The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 2
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,-~^if c_XS21t£--«i'- j^*.u.-^»ifeatSi. -9 » /«' i - v xwissstsi 1 ! cEHr-tJ * iesaaffi»at*s«s««rw*r ** « MASON' CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 5 ·1931 \1 THREAT CHARGES DENIED BY SMITH Defendant in Spencer Suit Says Settlement Rumors Are Not True. SPENCER, Feb. 5. -- Rush C Smith denied charges brot against him and Dr. R. W. Remer by Leo J McGuire, who is suing the two men for $45,000 in damages. In a petition filed in district court McGuire claimed that on the night of Jan 5 he was taken by the two men against his will to the Smith hunting shack and threatened with being branded, threatened with being whipped by a blacksnake whip anc threatened with a rope tied in a hangman's noose. Smith stated: "A great many stories and rumors have come to me in regard to what happened to.Leo McGuire a1 my hunting shack on the evening o: Jan. 5, 1931. An origfnal notice hat been served upon me in which Leo McGuire claims-he was kidnapec and was taken by force to mj hunting shack in Lake township Clay county, and was there personally assaulted, abused and mistreated, and asks damages in the sum of $45,000. Was Not Mistreated. "I wish to say that Leo McGuire did go with me to the hunting shack, but he was not mistreatec or misused or abused. Dr. Remer accompanied me at my request anc went as a witness only and hac nothing else to do with the matter "I have been cited to appear 'a the March, 1931, term of the dis trict court in Clay county, and a that time all of the evidence an .facts in regard to this matter wil be fully disclosed, and will show that the reports and claims of McGuire are unture. "I do not believe that judgment should be formed on rumors when a case of this kind is pending in court and I respectfully ask that the public withhold forming its opinion until all of the evidence is given to the jury as the law requires. Opportunity Is Welcomed. "I will welcome an opportunity to tell all of the facts at the March term of the district court. "Reports have come to_me that 1 have offered Leo McGuire large sums of money to settle this case. This is likewise untrue. I have not paid, nor shall I willingly pay. to Leo McGuire any sum of'money. "In justice to myself there is nothing- tor me to do except to tell the jury the facts, and I will willingly do this at the March term of court and in the regular and usual way. "I do not believe tnls case should be tried orb, the streets, and I ask "ttoat tne /public -withhold forrfting ~ -* " aiou until all of the- facts court." Ames Flying Club Formed. AMES, Feo. 5. (1--The Amei Flying club, an. organization of per sons interested in learning to oner ate an airplane, has been organized here under the sponsorship of { th American Legion post. DANDRUFF L LUCKY TIGER, world's Jar^est ·"·" "!er at Druggists, Barbers and v Beauty Parlors. AJPirovenGerm- icide. Corrects dandruff and I scalp irritations. Safe for | adults, children. Guaranteed. tLUCKY TIGER IN DAY'S NEWS Associated Pren Photo · The Washington mansion of Mrs. Mary Henderson was offered as a home for vice presidents. Her granddaughter asked the courts to prevent her making the gift and was disinherited. EXPENSE ACCOUNT REPEAL DEFEATED (Continued From Fuse 1). ed one by Doran of Boone providing for additional jury lists and an 'other by White relating to distribution of early laws. Tax on Substitutes. A bill was introduced in the senate by Gunderson and Clark of Linn calling for a tax of 3 cents a" pound on lard substitutes. The house passed three bills finally and seAt them to the senate. One provides for three instead of two district judges in the twenty-first judicial district comprised of Sioux, Plymouth, Cherokee, Lyon, O'Brien and Dsceola counties. The measure was sponsored by members from :hose counties. The other bills both, were introduced by the committee on pharmacy. They would clarify the act egarding the sale of poison and would require display of pharmacy Senses. Just before adjournment, the .ouse received a report from the ities and towns committee calling or indefinite postponement of the 'orsling bill which' would permit a eferendum in commission cities on rdinances fixing · compensation of ity employes. Would Ignore Defeat. Representative Leroy T. Shields of Clarke county, yrtio is sponsoring^ ie nouse Tjill cauing.'for repeal of the legislative expense account act said an effort made to push the measure in the lower branch of the assembly despite its defeat in the senate. He added that a similar law has been declared unconstitutional in nine states and indicated that steps would be taken to bring it before the Iowa supreme court. The report of the house committee on agriculture for indefinite postponement of the Malone bill which would make optional countj aid to farm aid associations, promised a contest on the floor of that chamber tomorrow. A bill by Representative Thore Thompson of Fayette county woulc extend the open season on red fox to 30 days upon petition of 250 resi dents of a county. GANNON HEARING EVIDENCE HEARD Joard of 12 Meets to Hear Report of Detective Morgan. WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. (/!)--The card of inquiry investigating barges against Bishop James Canon, Jr., of the Methodist Episcopal hurch, south, expected today to onelude taking documentary evi- 'ence against the accused prelate. There are 48 separate accusations n the bill of indictment being.pre- ented. Much of the evidence deals vith charges other than those made o the general conference at Dallas ast summer when Bishop Cannon was cleared of stock gambling- ac- usations. Today's chief witness was Frank Morgan, a Richmond, Va., detec- ive. Morgan was said to have vorked for months developing ' the being laid before the 12 elders "hearing the charges. If the ocuments are found to have weight n the minds of the board, Bishop Sannon will be suspended until 1934 and bro£ to trial before the general conference. Morgan was recalled today by de- jartment of justice officials as one f the special.agents who developed the case against Gaston B. Means which sent him to Atlanta to serve a term for purjury in connection with the oil trials. George P. Adams, secretary and treasurer of -Blackstpne Female institute, at Blackstone, Va., took up ;he time of a long night session held aat night at the request of Bishop Cannon. The nature of his testimony was not revealed. WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY INC.. DISTRIBUTORS 107 Eighth St. S. E. Phono 803 WE SELL RADIOTRONS Tubes Tested Free Currie -Van Ness Go. IN THE RADIO WORLD THURSDAY Billie Burke appearing with Ivor Novello, English playwright-actor, in a scene from "The Truth Game" on WABC and group at 5. A newspaper drama, "Dead Line" in the story of time on WABC and stations at 8:45. Horace Greeley as the reincarnated guest of the birthday party via WEAF and chain at 9. John McCormack, Irish tenor, as soloist with orchestra melodies, WJ/ coast to coast network at 9:30. NAVY NOT TO GIVE BUTLER CHARGES FIVE FOLLOWERS OF GANDHI HELD (Continued From rage 1). to the worth 1 of British offers for qualified Indian self government. He said that if his friends at the ondon round table conference, Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru and M. R. Jay- akar, were able to convince him hat Premier MacDonald had offered omething more than he had been able to make out of his words by eading he was prepared to advise he working committee of the all India national congress to call off ha civil disobedienca campaign. "I am a man of peace," he said, but circumstances have made my ife one of struggle. I shall leave o stone unturned to attain peace, t is no joy to me to submit thous- nds who have a childlike faith in e to suffering." ' ( Continued From I'ajto-J). affiliated lecture bureau in New .York last November. Giving his first explanation of his j silence regarding the Mussolini in- I cident since it brot the general a court martial summons, the young newspaperman last night said ne would relate correctly what he said originally concerning the Mussolini anecdote, if called as a witness in the court martial. Said Scene Was Left. General Butler in a'-recent Phila : delphia speech charged the Italian dictator left the scene of an accident wherein an automobile in which he was riding struck a chile!. Vanderbilt said he was "bound to respect the ' strictest confidence" surrounding several incidents related by himself and others in, the New York lecture bureau. "Ail but three or four persons have respected that confidence," he said. "General Butler quoted inaccurately what was said. Everything that has come out since the story was told has been garbled. There are 18 or 20 people who have remained silent. Will Talk on Stand. "I will relate correctly from the witness stand what I said if General Butler or his counsel asks me to appear. So far I have told it only to the state department in a letter which they have declined to make public. I have told the state department I will appear at .the court martial if it is desired, and I have informed General Butler similarly." Vanderbilt said he felt what he said in the lecture bureau had "no bearing" on General Butler's case TORGESON ASKS ! OPTIONAL DRILL R e m o v a l of Compulsory Army Drill at State Schools Proposed. DES MOINES, Feb. 5, (^--Military training at tne University of Iowa and Iowa State college would be optional instead of compulsory under a bill introduced today in the house of 'representatives by S. R. Torgeson of Worth county and H. C. Pattison of Jefferson county. The measure is expected to draw fiery debate when it reaches the house floor. Sponsored by the Iowa committee on militarism in education, it is being opposed by the American Legion. Request will be made for a public hearing on the bill, its supporters said today. A similar bill in the seu- le two years ago was recommend- d for indefinite postponement, with ie senate upholding the commit- ee's report. The state board of education last all conducted a public hearing on ptional military drill, but has taken no action in the matter. 'ROBE WILL SHOW GREATNESS OF U __ (Continued Fitjm Face 1^. against President Walter A. Jessup; other university officials and the joard of .education. No reference is made to these in the measure as rewritten by the senate committee. Senator H. B. Carroll of Davis lounty, chairman of the educational nstitutions committee, said he would call the resolution up for immediate action tomorrow morning. SUPPORT JESSUP IOWA CITY, Feb. 5. UP)--An investigation which will show "the people of this state bow truly great their university is, and how ably it has been administered" was welcomed in a formal statement issued by George T. Baker of Davenport, president of the state board of education. President Baker's statement followed the regular monthly meeting of the board here yesterday. The declaration spoke of the board as being unanimous in its support of Walter A. Jessup, president of the .University of Iowa, and said that BUILDINGS TOPPLE ON RESCUE SQUADS (Continued From Page 1). zone much longer pestilence may be expected. The British steamer, Veronica, which was in the harbor when the quake occurred, has asked for new demolition stores to level buildings which are considered hazards; , , . · : . = . . , . ' . . . . . . . i Stranded ]iv Harbor;' ;; '· The ,JTeronlca. ( '.vigs,'..reported··".to have been stranded in the harbbr by a tidal wave which followed the quake. Rescue squads in Napier have confined their activities principally to digging out bodies from the debris. Tonight two Women were found alive in a ruined house and extricated. They had been imprisoned since Tuesday morning. Premier Forbes today designated Sunday'as a national day of mourning. Churches of all denominations were asked to arrange appropriate services. Sharp Quako Hocks Ruins. HASTINGS, New Zealand, Feb. 5. (ff)--Another sharp earthquake rocked the ruins of this town at 10 o'clock tonight, throwing the already frightened.populace into further panic. Martial law has been declared and no one is permitted to enter the business diatrict without a permit, lest what is left of the buildings may collapse. There has been some looting bul armed sentries were posted at various points thruout the town to- THoter Programs at best tt r~£ with new tubes Don't mlaa fino programs during .longwinterevenings. Replace wora- out tubes with RCA Radiolroru for 10D?{ reception. Look for ltd and blade canons. RCA RADIOTRON CO., Harrison, N. J. INC. IA Sadie Corparalian tfAmtrica Subiiiliarf) iWT R C A R A D I O T R O N S T H I H I A R T Or Y O U R R A B I O R C A RADIOTRONS Distributed By L. P. Courshon Company Mason City, Iowa R C A RADIOTRONS Sold By Peoples Gas Electric Co. "For Better Appliances" Open Evenings recent charges "levelled at the administration of the, university, the board itself, and several of its em- ployes" are "unfounded and unjust." President Baker's s t a t e m e n t reads: Baker Statement. "Several weeks ago the Evening Gazette, published at Cedar Rapids Iowa, began the publication of a series of articles seriously reflecting upon the president of the university and -the state board of education. These were ignored by the press of the state and for that reason we have refrained from making any statement. "We recognize, however, that we are charged as public officers with great responsibility, and now that the governor of Iowa has recommended a public investigation, we feel that some statement is due the public. In this connection, speaking for the entire board, I want to repeat what I said when the governor of the state sent to the sembly his message' requesting that a joint commitee be appointed to investigate these chages, namely, that we welcome this investigation. It is now the only way to dispose of these charges. Members Present. "Every member of the board was present at this meeting, and they are unanimous in their support of President Jessup and in the conclusion that' the charges made against him and others are unfounded and unjust. All we ask is that the investigation be public and thoroly free from all semblance of partisanship and factionalism. "We have nothing to hide, nothing to fear. When all the facts have been brot' out, the people of this state will know how truly great their university is and how ably it has been administered, and I venture to predict they will be astounded when the motives which have In- night. SENATE Continues debate on Walsh reso- ution to authorize court test of right of power commission chairmen to hold offici}. Finance committee considers bills :o provide greater hospital facilities lor disabled veterans. Commerce committee considers legislation to limit importation of oil. Banking sub-committee concludes learing on nomination of Governor Meyer of the federal reserve board. Campaign expenditures committee resumes investigation of expenditures of Senator Davis, republican, Pennsylvania. Wednesday Review. Reconfirmed nominations of Power Commissioners Garsaud -and Draper and rejected Chairman Smith. Passed Davis wage scale bill. Owen D. Young testified before banking committee. HOUSE Debates annual appropriation for District of Columbia. Expenditures committee studies wire tapping by prohibition bureau. Ways and. means committee continues hearings on proposals to cash veterans compensation certifi cates. Veterans committee hears testimony from American Legion on hospital program. Rules committee considers speeding measures for naval construction, immigration restriction and abolitio-i of "lame duck" sessions of congress. Wednesday Review. Veterans. Administrator Hines recommended $10,000,000" hospital program. Agricultural committee approved bill to prohibit purchase of oleo- rhargerine with funds appropriated by congress. Judiciary committee decided to vote on measures to eliminate aliens from congreasionally-repre- sented population. ·' .--.?^:K-'*"'y '-,." ' ··-, - - . Brilliant Performance-Individual New Beauty- RARE RIDING COMFORT 9 ft BUSINESS COUPE The Greater Hudson Eight has a larger motor. It Is faster, more powerful, quicker in traffic, surprisingly economical It has individual new beauty--and Rare Riding Comfort. Bodies are insulated against drumming and drafts. Head-room and leg-room are greater. Doors are wider. Perfect comfort in every seat--no crowding. These are a few of the quality features in this Greater Hudson Eight. LAPINER MOTOR CO. N HUDSON-ESSEX SALES AND SERVICE Phone 1183 Tha Brightest Corner in Town 117 S.-'Delmvarc SENATE LEADERS AGREE ON RELIEF (Continued l'"rnm Pane 1). soldier's adjusted compensation cer tificates were under attack. Representative Hancock, demo crat, North Carolina, said thej would have drawn a more optimisti picture of business conditions if th treasury had invited them to sup port the legislation. The senate campaign funds com mittee heard itself accused of seek ing Information detrimental to Sen ator James J. Davis of Pennsylvani whose right to office had been challenged by its chairman, Senator Nye of North Dakota. Judge J. Frank Graff of Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, made the accusation. Not for Sale. Justice George VV. Maxey of the Pennsylvania supreme court told the committee "the voters of Pennsylvania never were and are not now for sale." The Blnine committee resumed its investigation of postoffice leases. Former Assistant Postmaster General Bartlett recommended the government build its own postoffice buildings and sub-stations in larger cities instead of leasing them. Sponsors of immigration restriction as an unemployment measure urged the house rules committee to expedite Its enactment. The legislation in question is intended to reduce immigration by 90 per cent, ft has administration approval. Fnrm Bureau Gives I'Jny. CLARKSVILLE. Feb. 4.--Tin- East Butler Farm Bureau sponsors an oyster supper at the Harlny Pulls home. A play "No Men Ad spired these attacks are revealed, as mitted," and music fciitured the they will be.'' J evening. About 50 attended. Another Price In line with Gildners policy of passing- every saving we make on to you! A full cut Overall, triple sewed seams, 2:20 weight denim, now The original Rockford Sox. This is not the light weight Rockford. Formerly priced, loc, now Long wearing Cotton Socks in blue, grey or black. Former price 20c. lOe These Shirts are cut two inches longer and wider than the regular ^size and are usually sold for 69c or 75c. Gildners price is .Work Shirts. Coat style in blue or grey. 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