The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1913
Page 5
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Medical Advertising STRAIN TOO Hundreds of Gettysburg I?cadcrs Find Daily Toil a Burden- * The hustle and worry of business mcu, The hard work and stooping cf v.'orksiea, The woman's household cares, j Often v.-eaken the kidneys. ! Backache, headache, dizziness. KiJney troubles, urinary troubles frequently follov.-. " A Gettysburg citizen tells you vrhar 5 to do. " i F. G. McCacuaoh, Gettysburg. Pa., j says: "I first use'd loa;-"s Kidney PHLs; HEADG,0,P,TiCKET · »"· j bi O-, * 3 515 ^- ig^i^i^Sc i'S y \ il u r c s l l S¥ll DUCHESS DE CHAULNES. 1 *£r* ig^s^ss^s-^gy^g^gsgjs:^-^ Former Theosera S'.cnis Said to 3s Engage- to Frsn±hrnan. j f to 6ai Roose»8l Back in Fold Confirms! of $?M Assooi BSarz"cffliinnfe* UU Tfl DC IT U/li QQ l U Ui.Al HiLOU .seine vears^go and I snli ta*:e them- - · "occasiciiaUy-ahho-ajrhl celuorn r°fec-d Maryland Scr.=tcr Gives impetus to .,- t --- e a kidney meo-cise. I suffered for quire ; Action of Party Leaders In Wash-: a v.-uue iroci v.-eak kldr-eys and a · · "painful back. I tried severs! remedies t isatc-n. and dociored. bat vrhh little success 5 ,, . . , , , . . ,, ,,_ " . unt-1 i usedDocn's Kidr.ev Pills. TL-s! PaJto«-!p;.a. Sept. 2»--Tne repor. A *.j£-v* c * * frs^ .S7:7--~-*«:t '-z^yafy* ^- --.-** ^-5^TMi* ^"'^S^i^^^^S V; ^.tK-.fjjrvS* j, * *-^5c»^=i% ~-_. ^. '?.- ^ -- .-^ ,,.«£ xi-t? *-x · 5S · S g» * *»- * -^ *" -.r .i»fe .*?» '§?:** :fi · ' £ rrsid i hat A!! Interests Ea Heard, Pressure ?/iay Ee !n Comrrlt-; PARISIAN SAGE FOR THE HAIR 3rsaosed C n^ ;e£ . ;?... --^-c-ste re- stops iti 2'.V the beauty of she hair, and lustrous. Everyone needs Parisian Sage. For sale bj- The People's Drag St ·-···"* -- - · - - · · - " · *- '."""I the reserve L.'-2l.i aad visvro'jsly con-j · j S2'.c: J b2a ,.. s to g 0 a S3V ;nz5 account busi-| ! "=::r_ en ·".-" «- . v "i^ Co -.--nel ( i I "· *--» * »-- ·-- _ -^ i --,,-.»". f osis osns or , e o; ai;.''.^^ -;a"-',::::. T v^r;- i ^ a i r s r . . . a sec 2c iGiica if these people TV!!! try A SIXGL PUBLIC SALE OX THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16.1913. Intending' to move-from Adams Co.. I \vill-ofrer at pabllc saie the foilofvlng- personal property: " 1 ihe viewpoint of siaie oa"!:s and Lrtiszj p- vr . -« r .^^^,-= =-2i^~es cf i'r. "Such cxrress;ons of opinion ~n~~ been, becru en many sides, v.-ithou er. any concerts-! eftorr 10 bring ·wagon, 2 sets of harness, stable b'an- ke'cJ saddle, bridles, halters, corn sbel- ler. forks, shovels, -n.-heeibarro-w.s!eigh. 12 foot ladder % bushel measure^ baskets, crocjusv ser. apple pldrer, scyths and snattie, also the foilo'vring-: Household furniture, bock case. 4 bedsteads, 3 sets ofr bed .springs, 3 mattresses, 2 bareaus, 4 ··-vash. stands. 3 toilet sets, 2 tvard robes, marble top stand, 2 small oak tables. 3 rock- Ing- chairs, straight chairs, "dining room chairs, 10 ft. vralnut extension table, sideboard, kitchen table, hair cloth parlor furniture, corner cupboard, 2 student lamps", S brass lamps. 2 kitchen lamps. 2 hanging- lamps, parlor lamp. Standard sev.-Ing machine, re- frig:era"cor. Bent -.vood chum. Boss ·washing machine. 2 iron kettles, tripod, copper kettle. Z iron cook pots, range, blue Same oil cooking- stove -.vita cabinet; all in good order, oven for oil stove, ten plate stove, double heater, large oil heater, smail \vood stove, carpe'c. matting-, linoleum, crocks,, -dishes, sadirons, fruit jsrs, fence and poultry vrire and numerous other articles- 60 R. I. Eer and ivhite Wyandote chickens. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock shart). E. PBIGKAM." James Cald-well. auct: been. so;indd by any oC the leaders. Ths ;a!k 1 refer TO enrlrely bears out the TVashlnsion reports and I must au- 3i!t it Is verv s!gri:5cent of events in the future. "If he looms up as as. available TMan Tcr the presidency, so far as vre Mary- lEji'I Republicans are converned, ae must conie to the front as a Rso--cii- can. "The agreements made as to a future pnrty platfcna uiay not be as radical as Colonel Rooseeelt njlglic f.-jsa to dictate, as to stand upca as a party cf t.".e KcyaMl? The co sitcce especrs TO bear dele- gatlcns irosi various rnris of ice country this v/eek. -Senator Brisio-n" s-jpressed ihs opin- v/culd support hini In a d6 a SIS * a. share, ami t::J Brooklyn hon=e,g$ ure left in trust to the v.-idov in iie--ij?}g o; her dov/er rlsh.-?. UH To its 12. --- - ~ - ~ ""'" ba.l:;r-c: course be fcl-ov.-ed the bill the committee at least a month ana rrobablv until Xov. I. WAGE IN OREGON Welfare Commission Fixes Scale cf Hours a:?d Pay .-cr Women. Portland. Ore.. Sop:. 25. -- Eve~y adnlt v'oraaa clerit enijiloyec In aay frcm ths Repabilcan party. Tae're is no fl".estlcn that nis so-called Progressive follovrin~ Tvoald fall Into line. This, of course. Is all speculation, but it is entirely a probability -^ortb. Eeep- ;ng under one's political hat."' Senator .Tackscn said that tae tarlS program of President V.'ilson ^-as ofc- the business community of the country. antl concentrated eSorts ~ouid be to a large element cf REGISTER'S NOTICE niEd?- rs restore a protective tariii--L c i overtbro'-v the Democratic ecor.osilc sollcy It is necessary, be added, tc have a anlled opposition. Notice is hereby given to ai and other perjoi^ concerned that the administration Accounts herein after enter- cl ivjli b-e presented at an Orphans" Coari of Adams Connty, Pa., for confirmation anil allo'.vance, on IMonday. October 20th 1913, nr 30.5" o'clock A. 5r. of said day. 1£5_ The Firet anil Pins! acc.-.t;nt o: Edwin F. Fisher, admiaistrador cf tle estate of Sarah Ann Fisher. late of UulestOTvn Borouch. Adams County. Pa. !?,*. The first and Final account of "VYilliain B. Denr.lorSF. esecator of the v.iii"o: Saraii A. Hoth. Inte of Franklin Township. Adams County. Pa. cee'd. 137. Ti:C First and Final s-connt of Funnie Wallace A'laiinistrntor of the ee- taieof -Tolni F. Low. late of Fairfield IJ rt roj:sh. Adams Coniuy, Fa. dec'd. 1SS. The First avid Final acconnr of C. J. V\'ci' Ad:nini?trr.tor c. t. a- of the estate «i II- II. Siaybangh. late of £ot- ler To'vnship. Adanis Consty. Pa. de- OSJattl- !. Berkheiiner, r of V.' GFITTSBUEG SLiBSSTS Prices at the Gettysburg -s-arehonse corrected daily by C. MiltonTTo'f, -Jr., Successor to -J. Geo. Wolfs Sons Co. Per Be Xe^- Dry "tfTheat- ~ r -" .-S SevrEar Cora ............ S"I Eye - oG Oats IS KKTAIL PRICES Per KG -DairyFeed?.. ./. .-...".-;;.$135 CO-IJTC Sprinj: Uran I.?-? Hand r.-.cfccd Brati 1.40 Com aiv! Oat= Cluip l.-i-- Fhoen-.aker Stock Food 1 .-5-5 Red :\IidGHng5 1.50 Timothy H-AV PO Rve Chop '-^ Baled Straw 60 Plaster 57.53 per ton. Cement. S1.4,'per bbi: I'cr hbi. Western JTIour 6-Of Per bn Wheat 51.00 Shplio-.l Corn !'·'· Ear Com ' l l j \e\rOata .: ^° W^a.t u Oat-i -55 apprentice. The Oregon industrial -welfare com talssicn. cosclsiding an nivestlsaUon of the crazes paid v-o^ir-n ana girl worliers ans tae amount :: costs tnszc to live, mafie p-ib:Ic its rui'ns:, Ore.trDE t£.Jnag frost rank ia 2i:a!ra-am ·sra^e The commission rivled that no aian. should bs workeJ lor.ser. than eight hours ai-d ttrenty mnirtes a day. Wc-bb. Jr.. except £ $10 .'0 each. Tno share cf Rtifis Gay nor. vrho \vith the -- :» cr v.-iien he d:e'I aboard j « g the Eslilc. :s placed in the har-ds ol \ g ^ trustees, -.vho arc instructed 10 ptiy th; i g p old, and then to surrender :r.e prlaci- i : ling it v.--se!y. | g ^ Hufus is t~esty-fccr j"nrs olc anil i S s* ^Ccrman is t'-'rrtv-otiC'- Xb.3 :5^^.clt;s tcl jj^s the TJire; i:~r.i^-~l~1 aanchters also a r c i n g placc-ct in the Lares of a trustee, to I j e j g r j hei-i un'i! the are rrreniv-five years j 5 5S cla. . j ©M Xo explazntlor: :s made of :he ap. ; g § parent J:s.'--ii: nation agn:r;s: t?e tvroi^r^ both of thou ^ e~-"s ^moTi-IscI^rs or consent. marrnea cnus.-"*: _ e-o^-eci and irsrriui v.-ithout their rath-} § § more than fi fry sours I n o n e week, nar TURKS BURN AND SLAY -Soldiers Committing Terrible Atrocities on B-Jsgaria's Frontier. Sona. Sept. 25. -- T;;rk:s:i soldiers are committing terrible atrocities a^ along the southern frontier of Bulgaria. 1 aas reached Sona that the Tunis have buraefl the prosperous to~n of Titustapha Pasha. «r!neb. for a time "R-as used as the Bnigarian base of operations is the first Balkan -srar. Several villages in the Dirkiali district have been hnmea and the Inhabitants massacred. --The Bulgarian government has es.- terea arotest against the deprecations. PENNSYLVAN!A_TO AID BLIF'ID -isns to Open Five New Officss Fcr Them in the State. FZusburgb. Pa-- Sept. 25. -- Plans -ere -n'Jcr conslfieratiori by tae Penn- -yivsriia AssoclEtioE f«r the Blind for ic esrajlishraent of 3ve branch of- Iccs al the association In the state. 1r.e cities 5n vrljJca the ne~ olSees -rl-; 5c c?i"bHshed are Joanstovra. Al- "c-""a. Sri° Resoing and Harrfshurg. 135S Suit U. S. For Carjsda. O::aw?_ Out.. Sept. 25- -- The tide of later :Sa5~"i5"^TmI Saturda:-- nights and the Christmas holiday season are excepted. LABELS AivIERICAM GIRLS French Cc-^.nt -Says Sixtser: Asr:-sris-Have--Gr s e Each, Prosai'v T;-.eir Own. s;.. n ^..,_.. -r-£ ^e;.-t. 23. la z;: cut pi:ma--- c: :*lcn _ 1 ers Cisccver^'I r^ora thaa 100 tie votc-s! They Are Tco | j a the cour.:;-. ! Ccidiy Fractirai. j The csn^'.Ja:^? sust appear in t h e ; @ ? j York. Sept. 25.--"Ths trouble I co--i^isic-'ir ? '--~ce on Oct. 3 ar..l;gs -vith the Ameri'-£n cirls." said Count i drarv lots to '"·K^milne v.-ho sl-.^il bslgg; T.eon ae li;er:te3S. a retired French: *3g candidate. "1.? ucard ssi'i. j s ^ 7a~yer. T^ho has been studying cone!-1 Five ---en a~-~ -ied for the Republi-iS® tions In this country, as he sailed, "is j CSB ^o^sfr-.r.t"'.- .or Istirger.s 12 Her- |g¥ that she is too coldly practical and j « on R!lf ! 17 0 ."· - · .3 Ceraocratic ^ojn.:-jg;g business II;;e. '·Love ~5th ier is 2. business propo sition. p:ire aa-d siraple. TVTien ona iascs In Xe~ Tor'K tha first question Is 'Hcv.~ m;sch are ycu ·»rortn?" 12 PhilacelpMa tfcsy Inquire "V. hat is | T.I -y^o^pT. 'TT5is- f election in '.--' man has rr. ' sicncrs ss;. "s s lownihlp. arc e a c b j g g v.-ai,'-h the ^ r n m l f - 5 S . . . . . i jsv t^-i.r OT.::. ^ ^ f4 S R; sfS £_% g sf ts* -; W IT -; C: -iit. X.- -* ^ ^ ----*^^,s*f-. ,Ery*2 r -*· *-_-*-- g- ^±**- -r^^^^-i.^ 3«» -;-s if 3 "* * fl-H - - ' - ?i==* ?! S* Ml *1 / y i "\ r '~ i i , -3 *-v 4 , ' * ,, -- ~ _; ,*· "Uj. * ^ ~ "e ·*" - · I t ^ = ^ v * - ^ E I . t i eg ll as m ©1 -"^^-^3- "" A Kotcv.-orLhy Sbow:ng of a!i The ncv.-est and Popular Models and yet so Moderate In Price AI UrCE'AY morning v/c nresent for vour aDcroval the rncsl complete stock of si I Qi§ -s» ^"'S ne%v Fa" l?.IIcreci Suite-. Goals, Drcs; Sklrcs. etc. V/e are more *.han prc»jd cf the vast assertr-i^rJ: of stylish gsrrncnts, made of ttis sesi: qualities, sirictlv ccrrecL in sty'a and ye: 3^ i-o'.v- In Price tha.t every v/onian caa dress in si Tr le Vr'llhont being extravagant, l he rollo'vlng Specials for Saturday's Sale are r" r"* » "* * . * * · · ; **· (··* v- ** -r* ·?"-: ·« ·*· r 1 ! ·* "rr «·· "^» *^l ' 4 most unusual, antl we call your particul-ii- attention : :c the Irnporjiance or tne ea-e. ^mart i'ailorecl tail ig gs S-l a 5! Kxcellenc S20 and S25 Value Fcr Opening Day $I4.S3 ^c hanclsotr.c Fail Suit?. :r.r.decf i:r.e l£por.Qcrs. ^er^es. Ch«rv:o;s and Diagonals; 5t.:t:s all in-ice in laies; cata-.vay mode's. 36 and 58 In. ion^ ani lined \vkh Sk'n^crs and Sne yarn dytcl s:i:I:i. These scr:cdy cail- v cred Suits r.rc the bes; $20 and $25 values, and the inosr phcr.onvlnai bargains vire have ever ofi-rcd a. ike be_;:ai;i"^ of a :H:\V seusoa. ^ "|J Q p §1 I! eg Other Coats $4.38 up. -Our line of ChIIciren ? s Coats Is the most complete ar,d up-to-ciate in Gellysburg. Sl:-s 2 to 6 $1.49 up. i " 6 to :.t S2.4S up. Speclal:-In .«=L:-_-s s 2 and 14, vre arc putting cut a $10 value for S5.S8. We defy CGIU- octilicn on this ~ as All v.-ool Scr^c Dresses in Blue, Black,, and Garner, For \\"oinen and Misses In the \vkiesi variety of nevr and pleasing sr\-!es $4.9S up. CHILDREN5 SCHOOL DRESSES 43c., 98c. S1.49 §S «* s© Sale of 11 IS -f S II ·r rti ·? f~-f~*. B.Z 351.UU. as :-:a S£ K G to ·.v Model No. 531 \vl:h ex- !_·!" lonij. double Skirts, all sl/-s. A -reat value at S2.0Q M "°' - ~~4!5" r "TM -'·^-^ ® : -~== r-2^; X OO j" Git j .-,.,,, , ! § jn Chicago '. nat is yi business :Jilted: Uses Dynamite. Pittsburgh. Pa.. Sept. 2S.--Charged Trieh dyissraitins the home of Tviisf i ZOJ ; Aana ilelccrlat:. at Gladcen. because j anti \Z/ or^nsra's An exceptional shovr;-\{^ of Sn":a-t Skirt=. inic.s s ; t i:- . r ''^i. : 'V'- J '"'"^C 5iiv.-p.icj G i. i :ai-u.^-. .i-.-^i c . i - .---·.-. X^LJ.I^, ^ -.-I-. - f SI.9S. 2.5G r 2.9S, 3.50 7 3.98, *i.sO. 4.98, _ . , ^ -- ^. -i- -- f^r ·"· --J- rr^ ---- Ci ~7 CT T» Tl A T \ ' /2 3 S i ? aj ?n iv s V 5.5C. she had jilted him, Benuie i-ranl-c -rss arresied here. ·:: s Sl-yt DCV.TI. ^3.--V.*r.-"T5 souse vas --recced ana rerd-lnana 5 ^..'^Z-' C -.;.. T - -.-; c r - 3 . " ; " 2 : - - ' ' ^ S iielcoria-j. the girl's father, -3.S badly I ~-^,vg"\«-V^- ,- - ;;':.=. ers"'-,..i^ T" J f ^ S JaCKSCr;. 3.JO-. Sept. fl5. -- ihe Kt. ] r. Loyis cor:fcreiioe cf~ The r-fethT?5i3t 1 li ;al Cb3:rch. anoprec a i jj \YEATH£?. EVHFJYVvHEF.E. resolution concenitjing the trustees °- :^:sr3::or. from ibe United States rigr "^'"our I"-?-' 3 "'.'*" I^a 1 "^ rlsrc i ^- - « - · +~^ · ^ $1.88. 2.98 3.98 4.SS Woniens' and Misses' Ur.lrlmmed Hats 9Sc. up. Pretty Hals for oie Chiicirer:. *, * ^* _ , A V ^.~ ^ .* . :jr A T^ f^. *TM^ ^" r \ s 7 -V ''V V^ "$^T5 ~*-*° "*-^ Li.^i j. O i - V i -- J. ~7i ^^-~. i- -VXi_»A_ Sole A?en: for Pictork.; Revietv Patterns United States fro Redmand Grandfather af «wins. Dublin. Treiand. Sept. 2?.--John E. Reamond. leader of the ,Irish party, became a grandfather when twins were bom to his daughter Johanna. Her husband is Max S. Green, chairman of the Irisli prisons board. They »are married oa Jan. S last. The nearer square you build a poultry-house, the less the cost of construction. Hill Grar. 1 C.jain. 111. ·-:* _ : o c-o :- ;* y MI "it Si s si s v F ! va !h var C!h". DCS :.iO'.ue«. kJlic'l when t h » ; C:T over D fiuy fcbc c!:"i ai:"-: ^ iho go, Rode Island ^ ra~ific road. i."..--T.o~o" R. ! V il-o.i : thc:r The V. r eat! Fair to.'ay: cloudy tomorrovr; south t\--:itls. -/: The safest preservatives for s-svect 10 CerMsicSlrecl, t.^... -«- - j Gettysburg-, Pa. best. JEWS PA PER I iWSPAPEUI

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