The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 22, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, September 22, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VcL XL Xo. 278. Gettysburg, PSL, 31onday. September 22nd, 1913. Price Two Cents. COAT SWEATERS : \Vith Shawl 5 Collars For Men and Women HEAVY FIRE LOSS AT BIGLERVILLE BETTER WAGES ! EXCURSIONISTS Navy, Dark Oxford and Brown · This Year's Shades. Prices $1.50 to $7.00 ChUdreris' Sweaters 50 Cents and Upwards. All Red, Green and White Sweaters Over From Last Season Reduced 1-3. Suitable For Men and Women. ECKERS'S STORE "On the Square" Eight Thousand Dollar Blaze on Sunday Morning when Lawver Planing I Mill was Destroyed. Carried] Some insurance. FOR PICKERS CAUGHT IN RAIN Claim the Apple* Pickers Want to: Railroads Bring well on fa a Tbous- MANY MINISTERS WILL MEET HERE LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Share in Higher Prices Paid for j the Fruit. Scare Story Starts j from ArendtsviHg. and here. Heavy Rains Catch them Unprepared. Distinguished Party here by Automobile. Suncav's excursionists from Central West Pennsylvania Synod of the | Correspondents send in Many Items Lutheran Church to Hold Annnai' Meetings here Next Month. Rep-1 resent Many Members. I of interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief Items. Ministers representing 159 churches, · communicant j ''Expert at»le wickers in The largest fire that Biglerville has ing a. loss of §8,000. Mr. Lawver consume sever- WALTER'S THEATRE WeeK Starting MONDAY Sept. 22, The Ever Popular MANHATTAN PLAYERS EVERYTHING BRAXD XEW Drains, Yaa-k-vilSc and. PLorophiv= Don't Miss ti.e Gala. Opening Xi^bc "A THIEF IX THE NIGHTPRICES: TO., aoc. and MATINEES Ladies' 150 TICKETS MONDAY NIGHT lieserve-l Seats at People Drug Store. Doors open 7-30 i ried S3500 insurance. j That 'the fire did not ! a! other buildings ar.d a large quantity I lhelr demands that the ? s of lumber was due entirely to the \ Federation of Labor may i TRACT Tract--Mrs. M. A. Loy and grand- have returned to Baltimore, after Sing some time with her daughter, Charles Summers, oy Summers is visiting in Balti- and S1.75 a day respectively. ! change of raiment- , ! Adams, York and Cumberland, will | Mrs. Samuel Warren and family ''So insistent have they become in j The Pennsylvania P_ai!road brought! hold its regular meeting in the St. i spent Sunday with Mrs. Jacob Long- Pennsylvania \ in 390 from Bedford and vicinity and James Church on these dates. ; necker. The ofHcers who will preside at the ! Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Shorb have re- sessions are: president, the Rev. Dr. 1 turned home after spending several be called up- · 227 from Eahway and Trenton, Xew and efneient work of the Bigler- | oa IO enect *" organization, as at pre- vil!e fire companv which was oulckly js«« the pickers are unorganized, and o" the scene and soon had several ] therefore unable to combat their af- 00. Curtain 8.15 NEW P H O T O P L A Y BIOGRAPH ESSAXAY PATSE THE MOTHERING HEART Always mothering someibinjr the girl came into ·aother spirit, she ylelueu to her'yoiinjr adailrer'p persuasions. young person. Soon her sacrificing heart brightened the- paths hnsOand. her o\\ n heartaches forgotten for her loved one. ~ With prosperity came j the iflie woman, and 2. young wife's struggle against the truth. A new light broke, j then darkened but shone again the brighter. ACROSS THE RIO GRANDE- THE CARRIER PIGEONS - Pathe HOW A BLOS30M OPENS - Paths NEXT TUESDAY, SEPT. ~2Z, ' 'THE POSTER OF THE CROSS" a two Lubin with Arthur Johnson in the leading part. The cro=s, a sift of bis mother, A PERFECT COMBLNATIOX* powerful streams of water on the big | blaze. The planing mill v.-as seen to be I doomed and efforts were directed 10 i save che other properties. In a half : hour the Sre was under complete con- jrrol. [ It is suppos i boiler room wher ings and sinali ed for fuel. Neighbors sav.- smoke issuing from the building at 6:50 and C. E. Deatrick gave the alarm. The hose reels were rushed to the scene and the j water was soon playing on the blaze. Jersey. Both these trains came in over the Reading and 123 were added on the re'gular train while the Western Maryas effectively ^s they should, land contributed its usual quota. Hack- j men waited at the Reading st j from six o'clock nntii 12:30 for tr Georga M. Diirenderfer. Carlisle; sec i days in Baltimore. retary. Rev. U. E. Apple, statistical secretary, Rev. Red Lion;; Mrs. John Overholtzer and W«Hian» I ' Charles, spent Sunday afternoon son, with Growers are receiving SI more for apples this year, say 'the pickers, so an increase in pay is no: unreasonable. i cursiojiists. ·'The Woman Suffragists of the j Sunday's rains kept away the usual j station j Red cay, Hanover, and treasurer, - r 2 ; Lewis 0\ crholtzer. he ex- j Rev. Albert Bell, pastor of St. L-Ae"s ' Russell Summers visited his parents Lutheran church, York. : over Sunday. The svnod will convene on IMc-ndav 3 Mrs. A. M. Manahan is in Baltimore -Biop-aph her or -Essanav containmg benveen I $4000 and S4-500 worth of lumbei while on another side are U. S. EHinefeiter's cooper and storage shops. With highly inSammable buildings on three sides of the connagratioa the fact that the blaze did no further damage is a high women receive onlySl.oO for doing the same amount of work, which means that they pick the same amount of -apples each day as do the men."' When -itrabove ~as called to the at- 1 of the leading ap- ,e county this morn- the news s'cory greatly sustains a young clergyman in an horn- of great distress and points tlie way to hap- i testimonial to Biglerville's iire Sght piaess. _ _ - _ ........ i ers and their equipment. j With the maning mill there burned AUTUMN HUNTING { all the machinery of the place, inchid- ing a SlOOO machine installed within weeks f or the manuf a c _ l\sS5£S 6" "v- I styles :n suits and. cver-eoats j ^ B ~ vv i - has bezcn no~- DUE the man vvao is i c B2SE f fortunate enough" to be a patron of The j ^^ or chicken coops which Mr. La-a Shoy kao-.vs that he nee«i sot seek any j ver Tiad determined to add to his bus: -op icrther tted ;he actual condition, bat that; there is some demand for more money, the pickers believing that the% - should share in the profits received from this years high- ~er prices for the frcit. Some growers are considering the advisability of paying their men according to the amount of imr£"picSe3r One man, they claim, may aick four times as much as another and vet re- General James EL Wilson, of Wilmington. Delaware, a member of General Grants staff and commander of the body of cavalry that succeeded in 'the capture of Jeff Davis, v.-as in town Sunday with Judge George Gray.- of Delaware and Colonel H. W. Biddle. of Philadelphia. The party stopped ac Mrs. Baehlers. on Carlisle street, and, for their automobile trip over the bat- Tuesday morning the business sessions j Saturday, will open. President Diifenderfer wi!! j Mrs. Elbert Dicken is still on the present his report of official actions j sick list as is also her daughter, during the past year. The election of j Hatue. IRON SPRINGS Iron Springs--H. K. Reed made a officers will then be held. Followin; election the various committees the] will be appointed. The treasurer, Rev. Mr. I Bell, will make his annual report business tria to "U avnesboro on lasc On Tuesday evening at S o'clock the Saturday. Rev. Dr. A. C. Roth, of Chambersburg. [ The Hamikonban township school tleneld, Jaiaes McDonnell was secured vill be the principal speaker. Rev. Mr. j board will meet on Saturday. October as guide. Roth will speak about "The Deaconess 1 llth, instead of the 4th, as announced STRUCK BY TRAIN Accident on Western Maryland. Horse is Cut to Pieces. Lewis Miller. -Jr.. about twenty-two vears old. residing at" Sinsheim, a car- ceive no more pay, under the present penter in the employ of the Western Maryland railway, was seriously m- tmUl^l^m *'\JJ.r~ t^G.^ G*L^\J J /-* * - · » - . _ ^ , _ our-i . _ -· -. T ~- - i T. -- T I un tne ot£er-aanL-T)avii-g accorome ,,. ^t cesrroved along with much material I it _ , - * - s _ e s- are vu^t-i-tlie-ir.mute anc vre wUi - f. _ to the work Cone -would never do ac- nancsome ana e:c-smt [ ness Some completed work was also ! ;ric.= are SAvaitlns vour choice and w^l, - - ~ . a'i'l arJ=h vour tritnt in a manner j ready lor use. Sunaay it can only be dont when you have it i safe was taken out of the ruins and.! _, irsade by j after being sufficiently cooled, was " j opened. The contents were unharmed j system. Seeing this inequality, the better picker will-likely slacken his pace | and "the grower suffers- anemoon tne i cording to other growers, -who sav that jured and 'the horse he was driving was ground to pieces under an extra freight train on the-"Western Maryland railroad, near Valley Junction, about 4 a. m. Sundar. Is is said that the - Will M. SeHigman, Cj?!i Taylor. | except for a ledger that was slightly i damaged. A roll of bills was intact and On September 16th, we will inaugurate | came A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. la the DIsplav of S.ut fabrics for autumn, novr reaiy at me LIPPY STORE ; no rooin for doubt as to :he correct fashion, or true quality. Earlv chocsina is best choosing- J.D. LIPPY Tailor. sugh the Sre without damage- Mr. Laxwer's "loss is particularly | heavy because he had many orders '· biboked ahead for this fall. He will re| "build as soon as possible. Of his insurance S1500 v.-as in the Mummasburg Insurance Com- this win do array with rhe careful j young man was asleep in his buggy work necessary to protect the trees when the train struck and dragged the from harm and the fruit from being i vehicle about 200 feet. bruised. Several orchardists being are con- i pany and S2000 in. the 1 Company, of Lebanon. 1 1 Terring to-day on the best method of meeting the siraation. Tj-son Bro'chers, among the largest growers in the -county, have engaged all their pickers for the entire season . , ar S1.60 per dav. The-- have had man- carried ! - - . . ' ,. inquines irom a a:stance out prerer to give home labor employment so long as it is avaflable. The picking season Mutual UNCLAIMED LETTERS ^s ; MaiI_Awaiting_Call_atJhe_ Gettysburg § I Post Office. The following unclaimed letters remain in the Gettysburg post oSce. i J. K. Allen. Robert S. Burton. Ed- Student Supplies== ''The Approved Kind" Soda Water, Ice Creain--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. Its the place to meet your friends, in the sound of the Victrola music. People's and Huberts Drug Stores. Engine Xo. 760, attached to the extra freight train running: westward" from Emory Gro"v-e to Hanover, struck the vehicle. The force of the compact is alleged to have been so great that voung Miller was thrown from the bug-gv. This accounts for his almost miraculous escape. He alighted upon his head clear of The track. Els head was lacerated and severely ccntused. of the - earlier i The horse and buggy -were dragged a varieties started in earnest this morning and will continue for many weeks. "STATE CONVENTION Local Interest in Coming Gathering Sunday School People. of = | ward Brown, Clord C- Bender, Mr. L. {Ejj | A. Bougher, "Win M. Birkholtz. Xew- ton Cooper. Capt. C- C. Carpen'ter. Mrs. Lucy Cromwell. Mr. Miakliffe _ Draper. I- D. Edwards, William L. = ! Eckenrode. A. G. Fouse. Will Fairman. = 1 -James Xyman. Charles E. Xaas. H. P. fr i Hannick, Mrs. C- Harris. Annie M. =j · KJiapp, F. T. Keenney. I_ S- Lash. S. H C. Leiter. -Joseph Manor, Leonard M.!,-, """ c ~- uu '~ -»·«- ·-'« ~ !,- - , , . - , - ..,. . __ _. ; Pennsylvania nas naa = ! iiurpHey. ..iiss Antonietta Man. W. D, ! = j Montgomery, Samuel T. 3JcBo"!van. = ! A. E. Xickerson. Paul Xewcoiner, Phil= i ip H. Patter, Gen. Win. A. Peu, Mrs. ^ j Frank Earner, Mr. P. Riegier, 3Irs- S ] Ben Rinehart. Mrs. Mag Smith, Rev. = j D. Burt Smith, Harry Blumer Stew= | art, Charles G. Snider, Cordelia Welch, f= jXapolean Whittier, Alenander JL = j Wilson, Charles L. Wilson, Fred Wil- Local Sunday School vrorkers are much interested in the coming state j convention to be held at Willianisport. Thursday. October 9. vrill be known as 0. A. B. C. Day. These initials stand j for Organized Adult Bible Class. The representatives of these classes will participate in a great parade to be held in connection with the convention. The Adult Bible Class movement in a marvelous gro~ch. The movement is interdenominational and confined strictly to adults of both sexes. The number of these classes in Pennsylvania will reach 7,000 by the time of the state distance of about 200 feet. The vehicle struck the bridge, just west of the junction, and it was smashed into fragments- Soon after the collision the train was brought to a standstill- Miller was picked up by the crew and conveyed to Porters, where his injuries were dressed by Dr. Sterner. He was later taken zo the home of his father, JLewis Miller. Sr~ at Sinsheim. WON FIRST GA3IE College Foot Ball Team Ran away ·with Xormal School Boys. Work." The Lutheran Brotherhood will Dresen't a specially prepared program on Wednesday evening. The committee n charge of arranging this program is compo.sed of Chairman P. A. Elsesser. York; W. S- Bond, of York: Dr. G. E, [oltzapple, of York;' Robert Bair. Hanover; G. X. Glatfelter, Spring Grove: H. B. Hostetter. Hanover; and Alexander Diehl, York. On Thursday evening tae Rev. Dr. G. X. Lauffer, of Xewville, will deliver the address. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday wili be taken up with general business and the discussion of various prepositions and questions of interest to the welfare of the synod. The various committees will also make their reports during this time- It has been decided to hold the annual meeting of the Women's Hoiie and Foreign Missionary society of the West Pennsylvania synod at Cham- i bersburg one week after the sessions of the svnod. before, in the Fairfield High School building. Miss Maude B. Reed, postmistress at Iron Springs, is spending several weeks at Charmian. William Heagy is suffering with a sprained back. Farmers have started to cut corn in this section. GOOD ATTRACTION Big Vaudeville Feature Coming -?rith Manhattan Players. The appearance of the Manhattan Players at the Walter's Theatre all of this week, starting Monday night with the usual matinees, promises to set the pace for popular priced theatricals here this season, and if the patronage is not more than ordinarily good it cannot be attributed to the lack of rt on tha part of the WANTS NO PARDON Paper Points Evils of Pardons in Cases Like Evler's. agement, for no expense has been spared to make the Manhattan Players one of the leading attractions of the season. The Sisters Russell have been secured as a feature vaudeville ace carrying over a ton of special scenery and electrical effects- Thev will nre- The Harrisburg Telegraph has this j sent their spectacular dancing novelty to say~in an editoriai~concermng effort to secure a pardon for William Eyler: bers. The sisters present the Grotto dance with a wealth of bcenerv fol- "What would be the influence if William Eyler, sentenced xo be hanged. then to life imnrisonment, were re- lowed by the radium dance in the flashes of many colored lights, after which Nellie Russell appears on the , leased in seven years, because he had ro!!ir 'S globe, and finishes her act with ~ for Moiidar repented of his act? it may be that! 2 beautiful rainbow scene ~hen both Eyler is sincereiv sorrv for what he I tisters appear dancing in a night did and that there is no danger of his scer e of a sncnr storm - Lsdie3 \ 15 cTit ever committing another murder, but feature of the case is purely inci- 3 the main intent and purpose ; his punishment. Men who. like I Gettysburg College opened its foot i Eyler. may be tempted to kill. --" tickets are being 'issued night.--advertisement TEACHERS' MEETING ball season Saturday afternoon by defeating Bloomsburg Xormal on Xbcon Field 5-5 to 0. The Xormal School team was weak, though plucky, and the game was no _rea2 test of the strength local eleven. Many defects in Save Money-Thai's what You Do, you get I Persons calling- for the above named j I letters should state that they were ad; verdsed- COMING EYENTS Dr. Hudson OR tho job. He don r t far a you with any un- ecessary trips at your exi ense^ Tha .'s not his reputa tion, Anypnone. Call Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian. ~ = WHIPPED ICE CREAM ~~ JIade over our criminal ionrrala by a secret process. Xothing Saer than this \ Oct. 13--16--Lutheran West Pa. Syn- ] can be sna^e. 1 " od meeting. St. James church. con v ention. i he Williamsport conven- · Ge'ttvsburg's play were apparent, how- tion will plan to add 100,000 more ad- ever, and it will require exceptional ults to the Sunday schools of the state j develoament daring this -K-eek to enduring the coming year. i able ^ t - ne 5^,TM. t^make any sort of a Delegate credentials can be secured i snowing before Penn at Philadelphia on application to the county corres- j on Saturday. Poffenberger was the ponding secretary Lily Dougherty, 1 on ] v consistent ground gainer for Get- Ge ttysourg. "! Franklin To'-vnship Teachers Met Discuss School Topics. to think of seven 3'ears instead of the'. gallows or a whole life behind the bars. It -vill seem to them a small j Tfie fir3 - educational meeting of penalty for the gratificacion of a mo- j Fra ^ k i in township was held at Brady's nt"s passion- Murders trill increase j s c fc oo j. September 19. Twelve teach- 3 the public will demand that there j ers responded to roll call. Recitations be no more experiments with coin-1 v - ere rf ver . by the following school muted sentences --.-· that convicted 'children: Kathleen Sample, Paul Bak- niurderersbe har.ged forthwith, in-; er . Bertha Baker, Josephine Steinber- stead of merely being locketl up ur.til, ?er j 2 .- : Baker. Alice, Clara the public had become sufnaent.; -n- J 3 2 i :er . C ora Kr.ouse. Earl Baker, and men and familiar with their crimes to enabk- Mary exercise, two boys. The Y. W. C. T. U. MEETING JOct 4--Foot Ball. Albright Xixon Field- 1 Temperance Advocates will Meet I Bendersville Home. at their friends, or weli-mear.jr.g philar.- j j=rst question, "HoTM do vou get work rysburg- and he carried the ball usuaLy j thropists like Mr. Craig, to get them , out o f pupils?" was discussed by Alice for substantial gains. Hoar kicked 0 jt." j inner." The second question was ably | seven out of eight trys for goals after j - Discussed by Edna Harcnsr. ar.d Mr. | touchdowns. LATE ONLY ONCE Hiram Lc.dy. "What, shall be doce with nprepared?" "'Hou- to deal with 1 c VANILLA, CHOCOLATE. PiACH. j Qc't. 18--Gectvsburg's second 5 ar.d lOc a plate-" Sodas and Sundses rnaoe wita ta-.s ; Farmers'T»av Tec Cream 5c. 5 - - - - GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT I XOTICi-: the grocery and hard- s ware stoi es which closed at 6 p. FOR SALE- oca brick house in Bislerville, recently built, 4 rooms up i · ciose at S p. m. Saturday 10 p. m.--ad- -and 3 down, slate rooi ; cl-.ickeii house, wood hoase,lot -50xl«5, well ar.d cistern, Good location -'- - i jtr OR SALE: two colts, five months The BenIersvf: 3 .e Y. W. C. T. U. will f Mrs. Michener September 22. at ,! meet at tr.e norne oi iirs. iucnener. on annual ·, r , ] Mor.dav evemne. GET CONTRACT Aut ° Slate Koad through Bigierviiie ^ill be · us Service between Gettysburg: and Caledonia. Built by Farrell. ! Since the auto bus service has been " _ put or. between Caledonia and Getcys-: 7:30 o'clock. J Tr.e contract for the state road · burg, making daily trips since -June s | through Bigervilie has been awarded ] 2-5. every schedule with one exception SALEil United Brethren Sunday ( to M. ar.d T. E. Farrell. Ic -vviii be 32S9 | ha? been met, and this failure was school will hold a festival and chicken | feet :n length. soup at P. W. Beamer's, near Hun- j The portion to be built is known as terstown, Wednesday, Sept. 24th. If j South Slain street and the bid was weather unfavorable it -will be held = §12,538.84. i tne different types of children" was discussed by Alma Ker-ry, E- Ceci: Stover and Prof. Soy Knouse. The meeting *3.ClQ'""" tf 'Sd T/ 1 "* ·"~ v c^.*~ ?*" ^"^O^ 1 ""^ 10. et at Flohrs October 1~ Acres granite land 85 acres cultivated, balance in pasture ! oid- Jacol A _ Kemper, Gettysburg, i Friday. Everybody welcome.--adver- j se. all good condition,' Route 3 ._ a dvertisement " 1 tisement 1 and young timber, bank barn iaxfcOand S room stone liou public road Good stock farm.- ^ You can buy this farm forlcss than §3000. Call for information about tlr..-3 and othar good bargains on our list. RUXK PECKM/ N*, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Pcnna. j Times office.--advertisement YOUXG man wanted to learn drug business. Apply by letter only 54 only six minutes, the car on the trol'.ey line however being met. The Wftite engine is standing up in great shape. ~ FARM SOLD Schrher Farm Xear Barlow Sold to Ilolbert Mvers. STEADY position for young lady. Hours 7:30 to 5. Address Times Office, jat once.--advertisement 1 SALE: on account of threatening weather. Mumper's sale has been postponed until Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock, Sept. 23. Charles S. Mumper j j Co.--advertisement 1 'SFAFLRI Robert Schrixer has sold his farm 5:i SPECIAL bargain sale will continue Cumberland township near Barlo-.v to this week at Thomas Brothers', Big- ' Ilolbert A. Myers. Terms private. lerville.--advertisement 1 i ', WOMEN and jr-rls wanted. Orrtan- EGGS 32 cents at Hammers' Score, jna Company.--advertise--advertisement 1 j merit 1 »-._ KhWSPAPl!.RflF

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