The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1913
Page 6
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THE GREAT- INTER-STATE FAIR -and HORSE SHOW -in- H A G E R S T O W N October 14-17 Enormous Agricultural, Horticultural and Live Stock Exhibits. R A C I N G P R O G R A M The Finest Races Daily. $7.100 in Purses. P O U L T R Y S H O W The Largest and Best Ever Seen. PAIN'S SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS Pain's Spectacle "Last Days of Pompeii." Five Performances, commencing Monday Night at S o'clock. UNIOK STOCK YARDS TEAM 1 The Celebrated Six-Horse Team of the Union Stock § Yards. Chicago, will be on exhibition each day of g the Fair. Extraordinary Free Attraction in front of the Grand ' Stand. Special Trains and Rates on All Railroads. For Information, Premium List. Etc.. apply to If you are contemplating A WESTERN TRIP Take advantage of the LOW RATE COLONISTS FARES TO ALL POINTS WEST B (Effective Sept. 24th-.Oct ·S, ~ 9th. Via WESTERN MARYLAND LINES Consult local ticket agents. · An Opened Grave By SAMUEL-R- BRANT '· .V"{ ·* mm j Private Sale | The undersigned will sell My father was one of tlie Argonauts, "r forty.niters. as they, were called, i He toid me this t-iory when I was a. i Httie boy: - | "1 was washing: for gold the same j as others/* hsTsazd. "and Jlin Barlow,,j a young feHow about my age, was j v.':ish!ig sioKg^itle of me. A storm. | « as coming up. aii-1 we were conclud- j ing it was about tima to gee under i cover "when aJJ of a sudden I saw Jlni i, iitvh forward cu his face. At the same | liiiie i was lHi_d»Kl by n Cash and heard : a terriiie clap of thunJer. V.'heu we.' ;sick!l Jim tip be was dead. | "That was before the present meth- J oils of IwiajriHjj ner^'wis to life as they i o!r.etinsos do iw.v, niid no oue had} ever heard of a persosi receiving a dose f at eieciric-itystroutc enough to till, and I yet in a few'hours, bo perfectSy well) sg:'iu. Xone- of us s-i'-v auy use hold- i -» -. r, .- , ,. .. . Suit Question !S the Most cult Problem of the Sea- 800 TOP Women. , DRESS ALWAYS NEEDED *· ~ *~ L:tttc Go'wh of Taup* Silk j Shown In the {Jiustration--The ; Combination Gown Has Many ] Advantages. i miles !at private sale, situated two west cf Orrtanna mijes south-west his farm north- and two of Cash jtown, In the apple belt, con- gaining seventy acres-45 acres j clear; the balance in timber. G. A.MICKLEY, R. R. Orrtann H D. H. STALEY. ^ Secretary. T. A.'POFFENBERGER, President. - ^yf-i«i-«« sv^vasS-vvvm iajj tin to .ihi)'£ botly for any !eu;ta : «f time. He !»ad been killed by light- j ::i!!g :tud that's ail there was about j ·t- So ve~set one of the yo!d washers, who was ;i earpoarer by trade, to make j a coffin or. rather. :i bos. and we buried I ·tiru under a !»!:? tree that stood apart I froBi ether trees. j "1 washed gold uy 3nd down the: creaU for some time when oue of those ; earthquakes they have In the Golden ; State came-aJons ali( l left great fls-[ s;:rcs in its trac't- A few days after I the- occurrence 1 "-as passing the place | where Jim Barlow was struck by Sight- \ miis. One of the assures that had j been left by the quake ran right along j the foot of the tree and there was the-; end of his eoiSa scickiag out: on one FOR SALE: several choice building 1 ; lots fronting: on South street. Apply George P. Black. --advertisement o:«:£*3«g»x«K«£^*£*:^^*^^ o» » p^; Will be continued to and including sz I * :$ I I 9. * ?; S 9 « fc: = SPECIAL- = BARGAIN Will be continued to and including Saturday, September 27 We have received our complete line of FALL and WINTER SHOES for men, ladies', misses and children. Crossetts for men. Radcliffes for women. THOMAS BROTHERS, SALE side of the cleft tllrr. '·I didn'c propose to leave the body of j a friend In that condition, so I dag out | the cofSu. intending to rebury it. Either | the quake or something had loosened { the lid, and I raised it. The coffin was empty. '"I never had such a surprise in my j life. Thf 1'-1 h--'d been nailed oa--we hatia'c 3"y screws :it the time of the burial. The nailing had been so care- icssly done that several nails had missed striking the bo- or had gone through sideways. If JIi'i had. come to life ic wou?d have been easy enough for him \ to have kicked off the lid. But I ones- ! tionod if he couid have broken through { the grouLd above bira. though we 1 t Xew York.--The suit question is the most.dlScul? problem of the season, because severely tailored modes are rivaled by the demi-tailored suits thai are quite dressy. Heretofore you felt perfectly satisfied if you, go; a plain tailored suit of serge, or another light- cloth, for you know that it be in good style for utility and semi-dress -.rear throughout the spring and summer. But. this .is not so thii season, for you realize that a silk suit. 35 absolutely necessary for demi-cress occasions, and that a cloth suit :z needed for morning and traveling wear. In other words, you are confronted with the necessity of getting two suits! Probably this may seem like extravagance, "if you. don't stop to consider that a silk cress is always needed in the spring, and that i* yo»i can get a coat with it. you will have a suit s.s well as a dress. , Combination Gcv/n. If you anticipate- many social nffairs that require an afternoon gown, or If look in upon the races, you will 2nd it an economy to get two such cos- -2. combination suit, with a" taken pains to dig the grave v-try deer, also tlie long storm -K-hici foUo' : vecl the Utirial niustTnavc vrashed a j:oo;l «3en! of ground, ofr the suriace. "But al" tliis was of no Importance- i .Tiin hajl been killed, and -a~few hours 1 afterward bad beea J)tiriecL Ic was jrcttlng dark when we planted him. . and the next morning we bad ail gone Biglerville, Pa. ;*; ^:»H*K^ i »HSH«^0s:»K»^*x®s^H«:?»?:e^»^«»X9::9:» We have taken the agency tor the famons Story Clark Fianos. These Pianos are not the cheap and non-quality kind, but are made of the best material and carefully constructed. Exquisite tone and easy touch. bo:c fo" cash or on the easy-payment plan. Come in and examine them. Full garuar.tce gees with each piano. of the Rocky mountains, and no | one had ai»y use so far as I can see for j" the corpse. "Such mysteries don't interest a busy j pe^r'-e such as we were one There at i that time. and. I didn't spend much I time trying :o solve the puzzle. I got j ifred of placer mining and. going to a different location, fctnlcett one a claim. "There was a trail ier.ding by my mine. an'I one -Jay. when. I was sitrinir on a log resting, witb a pipe in my "nouih. I ht£.rd soine anircnl coming tip ' tbe gnich. In a fevr minutes i saw « horse -with a man on it coming lick- ! sty-spH". n-'Tse and man dashed past \ 3ie. the man sraring ac me wildly, antl yo;;"d better believe I stared at him. j His face wos v.-hire as that of a corpse, i hh^^jjes ".very scirtinsr onf of his -inc!--he- -«..? .Tlia Uariow. "At C~-t I w:.s too paralyzed TO move. | i IQ wren I c.iaso to myself he had f I r'"J"f-cn ···it of hearin^:. I listened and", chorciit : besrd the hoofs of horses; -Iowa ilif jrz^h. bnr nothing showed { "··*. n"«J s',«in I heara them po more. j "I never w:^ :n=:ch jrivcn to being · ^'rr.Id. bur i he sight of Barlow, vrho ! *)"'! Lc"i : i!:c"JI standing be?u1e me, j j th"n i.i-«k r -;j i;p by an earta;Gake · i :r,:-i n--_- KTcc ihr.t nnaerved me. ify | ? i^| ze*"!' 1 -Ir'.ti--rcI so that I bit off the; would simply ruin their lovely appearance, and, therefore, made them with 'camisoles Xunder bodices) of lice, net aad ribbon. The prettiest of these blouses are fashioned with V-front necks, edged with' frills of shadow lace, which, also-.continue'down the fronts to the waist; linel Sometimes these blouse's iave Sat' collars .and tumback cuffs of white messallne to give them a tone of richness. It seems carious that not until tliis year did women realize that Tihite crepe de chine malies the most satisfactory utility blouses. Of coarse, fhe styles heretofore did not "require this charming silk qrep^ for their interpretation--even though they would have been better if they had--so .we had to .wait for tiie'Trotreur modes of 1513 to make its conversant with the fact. These Trotteur styles, v,bica are also known as Behardeur modes--having been copied from the French v/orli- men's sbirts--are cuite the- smartest when not trimmed v.-ith. anything except cordings o* the silk, and black silk cravats. The mocefe wita slightly high turn-down collar and sniaJJ revers that form a V-neck. Is considered the best. Effective Fiaitsd Styles. If the new white chiffon blouses have won your admiration, you trill not regret a considerable- expenditure if you get the effectively plaited styles thac have bat mere touches of lace, if any trimmings, for those of plain chiffon rot only loci;: richer, but they will dry clean more successfully, and be sure to get them with Sesh-color chiffon linings. If you need a rather dressy afternoon coat, as well as an evening wrap and'don't fee! as though you could afford to ge? both, may I suggest one cf te new beaded wraps that are so appropriate before 6 p. m_, as they are thereafter? These wraps, which are most eSect!ve waea. In a lust-below hip length and draped in a swathe-like fashion, are of black Brussels net, encrusted with jet, crystal, moonlight or iridescent beads and lined with black chiffon.--the fronts and sleeves are finished with narrcnv ends of black satin or moire. A composite cf elegance and simplicity best describes any one cf these wraps. Suit of Taupft Silk. Among a collection, of sheer frocks shows at a Fifth, avenue house, which were greatly reduced in price, was an admirable little gowa pictured in the I'iUstra-tlos.. It was . coac and skirt suit of taupe silk cloth with crossed vest of embroidered satin. Tire blouse wMch accompanied the suit was of allover lace trimmed with narrow tulle ruches. There was a large Sat colia- attaehed to tbe blouse which folded over the jacket and formed a collar. Tae jacket was mace with an attached peplum which, curved sharply awayjs front. -- ' =-Peau de cuir is the name of the i:e~ iighivreighc woolen fabric that Is being used for steamer and sports coa^s.- The rone of elegance thar this leather- effect, material possesses, explains why the Ixadon tailors are making ic into severely fashioned Haglan styles, with belted backs. Long and slender quills are the latest note in tailored millinery. And although fashion is perching many of them on the backs of nats, she appreciates that on some stvles they look best in the fronr or at the sices. Tney are nearly always poised at a decided angle. Cretonne-for i rirnmincs. One-piece frocks as well cs blouse ssits of linen, linene, voile and ottrer much observed summer fabrics have the necessary contrast supplied, is. trimmings of cretonne, which, is constantly growing: In. favor. In fact, this fad for utilizing cretonne has developed so rapidly that ~he mere daring cesigners do not hesitate to fashion entire costumes from ft, while jackets are everyday occurrences. They are -~toni o: rr,~- ".*..-! -von 'iVoat did it mean? j Sheet osic '.\ e have a nice line or the latest Popular bhcet Music. Classical Music. r.- - · Also Operatic and \ Victrolas e have the Victor Victrolas and Records. The latest Grand Opera car. oe heard right in your own parlor, at a very slight cost. Edison Phonographs and Records We have all the latest Blue Amberol Records in stock. The advantage of bir-i.ig these Unbreakable Records is readily seen. The .slight difference iiTcost :s more zr.ade up by the decrease in breakage. f G burg Department Store ^ VE® »-- i recovered from the i h-r k '. f":i f - r,i\-^l to go d'iwri the gulch j :!·: try Ji :'.-\tl ont if acy one eise hao j V.i" r!;-.«t. I found a man vrho ] He (le-cri'^eil the cighr lust as 11 sad ?·" it ir_ lie nlso told me that i !i- re Iia'i 2-j»n considerable excite- j a":.t i'."r-r.;:o;3T; on account of the es- f -a:H,- of a 1:-r-e thief. He was to have j o* «i innir r ''i ;*n*_i got a"W3.v. | ·'Tr.i=; TI···;:(] «:nvecsp«"-ne'l the mat-I ] tcr i f .1 ;:'t'!;ft been that the man I ; ! cs-v vrr.- .TIL. :;-:riow. nnc! Jim Barlow I -"s.s, lf,"l. "A' '.T, r. v. -;k after th:^ a man cnmc o my -.r. ;·; :;:ju paid a friend of raine | "."T.rt-I n." i' cow Io»vn to I_ I : ~" IT T ~:T', the- rncp^enger. vrho took ine ; ih- OI.-:T, -vho "inn a horse thief ia i :i:i 11. T!,e horse tnisf was Jim Bar- ; f»v.. i " *\Vhy. ,:--/ I shontea. 'I thocga^} ] ·-'»-, w«re '!»-,·! ;* · [ " 'I nin'r -lead, he sni«. 'and I ain't a j I« thief. Thes^ fellows have got i "1 \',;-.']:· -: for him. and tliey let him j xo. »!·-« i-t'.\ :.:t- tb"t tome time after | :.'· li.'.f'. bctjii --truck by Jighteing--he ] -ti.-ln't know Low long--he had dream-1 ··''j Lc vss^ '-".rrocsting. Rai~ing a-leg, j :H !:ic!:(! off :\\ti Ikl of J:is cotf.n nnd a \ f«cf of v.c-J- 'hrt beside*. He was so! Krror !7if.^:: that he didn't stop run- | J5;v,- til! he 5 id put miles between him . ·1 ii,.-~ ?«~i7-. no wonli'n't hnvc gone j ci tw its location for tbe world."' If you hare no trees in your chicken i yards plant some corn to make shade j I while the trees are growing- old goia crepe ce chine skirt (fashioned in a "peg top" or draped style), with bodice of natural color filet and taechlin laces and gold embroidery, with a girdle of Jvattier blue silk; a suit of black crepe meteor, with Jaunty empire cutaway coat and draped skirt, ard by haviag the coat lined with gold-color chiffon you can wear it with the old gold gown, and at other times, the lace bodice of the so doing you can. really have three beautiful costumes for the cost of two. As the season advances it becomes more evident that the rich-colored gowns ana short black coats are foremost among -ultra styles. Although I have already suggested a black crepe meteor suit, I want to second the fact, s you. zas.y hs tempted by th brocade and Canton crepes that are so popular. Crepe meteor always looks reSned and elegant, while the others are apt to become too common by being imitated. Cote de cheval, which looks like silk Bedford cord, is worthy cf your consideration, if yon wish to expend at least five dollars a yard for the material- This sflk is also used for the Snest afternoci! coats. Season of Blouses. This is surely a. season .of blouses! And, even though, new styles have been incrodaeed every few weeks, you have no occasion to feel passe, for they are all so different. Lace blouses, v.hich are the latest'rnoce, are certain to reign throughout the summer, because they are so fine and dainty. As O.ese blouses are really transparent-- 'oe;r:g made of shadow lace--their de- were clever enough to know that just any kinds of corset covers exceedingly esective and wiii add to the gayety of fashionable assemblages this summer. In face, the garden, parties of ISIS will be wonderful studies in color, for the green. landscape will act as a background to throw into re-' lief all the vivid colorings of the Futurists, the Post-impressionists c other rabid color e-ihusiasts- Mcdical Advertising CoJds. Ay Weak Lung*. , WeakTtiroMto. Cherry Pectoral Sold for 70 years. Ask Your Doctor. v ?·' uiTinhYipp HfllliCS Relieves RlseuniatJsni-by.Cleansir.g the "'hole- System oa!|,J[a^ijriti^r"" Do cot iry to" relieve iCaeacaatisni bv dosing the system with dangerous -drags. IIHBCMA is'free from all opiates and narcotics and cleanses the system ma natural bur scientific man- ·jer. The dangerous '-waste" is eradi- i-ated from the kidnevs, bowels liver and s::ht. RHEU31A" costs only 50 cents of People's Drug Store. "I a-greas sunerer from Rhea- =zatism for tea y^ars. After two dav's use 01 EHEUJIA I Jaf.j . down ; av crutches anil have since given them iv.-ay. I am a well man."--J. U. Croc'--- er, t14.Suniter St., Columbia, S. C. i will be in my room on the Square over "Stallsmith's Store" on second floor, every Wednesday afternoon from 12.30 tcS o'clock, ·Aherc-1-.viil'JoiiuiKjr. or L will call on ibet accessories. C. MYERS,. Xew Oxford, Pa- PUBLIC -SASJS V,-EDXESDAy,SE?TElIBER 24,1913 The cncersigned will offer ac Public Sale on ".Vednesday, September 24th, 1913, cs his residence on Perm street. Biglen.-ille. bis entire Bousehoid goods, -.vhieh is all practically new, fcavir.jr been used but a shore "time. 1 buffet, 2 leather rockers, oak writing desk, davenporc. bedroom sslz. 3-9 re 12 brussels rags, 9 .small brus- sels rugrs, brusseis stair carpe.t, 1 coal range. 1 gasoline jranere, library table, round dining room table, square S ft. table, stands, rocking chairs, and many articles noc herein mentioned. Sale 'co commence at 1:30 p. rn. Terms: A credit of sb: months on ail sums of-So and upward with a note and aonroved sectiritv- EDV.'AKD HcDOXALD. Ira Taylor. Auctioneer. William Kapp. Clerk. PUBLIC SALE The undersigned intending- to quit housekeeping 1 will sell at Public Sale' ac her home -i% miles from Gettysburg- on the liidge Tic-ad, Tuesday, September 30th, the following- real estate and personal property: Ligni; two horse wagon, very 'suitable for huckstering, one bu^gy one set harness good as new. one cultivator, one sec front gears, collars, bridles. TWO horse blankets, ladder, axe. hoes, shovels, barrels, old an. young chickens, also household f umi- cure consisting- of Art-Ideal range with pipe, no barter ever set up, two burner New Perfection, coal oil stove. parlor stove and pipe, fcitchen cupboard, bafret, safe*. 12 foot extension table, half dozen dining room chairs. good as new, half dozen cane seated chairs, parlor stand, couch, two bedsteads. r=ro bed room stands, one bedstead and bureau over hundred years old in good condition, three new kitchen chairs, three rocking chairs, many odd chairs, clock, wash bowl and pitcher. knives and forks, dishes of all kinds, spoons, pots and pans, parlor Eiack and nVhite Kid GFovss. Black and white gloves are smart. Heavy white stitching shows on the back of black glace kici gloves which have big white rinimec-, black centered pearl buttons and which show facmgs of white Kid on the wrist. \Th:te street gloves on the other hand show black stitchfng. -a black wrist facias anc black rimmea white pearl buttons- Black gloves with a~ pink frill cf white kid at the wrist are al. c c in evicence. SMART LITTLE HAT Brperfmenfs have shown that greatest gains" in fattening are made by young stock when two to four months old. rors, pictures, lot of empty jars. blinds. lace curtains and" poles, two screen doors, twenty yards striped carper. ingrain carpet, ten yards linoleum, inaranjr. lot ot books, bed cloches, table linen, dougfctray. jars. jugs. wash rub and rubber, zwojard cans, mail box and numerous other srtlcles. At the same time vrill be offered home consisting of 20 acres of _!a:nd, 'improved with a seven room frame house, good bam and all necessary aus buildings, plenty of fruit and water, two wells and two gcod springs, land in good state of cultivation. Sale to commence at one o'clock sharo when terms will be made known "-JJ MES. HATTIE E. BOLLIXGER. J. W. Hoffman, Auctioneer- __ t C. R. Fissel. Clerk. Also at the same time and place, [ will sell my safe driving n-.are. with fcs.3, also one rubber-tire bugsry, good as new; one second hand buggy, two sets bnggy harness, one set good as iew. one set gears, collars, bridles and halters. J. W. HOFFMAN. ^GETTYSBURG MASSES ?rires= si the Gettysburg ror- rjcied da;iy by C- illlton Wolf, Jr.. Successor to J." Geo. V."olf 3 Sons Co. Per Ba_ Sw Dr T\"heas ...... - . ...... £5 Cora This Is carried our in white straw, the bread band and bow being o2 black velvet, while the front is finish ca os" v.ith an attractive little huncl: Q.1 shaded roses. It Is poor policy to caarige tbe oiirtrters of hens or piiHets wnile l:iv- ing for it usually checks or stops ess production, ,, ·ije Oats EETAIL PEICES "V-affc Sprins jsn ..".. 'land Packet! Sran -'- -· Drn and Oats Ch^-Pv c (maker Stock Fco-d Per^I^ !jatlser Dairy Frc'l" 53 -35 '~ ~ ~ " ..1 .oC ..1.40 ^...l.'iC 1.45 1.6= ....1.50 00 1.70 60 per ton. per hlill Per hbl. llmothv RyeC'uop Baled ttxnw Plaster Cement Western Flour 6.00 Per hu Wheat ?1-00 - l . r h - . ' C o r n * F ir Torn »0 \ew.0uts - 50 Oats 55

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