The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, September 25, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL No. 281- Gettysburg. Fa,, Thursday, September25tb, 1913. Price Two CeaU. SWEAERS With Shawl Colars For Men and Women KILLED RUNNING NEW ENGLAND I DEATH IN FIRE TWO FIRES IN FROM THE GHOSTS VETERANS HERE! At HOLLT INN ADAMS COUNTY LETTERS FROM: COUNTY TOWNS Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown Tliis Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.Uu~ Children.s* Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. All Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season _ Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women, i ·Miss Kathleen Beard, of Thurmontj Massachusetts Veterans who Attend- j Prominent Baltimore Woman Falls Barn Struck Lightning is Burned j Correspondents send in Many Items with AH the Crops. Stock Saved j of Interesting News from their Fire Near York Springs Destroys! Respective Towns. Persanals Meat Shop. 1 and Many Brief Items. Runs away from her Horns in ] ed National Encampment in the 1 in Attack of Vertigo and Inhales Flight from imaginary Creatures. Killed on Railroad. Miss Kathleen Beard. 30 years old, South Pay Visit to the Gettysburg j Flames when Clothing Takes Fire Battlefield. Their Tour. I from Candle. On their way home from attending:! Sustaining what physicians believe = | daughter of Rev. 31. L- Beard, pastor jj e national encampment of the Grand j to have been an attack of vertigo. Miss = \ of the Lutheran Charc-h at Thurr^ont, j Arisv of the Republic at Chattanooga, j Jane West, a prominent Baltimore ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" WALTER'S THEATRE ? Western Maryland Railroad, at i o'clock Wednesday morning, having- j burg early this morn-ng for I been struck by the Pittsburgh Flyer. vi s ;r ~ 0 the battlefield. They i She l«ft her home, unknown to mem- j pj n g^ at the Eagle Hotel. · bers of her family, at 10 o'clock the j Heading the party £s Thomas i night before. The Beard family is very j Ames, of Leominster, commander j well known here. Paul Beard, a broth- j t K e Deoartment of Massachusetts, who | er of "the girl, was a college student j has. charge of arrangements. The Itin- During the electrical and raiaj storm shortly before 3 o'clock Sunday | NEW OXFORD New Oxford--H. O. Miller is soend- afternoon the frame bank barn, 40 x SI i ing a few days at. Millville, where he I THIS found dead along the tracks of the i the omc-al Massachusetts party of woman, fell as she en'tered her room at feet, on the farm of Joseph Hoitz, of · is assisting his morher-in-la'w, Mrs. 2.30 I civil \v ar veterans arrived in Gettys- the Mount Holly Inn Wednesday morn-! New Oxford, at Holtz's mill, beyond j Blanche Heller, to pack her household a day's {ing at 7:30 o'clock, and succumbed! New Chester, Tyrone are stop-!from the effects of inhaling flames caused when her hair and bed clothing J. caught nre from a candle which To-night and all tisis week: Tl^ ever popular MANHATTAN' PLAYERS, i here last year and the year preceding, j erary of the tour was mapped out by PRICES 10, 2O and 3Qc. Doors Open 7:30 Curtain S:15 ro.night~*«SHERLOCK HOLMES" SEATS sow ox SALE AT PKOW,E\ DRUG STORE. NOTE--Change of Program Every Night- , and the father is a graduate of both his adjutant, W. A. V.~eatherbee,of Boston, who was taken ill on "the trip and N E W P H O T O P L A Y j college and seminary. · Miss Beard had been suffering from I s. severe nervous attack and imagined = that ghosts were after her. Tuesday j night, shortly before 10 o'clock, her {sister ar.d "the nurse went oat for a j Pracricallv ail the other veterans were tne She of womanjoiocked over in falling, was 84 years of age. Miss West had been a guest at the Inn since the latter part of June. Wednesday morning she arose and took a bath. As she was returning ·A-as comoelled to return home. Mr. j from the bath room, she entered her Weatherbee this year missed for the first time In many years participating the big parade of Grand Army men. room and. It is thought,- sustained an attack of vertigo. She fell to the floor and In so doing it !·; believed knocked township, was -. effects which will be shipped to this the ons corner of the barn and in a : Mrs. Miller. short time the entire structure was a ' Willis P. Bower, of Philadelphia, mass of flames. j spent Saturday night and Sunday at Ervin Fair, tenant on the farm, sue- i the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. eeeded, however, in saving all the live j T. E. Bower. stock and some of the farming imple-1 Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Sanders, of Big- men'ts, bet 3-5 tons of hay, 100 bushels · lerviile. spent Sunday with the fam- of oats, two pairs of hay carriages,. Hies of 'the latter's brothers, G. G- and. buggy, all the harness, 25 sacks of · W. F. Sheely. phosphate, and other articles werej Miss Anna Rinehart, of Chambers- consumed with the building. A large j burg, is spending a few days at the VITAGRAPH THE CLOAK OF GL'ILT- -Kalem KALEM A yoaair woman is unjustly duspeete-! of robbiisj h^r euinlorer. p»-rf«:n» boide Is she means of exposing the guilty :arty.~ W:ta JOYCE l:i the leading part. OXE JOKE DESERVES ANOTHER Yitazraph Comedy _ _ _ ____ over a candle which had been lighted, stack of straw close to the barn was j home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. [short; walk and a. servant was left in i in the ""parade at Chattanooga last i The candle set fire to the woman's hair j also burned, but another stack of I Henry Rinehart. near town. Her sis- I charge. Miss Beard asked the sen-ant we ek. EDISON MARY SERIES to go downstairs, and during the ser- I and » In addition to Mr. Weatherbee's ill-1 suing were inhaled by Miss West and bed clothing. The fiames en- j straw jest outside the barn-yard was j ter, Miss Lizzie, will accompany her to ! saved, as was also a small bam a \ Chanibersburg and soend some time at vant's absence Miss Beard hurriedly ness but one other misfortune has be- j it is thought this suirocated her. short distance away. The hog pen had j that place. A T°^P F ! Dressed and left the house by a back fallen the veterans on their trip. This ^ "*" | door. Her absence was almost imme- occurred on. Wednesdav wnen A. -F. | diately noticed, and s. search began. JOHN BUNNY starts something in this, when lie rubs "hi* friend's silk hat! wi'ch State Senator J. P. T. Mathias Rich, of Boston, failed to see a step In the National Hotel. Washington, and go- This is the twelfth aad last 01 this series. Mary goas to a lav.-»-er. an. old ac-| z r o r n a r who promises assistance. The Craisi arrive in New York and claim ! one leg were seve: i crossing. One arm andjgve days' stay at Chattanooga, evered from the body, j toured Atlanta, and have visits have :ed An- her fortune at the Trust Oorapany. jasr as tney are about 10 receive it Mary bursts ! but zhe face was unscarred. From the i d^onvfile Richmond Petersburg into the oinee and receives a million dollars. Wirh MARY FULLER as ilarv. ' ' " TO-NIGHT, three favorites: Alice Joyce, -John Bunny and Mary Fuller. COMING:--''ALKALI IKE'S GAI.; . Essanay Twr. Reel Coaicdy AUTUMN HUNTING i position of the body IE Is believed that j V"ashlngtoi and Mt. Yernon. jshe was fleeing from the creations off Only about half of the party ! her disordered mind and tried to dash i across the track In front of the train. I when she ~was struck- here to-cay atter-decLthe big anniversary, celebration in July, arrangements having been announced for the present For new styles In has bejjurt rsow. but the man fortunate enough to be a patron j.h father of the young woman was I nrlo and most of them feeling that suit^ and over-coat; , - ose of the ssarch iag. names and re- »n^~ tt*A TV^-STI -a-h/% rs- ! ~- malned with, them until 1 o'clock In the morning, when he became too 111 _ ~ of Jibe 3IIss Shop knows that he need not, seek any further. Our handsome and elesant T O contlpue- fabrics are awainr.-jr«r choice ami-our ~ p aa fi e ard. a brother, and "·"iy? are up-to-the-minute and we win . - . a'^n-l-nnUh your outfit in a manner; ^adie Beard anu the nurse went a'- can only be done *vhen you. have it j tkrough the country with several clti- mace bv j zens? ajjQ continued their search until [ the body was found. The body was "taken to Miss Beard's home In Thurmont -where the funeral will take place Friday morning. Services will be conducted by Rev. Charles j Relnewald. of Emmltsburg. and the Will M. Selligman, Cash Taylor. On September 16th, -we will inaugurate A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. they cared to take but one outing during the vear. Owing to the attack of vertigo, she i caught are several times but was sav- j Dr. John W. Sheetz, who has been -- - - - - - i.- ·. . - [serving as an assistant resident phy- could not call for help and was forced to submit to the deadly fumes and names of the Sre. She was not discovered until a wMIe later when Mrs. Fred Souders, wife of the proprietor. edlfrom destruction- Mr. Hoitz's loss on building is $1200 | siciars. at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, with £SQO insurance In the Mumraas- I Baltimore, the past year, is spending: burg Company and $300 o^n contents' some time at the home of his parents, insured In same company. i[r. Fair, · Dr. and Mrs. J- L. Sheetz. as was her custom, went to see if Miss z ' ae tenant, estimates his loss at about i Harry Deysher and son. Paul, _ _ _ . _ _ t^ -- r\t\ T_ · * r _ ~ _ _* r _ ^i_ _ T T T . *. v __ _?r__ - ^_ J _». --t. ~ "i. West was all right. Entrance could no't be gained to her room bat a glance over the transom revealed the dead woman lying on the fioor near the bed- It is thought that fright helped to hasten the death of the woman. When it was determined that she was dead Coroner Preston was imme- or S500, which Is insured In the Liberty i Reading, spent some days at the home and Independent Co.. of Gettysburg- J of Dr. and Mrs. -T. L. Sheets, Mr. Koltz will have a new barn erect- j L. W. Kobler and wife, of Philadel- ed on the site as soon as arrange- I phia, are visiting at the home of Ms ments can be made to do so. [ sister, Dr. and Mrs. T- C. Miller, la The fire was not entirely extinguish- j Afabot'tstown. ed. ana during a light breeze Tuesday ! Mrs. Andrew Mullen, of Oakland, afternoon, the stack of straw, contain- Cal.. spent a few days at the home of dlately summoned and wen'c to view' 1 the remains. He pronounced death to j yard 10 or 12 tons, adjoining the barn the Misses Kerrigan, In Boaneauville. was set on fire and destroyed. Mrs. Mullen expects" to leave for home have been accidental. The stable on the property of ELEVATOR SHAFT New Chester Man Seriously Hurt In Long FalL -Jefferson Mclntlre, of New Chester, met with a serious and painful accident one morning recently. Mr. McTn- Miss West was a resident of Baltimore and In her earlier days was a : Margaret Pearson, of society belle of that city. She- -was-a ' Springs, was destroyed the latter part of this month- Mrs. Mrs. i Gowan, of Gettysburg, also spent the near York past -week with the Misses Kerrigan. by- fire on Miss Anna Gulden, daughter -of- Je- woman of refinement and culture and · Tuesday morning. Part of the stable ; rome Gulden,- of Bonneauville, left for very prominent · v " as use « as a butcher shop and was; Harrisburg on Thursday, where she was a member of a southern familv. occupied by Herman Weigle who lost expects TO spend some time. i all of his tools, a large rerngerator, TTT \ T T w^rrr v \ T ' an( * t ^ le meat °* rvVa ao » s an( i a beef.! VIRGINIA MILLS - THAT JjLiNLUL,iS MJiMUKiAL.' 3Ir .-ft-Qgi e - s i oss , T ui be S325 oni Virginia-Mills--Mr. and Mrs. Eman- · which he has S169 insurance in. the I uel Shindlececker and grandson; of U£?i.t, VJit; iliViiiiiiii i C U C l i U l v . _iii._ jitiii- ._, T , - *.-*- . T - ^-l Witn_ll lie llci;: viUJ iiiatU.lHCC ill Ullt; . U-Cl ^;iiiiiiicwi^*_a.c^. ii^ £,.C.UVAOVXI, vi ? , " , Congressman Borland \\ants Lincoln. _ , , , . . . . ! _ , - . , . ^, , lire r a carpenter by trade, was employ- _ " «" R I d i ^ummasbnrg Companj-. The bunding j near Gettysburg, "nsitea at iionie ed by Contractor William Eline. of " " was Insured In the Adams County j of Mr. and Mrs. William Shindledeck- la the Dlsplar of Snit fabrics for ?.uturnn. now readv at the LIPPY STORE there Is no room for doubt as to the correct fashion or true Earlv choosing Is Lest choosini:- J. D. LIPPY Tailor. [ body will be buried beside that of Miss i Beard's mother at Middletown. )g j A graduate of the Boston Conserva- J3 jtory of Music and a painstaking student, It is believed that close application, to her musical studies caused her mental breakdown. Since the begin- Student Supplies== ''The Approv-ed Kind" Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, in the sound of the Victrola tnusic. People's and Huber's Drug Stores. {a ! nlng of her Illness, five weeks ago, H; I Miss Beard had been under the care of § Jan attendant. § i Miss Beard Is survived by her fath- jj 1 er, three sisters. Mrs- Lester Blrely. 0= }MIss Sadie Beard and Mrs. Maud j liumford. -who Is the wife of Rev. j Carl Mumford. of North Union. Pa. ] Two brothers, -John and Paul Beard, i of Thurmont, also survive. Littlestown. and at the time of the accident -was working on the second floor of the large new business block of Basehoar Mehring-, In LIttlestown. He was -working about the eleva'cor shaft when in some manner he lost his footing-, and fell a distance of 30 feer. striking the cement floor In the cellar. He was picked up In s. dazed condition and a physician, who was summoned, found that Mr. Mclntire~sustained a number of severe and painful bruises about "the body and limbs, liut fortunately no wfre broken. He was later conveyed to his some in New Chester by Mr. Eline in his auto. ;. at latest reports he was slight- ilv improved, though he Is confined to ?.". his "bed, unable to use his lower limbs. NEW OXFORD LIGHTS Oxford Again Considers Electric Light Plans. = 1 At a special session of the town 5r : council held this week, Mr. Manley re= i presented the Hanover Light. Heat = i and Power Co.. and submitted a r posal for lighting New Oxford arc or Incandescent lights, or pro- with both. POSTPONEMENTS Several Meetings In the Postponed. County are When former President Taft arrived In Washington on Wednesday to attend a meeting of the Lincoln Memorial Commission he found a resolution in Congress to legislate him out Companj-. LIBERTY HALL Liberty Sundav er on Sunday. Miss Goldie Currens. who spent the summer at Pen Mar. has returned to of his commissionershiD and also dis- j Ily, Mr. and .iberty Hall--The following spent i her horne at rMs P lace - iday with W. T. S. Sites and fam-! iliss Tressie Lightne Mrs. Murrav Hardman[ in ~ Fair5eM - ;ner spent Friday- place "Lmcle Joe" Cannon and form-, and family, of Emmitsbarg; Mr. ar.d j er Senator Cullom. who was a person- j Mrs. J. R. White and children, Joanna j s P enr sararaay ana c=unaay visr a! friend of Lincoln's. Bids for the! and George, and Walter Kugler. j friends and relatives at this glace. George Kint, of near Gettysburg, spent Saturday and Sunday visiting- . _ _ Mrs. John Kepner Sr.j and daughter. to be'lIissT-ffie, Stewart aSaTlosar 1 na'site/| R;lt VSundayed at the-horae- ef-Mr. I and Mr. and Mrs. James Hoffman ] and Mrs - John Kint ~ nd ^mily. or memorial, a gigantic structure of | Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Hull, daughter, j marble near the Potomac, were onened to-dav. Congressman Borland Introduced ! spenr Sunday at the home of John the resolution asking Congress to re-' C- Sites near Virginia Mills- peal the law which authorized the j Francis White lost his valuable memorial, and name a new commission ; driving mare by death from lock-jaw- to be composed of Democrats, includ-1 recentJy. ing Vice President Marshall and \ John Jacobs, of Fairfield. spent Sun- Speaker Clark. His resolution sets out ·' day with Clarence Kugler. that the memorial now proposed will cost much more than was estimated j silo and at tMs writing Is and will be confronted by newly dis-1 gaged in filling It- covered engineering difficulties. Bor- 3 near Gettysburg. On Tuesday evening a most enjoyable surorise was given at the home of 3Ir. and Mrs. Harry Kint in honor of Mr. Kind's birthday. The following were present. Mr. and Mrs. Harry i EInt. Mr. and Mrs- William Kepner, Hon. A. F- White has erected a new | ilr - ar - d ilrs - Charles Sites, Mr. and busllv en- i :ilrs - "^J'^lia 3 " Shindledecker. Mr. and " Mrs. Fred Nintle. Mrs. John Kepner, Davwalt, Mrs- The educational meeting which was to have been held at Cottage Hiii, last Fridav evernnc; will be held Friday evening. September 26th. Owing to the rain on Sunday even- land was a warm supporte: coin highway from Gettysburg-. i Mr. and Mrs- Calvin MISS FLORA SIPE old colts is suffering from spinal men- ; H a m Kepner, -John i - . . - _ r . Sitp?; I ingras. ! Elizabeth and James Herrin;: _ , Ing- the missior.arv meeting at i? lonr's j | j The Council agreed to present the pro- j church has beer, postponed to Sunday 1 = i posal to the borough attorney for ex- ' on Tuesday. = lamination, ine New Oxford Item says: Save Money-Th at's what You Bo, When you get Dr. Hudson on tho job. He don't farm you with any un' ecessary trips at your expense. That's not bis reputation. ] , * j~, -,-, T^. T T I I T i- t T - r - * 'lor I t - ^Se trust tha't \nyphone. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian, i Hea . Powe . Co ^ n I "ilectsfic lights are an Improvement, jln fact aimost a necessity for our f town If we desire to grow and Improve- 'The lights and power are demanded jfor manufacturers, business houses. :churches, etc. Our present lighting:; «system Is little better than nothing, j yet we spend hundreds of dollars j Gcttvsbur? Children _!_ _ T . . i _ T - " T - I - S " *~ evening. September 28th. at 7:30 j o'clock. i and family. j Miss Maude McNalr spen Miss Flora SIpe died at 2:30 a. m. j with her sister, Mrs. "W- C- Plar.k. ! Tuesday, at her home rn Hampton j jxepner. Grant | Sites. Carrol Kepner. Lloyd and Mauce Shlndledecker. Misses Beatrice r, Ruth Kep- =·,_,,,;,,,- i ner. Arta M-cklev, Elda Currens. Olive *· OLiT2G3.* -- ~ ,, ^^. ·om a complication of diseases, aged years. FEW COMPLY She Is survived by her parents, Mr.JAdasns County Candidates Must soon Jwife, of Shellsburg, and Mrs. J ^f T !" T T_"" C*;_»-^ J - l _ _ _ - ^.J-.i._._.~ -- , w , ~ Tr--"-* - - - « _ i _ · T) e*** -s-s$ ft. y**^' s\.'T f^-H r T~y e-tvr\ T* t~ ^Tt^Tl?" i F ..epner. Grace Kepner. Hazel jvepner, 1 E5va Sites. Hu'th Nintle. i NEW CHESTER j New Chester--Sev. Mr. Bender and Sarah MUST ATTEND land Mrs. JL K. SIpe. three sisters and I two brorhers. ' Funeral Saturday morning- with ser- Flle their Acconnfs. · Deardortf, of Gettysburg-, spent iiiurs- jday vsith Frank March and family. iiearlv a thousand » Rev. E. S. Dietterleh and wife WHIPPED ICE CREAM Noihinc: finer this Wade over onr orzgiaal lonun'a by s. SC-CTC; process- can bemade. : - - · VANBLtA, - CHOCOLATE. PEACH. 3"5c quar^ Ioc pint,.-.5 and l(sc~ a-psatfc- Sodas ai?i Sumlacs made with this · GErEYSBURG^ANDY KITCHEN. .- . tne Light 1 offer such | terms that the Council and their At- Itorney may be able to approve of the · rroios!t;on-~ hare to tend School Regularly. Besjinnlr.g- with next Monday, September 29. the compulsory school law 1 will be enforced In Gettysburg ar.d all i iboys and girls between the ages of' I eight and sixteen must attend school. ]Those over fourteen are excused pro- 1 Mrs. Richards Died at the Home of her jvided they have employment certifi- _, 0 Seven or eight of nearly a thousand » Rev. E. S. Dietterleh ar.d wire and j vices and interment at the Lutheran i candidates for office in Adams cour.ty ] Mrs. Georgianr.a Creager spent Sat" 'church. HaKiDton, Rev. E. E. Dzetter- have, since the primaries, filed their {urday with Leancer Yeagy ar.d family, Ich ofnclating. · expense account- The law prescribes a i near Hmvterstown. I fane of S-50 ar.d the forfeit of holding' Mrs. Leer, of Hampton, spent ,,--._,,,.._ , . , , ,. , | office aftervrards If candidates do not dav with Rev. E- E. Dlettericii WOMEN ar.d girls wanted. Orrtar.- L ., . * « ! - - ! . - - » - * - " -, * - r.ave ihesr accounts nlea witnin ntreen: ^o«-.n»- Comoanv.--advertise-1 - - -- - - ' Friand ZVIRS,~M. D. RICHARDS ^ 11163 c _ , _, jaays atter elecnor.. ihe are drawlr.g tea close. RUNKPECKIVIAN'S REALTY REPORT FOR SALE 31 room brick house, finished In hardwood, hall down aud unVtairs, heat, oas and electric lights, bathroom, hot and cold water, brick stable, stall.-, garage and loftl ?ot 30 feet front. This property is -s\e!l located, see us for price. S Room Frame House, coal ami g.JS range, bata room and heat, front and rear porches, larcre lawn, best^f fixture? throughout:, cement cellar, hoi^e in good cond'itioii". recently painted. This is a nice home and JOH can buy it right. We have verv desirable building lots' listed for sale, they are well lorated and worth the price asked. It will be your advantage to consult our list of town, properties 'and building lot-* before yon buy. JIUNK PECKH/ N", Ron! Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Ponna. Daughter In Biglerrille. icates ar.d are regularly employed. --advertisement. i Truar.t Officer c"tz will then begin his ! Ruth A. B. Richards, widow of 37. j duties. · Dawson Richards, died this morning · · ---- ] MEN wanted to work on railroad at i Gettysburg, apply to Twomey. i RENTS BUILDING c - . . ,,,- _,_ .- . . nttsen clays s Mslton, wire ar.ct caugrr.ter jof Stone -Jug. spent Sunday wit | George F- ard family. of Hur.terscowr'. Cla-^on FOOD SALE: the Guild of St j n gton street--advertisement James Church will have a food sale at jat the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. 'Vf. Koser, In Biglerville. ] Services at the home of her sister, i curb m2rket Saturday morning. After ; 1010 South 46th Street, Philadelphia, f nine 0?clock ^ n be at American Express office. Pies, cakes, home made bread, etc.-- advertisement 1 I am prepared to do sewing at my home. Ida Weikert, 440 South Wash- on Saturday. FOR SALE: reed baby coach, good FOR SALE: two colts, five months old. Jacob A. Kemper, Gettysburg, Route 0.--advertisement 1 MEX and boys wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertisement. 1 condition. Inquire 116 street---advertisement West Middle 1 WANTED: a girl to learn dressmaking. Apply to 70 Stevens street-advertisement 1 Produce Business in Old Freight Station. Luther inoma?. · spent Sunday with Reading j and wife. ) Mrs. Sarah Rice, of Philadelphia, is | visiting her sister. Mrs. E. C. Winand. Albert Hoiiinger has leased the old i Miss Annie Thomas is visiting Reading freight station and will con- J friends In York. duct his produce business there as soon ! Ravmond Shank Is attending college as some changes to the building have; a j, Gettysburg. been made. FOR RENT: two rooms with conveniences for light housekeeping, 32 East Middle street, Gettysburg.--ad- COME to McIIhenny's L. T. Ehrhart has erected a new porch at the front of his residence in this place. vertisement t for new ear com,--advertisement warehouse 1 NEWSPAPER!

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