The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1913
Page 3
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- = ^ - * ~ ~ f - he Standard In The Standard in 1871 cess s o e d every year 2 e a e r Is styles. We are proutl to hsr.dle £ shoe \vun such z record me] believe yo p i ·vouid fee! the same way a'xur '.^curir.^ them if you v. ere!icr v, kh thoir co:j.rt:cr:or!. Ir eleven factories to produce Se!z shoes, each factory specializing on a certain i of a s'ue, and engineered by skilled shoe- Try your firs: pair; sty!es \vcre never more benudfi-'I and the seesfact-ort o: comforta u -!c shoe Gu^hz: to spp They are guar-n:eed in a ih-r leaves no donbr. All en r"d children. FOR SALE bv ^^ . - - .:~.*~f/'. Vfsf-^tt Attempts Made to Prove Came From Siberia. JAKE DAUBERT Explorations Show That the American i Indian Is Like the Yellow-Brown i i Inhabitant of Asia and · I Polynesia. j i A problem'ot/mcch interest, and ot; ! late-a good deal't»eiore the public, isj that^of 'the - origin of the American \ that^of 'th« - origin aborigine,',inl other words, the Indian. Js. this connection the recen,t' investigations - of JDr. Ales Hrdlicka,* curator ot physical anthropolcgy/^a- ! tional museum, tend to prove ihtat the ! native American:immigrated to this ] country in a postglacial period, and is a renresentative of the overflow from northeastern Siberia, Tvhere he is, : closely related both mentally and phy- ] I sically to the yellow-brown peoples ot i Asia and Polynesia, sajs the Scientific, ! American. ! i Among the interesting sites ex-! I pSored by Dr. Hrdiicka are the burial ( I mounds, or -"kourgans," as they are] called, located on Yenisei P.QQ Selen the banks of the rivers and their: tributaries, and along the streams o £ j northern Mongolia, especially on the^ banks of the Kerulen. ' j Oddly enough the date of the; mounds is established quite as readily , as if the date of construction \srere j - 1 $2.QQ EXCURSION TO Zoological Garden AND P H I L A D E L P H I A PMMelDMa Readme Railway carred on a stone," for the diSereat ob- 1 iccts uncovered, be they gold, copper, j The big surprise in the National iron, bronze or stone, identify the ori- j league this season has been the spurt ~'n of the particular mound from ' made by the Brooklyn team. Much ! v.-hich thev came "as falling within def- ', of the success achieved by the Dod- I -nice time" limits, ilost of the "kour- \ gers has been due to the hard hitting i gans" appear to represent nearly re- I cent times, corresponding to tTgrian c- and excellent fieldipg of Jake Daubert, the big left-handed first baseman. 1 Turk or "Tartar", elements, as well as j wv-vvv , - Mather-son pitches in near- nded periods. | type, short, somewhat spherical skulls. ! W-MC* occasioaallv closelv resemole '· * _ ? . - , J, ,\_.t_ «,i.wio««-e. _ . . fight ror the American league nag. i the same form ot American crania,- . -« . I but the "kourgans" cf earlier date, j ; containing no mental objects, jield j ! skulls resembling the dolichocephalic j i type, long and narrow, and much like i Eztra innin er for the contests. games are fought hard- 3 than the regulation Saturday, SEPT. 27. SPECIAL TRAIN Special ] Special. Lv. A. M. , From Lv. A. 31. · 7:25 OIL Holly Springs '.8:33 7:40 Carlisle Junction 8:36 7:44 Boiling Springs 8:44 7:48'Brandtsvffle 8:50 irorn Gettysburg BigiervIHe Guernsey ^Centre IMilis ! American Indian skulls of ihts type. i · It is dilSculi to assert to just v.-hat . ' -ace the older skeletons and skulls be- ; m tne | longs, and j"et, on the banks of the lo^"-; .^ ; er Yenisei river ; and in several other j 2 j Larry Doyle has perfected himself trick of touching runners on their -way to second and then throw- first to double up the runners. Eppa Risey of the Phillies is said to feeders in the ^*a generally grabs the unless Batched. localities, living dolichocephalic types i are not unusual, and such natrres fre-1 cuenUy bear a strong physical TM*e**i°^*£j£? ! blsiBce to our native Indians. Further ; ^ ^^ o · ourial soots are knov.-a to be located , ~ ~ · I in caverns among the mountains bor- j i cering the Yenisei river, which, how- j I fver. Dr Krdlicka was not able to in- i . _ . ,, ' ^ _ - | winning a pennant Tilth the Inaianap- iEt.igaj.e- _=-_*,,, o,- i oils-team an impossible one. Re has The most imuortant part onae ex- ^ s , - , , , ,,,_ i announced his determination to reor- ^ration ana stuay^-^-^ s ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ . y has touaa the job of STOVE .We hive on displ ty a Hnt, o: single and double healrrs r.pd cook stoves that: you car.'t af- fojd to rniss. Hot Air Heaters carried in s'^ck, ready Install. K. T. Marlng. Co freight (ief^-c. ing to the livin old races. Among these people the investigator -svas lorusate enough to . ,, . _ 1 come into contact-^ith representatives | ^f^ a ^ fe ^ ^ allc ^ !n S Jpe I of many tribes from the banks of the | JacKson TM^SP \ Tenisei and Abacaii 1 rivers; also Huri- j Mongolians. " Tibetans, Chinese i He was hap- a a ,--_ i and some ilaachunans. Only Once? Ercerpt froia an interview v-^-""-- ~O tO^'Ii 13"~iflZ rt C in ^"^ItTg." -T-^O l-^--,--~ 0 ^ -=--= ^7,^ j uily present ^"frfcUpa'of ycerTVin reTer"erase j aony at tie Lar=aist monasteries in ' tie pleasure of this visit. Th3 S r;loasant rices a^d kizsss from ay . o^-e s^reez girl irfeafis ^iil ever ila- j nr ^ere in attendance. ger -Kith me." __ " j Connie Mack did the American by aliovrii Cleveland. With great slugger oa the Athletic the race would be one-sided Bendersviile 7:52 |D. M. Junction 8:53 Gardners 8:00 ,*Rosegarden 8:56 "Idavilte 8:03''*Grantham 9:00 Starners 8:10 Bowmansdale 9:04 ^Goodyear 8:16 j White Hill 9:15 Hunters Run 8:24 JGirard Ave.(31st St.) -P.M. 12.05 *UiDerMiil 8 :SO j Reading Terminal (ar) F.M.12.15 RETURXIXG--Special Train will leave Reading Terminal (only) 11:10 P. M.. for above stations. Tickets include Admission to Garden t a great religions cere-| Lamaist monasteries^ in j ^- i the neighborhood o£ TJrga. where (.000 j y i Mongolians from all parts ot the coun- , o PUBLIC SALE Of LuTiber. Slab and Cord On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3. 1013. Or ire Phii'p Eouek faT^r. one mile Zasv of Gettvso'jrjr the fo' ! ov-in?: 70 cords sia'o -.vbcii sawed In I2~ inch Among all these tribes and clans there trere individuals isrho apparently represent the older population, pre- j Mongolian and pre-Chinese, and -who j belong partly to the brachycephali type, though in a smaller extent to the } dolichocephalic type. These men and j -cromen are practically identical -with, the American lnd'ans cf similar head S lencrtiis. tk ar-a hickory. 10.000 fu of · form. The part'calar individuals are lumber, boards and seantiirrr, Dro ^-n ia color, -Rith straight black cres Jncut tree tops, chips, chucks. I ^ air _ fiark D rov^n eyes and facial and San Francisco is likely to appoint physical instructors to the high schools there. j-50 ^ _ _ _ 'savauyE. . , I bodilv features ^rhich are strikingly! i ia:e TO be^rin at one o clooc p. m.j,., - . _,. = »--^ m ^ -r^^\ A cnxht of three months xnll! llte LOO:e ° Wesleyaa, Colgate and Ft"henativl American. Th'e-1 pj°a colleges have formed a basket l»e; to a,i pu^cnasers griiinc: their ! notas -.rith approved securitv. A'l sun-.s men are practically-beardless--Some- 5aji league for nest year. of these people, if dressed in the ccs- -S-5 cash. Positlt ely " no lumber j raises and regalia of an Indian, and to i-e removed nntl' sale Is over. I H. A. 3IYERS i -I. 31. Ca'dv.-ell- Auctioaeer. ! P. A. AHlIer. Clerk. '-soc-; o« ^^"' 1 O f or My 23 acre farni. one half placed among them, ccald not be distinguished from them. At least Dr. Hrdlicka states that there are no means at the disposal of the anthropol- I ogist bv "!5"hicli to Ecake such a distinc- ' tion. Iv is not only in outward appearance that these natives of Siberia ] resemble the Indians, but mentally as Steers and Heifers, ~ 1 have on hand at Gettysburg and McKnightstown 1 25 head of jgood well bred steers. Weigh from 650 to 750 lbs.~Also 50 heifers, weigh from 600 to /OO Ibs, | The heifers are good stock, we Virginia cattle and have good ord d? them. ALVIN T. LOWER Hole! Gettysburg arid McKnightstowu ,'iriile easr of Guernsev. i ] Gooc. buildings, I orchnrd. Fine G .uernsev. ored on ier C A dispatch from Sydney states that Richard Arnst, ex-professional sculhng champion, has decided to retire. * * a vriilie SchaeSer had the better of Eddie Xeanng ia a ten-round bout in tne Riverside arena at Dubuque. The $!0,00u pacing stake at -eli, and in namerons habits and cus- ton.^Ie. fell Sat. This is the little too toms -which oinerent environmenr and time seem cot to have effaced. mucn .nte. money for the half-milers to Baby Famine in Berlin. The Saiser's capital is threatened -sith a baby famine. The shop Trin- do-svs display almost in the nature of a public -K-arning a book, jast issued, un- | der the title of "Sterile Berlin." -arnica j JLO-IS Depoathieu, champion o'. France, shaded Oil'.e Kirke of St. Lonis ia a ten-round boTiug bout at B:sg | hamptou, X. T. Harry Payne TVhitney - s THiisk f l f -- Lfl*^ 1.1 Uu \3*. »J tV^» --*S- Js^-^,i--illJ» "^ -i«V-iA I -- T ' ' i ? » J J - ue. L^_ LXJ- «- - _ · Broom Ii. Snisned under tae -srire a reveals the disquiets lac, tnat chil- Metropolitan handicap dren are constancy becoming less and T,^TM,,^, T. arfr ««tTMr f r less fashionable among the dwellers of the imperial capital. The author. Dr Jrelis Sheilhaber, says that conditions in Berlin are al- a tthe F.einicnt Park racetrack. The Cornell university cre~, in best Courtney form, literally roweo Harvart varSj ... m the .^ b c 3ake rs . 'ri-^ Si Rhode Isi -' -.^Gettysburg Auto lire Repair-Shop !Red C Year-lins land hens land Pull 42 \V. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY _ i ( i^rjCT'T^ 1 ^ He r/iaialy blames the increased cost j "· » -01 living. j Seventeen-year-oad Philip Johnson. ~~ ~~ ~ j cf Portland, Me., -will bs a ineniber o: Found on the Moor. j t j; C a ]j star United States rsfie teait!. Dear, quiet Aunt Mary had gone up · ^hich -mil conipete against Great from London to visit a golfing family ; Britain and Australia in the interaa- of Eephe~s and nieces. Srs stop talking long enoagh. to aski j Georges Carpenter. French heavy "Well. Anut Mary, and how did you ' weight pugilist, -svoii the heavy vreigbt spend the morning?" I championship 01 Europe by knocking "Oh, I -srest for a -walk oa the moor, j O nt Rornbadier Vve^ls. the Brit'sb A good r"'* y people seemed to be chaniplon, in the fourth round of a At tea the ] tional srnall-bcrc matcnes. afternoon some one managed to 1 * * * The well knov.-n Washington House, opposite the Western Maryland Railroad Station, has been leased by John D. Kane, who as proprietor will in the future, to the best of his abll- itv._end_eavor_to see that all patrons of thlsjis- ta^blished hostelry are served with the best eatables, of the substantial and solid kind, as also with the best of liquors, both spirit and malt furnished anywhere. The fact that Mr. T-Iane has a large acquaintance through"'.t; the o.«,nt,y should be sufficient assurance that he will Inke good care of such of his friends and pai/oi\s r.s visit him. FINK'S rilJZK SEERS are served al this L..r. Loth or. draught and in bottles. HAT CAPS 1Y INTER hoes Rubbers C. B. KITZMILLER, tore * p. m. ·\Vi.tii blow-ontS, S.vtJon-; a*\' *"'· oe renalrea. fcatisiat.ison ai ; · ^ r ·'*' r^i v r T )^"r ;':j t i"i x ^ A good r--y people seemed to . f GlS. '·· . , about, and sonj" cf them called cut to j fight at Ghent, Belgium. me in a most eccentric manner. Ratl * * * I didn't take any rotice of them And, J Hans Helirser. the American profce , oh, my dear, I found such a number of i sional Marathon runner, is trying the Table Rock, Pa-1 curious little round things! I brought' middle game. He won the ! them home to ask yon what they are." ; final in the big haif-rnile handicap a\ Hereupon Aant Mary opened her { the Po^'derhall grounds, Edinburgh, TV/ELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE Comfortable, Reliable an-l Powcrfn 1 . Try i: T-.i:r* nn-! Driiu-fi^d tri; s a ^oc TO THE LADIES Shampooini, Electric."-.! and Scalp M«s-a^e, r-IarJcurinp:, cnpcrfiu Ou# TIa'r Rtmgvotl. Mrs. Ziegier, United Phone 11 7 X C. A. S TO N £ R, prop [ rhone =. Y. 12 Carlisle and produced 24 golf balls, j Scotland. All clover is rich in protein or muscle forming food, and it is one of the best hind of foods for growing pigs and for breed sows. YTestem dairymen are finding oat that cov.-peas are almost equal to clover or alfalfa as a dairy ration.and are a much surer crop. APPLE. OR.CHARD IN BEARING CONDITION SE.T WITH FRUIT. FOR SALu, soxcn acrv-s. w.uc i Arvndo :·»'.!. «et wIds A crop of .T.n.:;h in apple*. Entire orchard c\'opt _abo;sc D?C. A S P E R . Aspers, Pa. SPAPFRf

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