The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, September 23, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 279. Gettysburg, Pa^ Tuesday, September 23d, 1913- Price Two Cemta. r COAT SWEATERS With Shawl Collars For Men and Women MANY FARMERS 1 DAY PREMIUMS one dozen Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.00 Childrens' Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. AH Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" of Dapples, any variety, §5.00 photographs. _ '','{' ' Miss Bmma^Xuhn: for the iihesE uis- I play of Smokehouse apples, $5.00 gold · piece} JL B. Bender: for ;he best roll of s butter, nos over four pounds, a §5.00 | Merchants Announce the Prizes they" parlor rocker; for the guest dressed I Peter Eisenhart Dcmociatic Kom- thseken S3.50 COMPLETE COUNT OF OFFICIAL VOTE wil! Give to Adams County People chicken, §3.50 carpet sweeper. i ] - Miss Bemette E:«ehart: for the best i for their Farmers' Day Exhibits. |pla« of_horne-mace candy one $5.00 ounch or aigrettes. Good Varieiy = ! Gettysburg's business people have | ^ een cuick 10 respond to the call for j = Srar and Sentinel: for the finest peck of wheat, S5.00 gold piece; for the largest red beets, three years* \ inee for Director of the Poor. Kephart Polls Large Vote for Superior Court Judge. fc The official ecunt of last Tuesday's jDrimarv election was not finished in ioremiums for Farmers' Dav exhibits i C. B. Hartman: f« the finest dis- Xdams"County until Monday after- i and the majority of the stores of town |D!a v or f, owers ' ·* in cash: for tne nooa . The re - mTns sho , v Peter P . Eisen . I have already announced what they will \ TM* R ^hag and delivering witnm, harc as Democratic nominee for direc- i offer as prizes on October 18. Others va ^' da vs me mosc cah ' es ' $2 -°° in tor of the poor, that being the only "will give out their ore.-nium lists with- ^ I f ' ^ , ,, , , . j county oince for which t-hr-re was any " M. S. lobe: lor tne largest turnip, ] contest. $2.00 \vorth of groceries. WALTER'S THEATRE i in the next few cays. The following i have been offered to date: " G. W. "Weaver and Son: for the best · To-night :i:l .til ihLs -Thc- popular MANHATTAN PLAYERS. Tonight "FOR LOVE AXD HONOR" (An in*h Romasce) PRICES 10, 20 and 30c. Doors Open 7.30 Curtain 8:15 PKATS XO\V ON SALE AT PEOPLE'S URUG STORE. NOTE--Change of Program Everj- Night. second prize, carpet sweeper or 10 per George Faber: for the largest pump- pirants. kin, one box of fifty 5 cent Plantation " T U( S E W P H O T O P L A Y ·THE POWER OF THE CROSS" Two Reel Lubin With ARTHUR JOHNSO\ 7 IVhfrt Taui Dinner oatere-i the niinLstry his nntner SGIVK hitn a cross tba.t had . to i.t fatiier. Paul locj.:ol acGIenuooJ -.vith John Ternnle, a churchman. Iris a.daughter and Man- h^r cousin were in the fa.n:!y. P.iuL fell in lo\e v.ith Ins. Mary becsr::e i::!2liiate\i ··fiih !h'- j'onnsr flfrrsQ-man. T-Te propostsl for the jiapd of IrL?. a.nd tl' p y were i»:nrrie«i. TIiroi:j;h ilie con»panloiii;bip of Mrs. Burtoc, iris i cent on on any 9 : 12 rug; for the best [plate of Grimes Golden apples, rwo · prizes, nrst, men's or ladies* wool i sweater; second, men's or ladies' silk · umbrella; for the best piece of crochet I work made of D. M. C. cotton, two · , . r. . , . , - , ~ ; . . . . . '. John Strat: for tne olate 01 the nn- j prizes, nrst a colored silk petticoat:! second, silk fan; for the best piece embroidery oc colored linen--may be i ... , »-«nr , , -, ,, - cniekens, large S10.00 Blush robe, cushion too, table runner or center- I An interesting feature is the corn- Peoples Drugstore: for the quart of | paratively large vote polled by Mr. the smallest lima beans, S5.00 brass.Kephart,"for judge of" the Superior ttle known here or gen- out the state but, by a liberal amount of advertising, brought his name before the voters and partial returns from other esunties shov." him likely to be one of the successful as- Huber's Drug Store: for the basket of "the finest, tomatoes, $5.00 Eastman kodak; for the best jar of cucumber pickles, $3.00 Eastman kodak. cigars. Jud; Webster e of the Superior Court Grim 365 r'. Bacon 3 WELL KNOWN YORK DRUGGIST DIES Horace Smith, Prominent York Resident, with Many Friends and Acquaintances here, Dies in Balti-j more Hospital. I LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS I Correspondents send in Many Hens ! of Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. 5rmj RRYSfWT A *££* S TM*' m f m ^ °~ Ae "V" I Brysonia--Wffliaxa and Danie! Bair, ot William H. bmitn Co, one ot tnej o f Abi}ene , KaasaSi were recent ,^; t . oldest and most prominent drug con-1 ors ^ aeir cousL C!avroa Bosser . cerns of York, and a brother of Mrs. I jj, an \V. A- Martin, of Carlisle street, died j \ Irs x ^ Beamer apd Misg Gnujs in the Lmon Protestant Infirmary hos-; Showers, of Arendtsville, soenc a dav pita!, Baltimore, Monday night at 111 re centiy at the home of William :j;h u» drink. One n-^ht her faiLrr found bfin-1 fc-r^a.-.^ Ilsr. S!ie wvnt to liie v.:th Mrs. Burton. ~ 0 f I est peaches, five pound box of candy. | j o h n W. Kephart 220 ?J! C - C - Bream: for the finest pair of J ame s Alcorn 107 piece--two prizes, nrst table cover with silk; second, lace collar and cnfr set. P. W. Stallsrnith: to the two boys winning 3-legged race, S2.00 in cash: iier in a cafe. - - , , ., ,,,, KOtato. oair 01 4.00 Ralston to tne DOV winning tne nag race, Si.OO !"^ , " ". _ 0 ' ior tne largest ear 01 S3.50 Radclifie shoes. Tl-e hu=- cash; to the boy winning pie eating Moor«. an ol i st\ eeilusirc and =u:ik :eeper in the mire or v«ce. - P^ui in his des- ijjtir tore thfc cross froia himself- One niihr. encousiterinse Moore, be threatened to kill hitn. Leaving t!e saiiiMiag IK»,IS^ Moor*; xva? LiHeL Oircumstantia! evidence pointeil to P^ul. He wa? irre=t«I for the criaie and v.-oulJ !ia\e been con- v'ctt-d, ' uc Mary, proved an alibi. Iri= died in ]ovt;rLy. P.i'il again took up the Hoiy viO~k, M^ary ajrreed to help hi-u an^I r fiura-i the cross. The third reel will bar CLARENCE, THE ( O .ViOY PA THE COMEDY Tiitre she icet Clifford \ contest, bass ball and bat. All contests AUTUMN HUNTING :aoric? are: Will M. Seligman: for the finest plate of fat cakes, S4.00 sweater; for tha finest bunch of celery, SS.OO pair of trousers. 0. H. Lestz: for the largest Irish shoes; corn, pair of j John J. Henderson Herbert T. Ames Oliver B. Dickinson Harry KL Dougherty . James M. Galbreath William D. Wallace Elwood D. Fulton Cornelius Comegvs 46 45 41 33 30 - Mr. Smith went to the hospital in j Miss Eliza wierman b Bending: Baltimore on Sunday, Septemoer 14,! SORie time at ^ home of Mrs D j for an operation, and while it was · Thomas. looked upon as a serious one, reports | s ~"^"following visited Mr. ar-d Mr* from there were to the effect that he! s . a Cram recently Edward Dietrick, when he ^ Mrs Peter Yeatts, Mae Guise, Mr. and i Mrs. John Dietrick, son and daughter Horace Smith had many friends in| Mr , and Mrs John HiKk 5 e and ni( ^ 8 Gettysburg. He was aged almost fifty- | 4 ^ a Hinkle. Mrs. Lucy Crum spent some time was ; ^vith her sister, Mrs. James Haldeman. born in York October 3, 1S57. Educat- ] near Biglerville. ed in the York High school, York j Edward Fohl, wife and son, Edxvard County Academy and Collegiate In-1 of near Bendersvffle, spent Sunday at sutute, he entered the drug store es-1 the home of Aaron Tavlo" tablishedby his father, and which! Harry Wirt, wife and two children still bears his name, at the age of fif-1 of Arendtsville, and Miss Annie Smith', teen, and became a member of the j o f Philadelohia, and Karvev was improving until Sunday became decidedly worse six years. He was the son of William j and Mary Elizabeth Smith and 3 f to be held on the Square, i- or the best eight ears of pop com, a year's subscription to any daily newspaper. Funkhouser and Sachs: for the best cake baked outside of Gettysburg, a $10.00 set of furs: for the best cake baked in Gettysburg, a §10.00 set of furs; for the three largest Irish potatoes, So.OO coal; sweater; for the three largest ears of com, $3.00 hat: for the ! boy bringing in a cage with the largest For netr style* in and over-coat5 , ^ sweater, li.^ De^nti no«", but the man ivno is j _ fortuna-e ej;o'n-h,K,be^ patron ot The I Contestants for the last prize must Siiop kno-.vs that he'' need not seek any I agree to remove, their '"exhibits." farther. Our haa.leome and elegant: Gettvsburg'DeDartnient Store: for in tr vour t hoice and our: , , * , r _ _ ~ ·f'O-msnnie and we will! ns "° v sxnibiung tne largest pump- fi" iriil tittisii vour o :tfi; in, a. manner | kin, two prizes, first SI.OO Boy Scout _ .11 ciui onsv U- «lnn^ v.hea you hace it s knife: second, 50 cent Boy Scout knife: j :naf'e by j for ^ besfc pg . ek of Grimes Golden ap- Will M. Selligman, I ? Ie ^ one ^ arrel - 50 S* EOIIS SheTM-, .T ,- ,, , J \vilhams Lime Suirar: lor tee oest Cash layior. ' \ hair oushei or JLnsii potatoes, two pnz- S es. first, one o-A horse blanket: sec- j ond. one tool grinder: for best loaf of j bread, two prizes, first Universal ' bread maker: second, uacorated salad i bowl: for best roll of butter, -cvro prizes, first, large sack of Pillsbury flour; second, quart of large olives. | i Spangler's Music House: for the j best sponge cake, rwo prizes, first, a I [mandolin: .second. ;nmsic_rolii for the | : best tumbler of quince jelly. TWO priz- 1 ! es. first, violin; second, mcsic folio. \ j George W. Spangler: for the best \ I plate of Pound apples, white spread; James P. Reilly flames Shoe Store: for the nicest j Edmund E. Kiernan ... ·lass of apple jelly, any pair of ladies- Paul Reiliv shoss in the store; for the finest plate of pears, any parr of men's shoes in the store, Mrs. J. O. Blocher: for the pair of geese, one ton pea coal. finest Republican. STATE COMMITTEEMAN Harvey A. Scott , DIRECTOR OF THE POOR , , Quickie, firm in 1879, and assisted in conduct-i wife and daughter, of Becder=v01^ ing the business with Geoffrey P. Yost J ,,-ere recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. -° up to the time of his death. | Curtis Thomas. - j Mr. Smith was married to Margaret, i Mr.'and Mrs. D. C. Taylo'-'and son a daughter of the late Jacob D.Schall, i Edward, of Bendersvilie, and Mrs' I one of the most prominent families ia | Jacob Wierman. of Arendtsville, · ^ j York, and she and two children.. John | recent visitors at the home of S Schall and Catharine Dorothy, wife of j Taylor. Lewis Mayer, survive, j The very badly needed rain member of SL PauFs La-1 CO me at last- Many wells and springs not failed for 461 J" C. S. Mumper and Co: for the best JURY COMMISSIONER old coverlet, S3.50 parlor stand; for. G. R. Haverstock the quilt having the largest number or j Democratic patches, S3.50 rocking chair. j DIRECTOR OF THE POOR Raymond and Myers: for the larg- j Peter P. Eisenhart est sweet potato; pair of S4.00 Selz j Simon P. Miller Royal Blue shoes"; -for the best jar of {Jacob Goodenberger pickles, pair of $4.00 Se!z Royal Blue Harry B. Beard ladies' shoes. n««;«i A -xrnt«-- theran church, where he was a deacon 1 were dry which had . for many years, and -VTC.S as popular in I many years. iD 1 * _ 1 _ . _ _ _ T - _ i3r_ r _ _ ^ _ _ T _ _ _ _ . _ - -· - i 455 432 church affairs as ! and secret circles. in business! Lower anoT wife, Charles ORPHANAGE MEETING Daniel A. Miller Washington »r[ STATE COMMITTEEMAN j J. Frank Hartman On September 16th, we will A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. Iadies y shoes. J. W. Brehm: for the best display of grapes: S10.00 suit pattern, ladies gentlemen's. Eeary Kalbfieisch: f or the" highest j DIRECTOR OF THE POOR score in duck pins, gold mounted am- | H. J. Gulden ber French briar pipe and 25 bos of 10 cent cigars. -.'-. The Gettysburg Times: for tne peck i Knouse and wife spent a day recently 1 at Shippensburg with. Edgar Lower and Alfred McCauslin who are attend_ ,, in S the State Normal School ac that · Hoffman Orphanage Directors Plan to ! pj ace _ - _~ " | Reduce Debt. j Mrs ' JJvid 0^3, ha s return^ 222 ! An adjourned meeting of the direc- I ho TMe after a brief visit to-Harrisburg- 143 | tors of the Hoffman Orphanage was aM CornwalL was 1S6 167 In the Display of fabrics for autamn. now ready at the LIPPY STORE there ii no rooia for doubt as to ir.e correct fashion or true, quality-. Early ehoosins is best cl.oosin^. J. D. LIPPY Tailor. ia j for the best jar of canned pears, I waist. s-faite. ^_ S!I!H!»IHHHIIS»iHH'Ii;HinHiHHIIUlHSHIUIIHIiiIIIIH!!IIHHIIIHII«injlIHHUUBHI5IIHjHHHHHIHHIIt Student Supplies== "The Approved Kind" Soda Water, Ice Creara--"The delightful sort' Candies, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet-your friends, in the sound of the Victrola music. I People's and Huber's | | Drug Stores. | linn flinnnwimini nmHnmn!iunn»n!n«»!nin8i'.RUiBiumn»»BnmnnniniirininnnniHn«g_ SavelVIoney-Tliat's what You Do, When you get Dr. Hudson on tho job. He don't fjirm you with any un- ecessary trips at your expense. -1 bat's not his reputa tion 4ny phone. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian. DoGgherty and Hartley: for the best quart jar of peaches, three prizes, = ! first, white wool blankets; second, r= 1 Marseillaise quilt; third, pair ladies' S I kid gloves. ^ i M. K. Eckerc: for the prettiest bon= I quet of flowers, pair of Queen Quality = ! shoes: for the finest half peck dispiay IE · of apples, pair of Walk Over shoes; to ~ jthe man whose sons' combined weight E I is the heaviest, a Lamson and Hub-S | bard hat. ^ | Gettysburg Compiler: for the tallest = i stalk of corn. S3-00"ir. cash; for the ~ 1 biggest squash. S2.00 in cash. = ! Miss Anna Reck; for the quaintest = ! old dress, $3.00 ladies' hat: for the = j Sr.est bunch of six chrysanthemums, Zz ! $3.00 plame; for the best hand em- = jbroidered centerpiece, 52.00 fancy = feather. * _·, - . , , - . j- -iie nnesu rye, one year s subscnn- - _ rj« ,, ,-. .,,, , _. non to xne Gettysburg Times: tor tne peck of the finest oats, year's subscription to the Adams County News. WENT TO CHINA Granddaughter of the Late Rev. John Ault, of Littlestowa. held on Monday in Hanover. In the ,, "'"' ^^.^^ part of a ^ *» annual renort to the Svr.od it was ^endersviHe wita his sister, Mrs. C. S. , , ' , , ' . ,, Jlornson recently- shown chat the home -was in a flour-1 ~, . ,,i ... ,... , , . , . . , ! lne many inends of P^i'^c Ra.ffpt'?- ishing condition and the deot whicn i , , * j*«m.ena «-. nnn i. - i. ' pexger are pleased to see him on hi« was ?8,000 one year ago has since been j cut down to $6,000. i The special business of the meeting was to prepare for the organization of · a ladies auxiliary in the Synod to aid ! and help further the plans which are j on foot to reduce the debt in the com- w lc jing year and, have it entirely wiper 1 ^ , .*- ^ , T ^ y l° r a large sfl ^loraU purposes. to build VANDAL IN THE SOUTH Same Kind of Damage on Chickamau-; - -- ga Field as-here. The ofiieial report of depredations on the Chickamauga battlefield show damage exactly similar to that done to Gettysburg- monuments. At Chickamauga but one monument was harmed, that of the 37th Regular Infantrv a granite monument with a figure of a soldier in relief on one side and a bronze tablet on the other. The visor of the cap on the soldier was broken, the nose, eyes and ears badly battered and the gun held by the soldier broken off; the feet were also battered and broken. The vandal after completing his work wrote with a pencil on the face of the monument "I have done my duty. 7 " As at Gettysburg there been no trace of the identity of man committing the deed. The steamship Manchuria, sailed from San Francisco on Septexn- j out as soon as ible . oer 10, carried Miss Gertrude^,. Hoy, i The directors ar6j Rev . Dr. T. J. a young woman who was oorn in a JBarkler, Gettysburg; Rev. Dr. C. S. j Slagle, Westminster: Rev. A. S. Dechant, Hanover; Rev. A. M. G-luck. Martinsburg, W. Va.; Rev. Dr. F. S. Lindaman, Littlestown; D. Gerber, mission field of Japan, back to her j , father, the Rev. William E. Hoy, in. i [ charge of the China mission of the' Reformed church at Yb Chow, China.! The lady is a granddaugnter of the Charles s . ^^ EsQ .. Gel late Re~. John Ault, formerly of Lit- j Gilberfcj Wesuninster ; Md .. BUCHANAN VALLEY Buchanan Valley--Mrs. Rebecca j Staley, of near Mt_ Alto sanatorium, · was a visitor in the Valley last week. | Henry Meals has been visiting friends in the Valley receBtly. Rt. Rev. Bishop Shanahan, of Harrisburg, confirmed a--class -of- 42 -oit Sunday morning last. Miss Rosalie Eomple is spending a - i few days £n Chambersburg with her tlestown. Miss Hoy will work as a missionary j Maus and Cadover, of near Littles- in the same field where her Jather and i town. mother are now stationed. She came to America eight years ago to | Miss Alverta Jiunple has gone to j Lancaster where she is employed. j Theodore Kiiaple Sr. and son, Fran! cis» spent Saturday in Gettvsbnro- . . J THE MANHATTAN PLAYERS! Francis Enouse has gone to New i "i ork state to engage in the apple is- She is a graduate of Hood College, L Audience Greets the Manhattan Frederick, Md.. and last year taugnt Players on Opening Night. the board of foreign missions church. La st night the Manhattan MASS MEETING Players i at {dastry. A number of oar young men | intend, going- to Virginia to pick i and pack apples- school at Canaan, Conn. A few wee~s | ago she received an appointment from | ,,,,,,,, mM ,, _^ ,, ^^-- of the appeared in V new" comedy d'rama"""at! ^ Iiss . S5j e O'Brien, of HiDtow-, spent Va^r's Theatre- The olav evoked 1 ^ sw Ga " s W1U1 her SI3terr ^^Sj T v , , considerable interest in the large audi- i has the · Will Hold Meeting Pn S H= Roads ence Loan Discussion Saturday. NO DAMAGE 1 The Hub Underselling totore: for the ; best glass of apple butter, open to I farmers only, ladies' silk shirt waist: Auto Truck and Large Team Meet on Town Streets Monday afternoon the large delivery track owned by B. W. Hammer ran into a four horse wagon owned by O. ] i t rs ^. A mass meeting for the discussion of the proposed §50,000,000 road loan will be held in the Court House Saturday evening and both those favoring and those opposing the bond issue are invited to be present to express their views. Charles E. Foote, who was !y interested in the passage of a j for the best glass of grape jelly, open ] to town people only, ladies" trimmed j ,na I. M. Reynolds: for the best roll of JnGe-oveiuur " ' WHIPPED ICE CREAM al formula, by a secret process. Zfoimnc finer_ than I. M- Srine. of Zora, at the intersection J Slnij3ar »««« in New lor*, will be of York and Stratton streets. Little j Present to tell ot that state s expen- damage was done to either of the con- ! ence 5n road bul3dln S ajiJ tns meetang veyances. The trade, driven by -Mr. ] s ^ id J^.^ 6 ^ "^tl-^ff Hummer, was turning out of Stratton p.'? n '"""·" ^»-«».- York street toward the S5uare j Slfie " be wagon was going east on! Hummer ran j present. The company is exceed- j 3I ; SS Ca ^nne Cole 13 spending a 7 strong fo^- a repertoire organiza- week m Geti ? so ^S at the home of ber tion, and is capable of playing My U^fadier. Hon. Wm. A. Mardn. piece in the repertoire. Some of the' ^an Cole aas recovered from Ms best known members in the cast are 5 f evere ac . atlsjlt * 3nly 5, when he was Ralph DeHaven, Alice Whitney, W. j ncrt 3n a f aH from a chen James Bedell, Ralph Hirst, Harvey! Denton, Johnnis Bliss, Miss Lois Wor- j den, Dorothy Burres and the Sisters ] Russell. The company opened with a I Edward J. Kohl is on the sick list. We had a soaking raia on Sunday. NOW IN JAIL N -. . ,, . . . . . . . Nignt and tne manner in whicR the} fine production of '"A Thief In thej * ,,. ·, - ·,-,.-, . - _ . , , . N-,-_-^ ,,_.-.-_ ,- W.A ,T.» 3-*"fetedm Littlestown is Placed ia Jail for Court, Victor R. Simpson, whose ho:ne is la Frederick, but who has been working- play was mounted and acted would have given credit to an attraction charging higher prices. Pleasing- ar ,j specialties are introduced between the i ; n Littlestown the re vaudevii]e of t Russell arrested on a -jYork street when Mr. can J. D. Lippy-:-^oj:-the best half dozen VANILLA, CHOCOLATE. -PEAGH: 5 a n d lOc s. plate. Tec . . . . ~ '· Staymeii Winesap " ''-apples;' 'T)Sr qsisrt, loc pint, -- ~ ~ ,, - . GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN -, . - - ..... S^das -and Sundaes made- witu mis J §g QQ trousefs;- for'"the largest pump~ RUNK PECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT 1 J. S. J Ziegler: to the'country girl or j lady baking the largest pretzel, a sil- · ver mesh bag. the person pur- into the team before "he could get his heavy machine stopped. MARRIAGE LICENSES Clerk of Permits to Wed Issued by the Courts. -WOMEX and girls "wanted. Orrtanna Canning Company.--advertise- 1 FOR SALE: two colts, five months Clerk of the Courts Olinger issued the following marriage licenses on Monday; Gerald F. Smith and Miss M. Julia Martin, both of McSherrystown; Robert J. Smith and Miss Ada Sisters in · Saturday ar.d at and i evening is ^^ ^.uoo^» ^., t ^io ··« oasurcav ana at a nearing 1 cheir electric spectacular dancing- r.ov- j Squire Slayers was committee to the Ha day night they will present the beast:-! ful Irish comedy "Karr.ey Killarney". | A matinee will be given Saturday.-- J advertisement COMING STEADY position for young ! Sept. 27--Good Roads Mass ! Court House, lady.; Oct. 4--Foot Bail. Albright J thro farm for merchandise during Sold. Jacob A. Kemper, Gettysburg, | j. plank, both of town. S1650' the week of October iStb, three prizes, I Route 3.--advertisement 1 acre? Liberty Township, level land, well watered, 7 room frame hous*-,; first, $o.OO gold piece; second, $2.oO summer house'." bajik bam, ^agoa shed, bog oen, poultry houte, other bnilding^. |g O ld piece; third, $1.00 bill. water paint- one dozen STORE wanted in Gettysburg with living rooms. Will lease for term of years. Central location, State particulars. Address S. Williams, 2633-Ctb #UNK PECE31-! N", Keal Estate, M asonic Building," Gettysburg, Penna. ?6.00 photographs; for the best basket 1 Ave., Troy, N. Y.--advertisement EGGS 32 cents at Hammers' --advertisement Score. 1 YOUNG man wanted to learn drug business. Apply by letter only 54 Times office.--advertisement 1 Hours 7:30 to 5. Address Times Office, j at once.--advertisement 1 Xixon Field. EVENTS Meeting. Collega KODAKS, films, everythiner ir. Kodak line always fresh. Huber's Drug Store.--advertisement 1 COME to McIIhenny's warehouse for new ear corn.--advertisement 1 Oct. 13--16--Lutheran West Pa. Synod meeting. St. James church. Oct. IS--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers' Day, I am prepared to do sewing a'c my home. Ida Weikert, 440 South Washington street.--advertisement J 'SFAFLRI

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