The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 24, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daflv Except Stinday Times and Sew. PubliaMn* Company , W.1AVESEHAFER, PHILIP K. Secretary and Treasurer. * -, - V PHILIP TL BISXE, Editor iSL'BSCKIPllb.NSe'-ved fav carrier iu Gettysburg for 25 cents per moma. bailed outside of GettysDurg for 25 cents per inostfr. SATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. iitf Uilift- SLLtiiCSS^ £*XVUr Wii. ^Vii*. i.-~i--v,~- -^-*~ ^ ten" days after your money is receiver at: Tae limes August J-5, Gettysburg, Pa-, as second-class matter, nader Congress March 3. lbT9. _ ...... BELL PKONS UNITED PHONE . O«c« Is Northn-est comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. -K!S PAPER REPRESEKTEO FOR -CR£!^ ABVEST1SIKG EY THE: NEW YORK AND CHICAGO FARMER'S DA in WAYKESBORO Saturday, October 4, 1913 Greatest Corn Shov.- in the Cumberland Valley S500 in pi'izes for farm PBODUCTS Ten Bands of Music Free Vaudeville on Streets BETTER BABY SHOW FUX! FUN! FUJ; Reduced Rates on Railroads For Further Information address «L H. Deardorff, Secretary, Waynesboro- Pa. THAW GE NEXT PRINCESS ROSPIGUOSI. American-Woman to Whosa Marriage Pope Denies Recognition. 'SDLZER YIELDS PERSONAL NOTES THi TRIAL ENDS AND BRIEF ITEMS Governor of'"Hew Hampshire', Will Act Ttea I SOB3ES fOBiTIVEJ Wjmt"sds. One cent per word each Insertion. Two cents a word if guars=ted first page position. Eesolutions of respect, poetry and memoriam* one ceEt per word. '·' TO OUR HEADERS concern which give« the same news to Republican. Democratic, ProcKimon, or Socialise -oaoers and which is strictly non-partisan. _ Obr advertising columns are open to all candidates of au parties. S. p. Bushman Cleaner and I TiiER Attacks Validity of inpaetimeoL | Paragraphs cf Hews Telling of the Happenings in and about Town Peop!e]Visiting Here and Those !!S OOVEHEO BY HO i teatlcn of ~\Y ftere to bng fte XEW EAGLE SOTEL Capacity 400 Rooms with bath ea xclt* =fiam. -* McCononiy, Prop'a. Special for this week Men's and Boy's 25c golf caps lOc. vou want a weekly paper get "THE ADAMS-COUNTY JSTEWS More local reading matter than any other paper published. Price $1.00 per year. i Declares V/herever Case Has Gone Hi I Left a Trail of Disgrace, Fiith andj 1 Scandal. I j Concord, X. H., Sept. 24.--Goveraoij I Samuel D.-Felker vill KO; «i a cidj j Aether to send Harry 1C Tbav.- taci: ! :o Mauea-a-an or to give aim fc:s libj j c rty In Xevr Hampshire until nestj I Moadav. } ! That was the assaoi oi tlie hearing, j in'iue kno^-'n s. few ni-nuies alter TVil-j I5a*s T. Jerome had stood sn the seas ate chamber of the state hc-ese an3j '.old rte New Kanipsi-ire governor why! Xeiv York stare has been willing tej snend money and time to set Thaws back. I "From the very hoar," he said, "thai; Stanford White lay tieaii on the roo! garden :n the city of Xev.- York, his.. life taken by -a murderer or a lunatic, j from that time to ihss minute it har been ^aiii repeatedly that in the end tlie Thaw money -would defeat the ends oi justice." , ,,_ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . . . . Tha.v.% whose head had fallen for j jj osr j; S iiG3i, former commander of the constitutional conflict as to the vahd:ty v.-ard on his chest, iooked u» at the! Vatican noble guard and brother oi cf the impeachient, which the court i Miss Helen Xeely, of FairSeld," spent' 12. short Xime with relatives in town to- jdav on her v.ay to Philadelphia and Is L-jorsts in New Jersey. Acts, Committed Before Election Net Official, Is Argujr.ent of His At-i Maurice S. Weaver returned to i Philadelphia to-day to resume his j medical studies. Albany, X. Y., Sept. 24.--Unless the, Joh!j Bli:t of c ar i; s } e street, was a ·t cosirt sustains the con-, bulinei . s -^-, lor j n Hanover this morn- \"IHisni Salzer's iEapass!on-|._^ and Miss Louise to ·isit the Erst witness for the prosecution. with friends. i Schlff will testify that he gave Mr. g ev . L. Dov.- Ott returned this morn- Su'-zer on Oct. 14, 1S12, a check for 52500, which the did not mention in his sworn state-{ ; ?aigu. ; n£? from V.'aynesboro where attended idat6j a mee rj n t, c f rainisiers on Monday and SO ROSPIGUOSI MARRIAGE N'o Death-Bed Ceremony, Says Brother of Dead Prince. Rome, Sept. 24. -- Prince Camille nient. · i As to v.-tether or not the court wiilj vo:e 10 o.aash the most, important ac- 1 c-Jisations OL" the Impeachment manag-j ers by striking out the tiree articles lgji money-and ial- o eaaipalg campaign statement, as de- reiauns ~~~i-irKr 1 :?**_· .ni£ J rsanded by Suizer's lawyer, no one can predict. But it may he said that the result is mere uncertain than was that of the CHAS. S. --Firs Proof Storage-- Warehonse for Furniture and Household Goods stored anv length of -time. Trimmer's 5 and lOc Store. |. SICE PRODUGS COMPANY ffighest Cash Prices Paid for all --FARM PRODUCE-- Ukder Tnnes OSce, G-etcysbarg. TFTLLIAjI E. ZIEGtER Expert Electrical work- Repairs ana supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 T. W. K. TTPTON --^Photoprapher-- Gettysburg SoaTenirs Valuable Real Estate On Saturday, Sept. 27th, '13 The undersigned -will oSer at Pablic Sale at the lace residence of Fannie Siock. dec'd. on Breckenridge street, in the borough oi Gettysburg-, HOUSE and LOT situate on the South side of Breckeuridgt- street. in the borough of Gettysburg. fronting 30 feet tliereon, Improved v.-ith a two-story Brick Dwelling House j-nith a rv.-o-stro- JBaek Bnilding, frame ! Out building, good Well of "Water, etc. | Tiiis property is desirably ata-teJ and | -will make a raosn suitable home. It has man who has kept him under lock and! p r i ECe Joseph ^ospiglicsi, v.-ho died at key since the night S:anford White" g :resar denied the published reports of was killed. His face was deathly pale.. a 5 i;g; Cns . marriage cerenieny be- A faint smile hovered about his lips. I-Ie turned to hs niother, Sirs. Mary Co'plev Tha-ft-, T.-ao was seated drectlv Sale \viii Tjegin at 1 o'clock, P. 21. when, terms \viii be made known by. JACOB A. STOCK, Executor of Jacob Stock deceased ra een his dead b-other and Mrs. F. H. Parkhurst, of Bs^gcr. Me., who v.-as formerly Hiss llarie Jennings Reid, of Xew Orleans. That the dying prince may have been reconciled with his church ana .received the pope's blessing on .Friday ei-d, buc wherever this iszz is freely admitted by all, but owe and whenever it has! j,.g T o the that ilrs. Parksiirst was a divorcee and that the church authorities had never declared her mariage null, no ether marriage could be performed behind-him. She stretched out nei hand and Thaw clasped it for an Instant- Jerome continued: "So far it has not entirely accomplished this case has go-ie rested "it has left a train of disgrace, ignominy, filth and scandal behind that has been absolutely appalling, and the state of 2Cew York, sir, will not permit during the lireume of ks justice 10 be defeated by the corrupt use of money if ft can prevent it. That Is Trby the state of Netv York ^ants a man back \vhoni it regards asj a nomicicial lunatic v.-'aen. influenced! bv his insane delusion and nis vicious j her first husband. PRIVATE SALE I As I intend to move fr,om Adams ' County. I \viil sell at; Private Sale my i= I = I will need nuraoer pickers to start work on a. 13. of app ng bouse, stable, large enough for fonr horses, large shed,, suitable! for automobile or carriages; out_ kitch- ' en, and milk honse connected -.vith the dwelling, -sveil -with, abundant supply ci excellent pure ivater. large cis'tern. tn-o chicken houses and other necessary outbuildings, a splendid garden and" an orchard of young apple, peach, pear and plum trees,'some of _v.-hich are just beginning to bear. This pro- tertv is situated on the Emmitsbnrg Soaci 5 miles from Gettysburg. _is on high, tvell drained ground and oSers a splendid opportunity for one -vdshing 'co carrv on the pouitrv business. H. P. BIGHAM. If not sold privately, property -will be offered at Public Sale on Thursday. October 16th. at 2 o'clock. degeneracy at otb.°r criminal in nis lucid intervals and dangerous In his insane ones." Judge Chase, ^ac opened the case .for Tha-w*. said- "Harry Thav.- is before you in extradition procedinss. He is charged Trith conspiracy, -svhich is a misdemeanor, although the grand jtiry of Cutchess county has not found aa| indictment asainst him. It is the duty [ of your excellency to honor the papers if they are offered in. good faith." And" then Judge Chase, speaking more as a Judge delivering an opinion than as an attorney, attempted to persuade a judge to his way of thinking. proceeded to say tna:: Governor Felker t * E =V * * it a * I £ J H less MalGfi Firss Timssrs, hundred men and boys were rescued from the Xo. 3 mine of the Delaware. ·_acka-.vansa "Western company here after tee timbers in the shaft had bees Urea by. 2. carpenter who carelessly dropnei a lighted" snatch. -ad not the right to extradite THaw r As smoke from the burning timbers "1 the charge oi conspiracy brought! Sied ibe cnamoers m wmcn tnp m-n a^a-^ --^w^basld'on'bad faithl ers and laborers were at work com L»-j-i.t-.--^^,1. ..»»«·* *-~- -v . . ! . . . _ . . . _ ~r~ _ ; _ T _ ^ ^ T " - T ^ - r t -^T-tfft- m---rr-*" "V^* 1 "*!. decided against Mr. Sulzer. Austen G- Fox. of Xew York, his argument for the elimination of impeachment articles one, tv.-o and six. If these articles are stricken oat the case aguinsc Snlser will be resolved into a very minor affair. It would consist mainly of allegations ot t~=tir- uation. and attempts to ofSce- fcoaders. · If the court holds that Sulzer may be j prouerly impeached for acts committed before taking omce a precedent ot coantrv wide importance and aSectins every office holder is established. D/Cady Kerrick, ciiei of counsel for the accused governor, announced that :«!-. Sulzer would cease -henceforth to exercise the functions oi the executive i office until the termination oE his trial. Judge Serrlck said: ·\Vhen. these articles of impeach- ^ment v.-ere- firs; presented^ the governor was advised that there was aoabt aboat the Ieg£.llty of the proceedings, ancl for that reason be dec-lined to-step aowa from his of2ce. Ever since the recent decision of Supreme Court Jus- sice Hasbroucli. ruling that he had not the right to pardon a prisoner, he has ceased to exercise any of the functions ot" his office. Governor Sulzer wOl ner- Mrs. KelJey and daughter, Winifred, and ilrs. Parks, of Harrisburjj, are visiting Miss Hannah Boyle, on High street _, _ -Ernc-y Myers, of Xorth'Stratton St., is spending the day in Chambersburs- Miss Sarah Sheely, of West Middle street, is visiting- friends in Harrisburg this vreek. Mrs. 3. E. Trimmer and daughter, Jessie, of East Middle street, are spending several days in Carlisle. Miss A. B. Moses, cf Johnstown, has returned home after a short visit at rhe home of Rev. and Mrs. M. Coover, on Seminary Ricge. Mrs. Reuben Rupp. of Xorth Washington street, has gone to Harrisburg for several days. Messrs. J. D. Swope and William Hersn are spending the day in Harrisburg on business. " - Messrs. J. P. Oyler and S. G. Span- *er are attending the Carlisle fair for several days._ 3Iisses Bessie and Ehoda Breighner have returned to their home on Wesl Middle street, from a visit of several davs with relatives and friends in Wavnesboro. MISSING MAN RETURNS forn: r.o functions o£ governor in the £urare peafilns the termination of. "nis DODGE ZUiLL'S Monday Morning, September 29. y 2 1-2 cents a bushel P = Aool\*atonce statin e whether vou wiil be read\- to ^T" A JL ^ ' *- ^ = commence on Monday. James G. Stover? Vacuum TTasncr- £umd or All Steel, and Copper Sasy to oppcrale- Easy to luiiuile. Su"eS t:ie pinion saves the »IOiRE_, Woinsn Circulars free, "ivrite our ascnt- David Knonss. EIZURE UPKhLD broken -.vhen he fell, s- to the injured teams trial.' on FIRE MARSHAL KILLbD Eiectrocuted by Ketal Spouting Rc=f of Burning BuHdinc. :.:aharoy City, Pa- Sept. ^4. -- Fire Marshal Georse^ V.'e:hl grasped a. me- lra~ himself to" tie May Aid -In PrarikTin County Miirder -Mystery. THAW Canadian Court Rales Forcible Depor- Slontreal, Quabec^ Sept. 24. -- The court of appea-s upheld Charles Do- aerty, minister of justice. la having selzea Barry K. Thaw at Coaucook and deported him. Slr. Boherty. ;he court held, tras en- rrtlefi to Ignore the *nrit cf habeas corpus cbtainei by Tna»-'s counsel to nreieat Tba^'s deportation. In Its decision the court announced that the "rit. had been irreg-aiariy sc~ed. Ho granted the application of the government authorities to na'.c it cuashed. lIIHiniHiaiIHUffiHHnHn!HlWH!H!in!I!H!HUIiniIHlI!IHIIIIHim!U5HiaHHHinHn'1H!lHH!lIHniH I ror K Steers and Heifers, have on hand at Gettysburg and McKnightstown ! 25 head of ! good well bred steers. Weigh from 650 to 750 ibs.-AIso 50 heifers, weigh from 600 to /OO Ibs, The heifers are good stock, well bred Virginia cattle and have good · order on PUBLIC SALE Of Yalaable Real Estate. The undersigned vrili oner for sale September 25,"l013, a farm, and mill, property, situated at Center Mills, i i , Adams County, Pa- nine miles north * i of Gettvsburg* and one half mile from ? ! Center Mills or. the P. P.. E. S. FASM PROPERTY NEW JERSEY PRIMARIES Nominated Stskes ar=d Fielder Are For Gove-nor. Trer.icr.. X -I., Sapt- -^- -- Kepsr from as'. \,~- ts cf Jersey received here j _ Tsaira-.e ;nat ex-Goverrior Efivard C. and G.T.crnor James F. FieZdei save v.c:s ;iie nominations for sover- i o; Xev.- Jersey on the Republicans J. organized and after the messenger? returned from their journeys to the innermost -workings, helmet men of the first aid corps -were sent out to sef- that no one ^-as overcome or that any of the men v.-ere lent behind. - ·vTirhin an hour the 5uO v.-orkers hac reported at the outlet. «-here official of the "Wood-ward mine awaited TO leac them in safety to tie surface. The o. 3 shaft Is SO feet dee?. ^ force of carpenters *"'jre v-'orking i:. the shaft. Several of them t^ere on th- ca"r ; as;e and one stopped to lists; hi pipe Thonshtlesly ho dropped th- lighted match into the mine and fc pocket of gas was f^iiked. There ~a= I no explosion, but a Same shot up tht shaft and the carpenters -.vere fcrcec to hurry to the surface. The limbc-r. for a distance or several hundred ree -.."ere soon olazing. tvrc fellovr firemen from tie ladder. They escaped injury. Kai- a dozen curiou^ onlookers knocked oS tnelr feet by a v--ri line of hose ;n the excitement. fhe fire marshal --vas forii'-flve years old end -was a veteran of the Spanish- v.-ar. Lancaster. Pa.. Sept. --.--r.^.ss -t^-s- oline T- Xumboid. of Colemanrille, is the first -Brorsan i= Lancaster city or county to tan;e out a hunter's ncens? Her tag: Is Xo. 7S4. To date nearly 1000 lieeses have been issuec. in Lancaster. The farm consists of SI acres, more: arse D°Tocratic tickets respectively. 1 ally See pasrure land and timber, such 1 ^"^.".'^7 S ~-.^-;^ n tn^ indications arcj I as" locust, -*'TM^ oak. «Jc^orv, etc.| r^."".^ V-^~* S5 £es have polled aj l There is probab;y abouv two Thousana | \ T- ~ '-, ~ ,,---^^ r -v- w-io*-^' i collars worth of timber on this pro- ' : S2t vo^- ^eror.j, l t om o--. s--o_- j pervT. There is a large dpeiilng house! =-3 -csrj .rosi OO^Q ivepuoj runks Crush Out Life in Ranav.-ay._ Scrantcr.rpa.. Sept. 2-i. -- Krciar- V.'olfe. oi" Pittston. %vas k;;ie"« and P. ! C- Smite, a tra%-ei:«s salesman, or A: 37n, -sras severely injured in : rucav.-ay accident at punmore. V.'o'i' ~as driving Smiib to v-lslt a cus osis-: ;n Bunmcre. Vv-ien tra bcrse f.o friga- on a s;eep bi!. m l:;rr.'n^ : corner tee vebicle ~as overturned an t | \ CALVIN T. LOWER Hotel Gettysburg and ??'IcKiiighistown 5 of 12 rooms ar.d -wide Colonel hailJ | larj^e bank bam. and good ~ells at ] · both house and barn. i j MILL PROPERTY j | The mlil Is loioTra as Center Holler ] L,-amoc:-a:!e c'.iaroels :^dicate a short P: o^resslve vote, but sot small enous'n to rob the Prosressives of being con s^Iercc a ies-tjjate political party. lae driver ssaisst a tree. Smith s.i. fared ^ bro'-ien anliie and nt.--Ar --i juries. other 1 Hills. It has four f:ocrs. and consists j _ ' of three stands of Butler double · ry--g to Get Spa-n to ; rolls, and full Roller system of ir.astj vrashingJoi. Sent- -4.--Secretary o.{ jlnipro\"ed type; also or.e largre chop-] state Dr;«a:i :r.£t:ucted the charge o!| choice New Plague For Mosquito State. Trenton, X. .7.. Sept. 24.--Xev,- Jar sey. tne "·sweeter" state, is being pe-, tered by a ne-- bus. the sa~ toot'r ^rain beetle. It eats everythias from st to paper bags sad hu Ignition ^ ·1, c!ea2 esploiion. carbon. r Gasoline | \ reSned--aisaied---not crude /· coinpressed gas. '-, FREE-r: ,_ . aboos 3- *^- WAYERLY OIL WORKS CO. P-ttsbtarso. P 3 Z~'J?~P OILS LUBRICANTS I also a duelling house of seven rooms, · a siab.e, ar.d a blacksmith shop. There! : is also a vre:i of srood \vater at this! Sheets F r ar,cee: Pleads Accident. j Tpress- Cures Tv'.ange by X-Ray Method. 24.--A vierinary aaver I -,v:J 4 oe G e t t y s b n r c every Tues-'Iay a t P i- n ro h c btnre. "U". II. DIXK1.R | TO E! t -r:ri'Ml _ _ _. , Mrs. Z-iegler, Graflaa'.e of Oit'c2SE. Poicfrct SI ! Phone 1)1 Y. Facial and j Property of this kind should not fail | pointer a rifle at her as a jolce, nol. gested. ",, ' '..' -to bo present at tins sale. Reason for j tnowins; It was loaded. I Curing, . uppruii Fellinj is old njje of o-wiier. One hur.jrcd dry locust posts xvill be "sold nr the same time. Sale ivill bcsjin at one o'clock sharp. Ten jier cent, required at time of sale. 12 Carli-le tt, 1IEXRY ROTH. All -chickens delight in the sun. Never mix chicks of different ages., street.- GOOD restaurant for sale cheap, ^ Apply at Ilemler's Restaurant, Yorls advertisement H H Sit R. C. Rhode Islan Red Yearling Hens .and Pullets. ALV1N SHEETS!2 A few days b^ore a Coroner's -jtrry deeiaed THa't Floyd teller, 'a yoiirsg farmer -who 'died at Brsndf s^Chorch in. Franklin 'CbimEy lasc'Ivoveniber. liad been given Paris Green ."Isaac "Heckman. a neighbor, vrho 'had been in the Keller home fhe .night ae ^iec, disappeared. B5s "brother, "Daniel, at Ihe last term "of "Court had rprosecu'ced Keller's widow ?or having 'threatened to kill him. and is now tinder S400 bond' to keep the peace. It --as told the Coroner before the inquest that Tne missing man had been in the widovrs company a't the railroad station the day he left, for west- em state, and that; they had been in conference until train time. Investigation by "che authorities -went ahead, but their wish ac the Coroners inquest was that Heckman might go on the stand and give testimony as to vrha'c happened in^tHeTKeller home on the fatal night- Witnesses said that Keller, the night before his death, had asked for a revolver that he might kill his ·wife, that s. week before he died he had gone into his home for s. cup of coffee and had come ou'c of the house violently ill, taking to his bed shortly thereafter. The testimony of these -witnesses could not be corroborated by reason of the absence of Heckman, a constant visitor at 'the home. On Tuesday Heckman came home and District Attorney ICicklas expressed the conviction that .the mystery of Keller's death ·would be cleared up. Coroner luackley, whose jury having heard the report of Dr. J. C. A'ctbc, of Philadelphia, that enough arsenical | poison had been found in Keller's body j to kill a half-dozen men, said Tuesday I tr^ the case might be re-opened and · Heckman summoned to testify. It is recalled Yhat Heckman's -widow I remonstrated vrhen the authorities ordered the husband's body exhumed, and Heckman may be asked to explain ] his attendance upon Mrs. Keller be- 'fors her husband's death, and to dei tail the circumstances of Keller's 111: ness and deaVh. in so far as they came Sur.der his observation. FOR SAL] Primitive Shaving. The Ilarput barber pfecea -around his customer's neck a peculiar pan tn a "seir.-circular piece cut out of sice, so that it fits psftiallT I around the neck under the chis. Wa- tsi i; put into the pan and the b^^-ber mates a lather with his hands and rubs it on the customer's faca, usually using his hands _for this purpose also. My 23 acre farm, one half j mile east of Guernsey. i Gooc. buildings, F i n e j orchard. Brough Bushey Guernsey. I\Iedic?-l Advertising Ayer's Jasta little care and small escpense, that's all. Isn't a head of rich, heavy hair worth "white? Ask Your Doctor. J. 0. Arer Co., Lowell. MM*. NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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