The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 12, 1934 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

TEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FEBRUARY 12 1934 Sugar Plan Seeks to Cut Sub-Marginal Beet Land Reviving Trade With Cuba r f o r economic development, as well Also Aid of Proposal by President. By KUBT A. BLACK (Globe-Gazette Washington Bureau) WASHINGTON, Feb. 12.--The president's new sugar proposal is designed to revive trade with Cuba, eliminate submarginal beet sugar production in this country, establish a balanced economy for agriculture in the Insular possessions and provide larger returns to growers of sugar beets and sugar cane. It completely overturns the stabilization plan proposed by the sugar industry, which was designed primarily to work to the advantage of the continental cane and sugar beet industry at the expense of Cuba and the Insular possessions. This plan was vetoed by the administration. , Administration leaders have been working on the sugar problem for months. Nothing- definite and final could be done until after Cuba's political situation had been cleared up and the government there recognized by the United States. Meanwhile, a new chief of the AAA sugar section had been named in November. The new chief, A. J. S. Weaver, is an economist, an expert on markets for agricultural products, and an able diplomat in dealing with warring factions without giving up principles determined upon. Would Reduce Tariff. A processing tax o£ about two- fifths of a. cent a pound, or about |8 a ton, would be collected on all sugar, from all sources, producing fund of about 550,000,000, from .which benefit payments would be made to farmers reducing acreage. The tariff would be reduced by an equal amount. As the tax would also be levied on Cuban sugar, some ?1G,000,000 would be collected on Cuban sugar for the benefit of United States continental and insular farmers. Some of this would go to Puerto Rico, although other plans for land use there may make unnecessary the payments of large benefits to Puerto Rican sugar cane growers, It,la said. Little or none is expected ·to go to Hawaii and the Philippines. The annual gross value of the American cane\and beet sugar crop Is about ?60,000,000. Decided on Aims. The conferees on the sugar question--the president, Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Assistant Secretary of State Sumner Welles, Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Rexford Guy Tugwell, AAA Administrator Chester ' C. Davis, and Weaver, were decided on '·the'aims to be achieved. First, of course, tlicy wanted to increase the returns to farmers in the United States and its possessions. Second, they wanted to aid in the economic rehabilitation of Cuba and the consequent increase in trade between the two countries since Cuba is one of the best markets for United States products. Third, they wanted to eliminate marginal and submarginal land from sugar production, and eliminate any part of the industry "Which, even with a stable and good sugar price, can produce' only by using child labor in the fields and cheap labor everywhere. Wanted Definite Plan. Fourth, they wanted to' fit the Bugar program into a definite plan WANT TO LOOK YOUNG? The secret of keeping young is to feel young--to do this you must watch your liver and bowels-there's no need of having a sallow complexion--dark rings under your eyes--pimples--a bilious look in your face--dull eyes with no sparkle. Your doctor will tell you 90 per cent of all sickness comes from inactive bowels and liver. Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician in Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound as a substitute for calomel to act on the liver and bowels, which he gave to nis patients for years. Dr. Edwards gentle in their Olive Tablets are action yet always effective. They help bring about that natural buoyancy which all should enjoy by toning up the liver'and clearing the system of impurities. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are Known by their olive color. 35c, 30c 60c. as rehabilitation, in Puerto Rico and other insular possessions, Puerto Rico being particularly dependent upon sugar. Fifth, they wanted to be fair to the Philippines, since the sugar industry had become dominant there because of American possession and American tariff policies. · Sixth, they wanted to keep the price to the consumer down. Whether the plan they evolved will accomplish these results can be told only by experience. It is expected that congress will promptly approve it and provide the necessary legislation, although some opposition Is expected from republicans from sugar beet states. Senator Edward P. Costigan of Colorado, democrat, former member of the tariff commission, and representative of a large sugar beet state, promptly approved it. The quotas are temporary and flexible, the president explained, but the large quotas--1,450,000 tons for continental beets, 1,037,000 tons for the Philippines, and 1,944,000 tons for Cuba, are considered fairly definite. Would Increase Market. The new plan contemplates ail increase of 108,000 tons in the estimated market over that estimated in planning the previous stabilization program, making a tota! estimated consumption of 6,452,000 tons as against 5,840,000 tons consumed in 1932. The continental beet quota, of 1,450,000 tons, which is 75,000 tons less than the previous proposal, would give continental beeta about 22 per cent of the estimated market. They had only 16.5 per cent of it in 1932. The Louisiana and Florida quota Of 250,000 tons, which is 50,000 tons less than the previous proposal, would give that section 4 per cent of the market. It had 2.6 per cent of it in 1932. Cuts OtheY Markets. The Hawaiian quota, of 938.000 tons, which ia 40,000 tons less than the previous proposal, would give these islands about 14.5 per cent o£ the market. They had 16.4 per cent in 1932. ·The Puerto Rican quota of 821,000 tons, which is 54,000 tons less than the former proposal, ,would give that island a litila more than 12.7 per cent of the market. It had 14.6 per. cent in 1932. The Philippine quota of 1,037,000 tons, which is 81,080 tons more than the previous proposal, would give these islands 16 per cent of the market. They had 16.6 per cent in 1932. ' The Cuban quota of 1,944,000 tons, which is 244,000 tons more than the previous plan, would give that country more than 21.6 per cent of the market. It had 28.2 per cent in 1932. . . fc The Virgin islands 'has had.little share in the market, and is to get 5,000 tons under the new plan, as against 9,080 tons proposed in the old plan' and as against 4,000 tons shipped here in 1932. Thus continental beets, continental cane, and Cuba would gain in their share of the market, while the others would lose in proportion to their previous participation. -Cuba, during the years 1922-26, had 56.2 per cent of the American market for sugar. Th« reduqtipn in the Philippine share of the market is very small. All the sources of supply, except .Cuba, have been gradually increasing their production and sale in the United States, until the market was" greatly reduced. For Other Use. The reduction in Puerto Rico's shipments to 30,000 tons less than was shipped in 1932 is to be coupled with a plan for taking uneconomic land out of sugar' production and putting- it back into the production of food 'crops for inhabitants of the island, who number some 470 to the square mile. Little complaint has been heard, although no one group is completely satisfied. The beet sugar people had opposed any reduction in their crop, which was estimated at 1,764,000 tons this year, or 314,000 tons more than the president proposes to allow them. John Bass, representing Puerto Rican interests, complains that the Puerto Rican estimate of average production included two hurricane years in which production was curtailed. Cuban production this year is estimated at 2,576,000 tons, or 632,000 tons more than the quota. Buildings erected near other tall buildings decrease the wind strain on the tall ones, government studies show. DOLLAR DAY SALE 250 Brand New S P R I N G HATS Every Style Every Color All Headslzes to 24 inches STORE HOURS Wednesday 8:30 A. M. to 6 P . M . WEDNESDAY, FEB. 14, IS DOLLAR DAY IN MASON CITY. MerkePs Buyers Planned Ahead and Have Scores of Special Values for This Twice-a-Year Sales Event. 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Main Floor Lunch Cloths 52x52 large colored check l i n e n cloths, red, green, blue, etc. First Floor Rug- Patterns 4 for H o o k e d r u g a n d chair seat patterns. Second Floor Pillow Cases ·12 inch linen finish stamped cases. Second Floor Rug Yarn 5 Skeins Heavy riig yarn in 27 yard skeins. Second Floor Vanta Hose 3 for Fine cotton hose in white or buckskin. Second Floor Knit Sets Children's 4 p i e c e wool kpit seta in pink --2 to 3 years. Second Floor Corselettes And Girdles, two way tj stretch. Side-hook, " back lace. IJasoment Economy Basement Dollar Day Specials Colonial Bed Spreads New Spring Dresses, Delightful new styles in plain colored crepes that are a revelation in values. See this group while the assortment ia fan mn complete ..... «PM«^C«/ Knit Dresses in. one or two piece effects. For Dollar Day j£-| ftrt only «Ji,UU Children's Togs -- An assortment of Rayon Knit Dresses, Pleated Skirts, 'Granite Cloth (t»-i f\r\ Dresses. 2 for « p l « U U lilouscs, made of washable Corduroy. 2 for $1.00 $1.00 New Wash Frocks, Sizes li to 52 Rnyon Step-ins, Tanties'nnd Bloomers. Sizes 34 to 42. £-j nn 3 for t!l.UU Children's Union Suits. Fleece lined. Rayon stripe. d» 1 f\f\ Z for «J1.UU Sheet Blankets, size 6Gx7G, . Each Economy Basement 81x105 PART WOOI, U' SUITS. Women's part wool union suits. Not /jC all sizes ODC INDIES' SICK HOSE, full fashioned, in the new shades. Service and chiffon, sizes 8«,S to 10',=. Slightly irregular BRASSIERES in satin crepe colors pink, tea rose. Sizes 30 to 38 PILLOW TUBING, 42 inch, linen finish, yd WINDSOR CRINKLE CREPE, solid pastel shades, yd BROADCLOTH, 36 inch, all shades, fast colors, yd Part Wool Plaid Blanket, . An an 70x80, each $£.4 3 Curtain Nets. Rose and Blue only. 10 yards . Comforters, A i r\r\ 62x72 1.UU IVosh Cloths. Colored borders, good quality. - 1 Dozen for «)«jC Shirting. Blue or gray. Fast color. Yard Fine China Cotton, oft 72x50. Pound 0"C Economy Basement

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