The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 22, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1913
Page 2
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G.W. Weaver Son G.W. Weaver Son The Leaders WE wish to call your attention to our CAKPET and UPHOLSTDXV cepcr.rrferit. \Ve have the most beautiful line of Axminsier, Velvet and Tapestry Rugs \ve ha\ e ever at this season of t -e year. Axrninstt r and Vtlvet 'vu^- and Carpets are especially suitable for parlor, dinlncj room, living roo.n and den-See oar line and .you v/ill find "mst ihc raa oartera and coioricg desired. Make your purchase now and . 25 » I n^hten up the home lor waiter. \\V carrv a larpe line o: Velvet ind Axminster Carpets w:ih bor- ci rs -o .natch, and cnn mak- rti^s 10 s^ j: any si?e room. HALL and STAIR patterns in large variety. C - j '".::- of Printed andl Inlaid Linoleums i-. e » -n..:eic ^ a; s w:dt"i. O i^ of the feicures'of our Hnukuai depirc-.nent , i f.' : -^.v the o;o-ju; 1 1 i t ike care of it until it is properly set to the rri the Vg!i^st possible degree of service; if properly done. ch o-.:r windows ana see some of the beautiful patterns oi Lace and Scrim Curtains \\"c ar-^r.cwing from 50 cents to Sj-OO per pair. Window Shades Made to Order b--i ;na-incr. Stock Shades, in ail colors in several grades All carpets sewed FREE -- and those sold MI ni.y near by town will be laid as weli. C i « r - i n s r - n d S adcs hung and guaranteed to work satisfactorily. FREE. f,oor --::,«» APPLE. O R C H A R D IN BEAMING CONDITION SE/F WITH FRUIT, FOR SALfL Yor een «Ix an-5 seven :x:-r-- l.«-ate«l r.^-r Arendts mill, set ^ ith a crop of -e^J- V..:k -tr5j,e :a»! -K-iu-than apples. Etitire orchanl except _aboat ^ In b^i«-hi" c«m:aion. I.f-ateii to -yuihern exposure ana protected iroin the' r.«rthV^t T»!n«fe in ^rin- :».! ft-H -vhii :iHi**r land on the- viesc and north. H-iei'.'.l P crop of ^:U-- =^r the last ten year=. "\\ ill sell cheap to a quick ba'fer either inclaoir-C or" re-c-rvlis-thi^ year's crop- Rea-on tor seK.nsr. beia-_- too busy to care for earner whitii is -ix unite irnui my i'-ome- For lunher mronaatioa · COMFORT IN AMERICAN HOTEL Caravansaries Surpass Those of Any ; Other Nation of the Earti* !· Opinion of One Writer. I remember-,soineDody once saying: to me a long-time ago that the Amen- [ · !/lj\ .cans had attained. Isisury by jumping ; y! ' over comfort, ifthlni; there !a a cer- \ tain amount of truth is. this, asd yet | It would be foolish to call American j . ^hotels uacomfortaole. They are not \ * 1 uncorafortahle. ^Ocly there is this to ^ I be-said: ' That" to some people alij ] hotel life is uncomfortable. They bsie ; i living ia a crowd. They hate hustle, j [ confusion, noise, the arrival and ie- { ·! parture of people, etc. And there is j ''certainly,more hotel life In. America l '· than in other coimtrles. And yet ^svhat | _-_ I a saTJEg to the nerves, and to the , ^. {temper, are EO,many of the devices! ~j^ · arid the arrangemen-js in American I £;p ! hotels. The telephone, for Instance,} If von -want s. nice test of temper, try i f'- · t - ~ TJ«tQ» Oa^i? ' 'A · ] to get a number at tee iiO^ei cec-- j -^ i in jLondoa; or, better still, spend a j (fa. happy morning in lingmg up people j gjj£ o« the telephone JTL Paris. In America} ^ it Is either cons for you at cnee or j ^ you SEO-ST it; cannot be done, and the ; Jl matter is sealed. Hotel life in Ameri- · ca seems to me Infinitely better or-1 ^ \ ganicefi than, in'arty other cctiutry Us, ;gv I the -orld, with, the possible exccpt:o= i -d^- ·**·· ? A i _ j-*». ?· _ _ ·*-* _ i.--·»» -.».--«*% j^"»""*OTr S /."t?A ' The Man or Young Man wKo is About to Buy his Fall Clothing. SHOULD KNOW THAT This the eleventh Fall and \Vjater season we have announce our readiness to supply the men and young men "of Gettysburg ar-.u vicinity \viih our three great brands oi clothing-, Schloss -Brothers W. ?. and the L. and L. clothes. That during this stretch of years we have met ail sorts^ of coni- pctiion and have not only hekl our o«-vn but have forged rapidly ahead. That every garment sold by O. II. Lestz is up to the last tick o; :he dock in style and guaranteed for satisfacrory/servicc. Suits froia $5.00 to $25.00 Trousers from 1.00 to 4.50 Overcoats from 4.50 to 20.00 Raincoats from 3.75 to 15.00 The Fall styles of Ralston shoes for men will prove a reve'a- i;o-: co iho«e who have never worn these wonderfully eood shoes,while hundrtds of satisfied customers who .have worn then: w ! i come in a~a:n O. LESTZ, C^_5\ ! peilng a3d ail the furrd-ure are par is 5 ^3»C I during ilia day.--3Ie"o;olit£n ilasa- , :^ ^ ^-* · n . n ^ ~" ' / »*^- Score QJKM Every Eveauyr. Coracr Square snd CsriijI^ ^rrcct Green Tr: W W ^ ® 1 STREWN WITH WAR SfiUNITIOKS ; arrs of Colon Found Lisarail -·Salted 71 With Ar.eSsnt Make ef Bombs and Grspeshot. Effective June 15. 1S13. r^-i. j -o^ticu TTI^ « s .._...^ ...-- -- ; Effective June T5. isio. *fc *' B "" ts IT" 1 - j ,g. OTBEK MAETUSD BULf il |f If-K-hat engineers and otaers inter-1 g o ~ A ,«. - -- - - - *f ested in the additional reclamation' ·work on filled fields i=: Colon report Is true, parts, of tiis city are fairiy well salted ^.-Ith. bombs and grapeslicc. A number of these have been dag up D. C. ASFER. Aspers. Ps. G c-: t y = b « r every Tuesiias a t P e r i ro s ~ ;r^' Jev.eirj tore. '. K.DIXKLE j-Jjateo: O.;:c=29 E Pom Tret Ei.. Cariis fescay i Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. .0:35 A- M. Dally for Hagersto^m, Wavnesboro. Cbanibersbarg.IIari- cock, Cumberland, Elkins acd Points iremns v. eis._ . t 12:55 P. M. -or York and Intermediate r by a suction, dredge, \riileb. is nov- excavating near the e^d of the slip, to the -n-esc of the uier at CrlstcbaL jroinrs .About naif a doses of the larger J5 : 50 P. M_ Daily for Baltimore.tis.n- proieetiles and a peck of smaller halls 1^-gg p. 31. Dsi!iy except Sunday for B ^-rtT^j. ?rti-»-^ri -in ·!·*·» =:rnT*A 11O2C Of the ! .. _ j cr r\;^.C^-,.-i Pw.Yrtr-s tn TrTic'^- I were found in the stone bor of the | dredge recently, and it is estimateii ( that a greater anastity "?rei:t through · ^e discharge pipe into the reclama-' don fill east of East street, Colon, i The projectiles, Tfsi boro, Chatnbersb-jrjc, Shippens- r.^rs and Hncock,PUttburgh snd West. coral deposits, sand and shells, to the ^ thickness of rsvo leches. Belov.- This j T£s a: coating"^"^tst; heaeath the j steel v.-as clean a^cl -R-ell preserved. and intermediate sta ov e r,_ S.L.C. intermediate Points. NOTICE I will pay 65c per bushel for potatoes delivered to Biglerville, Bendersville and Gardners Station, and lOc per pound for calves de- i -i \ f livered to L S. Orner and Brother, of Arendtsville and Bucher's Meat a - \ TWO second, nand Ford tourings^ and an Ir.dian motorcj-cle for sale. \!t fonad in the interior of- sotns of tne largest jroiecules. Q~e, ~hen it Teas , ^Beaed, ccntai-ed black ponder in a ' Central Auto Company, tats cf fair nrese/ratirci-- -From the ! street.--advernsenent --.--a. (Pera) "\Vest Cctst Leader. " J. W. PETTIS . r" J Sff: aturday, "'At The Home of Fine Clothes" We incite vou^o cTiTandlnsD-ctVne-IaFg^t^a-Fest !me of Ladies^ and Mea j s Clothing an J Furnishings ever shown in this community. _ __ ^ This season we have been more careful than ever to show only what is the latest in style, the best in workmanship, the fine* quality, which we can offer you at the r,g t pnce. Individuality and exclusiveness has been our motto, all through o*r stock you vnB find that one essentail^all people desire^^-^-- - - --nt. P ARTMEN F Ladies' Coat Suits MENS' DEPARTMEMT Men s and Young Men's Suits in this line ^ve have a different style for every ^omaa. The new fall styles are nere, v on wi.l be Tiea=ea Thevalues^eare offering viil surprise vou. 200 d i f f e r e n t , on, see hovr they/r, note tne .;-,^ana u. o, the^ stjles, ^e sure can please you. All wool suks S i o to $40- such-makers as Hart, ^cnai^r ana :.lar A , lue Ladies' Junior and Misses Coats In all the ne-.v materials of fancy cashmere, brocaded . - . "" » n - » l T and Aico svsteni c.oi^e^ :riaver^ Cdn cus. ana t , vet, ma! esee. piissiie c , astracnan, etc. Ladies' and from $5.50 to $50, Misses from $i to Si 5. I InVs and \vorkmanship a-e o! the butane are guaranteed by^us and the makers. Harr, br^nner a :d Marx suits S2O to $30. Lvuppen- : heimer suits $ i S.5o t-» S: S-5O. Aic3 Sysiem smrs, 312.50 to $?D.OO. ' Other suits SS ro Si4- n , n - Overcoats Overcoats j^rCbSeS Ure^^es ^ ^ ^ n e w chinchillas, cashmeres, meltons. d.agcnals and Dresses for every occasion, ia silk, cashmere, brocaeeo -- - -- " r -' velvet, satan, voile and serge, at prices that are right. This season \ve have acced a line cf evening and party dresses that \v;;l appeal to you. no maner ho%v you \vant them made or trimmed see -s before buying. t_*j;i; L J v ^ . » » ^(.i-tl^-ii t*ii^-- i Ai = x- * ~ - v * -- A * - * * ' -- . *- "5 ·* ----· ty -v-erdressv blue ana biacxChssrerheid coats. Ivaiy of ihenew s have sha^v! collars and be'.ici backs in the fly f:on: and button vvr.ic vou may -] iroU CTh effects, they are here r3 : s .4a^-yoj ncniicter .rnishu n S Mackinaw Coals and Sweaters 1 The ideal necessities for out door sport and general wear. Ask to s for'sec our famous line of Laupher r.:ack:r.a\v coats and Penn'a sio-tar« Our furnishing department is full of the nevr creations .,,. _,_, . . . . . . fail aid vrinter -wear. See the r,e\v Balkan sweater coats and! button hole sxveaters. rnackinav.-s, also uncen\ear, sk'rts. kimoras and the smaller 1 - Farnishinffs and Hats itei^s that go to make your wardrobe complete. j Q u r furn : sh ; n?sand]iat departments are full of the new fall - \^_y jjl i t i i ; i ; , 3 * i * »*ii-^ t*.»av^. *»«.«. *. »-**_ ,.j-*^*. ~... .-^-- ~ » - v -- SHOES SHOES _ ^ ^ :t ; oas : n Clennont, Ide silver collars, excelsior gloves and nov.~U : es in V. c "r r\e a d d e d a line cf shoes that \ve can show you the r,c\ve~t in Srhpes ITS such' t -., s a n j f anc y waistcoats, see our line of hats in derby or soit styles. r . ke ^s Red Cross, Star Brand, and our oun special .-hce fci ladies".^.misses and chi.dren. FOOTv/EAR ^~.~. \ This season \ve have" niade a special eflort to sho\v you^vhat's new uven;r of our opening cays a handsome $2.50 silk' waist wit/: n s j, oes . ; :1 such makes as Douglass, Crossett, Barry and Star Brand . every syit oxer Si3-5°- FREE FREE 1913 Tw KKW « :=ppe=«==tr FREE! FREE! As a so; FREE FREE ^ --.-?? E:/!Er«i 3 ER -AH a'.tsra'.ions aro free, and are nttod and altered by competent fitters and tailors As a souvenir of our opening days with every mm or box's smt n b e a u t u u i s:JK n a n c i r e . u i FREE' UNKHOUSER ACHS, What we say it is, it is. Introducers of Styles. "The Home of Fine Clothes" Remember the F. and S. way, fit or no pay.

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