Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 12
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12 LEADING NEWSPAPERS ARE MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISING McKinley Tells Merchants of Chicago News Ads Give Best Returns. John McKinlay, president of Marshall Field and company, speaking at a luncheon meeting- of the Interstate Merchants Council, at the Hotel Sherman, stressed newspaper, advertising as the moat trenchant, of all helps in correctly and profitably disposing of "merchandise at retail. Mr. McKinlay told the merchants who are here from all parts of the United States and Canada, that advertising brings -the customer and merchandise together and for this purpose it has proved the most effective purpose for the company of which he is the executive heacJ. "We all are familiar with Ralph Waldo Emerson's, 'if, a man. makes a better mouse trap the world will beat a path thru the .woods to his door,' said Mr. McKinlay, "but the · trouble · with this theory is that the world has not sufficient time to find ·the path thru the woods to his door. The most of us, being'destined to live not more than three score years and 10, have resorted to advertising as a short cut for the consumer thru the woods to the better product . . . : - . · , ' · · ..Newspapers Most Effective. ^''1t is because 'advertising .brings MASON, CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 5 19S1' POPE TO BROADCAST GREETING TO THE WORLD HERE IS REAL PROOF. , "ATy stomach and bowels Tvere weak for many years", says Mrs. J.,R. Baker,, el2 Eighth avenue, -N, Grand Forks, "N. D.- "My ixtisband won health through Konjo- la, and now, after I have taken five bottles, I am freo from stomach trotiblo and constipation and actually feel better than I have In years. Konjola Is marvelous". Kgnjola Buy h At Any GooJ Drug Store. Htt H ° Uness V P ?r,- ,? ' - rSt PontUI - of * tow «ra o« the antennae rising hundreds of-feet Into »T 1*TM"TM," Cathol ' e ohurch to 'eavo'the Vatican the air, with the E old white papal flag flying above fchme ISTM, rfona ,,,,,,«,,,.. ,,*,,,, ,,, ^TM, .,, it _ The staHon , g ^ ^ ^.^ Ho , in * ss yof | cnator Guglielmo Marconi, wireless inventor, who is personally supervising the tests in preparation-for the me,i- .sage, .ivhich. is expected to be delivered in several languages, comprehensible to listeners-in in every .country. It will he re-broadcast in the United States. since 1870, plans another step in forming more direct communication between the occupant of tho throne of St. Peter and the outer world, thru his intended ."broadcast of his firaf radio greeting, which he will ·deliver to the world before Easter. ..Jn'the background of this picture may -ho 'seep'two' tail the customer and the ^merchandise together that it has proved the mp^t effective publicity' for Marshall Field and Company, and as a result we are consistently the largest purchaser of newspaper white space in the west The only reason'-that this is true is we find newspaper advertising profitable. Conceding that a merchant must sell good merchandise correctly styled, fairly price aid courteously presented, he wil in our opinion find the newspape advertising- the most trenchant o all helps' in correctly and profitabl | disposing of the merchandise. "The newspapers present the mer chant with a large and representa tive audience, collecting- and dis seminaling the world's news, pre senting- the amusement features, ed ucational and editorial departments sports, science, social g-ossip, pictures and domestic science. The newspapers have succeeded in building and retaining the keen interest of practically every one of the 30,1000,000 families -in the United States. In brief, they reach the pub- Hie upon such a scale of magnitude that · they can afford to distribute the merchant's publicity necessarv at a lower cost of one hundred, one I hundred thousand, or a, million less than any other form of successful! demonstrated" propaganda; b u newspaper advertising-·'to be effec tive must be carefully planned." Praises the-Wholesaler. . Mr. McKinlay said that the n'e conception which the 'efficient na tional wholesaler today 'is rapid 1 and successfully developing, an which should be of intensive interes to the retailer, is that as' a matte of fact the wholesaler comes befor the manufacturer, as well as after because the wholesaler goes.;to th manufacturer-and tells him what tt make. The intelligent wholesaler to day frequently owns one or more retail stores which gives him suf ficient knowledge of the business of, creating, dyeing, styling, print ing and packing. The retailer should tie himself up with such a wholesaler, for every retailer who ties limself up to a. wholesaler as chief source of supply, there are a thousand retailers who scatter their nergriea among; too many. sources- Colonel Robert Ishatn Randolph^ resident of the Chicago Association f Commerce, with which the Inter- tate Merchants Council is affiliat- d, welcomed the visiting merchants o Chicago and Fred P. Mann, Jr., f Devils' Lake, N. Dak., president Truth Always Facts Only, Announcing a School in E PAINTING ffHE'ART NOVELTY SUPPLY CO. I ' OF MINNEAPOLIS , - 1 ' . · ' · · " . « . . . Together with Our Store Cordially invites you to attend classes in PLAQUE PAINTING beginning; the week of FEBRUARY 9th . '· A trained artist will- conduct the classes, and will show you an easy and -attractive way to decorate these articles. No previous experience is necessary as she will be here to help YOU. The plaques are made of a stone composition called "Nu- Stone" and they do not chip or break easily. The subject matter is shown In relief, and may be painted \vith oil paints in any color scheme you desire. In addition to the .plaques are vases/lamps, bookends, boxes and other novelties which will add beauty to your home. No charge will be made for the instruction; paints used in painting the plaques and the brushes are furnished free. In order that we may provide for .everyone interested in these classes, we suggest that you enroll earjy. SPRING HATS Felt with Baku Braid Felt with Panamalac Braid . New AH Straws Here's Advance Spring Hats in the ' Smartest, New, Snug-Fitting, VVat- teau and Brim Styles. You will find black, sand, copen, green -and brown in all head sizes. · " $3 and $5 of the _council, was chairman. The afternoon was given over to group meetings. It was announced that close to 1,000 buyers were registered and that the attendance will probably exceed 3,000 before the end of the week, at which time the council will be adjourned. · Minnesota Potato Stocks on Hand Are Reported t as Lower ST. PAUL, Feb. 5. 'up--Eotatoes held by growers and dealers in Min nesota on Jan. 1 this year totaled 4,598,000 bushels', compared to 6,920,000 Bushels the same time last year and 13,468,000 on Jan. 1, 1$29 Paul H. Kirk, federal agricultural statistician here said today in a po- :ato stocks report. "Stocks of potatoes held by growers and dealers in the 19 surplus states Jan. 1 this year were estimated to be 81,370,000 bushels com- iared with 80,764,000 bushels Jan. 1 ast 'year, and 110,492,000 bushels u Jan. 1, .-1929," the report stated. "The important potato states in his group haying larger stocks than ast year were Idaho, with an in- about 4,000,000 bushels, Oregon and Colorado, with about 2,300,000 bushels each and New York,- vrtlT about 1,300,000 bushels,, "For the 16 deficient states stocks irr band Jan. 1 this year, were es- inaated to be 7,584,000 bushels com- jared with .8520,000 bushels on .and Jan. 1 last year and 20,542,000 lUShals on Jan. 1, 1929. '"According- to .the Intentions rs- lort growers In the United States vould seem likely to plant about 6 ler cent' more than -reported in 930. The II southern states show an increase of about-9.2 per cent, vhile the 35 late states would indi- ate an increase of about 5 per ,ent." i Son Caused Master Farmer to Possess Herd of Purebreds EDDYVUjLE, .Feb. 5. Cff)--The nterest of his younger son in baby calf club work several years ago caused William F. Jager, 59, to staft the purebred Aberdeen-Angus herd from which he sent the 1929 International Livestock exposition n Chicago the grand champion fat steer. · · · Before his son became interested n club work, Jager devoted his at- lention to Shorthorns. The son, Prank,'now a partner with/his father, wanted an Augus calf, however, so his father bought, a cow with her calf. That was 'the beginning of one of the finest herds of A.berdeen-Angus cattle in this section of Iowa. · Jager, one of Iowa's master farmers for 1930, tells why he raises only -mrebred cattle. ''They are the best to get the highest poundage and Tain* and the highest market price.'' Jager, ' however, has other Hve- -tock interests. There also Is on the irogram a yearly crop of from 125 to 150 pigs and a similar crop of ambs. His livestock activities are so 'xtensive in total, in fact, that Jarer yearly buys more feed' than be mn raise on his 328 acres. The sheep, a'r. enterprise, have been signally successful. For many-years, the average crop has been more than one' lamb for each ewe. The 1930 croo was 150 lambs rom 120 ewes. Poultry has not been as extensively developed altho each vaar about 125 hens· are kept over 'rom the fine flock of Wyandottes. Iowa to Get SOO Heds. WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. UP)--Veterans Administrator Hines, in announcing a $17,500,000 hospital program for World war veterans to be ompleted by 1935, included these Jed facilities: Iowa, 300; Fort Sliding-, 200: Eastern South Dakota, 75- Hines, HI., 150; St. Cloud, Minn., 00. Cronch.S^orm Lake Speaker. STORM LAKE, Feb. 5. (/P--Mayr Parker L. Crouch of Des Moinea /ill discuss the proposal to give mu- icipalities some of the automobile cense fees at a Storm Lake Cham- cr of Commerce open meeting Feb RICH GHIGAGOAN KILLS HIMSELF Powell, Contractor,' Recently Wed to Mrs. Fox, Drinks Poison. ' CHICAGO, Feb. 5. (tf^Edward J. Powell, wealthy, street .pavine contractor, W ho recently married Mrs. Cornelia Fox, former wife of Morton H. Fox, Baltimore packer hilled himself last night in his "Gold Coast apartment by swallowing poison while he and his mother were entertaining- a group of acquaintances. Until last week Powell and his bride had been spending their hon- eymopn in Florida. He returned to Chicago unexpectedly.;However, hi's wife is stopping at a hotel In Palm Beach. Powell's mother, Mrs. John Powell told police that her son went into the bathroom of the apartment suddenly, with the remark, "I think I'm apt to die of paralysis some day." He returned within a few minutes and said: "Well, I'll be better off dead anyway. I've just drunk poison." Mr. and Mrs. Powell were married in New York about Jan. 15. Believed Victim of Foul Play. DES KOINES, Feb. 5. UB--Au- thorities were asked to help find George Olson, 45, employe of the Lundgren-Reis bridge building firm here, who was believed to be a victim of foul plajf as he was driving from Central City to Des Moines Begins Duties at Wesley. WESLEY, Feb. 5.--Paul Freeburg' has commenced his duties as marshal, street commissioner and water *uperintehdent, taking the place of William Knfght, who. resigned. \ Child Dies of Burns. MANCHESTER, Feb. 5. UP)--Burial was set today for Herbert Meader, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meader, who died from burns after he had set fire to a barn while playing with matches. Guticura Healed Breaking Out in Form of Rash on Baby's Face. "The trouble began with a breaking out on my baby's face. It was in the form of a rash and spread more and more and the spots got closer together. The baby was restless and fretful and lost some sleep at night It lasted about six weeks. · "I read an advertisement for Cuticura Soap and Ointment and sent for a free sample. I bought more. I washed baby's face with the Cuticura Soap and then applied the Ointment, and after using one cake of Cuticura Soap and two boxes of Cuticura Ointment she was healed." (Signed) Mrs. N. C. Jones, 444 Sherman St, Akron, Ohio. Soap 25c- Ointment 25 and SOc. Talcum 25c. Sold everywhere. Address: "Cullcur. Laboratories, Dept. H, M«!dcn, MKM." Sample each free. LOW 1931 Buy Now! California weather invites you to get out the car and enjoy it. Take the family for those summer rides. But be sure you have good rubber. Now with such low tire prices, everyone can Afford new tires. Drive with new car comfort. 193i y GOODYEARS PUnctureS and blowouts Prevent those equipping: your car now with NEW QUALITY TIRES WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL" \\ N SPEEDWAY 30x31/2 '.,..$3.5(5 440-21 . $4.45 450-20 ........... $4.95 450-21 ... .,$5.05 PATHFINDER 450-21 $6.05 475-19 $7.05 500-19 $7.40 525-21 ... $9.00 ALL WEATHERS 450-21 $ 7.85 475-19 , :. $ 8.55 500-19 - . . . . . $ 9.15 550-19 .-.' ,... $12.00 ALL OTHER SIZES EQUALLY LOW IN PROPORTION SPECIAL LOW PRICES ON FACTORY BLEMISH WHILE THIS GROUP LASTS! We have a small stock of factory blemished tires to dispose of at once. Remember, most of them are just as good as any new tort tire, some have only slight blemishes that can hardly be told. Many users ha" e had " success and come back for more. Try a set today. 30 x 31/3 Path. O. S. .......;... $3.95 440-21 All Weather -.. $5.65 450-21 All Weather $5.95 600-21 All Weather $9.95 A SPECIAL CLOSE-OUT ON 6-PLY, HEAVY DUTY HIGH PRESSURE CASINGS Double O.S... ..$5.65 I ·'34 x 4'/ 2 S. S. r, $11.75 S ;, -,...$7.95 I 35x5S.S...... $10.95 ";L ^ EXTRA SPECIAL REBUILT BATTERIES $2.50 AND EXCHA'NGE Because Millions More People RIDE ON GOODYEAR TIRES THAN ANY OTHER KIND These high quality tires at low prices are made possible! USED TIRES GUARANTEED 90 DAYS JOE AN/ELS MASTER SERVICE STATION CHAMPLIN GASOLINE AND OJL, QUAKER STATE MOTOR OIL, CAR WASHING CAR GREASING, VULCANIZING, BATTERY RECHARGING, ROAD SERVICE'. DON'T CUSS - FONE US, 688 - FIRST AND WASHINGTON, AVE., S. W. i I J } \ ' {

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