The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 24, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, September 24, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 280. Gettysburg, Pa.," "Wednesday, September 21th., 1913. Price Two Cents. ^ With-Shawl Collars For Men and Women Navy, Dark Oxford said Brown This Year's Shades. Prices $1,50 to $7.w7 Childrens* Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. All Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season _ Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women, s BUGGY SHAFT PIERCES LUNGS HAZING WEEKS COME TO AN END RECEPTION FOR PREPARING FOR NEW MINISTER TOWNSHIP ROADS LTOE8 Clarence Myers, Hew Oxford, Victim 1 Freshmen, Victims of Sophomore College Church Congregation We!of Serious Accident when he Coi-1 Pranks forJLast Two Weeks, are ] comes Dr. ^Wagner, its|Mew Pas- now Free. Must Wear Green Tags | tor. Addresses by Various Mem- for a While. j bers. Pretty Decorations lides with Vehicle. Now in Hospital. E I Riding headlong into an approaching ] Since Gettysburg College opened two ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" = ! buggy.. Clarence Myers, of Xew Ox- j weeks ago the Freshmen have been E ! ford,"sustained serious injuries Tues- j kept more than busy playing the lead- S i dav evening about seven o'clock when i ing role in the comedy-drama known j dered a most delightful reception to In the tastefully decorated Sunday- School room of College Church iche j congregation on Tuesday evening ten- = a. buggy shaft penetrated his left side \ as '· nillll!!li!ll!IIIIItlir.IlUI!nil!ltlH!lHll|HIIt!IIitlll!IIItlUIi:(lIHIIIlll!i:iiil»ll!!illll!l!!IltH!ltU!!ttl!HIIltr; and ounctured the lung. He is now in | Few nights have passed that some | Mrs. Wagner. the new pastor, Dr. A. E. \ and the York hosnita! where an operation j unfortunate new men have not had was nerformed late Tuesday night. | to crawl out from their peaceful slum^ The young man is seventeen years of { bers and sing "Showers of Blessing" WALTER'S THEATRE The usual plain appearance of the room was entirely absent Tuesday evening, an abundance of asparagus To-night and all this ^c-t-k: The t-ver popular MANHATTAN PLAYERS. Jin one of the shoe factories in Xew i Oxford and at night works in the ex- To-nigh WilR.KEARXEY FROM K!LLARXEY"An Irish Romance) {change of the Cumberland Valley Tele- Student Council and the upper-classmen, -for a Deriod of two weeks after were decorated with huge bunches of the asparagus tied with large the opening of school has been a | bows of red and the walls and PRICES- 10, 20 and 30c. Doors Opra 7.30 Curtain 8:15 SEATS NOW OX SALE AT PEOPLE'S DRt'G STORE. NOTE--Change of Program Every Nlght- rorry for every j ivindows were adorned in similar fash- K E W P H O T O P L A Y j phone Company in the same town. Be- { source of fear and itween time of quitting at the shoe [ Freshie and they no doubt are thank-| ion. Cut flowers were used in other ^ f actorv and starting at the exchange j f ul that now xheir long two weeks of j portions of "the room. The scheme of 1 he frequently takes bicycle rides and: amusing the Sophs have come to a he had just started out Tuesday even- ! close. Tuesday night closing the un- haoov period. ing when xhe accident happened. He was nearing the railroad crossing near "che station and was not car- A big bon Sre in front of one of the dormitories, twenty men or more, with SELIG rving anv light when the approaching good, s'couc paddles and a Freshman or * T * i i- , J T---. TT- ! *-.,..., --.,» «*vnv*r»f%. ·f-Vto. f*tff\Tir-rl ii'nr^? -mnra. KALESI LCB1X . . . _ . _ . . THE ATTORNEY FOR THE DEFENSE Kak-ru j ?«m suddenly confronted him. He j wo to amuse the crowa until more A yotm" lawyer estran-^i from li : s =-.vwthea« sneers her in hiter vears as tbe 1 either became confused or was riding j can be routed out zrom their places oz opposing coansefin an important case. \Vith Ml?3 ALICE JOYCE ia threading j too rapidly to ~ -'-' '" --v: J : _~ .i,.~ «-,,,-,, -^ ,,,.,,,,,,,,-·«= stop for he went hiding, usually" starts the evening's BOB BUYS AX ACTO Lubia Comedy and leaves bioi- ess. But late- Bob's auto, purchased at a second-hand store, breaks do-* n self and friends in 2. bad predicament. THE BEAUT FROM BCTTE--Labin Comedy Bad Bill comes on a visit East anci tells big stories of his prowess- it is k-arned that he drives the sprinkling wagon in hif home to'-vn. AVEEX MEV FORGET--Selig A story of tae traisdy that resulted when an arrist rcse to fame too quick. COMING ---iALKALt IKE'S GAL". Comedy in two reels- AUTUMN HUNTING For new styles in suits and overcoats has be^un «o-.v. bet the man who is fortunate enough to be a pasron. ot 'The S:iop knows that be need not seek any further. Oar handsoase and el^ant fii!rics are awailia'4 your choice and our ^ r yles ur-: iip-to-tUfi-ininute and we will 5. an-i Sni=h your oatSt in a manner at can only be done when you have it made by Will M. Selligman, Cash. Taylor. straight into the shaft- Earl Cashman, the driver of the team, at once went to performance". Barking at the moon, ex- temooraneous soeeches to amuse the po decorations was in charge of Miss Kate Gilbert, Mrs. J. A. Holtzworth and Mrs. C. B. Stover who were as- Adams County's Roads wiil be Gov-1 Correspondents send in Msny Items erned according to Provisions of i of interesting Ksv/s frsni ihsrr Act Passed by the Last Legisla-j Respective Towns. Personals ture. Tbe Plans. j and Many Brief Hems. The State High-A-ay Department has | coa^ple'ced its plans for taking over' Arendtsvllis ARSNBTSVILLE ^ n.::i ^e hui !ust r.~'~y has put th^ the township highways of Adams Co., · Saturday Swith those of the other counties of the [ground in excellent State, and the various boards' ing and fa:! seeding. of township supervisors. The forma! | Last Tuestl-y mor-insr there w^s action takes place early in December. ', considerable fi-ost in the !cv- Iar.Cs an J when the new board of supervisors be! along the sire^:n = . gin their terms of oSce. A !a.w per- i 31iss Ruth E- Xo-^r has g-"i to Bos- mitting this was passed by the last! 10:1 to the Xew Ei-gl^infj Conssrv:-.- legislature and Tener, July 22. signet! bv Governor ! torv of Music. Samue. ^.. rianr.:;TM. w«o .ere nere the injured boy-"s side and. with the as-1 spectators, imitations of love scenes, sistance of several people, carried him j etc., are only a few of the lighter pun- to the office of Dr. George Seaks.where 1 ishments which are meted oat to the preliminary treatment was given. La- j Freshmen for their alleged verdancy. ter he was taken in Elmer Living- j Only recently one of the larger at- ston's automobile to the York hospital.! tractions was staged when practically Word from there this morning stated, j the whole class was divided and placed that he had spent a fairly comfortable [ on the two ends of a heavy rope, which njcrht. ihad been stretched across the Tiber. team Gettysburg Myers approaching, it is said. UNIQUE RECORD sisted fay other members of the congregation. An informal reception was held from seven to eight o'clock, those in the receiving line being Dr. and Mrs. "Wagner, Dr. and Mrs. M. Coover and Dr. fL C. Alieman. Dr. Coover and Dr. Alleman. are former pastors of the church. The formal program of the evening was opened with Scripture reading and prayer by Dr. T. C. Biliheimer and then Prof. C."F. Sanders called on the following to extend greetings to the new pastor. Dr. H. C. Alleman. president of the church council; Dr. A. Singmaster. president of the Theo- Highway Commissioner E. M. E:sr-S rifteen year? ago an-J *.Tcr.t to AoIIene. low has established a bureau of tow:;- J Kansas, is litre -.-siting- ills parants. ship highways. The state will be ii-: Mr. a::I Mr.?. Jchn He re- vided into districts and a district su- ; ports th-i corn crop--owing to the perintendenc of township highways J severe drought--ahr.cst ^r. e-:t:re rai!- tvill be appointed in each. The town- i ure in Xhe section of Kcnsas v.'here he ship supervisors will be answerable to | resides. this official. i M. S. Anderson, an engineer of the The State Highway Department will · Pennsylvania Rsiireae. ^t Pittsburgh. minu'tely describe the duties of the su-1 spent his vacation h^re with Keber E. ervisors, fix standarcs of supplies and ) Lower in the home of Mr. aid Mrs. iquipment for the maintenance and re- j J. C. D. Lower. iair of the roadways and approve all [ Calvin Vt'iklisor.. -.vho has a position ians aud specifications for the con-j In Philadelphia, ts" spending- his vaca- strucrion and repair of all roadways i dors with his parents. Mr. s.~~-d Mrs. and bridges. i John A. Wildison. It is not believed that one-third of! Mrs. John Krneinger. of ".I-.tiuletowE. he supervisors "throughout the state I and Mrs. Lelah G. Hineinger and little .inow that the law changes, their ten- j 30:1, John, of FliVsbargh. and ure of oince and provides for the elec- j SHa Spangier. of Gettysburg. tion this year of supervisors for foui j .vere recen and six vear terms. In filing papers in j 3eorge G. ] Record- of -Gettysburg "Anniversary to J companied with' a splash- . A. Granville, esident of the college; I. L. Taylor, superintendent of the Sunday School; should continue until one of the sides i Miss Carrie Musselman, for the Wo- should pull the other into the stream, j man's Missionary Society; Mrs-George j It took quite a pull to effect the desir- | M.. Rice, for the Young People's -Misi ed result but it came in due tinie ac- sionary Society; Robert Games, for be Preserved for All Time. ^ historical record, of the j, arrov ,- s great reunion of .veterans of the battle ]^. s m e Another time amusement -was fur- Snished when one of the janitor's wheel- A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. ! of Gettysburg- held on the fiftieth an- ' lnates I niversary in -July is being prepared. of .^ crov .-c Beitler- secretary | secured and a Freshman to haul one of his class- |the Christian Endea%*or Society. Little Eleanor Heindel presented the Mission Band greetings in the form of a basket of Sowers. Dr. Wagner made a fcaptv resnonse and, during the pro- i by" Colonel-Lewis JE- Beitler- secretary j ^ e j of the commission and the man who | _ as , Shad "charge of the organization andj. r1wA I details of the notable gathering- This j In the Disr.Iav of Suit fabrics for autumn, now ready at the LIPPY STORE there is 30 room for doubt as to tbe correct fashion or true quality. Early choosinz is best choosing. J. D. UPPY lailor. I S a | record is to be preserved in. the State j nas j unl an( i a f ter a mock trial were j Museum, and jtn many instances, wiE | sentence( j xo be '"tarred and feather- jbe unusual. 'J-ne record will concain. i ed -.- Molasses - vvas tfc e tar and an as| a history of the movement for the cele- I sorrmerit; o f chicken feathers and I [oration and statements of the encour- j other var i e ties. even to several large j to class to the cheers and jeers j gram, there were musical numbers by Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Eckert and Miss Mary Himes. The reception closed with the serving of refreshments to the large number present. climax of the whole performance on Monday night when s three unfortunate Freshmen were *'. imprisoned in the Gym- FOR APPLE SHOW agement- was lent to it in. Make Apple Show a Feature of Fair at Biglervilie. Northern and Southern States. Prob- ones that some "dme or other had been! taken, as a souvenir from some the pictures of the men had to THev^wuT ihe committee in charge of the fruit of the winter fair, to be lair , aepartment ^IHIlim!lHHHBH!ll»HI!II!!lIIi!IlHHHU«HiniI!J!IHHlIHHiniIIHn»inn»nW!«BnHnihH»HJIHIHHie !t , = Student Supplies== "The Approved Kind" Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, in the sound of the VIctrola music. ] do with, the celebration. I include che likenesses of William H- j mept for an hour or so ! Taft and Woodrow TVilson and taelr | A great kindness was bestowed on Secretaries of War. the senatorial and !- fae ^ crims aftenrards when they were iongressional committees in charge,, al j OTv - 6( j To have warm water and take the ofncers of the army who had to 5 much -^ me as nec essary to ""clean do with the preparations and handling-1^,, after t heir unpleasant punishmeni. of The camp and reunion; Edwin S. ~ Th j s morning the. hundred or more dance. _ Three. nne_SEecimens_o£ jm- 5.^ r ^. orldng on the premium, list, manirv were the cause or much mem- := 1 Stuart; che Governor who called at~ ', teiition to the importance of arrang- = ling for the celebration in a message = : to the Legislature, and John K- Tener. = j under whose administration it was'. jjg^gQ new men appeared wearing on tnarj m e r d a l and expect to have some very attractive prizes to announce soon. Apple growers all over the county are saving their best fruit for exhibit- There will be classes for boxes anc barrels, as well as for plates, of near Iv all the leading commercial varieties, class Miss S. 3. ent visitors :n the homes of filing papers in j 3eorge G. Plank and V,'. Pettis. he various counties, the candidates i In th:s place, "or supervisors failed to indicate which Lloyd V.'arren, of JETarrishurg. spen: ;erm they sought, with the result that several days in the home of II. C. ?-af- ;ensoferger. his brother-in-law. Miss Jeanette Uatton has returned -nrl- I "ng- some time In the horces of Dr. Le- rov Merrhnan and Gsorgra Ovler. af ter the November election the supervisors" will have to draw lots to decide vhich of them shall serve for four and .o her home in Lancaster after spend- vhich the full term of six years- Farmers will not be allowed to work out their road taxes, the privilege be- ng abolished by the act, which also abolishes the office of township clerk. The new township supervisors take the places of the old road supervisors, lereafter, each second-class township shall receive annually from the state 50 ner cent of the total amount of road tax collected in the township. CHURCH WEDDING Serald Smith and Miss Julia Martin Married at a Nuptial Mass. St. Mary's church, McSherrystown. was the scene of an impressive wedding at 6:30 o'clock Tuesday morning, when Miss Mary -Julia Martin, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Martin, of McSherrystown. and Gerald F. Smith, of Pittsburgh, son of Hon. and Mrs. C. D. Smith, of McSherrys- fcown, were married at a nuptial high mass. Rev. L. Aug. Eeudter rector of 5t- Mary's officiated, assisted by Rev. j IDAYILLE Idaville--Miss Annie Smith, of New- jort. is visiting- S. E. Sniith and wife. Mrs. S. B. Myers and sens, Raymond md Arthur, and cu-ug-fcter. Gre'lna. spent Saturday in Carlisle. Mrs. S. E. Smith and Miss Annie Smith spent Tuesday with friends in jettysburg. McCleller-. Howe, of Huir.raelstown, ^nent Sunday with Mrs. Annie 0- Bream and family. The Musselman factory ·star'ced. work again Tuesuay. having: Closed down for a few days on account; jf not having anples. Mrs. "Wilson Keller and son. Free, nade a business trip to Carlisle one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hanpete an- ·iocnce ihe comin.c i.iarriage of their Jausrhter. Catharine L.. to Francis E. \ 7»!ii!erT~oii Tuesa-y. Ccto j-jr ~147 srcr Reading. Rev. S- E. ir.ita :s visiting xnenas arranged for coni- a liberal pre- three barrels of . . , ^v-^k Imperials selected at random for several jveeKs. Uhe cara «j f r o m lfc e regular commercial pack of am a rresaman' ana then J^ gn)wer ^^^ to enler . ^ucli in- B- A, O'Hanlon, chaplain at Pennsyl-! a Lovettsvilie. \ vania State College. | ^ Ir a r f j ji rs _ j_ H. Stemei-. cf Una -They were attended by Miss Mary | ^gitgj friends in town Sur.Jav. C. Smith, a sister of "che groom, as j bridesmaid, and V. Weaver Smith. brother of the srroom. as best The bride was attired in a dress of white crepe meteor en-train, with veil. The bridesmaid wore a white lingerie i ^ ( frock over pink, with hat to match, j ,_ Mrs. Ross Sas! ar.-d Cc.^;;h:er. Ellza- jeth, have returned to tr.e:r home in Steelton. after ='jer;c:::g: z. t"W wird^s George Gro-pi ;.r.c iunii:y. c'-- Lc"."2"-- v--=---2u f~2~ds Immediatelv folSowins: the cere- i T: ^e- ·| keresung matters^ will be preserved ! necessarv au - c hority and class meetings j = j in this record for ail time. TO KILL SCALE | People's and Huber s | Drug Stores. IIIHI rtiinmnniiniH nnmmim niiiinHBinHinitiinnnnHUnnnnHi!»ininin»innnninininuiiHt; = ! = i j Millions of Dollars Hare Been Lost for the Fruit Growers- :nioue. So far as known, it has never | been tried In any other show. , ! Chester J. Tvson. J- Andrew Kane | are being held to irame formal pro- 1 d ^^ A V olfe are the conimil | tests against tfte mdignity. | .^ in charge of the f ^ department , land information concerning it can be ] secured from any of therp- centers in this class, for it is n:o::y. a wadding breakfast was serv- j T)A',J-\QFD "«-T_\ T£^ BOXES INSPECTOR HERE Save Money-Thai's what You Do, When you get Dr. Hudson on tho job. He don't farm you vvith any un- r ecessary trips at your expense. That's not his reputation, j J s San ,, ,t_ __ _ i i t- t r . - - done millions Any phone. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian. Professor H. A. Surface. State Eco] nomic Zoologist, announces that he has ! discovered a parasite that -vcill destroy j jthe San -Jose scale, an. announcement | tha^ means more to the fruit growers ;and tree me ! that has Local Corps Inspected by State partment Officer. De- BUYS HOTEL The Departisient Inspector. Miss Eila j Jlv, from Lykens. was present at the j Old Hotel Stand Changes Hands after Many Years. the Woman's Re-! Benjamin H. Eline. who has been r.f i i ! ed at the home 01 the bricia. ai which 3Ir. and Mrs. Smith left f": j One Box Damr.CfC c."d iiu- Pittsburgh. where a newly furnished ! AriOirer. residence awaits them. They will be ! at home after October ist. The groom is a graduate of the Han- I Ur.itec Stores n over High School, and of Pennsylvania j sare reportec TC- Slate College, in the class of 1911. He 1 OepE.n.r.,e:.t a: ? is an electrical engineer. Tha bride ;s - i -poctor is e:\rve graduate of St. Joseph's Academy. Me-! -vo Sherrvstov,-n. ', ' ? s,:a:; j Professor Surface says he has dis- ] WHIPPED ICE CREAM !covered and is propagating and dis-] Nothing aner than this! sem j na ting'"this narasite of the San -SURETY OF THE PEACE · - a » r :v~" or Mrs. John Collins Brings 1 Against Her Husband. Action some or.e havi.-.c: Jr^r, ; n frait trees in this State. Katie Hoack. Sing conducted business at that place for over thirty years, retiring- from ! :arge charge of suretv of the oeace brougr.:'. JIace overonr oric^nal formula by a secret process, ?,c quart, 15c pint, can be made. VANILLA, ^CHOCOLATE, PEACH. -5 and lOc a plate. Sodas and Sundaes made Ice Cream 5e. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN s e n n a i,g.- j Jose sca ie^S-hicli is eifectivelv and en- RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT FOP P\TF 175 acres limestone and caestnnt soil, 135 acres cultivated, 40 acres oak and chestnut timber, fine meadow for crazing, near trolley line, r-ilroad =fition. town, graded school and high school, bank barn sO x oO. cement cow stables.-large double hoi^e, is Brooms, both phones, large^ w n acres alfalfa, 2 cuttings this year, nne IT u * f* _ . _ * ' -v t . _ i _ r --. r.» ^.-. *.i* ».-»-»-.-* ·' tirely clearing up' the pest throughout j entire counties in Pennsylvania. For jsome time he and his orchard inspec- 'tors have been working on this sub| ject, and it was not until he was certain of every important detail that the j announcement was made. MARRIAGE LICENSES active business about seven years ago. i agairzst by his v.-if e. He was giver. { a hearing- before Squire Charles W.'_ Permit- to' Wed Issued by Clerk the Courts. of! UNUSUAL CHARGE on i County Woman Arrested on Charge of A marriage license was issued Tuesday to C. E- Grouse and Miss '· Susack, both of Detroit, | Poisoning- a Dog-. COMING ENTS Bucher ar.d will regular court. oc ne:a :or tne r^;-.: iOc:. 4--Foot D..:.. ! Xixc.i Flel:. opportunity for you to buy a strictly ·__ . . . . shnpft. Come to soe« a not-about ihi? tanii, the pnco is nsht. Anna Jacoby. of Mount -Joy twp., j was arrested by Officer C. D. Grof t. on i Tuesday,on a warrant issued by Squire JV. H. Lilly, on oath of Charles Rick- MEX wanted to work en raisroaa r.;. Gettysburg, apply to Dennis Twoniey. j Oct. II--A"- . -advertisement- 1. Scnov. eyci.:--:^" ' 1^1^- '·' -i! ' -"-. - -. tie., i-^--i% ---- ·-· -- THE Adams County Nursery offers a fine lot of fruit trees. H. G. Baugher,' men£ proprietor, Bendersville Station; Aspers Post Office, Pa. --advertisement 1 COME to Mcllhenny's warehouse WOMEN and girls vranted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertise-],""'. ^ . iS - 1 fendant entered bail for a hearing. r o e , of near McSherrystown. charg- The de . BUNK PECIDU N", Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna.' f or new ear corn.--advertisement 1 FOR SALE: two colts, five months old. Jacob A. Kemper, Gettysburg, 1 Route 3.--advertisement 1 LOST: tan and white bull dog. Finder will notify Times Office.--advertisement. 1 FOR REXT: two rooms with con-1 veniences for light housekeeping, o2 i Oct. East Middle street, Gettysburg.--advertisement Brua Char jOc'i. IS-- LOST: small silver watch with own- j er's name thereon. Return to Little.--advertisement C. K.! MFX an-: .-ys v.-..- i:;;::»i'- Copina'.^.--fid' .NFVSPAPF.Rr

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