The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1954 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1954
Page 15
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THEIR HOOK N O M I N A T E ! ) FOR PULITZER PRIZE-- .ces ami Florence Stephens, who arc shown above at their omc in San Dicj?o, Calif., have been informed t h a t their historical novel, "Blood and Dust," is amons the books nominated by ICxposition Press for* -- -- Rces h( tlie Pulitzer. Pri/.e in letters. This news is of interest to Mason Cityans for Mrs. Stephens is I he former Flossiii Helm of t h i s comm u n i t y ;ind a daughter of Mr. anil Mrs. L. L. Helm, 1222 Monroe N.\V. She lias three brothers and sister in Mason City. The book is about I n d i a n one h a lining, flexed his biceps under hi-s loua underwear. P u f f e d on a in tlie wild Dakola.s of early days. Against the b a c k g r o u n d of Sioux upri.sint'.s a r i d of Glister's Last Stand, the authors present the narrative of M a t t h e w Warner, a minister who left his fashionable eastern church to preach i n . t h e u n t a m e d Dakotas. , · Uecs Stephens is the Iowa born son of a Methodist preacher arid a veteran of World War I I . lie is now employed as a dispatcher with the Naval Air Service. liiincl-made and lifted both of those bar bolls up and down three times. "Soup" and f split a fast f i n . BUYS BUSINESS THOMPSON - The U n d o r b a k k c Produce of I!ak i; recently purchased the Coolcy Produce and will be given possession M a r c h I Mr and Mrs. Dennis Underbakke and f a m i l y will move to the A n d r e w Okland residence which they have has All-Girl Safari Finds It Rough in African Jungle ELIZABETH TOOMEY NEW YORK (UP)--The first two members of Uio all-girl s a f a r i to return from Africa brought back receipts for (heir xcbra and wild- beast skins and a word of warning to f u t u r e women hunters: Don't' go to the jungles unless you like to rough it. "There were scorpions everywhere, and the tents leaked when it rained," said Mrs. Helen llaili- well, a widow from Arclsley-On- Hudson,' N.Y. "They had little folding c a n v a s bath tubs with about a pail of .water in them for our baths," added Helen Blasberg, co-owner of a catering house in Hawthorne, N..I. Mrs. Halliwell and Miss Blasbcrg arrived Thursday by S c a n d i n a v i a n A i r l i n e s from Copenhagen, first of the J4 huntresses to return from the safari which began six weeks ago. Others are coming by separate routes at different times. 'We really got along surprisingly well together," s a i d Mrs. H a l l i well, who had trouble making herself aim at the animals "because they looked so wonderful r u n n i n g around out there." Two of the 14 l e f t the Safari early, complaining that there were too n i a n y women and not enough animals. Of Uic 12 left only si.x were interested in shooting with guns. The others look pictures. "In all, we got five buffalos, four y.ebras, a n u m b e r of i m p a l a (large rented. Dale Cooley, who , , operated tiic produce business the!African antelopes) and one hy- past three years, has not an- ena," Mrs. H n l l i w c l l said. "I think plans for the future, 'everyone had a good time." Tobacco Evils Are Recalled by Reporter By HARMAN W. NICHOLS WASHINGTON (UP)--This pro nnd con about the evils of the weed tobacco carries me back to old Illinois. T'was there t h a t I took my first p u f f . It happened behind G r a n d p a Young's barn. Milford Wcnce and 1 were all of eight, I reckon, but we h a d s e e n the stable h a n d s around the Woodward bam roll 'cm. So we rolled, too. We rolled string, which was a mistake. For one thing it d i d n ' t draw too good.) Not only that but our wrapping, the last issue of. the Farmer City Journal, went up in a puff and nigh set the barn on fire. G r a n d m a Young came a-runnlng and Milford got sent home and told on. I was put under wraps for the rest of the day, which ran across the supper hour. That was worse than a whaling. In College iUilford survived. Last I heard, he was a respectable citizen--a professor in a college somewhere in the cast. A non-smoker. [ kept on. There w e r e corn silks.: Cubebs. Coffee even, and sometimes the leaves of lea. And finally, for eight' cents for 20 a band called "111." It had a picture of an Injun on front. My first; real cigarct. Such things were hid in the bay mow, under the mattress and other places. Anyhow, one fine day, about the, Hmc we young of Farmer City,] HI., had learned to inhale without busting a l u n g , a light heavyi weight boxer who had served his time and wore scars and a downspout, nose came to our high school a u d i t o r i u m . 'His subject was, of course, the nasty one about smoking and how it could do a small boy in. With prodding f r o m o u r parents we spilled a quarter into the till to hear the great man. 300 Pounds The muscle man had a couple of bar bells. They were supposed to weigh a total of 300 pounds. The pug hoisted them aloft and then whipped 1 out a fresh $100 bill. Said he: · . "This here bill to any man in Farmer City, who uses the weed and can l i f t e v e n one of these weights up to his chin." That gave my buddy, "Soup" Bean, and me an idea. We snuck. The only man in town we could think of was the village smithy. A m i g h l y man, for sure. He n o t j only rolled the weed, he ale it as well. In a nonce we were back. For five, we told him, we could get him $95. The' smithy didn't even dress.' He showed up with his galluses REMINDER J. P. STROTHER FARM SALE 1:00 P. M. At far'nr IVi miles north of Britt and 2 miles east, on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24 Milk 'cows, sheep, tractors ·nd machinery, oats, b«»ns, stray/, chickens, etc, BEN REEMTSMA, Auct. N SALE BACKLOG SHRINKS Unfilled freight car orders melt to lowest in 4 years. iwoorxotrrx DATA Doia: Auoc. ol Am«i. IU1 Moni* Katz Big Four Fair Dates Settled NASHUA--Oates for the 1054 fair h a v e been set for Aug. 19 to 22 by Uie Big Four Fair Association at Nashua. The acts are being purchased from the Marlow Procluc- j t i o n Co., Wesley. W i l l i a m Woodruff is ])resiilcnt of the fair. Mike Juhl is vice president, Norton Bloom, secretary. Mason City Produce (Quotations by E. G. Morse) At 10 a.m. Monday Eggs, No. 1 40c Eggs, No. 2 35c Eggs, No. 3 Hens, heavy b r e e d s , 5 ... 30c Ibs. over 20c (lens, under 5 Ibs iGc Old Cocks ,,....'. i2c sal- are : K K T I M A T K D U V K S T O C K I l K C E I P T S ( M o n d a y ' s M a r k e t ) O I I C ' A C O U n o f f i c i a l e n t l m a l t r t alltr l i v e s t o c k r e c e i p t s f o r T u e h d a y U.OOII l i u j s l S.OOU cat Me and :i.OUO sheep. Oppossum, raccoon, skunk, muskrat, ermine and mink are trapped for their fur within sight of. big American cities says the National Geographic Society. Car Bumps Another Into Freight Train .CHARLES' CITY--Two drivers escaped serious i n j u r y in a collision with a diese! when one car pushed another into a Milwaukee Police said a car on Grand Avenue, freight train, headed north driven by Kenneth I. Warren, laborer, of Charles City, stopped for the freight, No. 68, at the Milwaukee tracks on Grand. A driver in the rear did not see the car slop and collided with it. The Warren car, police said, was- pushed into the diesfi-cngincd train. ,:The car in the rear was driven by Donald Mathews, 17, student, of Charles City. Engineer of the t r a i n was Alfred Zeller and the conduc- a g e snd operate t h e f i r m n o w known as Homa Jean's "Clip and Curl." O F F I C E R S E L E C T E D OKEENE--Newly elected officers of the Round Grove Golf and Country Club arc: Wayne Z i m m e r - m a n , president, replacing Wilbur tor, 0. T. Anderson, both o£ M a s o n j K l a s s i , who will be vice president; City. Only d a m a g e was to the, lcft'_m^L---- Feb. 22, . 19S4 Mason City G l u b t - l i u i f H r , Mason City, I*. Dell Curtis, Vcrn Rattler and 'Harold Allison, directors. British railroads a r c u s i n g freight cars with rubber buffers and springs to carry fragile cargoes. front fender and bumper of the Warren car and the right front; fender of the Mathews car. BUYS SALON GREENE--Roma Jean Moser.i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Moser, has purchased the Dorothy Tceple Beauty Salon, taking possession recently. Miss Moscr is now attending La James Beauty School in Mason City. Until she Gl.jtakes possession Mrs. Adel Austin icdiand Mrs. Cleo Majeski will man- Having a Farm Sale? SEE BOB PEDELTY A U C T I O N E E R AT THE CI.EAK LAKE A U C T I O N CO. or PHONE 434-R-2, Mason City CLOSING OUT FARM SALE As I am quitting farming, I will hold a Public Sale at f a r m located 6 miles north and 4 miles west of Osage; or 1'A miles e a s t of St. Ansgar on Highway 218, on THURSDAY; FEB. 25 Starting 11:30 a.m. Sharp -- Lunch Served 43 HEAD CHOICE ANGUS CATTLE: 20 Angus cows to calve about April IS; 6, Angus heifers, fat, 950 Ibs.; A roan heifers, 850 Ibs.; 9 Hereford steers, 1000 Ibs.; 2 Angus steers, 900 Ibs.; 3 Angus steers, 350 Ibs.; 4 Hereford sfeers, 475 Ibs. 30 UKOOD SOWS, START TO F A R R O W A I T I I I . M C O M P L K T K L I N E V E R V GOOD J ' O W K R . M A C H I N K K ) ' 1000 biuhels good car corn; 200 balM ','nd cutting c l o v e r h a y : ".tin bales 1st cul- llji( c l o v t r l i a y ; (an ralii un » n y of this h » y ) S0' bushels JJJJ'J o i l s ; 700 bushels lOS;: o a l s j r»5 b a l e s ' JU53 s t r a w . T K K M K : Cash or make amnKCments w i t h four bank before sale. No properly In be removed u n t i l s e t t l e d Tor. E. I. KLECKNER Wm. and Gene Dorsey, Auctioneers. , St. Ansgar Citizens State Bank, Clerk. Attention Farmers! I am delivering a carload of the famous BERRY'S BLUESEAL processed GRO-COATED seed oats and GRO-COATED seed corn. On track at Ventura/ Iowa/ February 23 and 24. For Your Order For Future Deliveries See STAN BOWEN BERRY FARM DEALER ROUTE I, VENTURA, IOWA PHONE 2471 Having decided to quit farming, I will sell at public auction the following described property at f a r m located 1 mile south and % mrle west of Lyle, Minn.; or 7 miles north of St. Ansgar on Highsvay 218 and % miles West, on Wednesday, February 24 SALE BEGINS AT 12:30 NOON SHARP 27-Head of Livestock-27 10 H E R E F O R D AND SHORTHORN COWS-5 of these milking and 5 are Jo freshen in Aprif; 1 Shorthorn Bull, 1 yr. old; 1 Shorthorn Bull, 2 y r s . old; Four head of young cattle 10 SPOTTED POLAND BROOD SOWS-To Farrow in mid-April One Red Yearling Boar. ·ABOUT 500 BUSHEL CORN-To Be Moved by March 7. Settlement by Weigh!. FARM MACHINERY 1946 Oliver "70" Tractor with Cultivator; I.H.C. 10-20 Tractor on Rubber; I.H.C. Single-Row Picker; I.H.C. 15-ft. Disc; l.H.C. No. 62 Combine with Motor, Pick-up and Scour Clean, 1946; Six-ft. Windrower; 1951 l.H.C. Planter with Fertilizer Attachments and 80 rds. wire; Kewanee Trailway 36-ft. Elevator and built-in speed jack; I.H,C. 3-14-in. Plow on rubber, 3 yrs. old; J.D. Endgate Seeder; l.H.C. 4-whe«I spreader on rubber; Two rubber tired wagons with boxes and galvanized floors; wooden- wheel wagon with box; 2-wheel implement trailer; 2-wheel trailer; Cofay 4-wheel flat trailer; DeLaval electric cream separator; Wlfmore Hammermilt with PTO drive; John Deere Endgate Seeder with sprocket; Montgomery Ward double unit milker with pipeline for 10 cows; pump jack, self-feeders, electric brooder, tractor chains, rubber-tired wheelbarrow. TERMS: CASH or make arrangement with your banker before the sale. No property is to .be removed until settled for. ROBERT GORE Auctioneres--Carl Jaspers and Carl M. Sheimo Clerk--London State Bank PUBLIC SAL Due to the faci that the farm has been rented and I am nov^ attending college I will hold a public sale on the farm located 1 mile south, P/z miles east and a half mile south of Clear Lake, or 11 miles north, l'/z miles east and Vi mile north of Thornton on Thursday, February 25 1 :00 O'clock LUNCH WILL BE SERVED ON THE GROUNDS I Public Auction As 1 have decided to quit farming I will sell to tbe highest bidder, at Public Auction, to be held at the farm located Vi mile west of the Rockwell, Iowa, creamery, the following on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24 Sale to Start at 12:30 P. M. 48 - Head oE Livestock -- 48 2 Ayrshire Cows; 1 Shorthorn Cow; two of these cows are heavy springers and the other in heavy production; Summer Heifer Calf; 6 Spotted Poland China Brood Sows L. T. V. bred to start farrowing about Z5th of Morch; 39 Duroc Feeding Pigs, L. T. V. 23 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK--2 Shorthorn cows to freshen by March 1st; 1 Hoistein cow to freshen in June; 1 Shorthorn cow to freshen in June; 2 Hoistein first calf heifers to freshen in May; 5 Black Angus calves on full feed, weight 600 to 700 Ibs. HOGS--12 Purebred Duroc sows crossbred to Hampshire boar, to farrow May 10th. F E E D 850 bales of Red Clover Hay, good and bright; 50 bales of Straw. POULTRY 225 Swansons 4A Leghorn Pullets, now well over 75%; 125 year-old Hens, also production. laying, in good FARM MACHINERY, ETC. Ford Tractor and 2-14-in. Plow; Ford Manure Loader and snow blade; F-30 Farmali, (ust overhauled; John Deere 3-14-in. Plow; 15-ft. J. D. Disc; 3-section Quack Digger; Allis Chalmers Com- ·bine; Wood Bros. Corn Picker; 2-row International Corn Planter, fertilizer attachments, has planted less than'lOO acres; Case Tractor Manure Spreader; 4-section Drag; New Idea 7-ft. Power Mower *nd Windrower, 1 year old; FJare Box;'.TripIV Box; Running Gear; Harvey Hammermlll; 30-ft. endless Belt; Easy Tractor Post Hole Digger; SeJ^ of Tractor Chains to fit Ford; 2-wheel Trailer; Hay Rack; 35-bu. Hog Feeder; 15-bu. Hog Feeder; 3 Sfeel Hog Troughs; Loading Chut* on Wheels; Cream Separator; 3 steel Water Tanks; 100-gallon Gas Barrel; Electric Brooder Stove; 500-lb. Platform Scale; International Double Unit Milk Pail; Axes, Forks, Shovels and many articles too numerous to mention. BUILDING--12x14 Brooder House. HOUSEHOLD GOODS There will be several articles of household furniture sold including Tables, Chairs, Picnic Tables, etc. TERMS--Cash or make arrangements with clerk. No property to be removed until settled for. STANLEY LONG GERALD WOHLER, Auctioneer UNITED HOME BANK TRUST CO., Clerk 150 LEGHORN PULLETS -- One 8x10 brooder house; o n e 1 lectric brooder stove; 1 electric chicken waterer; 1 l a r g e ! hicken feeder. ONE No. 4 International Electric Separator, nearly new; 1 wo 5-gailon milk cans. FARM MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT--One John Deere Model I A tractor; one John Deere Model B tractor; 1 cultivator with I mechanical lift; one 15-foot Case disc; John Deere 2-bottom slat' alow, 14-inch; one 4-section lever drag with folding evener; 1 John] Deere No. 15 mounted single row corn picker; 1 Kelly Ryan 40-foot' elevator, 1 year old; 1 John Deere' No. 290 .corn planter with new 1 fertilizer attachment; 1 McCormick Deering S-foot binder; V John I Deere endgate seeder; 1 rAcCormick Deering manure spreader; 1 rubber tired trailer; 1 steel wheel wagon; 1 steel flare box; 1 wooden flare box; 1 planlc flatrack 8x16; 8 hog pans; one 50-gaUon! hog waterer; 1 cream tank; 1 hand spray; 1 oil burner tank] heater; 1--55-gallon gas barrel; 1 lawn mower; and other articles] too numerous to mention. ABOUT 200 BALES OF CLOVER HAY. About 120 bales of straw, i COMPLETE LINE HOUSEHOLD GOODS--4-burn*r gas range;. Coldspot 7-foot electric refrigerator; electric washing machine a n d j tubs; kitchen table and 4 chairs; sink enclosed in cabinet; dining] room set; living room suite; bedroom suite; 3-way floor lamp;, bed; dresser; kitchen cabinet; 2 wall cabinets; gas plate; and] other items. TERMS; Cash. No property to be removed until settled for. M1LO F. BERGMAN, Owner! Bob Pedelty, Auctioneer First National Bank, Mason City, Clerk CL o°^ NC FARM SALE Due to the fact that I have decided to quit farming and will move to town I will hold a closing out farm sale on the farm located 2 mi. south of Rock Falls or 4 mi. east and 3 mi. north of Mason City, on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24 12:30 P. M. 80 HEAD LIVESTOCK 13 Good Milk Cov/s, Hoistein, Guernsey and White Faced Crosses, some Springers, some with calves at side, and the rest in heavy production. These Cows are hand and machine broke. 3 White Face Springing Heifers. 4 Yearling White Face Heifers. 2 year old White Face Bull. 4 White Face Heifer Calves. 1 Hoistein Heifer Calf. 1 Yearling Guernsey Heifer Calf. 1 White Face Bull Calf. 2 Bred Ewes. 40 Fall Shoats, L. T. V. 3 Old Sows, bred 1st of January, L. T. V. 2 Sows coming with second litter, L. T. V. 1 Young Sow, L. T. V. 1 Hamp. Boar. 2 RIDING HORSES--1 Black Gelding with bald face and 3 white feet and a good rocker, gentle for anybody to ride. Roan Mare, 6 yr. old, good broke and a real cattle horse. Neck reins the best. POULTRY--215 Leghorn Pullets, laying between 80 and 85%. 80 Golden Neck Hens in very good production. 20 Leghorn Hens in very good production. FEED and SEED--300 Bu. Ames Oats, good enough for seed; 1,000 Bales 1st and 2nd cutting Red Clover, top quality Hay; 150 Bales of Red Clover and Swert Clover Hay; 100 Bales of 2 year old Straw; Straw Pile. FARM MACHINERY, ETC. 4 TRACTORS--1951 G John Deere Tractor complete with starter, lights, 4-row Cultivator, power- trol 3-16 power-trol plow on rubber* '42 John Deere Model A Tractor, starter, lights, power lift, cultivator and 2-16 in. plow on rubber. 1940 J.D. BTractor, road gear, mechanical lift and cultivator. G. P. John Deere Tractor on rubber in good condition. John Deere 4-row Planter with fertilizer attachment, 160 rds. planter wire, 2 yrs. old; John Deere 226 mounted Picker, T-yr. old; J. D. Heavy Duty 7-ft. Power Mower, also Windrower, 1 yr. old; J. D. 15-ft. Disc, 18 in. Blades, 2 yrs. old; Twin-DraulJc Manure Loader, about new; J. D. Endgate Seeder; International Endgate Seeder, new; J. D. 24-ft. Drag, folding Eveners; 10 ft. Case Tandem Disc; J. D. 4-section Drag, folding steel Eveners; J. D. Manure Spreader, on rubber, like new; Sid* Delivery Rake; J. D. Hay Loader, 3 years old; Kelly Ryan 40 ft. elbow chain Elevator and speed jack; Hydraulic Wagon Hoist; Allis Chalmers 5 ft. Combine, 2 pickup attachments; Potato Digger; Implement Trailer with winch and Dump attachment; 2 Rubber-tired Running Gears; 2 Flare Boxes; Narrow-Wheeled Running Gear and Box; 300 gal. Gas Barrel with stand; Flat Rack with sides to make Hay Rack; J. D. Hand Corn Shelter; Loading Chute; Cooling Tank; Steel Tank and Hog Waterer; Tank Heater; U-ff. Feed Bunk; 2 Heat Housers; International Separator; Electric Brooder, 500 chick size; McCormick Deering Binder, converted to Windrower; 2 Saddles; 2 Unit DeLaval Mifker; Compressor and Pipe for 26 cows, complete; Montgomery Ward Garden Tractor with sickle and lawn mower attachment. 1950 FORD PICKUP--1950 Ford Pickup with grain and stock combination rack, 4 speed transmission arid trailer hitch, also radio and heater in A-l condition. LUNCH WILL BE SERVED ON GROUNDS By ROCK FALLS M. S. E. S. TERMS--Cash or m»ke arrangements with clerk. No property to be removed until settled for. GEORGE CROTTY Gerald Wohler--Auct. United Home Bank Truit Co., Clerk PUBLIC SALE As I am quitting farming, I will sell all my personal property at public auction to the highest bidder without reserve at the farm located 1 Vi miles west of Klemme. FRIDAY, FEB. 26 Sale to Start at 1:00 P. M. Lunch Wagon on the Grounds 52 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 38 Head of Hereford Cattle 38 2 Head of Horses 2 Well matched team of bay mares, 6 and 9 years old, wt. 3,200. Both with fool. 12 Cross Bred Gilts 12 Bred to farrow 1st part of April. These gilts all vaccinated for cholera and erysipelas. Buildings 10'xH' Brooder House; 8'xl8' 3-pen Hog House 2 Shorthorn Milch Cows; 36 Head Hereford Calves, coming yearlings. ' 50 Chickens 50 Yearling' Austra White Hens. Hay Stack of Loose Red Clover Hay. Some Baled Red Clover Hay. FARM MACHINERY, ETC. 1937 John Deere "A" Tractor with cultivator and Power Lift; 1942 John Deere "B" Tractor with cultivator and Power Lift; Two 21-38 Tractor Tires; Farmer's Friend Grain Elevator 42' long; Drive-on Hoist; Speed Jack; New Idea Hay Loader; Four-section steel lever Drag; Bob Sled; Flat Rack; Steel Wheel Wagon; Hay Rack; Wood Wheel Wagon; Wagon Box;, Steel Water Tank; Pump Jack arid 1 A horse motor; 106' Water Pipe; Iowa Electric Cream. Separator; Conde Milking Machine, Double Unit, complete with pipe line for 12 cows; Oil Burning Tank Heater; Steel Hog. Feeders; Other Items too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH--No property to be removed until settled for. Not responsible in case of accident. ARTHUR POLSDOFER, Prop. B. A. Reemtsma, Auctioneer First National Bank, Klemme, Clerk

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