The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1913
Page 5
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FILIPINO CHILDREN. Little Ones Like'These Are Sold _··'', :fs Ssto" Slavery. ' " WILSON READY TO SIGN TARIFF Bill ATHLETiCS C B H lo FlacB New Lew S!a!yf3 Books Tills Week, Ctp'vurs Ar.icricc..-, Lcsgus Chssnpicn-1 ship by Taking Dcjbi'c Hcadsr. j Philadelphia, Sept. 2'J.--The AtMet- 1 ics clineced the Ame-ica^ -eas'-ie re.i- ; asnt by ,winning both endj of a. Ccu- _ 1 b'e header from Detroit. 1 i Both san-es v.-ere shut cutr, the £rst OLD GORDON'S UMBRELLA By M QUAD 0"vrisbt. 13J3. Premier Asquilh Receives Salary in That Office, It doesn't rsijie any dt-tortrnte EOV.- i Juiias OorUou. v.-as c^uerahy { -..-hat Cleveland cr YTa^hinstaa do?s is · s:»oi:tu of as o-d Gorv-:!. ilw-l hi the j i i-i£k *-i*r»;i5»'r;r srs-",'^. fino"!:! thf- Xaos i »·:·!-««_ i»" «*r;TV*»'fliH- !c:«l ir't to i« : Assumes Ancthsr ?cr tton From Which -s \ --Lord-Chsr.ceHcr Gets C*5-,- I '. \\ l ijjr-nsse TAY iilUUifl!. I****.. The Preside.-.t Te!is Ca-.'ers Disputed j Points \ViU Be Ciesrcd Lp by Sat- ate to his se-c-cl- aliho-^li Z)-".i3 | TO TAX PAYERS As attorney for Harry JEL Bumbaugb,Tax collec. tor of the Borouga of Gettysburg, who is temporarily unable lo attend to tlie duties of liis office on account cf sickness, I will receive taxes for bim at my office in tlie First Natipnal^Bank Building until further notice. - «*-· As stated in Seaool tax notices previously issued "-- will be received at "the Court'-aouse. ^ Sept. 27th, 29th and 33th "" A M E R J C A N LEAGUE I 1 lo 4 o'clock C. E. Stable. --- 5 i'2. 5-^ '^- 5-JSX.Vcrk. S" SS :;7l: :. this -A-ec-i:. "i'v- ;?D; ny ned," s^:d u:e :-rc-s:-:r-r-t. SjiSLJo.- SlaiaiCUo, i :.arrnian of the . 72 C5 C2-. St.I-c;::s «J fr.i : -"_ : _:,i ^:; : .;;.na; uznbre!!::. Jast how old | often than not am?".-r :o r---re i!:,-" j = j ~.z v.";:-; li'tre v.-^s no :iuihc-:;tie record. ! «;s oScia! p-y- "flirts ctn^rs J :ve j £ NATIONAL LEAGUE. · -. -. :t o f j Oor-Juu had tim-.- ai^d airal:! 'Je- I rent free nt the expose- c: the j.::'j! f r the att- - !C:!::cC- of tile ' -,_,-- -T..I ill large nurxiDe: of apple i start WOIK on n Seftember 29. V r ii ; _ / r ~Jt~src " f- ^ U^Ti-itO I* I*, Cc'onel Francisco Cardenas, vrho shot {·resident i-aders of 'Mexico on the night of the ride from the palace to ILe penitentiary in ilerico. City, has teen murderec at Jaichoaehas. according to reports received at the Carranza headquarters here. ^Vitli Cardenas died the last witness ti the ilacero tragedy. Vice President Pino Saurez died -R-beaJus chief died; il.ot as he --as shot. The soldiers in the aueadant autotEobtle -a-era ezec^t- td "in the interests cf justice," but Garden tiers, Carde: Egure in tb: ils car Einert lake charge ihat place. He died as Madero, his victim-died, -K-ith a bullet in his back. Carnedas, alons of the ""trusted" tn the government ot Hnerta. knev.- the arders that ^ere issued from the palace "en the night -JMadero and Pino Suarez were shot.* Perhaps Cardenas knew too" much, say the Carranza faction. "- " The incident has created ne-- -s-orry in administration circles in "Washington. In spite of a detailed declaration oy Huerta that he frill in EO T?ay attempt to inSnence the cosing election, the "officials of the state depa-nnen;: are apprehensive of further trouble in at any moment. Kschange ntea are protesting agsiast the compromise. said he had not discussed I fcr.:=J «!.? urabreKx. She iiral never : ----.-· ^=TTt*«-^, -»sf? =5*ff» -or**- : f*^^.- \ L ...'^f. C;-l^J«^l. -tiiu f-~*? - Jx,^. . i i f -_^-r:v Mcr-. Ic TTia" ::oou. She hauled : been cescrisec the cottos future tax v,-ith ths presi-J lowering the minimum, exessption ir S4000 ro $3000. with allowances forj ^ dependent v.-ives a^sa chiicren. and.. ^_ "I Scranton. Pa., Sept. 23.--Defeat at i-,,-.. ;. 02 , L . ^-hsscUns «n-l wr.s proceed- · Hoir ;.cn larger ta^es 02 fcr settiemen recent non-partisan trnmaries nas , . _.jved too much of a strain for ..,,1 ^-.,5--- -R-Iii-n-the'f^E^sr uf his) rreat 'ncomes, came cpj canfild£les ro? school controller i- the " i boroughs of -irchbald and Taylor. | uno . --^....Taa Heiresentative Aiesat-der. chairman: It li Tavlor. -rras tasen John Ixovalr. ed States, no diirsreEic-e -nrhere -ard. His mind had seeome tem- i TO VOTE ON_HOME RULE Liverpool Psper Announces That General Election V/ill Be Held. TSo prosicent a » . . sell, out ind-.cateu «a. K ^ a^ se;r. out tncs:cateu .ua. ^ ^e ^^-; ^...^ revo!ver ^a --^a-i- i 3 "*' ^e-n- f*r*-^ fE:/ 1 -* "C-* ·* £1*1 V r^GCLt" I ":.;,,. r."-.-^ """."- =--- 05115a searcjl of men "* rao - e ( ri^CwS llG "7.0«.i£l i2.»Ot .*~ ( , , ----,-*^ "hi**i nf trf^rnrv SCHMIDT IDENTIFIED Sovhocd Friend cf M^^arous Priest automoDiiej ,,. . rj t ,vt v;-i « carlten tar tloor .' . , _ -- · " " : as "the most interesttns noiise in t^- starcea; ^]. : ^ vou^ Klllinss conld not | TM**-~ V.T i oever_ ^cocies^roadc: :e deciarea,! r , T ; : ,, -no jj O . ase «rra!asc : - s « = « = - ^ « «.n:^i=.ra--,._ c,-- ~-\--^- :ctory at the, .'- ... ^ . V -;,,. r^j.^r. Ererv one : « :a nc^rever. seiaoia a =.=, !:C,:;;-.;; t : .;; : .:;'.,,, nr .tr.zt:o: 1 e'caine; s ^ - ;ih ^\ofuc 3 . os^t^es ^tc Friends rushed hm to a private saa-J .';;,--^J-j;.^',:^.: =it Intervals for :i j ^^,^_^..^ r ^'^ ^^ S^r^S ! tTM**TM^ ^^f'nrst lore o- had "roooeu ! polls. itann nira ot dead priest and masnueraae^ u^ OUB.J Hadso - comnaEV a - ?iains . E award= ., ;;.;.;.",.;,V. I ! . : the idea la vie^ of nav-as a cioasi - - - - . -·-·- ·-·· '·- -" - · ' -- · - · 5 the chancellor of the escneca i Apply n.i once, staiing; \v!et^er you wii corn:v.-";nce on Monciav- 5 - V-i» f t = tSQ6-. = be ready to = i. J EEXDKR5VILI-E. LADDERS | - - I i-Mii ::a£ort:j:e::E RI\~ tn St^cst. con'SStin^ O!: 4 Sti-aigh.!: lade err. extension ladders, step ladders and special fruit ladders. Mu-rv si-eujof till- v.-i '-I :'-r.i!:il is iu:it:e frota second =:.ri:j,.- v Ilii run;^-: c'f -isii or Am. H. F. MARK, AE2SDTSVILLE ! j 1 HAYING BOUGHT- OUT., the John Menchey Restaurant, 21 W. Middle street, 1 an no-// prepared to rake care of tlie trade. Everything In season Is served. Woul d appreciate the patronage of the pubic. !,» !~ a 1 1 idt -vho trent cut into the -worluj ,. Tlie toe of the right shoe iras; Liberals' *d llectorate have bad a chance to voice their In the matter. ·VACCINATED_CHILDREN DIE Two Littie Ones Succumb to Lockjaw, Following 1 Flynn, seven years old, pupils in the tublsc school of ilorris-ville. ?a- T ^ lockjaw in a_hospital h result ot ^^'^"f^" on tneir arses a^e^ saving been natea. . ^ 5 § £ 1 S I 3 U ^S IN COURT HOUSE ljr "^H"r GETTYSBURG PA thic his cScia: sa'.ary is i;;2e--r.-:-J--e :as an oraaiaea-priest. Father Markert came u - c f t - but -there \iras no iajnry to the, from Tecn-yj foQ ^ HQ dse -. a _ es fce fa noae v at the revest cf Father Laic .J._£,vers. | ,,_ , nie a -^ e ,r e2c ths Caiholie chaplain at the lonibs.s "" . , trho has said that Be couldn't believe, that Schmidt, the prisoner, vrasj SeitEidc, the priest, cntil somebody ; the latter Csisghter to Lady Decies, .crclc-. Sept. 2S.--^Lady Decies. ssc-j aagtitsr of Ir. and Sirs. George j acatne the mother of a' SD3 S« f 4, to Identify Mm beyond any possibility j / at - g ^ :er "-t Ssfton Park, Sioke Poges.; ^^.'r^U^ to =:^c yo^ to hny j retires. moreor=- t ,:se v" cfnscienfc.' ·I l:.;vc:i i .uccsl salary of ·es. mo~ec-~cr. h -. ! tsrs oti a life an;inl:y WIIll i romment opeaisiers Acquainted Road Subjects will Present to Cholers Rsges In Bucharest. Bucharest. Roumania. Sept. 23--The i -^^ tc _ Mc a Schmidt number of cases of cholera at preset _.- cere ^_ as noth -; n g r .nless-t under surveillance here is US/, iuere , Q aave been forty-nve deaths. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Obssrvatisns cf United States ^catJ;sr bcreaas taken at S P. Teist5- TTeataer. Albany Atlantic City " " ' Boston : Buffalo ' Chicago · New Orleans Xe~5r York - Philadelphia St. "Louis st regards to a;s (ecu er. Then they parted. Offer VVsIscn a Winter CC-RX cnsett Ko. 3 yeuo~, S4.^S5c. been renovated J Citizens ol Adams County hacts on- nzcte-d with the Progress States in Road Building. f oth er A Full Discusbion of the Propos- Q Amendment io the Pennsylvania f| Conslitutioa that Provides for a Loan jl of $50,000,000 for;Road Improve- || ?^s 62 S6 54 P. Cloudy. ; I! : i Clear. Clear, The Weather. Fair today; cloudy tomorrow; north winds. Ohio's Oidest Convict Freed. \ f»* ed !_.l 7 J? 5 f ^L 2 ^ ,./? e ^Z Coloabas. O.. Sept. 2S. -- AfJerj |-; 2 |; ! spcndins virtually all his life since 1)31 ^_CA' ^ 1 attained ma;iao3.i .n-ide the peni e:: : 5^®8-30; · tiary walls. John Tabora. the oldesf '· Ij^'heffers cohvict in the Ohio penitentiary, -rras @n.' Pardoned by Governor Cox Tabora taC UvSeHs lf e p. Is^sfeiSofvearifnwVHSS been a prisoner for forty-three years. _ @3S5; n ^ tive lj2abSf '$ 5 . 55@7 .50. A Meeting that will Interest every ·*· «3 Voter Whether in Favor of or Opposed tc- this Plan. . ' ^ :s:- GETTYSBURG. PA- Trees that are making a rapid · Ducklings grow tvrlc* as rapiSIy Selling too young and feeding too ^ r . vt]l cf v , ood do not generally chickens, and so reouire more Jaafi for long are the two wrong ends of the ^ ^^ ^.^ , , t]ie flm £gw ^^ hjisiness. - I i * COURT HOUSE coart. Keep a fioclc of her.s. a gocl cow or I F W S P A P F J

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