The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 22, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, September 22, 1913
Page 3
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PROVE SLAVERY IN PHILIPPINES In Inquiry Snows the Custom is General, DEAN C. WORCESTER. Member of Philippine Commission Says Slavery Exists on Islands. SIRLS SOLO BY PARENTS Children Bring«i $50 to $100 ; Apiece In.Market and Peonage is f Common. j "Washington, Sept, 22.--That slavery \ In its most revolting forms--including · the sale of iittle girts by their par- : snts--exists la the Philippine Islands « ! s amply proved by an oScia! report 1 -eceived by tae bureau of insular af- ^ fairs from \V. M. Phipps, auditor for ; the civil government of tee Philippine 3 Islands. Mr. Phipps" report said in part: "I have no hesitancy jn saying: thai; I think that the charges that slavery exists in the Philippics isiands are sustained." The report, which was called forth by tbe retreat charges made by Dean Worcester. ?ecretai o: the Philippine commission, and J:!ed vita the war department sr-vc-rai cays mjc, is based cpon Investigations conducted under the direct:'.':' of iLe Fhi!:j:?:ne auditor by district aui::crs. It was ac-,-o:.;i;r«n^d by a list of canses of rixt-seven persons held as liaves, some being he!ti outright and ·onse under the so called "debt" system, the rallicy of v.hich is shown by the fact that bon:e of the slaves so held are more tr:xa sixty years old and have been held by their present owners since birth. Mr. sajs girls beads dau practic current prices :"or slaves are given as follows: Children, three- years old, J30; children fourteen years and over, $50; adults, $!C"3. "The almost universal report made to me by each person who has been asked to investigate," jwrote ilr. Pnjpps, "was that slavery in some form existed to his personal knowledge; with a number it is a form ot peonage, which is the most extensive form of slavery practiced here; with many others, it will be noted, it is the barter and sale of human beings by Dne_person to another, who holds such person so sold to him in absolute subjugation, and they perform duties and iabor for him without compensation further than scanty clothing, and in many instances indifferent food." All of the district auditors, who assisted "-Mr. -~Shi?ps. -were obliged to promise their informants that the source- of taerr information would not be niace- public. The- names of the officials- j w.ho helped an "the preparation of the report also are withheld. One investigator made this report: "There is a considerable iraSc in girls. *I personally have had a-number of oSrs of- this 3nnd, and it is- a generally~known fact that a large percentage of the Chinese who save Filipino wives actually bsnght them at; a stipulated price. A recent instance in ~.nica 1 """as offered boys and girls for the small amount of 20 pesos. 30 pesos aad 40 pesos f319.' SI-5 and S±0). was in August of last year at Cebn. Peonage exists in all parts of the islands and in many instances amounts to slavery." The report is now before Secretary of "War Gr.rrison. who 3s considering the conditions set forth and the remedy to be applied. Drastic action will be asked by Senator 3oraa, whose resolution demanding information from" the war department was responsible for the revelations contained in the report of Dean Worcester. XVv^yp4r^ ~I-',-M"?'^/ ,' I'.fi Dash For Liberty He Shcois Down "fy-vTf^'S-*V - '/V' . De p,j;y Keeper and Is V/ounced by SLAIN BY CONVICT iTRYINGTOESCAtt i ,lwo Colored Convicts Pin Guard In ftew jersey Prison. BY THE GREEN MONSTER By DON'ALD CHAMEERLLN Bct-uice Oly Srrall Outfit. i IV-«- t % a » * _ V s»»t,»*J V » l U 4 I X^ 1 ^» W,4 I V* ( .^^M V The active Arab barbers require on- j j^ ly a piir cf s'uloscrs, a £air ci eli i ·» per;;, and a rarer for tLeir equipment, j Tier erect their temporary chops .a* I tie saarket-plnccs Ly spreixdin;; s^jie ' j matting over a few poles. Arabs have j j their heads shaved, keeping the h^ir | f-sbort so that the -wliite s\uli cap o'-er! 1 T*hich. the fez Is v.orn vai; 21 close'-.- | Janeway's business called h:ni often :y Iron home. ~£Jne afternoon he TAKES HIS ~". \ returned from one «rf these trips g!ad | ' to get back and. opening the door with j in the heart cf darkest Afr; GUM **is 'terck^y, went upstairs In the{ : upper hall he found himself face to I ; face with a.maa he had never seen. 1 He was well' dressed, and Jane-way, in- [ stt-ad of lakinsr him for a bnrgisr an Why He Sought ^-iStud*. i African Ssp!orer C-jrnbfousdsi ·--\ Whxt, you. Clrrsncs Vere ce "- ere, ] in the world are yon doing here?" ' Clarence Vere ce Vere--"I'm w^c.r'ljg i trie n=cktie Xiss Parsing gave me for j Christmas. I promised her'I \\ou!£,! you kno«;"--Puck. · Dvinc Man. there -might be some taLj- i take about his being- there, awaited an iledlcal advertisiDg THIRTY YEARS ECZEMA. i Keeper Kh B. Stetser. of Camden,j »i-o w:!': leave his w ; ?e at home for I v. h:ie trying to escape. j *.\ eeks. soiaetimes montha at a time, i Dianionu and another convict named · i!«erves"-- J Jaiae'j Johnson are in the prison hcs- j -What do you mean, s'r: Why are Ipital-, recovering from tie:r injuries.} you in my house;"' 1 Both are coicred. V.lilie the prisoners Cured by Our Reliable Skin Remedv ] Saxo Salve. " i i ilr. Joseph R. Williams, of Alliance. '* _ Ohio, says: "I recommended Saxoj \ Salve in a case of Eczema ef thirrv j years standing-, and after its use not a i TO TAX PAYERS" As attorney for Harry E. Bumbaugh, Tax collec. tor of the Borough of Gettysburg, who is temporarily unable to attend to the duties of his office on account of sickness, I will receive taxes for him .at my office in the First National Bank Building until further notice. As stated in School tax notices previously issued taxes will be received at the Court-- house. Sept. 26th, 27th, 29th and 30th from 1 to 4 o'clock p. m. E. Stable. C. j "Come! Maintain voor equanimity. J trace of the disease v.-as left. It Iso I the' :se\v£ar Corn Ingenuity e( Negro Oar§t2k8r in Bsmslery. fell pat two balls in the arms of Dia-j \Ve can invent some pretest." mond. Stetser v,-as shot tv.-ice in the ! "Where is my wife?" thundered brea-t. Deputy Pierson got away from | Jane-way. | -Johnson and he rushed to Diamond | "For heaven's sake keep away from] and disarmed him, with the aid of Dr. i her. at least for awhile! In your pres-J Crane. I ·-·"£ state of mind you are Jiabie to com-j Johnson was found frantically run- ! mis murder." _ _ j {"^-O"*** *»*^«' f )^u~ C*lJOD take Mnol._ We_gTiarantee It will purl- [wagon, one spring- v.-agon, t\vo buggies,; tfljocmaktr ^tm-k I\KH! 1 fy and enrich the blood. j one most new. one good Deering mow- j White rvliudiliitrs |er in good running order, one gcodjReti 50o!!:uis-~... .'... Stops failing Hair Hall's Hafr Senewer certainly stops falling hair. No doubt about it whst- erer. · Yon will snrelv be satisfied. t *··· 1.65 1.50 J fork, one corn coverer. one 1-horse I Piaster ?7.oO per ton. ! sled, stone sied. one good v.-heelbar- i Cement .:1.40 per bbll i.e-.v:s v.-as -arrested upon complaint j of the Ardmore authorities. For | ^ ghoulish ingenuity, the detectives de-j ciare. I^ev.-is" scheme cms I n.~5~-..;T.^T p;oc they hav I had planned the attempt a t : possession of him--TO set away, some- j but that Diamond had ?rom- j -rrhere. anywbere. that he might free J STRAiH TOO GREAT ' row. one 25 ft. ladder, one 16 ft. lad( I der, 1 grind-stone, 1-12 ft. sledge ham- f Floar ] raer. 1 crowbar. 2 plungers. 1 grain j Western F!our . cradle, 1 grass scythe. 1 briar scythe, i dung and pitch forks, but. breast and cow chains. 1 log chain. 2 pairs of long "traces, double and single trees. jockey sticks. 2 dung- forks open and single. 2 good sets of front -gears, sec i per Per bbl. ....6.00 Per on ....ri.oo Shelled Com 85 Ear Com 90 XewOats ..50 Wrg . n Oats 55 INFANTA OF SPAIN STRICKEN Lewis had charge ground and sold all the lots. It is charged that he would sell a lot and immediately after the funeral service he -.voalC-aig up the body which had 2ust been buned and take it to an obscure part of "the .grounds, - where he would bury it along with others which he had disinterred in the, same way. Then, ic is charged, Letris wouid sell the more desirable lots over, again. | Lewis had an easy time of it as long I as the relatives of .the dead people j dfcn't visit the eemefery^too Often or | Ccctors Using Anti-Carbuncle Serum -Somethi: "EamGnr..XTO«-brid S e. Cilumer club/ aneirar stoooed for no more. ' v . as received at the instita- ' "To-ir nnme! And Tvhere can yon be aon in 19GI to serve fifteen years for Johnson came from Es- .o serve Sve years for j breaking and entering and ceny. Diamond attempted to escape two weeks ago by trying to scale a v.-a!L £~ " vorfcmen. The woman's household cares. Often weaken the kianeys. Backache, headache, dizziness. troubles NEW "ASTHMA CURE hooks, about 12 bu. potatoes, sweet potatoes by the ba.. 1 ve^-= o r = J:ine~av stcDnea lor no more. JLJ r -~ ~~» r: . --~ . ! ,- '. '- ,, .r ilvicnev troubles, unnarv I for iar- f socndsn^ rae stairs that a iew moments :Tr e anen*iv ^cliow he !:ad mounted wita such pleas- |" Af Ge'r^-sburs- citizen ieL., . _ .- ,,_ niaae lawn swir j --Pr-Sr3fcCaminoiirgttysb-arg. Pa.r Eouseh fsavs: ~T nrst used Doan"s"Kidnev Pills ^ce 131 ' «r;:b:e espectation. he rushed tbrougn -, tbe haii to tbe front door and went j ouz. What be did during: the next hour · he lias never been able to distinctly re- j some years ago and I still take them ing \vire. cross-cut saw. maul and '.vedges, double-bit, axe. 3 iron kettles. 1 copper kettle, and scirrer. 2 large iron'pots, l_Enterprise sausage grinder and stuner. gammon sticks and hog lot cf home- 2 large milk cans. PUBLIC-SALE? Of Valuable Real Estate. . The undersigned Tsrill offer for sale- September 25, 1913, a farm - and mill property, situated at Center Mills, Adams County, Pa./nine miles nortb. of Gettvsbursr, aad one half mile from Center Mills on the P. .S. E- K- FASit PROPERTY The farm, consists of 81 acres, mora or less, lying in The heart; of the fruit erect headstones. It Is said that he j on Sufferers. too!: care- to resell -lots-incases where · Philadelphia, Sept. 22. the relatives of -he SrS;person buried | sew in curing asthma was tried a; did not Intend to erect -a headstone. Baanemann hospital, when Benjamin j ^^ his con « ( j ence to 2a y oae _ nd hear tless her IRON SHEAHSBEHEAD Shocking Death of" Workman In a - -CostesviUe Mill. Coaiesville, Pa- Sept. 22. -- His coat. catight in. the machinery while he ~as reaching across the big iron shears in the Coatesnlle roiling mill, Stephen JlcCarrafcer, aged twenty-'ne ;· ears, an Inspector, we=; drasqea into the revolving shafz and met f. Jth a frigLtful trearment "srill be continued for sevea 1 days. Abrahams has sunered for years with asthma. Three years ago physi- occurred | States. For sale by ail dealers. Price 50 cents- Foster-ifilbum Co., Buffalo. Kew York, sole agent for the United antl slse was prernred for the worst. Ee v.cs JOSE :n wonder bow the TTO- =and take no other. man vleh -srbom re imu lived happily ! for a dozen vears couid have so de- ! Remember the name--Doan's The tap of h:s head was severed. a:s bed;-' almost cst Tn twain and his aeath iras instantaneous. Before fellow workreen ccnla get! _h¥ "engine " stopped ~the~rnspectof"s' body v.-2s whirled around as a human spin-wheel. The v-ctim hart used a smail hammer with which to tap rac strips of plate as they came from the shears. and he was reaching for the hammer Trbe:i his coat caught in a bolt on tha shaft that hurled him to death. _ cians attending him practicail.- gave ee! _ ea hfra Coold tbls person -crbo had : up hope of his recovery, but ne grew ; f , nae thj . thhjs . _ ea5 . y b * ft h!s ' stronger and the attacks grew less ire- f Vf . sg . ^ ao _ a ,_i ee:l nn a 'suffering from ·cuent. Later a large carbuncle developed berween his shoulder blades. It grew untii It became nearly tLrse by two inches in size- Acting under the advice of Dr, C. Dndlev Saul, the carbuncle was drained and several hundred units of antl- c«rbuncle serum were injected. Abrahams noticed that the attacks of asthma were not as severe after the oner- a horribie nightmare? Tfas there some rr±5st;:Ke? Gradually his feelings so fnt: subsideti as to permitiim to exercise common senso-. XVhat fi:a com- mots sense dic^-te as the Srst.tJin£ to j Use^3II-o-na -- The First DoseJBrlngs dor "Why. to so to his wife and bear' '»··"-· «-.- -"" «r^^*,-^«. ber story. It S 0 o'clock en be again open- Household and kitchen furniture: 1 O elt; about 60 acres of this is the best or cook stove. 1 parlor coal | o f f £Lrm i an d. and. 21 acres exception^ stove, 1 aouole nea'cec scot-e. chunk stove. 1 egg stc sc scot-e. one | ally fine nasnzre land and timber, such s» 1-3 "bnrner[ a3 "i ocas f -svalnut,, oak. mckorv. etc. oil stove. 1 bed room oil stove, lot of | -There is wrobably abou'c two thousand stove pipe. 2 bed steads. 2 bed springs, · dollars vrbrth of" timber on this nro- 1 Iron bed and spring. 1 old style bu- j nercv. There is a large dwelling house reau. in good condition. 3 tables. I a' ^f 12 rooms and v wide Colonbl ball, solid \valnut table. I good couch, 1 r ^j-gg - oan k barn, and good -wells ac good cot. 1 good KImbei organ. "like; 5 ot h house and~barri. T - - ~V~ ne»v. 1 good Singer sexving- machine, j MTT.T, PEOPERTY J- lot cf rocking chairs. 6 plank bottom; The mill is known as Center:SGHer chairs, 6 cane sea'ced chairs. 6 goodwills. It has four floors, and consols stands, i good clock, corner cupboard, i o f t hree stands of Butler double X ea cupboard. 1 cel-j ro n s . an( i f u n Roller system of most:a tuo. 1 v%-asnmg \ -Improved type: also one large cKop-" " 5 one of the best cus- county. -with plenty !of grain and feed bought and sold :ng utensils such as pots. pans, and right at the door. Water power strong I good sink. 1 kitcn iar cuoboard. 1 bat crocks.I-5 gal. oil can. about 15 fruit, lot of empty jars. I chnm and fauck. butter bo-vvl. lot cf benches ancl and constant. Concrete dam and race- Both In excellent condition and chiefly maintained. With the mill there is barrels. 1 screen doer, i butralo robe i a i so a dwelling house of seven rooms, In good conditlop. 1 feather bed. - 1 U sta ble, and a blacksmith shoo. There- chaff bed. feather pillows. 4 mirrors. 1 1 -: s ? j so a ^ e ii o f goo d water "at this old style, lot of lamps, ice of brussels. ; house. As these Dronerties Join they Ingrain and rag carpet, good vrindow j ^,-ju - oe offered for sale together _Sure. Safe and Effective Kelief. Jf vou are not able to digest your food, if you lack an appetite. If your 1 other articles too numerous to men- chaser. Anv , curtains, lot of jugs and crocks, lot of i 3e paratelv as the purchaser may depictures and frames an-i a host of s s j re . Terms vdll be made to suit' tux- stomacn is sour, gassy, upset, year ed his front door and stepped into the tongae"coatedr]f your~ neaTaches'""efld s Second Daughter, Like Second Son, Is Deaf and Dumb. Manchester, Eng.. Sept. 22.--Relatives of the queea of Spain have been shocked by tae news that the second daughter of the queen, life her second son. win be both deaf and dumb, says the "Westminster Guardian. It is feared that the little Spanish princess is totally aeaf, and unless tbis can be corrected she wiil probably never be able to speak- The pessimistic reports of the rayol r-hysicians and specialists have nearly broken tie heart of tne queen. She goes constantly to the convents of she relisio=:s orders in arc! near Madrid to ask for prayers of intercession on. their riehalC, and particularly of late, on beaaif of ner young daughter. Wife Bites Husband V/ho Tried Suicide Trer.ton. X. J- Sept, 22.--The teeth of ^Ir.=. Daniel Csrincci saved her husband from committing suicide. -The lann Sashed a razor aad tried to cui his tisroat. The v,oman grabbed his hand and bit it until ae,cropped tae ·razor. Then sac telephoned the police e was nowlins wirt pain. REPORT B!G_EN6lNb ORDhB Run»»r Thar Pennsy Wants 100, For i.OCO.GOO. Fro.-r. BaSdwins. Caester. Pa.. Sept. 22.--It is reported here that the Baldwin Locomotive works has received an oraer to build 100 locomotives for the Pennsylvania Railroad company of the same design o' engines used-on tee company's ^irie between W:l2nn£ton and Philadelphia. TheTbrcer calis for del'.very Jn the early spring, and means an expenditure" of"34,000,000 on tae part of t railroad. {you are dizzy, if you have heartbi m " crew more infrequent and less severe. hoasa. -vife"s; \ so |suiier needlessly ? late? Von reie-rrapbed you would be · _ ^uy now--to-day . ^- n -- -;«« iiv'VJ^^.- | v u ^ Z-i C iili^.*- iJL V VU l l U i i i t U l i-L atIon-aaa-cBltec-Di^-SaciS-a t Len u oa :s Eter ^ oo . ee-irr" came his wife's J and pains in Your colon or boweis^h- was treated and tae attacKS ^gain ^^^ f _ oni ^pg-,,.;.-^ -vriiy are you so [suiier needlessly ? I Drug Score a fifty r cent box of Tui-o-aa Last week Dr. Saul advised Abra: . on3c to c:riP , er _ , ^^ ^^^ *. ^*j v.^.v ^.v hams to go to the hospital and have " T. lpo - s . J j.r uig nO t deign anv reply to ' Stomach Tablets. _ There is from Peoni j's tue carbuncle on his body treated, i the hope that the asthma might also be cured. A small carbuncle was cat and a thousand units of the anti-carbuncle serum injested. TUG HITS CUTTER; 3 DROWN Dsath Gorges Whsie They Are Returning From Shore Leave. Bridgeport. Conn..^3e?t. 22.--Three cf the crew of the United States torpedo destroyer McCall were drowned in the harbor here when the ~_^ Seaboard colliaec ·crith the destroyer's power cutter, in w'aica for.r sailors, wao had been on shore ieave, were returning to the' SIcGaU. Seaman Thompson -^was saved by the tug's boat. FIND S1QNS OF MURDER Kuife, Poison and Clothing In Deserted House Point to Killing of Woman. Pen Monmouta. X. J. T Sept. 22. -- Tne finding of a blooc-stained kn*5-9. a bot- i5e labelled "poison." half filled, and a set of modish woman's clothing in a deserted house on a farm here, point to murder, the police thinlr. It is their theory that the -sroraan was slain and the boay stripped and removed. County Prosecutor Applejrate believes that the garments should fr.r- nish an excellent clue to the murder- There is a shirtwaist of silk, a silk skirt, shoes, stockings and r.ncerwear of good Quality. Ttc shirtwaist, size 42, bears the name of a Philadelphia department store. Xear the garments were also found 2?e remarks. his rnind t He trymjr t tbe disagreeable wors bt'fore h.nj. Ee siagcereu into tbe liv sac roora snd. t'lrowinjc himself into an easv chair, covered his face -crith bis -ands- "Hearing a step in the hail he withdrew them and saw bis standing in the doorway gazing at with a frijrhicpeti look. -Fran-i!" ?hc si id. "What hea^'en is tlie inatter?' There was a r:ng at the telephone She paid no r.iteatfrn to it. but. advancing, kneeled beside him and took his band- no me ce effective remedy lor stomach ills. 1 i- o-na Is a digestive giving- quick relit f, also strengthens and builds up surt'.y and safely the digestive organ?, soothes the Irritated membrane and i t- creases the Sow of the digestive juice i. Your whole system Is benefited a: ?! you become well and strong. tien. sale to commence at 10 o'clock one -wishing to buy a. property of this kind should not fail to be nresent at this sale. Reason for sharp when terms will be made kno.vr.; sa lJ; n .£ i s o ld ase of owner. 0. CURREXS- James Ca!d\vell. Auctioneer. Pius Miller. Clerk. acverasing One hundred dry locust posts v,dll I be sold at ihe same time's Sale will begin at one o'clock sharp, i Ten per cent, reaulred at time of sale, i * EEXRY EOTH. n nnrrrnrnn d Get Immediate and Effective Relief by Using Pittsburg Chicago Leave Gettysburg 10:3 5-a. several ^ew York papers, dated Aug. 16 and 17. Lightning KJ!!s Firsman- Salisavr. Okla., Sept. 22.--O. A. Farmer, of ^lena. Ark_ fireman on a Kansas City Soiithem passenger train, was killed by lightning In the locomotive Knife In Pocket KHis. Train Crssf-es iritc Auto TrucX j cab as the train neareq thss station.] , Sep:. 22. -- Henry! The engineer received a severe shock, i ---, ! Toss, agea thirty-three years, was in- i but was able to stop his train. the £ocr:e: o! -Torn Meyer cansea the death of Walter Jensen. Following an ar g t ,-,, e: jl_ Meyer attempted to set away from Jensen by manias, and m I his flight trsaped and fell. Jensen,. Mia, fell on the knife in the blade piercing Ms , resulted instantly. -ei^ht years cio. was seriously j Orders Gold icoth For Monkey, nurt ^heii a Reading railway traiT j Lajnder. Wj-o.. Sept. 22.--ilrs. Jea- struck a motor true".; driven by t.o · n;e Boland, landlady of the Albany former, £.c IlnnineJ^totrn. The nien» hotel here, has placed with a local - ve re retnrrJnj; to ^ -ir:.i s n,ar',e: ,ana the r TO ck itc-r :-.'^M ^as hnr^ed A cow ir.nst famish 150 pounds of butter. fat before she has paid her "bills. After that, what she £ives is profit rSPAPFRflRCHlVE® ,, _ _ ty feet agair.s frarae b,,!din A liberal amount of forage crops will never ccme arr.:s=. If aot r.?C'f3p'i for soiling purposes they are seed for hay. dentist an order for a gold tooth for her pet monkey, Mcllie, which is suffering from a decayed incisor. The lice that~infest hogs may~De 3sed by giving the animals a dip in a solution of coal tar, directions for using which are provided with pjirgal of the disinfectant, ~ :· phone."." he said, in or- 1 J\gQ der to gain tiir-e. Gofnc; to the instrument she too Sown the receiver. Thea sae said to her husband: "It's the chief of police. He says a man has been bruKSh: :n with articles on him witu onr name on them." -Taneway jumpetl from his chair as though raised by r.n electric sbock. iiusninir to tbe phone he snatched tae receiver from bi wife and ca!3ed for a description of the man arrested. When Le bad Beard be took her in his arms and liugced her nil she cried ont. '·"What does it all mean"" she asked, j "I ^ajne home at 5 o'clock and found the thief here." '·When I was o^~- Why did you let him go T "He told me a cock and ball story-" '·What story?" "Why lie said--he said--that yos were j I dead and he was the undertaker come to measitre you for yocr coffin." ·'What assurance! Xow I trader- stand what you were suffering when 1 canie into the room.'' j ·They duns together in an embrace, j Fortunately for him there was no need for a. confession. R. C. Rhode Island i Hens , , jm., connecting via Highfield H"o~,el is nature's 'true remedy lor j _ . T - ** J catarrh. There Is no stomach dosing-- » V f 11 h Chicago L-imitea, ALVIN SHEETS Ta breathe heal:ng balsams and Ively reach the most remote air cells of the throac. nose and lungs, the catarrhal garnis are destroyed---qKck and sure relief results- restores health parlor coaches club cars an I attached. Arrive FOR SALE Pittsburg 7:30 p. m., accl Chicago 7:59 a. m., a | burden. At the first symptom 01 ca- · - ? r-}i-i--"sI rrviTi]l* CT-T-A!-- U^e TJvO^iei. , i- trouble, mile Good buildings, orchard. Brongh Busliey Guernsev. r me i esf ern fflaryland Lines i Painful Corns Removed j 1 --Bv Xev.- Painless Remedv j tos«"Tera lay \ " --K\trvo3e ^: tri.-*o stindncr c6m» can | i?eltTSborg peacx'f":Jv sn.l quickly reni«"\et! by · I Ta5ntinc on * Fr.tnam's ICorr. Kxtraotor. lt"?rcnl- 1 Have everything ready beforehand i j tand start your hatching operations. ino core. It i- :v noat / ici T'UiiiaJii'sKxtr.u tor tloc*-- Graduate of Op:ic 2 -Makes A Statement We always advise peppfe who have | stomach or bowel trouble to see ^ a ' doctor. Bat to those who do not wish ·to do this we will say: try the mix- iture of single buckthorn bark, giy- " eerine. etc.," known as Adler-i-Ka. This sinirsle new remedy Is so powerful that'JUST OXE DOSE relieves =our s'omach. a^s on the stomach constipation INSTANTLY. Peo- II. C. ."SPA.T'FTU . at ita.Qt

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