtain Moone's Emerald Oil in the original bottle at any modern drugstore. It is use, and failure in 'any of the: ailments noted above is. next to im- ·pos'sible. Huxtable Drug Co. and Michael Drug Co. can supply you at any time--an 85 cent bottle lasts 'two weeks. N - .:. ' ' ' ' ' -' Deliberate-, execution ; of three 'men in the gambling house of "Wide Open" Smith in the busi- .ness district of East St. Louis, 111., rivals the St. Valentine's Day massacre of seven gangsters in Chicago two years ago this month. The men were shot to ; death in the gambling resort, shown above, arr row indicating the death- room, and later, thrown' into a -wayside ..ditch near* Granite City, HI., ten miles north. Inset below are two of the three victims, Joseph Carroll, a handbook employe and intimate of gangster's, and''David Hoffman, right, jewelry and men's furnishing store proprietor. In the last great-'crisis the president wrote notesJ We can at leasl be thankful that the one in the white house isn't 5 stationary engine er.--Wisconsin State Journal. Thief: One who doesn't respect other -people's property. Not to be confused with "renter."--Cednr Kapids Gazette. . ; Americanisni: Wishing we had trength of character equal tc- that f the oldtimers; refusing to endure nything that doesn't exactly please oii.--Kcssinger'.i Review. "·· CLARK SUBMITS , H, KOGLE CASE TRAFFIC LAW Inside Left Turn Factor in Injury Action Tried CLEANED NOW Hero's Economy doubled and redoubled. It's economy to resort to Dry Cleaning to prolong the life of your garments and It la double economy to" send them here. · ". . L WW Y LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS . PHONE 609 SHOE STORE Children's Shoes, Oxfords' and . Straps As Low As $£.49 MEN'S GOODYEAIl Good Styles. Solid construction. Others $1.98- |2.98 Satisfaction Guaranteed Silk, Full Fashioned . HOSIERY YOUR $2-98 Values to $4.Q8 STRAPS, OXFORDS I'CMI'S $3.48 Our reg-ular $1.00 values. Chiffon or Service values you , ivon't .forget. Values to .$t.B8 OTHERS §1.1)8 to §2.88 U SOUTH FEDERAL, Mason ca y Mason City's inside left turns, es- ablished by custom altho riot permitted by law were a. factor in the :rial of thB-case of Wr H. Kogle; vs.; Henry ·.DerreV^whicfi^wasrSUbmittedi to the jury at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. The case involved . a claim for injuries resulting from being struck by a car. Because of the - fact , that, the question of inside turn was involved the case attracted · wide attention both among city officials and others. The fact'that~Mr. Derrer turned to the left from South Federal avenue to Second street southwest inside the stop sign along the metal pegs plaqed in the streets by the city must be taken into, consideration in deciding the case, Judge Joseph J. Clark, 'the presiding officer, stated his instructions to the jury. · . .Must Bo Considered. "Altho' the city or its traffic officers or agents could - not lawfully establish customs or rules contrary to -the provisions of the law or so as to.'permit a -left turn into Second street by motor^ vehicle before reaching the center of the hitersec- tion, yet if the plaintiff knew there was such a custom at and 'before ha passed -across to the north along or near the line of Second street anc South Federal avenue, before he received . the injury iu question, you may take that fact into consideration in deciding'- on the fact, of whether he is guilty of contributory negligence or not, in looking or failing (to look out, for dangers from that direction, and if he was whether or riot such; negligence prfiximately contributed to his in jury," the judge, -stated. , The judge furthermore cklled attention to the fact that "in turning to the left from one street or highway tp another, the driver* shall pass to the right of and. beyond the center before turning, it is further provided that the driver "shall at all times drive the riiotor vehicle at" a c.areful and prudent rate of speed, not'greater nor leas than is reasonable and proper. "Notwithstanding any custom in conflict with such provisions In this case such custom would not be a defense to this action.','John .Robinson, attorney for the plaintiff, and L. R. Boomhower, who represented the -defendant, made their arguments to the jury Thursday morning. Other Cases Submitted Indications were .that the case of F. F. Walker vs.' Walter "C. Grell involving "payment of rent, would be submitted to the.jury late Thursday afternoon in Judge O. H. Kelley's division of the. district court. In his instructions to the jury the judge specified that the jurors must first allow the plaintiff $55G, the amount agreed upon as" the .rental in the case. 'The jury was then asked to determine the amount- of damages suffered by the defendant for alleged omitted repairs. If this amount is less than '.the $556, the difference will be allowed the plaintiff. If the. amount is more, the difference between §556 and the amount found should be allowed the defendant, . , . , BEES FILL BOX; MAN IS STUNG White Taken to Hospital for Treatment After Spring Experience. Being bee stung in: the open on Feb.;5 was the springtime experience of 13.-A. \Vhlte, a Minneapolis and St. Louis lineman,- Thursday forenoon when,he was assisting in clearing a cable box. of. a'swarm of bees at Maaoh City Junction. White, who had climbed the post, descended rapidly to escape the belligerent Insects, ;star'ted,flee,'; then - slipped and 'fell.' He "wa : s taken to Park hos- ptal for treatment to, a ^sprained ankle 'arid -bee attrigs' but was able to leave following . medical {reat- ment. ; : : . ,. -. ..·'" . - - _ , . . ' : . .The Western Unlott Telegraph company linemen were .Investigating the cause of trouble 'wilfch wires when they discovered the bees. The sjvarm must have been in the box last summer because the hive was full of honey. The bees probably caused the trouble, said B. G, JosUn, lineman, who was"Investigating the-trouble; ; : The.bees were smoked'until__they. were subdued and'-later." a railroad fuse, containing: sulphur, burned in the box. Linemen jreturned to the pole to finish the job of clearing the box Thursday afternoon. 3 PEORIA YOUTHS TAKEN TO PRISON Begin Serving Sentences of 10 Years Each at Fort , Madison, CEDAR RAPIDS, Feb. o, Three Peoria, 111 , youths were taken to -Fort Madison penitentiary today to. start serving 10 years each on charges of stealing an autotnobile here. ' :. ,. : ; '.'.' . . . - - .-' ' . · The youths, 'James Bennett, 22, Almdn Peay, 21, and Henry Bullock, 22, pleaded guilty. They were arrested' Saturday -flight;: at West Liberty enroute to Charles' City with Mrs. '-Mildred McManus, IB, Peoria, who said she was going .there to ootain Belief for her destitute children. Mrs. McManus- was released " and charges against her thre'e .companions of breaking into a country school were dismissed' yGlSFREEDOM ';-SBATTLB; :Wash., Feb. 5. .w Huth. Garrison, "30, who poisoned "TDougas Storrs, because of Tier love for the victims husband, wai granted hen liberty from the criminal insane ward of the slate penitentiary in 'superior court hei'e last night. Threats that Miss · Garrison, . If given : her freedom; · would, never leave 'the- courtroomv alive, caused four deputies to. guard her. Miss Garrison was sent to the ward -for, the insane 12 years ago, after she was round hot guilty of a murder charge by reason of insanity. . i INSANE FRIEND S KILLER Young Choir Director and Radio Singer Shot to Death. MEMPHIS, "Terin., Feb. 5.' UB-- A young oholi- director : and radio singer, ."Floyd McKissack, 22, was shot to .death last night ' and a close friend, Oscar Neely, 30," who police said had been made insane by the after effects of wartime shellshock, was held today as the slayer. - . ' . . ' . Five shotgun : slugs killed Mc,Kissack as he rummaged for* a late evening- meal In the kitchen of Mrs. Joe Kennedy, his landlady and Neely's slater. Mrs.' Kennedy's husband Is a police sergeant. Neely surrendered to police. · HAGERMAN WILL GET HJS SALARY House and Senate Conferees Agree to Strike Out Amendment. WASHINGTON, ~ Feb. 5. V UP)-House and senate : conferees have agreed to eliminate from the in- "terior department . supply blH; the amendment which would ; have stopped the salary of Herbert J. Hagernian, Indian commissioner. Representative Cramton, republican, Michigan, in making the announcement, said a speech he made yesterday that evidence developed by the senate Indian committee had exonerated Hagerman had · been baaed on the decision of the cop- fere es. Cramton is one of that group. · " . · · . . . The amendment was sponsored by Senator Frazier,' republican, North Dakota,'after charges of maladmin- istration had been made against the Indian commissioner for the southwest; It concerned specifically his activities with Navajb Indians. Here is one disadvantage of .the radio that cannot be overcome by the makers: A listener cannot throw overripe grapefruit at a performer. ·--St. Louln Globe-Democrat. British Aviatrix Ends ' ^ Trip Around World by Airplane and Steamer NEW YORK, Feb. 5. W)--Mrs. .Mildred Bruce,-' British air woman, landed her plane at North Beach airport at 1:30 p. m, (C. 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Get a 35-cent tie today at Casey Drug Co. or anyk other-good drug store and in 3 sec-;! onds you will forget painful corns.'· Sold by Casey Drug Co., 335 South y Federal avenue. · ; 'f it It takes 11 law-enforcement commissioners 19 months to disagree about prohibition, how long will it .take 130,000,000 citizens to reach a unanimous verdict?--San Diego Union. · READS ;EM! Long list b£ Helpful Booklets Supplied ty ^ " The Globe-Gazette's v - ' . ' V.l«*,Ayr: '. _ . . , _ - · . Washington Information Bureau First Aids and Short Cuts to Useful Knowledge BOOKLETS BOOKLETS --for the Home BOOKLETS BOOKLETS j--for the ScKool 'or the Office- --lor the Farm You Cannot Read the List Without Finding Something You Need and Want Special Combination Off ere that Will Save You Money 4 cents each; 3 for 1O ttntt HOME HEATING PLANTr-Practical plans and suggestions, ' . ' , · " ; . ' - - , ' - . " · : · · EGGS AT ANV MEAt-^Many new recipes. SUITS FOR THE SMALL BOY--Illustrated. 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FAMOUS LOVE AFFAIRS-love lives lived by real people that brought them happiness or tragedy world's greatest romances. o j . w u i . u : , .1939 CE,NSUS^Latest population figures by States and showing cities of 2,500 and over. MODERNIZING OLD HOUSES-IIhistrated; practical suKgestjons for making the home up-to-date and more valuable, FILL OUT THIS COUPON QIobe-Gazette Inform«lj"on Bur«aa, Frederic J. Hsilcin, Director, Wuhinston, D. C. Enclosed please find.... cents in coin), for which please Mnd me marked on this list. Aiirmt* stamps ' (or the booklets

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