Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 18, 1952 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 17
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FLOUR + MILK + SUGAR + SHORTENING 4- YEAST SALT -f VITAMINS - ENRICHED BREAD BETSY ROSS Better because it's ENRICHED Enriched Bread Is Toddy's Leading Low Priced Energy Food! Your Favorite Grocers NATIONAL FOOD STORES HOME OF VALUE WAY MEATS PRICES EFFECTIVE TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY LEAN, MEATY PORK LOIN SPARE Rib Ends RATH'S BLACK HAWK Summer Sausage Thuringer ·. Rough Grading Under Way for Paving Project · Mason City's largest street paving project sine* 1918 is under way. Although actual paving won't begin for a month, a crew began working Monday on Rhode Island N. E. City Engineer C. W. Hamblin said th« crew Is doing rough grading--the step preparatory to laying the. concrete slabs. The engineer said that with a break in the fall weather--mean- Ing dry, sunny days--the entire 76,000 square yard project will be completed this year, Hamblin explained that rough grading takes longer than the actual paving. The project 1* set up so that the last rough grading will be completed just ahead of the last minister, officiated and burial was n the Rock Grove Cemetery. Mr. Fenn came to Rudd from Wisconsin when a young man. He esidcd in the Rudd vicinity all his Ife except from 1928 to 1943 when ie lived in Charles City, where at ne time ho served as a police off! er. He farmed for m a n y ' y e a r s near Rudd and at one time was anitor of the Rudd school. Survivors include his daughter at ludd ami another daughter, Mrs, iUmer Stefan, Chicago, 111., and our step-children: Frank Gallup, fora Springs; Bill Gallup, Chicago; Mrs. C. J. Mathieson, Esther-vine, paving. The firm of Booth and Olson Sioux City, has the $250,066 pavinj, contract. It · took over the -coa tract after the Gillotti Construction Company, Des Moines, de faulted on it. There was some speculation then that the pav ing program would not begin this year because of the difficulty o obtaining a contracting firm cap able of doing street paving. Hamblin said that streets will be blocked off while rough grading i in progress but may be driven on after it Is completed. Funeral Held Monday for Rudd Pioneer, 87 CHAftLES CITY--Funeral serv 5ce,s were held at 2 p.m. Monday a the Sheckler Funeral Home, Nora Springs, for Miles M. Fenn, 87, who died Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. /Earl Johnson, a Rudd. He had been in poor healtl for some time but had not been bed fast. The Rev. R. N. Bell, Methodis and a. Mrs, Helen Bttdorf, Patten Martin Begins 10 Years at Anamosa Phillip M. Martin, 25, Mason City, has been taken to the men's reformatory at Anamosa to begin serving a 10-year term for breaking and entering, Martin received the sentence earlier this year but .was paroled on food behavior. The sheriff's office dere said he was arrested later for drunk driving and the parole was revoked! Martin was arrested originally for breaking into the Klrchoff Grocery, Mason City. Accident Suit Filed in District Court A suit for $274.54 plus interest was filed in district court here by Ted Sheehy against Don Helbling. The suit Is an outgrowth of an accident Aug. 9, 1950, which in volvcd their cars, Sheehy charges that his car, driven by his brother, Thomas, was wrecked by Hclbling's car, which was driven by Fred L. Wade. The petition charges that Wade was negligent in operating the car. Floriculture Fair Winners Are Named Flower exhibits at the North Iowa Fair topped ( all previous displays, according to Mrs. H. C. Brown, department of floriculture: Specimens of annuals and peren ntals, roses, corsages and miniatures drew many favorable comments from the throngs who stopped to view the display, she said, Those receiving, blue ribbons in the department of floriculture were: Low arrangement, one kind, Mrs. Hans Johnson, Fertile; low arrangement, mixed, Mrs, Keith Holt, Clear Lake; table decoration, formal dinner table, Mrs. Charles Grlppen, Mason City; table decoration, luncheon table, Mrs. Gdppen, and table decoration, breakfast, Mrs, Grtppen. Novelty, arrangement using any type container, Mrs, Harry Ellason, Clear Lake; novelty arrangement using any typo kitchen utensil, Mrs. Harry Little, Mason City; arrangement* combining flowers and vegO' table foliage, Mrs. Holt, and arrangement combining flowers, fruit, vegetables, all material grown by the exhibitor, Mrs. Grip- M»M« au»M CM?, u. n, Midwest Livestock Minn Tr*n«l · Me Good Butcher*-- lower 150-1*0 Ibi. . . . . . . ........ . . . . $17.15 1*0-170 lb«. . . . . . ..... . ...... . $18.00 170-180 lb» ..... . . ; . . . . ....... »ZO. II 1M-1M Ib ...... . ............ .. 491.00 190-200 His. .................. Wl.M 300-119 lb« .............. . , , . . J21.50 110-UO lu« ................... 1J1.SO UO-UO Ibi ........... , ....... 121.50 1M-240 Ib ............... . . . . . til. 50 1W-JW Ibi. . . . . . . . . . . ........ Kl.M 250-240 Nil. . . . . . . . ..... , ..... 111.00 MO-170 Ibi ................... I20.7S 270-UO Ibi ................... JIO.JO MO-MO Ibi ............. , ..... no. IS NO-300 Ibi ................... 110,00 JOO-J10 Ibi. .................. 119.75 310-MO Ibi ......... . ......... 119.50 '(MONDAY'S PRICES) Albert U*. Austin. Minn. lower $20.25 $21.25 (21.50 ttJ.75 121,75 »«.7S $2l,7S $21,75 $21.40 $21.25 ·21.00 $20.75 $20.50 Waterloo ISc-SOc lower 'I,, C*d*r Rapid. Z5c-SUc low«r 330-3*0 Ib* .................. , I1D.OO 340-350 Ibt ................... »18.75 330 -WO Ibi. Good Picking Sowi -- I18.SS 170-300 lb» ............... .... S1D.SJ 300.330 Ihi ................... JU.7S $20.00 $19.75 $10.30 $19.29 $19.00 $10.75 $19,50 $19.00 $20.00 $21.00 $21.90 $21,30 $21.90 $2L.SO $21.50 $21.23 $21.00 B0.75 $20.50 $20.25 $20.00 $19.75 S19.5Q $19.25 $19.00 $18.75 $1«.50 $19,15 $18.75 $20.21 $21.00 $21.50 $21.50 ·$21:50 $21.50 $21.50 $21.25 $21.00 $20.71 $20.50 $20.25 $19.75 $19.15 $19.15 $l».-25 $18.75 »IB,7S $18.71 $18.75 About 250,000 beetles have been pen. Arrangements In all white, no green permitted, Mrs, Harvey Timmerman, Mason City; arrange 360-400 Ib*. $17 7S 400-450 |bl $17 2S 500-SSO lb«. , »U,00 Hogs Show Split Trend CHICAGO UP)-- Hogs developed a split price trend Monday. Lightweights were steady (o 25 cents lower, the balance steady to 25 cents higher than Friday's general average. Catt|e were steady to 25 cents higher but in the sheep business [fiinhS Wfvm « r A f i j T l r n n r l num* i x a n L - $19 00 $17 50 $17 50 $17 50 jig 75 |16 75 $17 00 $18 00 $1800 St(i.2S $1(1.25 $15. IS Grain Prices Drift Lower CHICAGO W) -- Grains drifted lower throughout tho session Monday, winding up with losses which extended to a couple of cents in soybeans., . Wheat closed Vz-% lower, Sep. lombcr $2.33V6, corn Vi-lV4 lower, September $1.78^-^, oat* tt-34 ment wild Hanawalt, material, Thornton; Mrs. Joe miniature catalogued in museums, says National Geographic .Society. the SEE ED MCLAUGHLIN For Aulo Loans Personal Loans at United Financial Service Ph4xw 57 ISVi N. F«d«ral Ov«r F«rd Hopkin* Drug Star* Ra»ld«nU of North low* for 24 Yaar* arrangement, not more than three Inches over all, Mrs. Hllason; most artistic vase of cut'flowers, one kind only, Mrs. Johnson, and most artistic vase of cut flowers, more than one/kind, Mrs. Grlppen. Arrangement, cut flowers, one kind only, Mrs. Irving Belseth, Mason City; arrangement, cut flowers, more than one kind, Mrs 1 . W. Friedlow, Brill;; arrangement of. flowers, · pale yellow to deep orange, Mrs. Johnson; arrangement of flowers, pale pink to deep red, Mrs. Grippen. Arrangement of flowers, pale blue to deep purple, Mrs. Grlppen; other than mentioned, Mrs. Belseth; corsage, one kind o£ flower, Mrs. Grippcn, and corsage, more than one kind of flower, Mrs. Bel- »ow« ·lenity; mo«t choice ' l!»"260 "'Ib'. butcher* top m.W puid'ipur. l"Jy tor . choice, llfhtw«l*hU) mo.l no. 290 Ib. «1.75-22.iSi h«»vl«r wolRhts (USDA) Hogn 10.000. Moderately » c Live, two-way Iradoi ategdy to 25 ceht« lower on weight* under ajo Ib*,; steady to ·- « - - - - - on weight* over 230 Ib*.! to 4W IV'ccnt in weight 'M higher soybeans K«rc«l lew :lots 330-320 111. «0.75-21.7S| lo«« 150-1*0 11). . mo*tly »19-2ai mo«t imilac 350 Ib. J19-2U few choice iimler few, her $l,OOVi, soybeans lVi-1% lower, September $3.19%-Vj, and lard 10 to 23 cents a hundred pounds lower, September $11.02. LEAN, MEATY, FIRST CUT PORK CHOPS . 1 FARMS FOR SALE In Mitch*ll, H»w*rd, Worth and C«rro Cordo Countla*. 140 acra*, al»ctric, very good building*, 3 mlUi from St. Antgar. $115 p«r acra. ·0 acra*, aJactric, vary good mod«rn KOUM, 4 mil** from St. Antgar. $725 par aera. 140 aerat, «lactr)c, · raal f«rm. B*»t f«rmi. 4 mtlot from town. $125 p«r »cr», 200 «cr«», «Uctric, modtrn h«m«, vory good building*. $7,000 by March lit. $140 p«r icr». 3 Urgo farm*, all modorn. 2 homo* on ttiofo farms, all · prlcod to *ll »t onco. Mowor, Fro«born, Flllman Co., Minn. 9^0 aero*, all. modorn 12 room boautlful homo nrrangod for 2 familioi. A roal producir. $160 por *cro, ' ' 200 '»tr»«; 'oloctrlc, go«d building*, 'vory good producor. .$9,000 will handlo. $500 p«r yoar for 5 yoan, 4 por cont Intarott. $140 por aero. 79 acrot, now $14,000 homo, good building*. Thic farm h»» .ovorythtng, $20,000. 10 acroi, go«d buildings, good farm, $11,000. Wo havo tho ilio, location, lovcral farm* with oxcoptlonal ttrmi to suit your pockatbook. Ya«, wo raita 70 to 100 buihol* 'of torn por aero. Soe for younolf. Lot u* know what you want, wo will givo description. MOUW REAL ESTATE AGENCY Phono-170; St. Ansgar, Iowa, tho Gardon Spot of Iowa 300 Ib. to '$11.251 moal S50-400 Ib. 117.73- U.Ml 400-500 Ib.tl7.llt! heavier weight* ai low as $13.501 early clearance. Cftltlai 16.000. Cilvei! 300. Choice and prim* *t*«rr and yearllnga active, »(eady to 23 centa higher: olh«r it*«r »nd year- llngi about .«leadyi heifer* 'fully steady; cow* and bull* active, atendy to 2S cent* hUlherj vealer* fully »t«*dyt bulk choice f 11« p ,? m *. "I" 1 *TM »33-35,50! load prime 1,330 I b . - it*«r« »Mi moit good to low Jj. 01 ?? f U i r t *".»-31iS0i load prime 1,075 Ib. heifer* 135; bulk choice and prime "*?'«« »31.M.34.W| good to choice ««-31! utility and commercial cowi $)B.2350i canner* ind cutler* 515.90-ll.75i utility and commercial bull! mainly $22-lSj commercial to prim* vealer* $18-33,. Sheop J.OOOi native alaughter · lamb* ulk *JO,M-31.SO| cull* crop lamb* and yearllr bulk champion spike In gla- seth. Grand diola: First, Mrs. Melvln Evans, Mason City; second, Mrs. 0. W. Friedow, Britt, and third, Mrs. F. W. O'Brecht, Thornton. « M o $7.80-9.25 mainly: choice handy «w«« »10.00. . rye lower, September $2.09Vi lower, Septcm- MONDAY'* CHICAGO W-- CLOSE okl fully ateadyi · weak at WH1SAT-- Sept D«e, Mar. May . . . . . July CORN-Sept Dec Mar May OATS-Sept. . . . . . Deo Mar. May RYB-- Sept , Deo. May Open $2.33tt' 2.40(4 2.43V4 2.43H 3.41H 1.78H. 1.75% LB1V4 .MH .UU High tow Close 2.33H W.33V4 I2.33V4 1.40?4 '2.39H 2.3D14 2.44)4 2.45 : 2.39H 2.45M 2.461k 2.41H 2.45 1.451,4 2.40 V* 1.7SH 1.75% 1.90V, 1.B1U ,89 ,91 Vi 1.75 1.79H 1.60H .B8Vk .91 " 1.78V4 1.75V1 1.79 V4 J.BOli .MV4 KECElrTfl CHICAGO WV-USDA-- Estimated talable veitotk recelpU for Tueidayi 10,000 ho«i. 7.000 cattle, and 1,500 aheep. Local Livestock SOYBEANS-- 2.11 1.12K 2.14W W. Matzen Elected President at Family Reunion in W. Park Walter Matzen was elected president of the Matzen family at Its annual reunion held Sunday in West Park, Myke Varvel is the new vice president and historian and June Ransom, secretary. During the business meeting letters from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Matzen, Greenfield, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Matzen, Chevy Chase, Maryland, were read. Persons attending were Mrs. Minnie Matzcn, Myke Varvel, Alvin Matzcn, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Matzen and children, Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Malzcn Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edglngton, and Glenn, Richard and Dixie Lee Walls, all of Mason City; Mr, and Mrs. Keith Ransom and family, Ventura; Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Matzcn, Barbara Ann and Gerald, of Jefferson. Gerald Matzen has been visiting his grandmother, at 920 Adams N.W., for the past two weeks. HOflS . MASON CITY-for Monday SSe lower. °"J ]j«{;|- }[«l;i« -· ......... . no-no $m,»s Good lltht Uihtt ............ 170-180*2025 Coo llKhl IlKhl. . . . . . . . ..... 1M-190 $V« C3ool lllht llghta . .......... . 190-200 ill 50 Good medium welfhU . . . . . . MO-220 Ml'.SO Oood medium welfhte . . . . . . 230-230 titiso Sept. Nov. . . . Jan, Mar. - . . . May . . . tiAHD-- Sepl. ... Oct. ... Nov.' . . . D«c. . . . Jan. , . , Mar. ... May .,, 3.22W 3,13 3.13M 3.13W 3.11V4 11.10 11.40 11.50 12.42 ', 12.62 .11.Ml J.IH4 2.11 2.1J 3.23 J.13« 3.14W 3.13H 3.12W ll.M 11.4S! 11.52 11.45 ' 12.62 2.09 ' 2.10M 2.MV4 3.18H 3.10V4 3.11« 3.11V* 3,00 11.01 11.22 11.35 12.25 12.27 12.00 12.75 s.ii . J.UV* 3.19H 3.10H 3.1214 3.11% . '11.01 11.22 ·11.S5' 11.29 12.80 1J.75 Cantaloupes LARGE 36 S I Z E 2for49c FANCY CAL. Blueberries FANCY MICH. *f» PrNT C BOX NATCO -- ASSORTED FLAVORS f\ /\ f\ BEVERAGES D : P r" 3 24 oz. botUes 2 9c BREAD TOP TASTE 19 P/2-LB. LOAF GRAPE JAM NATCO 43 2-LB. JAR NIGHT Livestock AUCTION FOREST CITY IOWA Wednesday, Aug. 20-8 P. M. Last w*«k w« hid in ictiv* sil« en all cla*i«t of eartl*. Stock- ·r and f**d*r ctttl* war* 50c to fl.OO hlgh«r, cow* a big fl.OO higher. Imprevamvrrt In the draicvd beef trad* ha* helped Hi* fat cartle markat eontidarably. General rain* throughout rhe rang* territory hive helped to itrengthen itock cattl* price*. FOR THIS WEDNESDAY EVENING WE EXPECT:-- 175 0/ATTLE-- Inelud*^ will b* .tocker and f«*d«r cattle, (pringer cow* and helfer«, butcher cattle, breeding bull* and veil calvet. It I* poiiibf* that we will hava a »hlpment of light watght w«»t«rn staer* and haifari. MR. CONSIGNOR-w. b*,l.v. i, to b* t. your advantage to tall tho** dry cow* and ipringer* now, while the receipt* ar* light and the markat In a healthy condition. Cull out tfiot* cow* and h*if»r» and other odd can)* which you do not want to carry into the fall. Send them to our auction. If you want a truck, plea** call u*. FOREST CITY AUCTION CO. FOREST CITY, IOWA CHAS. N. (CHUCK) HOUSH, MANAGER PHONI 4M Mason City an in Marathon Swim Chuck Barnes, 1224 Adams N. W., made n marnlhon swim at Clear Lake Saturday afternoon In very fast time, Barnes, wlio will be a junior in Mason City High School and reached his 17lh birthday Sunday, took off from the city dock, swam across the lake and nround the island and returned to city dock In a non-stop swim in 3'/4 hours. The estimated distance for the swim was a little more than four miles. Since the first conveyor hells were put In operation In underground coal mines in 1929 more than 1,000 miles of belting have been installed. Ooo{ medium weight* 3)0-240 $11.50 Good medium w«UMi . . . . . . ZW-J50 Cocxl m»dlum welfht* . . . . . . J50-MO Ml. 00 Gomt medium Good medium" weight* Cowl medium weight* Good medium welghU Good medium weight* Q xx) medium weight* Oood medium weight* Oood medium weight* Good medium weight* Oocxl medium wcljfhU CiOOl IOW1 MO-470 *M.75 no-no IM.M ISO'-MO tlO.K 290-300 (20.00 300-310 119.75 310-330 119.M 320-330 $19.29 330-340 $10.00 340-3SO 111.75 320-360 111.80 370*300 Slf) 25 Good sow« . i . . ' , ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' , ' . ' , ' . ' . ' , ' . . 300-330 ll«!75 Oood IOW* 330-3(0 118.25 Good low* 360-400 »17,73 Oood 10w« .,.,,..; 400-490*17.00 Good iowi 4M.MO 118,15 No hOK* received »n«r 5 p. in.--Jacob B. Mason City Grain At 1:30 p. m. Monday Oats, No. 2 ...;77e- Corn, No. 2, 15V4% moIsturt$l.5oC Soybeans, new, by Nov. 15 .. $2.84 · CHICAGO CASH OK AIM L " (MaBday' Market)' f - ' CHICAGO VH--C»«h wheat. No. i red" $2.31! No. 2,'$Z.30V4-«I No. 3, »l.»Wi'No." 1 hard $2.34»il No. .1 mixed iW.JlVi-M:'" corni No.:2 yullow $1.80-80141 No. 3/J1.78-" 7BH; No. 4 yellow *l.W t -76Wi aampl*" grade $l.56M-73. Ontit No. 1 heavy white M r ' N o . 2 heavy white 1834: No. 3 heavy white MVi. ' · Barley nominal: Malting $1,35-61; feed Jl.10-19. SoybeanK: Non«. · Decker 4 Soni. OATTIB MASON CITY-for Monday »3ZOO.J4.00 t30.00-U2.SO $28.00-30.00 Prim* eteer* and heltvra Choice ateere and helfera Oood *tee» and heifer* IIS.UH--M.IIII Commercial iteer* and heUen $23.00-28.00 Utility atecri and helfera tW.OO.JI.OO Good cowi »Z3,00-J4.0fl Commercial cow* $18.00-22.00 Utility oow» $16.00-18.1 Canner* and cutter* $15.00-17.1 bulln tl9.00-2fl.00 OAI.VR* MASON CITY--for Monday Choice Good 18.00-30.00 $24.00-28.00 Commercial (24.00-28.00 CJttllllea »10.00-20.00 Cull* J10.00-18.00 I.AMU3 Cholcs tl3,00-20.00 Good $21.00-23.M Iia.50-2l.00 Cuii* iM.oo-m.oo Good to cholc* ewe* $ 5.50. 7.00 Utility ewe* S 4.00- 8.00 Cull'ewe* » 3.00-4.00 Mason City Produce (Quotation! »j K. O. Mont) At 10:30 a. m. Monday Eggs, No. 1 47c Eggs, No. 2 37c Eggs, No. 3 . 33c Hens, 5 Ibs. and over ........ ]8c Hens under 5 Ibs. ioc Old cocks, heavy breeds 12c Leghorn cocks lOc Ltirnt Golf Fast FORT wormr TCX. UP--J. H. Ilussong made a hole in one only three months after he bought a set of clubs and started playing golf. What's more, It was on the 13th hole. Stock Market Lunges Down NEW YORK G*r-The stock mar-; kot Monday' lunged Into a sharp.' fall following pronounced weakness in railroads, Quaincss was light' throughout the ' day, but the de- · cline continued right to. the close without any recovery attempt. Losses were quite, wide--going to between 1 and 5 points at the outside--with the bulk of the dcclino extending from fractions to be- ' twcen 1 and 3 points. Volume came only to an estimated million shares. ALUM-A-LEADER All-Aluminum Self-Storing Combination Windows A SENSATIONAL VALUEl B«cruHful All-Aluminum S«lf-Storincj Combination Window . . . JUST ONE LOW PRICEI »19» s Any Glass Size to 49 Inches A*k to see the DeLuxe 3-Trick AIum-A-Lite Combination Window priced only slightly higher. E. Carl White Co. 1717 SOUTH FEDERAL MASON CITY, IOWA PHONE 841 e. CAR I. H'HITK CO. HIT SOUTH F E D E R A L MAJON CITY, IOWA NAME ADDRESS CITY New York Stocks (Final Quotations Monday) By th» Associated Pr«i» AlliedStrs 38'/i la-IHGE 26'/i AmCan 33 KnnCPL 29',4 AmCrystS 23'^ Kennccolt 80 AmHomePd 38 KrcsgcSS 35W AmKacl 1.5 Maytag 16 AmSmelt 42% MonlWard 64V* AmTelTel 154'/i NashKelv 20% AmTob SG'/i N.Y.Central 29 Am Woolen 27Vi ParamPict 24% AnaconCop 45% Armour O^fe Alchlson 89 BcatFds 38% BcndixAv 53'/i 67% BeLhStl PcnneyJC PaRR 19^6 PcpsiCoIa 9% PhillipsPct 57? i UadioCp 25VJ SafewaySt 30T«- BocingAirp 34'/4 SearsRoeb CaseJI 25M) Chrysler 7954 ConEtlis 35V4 CornProcl G8% CurtissWr 8'A Deere 32-M DuPont 88 ElAuto-49% GenElec 62% GenFoods 47% GonMot 59% Goodrich 05 Goodyear -12Va GtWestSug 17% Homeslake 37 ! /e IllCenl 74 IntHarv 33V* IntTelTcl 17Vii InterslPW 9% SinclairOil 44'.'* SoconyVac 37VS SouPac SZ'A StdBrands 14%. StdOillnd 79 | } StdOilN.J. 78 Studebakcr 37 SwiftCo. 32^ SylvEIPd 34% TcxasCo. 54% UnPac 115 UnitAirLin 28% UnitAirc 34% USGypsum 117 USRubber 24',^ USSteel 39% WestUnTel 42 WilspnCo 10 Woolworth 43V4 CHICAGO POTATOES (Monday 1 ! Market) CHICAGO WU-USDA--Potatoes: Arrival* 216. on track 223; total U.S. shipments Frl-' dny 53B. Saturday 333, and Sunday 7; sup- 1 pile!! light; demand fair; market sllRhtlr weaker; Iiliiho-OrcRon lone whites 36.50, njssct.s- S8.2S-40: Iowa cobblers S5.00; North DikoU warbn (5.25; W«ihtn«ton ]ea« whites $6.70, russets $6.35-30; Wlsconaln pontlaca t^.OO-GO.

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