The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 18, 1952 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

AU«. it, mi Maim Ciljr Gl«te-G»ittU, Minn City, Here and There- News of Your Neighbors in North Iowa and Minnesota GARNER--Mrs. Ross "Commes of Ft. Smith, Ark., who has been visiting for the past three weeks with relatives and friends in this vicinity, left for Oskaloosa where she will visit other relatives and friends before returning to her home in Ft. Smith. Mrs. Commes is a sister of Philip Johnson. PLYMOUTH -- Mrs. Anna Edgar of El Centro, Calif., was a visitor in the home of her aunt, Mrs. Emmo Towne. LATIMER--II. N. David Koenen of Naval Hospital Belhesda, Md., is spending a 15 day leave with relatives. WAUCOMA -- Relatives f r o m Denton, Kan., Mrs. Blanche Smith and Mrs. Joe Whitmore are guests of Mrs. Clara Smith and the Orson A. Gillards. SPILLVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs. John J. McLaugWeh dt Washington, D. C., arrived to spend their vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kala. LAKOTA--Mr. and Mrs. C. \V Buckels, Paula and Michael, left Wednesday for Missoula, Mont., to visit a week with Mrs. Buckels brother and family, the George Ailts Jr. NORA SPRINGS--Mr. and Mrs Bruce O'Brien left on a two weeks vacation trip to visit the Black Hills of South Dakota, Yellowstone National Park and the Canadian Rockies. MANLY--Mrs. Stanton Gullord and daughter Debra Rae, returned from Mercy Hospital in Mason City Thursday. The girl was born there Aug. 8. Mr. Gullord is tele . graph operator at the Rock Island station here. CRYSTAL LAKE--Richard Hod son, who has been employed th past year in Cedar Rapids at . railroad station, has been trans ferred to Holland, la., where h · will operate the station. LELAND--Mr. and Mrs. T. C Carlson' and Mr. and, Mrs. May nard Maakestad and' Adeline an Duane are enjoying a trip throug '·· present as Duane expects to be sla» tioned there for some time. i LATIMER--Mrs. Emma .Muhlen- bruck and Miss Lydia Muhlenbruck were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Muhlenbruck and family at Chapin. WAUCOMA -- Supt. and Mrs. Glenn W. Behrcns and two children left this week on an outing near estern states-including n visit to ollowstone Park. RAKE--The Rev. and Mrs. O. . Hanson of Superior, Wis., were uests a few days at the Mrs. Edith ngelby home. a LITTLE CEDAR--Mr. and Mrs. aymond Conrad left for,a week's acation visiting the Martin Jen- ens at Luver'ne, Minn. Mrs. Conad's mother, Mrs. Inez Bucknam ' Osagc, accompanied them. CORWITH--S.Sgt. and Mrs. Wilam Welter of McClemcns, Mich., re visiting the former's parents, Ir. and Mrs. R. C. Welter, also the atter's parents at Wesley. CRYSTAL LAKE--Mr. and Mrs. . W. Garlon of Nynck, N.Y., and Ir. and Mrs. Herb Gillette and aughters of Marshalltown have ecu visiting at the home of Mr. nd Mrs. J. E. Foley and Judy. CORWITH--Mr. and Mrs. George utcliff of Grand Ridge, 111., spent 10 past few days visiting relatives nd friends. FENTON--Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crusenstyerna of Hawarden spent everal days this week with Mr, nd Mrs. Richard Goctsch and ther friends. Mrs. Krusenstyerna s the former Phyllis Snyder, aughter of the Rev. J. T. Snyder, ormcr pastor of the Methodist ihurch here, now pastor of t he Methodist Church in Kingsley. Mr. Crusenstyerna is music instructor n the Hawarden schools. RAKE--Paul Johnson, 20 month ld son of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Tohnson, is a patient at the Park lospital in Mason City for observa- ion and treatment. GOODELL -- Mrs. Nico Waagc vent to Charles City to visit her sisters, Mrs. Henry Waage and Mrs. G. Strasburg. Mr. Waage and children were to join her later. GARNER--Miss Myrtle Halver- sori is enjoying a week's vacation rom her duties in the county assessor's office and is sightseeing in the Colorado Rockies. PLYMOUTH--Pfc. Duane Graverson came home on furlough and accompanied by his wife returned o his base in San Francisco, Calif. They have rented an apartment and will make their home for the Brainerd, Minn, MANLY--Mr. ; and Mrs. Arthur Holdcn honored the letter's father, L. II, Lyford, of Manly, by arrang ing a family reunion of his people at the Holden farm two miles south of Manly. LAKOTA--Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bierstedt and family left this week for San Diego, Calif., where they will visit their son Paul who is in the Navy. KANAWHA--Mrs. Oren Mitchell and son, Tad, of San Antonio, Tex. visited in the home of her parents the Oren Bamfords. MANLY--Mrs. Bessie Mitchell and daughter, Miss Adelphia, were breakfast guests of Mrs. Jo Swan son recently at a cafe in Mason City. Miss Adelphia will be leaving soon to take up her work as teach cr at Buena Vista College, Storm Lake. KANAWHA--Mrs. Dewey Wood in of Lake Cornelia is the new pres ident and Mrs. Andrew Lieuwen of Belmond is the new secretary of the Sheplce-Baxter-Lucas re union for next year. The group met at the home of Dr. and Mrs El. II. Stewart and the next meet will be at the new home o Mr. and Mrs. Woodin at Lake Cor nelia. RAKE -- Eldon Bert Undcrbakke Devereaux and returned from Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada where they spent a week fishing. DUMONT--Dr. and Mrs. John D Baker are the parents of a son borr Aug. 8 at the Hampton Luthera Hospital. RAKE -- Mr. and Mrs. Edga Matheson and Maycdelle and Mi and Mrs. Everette Matheson IcJ this week to spend a vacation Duluth and other parts of Minne sota. BODE -- Melbourne Halsrud o Clinton visited a f e w ' d a y s at th liome of Cordelia Halsrud, and wit other relatives. LELAND--Mrs. Vincent Nangan has returned to her home in Brook m, N, Y., following a seven-week isit with her daughter, Mrs. Orrin Ambroson, and the Arnbroson amily. ( LATIMER--Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Ik, and children were recent uests of Mr. and Mrs. Ike Oik al heffield. POPEJOY--Ed Thurnian of St. aul, Minn., is spending n few days ith his buddy, Merlo Trousdale. CORWITH--Dr. and Mrs. Wai- ace Reed of St. Louis, Mo., are islting at the home of Mrs. Reed's ister, Kathryn Kelch, CARPENTER -- Lawrence Feldt hipped two carloads of clover hay o the drought area in the south Siis week. GARNER--The Rev. M. J. Klaus f St. Paul's Lutheran Church and ficlor Bunge will attend the dis rict convention of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, at Lake Okoboji Aug. 18-22. The men are he official delegates from St. aul's, , ; GOODELL--Mr. ami Mrs, Paul 'eldhoitsc and Virginia arc vnca- ioning in the southern slates and he Grand Canyon. RAKE--Mr. and Mrs. Joseph \ndcrson and grandson Alan An- icrson of Webster City were recent guests at the R. V. Stowe home. BLOND1E By CHIC YOUNG AfoAH MuMSKOtt WOULP _ 'EAR NOAH^ you CALL A -SA--~. . FARMER A HAUGHTV PETER KARL VA . flEAR MOAH = How ^^UCU REWT DPES THE MEXICAN 80ARDE RODERICK ·/PA · ^j^r vi« t NUMNofioWS T DltlrilmltlJ Ly Kim ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN Howard B.Stark Keep _ teeth bright Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. Chewing helps cleanse the teeth. Helps keep them naturally bright Enjoy this tasty gum daily- AG397 DAILY C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1. Byes (slang) 6. Measure of slope 11. Poplar tree 12. Black and .blue 13. Bristlelike processes 14. A pointed arch 15. Remain 16. Sun god 17. A cozy room 18. Cries, as an owl 21. Highly seasoned stew 2-1. U. S. President 28. A love aft'air 29. Tutelar deities 30. Caresses 31. A gorge 32. Uneven, as if eaten 3-1. Pelt of an animal 37. Jewish month 38. Punctuation mark 42. Cora! reef 4-t. Simple ornamental , arch (Jap.) 45. Province (Afr.) 46. Eat away 47. Abounding in shade 48. Cried, as a cat 4. 20 DOWN Young girl Incite Between (prefix) Theater Observe Gaze, with cruel greed Equip Greedy Plunge Paradise Decay Belonging to us Deckhand 21. Knock 22. Wine receptable 23. Obtained 25. Keel-billed cuckoo 2G. Paddle-like process 27. Cravat 29. Fuel 31. Steal 33. Revive 3-1. Cooling devices 35. State (U.S.) 3fi. Roster 39. In a row DID I HEAR.YOU RIGHT ? BECAUSE PINKY HAS DECIDED NOW TO TAKE THE NEXT TWO WEEKS FOR, WIS VACATION, YOU WANT TO BE PAID FOR. COOKING OUR DINNERS IT ISN'T EXACTLY, BEING *3 PAID · · · · !T'D BE MORE . A TOKEN OF APPRECIATION/ INSTEAD OF PRESENTING ' ME VJITH A WATCH, YOU, ROBIN, "LANK'AND UNCLE BERT XWOULD EACH GIVE ME $5 A- \WEEK / HEAPER. THAN EATING ^, OUT SCOTT'S SCRAP ROOK a-io SftturJay'8 Anfiwcr 40. Faction 41. Hastened ·13. Youth ·H. Evening sun god 15 ^ '// 35 36 43 W W 7s Y; % 14 46 48 38 'A 39 yy. 40 '//, Jt CLOSED Ai AS KS LYES.iH ORDLR ·fo KttP OUf -te OFilt UISLRf. oFCWL #!. PWIM5ULA, PAPUA, MAS^UtRAPt. AS Mlrt FOR FUNERAL CEREMO« IE5, -flft OHLY (VXASIOHS W«tH V/OMLH MA.V CARRY SPEARS iMt ' YEAIV MEH'S OFUlAMtH-fS . . IS tf SA.FZ.R. -fa ni oDW -ftlAM IH 1031 ·VIS- Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- THERE IS, WITHOUT A DOUBT. THE LAZIEST .( MAW IN THE WORLD/ '^·ww^w^TSKif^.fc 1 'V' '«v*W'J By R. }. SCOTT CONGE, B R I C K BRADFORD By CLARENCE GRAY THIS GRWJ1GUDE RIDE IS A THRILL, RAMDCaUANDRA.' AND YOU MUST BE PROUD OP YOUR BEAUTIFUL OITV.' T a -^^^m^^-^~^iA^^i i MARY WORTH THAT ·STKUCTLiEE \M THE DISTANCE, 3U ANRA... is " rt . W MOUNTAIN \S THAT ijT/^ RE.TREAT. WE ^rOTT' 7~f\ K I «K , ^s-ssfes^sgl KEN'ALLEN GOOD GIRL! FOR YOU, AUNT M/XRY ' MUGGS AND SKEETER YOU'LL NEVER. REGRET THIS DECISION! DETECTIVE. OF THE NEW. YORK POLICE. 15 HERE, SIR! HE WANT5 TO A5KYOU ABOUT YOUR MOTHER'S... ACCIDENTAL DEATH.' ~^\ -"BV WALLY BISHO'I* HAPPENED TO YOUR SOME ROO/A FRONT TEETH? t* BIG SISTER ...I KMOW IT DOF.SNY · LOOK VERY GOOD ...BUT I GET MORE AIR. WMATLUCK?DID f YEP. 1 HE'LL BE ALONG- YOU PHONE ti4E BUT I'VE SOMETHING DOCTOR? ELSErTOTEULYOU REX MORGAN, M. D. E MAN lDTaiS VOAAN IS A TERROR. SAID WE SHOULD CLEAftOOT AS SOON AS WE CAN, B^FORGRAVE ALLTWE MORE SEASON I BELIEVE ^ JULIAN KNOWS, PUMP/ JULIAN AND I ARE LEAVING TO BE MARKIEP, CAKTWEISHT.' EXACTLY WHAT 15 THE PURPOSE OF YOUK VISIT AT THIS LATE HOUE? OAKY DOAKS WHAT 15 TALKING ABOUT; PAKUNQ r I HAVE NT THE FAINTEST NOTION, MY PEAK / COM8.' LBT'S LEAV6TH£M TO SOLVE THEIR OWN By DAL CURTIS! YYEONG, JULIAN.' THIS 5OLVEP.' ALL WE WANT By N. B. FULLER DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE-- Here's how to work it: A . X Y D L B A . A X R Is L O N G F E L L O W ,. One letter simply stands for another. In this example A is used fo? the three L's. X for the two O's, etc. Single letters apos- trophlea, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation E F V B L A O V D M B N N V I A C U N S V D O S V D C S J D N U V D N O R I . N - J C R I E F L I N . Saturday's Cryptoauote: SUCH WONDROUS TALES AS CHILDHOOD LOVES TO HEAR-- SOUTHEY. PlitrtbuUd by Klnc Feature! Syndlcau /"CORDON MacRAE is'showing friends a cartoon he clipped VT from an English weekly. It depicts a couple of fellows playing darts in a London saloon. One of the darts has gone out of line and clipped a table sitter in the back of the noggin. The table sitter's girl friend is impatiently grumbling, "Oh, you and your stabbing pains in the head." When the late Sir Harry Lander, who was reported still to have his flrst shilling- when he died, first appeared in New York, he stopped at a shabby hotel where the board was $8 a week, meals included. I^auder ate so much the first two weeks that the landlady collared him at the door and said, "Beginning tomorrow.' I'm going to have to charge you $10 a week." Lauder expostulated, "Madam, you k l n n a do thot. I'm verra sick from tryin' to eat eight dollars' worth now!" Copyright. 1052. by Bennett Ccrf. Distributed by King Fcatunrj Syndicate,; ^DIWCE SHE AMD OAKY ARE 1U THE PREHISTORIC PAST, MILLtCEHT MUUH HOPES THAT THE SITUATIOU MAY PROVE TO BE ROMAKTIC.- BUT SHE IS IGNORANT OF THE DANGER THAT DOW THREATENS HER/ ETTA KETT ' HEY,YOU/ STOP// OAKY, WHAT'S THE MATTER? O.IJ- »·» D '» *r WHY GOULDW'T VE KEEP L-r- YEK TRAP SHUT?/ YE MADE ME MISS/; By PAUL ROBINSON _ SHE'S COMIh FOR A VISIT7/SMT \ THAT- MICE ? YOU'GE J THE BUS STATION) -- SO YTAV I .* TAXI .'.'-- wHb' i urv*~~^^wEVEB SHOKT- ·"^4 DRIVE ME OVEI2TO ,--f LETSV HANG .f. A , r \ PICtC UP /- ,r^^( rm» JTAXI MAhJ/- COUSIN YOU'LL GO FOB JUSTEEN.' SHE'S SreiCTLV DATE B Air/--S. B.C.'.'-, BLONDE SCORCHY SMITH By RODLOW WfLLARD THEIR SPACE 5PEED BVA Trl^cE LAP OR3ITOF AST4Z, LEZAeZIUSS SfACB SHIP *5 POWN FOff A LAUP/NG OV HE/? HOME PLANET. EAl?TritMM SCOZCHV ANP GO? FOLLOW /W TH£ BIG CAPTURED OM GARTH WE HAVE CATAPULT BUT ASTA^ USES 'EM FOR ?/-

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