The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1954 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1954
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

At Your Theaters"Saadia" Is Strange Tale of Morocco One of Ihc year's unusual dramatic stories i s u n f o l d e d i n "Saadia," which opens Tuesday at the Palace Theater. 11 is a ..striking technicolor picture filmed on location in French Morocco, with Cornel Wilde, Mel Ferrer and Rita Gam in KlarriiiK roles, With its settings the pa hi cos and courtyards, the market plavus and bazaars, the people and the pageantry which make Morocco one of the most fascinating and mysterious places on e a r t h , the film tells; an absorbing .story of a civilization in which the modern and medieval are curiously juxtaposed. S a a d i a , a beautiful, proud and spirited Berber jyirl, is the story's heroine. Brought u p . b y the sorceress, Fatima, in a weird environment of black magic, she believes herself to have the Evil Kye and be responsible for the epidemic of THEATERS'AT A GLANCE CICCII,--"KiiljfliU ill (lie U u u i i d Table" now I ' A I . A f K -- "'Inn K i l i l l c ' Cunlnr Sli.ry" 'loses Monday, ".Samllii" oiieim Tucs- K'J'I!.\ND--"Kah'rc .lei" aul "(ilionU on the l.uoitc" c I u UK Mumlu)'. "A Man Dr. I r a j i M l " mill "On Tup of O l i l S m o k y " open Tui-miay. H A M ) J M ) X -- " T l i e JMun J'rijin Iliv A l u i n i i " anil "Ablinll ;uul Cn.iUllo Alert Dr. . I r k y l l anil M r s , l l y i l L - " now sliuwlnj;. AKIC--'"J'ho ( J n l i l u u I'UOc" ' rlijsei .Mond a y , " l l n l u n y H f i y " opuM* Tuesday. CLUB SPECIAL Tuesday and Thursday FROM 6:00 TO 9-.00 P. M. FILLET MIGNON Choice oi Salad . . . Complete Dinner bubonic plague which falls on her village. Two men fall in love with Saadia,i one the progressive young Caid, Si Lahssen, the other the French doctor, Hcnrik, who has conic to Morocco to escape the past. They form an alliance to rescue the girl they both love from the evil power of the sorceress. Robert Taylor, as Lancelot, adds another stellar portrait to a gal Skelly Makes Choices for District Tourney Winners By L. E. SKELLEY DICS MOINKS Wi-The boys go hunting again liii.s week for the stale high school basketball championship. The district meets arc on the Garden Grove over Redding. AT NEWTON AA ~ MarshaJltown's Bobcats should take Newton. A--Grjnnoll, one of Ihe better olic over Slgourney. AT WATERLOO AA--Waterloo West to make it third straight over Waterloo East, Cedar, Falls over CharJcs City. A--Independence over Vinton and Manchester o v e r Waterloo. S t . Mary's, B--Winthrop over Readlyn. and Waterloo OLVA over Hudson. AT W A V E R L Y Feb. 22, _ 1954 7 Mason ( I t y Gloljr.-G.iiellc, Mason Cily, In. A--Waverly to hand Grumly Center its second defeat of tho season. Strawberry Point over Dike. AT W H E A T L A N D B--Wheatland and Wclton, both strong, over Onslow and Goose Lake, respectively. ' , schedule. The brisk coinpelitionlteams in its class, over New Shar- lincludes activity for the 40 Classlon and Pclla to take KnoxvJJle. lory of fine screen performances POLKA BAND--Frank Yanko- ill "KnicihfS of the Round Table." vie, America's ootka kinn nn,i in "Knights of the Round Table, showing at the Cecil Theater in Cinemascope. Ava Gardner plays the role of the Princess Guinevere and Mel Ferrer enacts King Arthur in this adaptation of Sir Thomas Malory's "he .Mortc D'Arthur." Filmed in England and Ireland, the ispcictacle i s dramatic f r o m the Ends Monday) "THE EDDIE CANTOR STORY" In Technicolor 50c 'til 5, Ihen 65c; Children 16c TUES. - WED. 2 - Days Only - 2 The story of a wild, sensuous, haunted beauty-who lured men into a hotbed of danger! Cornel Mel WILDE-FERRER Rita GAM »itN Michel SIMON · Cyril CUSACK Wanda ROIHA · Marcel PONCIN vhicli A r t h u r is k i l l e d . . I n the closing scenes Lancelot duels Modrcd to the death and almost meets liis own end in a pool of riuicksand. ."A Man Betrayed," with John at the Strand Theater Tuesday. He! "The Man F r o m the Ala mo," 1 ' f r ° t s ?, 1 ? 1 ? e»cssing on w plays the role of an a w k w a r d , . u n - j s h o w i n s at the H a n d Box Theater ! WC l " Jr/k Wl " happCn lh)S wcek: gainly young l a w y e r with a highjtdls the story of one of the unsun"! AT A D E L ideal of justice. When that ideal j Tex as heroes -- tho. only man to' 2Olh Century-Fox presents THE MIGHTY ADVENTURE OF INDIA opening scene, in which Arthur's vie, America's polka king, and his recording orchestra will appear Friday night at the Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake. This young accordionist - maestro holds ihe ail-time attendance record at George Devine's million dollar ballroom in Milv/au!ec s A A learns. Uy'week'i. end only fil ambilipus contenders Will be eligible for the high.tension sub-stale lourmirncnls, gateway U the IG-team 'championship' classic, "at the University of Iowa Ficldhouse M a r c h 1G-20. Two of what may be the most spectacular district duels won't be fougnl until Saturday night. They [involve bitter intracily rivals- Davenport v.s. St. Ambrose and DCS Moines Roosevelt vs. Dov/ling, SI. Ambrose cul d o w n - ( h e Blue- Devils' bid for a fourth straight with 6,413 paid admissions, topping tho box-offico scores chalked destiny as E n g l a n d ' s king is made! up by such b a n d s as Tommy manifest, to Ihe g r e a t battle in* Dorsey, San Kenton, Vaughn Monroe and Xavier Cugat. B--Lynnville over Tracy perhaps and Sully over Carlisle. AT OTTUMWA A A--OUurnwa, No. 2 finisher last year, too good for Oskaloosa. A -- Bloornfield over Ottumwa Walsh and Albia over Ccntcrville. IJ--Melrosc over Blakesbury and Agency over Cedar. AT POCAHONTAS A--Humboldt to hall Storm Lake and Pocahontas over Albert City. AT POSTVILLE A--Undefeated hosts over Mar- title in a district meeting a y e a r j M a c and Cresc-o over Monona. ago and holds a one-point victory B--New Albin over Fort Atkin- over Davenport this season. Dov.-l- son and Cre.sco Notre Dame over ing has clipped Roosevelt t w i c e , ' L u a n a . 44-H and 44-42, thc latter in a dou-i AT RED OAK ble overtime. ' A--Red Onk over Karragul but Davenport was rated No. l by Ihe · Hawkeyu-Eight club better be five points over St. Ambrose in Ihe'hilling. Glenwood over Corning. .- .southeast district in the final Asso-j B--Wales-Lincoln over Pacific a b o u t to provMlial the sincere lovH^! atcd !,' rcss P °' L D ° wlin * was the] Junction and Slrahan over Korlh- boy can o u t s m a r t the d l v s l i r t e ; Q ' ( 2 , t o a , m , , f m f J " lh , c '| boro ."On Top of Old S m o k y " . i s co^" 1 TM 1 dl!Urict and «ooscvcll T _ A T R O L F E Wayne in the leading role, opens f e a t u r e d ! ' B ~~L'vermore (he choice over ' ' Here s some guessing on what Pocahontas Sacred Heart in a bat- A--Indianoia over Woodward and West DCS Moincs over Adel. tle between two of the northwest's jbest. HaVelock over Moorland. threatens to be trampled, he sets-leave the A l a m o alive As John iStroud, Glenn Ford plays the part , B ~ Truro to st °P Grimes and ! of a man scorned thosci f a l a t c r to do thc s a m e to A llc "ian. AT ATLANTIC A--Harlan shaky choice over Woodbine and M a n n i n g Ihe same We invite you to take advantage of our Free Parking, in tenor's Used Car Lot, directly behind THE TOWN HOUSE R E S T A U R A N T , after 5:00 P. M. and all day Sunday. You may use rear entrance into THE COSMO- P O L I T A N ROOM. jwho knew his secret mission fell at Alamo. America's leading f u n n y team is starred in the co-feature, "AbboU and Coslello Meet j J e k y l l and Mr. Hyde." "Botany Bay," lavish lechnicoJoi jsca adventure-romance based on AT SIOUX C I T Y AA -- Sioux City Heclan over Sioux City Central. A--Sioux Center, coming fast,! over George and Le Mars over! Sioux City Leeds. A l h M I T T K I ) F K E K W H K N A L ' C O M r V N I I - : i 11V I ' A H K N T S thc selling novel by Charles N'ordhoff and James Norman Hall, opens at the Lake' Theater Tuesday. .Jt stars A l a n Ladd and James liaison with Patricia Medina and Sir iCcdric Hardwicke. The film tells an exciting .saga of the dramatic settiing of Australia back in 1737-88 by a boatload of British convicts. ..,,,, ,, B--Maurice over Ilornick a n d Dr'.j o v c r A t l a n t i c . ' Hinlon over LeMars Gehlen. B--Tennant ahead of Lewis and! AT S P E N C E R p . Massena in front of Casey. A--Paullina over Spirit Lake AT B U R L I N G T O N and Emmetsburg over Spencer AA--Burlmglon over Fairfield ~ ~ " AMAZING VACUUM CLEANER SALE MAIL COUPON BELOW SEND NO MONEY DO NOT CONFUSE THIS MODEL WITH OLDER MODEL MOTH PnOOFIHG PAINT SPHAVmG FLOOR WAXIKG ! SEE IT! TRY JT1 NO OBLIGATION TO BUY! SEND NO MONEY and Keokuk over Fort Madison. _. . · · ! , . , . . . I W t l . r i l l l U I l l U J i g C l l I U J1.1I B--Wmfield to beat Keokuk St. Catholic over Sutherland. B--Rodman, another B redhotj over Armslrong and Emmelsburgi Peler's IF over AT C E D A R R A P I D S .--Franklin over Roosevell and' Candidates Seek Township Office CHARLES CITY--William Earth :0f Marble Hock filed for nomina- ;tion in the Republican primary for j t h e office of Union losvnship Trus- ttee. The term would begin in January, 195G. D. \V. Curry o£ Floyd filed for the position of Floyd Township Clerk in the Republican primary You Will See It . . . THURSDAY! STEREOPHONIC SOUND? Starts TUESDAY END MONDAY "SABRE JET" Also "GHOST ON THE LOOSE" W A U A C E F O R D - W A R D B O H D - H A R O L O H U B E K A I E X A H 0 E R C R A H A C H . .OH,, K. ^I.-B, PLUS THIS TOP WESTERN ON TOP OF ALL A U T R Y HITS! Watch Oeno'»om» the town that shamed The Wett! WICI). · All Color r r o i r a i n "AIIKO1V HKAB" S OF 1 SEAS" ac Four-door sedans, which counted for 42 per cent of all serigcr car sales in 1940, have climbed in popularity to thc point where they now account for 54 per cent, replacing thc two-door sedan as the most popular body style. Entrance On 4th Street N. Just Off Federal D I N I N G ROOM OPEN to the Public Featuring Steaks Special For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Only. Serving 5 P. M. to 9 P. M. MASON CITY Baseball, Inc. Presents The Original Stamps Quartette AND SPECIAL CHILDREN'S SHOW MASON CITY HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Mon., Feb. 22 8:00 P. M. SPECIAL:'Children's M a t l n r c -1:00 P.M. Children,' 50c Adults, l.OO All T»vr.s Included TICKETS on sKte »t VnniM! Music Co., C.irlclnn Stewart Miinlc Co., Tho Ueborrt 3*inii'«nd Tip Tjm T^nvcrii. . Slake All Checks Payable Tn Tlio Mtiort Clly llmeball. Inc., Sliow Fund MON., FEB. 22 ' Garner Firemen's Balf JULES HERMAN FRJ., FEB. 26 America's Polka King FRANK YANKOV1C And His Famous Old-Time O r c h e s t r a Adm. 51.02 plus tax, tot. $1.24 STARTS TUES. yST VISION SCREEN · 11V TUK A U T H O R OF " M U T I N Y ON THE UOUSTV" Atldcd--Torn J e r r y C;irluon and Lal« N e w s NOW SHOWING WITH SUPER STEREOPHONIC SOUND Ava GARDNER Mel FERRER DOORS OPEN r 12:30 DAILY SHOW STARTS 1:00 O'CLOCK over B--Van Home should take Nor- vay and it is Palo over Mechanics- ilie. AT CLINTON AA--Dubuque's Rams, co-champs of the Mississippi Valley with Dav- 'nport, rate the choice over Clinton iu\. this is far from a setup for Coach Johnny Orr's tall kids. A--DeWitt too potent for Dyersville Xavier and Clinton Lyons too good for Durant. AT COUNCIL BLUFFS AA--Abraham L i n c o l n over Thomas Jefferson.- AT DES M O I N E S AA--Dowling over Roosevelt in what, m a y be the most, evenlj matched, teams ,: ih.! the '"state." 1 was Dowling 44-41 and Dowlinig again 44-42 in a double overtime. Tech over East Des Moines and North Des Moines.over Lincoln. AT G A R N A V I L L O AA--Dubuque Loras to spoil Decorah's debut as a Class AA team. B--Delhi over Oelwein Sacred Heart and GarnavUlo over Cascade St. Martin's. AT GARNER , AA--Forest Cily hesilant choice over Algona, a G7-65 victim of the Indians in an overtime last week. Garner ahead of Bancroft St. John's. ( , B--Klemme 'to eliminate AJgona St. Cecilia's and Joicc over Alexander. , AT H O L S T E I N AA--East Sioux City over Fort JDoclge. A--Sac City over Ida Grove and Cherokee to oust Mapleton. B--Truesdale slight favorite over Early and Correctionville to stay undefeated against Marcus. AT IOWA CITY AA--Now we arc really guessing when we say St. Ambrose over Davenport because anything can happen here. Muscatine to halt Iowa City. A -- Cedar Rapids Immaculate Conception over Williamsbiirg.and Marion ahead of Anamosa despite its loss to thc Blue Raiders last week. B--Undefeated Clarence continues its sweep against Iowa City St. Mary's and What Cheer over Craw- fofdsville. · · ' · · · · ' AT IOWA FALLS A--Bclmond over Iowa Falls and Nevada over Franklin Consolidated. B--Roland rolls against Jewell and Steamboat Rock over Owasa. AT J E F F E R S O N AA--Ames favored over Boone but be ready Little Cyclones. A--Carroll's Midwest Conference champs to hurdle Jefferson and Giiddcn over Panora. B -- Breda St. Bernard's over Rtppey and Harcourt the same with Baglcy. AT LEGRAND B--Dinsdale, still to be checked, over Victor St. John's. Laurel over Clutier. AT MASON CITY AA--Mason City over Webster city. , ;;·::·' t\: ·;-"'·· -,· ........ A--Mason Cily ·-Holy"""Family which picked up a mid-term cligi blc and late season, over Osag'e arid Ne\V Hamplbri ; ahead of Greene. :'. '·'···, !·'·';-:·';'' 7-.:-iT ·; f ,|.-', " B--Fertile over rugged nuclei and Orchard over Sheffield, maybe. AT MOORHEAD B--Earl ing St. Joseph over ·Moor- hcml. Charter Orik over Mondaniin r ' AT.MT. AYR A--Ml. Ayr" over " 'Creston ami Bedford over Leon. B--Tingley over Lbrimor and Harris to whip Rock Valley and Hull to treat EverJy likewise. AT WASHINGTON A--Washington hesitant pick over DEPT. 3 920 GRAND, DES MOINES, IOWA Genflemen: I would like a FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION of a fully guaranteed, rebuilt ELECTROLUX VACU.UH CLEANER, complete with 7 aHachments, Only Name _. ' Address . _ . City -.-.- B fl 9 . B 1 Sfofe » My Phone No. Ml. Pleasant and Burlington Cath-j fc *"* 1 ** l *'" BK '""»"a |F R?D. SEND DIRECTIONS K a a 2 E t n s 3 D i » a i i i i K a ] Save now!--get the new Pathfinder at this rock bottom price. 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