Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 22, 1954 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1954
Page 2
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· y^M · · ^ · , i ; /,·· , ;.· · · , '·: . · " · ;· , .· · . · -'itliLi.'''* 1 ^*)!^^''"r'* ^'"' · '''|'-;L I : ' « i ' i i, 1 ·''·"····'*','· ' ' · '·',',! ' · .- !' :.§|Av^^M§i?^F«lii ! 'Jt, t ;1fM : itei^i^^^:^¥^m^ he was called down here for?" Zwickcr; "For that specific pur- -pose." . .:,.:;.i :v . ;::':. ,i, :1 ;. McCarthy; "Then you knew that those were the questions he was asked, did you not? General, let's try andlbe truthful. I am going to keep you here as long as you keep hedging and hemming.".;;; 1 Zwicker: "I am not hedging/' . i McCarthy.- "Or hawing.'' , . Zwicker: "1 am not hawing and I don't like to have anyone impugn my honesty, which you just about did." It was 'then McCarthy said 'he couldn't help "impugning one or the other." _ In Transcript The transcript showed Zwicker, under questioning by McCarthy, finally testified that a general who signed orders allowing the release of a hypothetical Communist "Maj. John Jones," should -not be removed from bis command." "Then, general," McCarthy flung hack, "you should be removed from my command. Any man who has been given the honor of being promoted to general and who says "I will protest another general who protected Communists' is not fit to wear that uniform, general. "I think- it is- a tremendous disgrace to the Army to have this sort of thing given to the public. I in' tend to give it to them. I have a duty to do that. "I intend to repeat to the press exacltly what you said. So you know; that. ; . , ,. : "You. will be back here, gener- aU": ·. . ' ··-:··.·· '···. . ; l$$M$ ; ' No Rialht · . ' jifAt'vJa' news conference in Philadelphia Monday, McCarthy said Army officers have no right to refuse to appear before bis committee; but they do have a right to answer questions which would violate orders issued by their superiors. ; McCarthy told reporters "Army officers should nut object to telling the truth." Asked for his opinion of Secretary Stevens, the senator replied: "I want to state that there is nothing disloyal about Bob Stevens. He has just been badly misused and misinformed. There is no ill feeling between vis and before the investigation ends I think he'll be better informed." Newsman Given Job for Republicans WASHINGTON · W-James Bassett, 41-year-old political editor of the Los Angeles Mirror, Monday- was named director of public relations for the Republican National Committee. Bassett, who was Vice President Nixon's publicity director in the 1952 campaign, succeeds Robert Humphreys, who was promoted to campaign director, a new job. GODFREY O. K. BOSTON iff) -- Arthur Godfrey's physician Monday said the famous radio-TV star will not have to undergo a second hip operation "at the present time." McCarthy Gets Citizenship Pin PHILADELPHIA (UP) -- The ousted president oE the Philadelphia chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution said Monday the presentation of a good citizenship medal .to Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy was a "desecration" of the national holiday honoring the birthday of George Washington. David L. German Jr., who has refused to recognize his removal as head, of the chapter because of his anti-McCarthy stand, made the statement as the Wisconsin Republican arrived here to accept the medal at an afternoon luncheon. A heavy police guard, ordered by local authorities after the receipt of a against the "crackpot" threat senator's life, was present at the Pennsylvania Railroad's 30th Street station when McCarthy's train from New York arrived. Bryant, Weible Get GOP Office DES M01NES W) -- Edward Kelly, Des Moines, secretary the Iowa delegation to the 1952 GOP national convention, Sunday was elected president of the Vet erans Republican League of Iowa O t h e r officers elected were Hughes Bryant, Mason City, vice president; Dudley Weible, Fores City, secretary, and John DeWitt Griswold, treasurer. Langer Insists Check Be Made oh Warren Charges British Term U.S. Actions Incredible' .Good telephone manners are jusfc as important as choosing the right spoon for the soup. If you're on a party line, listen briefly before you begin a phone call--hang up quickly and quietly if the line's in use. Other UETTE tips for good party-line service: space out your calls, replace the receiver carefully, give up the line for emergency calls. Remember, party-line courtesy is catching. Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. 1954 Leadership Line in Television! 17" Mahogany 'T,able 1 f|Q Model . . . . 1/3 24" _Mahogany Combination 650 00 21" Mahogany OOfl 95 f Console .. 21" Mahogany or ; Walnut OQQ 9 5 Combination JU v 27" Mahogany Console . . 499 95 21" Mahogany Console with doors 95 OVER 30 DIFFERENT MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM SMALL DOWN PAYMENT PAY AS LITTLE AS 1 ' · · i WE INSTALL WE SERVICE WE GUARANTEE 2 WEEK PHONE 3910 FOR EVENING APPOINTMENT Mason City's Only Auihorized Zenith TV Dealer T Y L E R - R Y A N FURNITURE GO. ' · ' * · , ' . ' Your Zenith Dealer In Mewon City For Over 18 Years ^M;^S**.--fc:-i i Phone 3910 LONDON W--British shipowners lashed back S u n d a y night at American critics of their trade with Red China. Their association report charged the United States had posted armed guards aboard British ships while in American waters, shadowed them with naval cutters and imposed other "almost incredible" restrictions. In Washington, a "U.S. N a v y spokesman retorted, "I never heard of it. I just don't believe it happened. And I certainly would h a v e heard of" it if it had happened." The British complaints were in the annual report by the Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom, which the private but influential organization will t a k e up at a meeting next Thursday. The report fiid not give details of its charge of U.S. "shadowing." It said only: "It is most * ^WASHINGTON (UP) -- Unprc cUclable Sen. William Langer Monday insisted the Senate should investigate the "charges" against Earl Warren before confirming him as Chief Justice. An honest man never objects to being investigated," he told a reporter. "There should be a thorough investigation of these 10 charges with witnesses sworn and incredible that in peacetime the U.S.A. should place armed guards on British merchan ships while in port and detail nava cutters to 'shadow' them from one U.S. port to another. But this hap pencd. "The drama was lightened by a comic (ouch when a British ship obligingly reduced speed to enable her U.S. crew to keep station,' the report added. British shippers, the chamber said, had conformed strictly to the United Nations ban against carrying war goods to the Chinese Corn- so on." But Langer's own Judiciary, Committee is expected to turn him down cold. Key members said no'one bul Langer wants to dig into the "charges" any further. They predicted the group will approve the nomination swiftly when it meet: Wednesday. Langer created an uproar last week when he aired the "charges" at a Judiciary Subcommittee hearing. The accusations ranged from a claim . t h a t Warren was "dominated" tiy California liquor lobbyist Arthur H. Samish, to an allegation he followed the "Marxist revolutionary line." Sen. Arthur V. Watkins (R-Utah) called them "wild and irresponsible" and President Eisenhower was moved to issue a statement Saturday, saying Mr. Warren is "one of the finest public servants this country has ever produced.' 1 munists, a n d t h e s y s t e m worked smoothly at first. had Senator Raps Changes in Bricker Plan WASHINGTON -- Sen. Wiley !R-\Vis) Monday denounced as a 'hodge-podge" W h i t e House- approved changes the Senate has voted in a proposed constitutional Bricker to the Senate amendment by Sen. curb treaty powers. Wiley, who heads anc Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview he believes one change-- to require all past future treaties to be made in suance" of the Constitution ''--'would raise cain in the courts." This proposal, adopted by a 44-43 r ote of the Senate last week, would make all past and future treaties ubject to court review on their constitutionality. It was combined with proposals o require Senate roll-call votes on reaties and a requirement that reaties and other international agreements conform to the .Consti- ution to make up what now is ·cnown as the administration's bill. Wiley, who has opposed any change in the Constitution at this ime, said he hopes this measure -or any other that comes up for a Charles City to Get Food on Wednesday DES MOINES la--Fifteen thousand pounds of butter will be dis tributed .Wednesday to unemployed and needy residents of the Charles City area, C. W. Bangs, who is assisting in the distribution of surplus foods, reported. Bangs, supervisor of the federal school lunch program in Iowa, said :inned beef and gravy arc expected this week and that additional butter and some cheese will be available March 8. Gov. Beardsley said the butter cheduled for Wednesday distribu- .ion'was taken to Charles City last Saturday in National Guard trucks. Bangs said field representatives of the welfare board would confer Tuesday with officials at Charles Mty to explain the distribution sys- :em and make plans for Wednesday's opening. Bangs said a Charles City creamery has agreed to package the surplus butter for distribution. It comes in 60 pound cubes and will be cut down to size. , After 17 counties in the Charles City area are serviced, 16 Iowa counties also are scheduled to receive' surplus. The 16 northwest counties for .vhich the butter-cheese distribu- ion is planned are Lyon, Osceola, Dickinson, Emmet, Sioux, O'Brien, Clay, Palo Alto, Plymouth/Chero- «se, Biiena V i s t a , Pocahgntas, '.Voodbury, Ida, Sac and Calhoun. inal vote in the defeated outright. Senate--can be NOT TOO UNUSUAL FT. HOOD, Texas Ub--A newly arrived young Army private pains- akingly filled out all the necessary nfprmation forms. ; In the space where it says list your parents, he wrote: "Mother and ^"f-"- " protruding eyes M E A N Y O U ' R E G E N E R O U S ? You'd give the raincoat off your back in a c l o u d b u r s t ! Anyway, that's what some people imagine you'd do, if your eyes protrude. They believe your eyes reveal your ways. Of course, protruding eyes are middling rare, and few of us at The House of Vision have them--hut we make a cult of generosity, all the same! We like to be generous w i t h our time, our energy, our ingenuity, our skill, to give you glasses not merely OK, but oh, wonderful! We've repeated often ana hope you heed: see your eye doctor every two years unless he's advised differently. Then if he prescribes glasses (or new glasses) treat your eyes to generous attention. And of course to glasses of technical accuracy _ and precision fit, like those made by The House of Vision. CONSULT AN EYE PHYSICIAN (M.D.) FOR EYE EXAMINATION Mouse of Vision · · · · · . . : · · · ! : : . . . . /.".·..·: ·:;: ' Crafltmen in Opjfcj B R I C K A N D TILE B U I L D I N G One Man's Opinion (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) That's another way of saying that the Red Cross has a greater universality than the faith which emanated from the "Man of Nazareth." In this fact, it seems to me, there's a valuable reminder to all of us that doing good to a neighbor, especially one in distress, isn't confined to the Christian ethic..Its counterpart is to be found in every great religion known to man. And Its highest expression is to be found in the Rcd Cross ideal. .-More than any great cause with which I have been identified down through the years, unless perhaps it be that of helping crippled'chil- dren, the Red Cross is founded on not mere unselfishness but selflessness. To measure up to its claims upon you, you must forget all about you. Perhaps I should amplify this point. "Enlightened Self-Interest" In the safety cause there's N one slogan which has proved more effective, I think, than all others. It's this: "The life you save may be your own." That places the ap peal on a foundation of enlightened self-interest. And that's all right. 1 off on them. Of that I'm quite sure. :,' It's Mora Than Giving · ·.-··', I discover that by spending' so much timer air these more philosophical considerations h a v - ing to do with the Rcd Cross, I haven't l e f t ' t i m e to develop fully this year's financial needs; nationally and locally, or to invite youi In our worship, we stress good for the sake of goodness. But in the background of our subconscious mental processes, this sobering consideration raises its head: "If I live the good life, I'll qualify for an ultimate reward." Or if we want to approach it negatively: "If I live a life of sin, I'll be punished." ing a little soul-searching of my own. You Don't Ask Questions It's all by way of driving home the point that in the Red Cross, you do good without any thought of your bread on the water coming back to you. You give of yourself or of your substance because you are concerned over the suffer- in the business to those in of it--5 cents out of the ,,,,. ·will be set aside for that flood tornado, earthquake or other na tural disaster which may strike without warning. You'd that way. You don't inquire whether .he's of perhaps is of his own foolish making. All these things are second- on their capacity for cold logic and storn realism might be able to prove--at least to themselves--that anything so idealistic is an anachronism in our nuclear fission ra. They could find quite a little i support their position in this. Henri Dunant, the Swiss business man who founded the Red TOSS a little.less than a hundred years ago, /vas most assuredly a starry-eyed dreamer, a full-flow- red visionary. He let his business go to "pot ,while he went up and down the face of the earth promot- ng the idea of world brotherhood. [f he wasn't a pauper when he died, he was the next thing to it. The Clara Barton Spirit The Clara Barton spirit which has permeated the Red Cross in our own country since its inception wasn't anything to recommend it f you're assaying it for cold business inventory purposes. That spirit has motivated the volunteer workers and it has blinded many a Red Cross staff worker to the ireener financial grass in other 'ieids. In the past few years it has fallen to me to visit many communities on a Red Cross mission -- as a volunteer, let me add. If I had ever harbored any doubt that Red oss career people are dedicated o the cause far above and beyond their financial remuneration, such doubts would have been erased long before this. ' Practically every sizable community I've visited is the home of at least one former Rcd Cross staffer, often but not always a lousevvife. And that person is now doing some important service in the local Red Cross chapter as a volunteer worker. They're serving not because they MUST--but because they MAY. This, I /irmly contend, just wouldn't be the case in people not sold on ^their product. Quite a little of that idealism of old Henri Dunant and Clara Barton has brushed status. We're back to the early day pattern of JOINING the Red Cross and being an active partner in its work--not merciy GIVING to the Red Cross. two goals--one no more im porlant.than the other--are 30 million members and $85 million dollars. If the financial goal is to be reached, tho average contribution per member must be about ?3, But you know how it is--there will be some who either don't or can'l give that much. So YOU had better help make up for such deficits by. giving more than the average The total sought this year is some $7 million less than last year's goal. There are two reasons One is that the blood pi ^Pensive this year. The same number in so many of them will be Local Chapter Is Considerably less than half of e total sum will be allocated to the national organization and o! that amount--meaning the amounl for national--about 70 cents of each dollar gets back to the chapters in ooe form or I- have the detailed break-down on a sheet before me but I'm glad I don't have time to pass it along. If I had the time, I'd probably do just that--and I'm quite sure it wouldn't interest you. What's less R ed Cross w i u b e stretched to the it junior in vour Rod -- ----- v *·*%·*. u J J I M O V DC done i." k^j\ you by proxy, meaning the Red Cross staff. And that's whv I labeled this Arms." ables you to reach out with a comforting hand wherever there is h'u- Cave Explorarton Ends in Success CRYSTAL CAVE, Ky. (UP)-Thirty-five; explorers who s p e n t five days probing the inky blackness of Crystal Cave believe their expedition was a complete success. The group, which included geologists, biologists, botanists and other scientists, discovered two new waterfalls, canyons estimated to be 100 feet deep and heard the roar oC an undcrgrpund river. The geologists in the exploring party said the cave probably is I h'e world's longest. Heretofore, nearby M a m m o t h Cave was regarded as the longest in the world. The iasl of the party crawled through the quarter mile passage way known as Scolman's Trap into Ihc light of day Saturday. During Ihc five-day underground sojourn the only light the explorers had was the dim light of lamps and flashlights. . On the Radio Beam M O N K A Y N f O I l T N R T W O U K H I G H L I G H T S CBS--t:l!i Edward It. M u r r o w 7 t O O Sus- p e n s e ! 1:30 Talent Scouts: 8:011 Ita- cllii T h e a t e r ! IK 00 VuuKlm Monroe S h o w ; I) ;'M H u b e r t Trout. M1!S--7:00 The falcon i 7::IO U n d e r A r r e s l i K:0! Sportj Ten; K : 1 3 Neu-i K c e l i K::il) Importer's Hound D p i U:IIO . Frank l i d w a r d s i . 11:13 I'ut 11 To 1'al; U::IU D e e m s T a y l o r C o n c e r t . NBC--7:1)0 UsJlroad Hour,- 7:30 Voice uf F l r e j t u n e i S:0(J Telephone Houn K:'M IS a nils of A m e r i c a ; !):0fl I'lbner M c f l e e . M o l l y ; !):15 Can You Top This; 1:M Youlli Wanlt To Know. ABC--7:IO Henry T a y l o r ! 7:1.1 S i m m y K a y e ; 7:M H u l l y w w o d Slanvayi 7 : M M i k e M a l l o j r i f i : 0 0 M e t r o p o l i t a n Opera A u d i t i o n ] of Ihc A i r : H;:in D e c i s i o n : U:!IU H e a d l i n e K d l l l i m ; O j i . l Turner C a l l i n g ; !):30 M a r t h a Lou Harp. Everywhere You Go THERE S RADIO ! K G L O Dial 1300 CBS 5000 Watts KGLO-FM . . . 2:45 to 10:15 P.M. Monday Highlights Murrow (6:45 p. m.) For the latest tho world of news, bc tuned for "Edward R. Murrow" prc- (7:00 p. m.) There's thrilling d r a m a when a man kills his wife in his sleep on "Suspense" for Auto-Lite. Talent . (7:30 p. m.) A half hour of en- ertainment is yours when you hear Godfrey's Talent Scouts" ^^ ul ,v.j of mercy it does for you what you couldn't do for yourself. Ike Delays Trip Back to PALM SPRINGS, Calif. WV-Vacationing' President Eisenhower will return to Washington Wednesday morning and get a report on the Berlin Big Four conference a "ew hours later from Secretary of State Dulles. The President's plans were announced here by his press secretary, James C. Hagerty, who told newsmen Eisenhower had sent a message congratulating Dulles on "the fine job he did" at the conference. The President and Mrs. Eisenhower plan to board their private plane Columbine Tuesday evening :or an overnight flight to the capital. They previously had planned return on Monday. Vaughn Monroe (9:00 p. m.) For the top tunes of the week hear "The Vaughn Monroe - Sautcr - Fincgan Show" brought to you by Camels. . t Julius La-Rosa (9:30 p. m.) Hear your all- favorite tunes on "The Julius La Rosa Show" sponsored by Campana. Monday P.M. Clear Lake Show Wizard or Odds. Ton! Curt Mamejr. Alkii-SclUer. '·nircll Tliomaj, Katirr-H'lllyi News, r.O. k E. ( M l n i h a l l ) Mason Clly Today, l l e r m a n i o n D a i r y Across the Footlights, Cool Spring Los Paul and Mary Ford Sports, Weather, Motorola TV Edward K. Murrow, Ilamm'i Beer Suspense, Auto-Ute Talent Scouts, Upton I.ux H a r l l o , Theater, L«iT»r Broi. Vaughn Monroe Show, C a m e l i J u l i u s La Rosa, Campana John Lnrtl Show Sports Camera, P h i l l i p s "fill" News Koundup, C«lrbeGazc(tB Family Skeleton, Tonl Sunshine Sue, Corn Product! Iteulah, G e n e r a l Foods Ncwa, CDS Dance Orchestra, CDS News, CliS _ I n India, the Ganges is a holy river and its water is carried all over the country for ceremonial uses. SAME DATE--1953--55 tBLAbic FLAG MEANS TRAFFIC HEATH IN PAST 21 H O U R S ) · STORAGE · PACKING · CRATING · MOVING MAYFLOWER THE GREATEST NAME IN MOVING House to House -- Coast to Coast Try I t -- It Costs No More! Experienced Men · Free Estimates PHONE 4000 Mason City Warehouse Corporation Tuesday A. M. f : i!S 6:00 6:05 7:00 7:15 7:20 7:30 .7.-.1.1 , nouscr (Thompson) News (Tcnncy . Morning Itouscr (Thompson) Keystone WJr«. Ked Brand Farm Rtporltr, Stilt, Brand Newi ' Mid-Continent Petroleum Johnny Lee Wills,. General Mill. Musical Clocks Hedars Motor Co, M u s i c a l Clock, Myzon News, Cushway Lumber Co. llBirr Topp A l m a n a c .K'o'v Time With nnmon's 0:00 nihle nn,«dc a »«,' Senlman p Yoilr M l n r l - n« « Reports, Ann Good W H e n d y Warren, M . x w c l l l!ou, 0 «ir°! I g ? rherwln Show, HordM,-, :OT Ifnlen Trent, Wii»rrl \Vlclc = " Onr r.»l Sunday, A n a c l n :00 Markets Tuesday P.M. Chlpi Dread On Sircci, .P errir amm, .Tjde, ens J::)0,Thl.i li A'ora nrxkn, rVvf.,1 · ' » « "/Uhter D.y, Chrer, CII8 ' 2:00 H i l l t o p H fll » e , Alk.-SMHer , TM " 01 " e ' r "Hr, rillahury 3:SO Ifomia P» r t y , Kello r e Co. ^: 15 Arthur Godfrey Time, CHS l:if Younjr Dr. M«lnite, Jnr J:?? M * P J' J( the Air - J - n - J »« ·1:15 M» Ferklni, Oxydol, CHS KSMN I* lt W i -, »'*ii For TnrBtit.'in'Daytim* '' ' ' *r\ ·I/

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