The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 20, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1913
Page 6
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Following this, the court plunged j into the arguments by counsel on the I question whether tae assembly had the . power to impeach the governor at its extraordinary session and whether the court itse*£-is-so legally constituted as to have,the right tc try him. The court adjourned until Monday while the arguments were ia progress. D'. Cady Herrick, cnief. of, Sulzer's counsel, appealed for the exclusion of Frawley, Ramsperger anu Sanaer oa. f the grounds that they were members i of the committee tha- Indicted Sulzer I and therefore were biased in their I views. The contention against XYagoer [ was that he was in line to become the ! lieutenant governor of the s=tat6 should | Sulzer be removed,"anfi therefore that · he might render a decision, oi guilty to j further his own interests. Chief Judge-Cullen. president of the . high court, after hearing the zirgu- | isents for and against: the fiebarrcent of the four senators, gave it as his opinion that the senators should be permitted to sit, but said that he would put the Question to a iote of the entire , court. The court, by a unanimous vote, refused to consider the chaHerges. i In adclresisng the courr Judge Cul- · !en said that no court had" the right to sit In iiidgraent on any one ot us' members. In this, he said, a court differed greatly from a jury, the Qualifications of members of which might be decided by the courts. , ,,. 1r»Ti7 ·*»'-^-t»_ "nft_yote came a».ier a it?-.*!-- 2--^~__ meat between Judges Hernck and Parker, representing the defense and the prosecut'on. respectively, j Judge Eerriekrs chief argument was that no men might sit both as prosecutor and judge. In reply, Judge Parker said the members of the cctirt were here as renresemam es of the whole people, that the people established tae court of impeachment in the beginning, and that none other than the people had a right to remove the representatives. After the vote had been taken. Judge Cxnieri Greeted Clerk ileCabe to read the articles of impeachment- The mction hy Senator Pollock, of Xew York, that, the reading be dispensed -a ith. was lost, and the clerk began slowly to read the lengthy articles.' "Wnat answer does the respondent interpose to the articles of Impeachment Sled by the assembly^' queried Judge Cw'len when Clerk McCabe had finished his reaamsr. Judge Hemck thereupon stated thac pursuant to notice objection would be made to the validity of the impeachment, and LoaJs Marshall, of the governor s counsel, voald argue that point. Mr. Marshall, reading from a prepared brief, first asked that the enure nroceed;ngs be dismissed upon the ground that the "court '.s without ji-nsfiict'en and ins charges are null and voifi an-1 of no effect."' The principal attach was crrccted against tbe constitutional;!} of the ac- tn of the assembly in a-Jcp^ng tha iir-peaer.iner.t articles during an extra- 01 'linary session, ?.ben the subject matter ha'l no- been recommended by SAYSmWltliilN AS REPUBLICAN »- .'···(^·^·····^·^t .. ^ 4 J * ~ . ? J" * U, S. Senator Predicts COR- version ot Progressives. POINTS TO EVIDENCE ! Sutherland Sees V/ide Defection and Asserts Colonel Roosevelt Himself Has Changed. . , Salt Lake Citj-, Utah, Sept. "20 -3 ,8; Colonel Theodore Roosevelt will be a j This is the opinion "expressed by j United States Senator George Suth'cr- \ land, who is in Salt Lake City from Washington during the lull between tbe passage of the tanS bill and the \ debate on the currency bill. ,,. j It comes with peculiar force from ,_, / ! Senator Sutherland because of the fact £^ j that the senator is one of the leaders VE'^J | of the conservative Republican forces £%.,--Si I in the senate. Senator Sutherland was -i»/'^ i: ' opposed to the nomination of. Rooser* ·- ! ^ ! Ye ' t *"·" r ^ e Chicago convention and jr-ress Assoc-ai-orj. j Y j gorous ry opposed his election last :· the trails of crime leit behind | j a ii_ Senator Sutherland did not go Ii Photo by Amcr.«n by Haus ScJim'dt, tae him IK an excellent c s5ayer on s £,._ ^ IQ £a ,_. ^^ ae .youid support vi:ngS Rooseveifs nonr.nauon, but be did say isceuenc Cissuise. JLI Has been j that he beheved Roosevelt would be Schmidt fctuJfetl the inanufac- f Dominated. ..- v x;£ve!x v.sib ^e sup-j T v. ese are. the indications which i Senator Sutherland declares point to j the successful candidacy of Colonel _ posed iini of pertectins his _ __ . 'ons put to lurs by the speaker fol- Rooseveit for the Republican nomlna- lov.ios arrest on a charge .of Tne charse gre,v o-at ot h: U °!^ rst The Progres=ives src Tne charse gre,v o-at ot :s ; a e s _ statement several weeks ago tnac.o-r -'» » v ~ rnat ^ ,n H Q legislators soM their votes on the res ircneaehinx Governor Sulzer cans and they vrill y all be to back in the Republican party in 1915. This is shown by elections in ilichi- as - e a r -h'action ^ the assembly polleS a larger vote in 1312 than the Hepubli- be im-! cans, and the strength of the Progres- -pig.jsives who return to the Republican Lih^i^ H£-*i i/l*. ( -,- power to punish for contempt "j party wuh the" fnenas of RoosevcU - - T, e :,j ; n a simi-i already m the pany will prooaoij oe Th- apoeliate court so lar'case several years aso. in the 1515 convention to I" -he ! sufficient courtlTshoula hold this ^iew, Garri- give Roosevelt the nomination."Pre S i- scn niisht be kept In nn=on until next Januar;-. -srhen a new legislature convenes "The allegea oHeEse is unbail- Me, it^is saicl. Garrison's arrest was almost as dential preferential primaries in an increased number of states v, ill be to the advantage of Roosevelt. ' Third--Roosevelt" himself has already virtually deserted tbe Progressive party- He took no part in the Progressive campaign ia the recent ilaise election, and gave the Progres- siies there no word of eacouragement. great a surprise to many members of the legislature as it was to aim. Threats were made .several weeks ago to arrest him. bat nothing ever was done, and he made no evade service. He nas been around Alban-- continuously since the impeachment proceedings began, and a few mtnntes "before his detention was strolling about "the halls of the capitol. Then out of curiosity to see what the assembly was doing he strolled | M|SS v /ickham Says Attempts on Life intc the charcbeJ-. The doors swung in-j v/i ,. Be ^ade "If Necessary." ' ward casllr for aim, but when he at- ^g^. -y/ork, Sept. 20.--The irnmigra- to depart he found himself' uempt to« He will leave soon for South America, ' to be gone until after the congressional elections of 1014, and without his personal leadership the Progressive party \ri:i rapidly disintegrate" MRS..PANKHURSTS AIDE HERE a resoluucr, calling for the arrest of Garrison, he was held a prisoner TTnen cc."!ed -before tbe speaker. Garrison was without and he refused to answer questions pat to iULZER IT LAST REGOfiNiZES-GLYNN ·*Go-.emor Sulze- did not reco:n- rre-id the subject of h?s iraneacn- T-*-a*." said ?t~ Marsha'!, "nor did he n ai;v way suggest the consideration of an;" or?rges against Einjself." Tv'nen VT Marshal! concluded Judge Onlen .f counsel for the man- a?e~s '·onteraplited taking issue with a^y of ^he facts, as distinguished from she points of law raised by tae governor's counsel J.idge Parker a?ft for --v five minute recess waiie he and r.53 coreas^es coTis.dered the matter. "\Vhon tae court reconvened John 3. Staachf»e3d. attorney for z~"e-boara of inar.asers. or-ened t'-e r~9- cefi3I1 1/y malving answer brfe5y to tae allegations of t'^e governor that the im- peachnient proceedings were irregu- -. _^ -- _ e m Terns Bepsitien Over ton Mm Govsrnor. .Mbaav. 3T- T_ Sept. 23. -- Governor ;hs Srst ri»2e formally re _ _ 2 rig'it of X-ientenant GOT crcor Glvnn to e~erc:se the prcroga tives of "the chief executive of the stale pending the determination of the t'on authorities 'did not molest J.liss Joan TTickham when she arrived "from Liverpool to prepare the way for ilrs EmmeHne Pankhurst, the British milt- rant suffragette leader. 3Irs. Pankhurst is expected Oct. IS. Miss "vTickham went to the Women's SnSrage heada^aners to meet Mrs.'O. H. P. Belmont. She told reporters that the methods used'by militant suffragettes in England were absolutely ne cessary to get attention from officials there. "\S"e have never attacked human life/' said Miss W*ckham, "but if worst comes to worst taere is a strong likelihood that v,e will do so. "Mrs. Panknurst was here in 1911," she said, "and at that time she" had been convicted and had been m prison Her status then was exactly The same as it is now, and the United States government at that time made no ob- Tecnoas to her landing here." Mrs Pankhurst. Miss TTickham con- Sulzcr ccg"irc-I t rinued, expects to remain In this ccma- trv aoout one month. She is out of tae English prison on "ticket of leave" on account of her heaizb. and as soon as she recovers will have to serve tha cnarges. OiTthe atnlce of counsel a reqnes for the extratl!t.OD. of a prisoner re- e^ivec bv the impsacisea executive. ^-as over to Acting Governor Glynn. The recognition came in tne | form of a letter irom Chester C Platt-. . J rest of her term Governor Suizer's secretar. "~he jnaicial depaninent of tais state having decided that esec«uv j.» MRS. TAFT AN AUTHORESS Former President's Wife Writes of White House Reminiscences. ^v"asn-.ns:o2, Sept- 2-X--Society folks are* interested' in the news tbat Mrs. William H. Ta:C wife of the former it. has written her rem:n- 5SLi.^ J . « 4 . . » . -- ^-- -- - ^ ( ^^ fcTictions saoulcl be performed by yci5|_-~ Sr.bseqner.i5y Mr. Marshall began a long argument of the contention of , Governor Snlzer's counsel that the as! seinbly was not constitutionally con- \ened when the impeachment articles were adopted, and tbat _thereforc the; impeachment was invalid. He was still speaking -when the cor.rt adjourned. f ' | SULZER'S AIDE ARRESTED Jsmes Garrison Held For Contempt by .'· New York Legislature. Albany, X. Y.. Sept. 20.--Governor Suizer's persona! inend and specia' graft investigator, James C Garrison, slept in a cell of the Albany county penitentiary. He was remanded to that institution by the sergeant-at-arins of the state assembly for refusing to answer ·n-hose terms are abont to expire by coir.matation, pursnant to statute, ^-bich I am informed require your attention and signature." is a 150 Years Term For Murderv Estacia, N. ^-, Sept. 20.--Probably the longest sentence exer meted out cc sadcr arrest sn Chile. GOOD restaurant for sale cheap, j WILLIAM B. Mcllhenny trill Appiy at Hemler's restaurant," Yorl:!. 1 ! hi" farm jtock and machineiy street--advertisement [.March ID. 1911.--advertisement sell on la seasons wtren dought prevails a oetter stand of clover can be secured by sowing the seed \nthout a nurse crop. Miner Fails 1500 Feet. _ ilor.nt Carmel. Pa., Sept. 20.--iiis clothing catching between timbers si »h" ca^ed gate at the Sayre colliery ., . ^-ncenx Astuchy, thirty-fire years oW nor more than 160 years^ pulled from the .hoisting cag_e andj Medler. in tbe district court ^bere. -srh^" he accepted Justiano ^oya^ plea of gmlty of murder !a the secon" degree and sentenced him, to the sta.e penitentiary for r.ot less than laO*, *C-5 l J * » » i « « . -· ~ -- m . . . I -"eirback 1500'feet down tae shait -.ate, a body of water. The body was recov ' ered later, Bov Shot by Brotner. Vorceste'r, Mass, Sept. 20.--Evereti H TVainwrieht, thirteen years old, was shot and lulled by his brother Benja rain, twenty years old, who says it was accidental. Before-any. new chicks come sefe that there are no scales on the hens tegs--no mites or lice in the poultry truarters. _ Thief Fires rfouse. on flita e places by a So ransacked and stole a rubber of small articles. Mr. Rider escaped from an uppe.' having been aroused from deep y by dense smke. The rear of the hous 8 was destroyed. ---- ,_: -- «_ SPAPLRl f Do not let the ambition for keeping all the new breeds yon hear of cause you to make a failure with poultry. _ »-_ NEWSPAPER!

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