Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 12, 1934 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1934
Page 11
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BASKETBALL · · · · · · · * » Charles City visits local basketball court Feb. 16 for return contest with Mason City high school as season nears close; two games on schedule. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1D34 BASKETBALL · · · * · · · · · Trojans play with Boone Bears in cage contest scheduled for Mason City gym Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock; state tournament dates announced. OUT OF THE ^ PRESSBOL 2/Al MITCHELL^ Four and One At Lawler, north Iowa town located east of New Hampton in Chickasaw county, the grade school basketball team played a game with ^ silly Ridge rural school district ". 12. The Reilly Ridge players jre the winners by S to 4 after session. £ C * A Babe Didrikson of the next v decade was discovered, jwrliaps, as a girl from the rural school played through the contest, and was the- best defensive eager on the floor, as well as scoring one goal. There were only four boys of the proper basketball ability enrollcd at Hcllly Ridge, so Gertrude Natvlg did the only thirty possible. "t Ste Mystery are many stories which out of one event at times. ; December, there was the story : the Globe-Trotters, Negro basketball team defeated by Luther college in a cage game played near "Christmas--the dusky team "was driving through Riceville in the dark, since a winter storm had put the lighting system out of commission--and the lights snapped on just . in time to show the drivers a giant Christmas tree at a slreet intersection, which they smashed down the street for a, block, without a bit of damage. * =s * All that above Is by \vo.p of refreshing memory. Now for the real story. The official for tho ZiUther-Trctter game was King, the same official who appeared hero In the Trojan game on Friday night. Tho story is told partly by and partly ot him. He had arrived at the gymnasium a little late, delayed by the storm. The Negro team arrived later; , nearly an hour after it was scheduled, and the game got under way after 9 o'clock. ; 4 4 ft . . Things were pretty well along to a slim Luther victory when a eager went down the floor, crashed into an opponent and started a shot at the basket, just ns the lights went out! #p\v the-problem. How .was the ificial to know whethcrjie bas:et had scored or not? He nfied [that It hadn't, correctly, and called i foul, charging, If memory is cor- irect. * * * It's not so hard If one thinks fast. Tho ball «-ns thrown against tho backboard harder than an ordinary toss and bounced high, back into the center of the court. Tho sound of the leather slapping hard into the backboard, and the time elapsing- before it struck again, as well as the location of the sound as the ball hit the floor, were the deciding- factors in the ruling. INDIANS SCALP MOHAWKS ON COURT k" . i . " " ' " ~~ "" " " ' ~ --~ ' " ··-" m!a Holy Family, Johawks Win Double Bills Sunday FREE THROW GIVEN AFTER CONTEST IS MARGIN OF VICTORY One of Two Attempts Is* Caged for 15 to 14 Total in Tilt. Indie Cagers Another basketball team has made its bid in north Iowa independent games; the Kanawha. Pirates have turned in a string of eight consecutive victories In the last games of their schedule. I'm not familiar with their complete record, but it includes victories over Goldfield, 37 to 27; Marshall and Swut of Mason City, 37 to ,23, and over Belmond, 60 to 28. * f r? C. M. Baslcr Is manager, and G. Abbas, J. Hosier, L,. Baslcr and Frlsbeo are some of the names In the lineup. Also of interest to the indie teams will be tlie announcement that no player taking part in the north Iowa tournament will jeopardize his (Turn lo Market Puce) By STAFF REPRESENTATIVE. SPIRIT LAKE, Feb. 12.---Rus sell's free throw made after the regulation playing period had ended gave Spirit Lake a 15 to 14 decision over Mason City in one of the most exciting; games seen here in years Saturday night. Two charity tosses were given Russell after Keith DeLacy, Mohawk guard, had foule the Indian forward in the act of shooting in the last seconds of play, and. the Laker eager dropped in the first of his two shots. Some question was raised as to the time'DeLacy's foul was committed. A bell, used at the Spirit Lake court to end quarters, rang unnoticed the first time because of the great din in the Indian gym and had to be rung a second time before the players and official noticed it. After some amount of hesitation by officials and time-keeper, it was decided the foul had been committed before the bell hao rung. Mohawk Squad Weakened. Weakened by the loss of its Co- Captain Bobby Burns, Mason City nevertheless unleashed an attack far superior to that displayed against East Sioux City the previous night. Mason City's defense was superb and it was largely poor shooting; luck which lost the game for the Red and Black cagers. Many shots circled the Indian rim, teasingly, only to fall outside. Bobby Burns was unable to pluy because of an elbow injury, first received in the Charles City tilt Jan. 23, which was' aggravated In the Sioux City g.ame. The joint bothered the Mohawk star Saturday, anci at Spirit Lake a physician was called in to give Burns medical attention. After an inspection of the injury, Burns waa advised by the pnystctnn not to play. It is not known as to how long it will be before the Mohawk' leader" can get in'.o action again. Coach Compliments J'lnyetB. As for the Spirit Lake fray, Coach "Judge" Grimsley expressed the sentiment of every person who saw both the SitAix City nnd Spirit Lake games- wh-n he to his atnjoG following the narrow loss, "I would rather see you lose a doztn games playing su you did tonight, than win that many playing as vou did against Sioux City." It gave the teams an even br»ak for the season, Mason City having .von on the local court by a 33-28 margin on Dec. 30. Even without the services of its- leader, Burns, Mason City displayed a defense which held the Indian squad to a quintet of field goals .during the entire game. It was a better eye at the foul line which won the low scoring tilt for Spirit Lake. Mason City sank only two of eight free offerings while Spirit Lake made good five out of 12 attempts. · Ray Barr, the only vet guard playing, was the defensive ace of the game. After "Hun" Hert, reserve guard who was taking Burns' place, had been ousted from Ihe game In the early part of the second quarter, Barr was given the big job of guarding the Spirit Lake ace, Freddy Fronk. Barr Holds Fronk Down. The big- Barr held Fronk to one lone field goal and a charity shot during the remainder of the game. Only the Size Remains the Same Now is the time to give that hat its mid-winter cleaning. See what comes back. Seemingly a new hat with a full season's wear and smartness redeemed. MEN'S HATS Cleaned and Blocked Marital! 8«ift 1 CLEANERS I FURRIERS J Phone 788 Phone 780 TOUGH LUCK! Mason City--14 FG FT PF Herbencr, f (c) 3 1 1 Harrer, f 1 i i Stoeckcr, c 1 o 0 Barr, g 1 0 1 H. Hert, g 0 0 4 IJeLacy, g i o 3 Totals 6 2 10 Spirit Lake--15 FG FT PF Fronk, f 2 2 1 Russell, f 1 i 2 White, c 1 0 2 Webb, g (c) 1 1 l Lynn, g o 1 1 Totals S 5 7 Referee: Gallagher, Coc. Boone Comes Here for Go With Trojans I'ROBABLK T.INEVJFS 9USOX CITV KoppcUj- f i l l p l n . . Smith . . . Carroll . . Jl*feree: .KC . . . . L O . . . Johnson, Coe, ilrllrj . . . . Mltsvln fiarllanrl t'roulhamel Boone junior college, holder of a victory over the Mason City Trojans in a previous contest, will vie with the local cagers once more in a contest scheduled for 8 o'clock Tuesday evening at the high school gymnasium. The previous win for the Bears wag scored Jan. 26 at Boone. as the Trojans fell 25 to 24, a last minute goal scored by Gartland, rangy guard, being the margin that won the game. Briley, midget forward, is also an ace of the Boone attack, as 13 Crouthamel, former high school star at the Bears' school. The local team centered its attention on finding a working- combination of players Monday. The fives appearing in the Trojan-Estherville game of Friday night failed to click at the basket and on tlie floor as the Wolves won by 30 to 20 in a slow game. Billy "Red" Martin Wins Iowa Title in Golden Gloves ivu_ Billy "Red" Martin, 136 pounder from Mason City, won the amateur championship of Iowa in the Du- buqtie Golden Gloves tournament concluded there Saturday night. The local fighter was a victor over three opponents in the tournament, gaining decisions on Mike Leary, John Mohl and Marvin Henderson, all 135 pounders from Clinton. Martin, who has yet to lose a match in the ring, was handled by Freddie Tompkins, local state clmm. pton, who went to Dubuque after bis mix with Joe Rivers in the armory here Thursday. Extend Time Limit for Registering in Ping-Pong Tourney Extension of the time for registration in the ping-pong tournament planned by the Y. M. C. A. and Mason City Sporting Goods company was announced Monday by Evron Karges. Tuesday night will be the time for final registration in the tournament at the Sporting Goods company, Tracy's barber shop, M. B. A. pharmacy, Michael's drug store, Casey's drug store, or the Y. M. C. A. WRESTLING A R M O R Y Under Auspices Meat Cutter Union 061 Friday, Feb. 16-8:30 FOUR ALLSTAR BOUTS Rudy Joe LA DITZI vs. DAVITO 218 21.1 Best Two Out of Tree 7VO TIME LIMIT Art Edd Von Saxon vs. Lewis "0 100 Frank Ernie Bauer vs. Thompson ANY SEAT 40c--NO TAX Patton Wins Handball Top Rank in Iowa Defeats Marcovis by Heavy Score in Last Game. A large silver cup emblematic of the Iowa State handball singles championship will reside in Mason City for the year ahead. Willis Patton, who was initiated into the game a few brief years ago when the local Y. M. C. A. building was opened, is the possessor of the trophy. He won it Saturday night at Cedar Rapids in one of the most exciting matches ever seen in Iowa. His adversary was Abe Marcovis of Des Moines, last year's xvinner lit this Tf. M. C. A. tournament, as well aa in the open tournament held in Des Moines. The scores were 21 to 19, 1G to 21 and 21 to 12, with the Mason Cityan on the long end in the first and the third games. Hall Loses Match. The Des Moines player won his way to the final match by defeating Hall of Mason City and Bartunek of Cedar Rapids while Patton advanced by defeating Ambroz of Cedar Rapids and Bringolf of Des Moines. A crowded gallery watched this final game and addressed its applause to the local player, who had come into the tournament as some- thig of a darkhorsc in the singles division even though he and Cress of Mason City had won the doubles title, in two previous years. Patton won the toss and the serve but was retired without scoring. Marcovis won a point on his first serve and had Patton 4-0 before he began scoring. The Mason Cityan drew up on his taller opponent at 7 all and maintained a lead of two or three points until the score reached 18-15. Then Marcovis drew up to a lead of 18-18. But there he stuck while Patton was running out in three innings. :'·' Took Early Lead. In the second game, Patton went into an early lead and commanded the situation by what appeared to be an easy margin. With the count at IB to 'll in favor of the challenger, however, Marcovis turned on the heat in a desperate rally, getting and killing from all corners of the court and retiring Patton on a tricky serve into the lefthand corner of the court instead of the vaulting serve he had used against Patton and his other opponents. When the smoke had cleared. Marcovis was winner of this game, 21 to 16, and the match was all-square When the two players returned to the court for the third and deciding game, the crowd was on its feet in thrilled suspense. Ther.c was a fear that Marcovis, known as one of the game's headiest players, had found his less experienced opponent's weakness. Marcovis Ilnns Eight. And this fear grew as the game opened and one by one, Marcovis added to his score while Patton was being retired on the serve. The count was 8 against the challenger before he made his first point. The tables were now turned. Marcovis was heing held without counters while in spurts of one or two at an inning, Patton came up alongside him to knot the count at 8 apiece. With this handicap removed, Patton's play was marked by a new coolness and confidence. His serves to Marcovis' right, his weaker hand, were either into the crotch for a bad bound or placed so that they hugged the wall on the rebound, causing the champion either to foul the ball or return into an easy kill or a sizzling pass shot. Out of the tie score, the challenger proceeded to a lead of 10-8. Marcovis scored 1 to make it 10-9. Patton came back with 2 more to make it Ii2-fl. Marcovis counted 1 for a 12-10 score. Patton ran 3 in the next inning to make it 15-10. Marcovis took on a point for a 1511 score. Patton added 1 in his inning, retired Marcovis without point and added 2 more, the score standing at 18-11. Three In Kow. Still fighting, the champion shot a hot one past Patton's right for his last point. Patton went into the final inning of the game with the count at 18-12 and scored three successive points. In the doubles section, Herrick and Harley maintained their title by defeating another Des Mo:nes team, Stotts and Goode, in the finals, the scores being 21-11 and 21-20. Mason City's two teams, Cress and Baldwin and Hall and Richer, had both been eliminated in their first rounds. This was the fourth annual state tournament held on the three excellent courts at Cedar Rapids. ADDITIONAL SPORTS ON MARKET PAGE MANY TEAMS ON FLOOR FOR PLAY OVER WEEK-END Bakers Drop Pair of Cage TiUs Here, Away, to Indies. Holy Family parochial school sent two cage teams into action Sunday afternoon against St. Theodore's of Albert Lea, after the meeting- of the two teams was postponed from Friday night, when they were scheduled to meet at the Minnesota city. The local cagers took two victories, the seconds winning by JO to 6. the firsts by the slim margin of 20 to IS. Second team scoring was split between Evans, Hughes, Dahlstrom and Cavanaugh, each getting a basket, while the first two caged field- goals. Facliman made three of the Albert Lea points, Shultz and Shaw getting the others. Captain McLaughlin was the big local ace in the first string contest, as he led his team with three goals and three free throws in the. later game. Sheehy and Campbell each caged a pair, and Muehe added one, which with Campbell's free throws, made just enough of a margin, shea led St. Theodore's with five goals and four free throws. ST. TI1KO- DOKE'S--C tf ft f - · 1 1 I l o t ) 0 1 0 c 0 0 I 0 tl I) it 0 n n o o i THE JJNKlJrSj Seconds Team*. HOI.V shtilli t Slinw » I.ii. Marl! Ferry c l-n. Marti: KA.MJI.V--10 ("nvjxnniuch llurrl* K Totals ST. THEO- DOHE'K--ID 1'lrst T«ltms. HOLY ' FAMILY- Shm r 5 \ I.. Wnch'li f [i 1 II. n"t« r. (c) 0 4 Ki*nne)ly g O fl Fnrry f I) 0 Spell'. K 0 0 t Shcrny -20 'K It I Z O O 0 0 0 i] (i I 0 TotnN 10 !l »!t TnttiH " Trrhnknl fouls, nlie nlicil. R*frree: c.'onn, CuliiTnliln. ADD TWO MORE The Johawks and Joettes of St Joseph's high school added to thcii winning streaks, Uic boya making it nine straight 22 to 19, while the girls added a fourth win to their list, 34 to 2G, in contests playec Sunday at Rudolphinum of Prutivin Rynn and Nelson were the boys' leading scorers, each producing three goals, and the former adding a pair of free throws to i,-ud the count for both teams. R. Fencl wa. 1 close behind with three goals anc one free toss for ProtiviTi. Only four fouls were called on the home cagers, while a total of 1C penalties was assessed the Johawks the home eaters making; good or nine of the free attempts. Rynn'f pair nf free throws were the ontj conversions by the Johawks. For the girls, Damon and Jenser, worked with great effectiveness under the basket, the former sinking seven goals and a free throw, while the latter scored on nine goals and a free toss to lend the Joettes. Five goals nnd three fr«e throw.' were credited A. Brousk.a of tlic Protivin girls' team. ST. .losKi'irs--22 ft ft 3 0 0 o 1 n Nrlmn t -Murphy t \\nt I Hynn r. (c KHIy c \\nlt, r Vrba I K. Fond f 0. Mounkn c .Su-ljilm r Ardent (r H. I"cl K (c) ft it i I 2 II 3 1 0 ft 0 1 0 0 0 TnfnH 10 I '10 Tnlnl.i · One IrchnErnl foul. BAKERS LOSE TWO Added to the cage program of Sunday, the Diamond Bread Bakers, minus three regulars, lost to the Mitchell All-Stars 45 to 41 in a contest played at the Denison club. The local team outseored the visitors in tlie second half after the All-Stars had led 26 to 19 at the vacation period, but the drive fell short. "Bunk" Isaacson, hobbling from crippled ankle received aa the Bakers played the Chicago Savoy Hottentots here some time ago, played the contest. The Denison girls'-Osage prelim was canceled. An overtime battle with the Rudd Aces had been the job assigned Ihe Bakers Saturday evening, with the home team, Rudd, winning on three one-handed shots by Ell, to the tune of 37 lo 33. Rudd led at the half 11 to 10 and at the third quarter 23 to 22, but the Bakers passed the last period, only to fall into a i [Turn to Mnrkft Tare} OLD INJURY AGGRAVATED Bobby Untus, captain oC the Mnlmnk bttskctliall team, may bo out of the contest ugulnst Churles City high school this week with an old elbow injury which ho received in the previous meeting of the Comets and the Mohuwlcs. The old Injury wus aggravated In the contest played at East Sioux City Frlilny night, and kept the c»p- tliiu from (lie l i n e u p against Spirit Luke's Indians Saturcny night. Both contests were lost by the Mohuwks. COUNTY MEET IN PALO ALTO Graettinger Wins by 34-12 in Final With Cagers From West Bend. EMMETSBURG, Feb. 12.--Gruel- linger high school's cage qnintcl won Ihe Palo Alto county boys' championship by easily defeating the runnerup, West Bend, 34-12, here Saturday night in the final game of the tournament. Iri the. first half, West Bend was only able to sink one field goal, "the half score reading 27-5. The Graettinger cagers picked the ball out ol the air at random, taking- long shots at the hoop, most of which were effective. West BL-nri, a team that had looked good earlier in the meet, \vat outclassed, few of its shots hitting the mark, its passes broken up repeatedly by the alert Graettinger men. In the third quarter, Graettinger, sensing an easy victory, sent in an entire reserve team. Jensen was high point man for the winners with nine points, Sullivan second with eight. Roberts ol West Bend, who was ousted on fouls, led his team with four points. The consolation game, preceding the finala, wan won by Mallard ovnr Rutbven, 3fi-27. The two teams were much more evenly matched than the teams participating in the finals. Mallard's reserves were sent in during the first quarter, but wher Rttlhven tied the count, 7-7, the Mallard regulars were quick to return to the fray. The half score stood 17-12, in Mallard's favor Ruthven gained momentum in the last half, but. Mallard, former county champion, kept a safe lead until the. final gun. Results of earlier gamoa in tin tournament were: First. round Graettinger, 50, Rodman, 28; Rutli- ven, 31, EmmRlsbiirg, 13; Wcsl Bcntl, 34, Ayrshire 29; Mallard, 37 Curlew, 15. Secocid round, Graettin- Rcr, 35, Cylinder who drew a bye in the first round) 13; Wesl Bend 25 Ruthven, 22; Grettinger, 30, Mal- Inrd, 25. Friday Card Listed at Armory for Grapplers Rudy La Ditzi and Joe Davito, 218 and 215 pound wrestlers of New York and Boston, respectively, are scheduled to meet at the armory Friday night in a two-of-three falls, no limit match. Davito is reported to be undefeated in the professional ring. Other bouts will support the card, announced by Carl Neidcrmann. W R E S T L I N G ·· Thursday Night Armory at 8:30 Ausplns T^egion 600 Scats Knllre llnlcnny 40c Drum Corps fiOO Seats Mnln Flonr 55c I.AI1IES, any Krai, 4 -- STAJl BOUTS -- 4 I.nrl Hadcr vs. One Hour Main Evrnt Tuff Frank Tageson vs. 30 Minute lot Wampler vrnt Frank Burcsh Dusck Burns vs. M l m i l o VEUTS STOM'ENBKRG f.'nrterfiYUTft 210 I'mtnl Clnnt VH. Opponent to Be Signed T l p k f t Snl* -- United Clgtir Klorc. LUTHER FACES PEACOCK FIVE Cage Battle Carded This Tuesday Between Old Rival Schools. PAYETTE, Feb. 12.--Coach "Doc" Dormon is pointing his Upper lown cagers for the return contest with the Luther Norsemen here Tuesday night. Notwithstanding a mediocre season for the Peacocks in previous Iowa conference games, interest in the tangle with Luther retains ol: Us interest for Upper Iowa fans. Such Is the rivalry between lh Norse and Peacock ccmtingents tlmi much of the sting of an unsuccessful season can be wiped nut with n victory over the (indent rivals. Experience of past years has shown the dope to be of little or no value when theso two n o r t h e r n Iowa teams engage in their annual meetings. The history of Luther-Upper lown relations is replete with startling upsets, and though the Norse five is an outstanding favorite this yciir, the Peacocks arc equipped with enough potential strength to furnish a bugbear for the Vikings as usual The first meeting of the two teams- was a battle all the way. the Luther o u t f i t emerging with the long end of a 28 to 20 score. Some juggling of the lineup wil probably occur for the important -*ame and at least two freshmen ni-c likely to be seen in the starting combination. Tatc, center, Mueller and Arthur, forwards, and Wittenberg nnd Sungalia or Hughes Kuarda, are the most likely starter." u-ilh Anderson and Bryant, veteran forwards, in reserve. Loncrock Splits Pair of Ledyard Contests LEDYARD, Feb. 12.--The Lonerock high school boyn and girls played LcdynnJ, Lonerock winning both games. The score of the girls' fi-nnie was 2G-18. The Ledyard boy.i fought a Jmrd game but lost by two points, 21-10. The Loncrock and Leclynrd boys will play off their lie In the conference, to see who will win the conference championship. We wish the administration would arrange to have the decimal point in our beer and bank account moved one space to the right -Mobile Kcglsfer. HENKEL'S AT TOP FIGURES FOR LOCAL TEAMS Sobieslte Heads Individuals With Average of 195 in 66 Contests. MONDAY GAMES Uiriiin-oisun vs. Wagner Coal, alleys J anil Z. Rlumur's Golden Glow vs. Hugh Davey nml Sou, alleys 3 njul 4. Honkers Ready-Mix v/as at tha top ot the heap us averages were computed by Secretary Hans G. Puscli for the Mason City Bowling- league and rjlub. The Mixers have won 51 of 75 contents in loop play, to top the ranking with .080 In the list of scratch bowlers, S. J. Sobieslte was nt the top with a U g h single of 27S and a high series of CSS, rolled in 195 average T K A M STA.VnlSOS I. Ilrnlrrb Rrnily Jill . -'. Ili-lsy H., S N nrraa ·J- -I'M! D i l l i l r l i i i.m,|),,,,V, J- .Mltlfn, 1 I I K 1 , I.,,,. ". MlliJi'lKihiT Slv »· "liimiTs r i n l i l p i i Clou l ., C l l v n,,|, HI,,, mi,),,,,, ' high series games, for a t;i' TO HATE; 7.1 7.1 01 21 Ollptx 1". Sr.rtlil Uui;li Ituvt-v llllllH-rhlT ' A. M. Ni-llimki. ',i 1,1. !.,-,,,,« a,.,imr/ HI. \V«Kiier ',,,,! ,-,,. 17. lin-rii M i l l raft- Nlmlilnril Slnnn I- 7.1 31) 3D nn 3-2 30 no 30 J. Slmniuiri, Kil. . 3- W i . l l . K. K. . . . 4., 11 \ ". C.llllns, r. .11. 0. Nu:irr,,r,l. f. ,,; '· '!·»·. BlMy H. H;niliT, W. in. niM-ii, 'iruns '(i. 11. .lulinftim, It. I\12. "Ml. Jucli -I 1.1 15 in ·ar, am 255 340 Z37 21(1 an 700 Milt (H2 C6I BSD ROD MO 347 547 093 03.1 a-ut tao S31 BZO 020 4HO 467 tlfl 4Z7 400 400 4 no 38V 104 101 lun loo 181* OKI 189 1H8 IBS 183 183 nKI.E.VSKl llmVI.EK.S A N D THEIR * VI;K,U;K.S: HrmnhulT, \y. lliiKlry, IV nirlsm Kncrlii I I I H 107 1.14 14!) arti 1 7 4 , l l y k r n Tiiylor, C i l l l i r r l ~ Korn, Odcll. Arimlr. Semi. SHitidtr 111! it u I V i l r l l y , I l r n k r l , ·144 it:n nvn 4111 run 4'JO nn non 430 (ir.n nin nun f i n - B i l l y , S w l l r l / l i i m ion l-in 114 MA 1 I T 11.1 in.i in;* IBT IflX inn 134 }-'.K I K K 111! I l l I (IX l nil 183 105 141 Junior Colleges to Meet for Tournament at Marshalltown Gym March 8, 9 and 10 will see tho Iowa junior college basketball tournament for Hlntc championship honors, it was announced by Principal James Flae of the local high school Monday, MfirHhalltovvH junior college will be the site of the. tournament, it was also tununinced. Tha meeting will be an open affair, all junior colleges beinjj elibisle to enter. Tho state c o m m i t t e e fixed the date of the game In a Saturday meting at Iowa City. First Time Since Tige Was a Pup Last week's sales art above normal (1D'28) T H A N K S Tom - Charles - Tom - Vern - Sieg - Paul Britt - Algona - Hampton - Osajfe Schmidts · Wrigley · Camel Red Fern Coats - Country Club H. B. FARRER ^SYSTEM SIGNS -- NEONS -- POSTING

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