The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, September 23, 1913
Page 4
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THE LGETTYSBUHG~TIMESlULZERTOSES ^"^ P^Mi'shed Daflv Except Sunday ,.., -. · v A n n n n ft I Published Daily Exce Ti««i «·* Kew» W. IAVERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP S. BIKLE, Editor FHILIP K. BOXE. Prwldcmt T^^ssassnf-b,-.-* i Court o! inpntiaet Dis- T ^M» nf^gttvgbarg for 25 cents per ragg^___ j {ftlSSBS MGtiOIL MR. AND MRS. SULZER. Wife to Be Witness For Defense at Trial. EATES - Single copies to son-subscribers, 2 ceata. __ pftMi OB the pink aaere^Jat^ onyo^l^.. «^ The Times Offlce. af»r jour of Centr* UNITED PHONE Penasyl^ma. -K1S PAPER HEP-RESENTED FOR FOREjGr* ADVERTISING SY THE OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES 'N Ai.i-^*- 1 ^ ^An','Ha_ »' ONE V2TE;;.FOR Hi Judge -ar5«- l 'Ar£ue^vX3atnst Plea! -ru-.* 1 +·)*. ^r»»/?»rnQr V/as Uncons~*tu-* That* the Governor" Was tionally Brought to Trial. Albanv, X. Y, Sept, 22.-- The motion' of counsel for Governor Sulzer 10 dismiss tlie impeachaieat proceedings. brought against him was overruled by the high COUTL of lajpeachaiea:. -, All members of the court except Senator \Veade, oi Buffalo, a Democrat, voied against the mction. Goveraor Snlzer's legal artillery re sameu action when the court or high Impeachment, which, began last week. hss trial for alleged high crimes aad| misdemeanors, \sas called to order by{ per worn. TO OUR READERS - - i _. - to boij tlie tilings NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Room* with, bath ea init* Ham * McCononrr, Prop's. Special for this week 2oc golf caps IOC- Trimmer's 5 and lOc Store. EICE PRODUCE COSlPANY Highest Cash Prices Paid for all --FASM PPvODUCE-- Uader Timea OfSce, Gettysburg. TV1LLIAM E. ZIEGLER Expert Electrical work. Repairs and supplies. 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. --IF-yon want a weekly pape? get THE ADAMS COTJNTY NEWS More local xeaoing matter than any other paper published" Pric« S1.00 per year. CHAS. S. MUMPER --Fire Proof Storage-- ·Warehouse for Ftumicor* and Honsetold Goods stored any length of time. W. H. TTPTON --^Photopraofeer-- Gettysburg Souvenirs presiding CuUea. Attorney | Louis J- Marshall coatiaued the argsi-j ttitionaily impeached, llr. iUrshail cuoted precedent ia| 4 KILLED, 29 HURT IN POWDER BLAST A Quartet cf Workmen Are Blown to Atoms. "KNOWN ONLYTO GUIDES I PRESIDENT'S ROOM FN CAPITOL IS LEAST USED. i Cr.s of the Most Ornately Decorated j Chambers in the Senate Wing of 1 the Great Building at Wash\ ington--Needs Little | Attention- PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Telling of the Happenings in and about TOWP PeopIeJYisitir.g Here art Those Sojourning'Elsewhere. HUNDREDS FLEE tlfllf TO ! President "Wilsofi visitiag congress ill)tfitv {in its home on Capital Hill, in order to, keep in close Explosion at Dcpont Powder Plant at s Gtbbstcwn, N. J., Causes Panic In: Nearby Towns. Camdea, X. J., Sept. 23.--Four men? were killed and twenty were Injia vbxoagh aa explosion, ia the house at the Gibbsiowa, X. J., plusr; | of the Bupoct Ponder company The detonation shook 3 1013, by Apjeriean Prss Associat ! phia aad" the river side oi Delaware county. The i;st of dead follows: Harry Vac- aemaa, married, oi Paulsboro; Hiram Felcmaa, single, or Gibbstowa; Ste caen Djimiaa, of Paalsboro; ilichae: j Gluiiuad, ot Pauishoro. Fraak Pastime, another workman, was so badly injured that he is likely to die. on this aoiat: ·TVaeaever an extraordiaary session has beea held, not even aa 'appropria- tioa bUi to cover expeases o: the session has beea attempted to be passed,) except apoa tae specISc rec-ommenda-j tioa of the governor. There is aot io. be fouad in the history of aay of the states a single instance of the iastitij tioa of impeachaieat proeeediags at aa: extraordinary session of the legislature."' i Answering the argument that the ( assembly, exercised not a legislatives but judicial function.. Sir. Marshall · held that aa impeachment was equiva-j touch with the law-makers of the nation, has shifted into the limelight one of the least k n o w n rooms ia the United States eapItoL The room is one of the most ornate in the grear aad is kno\va as the " P r e s i d e n t ' s room." Tp to this time it has beea the least used of all the rooms ia the big structure. ladeed, ia a sense, the room may be said to have been knowa only to guides aad the tourists that they daily pilot through_the saazes o* the marble pile. The mere fact that the presideat's name is borae by this rccm has loas made It a magnet for the average sightseer and the guides So terriae was the explosion, tae j^,^ i carne j by loag experience to cause of which has not beea determined, that wiadows ia houses for ai- teea miles around Gibbstovvn were b!es ·AY LAST TO MAYOR OAYNOR Large Procession Escorts Body to flie GeiiBtery. . x, Seat. 23--Xe~ York paid he said: "Vfhen a grand jury Sacs aa indict-, eat. it does not act judicially any- f' e to the late iiaycr William J. Gajnor. The funeral ceremonies, which came ;o a eloss with interment in Green- Walking at Billiards. "I figure oat," said one of the MI- liard experts playing ia the caampion- ;ship games, "that 1 walk three miles -whea I play 403 points. Of course. sometimes I GO less than that, pro- lay average runs byntirsiag are^ E" "When T~caa" keep ~the~baHs~ tioa bv a district or state attorney can Taousaaas of men ana-- be -aid to be a judicial act. of them showing traces or sincere "inmi doubtless be argued that, grief, lined Broadway ana adaceat under our interpretation, the gover streets between the , city _hal L a*L or could aot be impeached except at a] Trinity, church, where the mam ser- -esular session of the legislature, since vices were coadnctec:. Aa preraovr ser- -t "would be unaarcral for him to re- vice ^.as held in St Paul s caurca. commend to the legislature at an ex- Details of mounted policemen pre- traoidiaary of the sub; Judge _ _ cembiv board of managers, replied to| orawir. Attorae, Marshall. °an or a ffremaa. Taere were eigm. Ia aaswe- to the Srst contention i members of the police department ant of the dtfease. that tae ascembly Had} a= eqaal number from the £re depart- no power to institute the impeachment proceedings, he said: shattered, dishes shakea iroia tables i a:.u dressers aad pictures from on the walls. In Philadelphia, ia the down town se'-tioa, which is built over a strata of reck that extends across Xew Jersey, beneath the Delaware river and thence through Delaware county--the shock was almost as severely felt. At the Phiiadelnhia navy yard the concussion caused the heavy compartmeat doors ia several of the battleships to close. The four men killed were literally blor.a to pieces. The largest part or cay of the bodies found was a fos which was found upon the roof of the drying house, a quarter of a mile away from the scene of the expiosioa. A man's hand was foaad a half mile away ia the middle of the road. Pieces of bodies were found in trees several hundred yards about the plant. Three of the men killed were inside the building, which~was directly east of the raaia office, where abont fifty persons were workiag. A clerk was ioolung out oi. the window at the time __ hearse marcnea a pohce- ment. include it in the itinerary of every personally conducted tour of the build*'5- But the aiea who work ia the capitol seldom go near this "show place." and some of thsm might actually be Biizzled for th* moment to direct 3.-cti to -i. if your inquiry caught them unawares. This room for the president hasa't evea needed attentioa from the Baiaters and decorators as has most of the other rooms. Perhaps it is because it has beea so little used; but aside from aa occasional "touching ap" here and there very little' has been dc-ae for the maintenance o* this room siace the civil war. ~ As for actual nse by the president that has Mrs. Robert A. Myers, of -Centre Souare, left this morning: to 4 lj three weeks with friends la *Tats- bargh. -/i?-' Miss M. Belle Seiss has returned to 3Ig!ervi!!e after spending the summer at her parental home a'c Graeeham, Md. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Mamie R. Seiss- JSev. and Mrs. William Fleck, of Fairneld, have returned home after spending several days with friends in town and Xew Kingston. Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Deininger, of \Vatsoato-.vii, have returned home after spending several davs with friends in town. S- R- Andrews and Miss Shields, of York street, are visiting- relatives in Carlisle for several days. Henry Kafford. mother and sisters, ·who have spent the past f ev.- days £t the horne-of Mrs. G. rL- Buehler, on Carlisle street, have returned to their home'ia Reading. Mrs. M- Valentine left to-day for a month's visit ia Lebanon and Oxford, Xew Jersey- Mr, aad Mrs. J, Edward McCammon have returned home from a week's trip to Atlantic City. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lindsay and Miss Mary B. Lindsay, of Evaaston, 111., are Tins- Miss Xennie Mcllhennv. on been x rare to almost rob the rcom of the right to the use of the name. If a chief executive were to come to the "capitol ca the occasion of any great ceremonial he might be expected to tarry ia the president's room until "time to eater the legislative hall, bat such, a visit -is of 'rare cccarreace. _ - _ Similarly, on the last day of a ses- sioa of congress the president, may go to the capitol ia order to sign the " " Chambersburg street. Mr. and Mrs. Eoy VT. Weritz, of York street, will return on Wednestiay froni a week's trip to Xiagara Fails and Canada- Mrs. Jaaies McDonnell and. daughter. May. have returned to their home on ?. r esr street after spending- the past ·.reek in Emm?tsbarg. Andrew Florence visited his parents at Emaiitsburg oa Sunday. Miss Alice Martin returned home on Monday evening- from a visit of several days with Rev. and Mrs. J. K. Robb in Xew Kingston. The regular monthly meeting of the W. C- T. U- will meet -vita Mrs. Lou- bills as they come" from "the legislative hooper, but_ this involves oecu- K7ram~F~etdman wheeling a barrel of pancy of the' room for only a few oil into the mixing house. Suddenly he saw the building rise :ato the air with s. terrific report and An army ot citizens many thousands "Such impeachment is not, in aay strong--greater in number than th« legislative, bat s. judicial j throng wiica had gazed ca the body p-oceeaing. It is not an[ r.s it lay in state Sunday--blaekenea closely together for a good run, that lessens tEe distance I haye to ·walk." This cue artist said fie oace made j 100 points and did sot circle the table half a dozen times. More amazing still was the assertion that he had seen the late Jacob Schaefer run 150 -points without going even ones entire*Iy around the table. Almond Jumbles. Three cupfuls of soft sugar, two 'cupfuls of Sortr, half a capful of batter, oae teacapfnl of Joppered milk, 3ve eggs well beaten, two tablespooa- ful of rose water, three-qaarters of a pouad of aimoncs blanched and j chonpeS very fine ana one ieaspconfal I ·ot sofia dissolved in boiling waier. 1 Creara the batter and scgar; stir j ia the beaten yolks, milk, flour, rose j ·water, almonds anc, lastly, the beaten | -sraiies, -ery ligntly aad quickly. Drop in rings on buttered paper azd at once. sense, a subject and proce act esp: 10 sense a rule or guide, alter tne hours each year. It may be pointed out that a bill passed by congress tea days of the time of adjourn- J%5ik.t. ^- "' t* "·*"·*·** wvs.-«-»^- ·"-** * -- -- ^ __ ,_ ^ r ; of a legisiar-lve body. It is not the j tte sidewalk i-om^curb to DUll ? m =j VJ . bis , session of legislative will, it is in line as the funeral train crept a^ong; · " i_ m -;^ -.^a^ *no ir.-^ Tpr. nlf^cks o: lower Broaaway v - c:a:at, account by a quasi audicial trlbunai.; his fleaa -ery a person for past misconduct. It? Tae twel'.e r.oaorary pall-oearers. conne pe: i si be procediag of a grand jury of aa indictment. "The legislature, -s-hsther assembled under constitutional provision or 5:ne. but in accord with Mrs. Gayner'= -,v!sies for as simple services as pos =ible. less tbaa half tae number were bv call of the governor, has no power permitted to participate. of impeachment. The sole power to ia-i Admission to the church was oy csrf veatilate all stables. Gnll all pare bred animals. Keep the little pigs growicg. Provide the chicks -srlta shade, Pasteurization is universal ia Ger- cities. "v%~ash the calves" pails as well as produces a very rap.o cattle. siluite the proceeding is vested in, aad! belongs to the assembly exclusively | aa.i aioae, a body entirely separate aad apart from the legislature as a ~nole. "Tae governor has nothing what- eve*- to fio with the subject of im- neachment. The sole power of inv ;;eacan;eat :s tested la aad belongs to that body cr tribunal called the assembly. And this v.-jthout aa;- lirnita- noa or restraint -svhatever as to tae time, circumstance or place, whether only. Tae c-e'gymea selected to oS- ciate vere Tiev "CViiliam T. 7vlannmg, rector of T-iaity: Bishop David H. Greer and Bishop C. S. Burch- After na:t.n^ at te ch-rch wbiie tie bear vras taken from tae caia faloiie to the chancel en the shoaldtrrs of six Sremen and s^ policemen, the fr.aeral traip njarcaed to the Battery. savv a cloud of dust. The clerk was knocked acioss the room and out of a Tv-iado-R. He.fell uaccnscicus. The mixing building, which was about 30 fet wide and 100 feet long, v. as aarncaded oa three sides by earth and timber, placed there so in case of aa explosion the other buildings, would not catch fire. "SVtea the expiosioa came the fire ie was sounded to warn the other employes to leave the buildings Tois . was unnecessary, as ail the employes i ran to the gate when the explosion came, fearing another building might catch fire or explode. The greatest excltemeat prevailed ia Paalsboro and Gibbstown when the resideats heard the expiosioa- People raST iato~the streets and congregated on the corners- Several horses attached to delivery v.agoas ran away. Some one turned in a Sre alarm. The physicians of the two towns jumped into their carriages or motors aad drove to the scene of tae accident. Several women became hj-stetical fainted- One woman fainted middle of tae street directly of a mnav.ay team. She was to safety by a fifteen-year-old boy. ment fails to become a law unless the president signs it before the sessioa closes- It is said at the capitol that, with the exception of Grover Cleve- isa Meals. 201 N. "Washington street, "Wednesday. September 24, at 2^30 o'clock. ·."* * ·/·»*/ SIREN SENTENCED TO SIBERIA After Wedding Sixteen Men and Bobbing Tfiem Woman Was Convict" - " ed " anif Deported. ~ -- ' - ^ ' St. Petersburg.-; After causing ia- lana. every president since the time of j rsuiaerable men. to fair in lore with Andrew Jackson has repaired to the i £ er -- actually marrying 16 of the more capitol to tins facilitate the cisposi- | impressionable and richer * ones -- Ta- .oa of the-legislativs business ia the ! uana Betchenak sas jasi: been exiled ' ' ------ for life to Siberia. The ·nroaian. who is now more than, forty years old, retains her remarkable beauty to a sarprisfag degree. ' She married- at the ags of sixteen and lived -with her hucbaad about three years. Becoming a widow, she scon wedded a rich land owner and compelled him to~spe:ic large sums upon her. When final hours. The presideat's room is pas of the most ornate ia_the historic edifice- It is located in the senate wing of 'the capitol, at the west end of the private lobby ^hsch is directly north of the senate caairber proper and is generally considered the most beaudfaliy decorated room in the building, me whole ornamentation of the room is the work of "Bramioi, the Italian artist. who did so much-of A? tentions decoration in The capitcL he was nearly ruined she left him. bat i=l"l his valuables j with her. I Geors» a stock are splendid 1 broker, -srho quickly fell captive to the of President j fair Tatiaaa. Having induced him to P-TIQ the promi- j transfer all his property to her the ad- Coaspicuons among the paintings ia i ^ Tne_nezt ··husband"^ was_ the president's room portraits nent members of his cabinet-- Thomas j veaturous beanty- sold it turning bac^ ana standing sti'.l til! the end or i"ne church services. Then the inarch was resumed to Greenwood cemetery in Srcoitlya. Cora £slsh °- About Crepe Waists. "When crepe -nraist becomes soil- j ·ed the best way to wash it is to use j 2. very tain starch aad then hang it | V? to cry on a coataaager. Do aot i _ -KTitg it, as this makes the starch un-! Jt^aal parts of lard aad kerosene i3 evea- K cashed aad cried 3a this \ Elective against lice. manner, crepe will loos very v-elL j Alfalfa not only fnmisaes protein ! or flesa-rr.akiac material, which Is cefi- i. bi;t it tends to offset the Rhubarb Shertcake. a rich bisenit dough and bake C 5 er ..t in c . In a snallow pnfidlng or baking pan; j heavy craracter of a ration consisting at a session of the legislature or otherwise, except the bare condition that, ^Hb'stfso impeachment shall fes b" vote of the majority of the members of the as sembiy elected." Srysn tducatsng Youths, Washington, Sept. -J3. -- Befeacing Secretary Bryan's lecture toars. Senator Martins, of Xew Jersey, told the senate that some of Bryan's "fixed charges" were the education of seieral vcaag inea. *"A few years ago Mr. Dryaa was and educating two boys from Japan." declared Martine. "as3 today I believe he is efia eating three or four young men." Xo He tot, spli* open, butter and \ o r cora aZoae spread each hall with well s~eetened. eaace, lay tae halves, one oa' HOST raisers differ as to which is the other senator continued the subject, with wh;p ?eii ! bes . ^. eed ^^ ^ a:j e3: p er j er . C ed | and Maniac's speee'i did not reveal I breeder sa:d recently, it makes little · difference provided we have a good * nation to start with. Giass Cutter Home to Find Baby in Tufa- Moacca, Pa.. Sept. 23 -- YvTiei Carl KIrsch. a glass cutter, entered his aoxae for hiacheon. he discovered tae body of bis infant son ia the bathtub and its mother, ilrs. Ida Hirsch, hanging to a beam in the cellar. The woman had drowned the chile and then committed suicide. It is sisp U. S. SOLDIER AN IRISH BARON Becomes Baron de Freyne and in*-er- hs 30.000 Acres of Land. Dublin. Sept. 23.--By tse death oi Baroa de Freyne a private soldier in the United States array becomes an Irish baron and tae posessor of 3'J.OOO acres of Irish land. Arthur Reginald French, son of Baron de Freyne* by his first wife, leu the British army to go to America, where he enlisted in the Eighth Infantry regiment. The baron, who was Sity-ei»ot years old, died after a long illness Samuel Osgoca. postmaster gen- possessions, hzs "wi^e erai P-e='d«-t -era=cs when he oc- ! haste and returned to Russia by means cuples this room, will be face to face j o? a stolen passport. Here she was --~h the Tortrai- of Je2"ersoa, far ! wooed and won by an important o^he '"as great admiration as the | ciaL Again she left her latest "mis- r of the Democratic pnrtv. aad i band." after abstracting all portab.e from the fact that his birthplace in j valuables, but this __ urae she was Virata is distant only a few miles i cau 5 ht aad enled to fciaena. --om the home ana tomb of -7e3erson } It-no-deemed as though her career wcora founder posed taat the deed a St of insanity. commute J In the other, aai serve ^"J^CiSntury Salad. "Cse'cflzp white lettuce leaves, sliced. (red pepper and chopped o'.sves, isr:ta a j Pcc - "baskets of tr.a climax type are Jew slices of cccumbers. Pour over it i very attractive ar.d nopular on some £. French dressing o! mayonnaise. ; niarsets When the market becomes -- i glutted Tilth tomatoes packed in large According to Professor S. J. Hunter j baskets it is especially advantageous ·of Kansas, the best way to get rid of j to use peck baskets, grassaoppers in the alfalfa fields 5s by the use of the disk harrow. Professor Hunter has beea carrying on expen- V*hen you hang a lantern up in the barn, fasten it so that it cannot be ments for several years to eliminate ' knocked 5ov,n. Sornetimes we put ttte destructive hoppers aad from the them where they will fall if \\e by ac- results of those experiments he has cident learned that disking is not only fatal heads to the grasshopper, but that it alto trouble; and maybe the barn Is not 'greatly increases the yield of alfalfa. Insured, either. rise and hit them with onr And then--v.ell. then there is wn* were 3ryan5s proteges. foreigner. The accident occurred ai. Xew Village, broken. The man's neck was 40 Per Cent More to Rear Children. Chicago. Sspt. -*.--The cost of rearing children nas advanced 40 per cent within the last tea years, according tc the annual report of the Chicago Xur- serv ana Kali-Orphan Asylum. Tae Fu j sns Dea \ h Vow statement shows §101 would maintain uoganspori, Ind.. a child a year from 3S94 to 1903. From »ng a vow which he is said^ GirS Autoist Kills Man. Phillipsburg. X J.. Sept. 23.--An an tomobSIe. crhen by Miss Emrr.a Sealla, daughter of Frank Scalla. proprle tor of Scalla Park. "Washington, X. J.. ran down and killed an unidentified Wou!d-Be Suicide i oa Short. Pottsville. Pa_ Sept. 23. -- Phillip Hoffraaa, a bcsiaess man of Tremon^, attempted'to end his life at aome He retired, placed a gua muzzle to his; chest and touched the trigger with his toe The ball tore into his chest, miss- her to Constantinople. f four fain- ; Here, however, tbe woman cnaacea has been to encounter her former hnsbana. Sis Onental corsnl, and, with a justified dread of complications, she suddenly left the chief jailer aad returned short, aad effort to pull the trigger HoSman's body reclined, a bit backward, causing Ihe 'ball to miss its mark. The motive Is givea as despondency. He has a cent's room are frescoes o: o-s men. each of whom chosen as representative of a force in civilization. Christopher Cclnmbas typifies discovery. Americus Vespo^;.T 5 guiles exploration. Benjamin j to Russia. Fraaklin"s;i^gests history aad William | For two years see lived peacefully 2-8v,-=ter, elder of Plymouth colony, is . in Russia, and enjoyed a considerable -eprese-'tative' of religion. Carrying 1 private income, having realized escel- " " same idea further fonr groups ia j lently npon her varfoas "husbands ^ beautifv the ceiling; to th« « valuables. Also she made a grea^ north religion," to the east executive ] number of other ellgibles temporarily :outh liberty and to ; happy by "marrying" intricate ' JTJ this varied path chaace to recover. Children Drowned In Rainwater Barrel Jdarmartb, X. D., Sept, 23.--Laughing at their reflections ia a barrel of rainwater, two small daughters of Sirs. Herman. Ostraader lost their bal- j Logansport, Ind.. Sept- 23.--Fulfill- j ance. Heads ddwn and arms entwined, - ^g ijo^jes were found by the mother. to the present this cost increased i S74 to 1SS3 the insti tution kept cn,ldren at an annual cc^ The mosaic of the iioor is quite as ornate =' tinaed them, of life she con- her sixteenth victim, a ^ its wav as is the decorations ot ] lavv-yer, became wedded to her. Tae and "ceilings and there is a saas- union proved peaceful and iive chandelier that completes the ef- j there was a child. Bnt, at a bail ^ia a ^ " i smaU town she came face to face ~»-a _____ i a former "husband." who, despite^ ber Natural Results. ! entreaties, informed the man whom ·-It ought to be easy to Investigate a j she genuinely loved. milk trust proceedings. i The latter instituted _ b.- that one more than others?" j n d the police then discovered taat Because it oughtn't to be difficult j the woman was a former convict. to pump it." of-SSO. Diversified farming Is the safest, different soils require different crops. j rame terc from Seattle, J commit the deed. Frost In Tennessee. .... Xashville, Tenn., Sept, 23.--'. -Wash., to Tennessee had its first frost of the] seasoa. Not on the Spur of the Moment. I "There is a story in that woman's made it up,- too." GOOD restaurant for sale cheap. LOST: small silver watch with own- and upon all farms rotation Is essen- App]y afc Hernler s Restaurant, Yorl; i er's name thereon. Return to C. K. tlal to profitable production. street.--advertisement Lit'Lle.--advertisement Sorae exercise is necessary to ths raising of chickens, but do not give too much, as that is worse-than not any at all. A chicken that ceases to grow !n tho growing period has disease waiting on Mr. Lawver appreciates greatly the j lt at every point, which will soou at- help given by firemen and citizens in j tack the weakest jpot --_ _ general. 1EWSP4PERS 1EWSP4PERS

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