The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES FOR UNIFORM SIGNAL Published Daily'Except Sunday. Times and News publishing Company W. ULVERE KAFER, * ~ - PHILIP R- BIKLE. Secretary and Treasurer. EMQRY E- SF3EB. President PHILIP E. BIKLB, Editor WRITER WOULD CUT OUT FRILLS , OF AUTO HORMS. IS 1MB WAY I i i 1! ii! Federal Judge f/iaas III From Worry Over Charges. BASE BALL Foltovring Is the Result of Played Yesterday. AMERICAN .LEAGUE. Gamts fi UBSCRIPT1O.N Served ov carrier la Gettvsburg for 25 cents per mostn. \ r.lakes Ciaim'That-Wcird'anfJ Unusual! n n ,« r f Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per monta. j Sounds Tend to-Confus» Pedestrians U O U i l RATES Single c o n i e s o n s c r i b e r s , 2 cents. Sounds Tend to-Confus» Pedestrians Crossing Busy Street. Oil C-.. IF voa Teceive THEFB^ mail YO *»~the oink address label on yoiir . ' tea" days after your meney is received at The' Times Office. " "~ - i/jcorsotives Hare, a -cnifonn style | hisde. Ferry boats cling to 'a } certain stereotyped form, of -warning. | "~ alifv of "Honey Articles." Entered August 15, ISO -BELL PHOXE V«~G«S-sb3is, Pa-T^Tsecond-ciass matter, under An engineer-on eitner a locomotive ^knVess' March 3, 1S79. _____ i or a i* 53 ' " proujd a " ^^ Iose ^ 3ob ._i:"------- · · · ··------ { jf he v.-ere-to attempt any frills. It is loeo^jfiigT ·*co n»« in** DXITSD PHOXS OflBce IB. Northwest comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania-' his daty TO stick TO regulations, and DVHRTlSINGST .D rOR "-CBSse." J :YTK£. - 1 [ not 10 give free rein to nis inventive:" URW ; se . Says t he Presiding Judge, "to" «* a. set order-of a^toriobhel Try This Case Plece^ea!"-Defens e The pedestrian -yrho brave-1 Enters Genera! Der.ia?- ... * *··'»«·»" v A ^^lil ^*J. » » iii' -= 1 *-"--" x - --· ------ GEXEFJAl. OFFICES NEW YORK AMD CHICAGO tonied to the more or less rhythmic i S'lJzer must go -o trial on the mentS; notes of the auto corn. You hear a} of rae iaipeachn:eai ch-.irges sound and you aatorsazicaliy get out of the path of sure destruction. B"t a few auto drivers prefer the odd and the unnsual- They ecniip their cars with instruments taat emit weird 'Want sd-s. One cent uer word each insertion- T^o cents a vrord if guarsnted j and strange sounds. These attempts frsc page position- Sesclutions of respect, poetry ana memoriam* one cent - - --- ---=----- »-«'- per word. "-* TO OUR READERS Socialist capers and TrMch is strictly non-partisan, rertising columns are open to all candidates of all parties. Otir advertising to be individual or eccentric merely confase. They are at once a nui- pance and a. menace. They distract the human ear, which Is already overburdened with the countless noises of a big city. The effect is like whistling to a fleeing rabbit. Instead of clearing the track, these nev,- : fangled auto horns merely cause pedestrians to stop in i paralyzed fear. Philadelphia has done a good deal and done It wisely to reg^_ tilate street trdfcc. I should like to | pi lo see Director Porter issue a police notice that all automobiles must be against him. Late.- en tae court wi!!j decide whether it has a right to try 'At Boston-- Athletics, 10; Boston, 9.'Batteries -- "WvekofE, i-app; Leonard, ' HalL Anderson, Csdy. j Other clubs not scheduled. standing of the ciubs. PC.-: PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS i Paragraphs of Hews Telling of the Happenings in and about Town SeJQi!rn!n§*E!sewhere. - NATIONAL LEAGUE. . At Philadelphia--Boston, 4; J delphla, 0 (1st game). Batter-es--Ru- j Jlrs.'C. B. Kuzmiiier and son, Dav-. doiph, Harldea; Seaton, Su:na, ruU- j ^ . Hanover Stre 4t, are snendinsr *JT» \ " .^celnhia. 11: Boston, 6 {££ game), j Doe" . ', Gc-.vdy. neduced to plain Esgiish. that is the? meaning of an asto«:iiiing ruling made: by the co-art. It tOv,k the breath irpm| even those v,-ho ic:e-I for ii. The im-j aorta ace of the ueii?:on is that had; ^ ^ the court ruled in favor of Sulzer °*; JF^^^?^^ j ,yn. 1- Batterie---llathe-.vson, Meyers;; ...^o.^ P - .,,, . ..-5.=^ ^»-. r TQ ; ReiiSbaeb. Fischer. |'' re ^^ :lors a - ' ne ^EiiiSiie i.-=r *o- CineinnaU-St- Louis not scheduled. : i £ y. Standing cf the Ciubs. j J. B. Eckfeldt, assayer at the United . I.. PC I - "VV-1- PC.! gj ates Mint and assistant, Chester W. :4u;Zieg!er, formerly of this place, on an spent, the TS 4^1 IU, OF' P, PLANS AIOTE ilrs. L- L. Sieber and daughter, \ Jeanne, of "West Middle street, have {gone to Baltimore to spend some time. I They were accompanied by Dr. Paul £ j R. Sieber, v.-ho v.-I'l remain with them { for a short time. · Mrs. Mae C. Berger and daughter, t8F8 tO 111 t!|8 ftlBOS JOB · j equipped with a uniform and regula- | ' tion horn.--Philadelphia Ledger. CELLULOID PANES A NOVELTY EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Booms -Biti bath ss. suit* Ham . McConomy, Prop'*. you want a. Treekiy paper get "THE ADAMS COUNTY"KEWS More local reading matter than any other paper published. PricgfSLGQ per yesr. Special for this Men's and Boy's 25c golf caps lOc. Trimmer's 5 and lOc Store. EICB PSODTJCE COMPANY Highest Cash Prices Paid for all . r --FAEil PRODUCED j UH"der i Times OSi-e, Gertysburg. I CHAS. S. MUMPES --Fire Proof Storage-Warehouse for Furniture and Kotisehold Goods stored sny length of time. . SL TIPTOK ! home of ilr. and Mrs. Harrj- Trostle, Seat. 25.--At the last New and Decidedly Ingenious fdea for Side Curts'ns Recently D ut on the Market. The ingenious side curtains illustrated have recently been, put on the --arket. These consist of celluloid nanes secured to pressed sheet metal f --Photoprapht Gettysburg: Souvenirs "VYILIIA3I E. ZIEGLEIt Expert Electrical work. Eepairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 T. frames, the -vhole curtain being cap- aole of roiling around a rod. How this property of the material used. . is utilized in the construction is seen by referring to the illustration. The curtain on each side consists really of three sections, frors:, middle and rear. The latter is pes-manently open, that is, visible, being mounted on the side edge of the rear of the top and to the rear upright of the top frame. I The front and middle sections are se' i cared at their relative rear and. fore ! edges to rotatable rods or" bars in- closed in a metal housing. These bars are held Trader spring tension some".-bat similar to that atrpiied to vcin- ao-nr-shade mechanisms. The free edges of front and middle sections are temporarily secured to" the -srindshield frame and the front edge of the rear o his taking oSce. Bat the, ng evidence will have been! placed before the tribunal. Xo one had an inMsng of what wasl to come. Austen G. Fos, tae last of! Suiser's string of attorneys, -ad closed i 3. powerful argument against bringing j Stshcer to" trial for acts precedent to! :;is office hoMin?- Ke'had shown tnatj in the constitutions cf twenty-four) states impeachment on sack charges | {jgJUgflQS is specifically barred. He had aligned precedent after precedent ia support ci his position. It is too much to say his position would have been support- o£ Pennsylvania. " i part in It was recognized that just at this series- World's Championship John v". Bighani. of Baltimore, is an opportunty to e of service to the great bouy of teach- spending several days in Gettysburg: Recent visitors at; the home of Mr. = I will neecLa- lar^e-number- of app ^^ *--' ·*- ·*- | pickers to start work on j Monday Morning, September 29. I Will Pay 2 1-2 cents a bushel H Apply at once, staling Vv-hether you \vill be ready to = = commence on ?*!onciay. E j James-G. Stover, | ill ;iHiiiiH:nminiil!rt!!lH!!Il!!lU 5HZ5E \_riil. the questi issue of the guilt or innocence of the accused oScial be reached. Wiien he ordered a vote forty-nine members of the co-srt voted to defer decision en the objections to the three articles cf the bill of impeachment until the final vote is iaken-upoa Governor Suizer's guilt or innocence of the charges made against him. Seven' voted against this, in spite-of Cuilen's po-verfui statement from the bench a-d the fact that be ^vas supported by every member of the court of appeals, vrhich sit with the senate. Immediately afterward tie respondent's answer vras read in irhich he entered a forma.' . Because of Ui parties to the action to lace publicity there has been a delay in liling the issse in court, but unless an agreement is reached--ro-.v ;ool-:ed upon as im- BO£s:bIs.'oocai:se of tne b'Ltersess ef the p:a:nti2--the papers -.vlil bs cSer- ed for judicial record at ia2 coming term. jlrs. jlaclta;.'. T.-'aoss husband sutl : dsnlv ler'c Amerita last Jane, taking ·with iilEi the three children, ivas sen.- r ed ,v.-it:i the papers ia the alienation suit. - in which grave charges ~er-., made Just a short time before 3ir. :=£aekay jnsde sis flight. 'he fact that no action for separa- denial of the charges Then Eugene | hgs !nstitllted Lamb counsel for tae managers of tae impeachment proceedings, opened the case for tte state. Secretary of State Siitcseli 5iay was then ca'lec to the stand as the first j Mrs. Biake against the s-argeon adds a nev.~ antl complex element to the Eiv- itation. The Bir.'.ces are living apar: witness ia the in-peacnment triai. Hs was called to testify iha.t Governor Su-zer Trap nominated, elected anfi ?v,-ora omce as governor. "\Te will concede," saicl Louis ilar- ?!iail for the governor, "teat he was duiy nominated, elected an.l Inducted Curtsins \Vlth Celluloid Panes- section. By this construction it is easy to open or close all or any of the six curtain sections promptly and v.-ith hardly an effort- The use of = the materials above named -warrant = j the longevity and strei = ; vice.--The Automobile. in many eases the courses have been maintained only by the self-saeri5ce of the faculty. As soon as the appropriation -sras mace Provost Smith began to carry cut ai= plans. The Srst roost important stea -.vas to strengthen the de- ilford and daughter. Dora,, of Orrtanna. HALL rs. -Jonas Rebert and 3Irs. Jacob Sheely spent Sunday vrft iite Hail -- M partment of eriticaiion in the college the fo^-e-fs-daughter, Sirs.'Errin Liv- i and hays teen for considerably m3: than a year. Thpt the BIa:-:es and Slackays had bees frie-ics was a subject of common of the graduate sc-noo:. For tais purpose chairs have been established .is the history cf eiiucation snd in. ed^-cational adnaiaistration and ro these chairs two of the leading specialists in tie country have been called. At present the courses in education v.-i:! continue to be incorporated in the coiie:? 0 cf arts and science, ana will be under the charge of the clean of that ^school- Dr. Arthur Kobson Quinn. Professor Graves. Professor Upde- Ingston. and family, in New Oxford. "Wi-ite Hall was visited- by -a. very heavy zhundergTiSu-.'On--Sunday, the whole town being under ^water. Ifc did K05. do mach -daznage~other than 10 rip j up "a f ew.-bridg-es-.- . . . . . . I Those spending- Sunday -at the home j s£ Robert Craumer and family -were, Gebharl: -Anna -and Charles snd Processor together 1-no^Iedge. but only in idle gossip vras any real signineance attached to the t-recadng of their relations r^rc years ago. · It ivas about this tirne that ilrs. ; Blske began to live more or iess ince- nienticn o: resigning. After testifying char he had administered tbe oa:h of oSce to tee governor, Mr. if ay ~as excused. George R VanXamee. clerk of the assemb'y. ilre next Tritness. produced and Meifers, i have on | Hand at Gettysburg andMcKnigfitstown 1 ** *-' *-^ ^ 125 head oi !good well bred steers. | Weigh from 650 to 750 Ibs.-AIso 50 | heifers, weigh from 600 to 700 Ibs. 1 Divided Window. Anyone who has driven an antomo- bile any length of time has doubtless experienced the one great dlScalty of attempting to Icssp wind-shield or "win-" fiow clear from show or "rain, as the case tnay be. when driving in a storm. ' Vision becomes cstraeted and often ssrious accidents restslt. Several attempts have bees made on the port of men of Inventive turn to overcome this difficulty by mechanical contrivances that wonld -wipe the snow or rain frora the glass. An aato manc- facturir^g company has arranged the front window so as to overcome this i difSccltv. Tie vrtadow is divided i ! - _;_ "o^T-1 Ir. storray weather tae tipper half j ir.ay ba swcrjg.otit slightly, thus pro- · \ idicg a small opening. This opening I coznes at a point on a level with the i vision of the criver, so that in spite j o: snow and sleet on the glass, one { r~.. | may peer oat beneath it and keep i -watchful eye on the thoro-jsafare ·ength of the de- \ -; ie re pcrt of the Frawley investigat- :i:j; commitree. presented to the as- *embly en Aug. 11, and testified that it had been adopted. He produced also :bs ijcpea'-hmeat resonitions adopted by the ass-~'n''!y the same day. YanXarr.^e was escasea to obts.ii: documents ne had ueg:ecteci to bring, snr: :-lr. Xay was recalled tc preauce the or"i -; ~a', s'stensent of Governor ? - !:?e~" : : rimpaign contributions. He r.rcJ'iro.; a ; 5- tne campaign statement oT ipe ~i"iam Sulzer Prcgressive had bean loosed spea as being devotee co each other. .-Irs. Ii:ackay is ccnsicerec one ol die most bs"'atifi:i acci intellectual women in Ainerirar. society. She is oi ola Ksiel:erbocker stoclc. having bees a iliss D-^er. Clarence rJachay is one of the country"= vreaithiest men. hav-- iag been prar-uralsy sole heir of his 1 vrith the other specialists v.-nom i;. is planned to call, are a:i or ths n-pa of c;en trho csn offer strong courses in ;be graduate school cf the university, and :t is expected that the department DI education in the graduate sehoo' --ill attract students vrho are grad- aites of ctaer universities as -?re3i as graduates of the college o£ the Univer- ·aaia. Masenheimer and -J oan Palmer. Roy Snyder and \vife spent JSunday at the home of the former's brother, Emory Snyder. at Keysville- Snnday School at St. Luke's next Sunday at 9 a. m. The Reformed congregation of Sc. Luke's church Tvill hold their Holy Communion Sunday. Sept. 28. at 10 a. m. COMING EYENTS rugs Scheduled- In-- Gettysburg FATHER AflDjSOK MURDERED for Coin5ng Weeks ' Mutilated Bodies of Fsrmer ar.d Youth ! Sep'c. 27--Good Soacs ilass Meeting. Found Ii Ditch Near Matav.'an. j Court: House. llatawan. X. J- Sept. 2-5.--The boa- i Oct. 4--Foot Ball. Albrignt College ies of Ange:o Cantaloupe, a farmer, j Xlxon Field. ar.d Victor Lansuesula, his yoang step- sen. -^ere fo:;ati in a roadside ditch near the farm, terribly ti:rty-5ve years o- Her husband is z. fe~ years ii^-r senior. BAILfiGAB RAFFED FOR WRECK --= Ne-.v Haven _ , - , ,~, ;tTststs Ccrr.nission Say .-.V%"°J e | 15 7 p3nS OI I TM«'d Consider Guestrcr. of Safety. :; ::ccabe. clerk of the senate! ^^^^ eSe"xev7S^l Xe" aid of -"';- -":rt. was then called. of Xe~ York, tesiIS^ hi%:::r ta'cen Governor Sulser's . 02 Xov. · 1 he heifers are good stock, well bred Virginia cattle and have good order o them. T, Hotel Gettysburg and McKnignisiown ·S-V ii t . » j Car to Be Goid-1 rimmed. 1 A vcei'.-kno^n San Francisco society ; leader recently placed aa order "with. 1 an agency of city for a special : ccuT-,3 body to be built ca a -54-50 | cbass.s. vhlch will be one of the j most hs.ncs«ae and expensive jobs i ever -andertauen in motor car balld- il\e:s. wiio on Oct. 15. jf 1 !--1 ;:7--r -i cne_!c for S2-"' % -\ T?::5i lie said ho gave S~:zer thci ] moaey fo~ expenses anvl ha ccn'd ussi j it ?:^y v ay ' - e ctio?c. ] I Tiorry r.Ior.^snti'.a'.:. ambTMs-a3or tr] * Tnr!»e--. Tp^-;rie;l * be gpv" S':!=c-j 51 1 *-"' · be wr.s t«e nomine oi! i.-.e Der,iocnx:ic party ars-i to elr :^is!| ir. his ca::vass. Every r~r.e of the telesrapiie correspond eace of ncth Tv'iiliara Sulser anc Mrs. S-:l7cr ?"nt d-i-'ng - n e mcr.tas o l j vraliingforc wreck, en So~r. -. '-" ·vhl':h twenty one persons Irst ihci: :"ves. tlse iuter?tc:e cornr:' -c= 'or.' :::i55icr. :ss-.:oa a rQ~."i c~ t^e :T. eat": ration cf the accidanc. lr: t"_e report :r is r.el~- that tb3 el recioratc shoalc ' feel itself cal:l c- ;o tvm Trcsn tne consideration ef t « c f.r:2r.cial Questions in which t-ie rca3 is involved ar:J ^ivo Its -onv.derat:or. to tae quest-DTi of safety." b.ev 1ia r l besn set upon and rsur- r Held In 53000 5a:L \TashI*gton. Sept. 25- -- l;n.--;: La-1 Oct- II -- Annual Topton Orphans' School excursion- Get. 13 -- 16 -- Lutheran West Pa. Synod meeting-. St. -James charch. Oct. 17 -- Concert- iiczart Company. Brua Cnapei- Oct. IS-- Gettysburg's second annual Farmers' Dav. :^ar vrno Sgtired ia 'be senate lobby j Investigation ar.d later was ir.di-ted DR. SCROLL A WITNESS -n c::arge sof impersonating oongre?s- i in telephone tail:? -- :th rro " : 2r:i financiers, was field ~r ^isie? comm'ssionsr for ti:e action of -,c. fs-Je^^al ai'.tiioritiss in 7ew Tork, iza ne was adtniite^ to SS''"' bail. : - j Gives Important iesti^ony in _ der Trial at SpriugGeld- Mur- GENERAL MARKETS Dr. George Scholl, of Baltimore, well known in Gettysburg-, is an Im] portant vritness in the Smith murder Icass. noxv being tried at Springfield, I Ohio. Dr. Schoil was the omciating^ __ j minister at the ftmei^al of Mrs. A. B. ·--, 5^.ps^_s.^0. ^ ^^ i Smith, the murderea -woman, and tcs- .pF r : - c - r - " r!I! - a '- *----: i:-j-- " P2~ j r ;5 jSS to the conduct and conversation K12AT (j^iet: Xo. ± re£, new, 20® 1 cf persons at the_tims of the fnneral. COSX qniet:_Xo. 2 yeiiow, S4/SS5C. 1 " OATS steady: Xo._ 2 -n-n:te, 4S^@ ; -Sc.: lower errades. 4s : ic. POTATOES steady:, at 65@SOc. per - bn?hel. 5 The d^sijr. cf the body vrill be sosne- ! thing quite original after the buyer's v.-n ic-~r.s as «o what should make the O THE LADIES I :scsi V^a-JtiiJl car. The coior scheme ! will be goid, trimmed with black on | the cats:.' e, tne inside will be upbol: 's-tered ::: tacy blue brocaded silk. All t« p -'.cct.t:=cries will be gold- i-.i...a; :, 'a -erfiu Graduate of OuicsK-E. Mrs. Ziegler, f is v. i Wlien cut In the milk and cnrei, oat and pea bay is most palatable and nutritious. Promoted. York, Sept- £5.--^Martin Sheri June. I'-.:}. AnsKst ar.d Sentember y r l das, Olyrspic star and champion disc-? lo this OP.:- v»7u be demanded or the! thrower of tlie vcorld. was prcmr:--r vrcsterr. "Tnion an.l Post?.' Telesr.iph) from a patrolman to a f.rst .srade i, cou".panies «y the fcrrr.a'. process oi: tective, at an increase o:' §SOO a-: the conrt of inipeachm^nt. ?-raiiasers j nually. of bo:. ccmr^nies were serve.i wltli · s'ubpoen^s commanding them to ap · messages that bave left ths | Deadly Wood Tick. Cies In SvsrJrr.rr.ins- sn -~ a %l- T ^, -- -_ _._ ,_ , n _ ^ j There is a mountain valley in. a 3ton. Pa.. 3=pt. 25. -- StrfrVsr, ] jcf^^J^oos^Vs 5 iWlsk^^-ess-d I ^es^-- stat5 » °- e s^® o? ^^ch has heart ;:a"2 : - v s ; 3 wit^-'r: a few m=r. · f !r ^" : choice VowlV. fOcT: c:d rsstefs! i sees almost depopnlated by wood j--r«- r^te'in" t::* 1 v.-ater. He"., i 13 3 ,4c- _ ! ticks. The ticks are not very iininer- """ Jakes. ivfrtyersiE years o!-:. | Si g^ T ^% s . teady; fan ° y Crsamer 5"' j ocs, bat they are deadly. The sqnir- was foua dea,I at tlie bt:os: of tic | " J "E'GGS"Weacv-: selectee, 34e.; near- j rels of this valley .are infected -willi swimming pool in tbe T. M. C. A. i by, 32c_; wesie'rn, 32c. * | a peculiarly virulent form of so-called -- 1 - "spotted fever," better inowa as cere- rtlsrkets. cro-spinal meningitis; and "wood ticks S.25. pear Biowr FrcnTM a Duluth, Sept. 25.--C Lake Tug. iarl-« P. Kecf-or eEongh, even in *.his" practical day. " CATTLE steady to^ stror-s^^beeves, · VThi nrast it have been in-benighted {stickers and' feeders te |54"o^S^cfv^ i tilr - es wlien sickness was supposed to ! and ^heifers, $3.90@S".75T "calves, $8.50 i be the result of witchcraft, or perhaps t (*^ST 1 *7X J S_:T.TTM ^^^^^ **..P 4-\*f\ T*rT;"g 4 V f\f T**sflkTTrtT* ^ i aiony. If a horso has anything faulty :~ j will not grow less but will probably £row worse. R-hea he was from a tug. Early and late milking seems to be tte on \ v satisfactory Tvay of solving j t5lo fl - pro blem. TvTiy not have some colts, calves into money for you a visible sign of the -wrath of heaven? I!cv»- many -svild delusions, how many strange and fearsome cults and sacrifices that history records -vere due to epidemics that modern science -would '.rr.ce to a polluted vater supply or a ·",;cr,so insect bearing pest. JEWS PA PER I NFWSPAPFR!

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