The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 20, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, September 20, 1913
Page 5
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TEST OF COOK'S SKILL PROPER PREPARATION OF THE SWEET POTATO AN ART. NOTES BROOK FARM MADlftN DYNISMiTES FEABMISSMGRL '. SAYNOR'S BODY NOW ~ At Least an Hour in the Oven !s Nee- j essary Properly to Bake Potato-Some Useful Ksnts and Recipes. j If you would know the sweet pota- *tdfii£,all its-sweetness and goodness, 'ycu'i-ist leisurely "tour the - sunny ^ south in. "sweet rater time," when the [ entire clan of sweet is in its glory and | primes jiTOule the- Jerseys are a veryj superior class, they lack the -.ariety" » found in the southern iaraily. Color aud Savor range from the sleek, smooth red-coated sweet to the tiun- skianed vale yellow and less sweet variety which will be sold you. as white potato in some markets of the souta unless you ask for Irish potatoes. The great coarse yam tiar looks like aa overgrown sweet, and sometimes weighs Sve or sis pounds, is not a sweet potato at alL However, it is a good substitute for tiie potato; is mealy and dry, ana contains a large amount of starch. It is not sweet, and is a wholesome food, though most people have to cultivate a taste for it. To bring out the delicate flavor o£ the sweet potato is an. art. Most cooks spoil it by cookias too quickly. At least an hour ia the oven is essential 'to properly bake a sweet potatol To Boil Sweet Potatoes--"ft'asb. the potatoes well without breaking tic skins. Clip the roots that adhere, put them In a kettle of boiling water aad let them cook until they can be easily j pierced to the censer with, a fork, without being actually soft. Brain, oZ the water and set the kettle back on tbe stove, or in the oven, with a cloth thrown over the top and let steam about, five miautes, so they will be mealy. Peel them ac once, and serve plain with roast pork or beef- When served with fried or broiled nsh, accompany them with a drawn butter sauce, or cut them ia thick slices, butter well and set. the dish in the oven a lew minutes. A Fast Bay Dish---This is a poptilar crecle breakfast dish served on fast days: Take rather large, smooth potatoes, peel them and fry in round slices and fry in deep, hot fat, same as Saratoga chips, until a 5ne brown. Serve in a hoc dish with plenty ot butter poured over them. Aunt Laura's TTay--Boil the potatoes as ^directed, tten peel them and | cut in rather thick lengthwise slices. T.;»y rhqm Is,.a. dsep_cish and _pour over each layer of slices s. sauce made according to these directions: Take s. cup each of sugar aad butter and hai£ a cup of hot water and boil until this HOMti TWO ARE DEAD SLftlNBlf SGHMlDT ~ AT BROOKLYN HOME WASH! NGTO N GABON EH. Separated From Wife, S!ays; S!B!efl DealhtoftifisaiesPciiii Wiil . L L 8 , inT Stat l., iD Kew Michigan Man Eiected Corrs- mar.der-ln-Chief of G. A. FL : "Medical advertmnif LIVER PILLS Sugar-coated and all vegetable. only one piU at bedtime. For pation, biiitxis Aysr's Pills, ,JSA Ask Your Doctor. Dose, Himseii and Gaoler, ' Is Oilier. Mufflers." York Tomorrow, Bioozaiugton, Ind., Sept. 20.--Care-| Produce more pure seeds. Diversified faraiiag is best- There Is good mosey in ducks. The clean separator gets the Sklrasailk will Tr*f=.k8 quick gro' IE chtcks. The dairyman can handle hogs sp-enesd advantage. seventeen-year-old and iujurin^ stunning his wife. Tlie iaiureu are: Kanai daughter. :i:C-r children an-j . . » - - 4. Girl, Who W ^ JCcswn to Be A^as.*^ ^ r , ed V/Jtn Father Schmidt, Disappear-. and fo ;. the ,.\. ,:srew,York, Sept. 20.--The body of j i '·"iWiUiafa; X-Gayncr. late mayor 01 Xe^ J "f "York cSy, is at rest'in bis houie. 20 j i Eighth avenue. Brooklyn. ?'- ·-, j A private- funeral serviced will, "oe^j held for the members, of the. family, · after- v.-hic-i the becv will be raken t o . s , ale on S u 2 3 y . ; U r.erai in Trinity church on Monday. 1 "When the Lusitaaia arrived and thence to the Gaynor to The average cow does her best work when from Sve to eight years old. Any sme" to year milk after yon ·r-ke It into the house? Don't let it be so. The house should be painted s. color thct will blend in v.-th the surround- Put the salt for the sheen In trough. They do not like to eat from the ground. That like produces like !s seen the defects o: the sow being rra; dittc-d to her pigs. Hurst, a?ea: . . . . . . s ..,,,, thirteen, one leg bro'.cea and body lac j Xew Yori:,;"Scpt. 20. -- Detectives- Quarantine t he transfer of the mayor's! crated; Elisajc-th il-srs:, s:x ye^rs o:d | : uaiuiaglag.; through thc'eSecis o:" j,^. %v ^ a , a de. The body was *."aea| severely cut and bruised; Airs.-He::aj Haas Sohaiffit" coults^cd murderer of, ta jj^ n -o jhe foot of Atlantic avenue.- Hurst, forty-cine y«ars old, ^tiiane.i by, .\nsia AuaiuHer, vie;e strcusiiieued ial JJ-OQI; the explosion. j their belief thai be h.i'1 :;iaased other! , OI »j e . Hursi had been separated fro:t h:i| nsurdc-rs «y finding complete ets oil wife fer six. wpfcks aud she refused tc s j-ca^h deixtrtujenc tlanks aecessary t o j talce him bae':. It fs believed that hcijjlsnose o: bo«i:es, fro^i death eertiii-; then, ia a "t cf ijisasrSty. determined! tates to uaderurke-rs* pern:its. to wipe- o-:t the entire :^aii!y. consist- j s^c-b. biaalts are issaed by the c All of this was done In accordance, with the personal wishes o: Sirs. Gay- J nor. under the direction of Police' Lieutenant William Kvsael. v.-ho has- been the mayor's personal attest! nt: ing of his wife aad eight c-Lildren. i parauent only to pajs,ii-:aas '-u good for f O ,, r years. The deau g:r! Rist the fate intended s ;aEJJys whose records have been! The twelve honorary pa32-bearers, J tor her mother, and the fsc-1 that they! .»:,;:!·.· Icvc-st;gated. I:c,w Scamsdt soil Beaded by AVilHam H. Taft, formed | had changed beds Sor the :;:sl:t co^s: t? iE1 v .-as unknown. S two lines through which the C::^ daughter her ;5:e. Hurst, a u f c r j \vits th» 'inding of thr-se tianks the! passed at the Gayaor home. For a| f~**-f--r*1 + !»*1** ir ~ r i t f i /'o ··*-«·» ficr 1 ^ ·*·*·*·* i * ***· o ' _ _ » r s i^?^- ^s »».,5 ..:._~^_ r*-f »5»^-i«»«: »^ _. j- _ _ t-» t- ^. _^....-. ,\ *-V..-i \ stc-£lUi:!y, 5n the darhness. ^lauiiug a| ,. 0 sj cc rt aoubied tis« visar cf their- distance of three blocks around tbej sticJt of (lyaaraite uuder eacls cf the; ica rch for Htrlea Grepp.. who vaaisaed! « O use there was stretched a cordon of" ; aot live v.-it'.=otit him. ed to b!' in Chicago. police to keep away the curious. Rufus XV. Gaynor. tae mayor's son,; who was with the mayor when ho died,; s. it Tfco natural curve ot a horse's neck is better than the artificial positions c:ade by the cheek rein- thres beds in the house, tied tv.c: a ^yj"-;, a go utter writing to Scaiaidc sticks to b:s ov.-;i bc-Iy. crawled intc' 7",,.,; she c ;i-e bed v, y/-L ho had lormer-y o-ea ; gjj c . v .-., 3 : pic-d v.-:ch I;:E v.Ife, but y»h:c-:i contained soiuu'lc tol.i tbe cfieetives that she] looked careworn and a?ed. He was at| the three causjaters. ilau-le, Facnle", ^...g a casu-i ! acouaiutaiiCe. | t r. e point of collapse when he reach-; and Elizabeth.^, 1 r a - I: i c5 O ver the past of Ernest Faiiuie spoJfe to her father. '"Lay s iuret. the dentist fiiead c: Schmidt, sill-." Haist replied. "We v.-ill a"? die' ^.plicated "--ith Schmidt ia icget-ier." J f e it:ag operatic-ns, iriipcctor Faurot^. Before the girl could make a movej heat! of . he ^.yc-jvc bureau, had tb.!s the e^alcsioa rent the house anO 1 . Q sa -.. --j 5, a ..e learaei Dr. Muret arouse-rl tac- entire city. The- police and- , YCS =., Chicago at ti.e t:ae of the in- !Gef IciEiediate and Effective Eelief- by Using HyomeL i Kyomel is nature's 'true remec^r for | catarrh-1 here is no stomach J YWJ breathe it. . .. r , \ When using- this treatment/: yoii 4 breathe healing balsams and effect- lively reach the most remote air. cells j of the throat, nose and lungs, the' ear tarrhal gernis" are destroyed--qal*; ;and sure relief results... - ~Tl HyoiKel often restores health to bome and had to be assisted up s stens. A physician was called ta at-counter- t enil him and the mayor's widow, bo:h - O £ T.-hom were suffering from shock. : NEW HEAD FOR G. A. R. : chronic cases that had given hope of recover;..-. Its best action is nt · the^cirt of the disease when" the · br»ath is becoming onenslve, and coa- :stasit sniiijjjg, discharges from the ; nose, tlroppin.sjs in the throat, or that 1 choked up feeling- begin to niake !ife-.a burden. At the first symptom of ca- :tarrhai trouble, surely use HyomeL :Ask People's Drug Store for the com- ;»k-ie outnt, $1.00. He v.iii refund the :;:o.".ev If It does not give satisfaction. GETTYSBURG MARKETS I Prir-? at. Ihf- Gett\5)i:rjr warehouse" cor- rrt-J«l «!:iily !y if. Milton Wolf, Jr., Suc- c«i-«.r u J. Geo. \Vo!f 7 H 3ori~ Co. ·_ Per Bo XMV Dry Vheat Sg '" : S'ewEar Corn ; 'Sj =: IJy.- ...69 ;O^£S .'45 Cre dspart-iieat rushd to the seece = : v^tjg-tj sat tee two injured sir's to the hcs-j pita! and cleared away th« wreckage.; Four sticks of dynamite, uuesploced.; v." r e found in the ruins, anu tii?: fact' that cr-ly one, and that o;-e aitaebei. It is not econornica! to deprive hens io Kurst's bocy. haa e^plocec. ai; tigauca to the iite of Johana GIRL HEIR TO S2-OOQ.QOO J Washington Gardner Ejected and DeI: troit Geis Encampmer.r. \ Chattanooga. T^an.. S^jt. 2 ! "--TVash- RETAIL PRICES Badger Dairy Feed' , Coan-eS-priu" Bran II ami Packed Bran '. 1.40 Per 100 ....$1.35 Telephone Operator to Claim Fortune; ip.gtcn Gardner, of Albion.^MicX. was Q orn ^1 u^ts Chop"." ""."".."~.rl.45 ^*- f^hor-tnaker Ptock Food 1.45 cf foods rich in the essential elements for the production ot eggs. The combined area of the com Selds in the "Cn:ted States is nearly equal to Is thick. Some like a little grating o=nutmeg; others a small piece of stick cinnamon boiled in the sirup. Caramel Sweet Potatoes--Boil the potatoes until iust done; drain, peel and cut ia halves lengthwise and fry a rich brown in lard and butter mised- Sprinkie generously, while firing, with granulated sugar. Sweet Potato Biscuit--Take one square cf dry. mealy street potatoes boiled and grated, halt cup lard, half a cake of compressed yeast dissolved in halt a eup of_ lukewarm water; 2112: ·with milk or water to a. batter, and let rise twice. Bake the same as tea biscuit and break open and batter hot. j the area of France or Germany. Almost anything in the poultry line seiL;. but the choicest prices alone are given for the "fancy" goods. Erery'IOO potmcs 01 milk contains 87 pounds of water. Xo wonder a cow neecs a let of pure, fresh water- The better the cow 1= cared for and the better the system of feeding the more profitable she will be in every way. The inquiry for dairy cows was never so great. If it holds, it will pay better to raise dairy calves than beef steers. Feed more cats ana airalfa and less com now, as corn lacks stiSdent counted for the escape 01 tae ot^ei members of the family. elected co.-2f.:inC-r-s:i'-::.e; the "Blue Beard of Chicago, in aghast iiuret. Tier BASE BALL SCORES Fc-ilov.-ing is the Result of Played Yesterday. AMERICAN LEAGUE. At "Washington -- \Vashi2gtO3. 2; · a charge ori 1--e John Koss, o: I counterfeiting yet been n-ade against Queathec to" her. ' h::u. Xuret is in the Tc-mbs awaic- Gsmes : n S sentence for ha'.ins violated the j Sullivan law ia having a p:stol ia his * « -· ' I The -.vhsreabcnts of Helen Green ccnec-rsed tie detectives more, per- hass. than any other feature 01 the Fri:zied Ham. Cut about a pound o: as thin slices as possible. Put a frying pan over the fire and ler it become smoking hot. then put in the slices of ham and fry for two or tlxree minutes. Then dust them with cry Sour and continue to cook until the Sour is browa. During this time have raised one tablespconful each of vinegar and cry mustard together. \vnen the fioured meat is brown, add the zaTis- tard aad vinegar, together with su2- cient boiling water to cover the 'DSJU. Boil seztly for a minute and serve- Eggs may be ccoked with the haia in place cf the Sour and water. "tiscle-makirg protein ing horse. for the work- ihere fs no surer fruit than the srrape: cone that requires less labor ·^ac expense, and none more tealthy and celicious- Dried Peas. Take green whole peas and soak orer night- In the rsoraiug pour T7a- ter oif. rinse by pcuring belling water over them, then put a small piece of pork ia the bean pot ana put peas in it, cover with water and put in ovea to bake. Keep them well watered aad covered while baking. TTe like them very much. a"d for an economy meal try these with "a geaa johnny peas in 5t, cover with water and put ia oven early in rr.orsiag they will be ready for- dinner. Ceciis. Cook enough cold ccoked beef or mutton to ir.ake a quart, add one-naif cap of dry bread crumbs, one tablespoon of chopped parsley, one teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of black pepper. Dissolve one-half teaspoon extract of beef in one-half cup of boiling water, when thoronshJy dissolved add to. the meat and then two weil-bestea eggs, -ilola into small "balls, dip in egg: and cracker asd fry is hot fat. Serve with brown sauce- _To Cean Knives. t A good knife cleaning board is made = bv taSlr.g a piece of board ten inches long and six inches wide. Tack on to tb's piece of Brussels carpet and sprinkle with fine emery. Knives rubbed on this Trill clean well and with little labor. Other gaiaes postponed; rain Standing of the Ciubs- case. She renzea a room :n as apart- nent at 201 V.'est Or.e Hundred and he-htsc-two weeks herself W. L. PC. s Ninth street darin Licago. i Detectives have established the fact .NATIONAL LEAGUE. 1 that ScamidL rested an apartment net At Pittsburgh--Pittsburgh. 3: Phiia- j far away about the same time, and city, has Ue- · llepubl-c asv'. aille.! organizations. ; Flc^r ........................... $4:30 ! The selecrlon of Detroit was ma^e \\Vstern F!uiir ............... ^6.00 Per b«i ,'heat .......................... $1-00 Iselled Corn ....................... 95 the two will Quaker City- then proceed to the cities in the race were Xew York city,, Chicaso. l«!.'i!e. Ala., and Hous.oa. Bums: on. CouaseiEsaa, ilcQuillen, Sl- -ames fovmd to have been used ir 5^" C5nc'*nnati--Cin.cianaif.1: Brook- several other Instances aad old the ~ -°--'- -· - -· ----- ---- » -'- ·-- ~rc r Kiing; Reulbach. Fisher.^ -Pack-j jasitrcss that I No trace bos he boy was his son. been found of Helen "Brooklyn. 2; Cincinnati, 1 (Hd game) ; £ ~; " ^. ^ ,- j af ho Batteries--Rueker. F:scher; Sowan. | t^een nom !_c . e - _ . _ . . ^~ i One Hundred a.r.d :-,inth street apart- St. Louis, 1: ^{ e ^"| ment cousc. . Batteries Sailee. ^ s c h m -:ir. a-J iiurat are cousins, ac- " At 3:1 l-ouis orkr. 0 (1st game WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weather bureaus taken at S p. ia. yesterday follow: Temp. TVeather. Albany 5S Cloudy- Atlantic City CC Rain. Boston ". 56 Cloudy. BuSalo GO Clear. Chicago... ~ 6C . CIear_ . New Orleans 7S Clear. New York 59 Rain. Philadelphia 60 Rain. St. Louis 72 Clear. Washington 6S CiouGy. The Weather. Unsettled today aau tomDrro' warmer; southeast winds. 3= g; I Special SHOE SALE If You De- ·-ire to Save MONEY Come In ORDERED OUT ;. We have made the rounds and ordered out all of cur Men's. Women's and Children's Summer Shoes, and now \ve are going to Make Them Move. ' ;We offer Shoe Bargains that you cannot afford to ignore.--No one. with feet should ignore this sale.-Remember the sale is now on and if YOU do stay av.-?y, YOU are the Loser. . Prices to varied anil nr.jierocs tooennmerateliere. . C. R. KITZMILLER, -i Tvphc-id Hits Lumbermen. "u"ill!ani-=?'-.rr- Pa_ Sept. 20.--Lumber camps in the Rock Run district, near Kalston. owned by Kobert 3!e- Ewea aafi Slartln Baschle, where severs! hundred men were employed, have ueen. closed on account of a typhoid epidemic. Twenty men have been stricken. Peer water is the cause. For a dry mash nothing -sUl beat two parts each of comtiieal, bran. shorts and beef scraps, and one-half rsrt alfalfa zaeai- A fall garden will prove profitable- Such crops as bears, beets, carrots, csbbage and_ _:nustard jwffi make __ a nice garden for this falL Jn stallion service fees a man generally gets Just about what he pays fen SocEdness slsculc be the basis !" selecting a draft stallica. A cough in fcogs may be the resulJ cf sleeping in dusty Quarters, in whier cacs the trouble should be removed bj giving bedding that is clean- All the growth and thrift that can ie encouraged and maintained dor :n gtho first year of the colt's life in- sura a stronger and a better corse. It is t; good plan when getting ready to -siik anfi before pairing the pail into position to brush the cow's uccei with cry hands or a clean, cry cloth Young plants ia the garden should be protected from cacurnber beetles i^d scitiash bugs by light screens ujC paris green is also good TOI On an average, it will recdre one poand of s 73 ^" Psr week for ten weeks to keep a chicken and i should tveiga about two pounds ~iea st that age. The most common mistake that Is icaee in locating the farm poultry .J4i«c. per Ib. tc · EGGS steaay: selected, Siivder: iiazhewson. Meye: -V-^.T,- ",-«-T- -}- C- T^iiiis I his counse!. Alpcoase G. iioelbie, said. "v7. L- PC. 1 Anil that Schmidt's cousin. Muret. K ; Hed by Train at Pottstown. Pottstown. Pa.. Sept. 20._-- Joseph _ Bustard, of Philadelphia, was struck] by a passenger train oa the Reading ranroaa anu killec. Bustard -was a stationary onginees aad was on his way to the Saoenialter bridge plant to set-are work. His sinill was fractured. GENERAL MARKETS PHIAq-- FLOUR quiet; i;er $-X75g3.SO; city tnills, fauc v . S5.-5 ?-' 5_0- RY£ FL-OUS steady; per barrel, **\VHSAT" --uiet; Xo. 2 red, new, 91 COftX Q;j;et: Xo. 2 yellow. S4SSSc. OATS steady: Xo. 2 v."h-te r 4S 1 ,; : 2 'Sc : lower grades. ~t V' POTATOES steady;, at 65©SOc. per in?aelPOXJLTJvY: Live steady; hen;. Irf 520C-' old roosters. I3c- Dressed ilrra: -2oice fowls. IS^c.; old roosters. DGCT9B SCARES ROBBERS Three Attack H;:n In Office, 3ut Fice When He S ; nrrs DGQ.-. Pa- Sept. 2*. -- Dr. S. A Eroci-t. of B^ir-irct^ had an e:;counte: v.'lth three ::;as"..";l men who coafrons c£ Wn at his c:f:,re Uonr. .is IV.-.O of ili'i r^cn"levelled pistols n third str-ick ijir*- with a. blatkiaek or. the fcrebec.3. DT. ^Brscht kicked ta- door s=ant :ti t'.«ir faces aad the roL bers {lea. "xVithin nn nnrsr th-j sta'e ^nstal.-le- were on the case. Ur, Srer!:t i-,a«l returne.1 fro^: l-irrheim. and think t'ne robbers :.e : "^ved ne had c-nssJe; able money. Two Slalrt. \vcrrarj Shot. San Fra^cisc--. CaL. Scp:. ±_^. r -Mr Kate Ccu;so:5. tl:«rty-cisht jear^ o!: ! was o-:ot 5n tre neck arid George K r vack. riigTit Trarc-hman in a ea - as snd Vv'ill:a.:n Ac'ccr. a caaaff^ur. wet- shot dead alter the three bad bee riding mo?t of tli? night in an bile, ulrca. aiisbsnd of wounded wor.iar.. 5s heln? songTt the police. jli-~ Coulsc^ is beiie to be hurt fatally- To Woiste--i Citron. Before slicing citron. lay it in a small strainer and on top of the teaketa-' for a few minutes. The Btoam will soften the citron and make It easier to cut--National Magazine. It's more "feed" than it is "breed," but without the latter as a foundation the former becomes wasteful exercise. house 5s that of placing Jt so close the otfaer~fana buildings that the cens overrun the latter. Other things being equal, it is uoi the largest hog that returns the saosl prcfit. but ratter. tie beg that makes the best growth in the shortest time and upon the smallest amount oi food. - BUTTEIi steady; fancy creamery. !4c.; near- The Siaine Experiment station tonic for fowls: Pulverized gentian, one pound; pulverized ginger, one-quarter pound; pulverized saltpeter, one-quarter pound: iron sulphate, one-half pound. Mix thoroughly, and use two or three tablespoo'oia in ten parts o£ dry inash. "Where possible, a little grazing at by, 32c-: western. 32c. Prcduce ?v=arkeis- . CHICAGO--HOGS steady: bulk of sales. $?-10-ffiS.7=5: light, SS.40S.10; mixed, S7.S5-??S;i2l~: 'heavy. x,..-?*i S.?5: roagi. S7.i5S-i.S5: PJSS, S3.I3© $.23. -- - ~- ,« *-;· " , " " CATTLE steadv to'Strong:-"reeve?, S7-SO.SO; .Texas steers. SG.9)^S"r. stockers and feeders. $5.40!3Sr cn'vs and heifer?. $3.00@S.T5; calves. SS.5U "" SHEEP stesdy to lOc higher- na tire sheep. $3.75^4.85: yearfins?. S4.S5 g:5.S5; native lambs. S5.S5-;t j~0. The slnmp that the cows make in mills: production due to raidsamnier fiies and short pasture they seldom recover from. The Hy pest is one that can be ameliorated only in a measure, but the shortage of feed should be off- by feeding green foods yntil the VVeH Explosion Kills One. Harrisbnr-. Pa.. Sept. -i.-lighted lantern thoy hac lowered intf a well they vrera renairins on a farn near Canipbcl'.stown exploded sn accumulation r.f gas. TVililam was killed, his sor. Paul badly bwneO and Feorge Mattraess injured. Ha'l man fell headlong into ihe well anj^ was drowned :u less than a foot o' water. We have taken :hs: n^oncy for the farnons Story Clark Pianos. These Pianos are not the oh-:np r.nU non-quality kind, but are made of the best material and carefully oop.structed. Exqr.isite tone and easy tourh. Sold for cash or on ihc r-a^y-n.iyir.f nt Full garuantee gees v. !:h '-.i i-. i I '.;:·. Conie in and i-xTmine them. We hax-e a nice line of ihe latest Popular Slie'-t Musir. Classical T^Iusic. Also Ouer^lic and Held For "Poisoned Pen" Letters. EUxabsth, X. J- Sept. 20.--Mrs. An na Pollard, wife of Xelson L.. Pollard was held by Judge Owen P. Mason to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of writing "poisoned pen" letters. The charge against Mrs. Pollard was made br Mrs. Florence Jones, wife of Charles F. Jones, a local dentist The hens should be allowed any kind of food that is needed as an in, -. ... i, T A-U 15*.*' "J *v-^.v....^ o - | n.llH4 \JL 1UMJU LllO-t. 10 A1GGUGU t*O ^** night will help the cows keep up the turcs froshen wit h the later rains. , centiye ater produc ti on . ·w-rtlllj" f\nrrr **+· 45** tl »-vi A ^\^ ^tOIV» 1* ~ " ' 0 ** *·*** *^ .^ _ Victrolas We have the Victor Victrolas and Records. The latest Grand Opera Singers can be heard right in your cnvn parlor, at a very slight cost. Eclison Phonographs and Re2ords \Ve have all the latest Blue Araberol Records in stock. The advantage -of buvin^ these Unbreakable Records is readily sr e.i. The s'igh: diffcrenc-t in cost * *·* ^ . , " , is more than made up by the decrease in breaKage. Gettvsburd Department Store c-/ JL milk at this time of year. i ."SPA.T'FTU

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