Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 16, 1936 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1936
Page 16
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 16 1936 Strictly Neutral. To maintain neutrality, let us hope it is not necessary to loan money to both sides.--Atlanta Georgian. CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY We lead in Price, We win with Quality. Let us have vour orders. We know our quality and price cannot be beat. Same Prices at Both Stores. FBI, SAT., MON. PHONE 112-113-114 FREE DELIVERY 30 E. State SOS First St S. W. CORN CODN1EV w BROOKTOXD BUTTER, ss, lb. 34c Large Cranberries, Ib 19c Raisins, pkg 10p Marshmallows, Jb loc Salad Dressing, full pints .. 19c Mac. or Spaghetti, 3 Ibs. .. 25c Fleiscnmann's Yeast, lb. . 29c Oranges .S!sl9c29c35c (.OLD MEDAL FLOUR, 49 Ibs. $1.98 SOAP N^.L 10 bars 25c Evcrsweet Oleo, lb 23c White Pop Corn, 3 Ibs. ... 25c Yellow Pop Corn, 2 Ibs. ... 25c loc Salmon, 2 tall cans .. 25c Dates, large pkg. in cello 25c Tuna Fish, can I 541 Shrimp, per can 15c Red Salmon, per can .... loc Fresh Peanuts, 2 Ibs 25c T-I.__., n Fr. Albert I lb. can 65c 1 OD3CCO Union Leader IK- can 63c Pitted Dates, package 15c Mop Sticks, good ones ... lOc ToUet Paper, 4, 5, 6, 7 rolls 25c Mixed Nuts, best, lb 15c Catsup, large bottle lOc Tapioca, minute, 2 Ibs 25c Boneless Codfish, 1 lb. pkg. 19c Penny Matches, 12 for 9c Milk, 4 large cans 29c COFFEE, cs = d lb. 25c » Sittings, Ib. plfg- Fancy Green Tea, lb. Fancy Black Tea, lb. lOc 25c 35c FLOUR Oma Flour, 49 Ibs §1.59 Sunbeam Flour, 49 Ibs. . $1.89 White Flour, 5 lb. sack ,.. 28c Whole Wheat, 5 Ibs 28c Graham, 5 lb. sack 28c Whole Wheat, 10 lb. sack.. 48c Corn Meal, 5 lb. sack 21c Crushed Wheat, 5 lb. sack 29c DeGraw's Buckwheat, 5 Ibs. Z5c DcGraw's Backwh't, 10 Ibs. 45c CRACKERS, 3 Lb. Caddy 15c Olives, tall jars lOc Olives, quarts 25c Sweet Pickles, quarts 25c IHJI Pickles, quarts 15c peanut Butter, Jar lOc, 19c, 33c Prunes, 2 and 3 Ibs 25c Dried Peaches, 2 Ibs 25c Dried Apricots, per lb. ... 19c Crystal White Soap, 5 Bars 18c Corn Beef Hash, can 18c Egg Noodles, bag loc lima Beans, 3 Ibs 25e Brooms, good ones, S9c, 49c, 59e Pineapple, in cubes, quarts 25c Mr. Farmer: Bring us your Eggs. They buy more here. VANILLA, 8 oz. Bottle lOc EAT MORE VEGETABLES Vegetables Peas, 5 cans 25e lOe Corn, Peas, 3 cans 25c Sweet Potatoes, quart cans 15c lOc Pumpkin, 3 cans 25c Head Lettuce 8c and lOc Celery, iarge . lOc and 15c Green Beans, 3 cans 25c Onions, 7 Ibs 25c Asparagus, 18c; 2 cans ... 35c Canadian Rutabagas, 3 Ibs. lOc Tomato Jnice, 3 giant cans 25c Baked Beans, 5 cans 25c Baked Beans, S giant cans 25c Tomatoes, 2 cans 13c Tomatoes, qt. cans, per can 15c Carrots or Spaghetti, 5 cans 23c Cut Beets, quart cans lOc Tomato Soup, 5 cans 35c loc Spinach, 2 cans 25c Carrots, 3 Ibs lOc Ubby's Fancy Beets, can .. lOc Uma Beans, large cans .. lOc ·spaghetti, large cans lOc Sauer Kraut, quarts, S for 25c Hominy, quart cans lOc Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, can lUc !5c Corn, Peas, 2 cans .. 25c Jumbo Peas, delicious 18c BUTTER-NUT COFFEE PER LB. CAN Xf e 30 E. State St. Phones 112-113 508 First St. S. W. Phone 114 Cut Rate Grocery IOWANS FIGHT FORAAAPAY Seek Money Due Farmers; Other News of lowans in Washington. WASHINGTON, Jan. 16. (IP)-- e-wa's congressional delegation-divided on how to solve the farm roblem--is prepared to fight for ayment of the possibly $20,000,000 due Iowa farmers on their 1935 corn-hog contracts. This and concern for maintenance of corn loans were the two things upon which members of the house delegation generally agreed after he supreme court's decision shat- :ered the AAA. All indications have been that .he lowans will have fun admin- stration support for the payment of the second benefit checks on the COUGH if} iOZlHGESl\/C 1935 corn-hog contracts as well as previous unpaid sums on contracts which ran into technical of legal difficulties. The president ha^j openly committed himself to full payment of contracts where compliance was complete. Native lowau Chosen. Matt Tinley of Council Bluffs, Iowa, didn't win appointment as chief of the national guard bureau but a native of Iowa did. President Roosevelt named Maj. Gen. Albert Hazen Blanding, who served in France as commander of the fifty-third brigade of the twenty-seventh division, to the post. General Blanding, 59, has lived in Florida in recent years but was born in Iowa. He saw action in the World war at Ypres and the Somme and won a D. S- M. He's Busy Man. Representative Lloyd Thurston, Osceola republican, recently found himself scheduled to attend'three major committee meetings at the same hour because of his ranking among the minority party members in the lower chamber. He made all the meetings by ducking from one to another to see that his views were presented. First he attended the coinage committee where a resolution was pending concerning the treasury's gold policy. Then he moved to the appropriations subcommittee working on the agricultural department budget bill and finally to the appropriations deficiency subcommittee studying the plans to provide funds for the social security law, especially for grants to states with old age pension laws such as Iowa which recently met federal standards. Is Complex Job. Representative Hubert Utterback of Des Moines, said congress seldom has undertaken a "more complex, THOMfftN-DEAN ID. ·SS3 E SEfiVlfE CIMERS 'I'.V Friday and Saturday Folger's, Hills, Bolivia COFFEE ib. 29c ORANGES, 176's,doi.33c FANCY SUNKIST NAVELS Mrs. Glanvitle's Home-Made Bread Mrs. Rogers' Home-Made Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Rolls, Coffee Cakes, Doughnuts. There is nothing with more food value for the money spent than in QUALITY MEATS Fancy Corn Fed Beef Roasts, Ib 18e Fancy Lamb, Veal, Cold Meats Jones Sausage Oysters Heavy Chickens -- Capons Frozen Strawberries THRAVES FOOD MARKET 401 N. Federal Ave. Free Delivery Phone 448 Specials For Friday, Saturday LIBBY'S PINEAPPLE Be JACK SPRAT PRUNES 2 No. 2'/2 cans » . 25c SANI-FLUSH, large con.., BUTTER Corn Country or Brookfield, lb Tid-bits or crushed, 2--8 oz. tins BANANAS, 4 pounds. KELLOGG'S ALL- BRAN, 2 f o r . . . . IDAHO RUSSETTS, 15-pound bag... 100% Pure, BULK . . 21bs.25c SPARE RIBS, lean, meaty, 2 Ibs PORK CHOPS, End Cuts, 2 Ibs HOME-MADE WIENERS, lb.... BEEF ROAST, Choice, Ib.. PORK SHOULDER ROAST, Ib Home-Made LIVER SAUSAGE, Ib.... Folger's Coffee Pound 2 Pounds Alas, Poor Yoricks' Skulls Unearthed by WPA Medical BUI $52,418. FORT DODGE, Jan. 16. (UP)-Webster county's medical bill for unemployed and indigent poor during 1935 was $52,418.76, the county board of supervisors reported today. This amount was almost $11,000 over the 1934 bill. A successful man is one who makes more than his wife can spend, and a successful woman is one who lands such a man.--Salina, Kansas, Journal --Iowa Dalfr Prats Photo Picks and shovels of WPA workers on the Utae Klto Hollow road northeast of Council Bluffs uncovered these Indian skulls In a burial mound last week. Beside each of the five skulls found was a rnnafl hemetite, or colored stone, apparently used by the Indians to paint their faces. O. J. Prultt, curator of the Pottawattamie county Historical society, left, and Paul J. Mahoney, WPA engineer, are shown looking over the find. more difficult or more important job than the scheduled legislation to keep the nation out of war." He predicted that in order to maintain strict neutrality in any war the new law probably would provide that all belligerent nations should be treated alike. "Of course," he said, "legislation of this kind will be opposed by certain business and banking institutions that might expect to make large profits from trade with nations at war. But whatever th e loss to these concerns might be, it would be billions of dollars less than it would cost the American taxpayers for another war, to say nothing of the saving of thousands of American lives." IS FOUND DEAD ATCLARKSVILLE Mrs. Ida Walsh, 82, Was in | Poor Health for Past Two Months. CLAHKSVILLE, Jan. 16.--Mrs. Ida Walsh, 82, widow of "the late William Walsh was found dead in bed, eariy Wednesday, by hir maid, Margaret Stewart, who called Mrs. Walsh's sister, Mrs. Jessie .French, and her physician. Her health had been in the decline the past two months, from heart disease, but she had been up about the house, every day. She leaves her daughters, Mrs. Bert Coon of Clarksville,. Mrs. J. J, Gough of Rockford, HI., Mrs. Arnold Amick of Cedar Falls; sons, Jerome and Robert of Nashua; brothers, Sumner Shadbolt of Minneapolis, and Albon Shadbolt of Ionia, and one sister, Mrs. Jessie French of Clarksville: twelve grandchildren, COATS SPORT AND FUR TRIM DRESS COATS Heavily Interlined. Values to $14.90 ALL SIZES 6 FINK'S SMART APPAREL and seven great grand-children. Her husband preceded her, several years ago. She was a daughter of pioneer parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Shadbolt, who came here from Wisconsin in 1855. Horner Repudiated by 3 Men on Slate That He Indorsed SPRINGFIELD, HI., Jan. 16. C9B-- Governor Homer today was repudiated by the three men on the organization elate he had .indorsed. . As the governor prepared to go to Chicago for active campaigning, telegrams were sent to the Ke!ly-Nash headquarters by Secretary of State Edward J. Hughes, Attorney General Otto Kerner and John C. Martin, the choice for state treasurer. They promised to support the entire organization ticket, Including Dr. Herman N. Bundesen for governor. The candidacies of the three men had been approved by the governor, When Poisons Clog KIDNEYS and Irritate Bladder Flush Them Out For 35 Cents Go to your druggist today and get this safe, swift and harmless diuretic and stimulant--ask for Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and start at once to flush kidneys of waste matter saturated with adds and poisons. That's the way to bring; about healthy kidney activity and stop that bladder irritation which often causes scanty passage with smart- Ing and burning as well as restless nights. Remember, the kidneys often need flushing as well as the bowels, and some symptoms of kidney weakness are: Getting up once or twice during the night--puffy eyes- cramps in leg--backache and moist palms. But be sure and get GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules--the original and genuine--right from Haarlem in Holland--the price is small (35 cents), the good results will fulfill your expectations. FREE SKATES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS! Starting next week we are offering a fine pair of skates every week to the boy or girl who turns in the greatest number of wrappers from any kind of Purity Bread, including Whole Wheat, Raisin, Rye, Pumpernickel, Irish Bread, etc. Ask your friends to help you win these skates and enjoy the goodness of Purity Bread, too. Also Free Dishes Every Week Get Particulars For Starting Your Set, Now! Bakery Specials For Fri. and Sat. Cookies, dozen lOc Date Nut Bread, loaf . . . 15c Cheese Bread, loaf . . . . lOc Doughnuts, plain . . . . 15c PURITY BAKERY 26 First Street S. E. Phone 86 with the apparent hope that would get some help from them. he Senate Gets Nominations. WASHINGTON, Jan. 16. President Roosevelt ha, sent the following nomination for Iowa postmasters, to the senate: Herbert B. Heyer, Sumner, and Philip J. Carolan, Ridgeway. Correctthis sentence: "This bufld- ing is public property,' said the earnest citizen, "so everybody tSSgoc* care of if-Wlsconsto State Journal. "keiujott's CHEESE MARKET SATURDAY PATRONS WILL RECEIVE 1 BOX FANCY WESTCO COOKIES FOR 15c WITH A PURCHASE! One to a Customer Kenyan's fresh churned Butter with or without salt. Selected Eggs. 'keiUjoa's Half block east of Wards, Mason City. ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT to take advantage of our great CLOSING OUT SALE . . . as we MUST VACATE FEBRUARY 1 s t . . . Again WE SLASH PRICES throughout the store to make you buy whether you want to or not. Here are only a few of the HUNDREDS OF BARGAINS offered in our various departments! Oyster Shells, 100 Pounds 59 FLOUR, Our $4 .55 Special, 49 Ibs. Jl Lipton's TEA, Pound */2 Pound *4 Pound 39' 20c I3c Tobacco, P. A. 15c can Union Leader, 2 lOc cans 10' 15' BLISS COFFEE, lb 19' Stock Salt, 100 pounds Block Salt, 50 pounds . 59c 35c No. 10 Gallon Fruit Buy Now and Save Money! Peaches, Pears, Apricots ----------Sliced Pineapple Blueberries Prunes 59c .69c 33c Gooseberries ___________ .49c Red Pitted Cherries 43c BUTTER-NUT COFFEE NEVER FAILS TO PLEASE Vacuum Packed, Pound Can. Drip or Regular Grind Morton's Smoked Salt, 10 lb. Can, Regular 98c. Out They f»Q Ca Go! OATMEAL, 7 Pounds 25' Kellogg's All Bran, pkg. 11 ALCOHOL, 188 Proof, Gal. 49' BUTTER Fresh Creamery. With Order, lb.. 32' SUGAR 10 Pounds With Order __ 49' MOTHER'S COCOA, 2 lb. can .17c FOLGER'S COFFEE Pound 29c 2 Pounds 56c We Pay Above Market Price for Eggs--Cash or Trade! FREE Packed with HASH'S Toasted COFFEE A Knife with k Mb, jars, per ib. A Spoon attached to each 2-lb. jar, A Fork attached to each 3-ib. jar, MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING SHARPLY REDUCED! You must see these extraordinary BARGAINS to appreciate them! MEN'S RIBBED UNION SUITS, Long Sleeves and Legs. All Sizes MEN'S 2-PIECE ARMY SHIRTS DRAWERS. Heavy Wool | | Q c Mixed, §1 Grade. Each "^ See Our Big Table of GROCERY ITEMS Especially Priced During this Sale for Only i Per Item ~ v Big Variety to Choose From! By all means VISIT OUR STORE during this SENSATIONAL SALE as it means GREAT SAVINGS TO YOU! Ask for our 2-page circular where HUNDREDS of UNMATCHABLE BARGAINS are offered! 215 S. Federal Dept. Store Open Evenings Phone 434

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