The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 16, 1936 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1936
Page 15
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T A1ASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. J A N U A R Y 13 FIFTEEN PUBLIC OPENING WILL BE SATURDAY WITH DOUBLE FEATURE Syd Levy Is Manager of New Lake Movie House Mr. and Mrs. Frieburg t o j Assist m Operation of Theater. CLEAR LAKE, Jan. 16.--Syd Levy of the Levy Theater corporation was assured the position of manager of the new Lake theater, which has been leased by the corporation for a period of 10 years. The building has been built by H: N. Halvorson and his brother. Albert Halvorson, St. Ansgar. Mr; Levy has lived in Clear Lake ;at intervals for a. number of years, installing the first movie sound equipment in Clear Lake in the Park theater a. number of yea's ago. During the past summer he operated Syd's Delicatessen on West Second street. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Frieburg, brother-in-law and sister of Mr. Levy of New York City, are assisting in the operation of the new the- ater. The theater is a dream of a lifetime come true for Mr. Levy. Gloomy Gus Henderson's Present Contract Final One, Say Tulsa Writers TULSA, Okla., Jan. 36. \.V-- Delay in negotiations for a new football coaching contract between Elmer (Gloomy Gus) Henderson and Tulsa university officials was followed today by reports that the veteran mentor would not be back with the Golden Hurricane for the 193(j season. While President C. I. Pontius declared "the university has come to no decision" regarding negotiations with the school's coach for the past 11 years, the Tulsa World said it had learned on "unimpeachable authority that Henderson is not to be ·jiven a new contract." Congratulations-"SYD" LEVY Through your foresight and confidence Clear Lake has a theatre that people of North Iowa can well be proud of. You have exerted every effort and invested thouands of dollars in the finest equipment to make this theatre one of finest in the whole state o.f Iowa. WE KNOW BECAUSE WE WERE THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR Ernest Andersen Clear Lake, Iowa . Phone 555 IT HAS BEEN OUR PRIVILEGE AND PLEASURE | TO HAVE A PART IN THE DECORATING AND FURNISHING OF THE NEW LAKE THEATRE Our Decorating Studios specialize in the furnishing of public buildings, offices, theatres, churches and private residences. Estimates furnished without obligation. Decorating Studios: Fourth Floor YOUNKERS Des Moines, Iowa NO COMPETITION FOR GOVERNMENT IN POSTAL LAWS Postoffice Department Kept Busy Protecting Its Monopoly. By FKEDEK1C 3. HASKIX WASHINGTON, D. C.--If Uncle Hiram sends his nephew Johnny down the street with a note for Aunt Hannah and gives Johnny a nickel for performing the errand, both of them are violating the laws of the United States. If Johnny takes the note for nothing, there is no violation. Of course the chance of a federal prosecution against either Johnny, as principal, or Uncle Hiram, as abettor, would not be more than one in a million. Nevertheless, the principle is there. The business of carrying the mails for pay is the exclusive monopoly of the United States government. No one else may enter the field. An individual who occasionally bore a letter for pay would not be likely to be prosecuted, but anyone who attempted to make a business of so doing would feel the weight of the government's hand. Celebrated Prosecution. Some years ago a celebrated prosecution occurred against a St. Louis man who set up a parcel post busi- less. He offered to carry this type of mail matter at rates under those .he postoffice" charged. He actually 3egan business when the federal authorities intervened. The case was 'ought all the way up to the su- Drenie court of the United States, which handed down a verdict for the government, definitely upholding Jncle Sam's monopoly. There have been no recent cases of .he magnitude of the parcel post Wishing "Syd" Levy and the New Lake Theatre Success --Avery--· "The Theatre Beautiful" Garner, Iowa Always for "Syd" ; Dairy Products · 4 Clear Lake--Mason City ^ SUCCESS TO the Beautiful NEW (( CLEAR LAKE, IOWA Glad to Have Had a Part in Its Construction. G. H1LLJEGERDS PAINTER-and INTERIOR DECORATOR Clear Lake, Iowa Future Bright I t ' I.! \ THE Peoples Gas and Electric Company HEARTILY CONGRATULATES Clear Lake and Mr. Syd Levy on the Opening of the Beautify! New LAKE THEATRE The New Theatre Will Be HEATED WITH GAS To assure his patrons of comfortable, even heat at all times, Mr. Levy chose gas for heating. We ore happy to have been selected to moke the installation of the heating equipment .-. . and we extend our best wishes for the success of the new enterprise. PEOPLE'S GAS AND ELECTRIC CO. The sensational success of "Ah, Wilderness!" hailed as one of the best of 1986, promises to do much for one of Its better players, Cecilia Parker, the ingenue. case, but the solicitor of the post- office reports that intermittently he finds it necessary to bring a prosecution against some free lance mail carrier. The laws covering the matter are known as the "Private Express Statutes, Sections 1710 to 1715, Postal Laws and Regulations." During- the last year a special drive of enforcement has been made and it is estimated the drive has resulted in adding $1,000,000 to the postal revenues. Result of Ignorance- The solicitor explains that most of the violations are the result of complete ignorance of the law. It comes as a shocking surprise to most of :hose approached to be informed that they are violating: the law by carrying letters or packages in competition with the government monopoly. When it is clear that there 3as been no conscious intent to perpetrate a fraud against the post- office, the cases are dropped. The postoffice really has served its purpose n'hen it stops the practice and gets the .business for itself. During the last year, in an effort to warn the public, some 30.000 pamphlets explaining the private express statutes have been circulated among postmasters and others. The legal activities of the postof- fice department are many and varied. Confidence men, shrewd swindlers, have long looked upon the United Slates mails as a godsend to them. A3 a. vehicle of carryin; their proposals to prospective victims, the mails are a facility without parallel. Operate at Distance. The swindler is in a position ty operate at a distance and, oftentimes, in a wholly anonymous manner. He does not have to run the risk of facing his victim and possibly encountering physical violence. The classic example of fraudulent dealing through the mails dates back many years. A man in Pennsylvania advertised widely, chiefly in weekly newspapers reaching country people, that he would send a. magnificent steel engraving of George Washington, in color, for SI. Before the. postoffice department hunted him down and put a stop to his practices he reaped a harvest. Actually, it was not a simple matter to gain a conviction because, viewed from a purely technical point of view, he performed his agreement. The magnificent steel engraving of George Washington which he sent on receipt of ?1 was nothing more than a 2 cent stamp. Of course, the 2 cent stamp bearing the Washington head, in color, is a steel engraving. The courts finally held, however, that there was deliberate fraud. Swindlers Keep On. Although the office of the solicitor for many years has been bringing suits to protect the public, the crop of mail swindlers is perennial. Every year sees fresh prosecutions, not infrequently of the same operators. A swindler who has been operating . a fraudulent scheme through the mails will have what is known as a fraud order issued against him. This denies him the use of the mails. Ke may not seed anything through the mail nor may he receive mail. In some cases, the swindler is given a jail sentence, In some cases fined, but always he is denied use of the mails. Then he will proceed to change his name or adopt a company name and start another scheme. The post- office still pursues him and usually catches up. But before it is discovered that he is operating again, the CONGRATULATIONS 100% NEW "LAKE" THEATRE and SYD LEVY, Manager Phillips One-Stop Service N. 4th and State -- Clear Lake, Iowa Floyd Kimball, Prop. Floyd Jacobson, Assistant We're Proud "Syd"... of Your Beautiful, New LAKE THEATRE C. E. WELLS YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER Clear Lake, Iowa Phone 575 to Denison Clay Products Mason City Brick and Tile Company $207 Telegram CONGRATULATIONS CLEAR LAKi, IOWA Detroit's champion telegram sender, Christian Dan Frederlk- sen, a research engineer, spent SvJO" for a telegram to the JV'cw Jersey hoard of. pardons in behalf, of Bruno Richard Hau'ptmann. It was the second plea the telegram sender has made for Bruno, Frederiksen believing that "Bruno must: hiivo had help'' in the Lindbergh case. The telegram sender says he sends most of his tele- grains to President. Koosevelt, Father Coughlin and congress. Last February ho sent one to the president, 12,800 words long, on the state of the union. chances are that he will have gathered a considerable harvest of dollars from a credulous public. The postoffice estimates, however, that its suppressive operations each year save Americans millions. Medicines and Lotteries. One of the most usual schemes has to do with patent medicines. Extravagant claims will be made in advertising matter, sometimes published in newspapers and magazines and sometimes sent by direct mail, for some quack remedy. There are cancer cures, consumption cures, rheumatism cures, and a whole long list of others. The Sick person is likely to be credulous. Anything which holds out hope of improved health is a lodestone. So the quack mail swindler trades on the misery of the afflicted. When these operators are cited, they are given a full trial. They may introduce such evidence in support of their claims as they desire and it is patiently examined. There are cases in which the postoffice itas backed down and admitted efficacy of some medicine which it had suspected. In other cases, persons or companies have been permitted to continue to use the mails for advertising and distributing their D \f THEATER Sv IV Clear Lake Friday CLAUDETTE COLBERT in "SHE MARRIED HER BOSS" Prices lie and JOc Saturday Only "FRISCO KID" Margaret Lindsay, Ricardo Cortez, Lily Damita Prices 26c and lOc wares, but only on condition t h a t they eliminate the extravagant claims of cures. They must make it clear that the medicince may relieve some ill. but are not allowed to state definitely that it will cure. Vanity Deep Seated. Vanity is deep seated in the human race and there always are thousand!) of persons who will try almost any hair restorer advertised. The postoffice department absolutely refuses to recognize a hair-restorer. It also refuses to recognize any cancer cure. Youth restorers are looked upon askance. The legal staff of the postoffice is lu'pt busy suppressing lotteries. It is unlawful to send lyttcry tickets through the mails or to send lottery winnings. Since the Irish hospitals trust sweepstakes have become so popular ant] so widely advertised, there have been seizures- of literally millions of tickets on that and other foreign lotteries. When the chain tetter hysteria swept the country a while ago. the postoffice put a stop to the scheme. Starting with a dime, it had worked up to a dollar, and promise of wealth through the mails was held out to recipients. It was declared a lottery and barred. The solicitor and his staff of trained attorneys work in co-opera- tion'with the force of the postoffice inspector, the latter being the apprehending agency and the former the prosecuting agency. How much the American people would be defrauded of each year were it not for these servants of Uncle Sam is beyond calculation. Colds Are Important Factor in Leading to Pneumonia Is Warning DBS MOINES, Jan. 16.--The serious nature of pneumonia as an important caxise of illness and death, is well known, according to the state department of health. In Iowa, for the tfif ee year period 1930-32, deaths from pneumonia, all forms, totalled 5,392, an average annual death rate for the state as a whole of 72 per 100,000 of the population. "Colds" represent a chief factor in leading to the development of "lobar" pneumonia, the form in which one or more entire lobes o£ the lungs are affected. "Bronchopneumonia," in which scatcred areas of the lungs are inflamed, often occurs as a fatal complication of influenza, measles and whooping cough. Figures and facts Indicate that greater use of known preventive measures against whooping cough and measles will prevent entirely or lessen greatly the danger of serious lung complications. Colds may come in spite of efforts at prevention careful attention to the common cold, however, has its own reward A patient with a severe cold should stay in bed and by all means avoid chilling. Noteworthy progress has been made in recent years in the administrative care of lobar pneumonia. Delicate laboratory tests make it possible to determine which kind out of a group of pneumococcus germs, is responsible for the pneumonia. The early use of serum is known to be of great value in some, although not against all cases of lobar pneumonia. When it came to an AAA reduction program the court plowed under all three rows.--Nashville TennRSseean. CONGRATULATIONS "SYD' On Your Beautif-uS, New \Vo are pleased to have had a part in furnishing some of the Lumber and Building Material for its construction J "The Town Clock Lumber Yard"--Clear lake We Congratulate the Lake Theatre Co. On the Opening of the New Lake Theatre When you visit this fine new theatre notice thp Tiftiuttful wtllls riniMird In Jnsiilllc bofird. Thj« iHKiri] si-lrcicd over nil ntlirrs because (if its arc»u i i ttn vaJtre anrt mlnntlon to renl luraoty. V You loo can make y«nr home hrautlful a« wrll R» more pnirtlcal with (lip iwr j nf Insnlttc bonnl. Formers' Lymber Yard Clear Lake Insulite Dealers WE EXTEND OUR HEARTY Congratulations to "SYD" LEVY On the Opening of His New LAKE THEATRE Their Picture Promotion Cards are Printed by Central Show Printing Co. 327 South Delaware Phone 871 READING HELD MENTAL INDEX Children Once Handicapped Unlikely to Overcome It Fully. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)--Children once handicapped tiy roading: disability will probably never fully overcome their difficulty according to research made at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Case histories of 40 persons who had been examined for reading disability in childhood were studied by Dr. Robert A. Young. They were re-examined, after intervals of five to ten years, on matters of intelligence, reading and spelling, and their hand and eye dominance observed. Not one of them obtained a score in all the tests equalling their chronological age, Dr. Young found. "This suggests that once a child has been handicapped in reading," Dr. Young- said, "he never fully overcomes his disability--at least according to objective testa, although he may be fairly successful in high school and later in college." Tests showed t h a t different dominance in eye and hand, and misunderstanding by teachers oC the physiological conditions leading to reading disability, were Important factors in backwardness. Serious defects of visual acutenesa were absent in all the cases. RUSTLERS AGAIN ARE ON RANGES Cattle and Horse Thieves Take Animals Across Border to Sell. PLENTYWOOD, Mont. (UP) -An echo of frontier days on the upper Missouri has rumbled its challenge to livestock growers of northern Montana. The old-time horse thief and cattle rustler has stepped from the pages of western fiction magazines to apply modern gang methods to his troublesome trade. And the gangs are operating 1 with an efficiency that would have been impossible in the days gone by. Federal and county officials of northern Montana, and North Da- kato and Canadian Royal Mounted officials are co-operating 1 in an effort to smash operations of a gang working on a. wholesale scale on the border. 70 Horses Disappear. Warnings have been broadcast to livestock owners throughout the Missouri slope to watch for the modern "boss" thief. More than 70 horses have "disappeared" in Sheridan and Daniels counties in Montana in recent weeks. Others have been reported missing' from various sections of Saskatchewan. The modern rustler operates iilently, using the most modem of equipment to escape detection, Taken Across Border. No more the tell-tale branding- iron, or the dangerous attempt to drive stolen cattle or horses to market as in the old days. Instead a truck, capable of holding several head of the choicest animals, is loaded and driven hundreds of miles over paved, roads to safe markets. Techniquie disclosed by the investigations reveal the animals stolen in Canada ar e marketed in the United States and those stolen south of the border are taken to Canada. Horses stolen in Montana have been discovered far north in Canada: Canadian horses have been found far from their usual haunts in Montana counties. Advance of Half Cent in Gasoline on Friday In adjustment of the retail market to the higher crude oil prices and advancing whosesale prices for gasoline. Standard Oil company of Indiana will advance tank wagon and service station prices of gaso- "ine and naphthas one-half cent a gallon at all points in 10 states effective Friday morning. The advance will apply to both normal and subnormal prices. Kerosene and fuel oil will not be affected. The states in which the pries change will b« made are Michigan, Indiana. Illinois. Wisconsin, Minnesota. Iowa. Missouri, Kansas and the Dakotas. judge Clark Excuses jurors Until Monday Trial jurors for the January term, of district court here were excused until 10 o'clock Monday morning by Judge Joseph J. Clark. Kites Held at Deborah. DECORAH. Jan. 16.--Funeral services were heid Tuesday for Mrs. Jennie Trzcinski. TMS, who died at; the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ike Linncvold after suffering for several months with heart trouble. Thu services were held in the Congre, Rational church, with Dr. J. F- Burling officiating.

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