The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on August 18, 1952 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 Aug. 18, 1952 Mason City (Jlnbc-OairlU, Maion City, la. Bill Stoyles Wins Two Yalcht Events in Sunday Racing CLEAR LAKE--Bill Stoylcs was the on 1 y, double \s'fnner: in the weekend yacht racing here. He won X ;class honors Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.- , ; " .Bob Stoyles, who captured the Y-class event Saturday, pSaccd second to Chan Dakln in Jhe Sunday morning V class event, The Y class was the only race completed Saturday. Thore^vas no wind for sailing. The Sunday morning program was a makeup event from Aug. 3. The next big race is slated for Rock Creek Lake in Jasper County next Sunday. The affair will be the dedication of Rock- Creek Lake, the largest artificial lake in tho U. S. built solely for recreational purposes. " : R u n d a y ' M n r n l n r C rlaia--1. M l k o Swale i J. Don R n i l I. Eddie l l a n r i . Y clan--1. Chan l U k l n i 2. Hob siayl t . Hoy M f r r l r . Hnfjie , e l a u -- I . A l l a n I ' a K o n i 1. li. V, M c K c e r n. Dob S u n d a r . X c l a o -- 1 . Hill Slojkn ?. Janice N e w - ioni 3. Sandy Swale. ' : : Sunday Ariernnau fl c U n -- I . Kridle llano! '1. M i k e K w a l e i J, Stanley J l l i l d . Y elan--!. Kalplt K e p l o i l e i t, Kty llcr- rtei .1. Ctiait Iakli. : 'Snlpo e l « » i -- l . A l l a n 1'alton] 2, 1,. Y. M c K c o i n. Knb Hunrtay. X cl--I. lllll Rloyleii 7. Ifenrlellt Hebel; 'A, Janl£ Nnwton, MAJOR LEAGUE fers Legion Golf Tourney Into Semifinals Frank Rock, L'ylo Humphrey, Cooncy Balrtuf and Ray Honcly have moved to the semifinals of Ihc club tournament at the Legion Community golf course. Hock beat Larry Wcslon 2-1, Humphrey downed Arl B o w e 5-4, llalduf pulled a mild- upset in defeating Bill Mathl-s, the 1D50 champion, 3-2, and Henely scored an easy 7-0 triumph over Don Pearson, Four lower flights have been completed. Hock will play Humphrey and Hcncly will play Balduf in championship third round matches, to be completed by next Sunday. Recent HcsiiHs: 111 Trailk Hook clef, l . a r r y WnUni, 2 - i . l.jlo Humt!irity l e ( , Art Howe, '.M. (,'nnnry llatdul ilef, K i l l MaOiln, 1-'!. H a y l l e n e l y def. Don Pennon, 1-0. 1'IKKT I'l.IUHT l.rr . K w e n i o n ilef. Hill T a y l o r , 1-uji h o l e i . ' IlUt M » d d r ilef. nick K a i k l n i . M. SKG'ONC) F I . I f J I l T l!ih W a t t i l r l . K l v l n .Inhnion, 2 - 1 . Dick l l i t f h e i i l f f . [Sob I k e n o e r r y , t-uji 19 h»lei. TH(K1» n.IOIIT Her H m l l h l e f . John I'auley, l - u p . I!) K. K, Ilarnen nf. F. J e n s e n , 3-3. (Klnul Kminl H a r n t i il«t. Smith, :(-·;. POUKTII Fl.irlHT lloti llakeuhoti clef. I'erley Ilrimiruld 1-3 NATIONAI, I.TSAOUI! H A T T I N G -- M u « l » l , f!l. Lnull, .3381 KIlU- ·cirikl, Cincinnati, ,:i!.v K U N S -- H e m u i , at. I.onli, HOi I.ockman, New Y n r k , 1 U . , ; KUN8 HATTF.n IN--Sautr, Clilcajo, U D i ·tillii, llrookljn, H'). ' -nOUHf.KS--SclK.eiulltn.l, S I . Loilll, » l | Itucr, Chk»rn. 27. :· 'TKIPI.KS--Tliomann, New York, [PI J!"l- nl». I'hllaildphU. anil S l a m h l e r , HI.!, ll« . ' I ' . , , ' ' . JIOMi: K U N f i -- S m i c r . C h ! o » i n, a l l Hndgea, H r o o k l y n , anil K l n e r , I ' l l t i i h u r K h . M. · , . . · . . I'lTCIIIN'C. -- Hoe. l l r n n k l y n , K - I , .Hfl'Ji Wilhelm, New Turk, io-2, .HitH. A M K K U J A N l.F.AdUt: BATTINtl -- I-' » I I), l'hhallel|lila, M".\t M l l c h e l t , Clcyelanil, ,;I2S. KUNS--ll«rr. New V n r k , anil .Inult, r h l l a i l e i u h l a , TJ. KUNS BATTED IN -- Ilobjr, C l e v e l a n d , |3t Kohlinnii, Chleain, 111. DOUI1I.IJS--Fain, r h l l a i l e l p l i l i i , :M| Han- ·r. NrH' V f l r k , ami N'erntin. N V n u h l h R t u n . U7. THiri.F.S--Slrnpjiiu, C l o v e U n i t , a n i l Illx- iuln, New 'Vnrki 10. , ... H O M E I I U N 3 -- D n b y . C l o v n l a n i l , 'Jll; Hurra. New Vork, 3 1 . , I ' l T O I I l N l i -- C n n i u e i r a , Waatiliulon, ll-(l, l.OVOl Shatlll, I'lilUllcljillla, ' J l - l , .810. T r l l i .l»ckifln ,M. Chuck Pmi (I'hml H o u n d ) lUkenlmlt l r r . J a c k n n n , :i-2. JFII'TII I'Mnirr FilK Y l l l n dot, C l i u c k K l l m l t j v U l I]. 5. Dun I. line rtcf. Knjr Illlctm, fi-;t. (1'lnsl K n t i n d ) Yulo won f r o m I.»n« \y f n r f t J I , SIXTH F I . I U I I T W.jrie ] ) u i l n v » n tier. V. t U n t l v l k , 3.2. Don W h i l e ,lct. Dick I'DHI-KIII, fl..-,. S K V K M T I I FI.IOIIT K n ( e r (.'umiclly d c f . Don W » i « . r-l. linger M U c l i t l l ilril. i;,I M o l . n u r h l l n , 2-u|i r . l G I I T H P L I G H T O e o r R e I ' r l c e ilcT. !'«le C r a v e n , H - u p . H a r o l d H c l u m r r l«if. H.iy Crl]iln, I-!!. NINTH ri.inirr ( I ' l n a t K n i i n i l ) J a c k I H n t f l r m u i l ( I n f . J o h n T l m m p * i j n , l 2 Fo«i Well-Stock«d IOWA CITY--The nine football opponents of IOWH ncx't f a U h n v e an average ot 25 lellc'rmcui available. Iowa has 1G, the smallest total in many years. Notre Dame is tho leader with 31. Others arc Purdue, 20; Northwestern, -28; Minnesota and Indiana, 2(5; Pittsburgh and Illinois, 24; Ohio Stiile, 22; nnd Wisconsin, 17. . . - , : , ·THIS FOUR-LEAF GREGERSON FOR Phont 39B3 INSURANCE... 6.1 Mini Gridders Declared Ineligible CHAMPAIGN, Til. f/11--The Uni vcrsity of Illinois' I5ig Ten chain plon footbiill squad has lost si players through scholastic incliK billty, it wns disclosed Salurdn with the release of the [Hint invita lion grid list of 58, smallest i several years. Top loss is · t h a t of. JI in Bang!; m a n , 220-pound junior tackle fror Pontlac, 111., who wns tnbbcct first-line offensive tackle by Coac Ray Eliot. Eliot now has only thro Icltormcn tackles. Others lost Include- CInudc Tnlln ferro, junior Imlfbnck from Gnry Ind., brother of former Indian star back, George; Hugh Wool son, Chicago junior h a l f b a c k ; Tor Poore, sophomore center froi Mishawnka, Ind.; " D o n Econc sophomore tackle from Bcnld! HI, and Gene llnn.sen, senior end froi Onk I'ark, 111. Hanscn m a y rcgai eligibility in s u m m e r school. Partially offsetting these losses was the return to eligibility ot Joe H u l l , Icltermnn lincbnckcr in 1950, Zatopek Spurns Offer to Tour United States V I E N N A (/U-- E m i l Zntopek, 'zccIio.sioV'Tkifl's triple gold »ncd- list in t h e recent Olympics, purned bids to visit the United tales Monday, calling the offers ridiculous, unsportsmanlike." The world's marathon champion, roadcasting over the Prague Ea- io, said while at Helsinki he hnd ecelved numerous offers to run i America. He said, however, the offers were o run on "circus" tracks unsuit- blc for his long-distance running. Ic added: "J only laughed when I received hcse ridiculous, unsportsmanlike ffcrs.v Xatopck said the United States vas Indirectly responsible for his ccord-breaklng feats nt Helsinki, vhcre lie won the fi.OOO and 10,000 neter runs and the marathon. "It was the brutal and harsh play f the United Stales ice hockey cam in the winter Olympics which rove me to my most recent per- ormiinces," he said. "I made a ·lcdge lo win at least two gold medals for my country," Europeans sharply criticized Can a d i a n and A m e r i c a n hockey cams at Oslo for what they ermed "rough tactics." Zatopek made no specific reference to the suggestion by U.S'. Secretary of Commerce Chnrles Sawyer that he and his wife tour lie U. S. Movie Reviews-- Night Minor League Scores I N T L v l t . V A T I O N A l . 1,HAG UK O l U w n ·', Tiriml» 0. l l a l l l m o r n I. Oiif/alii :i. I t n c l i e i l c r I I - I I I , . M o n t r e a l .1.1,1. S y r a r x u n 1-1, K | r l n K f l e l i l ^-h. A M M U I C i V N A S S O C I A T I O N C n l l l r n l n i « -·!. C h i r l c . l o n tl-l). t n i l l n i m p n l l n |.|). l . o i i U v l l l o :\-l\. HI. I'Atil ». .Mliinca|lollii .1. K K I I K U I I City 2-1, M I I v v a u U c i - I).II. T A O I K K ; COAST I.KAHJI: Holly wood l.T-7, Hati F r n n c U n n 5-l|. O a k l u n d H-ll), Lot A u j r l r , l - l . 1'r.rllanil l-(l. K r u l l l n '1-H. H u l l D l e f i i 1-1. K n c r a n i e n l n 0-1. W K S T K K N l.KM\VK U n n v e r Ifj. I ' u o h l o I. C'olorndo K p r h i j * lo, Hloui O i l y I. l.llU'liln l-:i. O in a In :i-.V l r .Hdliir,, vs. I V I c h l U at F.'l Dorado, T l l l l K l C - I ' l . K A C l U K r . v a n i v l l l o II, C e d a r ltapld. '·!. K e o k u k «. Oiilnay I. riuoil t:illr» «, l l u r l l n u l o u 0. Tcrrc ll.illin 0. Wlcr!ni 1. Clash by Is Outspoken "Clash By Night," which opens at the Cecil Theater Tuesday, is a drama of a lonely woman and two men in her life. One is her hus band, the other, his best friend, to whom she is deeply attracted. Barbara Stanwyck, Paul Douglas, Hobert Kyari and Marilyn Monroe arc the stars who make this fi the strong drama that it is, a iirama laid in a picturesque fishing town, where life on the surface is simple, but where passionate currents flow dangerously. The story concerns Miss Stan- wyck, a tired and disillusioned woman, who marries Douglas, a fishing-boat skipper, for security. Within a short time she discovers that she cannot resist the physical appeal of cynical Robert llyan, a theater projectionist, who is her husband's best friend. "The Wild North," showing atj the Palace, is unique in two respects. It is the first motion picture to be photographed in Ansco Color, and it was filmed In three separate sessions, to take f u l l advantage of n a t u r a l weather conditions. Stewart Granger is starred as the Canadian fur trapper, and Cyd Charissc, as the half-breed I n d i a n girl. Wendell Corey stars as a member of the Royal North West Mounted Police. "A Yank in Indo-China" opens at the Strand Theater Tuesday. .John THEATERS AT A GLANCE CP.CH,--"She'i Wnrklni Her Way Thrnuih CoHtge" elrttet Moadnf. "C"Ja»h Kr NigM" opeiu T u e « d a y . I'A LACE--"The Wild North" now .howlnj. 8TKANI--"Bo«e of Clmarron" and "Alart- dtn anrl III* Lamp" close Monday, "A Yank In lade-China" and "Fabulous Hc- norlta" open Tuetdajr. HANI) IIOX--"Father'l Mlllc IHvldend" and "You N e v e r Can Tell" now thawing. LAKE--"Macfco" cloiea Mondar. "Lovely to I.bok At" »t»rt» T u e t d a r . DRIVK.|N~-"Fort Worth" rlo«n M o n d a y . "Joan ot Arc" and "Katie Did It" Tuesday only. Archer and Douglas Dick are CO' starred as two Americans who op crate a small airline transporting food to the French forces battling guerillas in Indo-China. Co-featured is the tempestuous star, Es- opens at the Lake Theater Tues-' day. It has some of the most striking costumes ever created, the de- sighs of Adrian. Kathryn Grayson, Red Skclton, Howard Keel,.. Marge and.Gower Champion and Ann Miller are the stars. "Joan ot Arc," one of In grid Bergman's greatest pictures, 'is scheduled at the Drive-In Theater Tuesday only. The film is in tech- nicolor and deals with the meteoric life of the famous peasant girl. Co-featured is "Katie Did It," comedy featuring Ann. Blyth and Mark Stevens. telita, who brings brand of comedy to her colorful The Fabulous Scnorila. Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett and Elizabeth Taylor are the stars in "Father's Little Dividend" at the Band Box theater. Co-featured on this bill is "You Never Can Tell," with Dick Powell pnd Peggy Dow. U is a film for those who think they know everything. "Lovely to Look At," tuneful pic ture with a cast loaded with talent, Standings in Minors WKSTURtf MiAdllK Colorado Sj O c n v e r O m a h a Sioux C l l y Wlohlla Lincoln W. nil 11!) Tilt M fl! If! 11.1 7T 7!) .(UH .Ml a.u. . . :\ n 7 K v a n i v l l l f l Term l l a i i l n .-. rt.% l l u r l l n j f l o n . . . . . . . . . . . . no Waterloo 1VI K c o k t i k nil U l i a i l O l l l e » II) C'lMlur IUilil.i , .. .Ill U u l n o y I T .. no , . .V! . . Ill I.KAQIIK W. I.. «H I J ·17 IM nil III) no no .111:1 .HUH V o l . .(I IK ,r,xn ..111 . IHII . ir,.-) .1.10 ,m .1:11 C.ll. ItVt IH ' \ \ "\ 1 I ··/ ' I I NOW SHOWING ,--v,"-_/j..'-'_i -- ii r vi -- " *·* ?* *!+·+' ·*·» STOMCEll TRACY *' JCKN JRENNElTi » ELI^Ji^mj^yLpjg ^» Fathers UrUe Dividend The {(iiickesl KO by Joe Louis in defense of his heavyweight crown was 2:04 of the first round. His pponcnt was Max Schmcling. Start saving yourself NOW; get a T H E O R 1 0 I N A I A U T O M A T I C CLOTHES DRYER Indianapolis Winner Seriously Injured in Cedar Rapids Race CEDAR RAPIDS Ml -- For the second slrntght year the Indianapolis 500-mile auto race winner won't be nble to cash in on his triumph to the fullest extent. Troy Hull m a ii, this year's 500 champion, Sunday joined the' .195.1 winner. Lee Wnllnrd, in the rnnks of idle drivers ns he crashed through a fence here and ended up with n skull fracture nnd broken righl arm. He wns reported in satisfactory condition nt Mercy Ilospilnl in Cc d n r .Rapids. The attending phy sicinn said D u t t m a n won' driv ing for "four or five months or longer." Wnllard, '10, retired from racing after suffering bad burns in his first race at Rending, Pa., follow ing his .1351 victory. Rullman's injuries probably wil deprive him of nbout $10,000 this year since the current "500" chain pion usually is guaranteed $1,OOC for each appearance the rest o the season. The 2'15-pounder from Ontario Calif., 22, was the youngest driv cr ever to win the Indianapolis Me morial Day race. lie couldn't explain why his ca failed to m a k e n turn while linin; up for the start of the second heal J. Agnjnnian, owner of the car, said he believed the steering gear broke. Kuttman's car knocked down two guard rails, rolled over railroad tracks and came to rest at n telephone pole. A shoe had to be cut off to extricate R u t t m a n from the wreckage. A crowd of 5,000 saw the accident at the All-Iowa Fair. Winner of the program's 25-lap feature rnce was Joic James of Van Nuys, Calif. WE SPECIALIZE IN TASTY SANDWICHES POPULAR BRANDS OF BEER Burgener's Cafe 631 6th Streat S. W. (formerly Costa's Cafe} Plus This Hilarious Co-Feature DiCK POWELL'PEGGY DOW | A Double Feature of Laughs Children--lOc--Adults--SOc Mason City One D»y Only -- 3 .8 P.M. FAIRGROUNDS O 7 WED., AUG. L I Why wait! Team 3. Hamilton with your present washer (whether it's wringer, spinner or automatic) and ( u r n your hack on the real work of washday. No l i f t i n g , stooping, itrctching! Make H a m i l t o n -- t h e original and ibe/aslest a u t o m a t i c clothes dryer--your nc*t nppli- »nce. You'll he a new woman! Home Appliance Co. 2nd N. E. Phone 162 Omar Ray to Coach Britt High Gridders BRTTT--Omar Ray, formerly of Knoxville and a graduate of Ccn tral College, Pclla, tins been named football coach at Brill High School. Ray will come here from 1D1- morc, Minn., where he has been in business lov the past three years. He has scheduled the practice for Aug. 25., Ray, a veteran of World War II, is married and has two sons. * TIRRIFK HEW ED1T10H W I T H T H E I L L U S T R I O U S SCREEN, RADIO AND TELEVISION STAR -- "MR. CIRCUS" HIMSELF CLYDE BEATTY IN P E R S O N G R E A T C O N C O L L E A N O DANCING, TUMBLING. SOMERSAULTING TOREADOR OF THE TIGHT WIRE. 3-HERDS OF ELEPHANTS-3 INCLUDING THE SMALLEST BABY ELEPHANT ON EXHIBITION WITH · ANY CIRCUS. 56 OUTSTANDING NEW FEATURES ( K c i , Sr»(i nil Oen. Alm. Ticket] On Salo Shnw liny Onlj- l Ford HopKlns nrujc Store. Same 1'rlccj As At Show Ornunil!!. DANCE AVALON MANLY, IOWA Tues., Aug. 19 Kenny Hofer s P ecfacvjlar Show Ever Presented by Fair, Closing with Gorgeous Fireworks. Ofher Big Features are: ^ · Big Carllo; Horse, Sheep and Poullry Shows. · Auto Races, Every Day Except Aug. 26 and 30. · 8 0 - A c r e Farm Machinery Home Appliance Shows. · Atomic Energy Defense Department Exhibits. · Thrill Days, Aug. 26 30; Thrill Nile, Aug. 23. · S t a t o w i d o A s s e m b l y o f 2,500 Top 4-H Clubbers. · Nite Horse Show, Aug. 2429; Matinees, Sun. Fri. · Agriculture, Horticulture and Home Activities Shows. · Royal American Shows on World's Biggest Midway. · Score of Famed Northwest Bands and Orchestras. · Dairy, Honey, Fine A r t s ; School State Exhibits. I Ord** raiirved grandiland and*~rf horn ihow (kind by moll-- U^ 'Tl $1.50 and $7.00, Including l a x f ] ^Adrfraii Minn. Stolt fair, St. Fqvl 1 ·**. MINNESOTA STATE FAIR .^^^ AUC23 Tf-fQL/ SEPT. 1 Clear I.zkc -- Phone 75 -- ENDS MONDAY -Robert Mltchum, Tues., Wed., Thurs. Kye r'minc Ttchnlcolor K n t e r t a l n m t n l 1 C L KATHftVN CRAYSON fo RED SKfLTON 13 HOWARD HEEl 1 MABCS jail COViiH CHAMPION J IVl fU UiOt Bbll DAMILtl Added -- Color Cartoon - News l/i LAST TIMES MONDAY Technicolor--"FT. WORTH" with Randolph Scott TUESDAY--BUCK NIGHT' --2 BIG HITS-- PLUS CO-HIT-- "KRIB GOES TO THE DRIVE-IN" E V E R Y TUESDAY BOX O F F I C E O P E N S AT 6:30 EVERY NIGHT BEFORE SHOW F R E E RIDES on the MINIATURE STEAM TRAIN Sponsored by SAM R A I Z E S DEPT. STORE and ROYAL CROWN .COLA Ends "She's Working Her Way Through College" M Virginia MAYO--Ronald REAGAN--Gene NELSON m n IN T E C H N I C O L O R MASON C I T Y ' S BEST AND FINEST THEATER STARTS TUESDAY ANOTHER SMASH HIT! STARTING TOMORROW . . . IftlA/A'C 2 9 t h A n n u a l · UWA 9 Championship ROD Afternoons at 1:30; Nites at 8:00 AUG. 19-23 Tuesday Thru Saturday SIDNEY, IOWA NOW! ENDS TUBS. SOc Til 5:00 Drama of Primitive toy* Filmed in rh* ALSO! COLOR CARTOON COMING SOON! In Technicolor! "THE STORY OF WILL SOGEHS" J a n e W y m a n Will Rogers Jr.. LAST TIMES MONDAY · ALL COLOR PROGRAM Mala Powers in "ROSE OF CIMARRON Plus "ALADDIN AND HIS LAMP" STARTS TUESDAY Continuous Daily After 1:00 P. M. -- SOc 'Till 5:00-- J E R R Y WALil £ K O R M A N K K A S K A .,,,,., BARBARA STANWYCK-PAUL DOUGLAS ROBERT RYAN-MARILYN MONROE CLASH BY NIGHT J. C A R R O L NA1SH* KEIIH ANDES · prwluwd by HtfRft! fA2SC« - dirscttd by FRITZ LANS · scnwplty by MFKD Wni 1^1*0 ON FHI rit ir Currofd OM r*U;T/4i.An HrJ^-, UNDER m« ANYTIME Uniiaren Aam. 12 YEARS IUc E V E R Y DAY His target for tonight ...a BIG night Starring JOHN ARCHER DOUGLAS DICK PLUS CO-HIT ~ MAURA MURPHY' When She Tries New Twist To An Old ? i Spanish Custom! M ESTELITA rour or nuf^matu ·» ROMftT CLARKE W«TO« HJVi. · HA«VIM KA*UH · fait, MOMHO · UOH HUJCO' A MKJBUC WCTURI PROFIT BY USING THE GLOBE-GAZETTE WANT ADS!!

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