The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1954 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1954
Page 16
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F*b. 22, 195 Vuwi Cttjr Glftkt-Ctitlt*, Maion Clly, la Priest Decries "" ' , f r 'Proposal to Betray Indian^ - An '.American .Indian, the Rev. Vine Deloria, -a second generation 'prifist Vof/the Episcopal Church ' with a lifetime of experience in In dian work and in 36 dioceses of the .Episcopal, Church throughout the United Sta'tes, Sunday lashed out forcefully against proposals now in hearings' b e f o r e Congressiona committees "which would termi .nate Federal services and protec tions to approximately 70,000 Indi ·ails, or about, one-sixth of the tota Indian population." He spoke before a Family Nigh gathering of Episcopaleans and friends at St. John's Church. "In the name of 'equalizing the Indians,' the Department of Inter! or has already adopted and sue ceeded in urging Congress to spoil sor the policy of terminating 'Fed eral responsibility for administer ing the affairs of individual tribes . . . . as rapidly as the circum stances of each (dbc will permit,' ' he charged. Taking Property : "More important than that arc the cunning plans again to betraj the. American Indian by taking away his property now that the Missouri Driver development am the oil industry and; industrializa tion is increasing over night the economical potentials of (he Da kolas." , Mr. Deloria was on his way to Washington following the meeting as newly appointed assistant secretary for home missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. He has served three missions in Dcnison, Mapleton and Vail for some three years while doing speech work for the Indian problem. The 6 foot 3-inch Indian priest and former college football p l a y e r traced the plight of the Indi an* and bis treatment by American political administrations, and Indian bureaus from the migratory group living of the buffalo period up to 100 years ago, to the treaty of 18G7 in which they were placed on reservations, to the forced allotment system beginning in 1915, and the community system fostered by the Roosevelt administration. Force Assimilation Mr. Deloria decried violently the attempts of the present administration to force assimilation at once by turning the Indians over to requirements of our American democracy. The process must be slow, gradual, while the more able youth blend steadily into the reg ular fabric of American way o life." / Mr. Deloria spoke with high pride and praise for the work o the Episcopal Church with the Sioux Indians in the last 100 years. The arrangements committee foi the dinner consisted of Mrs. Hal dane Lilley, Mrs. Norman Still well and Mrs. Donald Dye.* 21 Head for State Finals Twenty-one students, represent ing nine North Iowa schools, quali fied Saturday for the state finals of the Iowa High School Forensic League contest. The finals will be held in Iowa City April 1-3. Mason City, with five entries ill have the largest rcpresenta. tion in the finals. Boone will have four entries; Northwood, three, Osage, Joice, and Riceville, two each; St. Cecelia of Algona, Buff a lo 'Center, and Thompson, one each. Fourlcen schools and more than 140 schools were eliminated from the district contest held in Mason City Saturday. Those who won a place in the finals were: , Class B debate: Riceville, Osage and Northwood. Class A debate: Ames and Mason Cily. Original Oratory: Stan Garfin, Mason City; James McMahon, St. Cecelia, Algona; a n d S o n j a Osmundson, Northwood. Extemporaneous Speaking: Everett Hickman, Boone; Ed Cagley, Mason City; Mary Allison, Northwood; Ronald Calgaard, Joicc. Radio Speaking: Jim Ransom, Mason City; Dale Larson, Buffalo enter; Barbara Lytle, Mason lily; Meredith Berg, O s a g e ; fanice Mondl, B o o n e ; Janice Sehrns, Osage; and Carol Wiliams, Joice. Interpretative Reading: G e n e- 'ievc Matlson, Thompson; Shirley lines, Novthwood; Jeanelte Slotts, 3oonc; Anna Mae Kruger, Rice- 'ille; Karen Finley, B o o n e ; Deanna Doerr, Riceville; a n d 'erry Finley, Mason City. the states "This," he said "is more than pitting the stone Fishing Fun But Buying Cheaper PIERRE, S.D. (UP)--Fish don't come cheaply -- when you catch THE REV. K. I. CLAWSON Grace E.U.B. Church Plans Special Week The Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church of Mason Cit} will observe its Religious Emphasis Week Feb. 28-Mai-ch 5, the firsl week of Lent, with the Rev. K. I. Clawson of LeMars as the spoakei of the week. Mr. Clawson is a graduate of the LaCrosse Stale Teachers College of LaCrosse, Wis., and the Evan gelical Theological Seminary, Na perville, 111. He has held pastorates at the Duluth, Minn., Chester Park E.U.B. Church (1937-194G) and the First E.U.B. Church in San Antonio Tex. (1946-1949), before coming to Hildreth Memorial E.U.B. Church in LeMars. The LeMars E.U.B. Church is a cey pastorate to the denomination jecausc it ministers not only to res- dents of the community but also to college students of Westmar Col- ege, which is affiliated with the denomination. The services begin.jit 7:30 p.m. each evening and Mr. Clawson will Breach on the following subjects: 'The C h ti r c h Is Eternal," "The Risk of P r a y e r," "God's Free Gift," "Keep the Channels Open," and "The Marks of a Christian." them yourself. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made surveys of fishing ex against the electric age because the already demoralized American Indian is simply not equal by train ing and.previous Jiving to the fulllitures. jpenditurcs and catcbes at three nothing South Dakota lakes, and found that fishermen spent from $1.15 to $s'.64 per pound of fish caught. Travel cost was one of the most important factors in determining expend age Make $5,000 Yearly | Selling HYBRID Corn You can do it with this company if you are willing to work. We need a District Sales Manager. If you have had sales experience and can hire Farmer-Dealers to work with you, here is a golden opportunity to make a good income. Our hybrids are strongly advertised in Farm Papers and on Radio and. get repeat orders because of outstanding performance with farmers. Write us -- tell us what you are doing now and what you hav« sold. Enclose photo. Salary, expenses, and bonus. We shall treat your letter confidentially and arrange interview if we think you art the man we want. Write to Box: V-22. LIVESTOCK AUCTION I FOREST CITY, IOWA WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24-1 P. M. Th« good quality stock cattle sold fully steady in our large sale last Wednesday. The market for fat cattle was very good. Some of the plainer stock cattle sold at least $1.00 lower than one and two weeks previous. * Some of these native stock cattle look like they could be a good buy for the man who needs cattle for grass and does not need the best quality. Whether buyer, seller, or spectator, make it a habit to attend this auction each week. FOR THE SALE THIS WEDNESDAY: 300 TO 350 CATTLE: TOO cattle-from Montana consisting of: 80 Hereford and Angus steer and heifer calves, wt. 350 to 45° )bs 20 Hereford steer calves, wt. 550 Ibs., good quality, thin in flesh. These cattle will be sorted uniform for size and sold in lots to cuff the purchaser. 20 Black heifer calves, wt. 385 Ibs., native. 40 Hereford and Shorthorn steers and heifers, wt. 400 to 750 Ibs. Also other lots of native stock cattle, fat steers and heifers, springer cows and heifers, breeding bulls, butcher cows and veal calves, 200 HOGS: 40 good native feeder pigs, wt. about ,125 Ib. We ex- p*c»a *hipm«nr of 100 light weight pigs for this sale. Also other f«»d«r pigi, bred gilts and boars. TOO SHEEP; Ftt lambs, feeder lambs, bred ewes and bucks. MR. CONSIGNOR: We have a broad demand for brood lows »nd all weights of feeder pig*. There are buyers here each week for Your farcattU. Htr« at For«t City you have th« competition from bom,th* feeder and kilkr buyer for your fleshy cattle W« hay* a top butcher cattle market. FOREST CITY AUCTION CO. FOREST CITY, IOWA-PHONE 2.4a81 CHAS. K. (CHUCK) HOUSH, MANAGER 5 Cent Nrckel Still Around in Maine By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK W-- Got a nickel? Want to go somewhere? You stil can--provided you want lo trave. from Biddeford, Maine, to Saco, Maine. Or even vice versa. The nickel fare is a memory in most cities. In New York City, for example, transit fares have tripled in the memory of citizens only five years of age--not that these particular citizens c a r"e much. But a lot ol others do. Transit companies tell you, and offer statistics if you question them, that operating costs are way up yonder. Equipment costs more than in the good old days. Traffic is so dense and so slow that 10 buses today can scarcely do the work .hat one did a few years ago. La- jor gets a lot more pay--and la- Dor has statistics, too, to support Is contention that wages had to be higher if it were to go on eat ing and wearing clothes and sleep ing under a nonlcaking Toof. Nickel Fare But up in Maine, they still can take seriously that crack, "What this country needs is a good five cent nickel." The Biddeford Saco Railroad Co., bus line, lo you, still operates on a five-cent fare. : Thc only one left in the cotin try," is the boast of its president J. Burton Stride. It started 67 years ago with two horse, open-car, four-wheeled con veyances. In 1891 it changed to electric trams, and in 1939 to modern buses. But all that time it's stayed loyal to the lowly nickel. The transit line's principle cus tomers along its 20 mile route are textile workers. How does the transit line man age to go along on a five-cent fare? Wage Scales Stride says his employes have wage scales comparable to those jof the larger transport lines. There jarc 8 regular drivers and 2 mechanics for the 10 buses the company owns. Stride says they enjoy paid vacations, sick leave benefits, paid-up insurance a n d b o n u awards, just like employes of line that collect higher fares. The company has the advantage of a centrally located garage. A bus passes it twice during each trip, and that cuts costs of repairs when needed. Stride gives a lot of credit to the use of modern equipment which keeps operating costs down. And he boasts of countless money and labor saving devices both on the buses and in the office. The company's overhead is held down because it has only two working executives and one secretary. The American Heart Association estimates that the United States has about 750,000 deaths annually from heart trouble. At Your Library-Artist Gets Letter From / Eisenhower By LYDIA M. BARRETTE Mason City Librarian In addition to the illiuninatet Scripture scrolls now on displaj in the exhibit hall at the Library Mrs. Kate Krause Ball, the artist made a scroll inscribed with Presi dent Eisenhower's i n a u g u r a . prayer which was a g i f t to the President. ,,0ne of the artist's treasured pos sessions is the President's letter of appreciation for the parchmen which reads: "Dear Mrs. Hall: "Congressman Reagan has just presented to me the artistic scroll you designed of my inaugural prayer. It is beautifully e n g r o s s e d a n d attractively framed. I ' a m deeply appreciative of the time and thought you put into it--many thanks for your kindness and generosity. "With best wishes. "Sincerely, Dwight D. Eisenhower." The Biblical themes now on exhibit at the library have attraclec widespread attention and have been given much recognition in re cent years. They were displayec with the Gutenberg Bible at the Li brary of Congress several years ago. The artist has been asked to sell some of the parchments again and again but she has resolved to keep the ever growing collector together. Collects Parchmenrs "This has become my life work," she sa'id. "It is difficult and very tiring at times but nothing gives me more pleasure than realizing that I h a v e created something worthwhile." Miss Elsie Broers, art librarian, iias some photographic reproduc- .ions which Mrs. Hall sent her as several patrons have asked if reproductions could be obtained. Anyone who would like to get these reproductions can ask Miss Broers ibout them in the art room. A group of colorful succulents makes the frontispiece of a new Dook on "Cacti and Succulents," by Gilbert Green. Three hundred photographs, 100 in full color, make '.he beautiful book of Conway's 'Treasury of Flower Arrangements." Melady has a book, "Better House Plants for Your Home," Television Lure The weather,has been so mild this year that game books haven't been so popular as they are sometimes. Perhaps too, television lures people a little from games. There is a little book on games for two people at home called "Pastime for Two" and a new book on chess called "Art of Checkmate." Craw- brd has another book on contract bridge. There are two football books The Truth About Big-Time Football" and "T Quarterback." Bour don has a book on modern skiing. Roll call on new novels includes 'Blind Journey," a story of the Revolution; "Borrasca," another American novel in the savage vorld of the Comstock Lode, "Lo ind Behold" a Cape Cod mystery; 'Man Without a Star," the story of a young man coming of age in the ruthless life of Wyoming in the 1880s; "Rebel Heiress," a gallant adventure in Restoration England; 'Sayonara," a Japanese American love story; "Step to the Music' with setting during the war be :ween North and South, "Willough by Castle," a novel of the world of medicine. Two copies of each o these books were cataloged thi; week. Crane Omnibus Among the books of literature there is a Stephen Crane omnibus Cyril Connolly, one of the mos. astute observers of the literary scene has a book of essays caller. "Ideas and Places." E. B. White whose books are always a deligh and who has a large following among New Yorker readers, has collection o f stories, p o e m s , sketches and parodies called "The Second Tree from the Corner." Six 19th century British author, are written up by Gaylord LeRoy in "Perplexed Prophets." The man who wrote "Don Camillo and His Flock" has a new book which is one of the gayest and funniest this winter. He turns the spotlight on his own family and his wife, Margherita, who is not exactly stubborn but has a force to her illogic that often precipitates drastic situations, her .iaughter also who can create chaos and the son, Albertino, known as "The Duchess and a cat that is thoroughly temperamental furnish plenty of ma tcrial for good reading. There is a fine new edition of 'The Praise of Folly" by Eras mus and there is a little volume on Contemporary French p o e t r y. Since this is indexed in Essay Index it will be useful for reference. TEAM FOR STORK ROCHESTER, Minn. /n-In this world medical center, a cigaret salesman, cab driver and three po- icemen teamed to deliver a girl, xrn to Mrs, James ReiJand, 26, n the Reiland home. Mrs. Reilahd )honed her brother-in-law, the cigarct' salesman. His cab driver summoned the three policemen and all were on hand for the birth. T R Y A G L O B E G A Z E T T E W A N T A D NOTICE! NOW IN EFFECT Glob«-Gax*tt* cli«tifi«d pric*« as U«t«d below. CLASSIFIED DEADLINES 2 column and ov«r ads must b* callad or brought in boforo 10:30 a. m. cam* day of publication. 1 column ads b«for* 11:00 a. m. sama day of publication. Thank You It's Easy to Place a Want Ad! If you have something you want to sell, trade or rent if you want a good job o good help and would like to place a want ad jus Call 3800 and ask for the want oc department.' We will be glad to give you suggestions that will help you get results. Classified Display 1 day 3 days 6 days 1 Inch $1.20 S3.45 $6.60 Mason City Locals, 35c a line set in this size type. Count 25 spaces and letters to a line Card of Thanks and in Mem oriams $1.50 for first 15 tines, regular charge of 22c a tine :or anything over 15 lines Locals 35c line lOc extra will be charged for all ads and locals not paid for at time of insertion. 25c service charge on all blind ads. You can run a 2 line ad for ] day for as low as 44c--2 days 88c--3 days $1.14. UNLESS special classifica tion of ad Is requested customers m u s t accep classification of advertis ing department of this paper. Funeral Directors MASON CITY PATTERSON-JAMES NEW CHAPEL Ind and S. Pennsylvania Mason City Phone 1140 Licensed In .Minnesota and Iowa COLONIAL FUNEHAL HOME. "Th Home of Thoughtful Service." 12 3rd St. N.E. Phone 1505. MAJOR FUNERAL HOME. Phon. SI 1. 203 2nd N.E. McAULEV i SON Funeral Home A Distinguished, Dignified Funera Service, a S. Adams. Phono 651. CLEAR LAKE WARD FUNERAL HOME, CLEAR Ambulance Service. Day Phone 8. Night Phone 7. Monuments, Etc. 83 MASON C I T Y Monument Works Home owned and reliable sine 1883. See our large display of finished monuments and all granites including Montello. Mark every grave. We del anywhere. ISO 10th St. S.W. Ph. 392 Personals DISC sharp-ning. Good work. 30c pe wheel. Write or phone 944-W. EC Walker, Clear Lake. Lost, Found STRAYED to my place bay horse. ml. N. Ideal Sand Gravel. Cal 469-J2. Owner Identify and pay for ad LOST--Pet torn cat, gray with blac tl£er stripes. Ans. to "Skeetcr. Nick in ear. Ph. 3471, Manly. Money to Loon LOANS $25 TO $300 Prompt Confidential Service Phone 412 SECURITY LOAN CO Rm. 321 - 1st Natl. Bank BIdg SEE us about financing your new car United Home Bank Trust Co, CASH LOANS $20-$300 Loans made for most any pur pose on 'just your promise to say. Anyone may apply. Ser vice is ' fast. ' No endorsert needed. Loans also made on car or furniture. Clean up hose old bills with a loan from HFC. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORP. 7'/2 N. Fed. Avc., 2nd n. Phone 1101 WHY WORRY? Consolidate those bills with an EASY-TO-PAY PERSONAL LOAN from the BANKLOAN DEPT. 1st National Bank ,ow Rates -- Prompt S«rvice Money to Loan 8 Need Cash? See Tom Mitchell NORTH IOWA FINANCE $20.00 -- $300.00 119V4 No. Fed. Ph. 3540 Mason City, la Femole Help WontedI _ 21 Service* Offered MONEY TO LOAN on good farm or city first mortgages. Low Interest rate. No commission. Write Box F-19 Globe-Gazette. Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE--Neman* oats, 98% lest Bin run. $1.25 bu. Wnnt Korean or Canadian soybeans. / J'h. 282H2 or 6182J. foil SALE--Mixed clover and tlmo thy baled hay. R. C. Jewell. Shef Held. la. Ph. 153. FOR SALE--Alfalfa hay, hl«h quail ty. W. R. Ingersoll, 1 ml. N., 14 ml W. of Plymouth. SEED oats, recommended new varle ties--Certified and Select Bonham Branch. Nemaha, Cherokee, Mo, O 205. Trl-State Seed Co., Clear Lake Highway 106 next to Sale Barn FOR SALE--Baled hay. Alfalfa an red clover. 1st cutting. In barn, m rain. Hanfortl Floy. Mcservcy, Iowa B'Ofl SALE--300 bu. Ames No. 2 oats Test 34. Uln run. $1.15. H. R Trimble. 1 ml. W., 2 ml. N., tt ml W. of Fertile, la. Buunje«Opporttjnificf1l8 WE spent approximately 3 years and a quarter of a million dollars de veloping our 100% magnetic elec tronic product for business use. We started our national distribution pro firam August 1, 1953. Since then our volume of sales was such as to cause us to double our manufacturing' fa elllties. We own our own new and modern building. Otir national advertising program Is very effective. We are now ready to open your area. THE MEN WE NOW SEEK ARE IN THE'FOLLOWING CATEGORIES Men now in a successful business seeking other profitable ventures. Men who have recently sold a sue cessful business. Fathers desiring to put their sons in a successful business of their own Men who arc tired of working for the other fellow, and who have the courage to do something about It, Retired business men who are tired of being retired. Young men who desire to establish n business with future and security as sured. Middle aged men who arc sick of be Ing interviewed by men of leaser abilities. Men of courage, foresight, diligence and intelligence. If you are In any of these categories and have $5,000 working capital, an affiliation with'our company may be possible. Tell us us much as you care to In your response and we will give you the courtesy of a reply Riving you full information regarding our business. VALLEY INDUSTRIES, INC. ALGONQUIN 7, ILLINOIS BORAXO SOAP PRODUCTS Reliable person to service Boraxo Soap Dispenser accounts in this coun ty. This non-competitive business can be operated on part or full time basis. Immediate income. Quallflei person will have opportunity to earn SS.OOO.OO and up yearly. Small Invest ment of $792.00 required for inven tory. Write giving phone number for personal Interview soon in your city Superior Distributing Corporation 1030-lSth Street. Denver, Colondo. Moje Help Wanted 20 WANTED--Married man for year around farm work. No milking. l ml. N. of Ventura, 1 mi. E., 1st place S. Ph. 8-P15. Clear Lake. WANTED -- 2 FURNACE MECHANICS Who are interested in all round furnace work. Good pay. Apply In person. 1408 N. FEDERAL Between 2 p.m. b 6 p.m. Mon., Feb. 22 WANTED -- HIRED MAN FOR FARM- WORK 3 rm. house, water and elec., no milking, must be good with machinery. Ph. 16F104 Rock weH. GLENN ROBEN, Shef field, la. I MUST- gel a high-type man to act as ou supervisor for our large feed anc fertilizer company In the surrounding 6 counties on overriding basis in pro tected territory. 2 ton per week per county in thl: territory-will pay supervisor $192 pe week In overriding alone. Does no Include personal sales commissions These counties should average from 3 to 5 ton per week the year around Man accepted will be given 2 day training at factory before starting a company's expense before takln territory over. Write Box 1432, Des Moines. la. We will wire, write or call you Ic arrange personal interview. Be Your Own Boss HAVE SECURITY $120 A WEEK TO START Cal I 5707 LR AFTER 6 P.M. Route or Appliance » Salesman Arc you satisfied with your present progress? Singer Sew ing Machine Co. has f a money making proposition for the ag gressive man. Car and its up keep furnished. See manager of SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 123 N. Fed. WANTED Men 21 years of age or older for sales work in Iowa. You must be am- JlHous and: willing to work. Expcr- ence I* not necessary. Training on- the-job with sales manager. Pay starts first tiny of training. Car is essential. You must he able to furnish responsible references ant) be willing o work 5 days a week traveling In 'owa. Home Friday night each week. Tor those who qualify and are accepted, we offer permanent work. cU«r than average earnings, and a future. Salary guarantee of a minimum $75 a week begin* immediately with training. For person*! Interview, contact Mr. Brook* at Hotel Hanford, Monday,; Feb. Z2, 10 ».m. lo 4 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Femole Help Wonted 21 WAKfTED-Clrl for general oilice work. Good typist. Opportunity for u v *^ ment for the ri « ht P*r»n. h. 1977 for appointment. WANTKD -- waitress at Jefftr.on Bun Depot. ALERT, ainbllloun womun with car and phone, who can work at leasi 12 hours p«r we«k, during afternoon or evening. No canvassing, delivering, collecting or Investment. -Age 25-40, All business conducted by appointment and the hours \vtll iiitt your convenience. For ImmtmatD in- tervlew. Writ* Box A-9, Globe-Gazette. Wanted Waitress v TOWN HOUSE Ph. 682 WANTED-Check out girl. No exjierl ence necessary. Apply Earl's Fruit Market. . : . , . GOOD, steady earnings for man 01 woman to supply famous, nation ally advertised Walklns products to customers In city of Mason City. Es tabllshed business, no Investment Start now. Write J. n. WMtklns Co. D-55, Winona, Minn. UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY For-right man or woman to become Realsllk. Branch Sales Manager. Pny while learning. Fine future in nn- tlonally-known, growing business. If you have ambition, energy, clean record, write us about yourself. Imor view arranged. Gives phone number. Goo. Rradner. General Sales Mann irer, Rcnl Silk Hosiery Mills. Inc., In- dlnnapolls 6, Indiana. Salesmen 25 WE HAVE AN OPENING for a salesRiun, offering security and chance for advancement, if you have had some sales experience and are between the ages of 25 and 50 own your own car, and are married. This position does not pay commission but pays a guaranteed monthly salary car allowance, and production bonuses. Territory open Ccrro Gordo and Franklin counties. Must live in Mason City. We train you in our office and in the field on regular salary. WRITE IN CARE OF BOX G- 22 GLOBE-GAZETTE. EVERY BUSINESS HOUSE A PROSPECT FAST selling sales promotion ideas that produce results. 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Market Is broad exclusive extinguishers to sell, oppor tunity to build a profitable business in a protected territory. Write lo: The Fyr-Fyter Company, 221 Crane Street, Dayton. Ohio. Services Offered 27 WANTED--Housework on f a r m by woman with 10 yr. old 'boy. Re spcctablc place. Write Box 11-22 Globe-Gazette. RMS. PAPERED. Painting done. PI, 30S4J. Mr. Hyde. FOR washings and Ironings, also cur tains call 5933-W. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding--oil makes, parts and supplies Mason City Appliance Store,211 S. Fed. Ph. 1103. FULLER BRUSH Products Floyd Fousek. Phone 6214-R. ASHES, RUBBISH am! light hauling Call Bill 2524W. WANTED--Ash ana rubbish hauling Reasonable. Ph. 3-I2I-J or 3121-W. ASH, rubbish and light hauling Rea aonablc. Ph. 312S-R. DEGEN FLOOR SERVfCE. Laying sanding. Ph. 1672 or 2770-J. ROOFING and siding application. Ph 5503LJ. Jim Hansen. NEXT TO YOU Who is most Interested in your motor 'WE ARE Because our future businens depends on your satisfaction of the service rendered by us. PETERSON'S ELECTRIC IvfOTOR SERVICE · ; 308 S. Delaware Phone 1139 I'orsonal Confidential JACK J. DIERCKS TAX SERVICE North la. Bookkeeping fc Tax Service 1 Income Tax Service .Bookkeeping To Fit Your Need* CALL FOR EVENING APPT. 18 First St. S.E. Ph. 404 Complete Butchering ; AND Processing Service , Tor Home Freezers or Lockers FREEZER SUPPLIES Wat kins Lockers Lockers For Rent . 11 S. Fed. Phone 908 Sfcl'TIC tank!".and ce»«poo)» cleaned. Year around service. Keai. I'h. 87l, Mason City. Glenn Marshall. I REPAIR SEWING AND WASHING MACHINES Have n portable Singer for sale. Also a square' tub Maying washer. 500 Ib. platform scale, like new 21(5 3RD ST. N.W. PHONE 1849J Instruction 28 Learn Telegraphy I want to talk to 25 men, 17-33. who »ru Interested In permanent employment with railroads as telceraphci'a anil agents. We Train You Training will not Interfere wltli present job. If sincere, ambitions and In Kooil health, write Box G-17, Globe- Cntetlv, DIESEL HEAVY EQUIPMENT Several mechanically Inclined and reliable men aru needed to train for positions In thu Tractor and Equipment Industry. If you itro not making belter tluin $100 per week, or you don't have all year job security, you owe it to yourself to write for tr«o facts, without obligation, about thli training and our Advisory Placement Sen-Ice. TRACTOR TRAINING SKKVICK. Inc. 11OX J-18 CLOtlE-GAX.E'rrf. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT--Nice larjjo room. Close in. 330 Isl N.E. FOR RENT--Nice sl|g. rm., suitable for 1 or 2. Prl. l a v . Reas. 321 N. Ceo. Ph. 30'JSW. CLOSE In. larne warm clean lukpg. room. Utlts. furn. Ph. 508fi-\V. ROOM (or rent. -108 1st S.W. Phono 3484-R. PLEASANT room for 1 or 2 xlrl.i. Close In, hot soft water. Ph. 4278-W. NICE, clean sleeping rooms. Close in. Ph. 1617. ROOM for rent. Gentleman. 6J5 Sth N.K. Ph. 2402-W. Aprs, for Rene 33 UNFUHN. apt. Close in, working couple. Ph. 2020-LW days, 4205-W evcnltiKs a f l t r 7. 3 R.MS., bath, iaily. Avail. Mar. I. Reas. Write Box N-20 Globe-Gazette 2 ROOM APARTMENT. Close In. I'h. 4722J. FOR RENT--Nice unfurnished apartment. Close In. 4 rooms and bath, $55, with bent and water. Write 15ox K-18. Globe-Gazette. FURN. 2 room apt. Kilchenet. utlls., Idiy. prlv. Close In. Pli. 4061-W, 2 ROOM turn. apt. Ullls. furn. 407 Gth St. S.W. I'h. 3 1 1 4 . FOR RENT--Mod. clenn unfurn. apt. Entire upstairs, immcd. poss. Prl. both. 726 Uth St. N.E. 3 ROOM unfurn. npt. Steam heal and water turn.. 1st floor. Ph. C183-J 121 6th St. S.W. FOR RENT--3 furn. rms. Prt. bnlb, clean, hot soft water, utlls. 2 adult* $65. S Ninth St. N.E. 2 ROOM partly furnished apartment 302 Mlh N.W. CLEAN FUHN. 3 nil. apt. Utllf. furn. For cple. 603 N. Adams. Ph. 2231. VERY InrRe 3 rm. unfurn. apt. Utllj. and washing prlv. 855. B14 N. Fed. UNFURN. 3 rooms. Pri. bath. Ph 263. a:30 to 5. Bi Tate Real Estate ALWAYS HAS APARTMENTS FOR RENT PHONE 35 J. B. Youngblood Son Nites Sundays 4411 - 4880W - 2667 COZY, small unfurnished apartment Private cut. Ph. 5622-J or 126S. SMALL furn. npt. or llxht housekcep- Ini; rooms. 1225 N. President. FOR HKMT--2 room unfurn. apt. Om _, all utils. fum, 'Fleas. 20G 1st FOR RENT--Clean 2 room furnished apartment. Ph. 3438-W nfter 5:30. Houses for Rent 34 6 ROOM house for adults 2 bedrooms, fiaraKc. Ph. n. 16 or 1937 after 6 p.m. FOR KENT--1 room hofisc. 512 E State. S50. Available nW. Morjzan J. McEnaney. FOR nENT-Mar. 10: Small furnT hse.. close In. Ph. 5BBC-W aft. 5 : 30. MOD. COMPU furn. !n maple, 2 bed"room home, Ran heat. Low rent. Ask about it. Ph. 990, Clear Lake FOn KENT--Two bedroom house! torcsl Park. Excel, cond. Write Box J-20 Globc-Oazetlc. OR RENT -- House In Heights. Phono 2524-W. House Trailers A34 N. fOWA'S largest distributor of new and used mobile homes. Stcvcn'i Trailer Sales. 1 blk. N Jet. IB ami 107. Clear Lake. Ph. 1U2.W or 1112TM NEW and used notiae trailers. We trade for anything. Terms. South Broadway Trailer Sales, South on Highway 65. Albert Lea, Minnesota Houses for Sole 35 INCOME PROPERTY n . , . mo , (Icn5 aivrtment f o r owner with an Income ol $3,600 ncr yenr. Possession, In a nearbv tnwn 510,000 will handle. * "*"' J. RUSSELL cunniER IOWANNA REAL ESTATE 12 First St. S.E. p hunc 26JO FOR SALE--4 rm. mod. and hath (Jpstaire not finished. 707 N. ncl WILL TKADE-Nlce home in j ri«iJhi " °' e '" lal value In MKIIand llclghts or Roosevelt district Wrlt« Box A-22, Globe-Gazette FOJl SALE--Near new 2 rm 22Q.|.25th S.W. Ph. 6I63R. SALE-2 bdrm. finished ·attic Ras hcnt, (jaraRc, paved street Priced lo ncll. Ph. slrc «. Home Ownership Gives you greater financial credit rating in the business world. QJeson Realtors Competent home.: Money

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