The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 22, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES W.IAVEBEHAFES, . , Secretary and Treasurer. Published Daily E*cept Sunday Time. and Ne*. F«biawf , p - H1UP R. ?HILIP,. Rr IBIKLR,' Editor SUBSCRIPTION Served fay carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cent, per moath, ei XKW. ^u: outside of Gettysburg for 25 ceati per month. _ RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 centa. ten c*ys after vonr money is received at Tne Tunes OSce. it«r«i -- at Gettysburg,- Pa., as second-daw matter, omd Congress March .3. -- UNITED PHONE Centre'Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. -·HIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVERTISING BY THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES :M At il ~"f *K«-C;«" . ~ One-cent per word each insertion.-. Two eeEtsra-word if gnaramtea . v p o s i t i o z i . Eesolctfoas o£ respect^pcetry'and memoriami om* cent per word. _ _ ." TO'OUR HEADERS -. ^ Tfie^Geftf sbnre Times takes absolutely no part in polrdcs. being neutral OH as -«ach matters, Anvthing that-appears^ in our general news columns, concerning state or national'nolftisc, is furnished -as by The ApieMeaaPressAs_sociation, a concern-trhica-«ives the same news to Hepablican r Democratic, Prombinon, or . Socialist paners and which is strictly non-partisan. columns are open, to all candidates- of all parties. MOVIES TO SHOW LIFE OF GERMS -- Noiel Feature to be Introduced * at Meeting of Doctors. BASE BALL SCORES Following Is the * Recuit of Games PlayedSSaturday and. Sunday. AMERICAN LEAGUE. - Saturday's Games. ! At Philadelphia--Athletics, ·*; De! troit,.2. Batteries--Houck,; "Willed. McKee^. -. , VANITY ^BAGf__AS "_- A GIFT Most Appropriate-Offering, for'the Young Lady Who: Is About to -Graduate. Many rt of your young friends 'will graduate this year and^you. are, nc doubt^ "wondering to give them. Why not make them;each^a .vanity bag? They are dainty and extremely useful, therefor© any girl would be delighted to possess one. JLt requires twelve inches of four-inch "wide ribbon Subs. 1 of a^ Baste^an-inch-wide V. r L. PC.! hem at eaei end and embroider a row I Athletics 91 49~650fch!cago. 73 Ti 597 j of briar-stitching. an ineli from the i Hieveind §2 SI STSlDetroit. G2 81 434 j edge on all sides of the ribbon. Fold t \ \VfiLS ***" n S2: 61 '*C" ? ^ "^*cv^~ 5-- ST 3T4 ! · . a * - * . - . - - ! Prominent Physicians Attend Catcher-* BOS j^"'. 72 65 52S;St.La:iis ,53 92 3G5 t ? e e .~ ds OTer . ; . , . J ., - , - - ! the sides,together. 1 ing- t .-^Philadelphia and Important \ CONVENTION BE6AN TODAY Gregg, . At Y.'ashingtoa -- V.'asiiinston, 6; St. Louis. 3. Baueries--Esge!,* Henry; 1 BaiiEagardner, Crossin. [ At Boston-Chicago; ra'n. o Sunday games scheduled. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News letting of the Happenings in and about Ttw» People*Visiting: Mere art Those Scjcurninf Elsewhere. Standing, of -the ' Subjects "Are On Program. I have fust received a Standard Automatic -Mflk Separator - \vhich can be seen at Biglerville ^now This machine Is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, and as soon as-1 have sufricient number installed I will buy the Cream at regular price for creamery butter. J.W.Pettis Business Directory to 61 fte flinjs jon veil. NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Eoomi with bath en suite -ft' McCo^omy,' Prop'*. Special for this week Men's and Boys 25c golf caps lOc. "Trrnmiers 5 and lOc Store. -BIGS PRODUCE COMPANY Highest G**h Prices-Paid lor all --FA2M PRODUCE-- Uider Times Office, Gettysburg. WILLIAM Z. ZIEGLER Exp Electrical work. EepairS"zr:a supplies. i2 Carlisle St. Phcne 94 Y. --IF-- ·on -want a. weeMy paper get THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS More local reading matter than any other paper published. Price S1.00 per-year. GHAS.;S. MUiEPES Warehouse for Furniture and. Ho-osecoM Goods stored any length of time. W- H. TIPTGX --Photoprepaez-- Getfysbtirg Sonvemlr* KATIONAU LEAGUE. Saturday's Games. Philadelphia, 'Sept. 2±---Tae s-sty-L ;At-Pinsbursh--PiusburgQ, 1 B: thir sylva daV, HUCii i.0 W ,, i--.' ^-v,-'-"-' p;-- - _ parts of the state gathered at the l*-Obon. Bellevue-Stratford to report xiie progress of pragation of ia. preven es of The will i three topics, a third to the prac and Is oae o § that has ever j state society. Dr. Lewis H. Taylor presided at the) same; uaKerte opening meeting. Addresses were made Brennan, KilHier. [ by Mayor B!ankenb«rg and Dr. Charles ! E. Codman, president of the Puilade!- shia County Sleeical society. Thread narrow satin ribbon .Chrc'igh the top to~form a drawstring., and fin- Mr.'and Mrs. George E. Hartfhan" have returnedJ!rom their-vredding trip of several weeks. .Mr. aruf Mrs. Eobert C. Miller have returned home from a ten days' trip to Cha'ctancoga. - - Eev. L. Dow Ott left on the morning ish the ends \kith rosettes* of the rib; train for "Waynesboro to attend a con- of the preachers of the Harris- en burg 'District, v. hich will be Ia ses- che practice of specialises,I Meyers: Ames^JBrown, Kilns.^ ? of the-most coaiprehensivej ^5^ ? "l^^^^fi'inningsT." Bai- ver .been jresc-Ji;ed by a; ter ; es --Lavender. Stack.. Archer; Sei- _ Smfc » C'd ArcherT STOCK FORGERY YIELDS S76,725| Standing of the CSuhs. ^'.L. P C j \\'.J*PC. «ft KKV j X.Tork.. 93 46 C69.Bosion.. 61 T pocket of the evening coat or in the muir, and is always ready to aid milady when the WALKiNGiSOlT." An organized mee:ca! movement j asainst the' social evzi v.-IH be out'.in-j FS -535 SO 53 COSBrcokla. S - Gl 573 Cincinti. 02 S= -^-t. 73 06 53^ : StJLouis 49 57 335 ing. The use of moving pictures p:ct disease conditions and to illus-j trate the progress in medicine andj surgery "will be one o* the features OLi the convention. -A series of-remark-j able pictures showing the-life-and j growth of-germs v.-ili be given at the Friday "evening session. Other-Sims iihistratinE: the_work ia medical colleges -?.:!!, also' be -shown. · ~Of vital interest to the medical pro fession .a remarkable series of SHOOT TWO OTHERS Oae is Killed anrj file Oilier SlartilngJisciosures. J 1633102. -Wiil* £"-*i t ciiitfi- fiei-t/*-*-. oi_«-*-^s "-. radiographs on the diagnosis of concU-j*- - Chelsea, 7.1ich., Sept. 22. -- Charles ticnsand the detection of"aesTO-os dis-! T.'atlans, ten years cid.-son of T. W. orders. " ! "Watlaas. of this vHlage,. while playing The usVo: radium in tHe treatment [^i an air gun, snot and daagerously r. . o- 2-^ r r,Tr of disease and the progress, reacHec | -tv-ounded Clarence Gilbert, ten years Somerset, Pa., 'Sep.- 2^.--Startling ^ s ^ 0 Kti 3l s-5n the ^.se of radioactive i old, son of Alfred Gilbert, also o? this revelations regarding u:e raising Ox- a , Tl l ma ^. do . ls ^^ raSic-emanaaoa w3! I vHlaaie. ot r nnmber of shares on certificate stosk of the Somerset Telephone com- °- paay followed a search of -the once of Attorney Harvey il- Berkeley, former secretary -asd -treasurer of the company, trho 'has been mysteriously missing since Aug- "21. The oS.ce ~as opened oil an order issued by the Somerset court, on peu- aon~ of crecitors of Samuel D. Liven- gooc. presice-r of the defunct Farmers" bank, 6E Meyersdaie, for -whom Berkeley had been, assignee for six o~ seven years. Tee safe in Berkeley's oSce bz Edward TTatkias, onened with ciSeulty. According to- b tt ci"=cussed at one of the sessions, i The next nignz EQ-v~ard u a^Kias Important clinics, T\ ill be held at the eight years old. the brother of Charles leading hospitals and an exhibition shot ana killed' Harold Gilberr, the will be siven in "Horticultural hail rsrelve-vear-old brother of the Gllber! be given in "Horticultural hail Dr. Edward E.' Meyers, of Pittsburgh. Trill have the nental-y aunt as the topic.of hls-discussion. The physiological conception of insanity and the treatment o£ the insane as panents, not simply as mad people. -sv:Ii be cis- cassed by Dr. Tvuiram K. "\Talker, of Pittsburgh- One of "th? most important papers 'o be read at. todays session will deal elTe-year-old brother of the Gilbert boy -K-ho -.vas injared. The authorities decided that botb. shootings were acci clentai The fatal shooting was- found to be simply the result of play. Tee injured boy -will probably lose ~Jie sight cf aa eye. The fatal shooting occurred when Harold Gilbert failed to drop a piece of paper at the command of his playmate. The latter in fun picked up taining black and---bite pins. This address In one of the Lutheran church- little vanity bag can be placed in the es. P. W. Stallsmith, of Centre Square, is spending a week with friends in Baltimore. Cap:asn-ar.d Mrs. P. S-- McConnor, of Baltimore, have returned home after a visit of several weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. X. S.!, OR Carlisle street. Mrs. G. D. Brand and daughter, Eelen, of Denver, Col., are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. "William Heathcote, on Btrford avenue. ,Mrs. M. Phillips, of Hanover, has returned home after spending the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Roman, of "West Middi« street- Mrs. William E. Myers, of Balti- Jmore, has returned home after spending some time vrith relatives in town_ Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Weaver, of Baltimore street, have returned from Manchester, MdL, where they visited relatives for several days. Miss Lily Dougherty has gone tc I Philadelphia for several days' business trip. Henry Leighty. of Steelton, has re| turned home after spending several 'days with friends around towTi. Messrs. Joan G. Fleck and C. E. ', Liebegott. of Seminary, went to Har- risb:irg this morning for the-'day. ~!th the state's duty in controlling the | loaded revolver and books fctmd in the once a. 3059 shares of fictitious stock vras is suec, representing, at par value. §76,- 725. Because of the absence of stubs in. the company's stock book it is not fciovm whether a total of 4SO other shares was raised.. The stock was issued at 525 par. bur until recently sold at-from $35 to 840- It was also learaea that stock certificates were raised from ten to 120 Times their original value. One certificate was raised from three shares' to 240. and another from one snare to 120. In all twenty certificates -were raisea. The stock TMas used as collateral to --^i n- sanitation of hones, the food and vra- j instantly. LULI. Ufc. \ ». ^ _,. _ · · ? _ _ - _ _ ; -^ _-^-^ THIEF CONFESSES MURDER Prisoner TeMs of Having KUIed Young Woman In a Cemetery. Philadelphia, Sept. 22. -- Arrested on a charge or robber:-, Jacob TToIfaon. voluntarily confessed himself a mur- cersr and told the police that for . | outright. i ;er supply and the elimination of conditions which propagate tubsrcalos.s. This paper will he read "by Dr. Charles C. HarSelQ. Dr. John-3. Deaver Trill tell of the -alarsaicg increase^ia cancer and will emphasize the need of immediate surgical treatment. Dr.' Samuel G. Dison, state commissioner of health,, - T7*n coscnoe the stareSs crusade about four years ne nad _ ^ against tuberculosis/and Dr. H. R. 1L about the country La a vain eao. t to relieve his mind of tae neavy onrden of guilt. "R"olfson had been taken into cus- :ody by Detective Souder, charged with entering the oSce of the Vacuum Cleaning company at 41 South rif- teenta streets-ana, stealing some post^age stamps and~a small amount or FATAL JOY RiDE" , trill make an address along the line of prevention. -- PUBLIC AUCTION One Ksiled. Two Dying. When Auto Crashes Steel Post. "^Philadelphia, Sept. 22.--One man is uead and fvo others are dying as tee result of a joy rice on "Market street ·a a powerful automobile. The machine, which was "borrowed" without permission from the garage of the owner, belonged to a wealthy lawyer residing at the Bellevue^Shrat-' ford hotel. The sig machine, racing with terrific speed, hit a steel post of the elevated structure, hurling a:l three ^ccctipaats from their seats' and completely demolishing the machine. The car. v.-hfc2. was the property of Joseph C. Slauery. ^"as taken froia the garage by his chauffeur. Joseph Hick-; ey. nineteen years old, ~ho was tinv- j ing it when the crash occurred, ace a frienc. Thomas TVaite. who were baa:y fclureo- The man killed was Bertram Price, who was picked bp on the way bv the party in the antcrnobile. PIE TAKES WOMAN'S HASP. Expiodes as She Peeps into Over, and Firemen -Are Needed. Cleveland, O .""Sepc. ±2.~~-- Just as Sirs. K. Vanderheade peeped inio the oven of her gas stove to see ho~ ner apple pies were getting along one of them exploded. As a result Mrs. "vanderheuae Is now suffering from slight burns on the face and her head is almost as cieaa shaven as a convfct's. "fThen the pie. which-gave every indication of becoming a juicy and toothsome bit of pastry, exploded it set Sre to tee oven. Mrs. Vanderhei:de . could cot get her head away from the coor-nrtime and her hair caught £re and was-nearly humeS o3- "Whea the firemen- arrived Mrs. Tar.- derheude had 3iist pulled her heaa O T :: of a bucket of water. Great spatesec of pie decorated tae walls ana ceiling of tie kitchen. On Tuesday September 23-IB 13 In Centre Square at one o'clock, The undersigned will sell a big lot of second hand furniture. Stoves, carpets and all sorts of house furnishings. Also "several good light wagons; one has top, suitable for hauling milk cans. Do not miss this sale as we will have something that you will need. CHARLES S. MUMPER CO. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations cf vnifi States weather bureaus ta"ken at S ?- in. yesterday follow: Temp. Albany ......... 74 I Atlantic City ---- 7- vTeather. Cloudy. Cloudy. Boston . Buffalo Chicago Orleans Philadelphia ---St. T-o;ns ....... Washington ..... 68 C6 72 55 GO Rain. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Rain. Cloudy. Rain. The Weather. Clearing and cooler to.Jay; fair tomorrow; west winds. --ISD. FQUTrCIAHJN'HOSPiTAL Family Has Asksd -Court to See That Interests Are Guarded. Baltimore, Md.. Sept- 22--Screring from S nervous breafeficwn, intensified by a recent attaclt of sne :raonia. State Senator John P. iloors. of Snow HTn_ "VTorcesrer co«sty.,_is in the Sae?- pard and Enoch Pratt hospital. His wife and children niacle application in tns circuit court of vTorces ter county to have a committee a? pointed to ta~-ce charge of his affa'rs Xo action oa the application has been taken by the court. BaU Pisyer Electrocuted. Caiskiil. X. T^ Sept- 22.-- \ t-- enty years old, for two . years tbira basetnan of the Coxsackie base ba^I teasn, was eleetrocGted at thfe top of an electric light pole while making repairs. His lifeless body dan- t gled for some t5me over a crossbar i before being !o~ered by linemen a-- siting a hearing ia the igat court he seat to Captain Cameron a note = addressed to tie district attorney, -srliica read as follows: "I have committed a crime in Rochester. I killed a girl in a cemetery named SchuiaacberJ" Tien to Captain Cameron and Detectives "vTood and Belsha-vr ae tcld this story, -jraich -^as telegraphed to A spring -s-alking suit of maroon colored -wool -with large collar and buttons of taa broadcloth.--By Linker. Paris. | Erected atGost o $22.000 Takes Place o£ One Destroyed by Firt The new- St. Stephen's · Evangelical _ Latherair Church, of New "Kingston. jRev. J.'K. Sobb. -pastor. ^which has been erected, at a cos! of over S22,00f). v.-as dedicated Sunday. Three* services -s~sre held- fhroaghonn the day," - w-hile the ceSicatory service-proper was~carried ou'c in the evening--Rev. Georgs M. Disenderfer. of Carlisle. - preaehed -the dedicatory sermon. The 'former church was destroyed by nre two years ago. Science Pursues Criminal, i Ultra-violet rays used Triiile photo graphing a forged check are said tc render detection - absolutely certain. are the smartest materials for i The forger uses chemical;^ eraser m~e^ negligee sorcL_ A__ Jvhite_or to remove some portion ot tne writing. ·Tl Smart Negligee. Embroidered craslies and printefl IOT-C =TO TIP simartsst materials for 1 .1 ground is best, and the neat, detached ftrures are in stroag colors, s-jch as brick taBserine/ broivn sad apple greeru the Rochester pohce: "In August or early in September. ISO?, I Lved :a Barnet, a subiirb of Rochester, arsd lived in the city. On icv way home I several times zaet the Schtiniaciier girl, who visited the cemetery to decorate her father's grave. vTe became friendly, and one evening I attempted liberties, which she re Nil Despersndum. Percy Parkington. rose ana brushed the dust from his knees. Then, drawing himself up to his full height, he gazed resentfully upon the form of i'iss luuriel iluggins, who noachaiant- ly fanned herself the -cHile. "Very well, iliss jiaggias," came in bitter tones from Percy. "Oh, very well! You have spumed me, it is true! Indeed, you have spumed me twice: But, though despair eats my heart, I shall sot die! I meaa " but even Tcough~th:s~be cone so~skiil- fully as to defy detection, under -a high-po--er magnifying glass the rays reveal ia the photograph a hear? smudge -where the erasure, occurred. s^r la the struggle 1 UP* her ^ gTln^o the busy world. I *ffi pericnce unnecessary. £«* TM ~ and that jaigiit buried her boay ia a 5^1 I ^ffl win! ily name shall {pattern, instructions, ^eed.ecraxt ^, Arranging for the Future. The littie girl objected, quite nata- raily, 10 wearing-her older sister's oat- grown clothes. One day, la protesting while being dressed with, such a ga^ meat, she esclaiined:- "It's real mean, =.a£ when I cet married. I~ia going to have mv voungest child -Srst. so that she won't have to-wear-her sisters old clothes-"--Saturday Evening Post-- LADIES earn §2.25 dozen making: plain neckwear."Home business. Experience unnecessary- Mail dime that jiig'at buried her body ia a of -woods near the cemetery. Since taen- 1 save -«an Jered about t'ae cot;ntry doing odd jobs and came to Philadelphia to ^srork jn place of tie striking garment Corkers." fjsrr Squeezed Into t-ght Inches. Hagerstown. Md.. Sept. 22.--D. Ernest vTrigat, of Uaioa Bridge, -was seriously injured ia the "Western Maryiasd shop by being crushed between a moving engine, making to a -Kmtable, and a door of the shop, being squeezed ia a space less than eight inches wide. He was taken to the "Washington County hospital. j Lane to Take Vacation. I Berkeley. Cal. Sept. 22.--Secretary ; of the Interior FranWin'K. T^ane will i start for iionterey. Cal, where a cot- : tage has b^en engaged for a week's ', stay. K!s health is greatly improved. Mrs. Brokaw \Viis- Divorce. w York, Sep:. 22.--An interlocutory decree of divorce was granted by _ ^ the supreme court in favor of Mary jfg B2air Brokaw and against "VT. Gcu'd g e known anc my riches shall become eavied--" "Pardon me for interrupting you. 5Sr. Parkingtoa," iateriectec jliss Muggins, "bat when you have accomplished all that you inar try ins again." Altoona. Pa---advertisement STORE wanted in Gettysburg: with living rooms. vvTii lease for term of vears. Central location, State particulars. Address S. Williams, 2633-610 Ave-, Troy, X. Y.--advertisement Mr. Lawver appreciates greatly the j GOOD restaura at for ^ sai^ ln 0,-ven bv firemen and c?tizens Ln Apply ar Hemlers Kestauran., ~ " -- t , general. ^street. -- advertisement, "·* Brokaw mony. the Mineola millionaire, llr will get §15,000 a year ali- i Finds Brother In i-orty Years. Chester, Pa.. Sept. 22.--After a sepa- { _ ration of forty years. James Scallan, i |j o' this city, has located his brother ;!ii Joseph on a farm in the hills near [j|| \Vl!kes-Barre, Pa. Setting hens should be placed -where - Eggs sired for hatching purposes; vrasn ou me pi the rest of the flock-will disturb them, ( should not be subjected to high or. i a second time. as itttle as possible. i low temperatures. j "When spraying, if showers come and wash off the poison, spray those trees @ !d HAVING BOUGHT GUT tlie John Menchey Restaurant, - T 21 W. Middle street, I an now prepared to take care of the trade. Everything in season is served. TM, Would appreciate the patronage of the pu Roy A. Pittenturf Proprietor -S nFWSPAPFRI

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