The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 20, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1913
Page 4
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES iaii PHILIP R. WKLE, Editor Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. UNITED PHONE It Sounded Like thunder B» F- A. MITCHEL BIRTHDAY OH OTHER GIFT Uttle Hand-Bag Would Take On A* editions! Value as the Work of the- Giver. MAKE BAUDS OF ALL K I N D S J CHURCH NOTICES Many -Tasty and Savory Dishes Are Easily Prepared at a Very Small £xpe«se. . . I I may have told cf-ihe clever little housewife wiio used to mate a veal Our sketch shows a useful and practical type pie and easy a raetal clasp of vhe shape - _ , . diagram A, on the left of the iHus-j out oi-ner book anc reed joor E'liUiel^ngmaaand was Intro-1 tratioa. Metal clasps for this pur-! - - ·-· pose, v.-ith perforai: se\\iag them on b o 5rspl «.. £li»-- ^ ! °* stev.s with vegetables and uuced to lier at a barn dance. I fe er heels ia love -with her at some attempt ' ? t hair-'? * -hart -HIS " F R REPRESENTED FOR KORElGt ~ADVERTiS!NG BY THE OENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO "! knew scarcely any one therej and stood -watching: a set of dicers j -nrho Trere doiag a quadrille or souse; other of those old fashioned square j dances. "Ullie--.vas bobbing: aix)ut,fe^- i ?n? hanpy in the coascions^ess of Soofc- ii~ very'prercy and sliov.-:njr her long locks, and all" the ^rhUe she v.-;ts firing her black eyes. TOiumn« are open, to all candidates of all parti**- i^^ quick shots at me After the dance I hunied for some one to introduce me to UiHe aud -was successful- The girl had known 1 was ·watching her in the dance, and every j one of her anacs Tvas for me. 1 israsii i \ a danciug niaa and persuaded her to sit oac a dance vv-ich me. Then a mc-e yyi.-in«r. cupper young: rellovr took hvr -0 »- another dance, and 1 looked on --aln. This tisne her antics were for me ell the sa:ue. bat they were of an- orfie" kind. She Sashed her eyes alternately at me- and into those of the fe!- tow 4w iianced \vitii- I wss »o stupid i PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS 'S SMOtcS ' macaroai and cheese or } rj ~\ cheese eprich'edJ with a", meat grav;. Make" savo'r;.^ rice dishes "in .-which!, the meat is a uegiible euaatity and is yet suSeiest to render the compound petizkig. Introduce "salads of ail kinds, ivii or I Tar tables tomatoes or peppers or cue bers or egs plant or -potatoes -.vith 21 \vell seasoned stufflns which" contains ; no meat or only enough to give zest to: i the food. Compose scallops aloug the { same line and vegetable steivs of a I like kind. Do yoiTtlilnk I cm contradicting £27- sslf when I teli you in one breath to simplify life and in the next urge you to study variety? The nvo pieces oi counsel do not interfere \vlth one an other. The time and strength you by reducing the work of keeping your house clean and is order is noi all spent in cookery, even if you have PRESBYTERIAN At 10:30 the subject in the ..public worship SundayJwill be "The Tribute of Autumn". Rev. Mr." Brown, a pion- \ eer of tKe Gospel in the Canary' ( Islands, will speak at 7:30 p. m. Sun-' p ara nraphs Of KewS Telling Of th« dav School 9:15 a. m.; Christian En- i . . deavcr G:45 p. m. \ Happenings in and abcut TQWP EPISCOPAL j Sunday School 9:45; morning ser- j vice 10:30; evening- servieo 7:00.; . f · .... ST., JAMES JLU,TIIERAX . . A special temperance service, as i which Mn Ely of the Anti-Saloon'. League will speak, -will be held by the. Sunday .SeHool at 9 a. m. Rev. Mr. 1 Brown, a returned missionary from the Canary Islands, Avili preach People' Visiting Here and Those visitor v.Itli friends in Gettysburg Rev. and Mrs. \V. K. Fleck have I have fust received a Standard Autonatic UMk Separator which can be seen at Biglerville now This machine is guaranteed to separate 750 pounds of milk per hour, ana as soon as I have sufficient number installed I \vill buy'the Cream at regular price for creamery butter. J.W.Pettis « one. i I am net in the right A. E. as v o'clock. COLLEGE CHURCH aguer. D. D., pastor. Preach- | ^" Ing at 10:45 a. ru. and 7:30 p. m. Sur.-j A- School at 9:45 a. «n.; Endc-avo! society at G:00 p. m. REFORMED Sunday School, 0:15 a. m.; The Misses Kerr re-turned this froni a trip of ten days to Chauaneojpi. Miss Elizabeth \Vhite returned to ttsburgh to-day after z visit of sev- zriL\ weeks at the home of Rev. and service, 10:20 a. m., subject, "A Sermon"; church service 7 p. ni-, si jec'c, "The Faithfulness of METHODIST daughter, . ! V.'iniazn Wiernian anc ·iili:;s Mary iViemin, of "York, are i pper.dlnsf tho day i.'hh friends in A freiirht v.-reck on (.he Main Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.; preach- MarvUnd made it n at 10:30. Subject of sermon. " rhe; Whys and Wherefores o£ the n£cessarv for thai ro , d ^ send a nuffi _ 15 ' Years Delay In Christ's Coming, an the Key to the Old Tc-s'iaraeut Scrip-! *ob in the "world. 1- was"'t lonsr before I H e d was"'t loasr before i-mis going ..u catec «-i u? i Ul ^- c- __· . I«me- "be -vas a" orphan and! though it could be made on tae same { i with her grandmother, an old| Uaes in a larger or smaller size, n ladr deaf as a trolley car conductor! preferred. of strap- A novel feature about it is the little F(J p JHE H Q M E ,, aQ( , Mfs _ Jchn Sv , iiher cf IIan . are swndln ,j 5evera l davs - tures"; Epwrth League at. C:l». --- ] v ... Sl ,-^ ends 5n Ta - nevtoWE . v/ekome to all services. L. Bov.- Ott. i Mr Char!es Lou ; v , ho I hcr Stratton Street: Sunday Scacoi, | ^. 9:30; preaching 10:30 and 7:20. " Is spend : ns visiting , Tr05 . e! ; of Yor i ; str eet, :s York for several davs Kazherine Slam b a «-h f of Dov- for Those \rhose car is jammed than those suggested if aesirea, * eo!or to otaer deaf and. blind persons In that respect. She couldn't see or hear what she should see astl hear, but bad re- ma*-kable facilities for detectlas what was mo«t ^convenient for others forj the costume-with W-U, , ~ ! appear, her to knots-- ' About the time I made nine's ac-. cuaintance her grandmother -nras tak-j her last illness- Lillie loved j are plump the plainest e models are chosen. Bu -^-- I _-_,,-~! shouiders are a turnover collar 1 collar is soft and rather high ac the back. Cuffs are aimed bade, and link :; . Mr Kazherine Slam b a «-h f of Dov- Frienos' Grove: Sunuay Scr.ool. 9:30; | ^ . g ^^ at the homc . of M , ard preaching: 10:30. Mammasour^: « Vrs c ^. Ee j cWej , O n T.'esfc Middle preaching 10:00. GETTYSBURG U. B. Sunday School 9:30 a. m.; Junior Chr:stian Endeavor meeting. i:30 P-i- I r s Geo ,,, e J.'\Veaver, on Baltimore street. Rufus M. Weaver, of Washington, Is at the home of his parents. Mr. anu m.: Senior Christian Endeavor meeting. G:30 p. m.; preaching 03- P.ev. P. C. Hoffman. Subject '"The Eepresen- cive Rock."' J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. BIGLERVILLE U. B. Holy Communion Sunday evening. Sept 21s"c. at 7:4-5- X. E. i acmas. Vogue That Has Much to Recommend It _ _ Decidedly on the increase. The vogue of the double skirt seems Gettysburg Business pirecton; lien to taj tHe tmjs JOB seel. NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 »th bath *a «nft« it HcConoaiy, Prop'*- on want THE ADAMS COUNTY ilore local reading matter than other paper publislied. Price $LOO per year. Special for this freek Men's and Boy's 25c golf caps lOc. Trimmer's 5 and lOc Store. EIGE PSODUCE COMPANY Hijghett Caah Pricei Paid ior aB --FJLSM PEODCCE-- Umder TnM O31c«, Gettysburg E, ZIEGLER Expert Electrical Eepairs and supplies, 12 Carlisle St. Phone 94 Y. -- IF-a weekly paper get CHAS. . MCMPEB --Fire Proof Storage-- "Wareiotssft - for _ Ptmntnre. and Housenold Goods atored any length, of time. W. H. UPTON --Phatopraphtr-- Gettysburg Sonreiiirt the old lady, and her approaching demise vras an aMicrioa to the niece- 1 As for ne, I was bur tvcenty-one years ola and. tad. years before r-e in. ·to do courting, but so impatient ^ ^ _ « ,., ^ - = , !r gea- dracea » !,. -* ^ F -- t n . ' . - w \J*- -J'J-^'.Jr**-^' --"-~ "" be too «ii for matrimony be-j ^ ^^3 in around the ankles. Over "fore the invalid got Into ier grave aiiuj ^^ a . COIlErastfQS material is draped ceasea TO require anennoa- " 1 Qr pleated . IT, the lat Zx-o-tvthac I look back on this period, ^^^ ^ ss for ^an elcnga; .Tc-an see that I-ivas very unreasonable-j es ^ eciallv . ^ i t - f g often T \vould. go to the house and v«uc a j ^ e "" fan ^ v -P Or these doable skirts ·rc-hole evening-for Lillie -nrhile she re-! ^^ " a 0 ' ?K er medium "of expression mafned cpstalrs frith her grandmother. hoping every minute that she cotxiOj Th _ o . come downstairs -or a brief si:^in=j me- One eveninc xv]ea I QF THE DOUBLE SKIRT i buttons are v.-om v.ith some of them " 3y -^'^-y ot a little frivol:ry. ja cots of net or lace provide a finishing touch vrhich seems superfluous the four-inSand tie, but i less in evidence. nevernie Tvhen made up for a slender figure these ~aists set to a'yolze in the uastc-r. YORK SPPJXGS York Springs: Sunday School. 9:00: sermon. 10:00: Epworth League. 7:30. Hunterstovvn: School, 1:30; sermon by Hev. I_ 31. Gardner;--2:20, followed by communion service. ROCK Chapel: Sunday School. 9:30; sermon !":30, folloved by communion service. Soft -eraists o: designs jus the sheer s-tromer irratena!=. ;h the upper one, --hich is j :t, one sees- the colored gar- j -e often 5nished -with crystal cuns -- ^ buttons. These waists are opened at tie throat. , Flavored Vinegars. traited a couple of hours Sa This tray I concIudc-X coasifiering that the old vro- man -xas blind and deaf and her Imperfect senses must be further deaa- ened by illness, to so upstairs to the sickroom, steal in and see if I couldn't get a xrord vnth ~ I tiptoed up the staircase and to the door of the room, which fortunately I j sprm . found ajar. Lillie vras sitting ia a chair --here she couSd see me. She came to the door, and I told her that If she couldn't coaie to me I vras bound to-go-to-her.-- Sfasr ·R-enc back-iaa the room, rcrned the lignt very low and beckoned me to enter. There -nras a sofa placed vrtsere the invalid could 30; very ~ell see it. I stole toward it. and t-filie and I sat uovru side by sidc- with osr arms arotmd each other. iiispere-j more love Than toQay. are employed under transparent bodices. This Tise of. jibbons under sheer traists "was intrcfiucedi about s. year street- Mr. and- Mrs. Clarence Gordon, of Wavnesboro. and Miss Mae Emmert, . 01-Philadelphia, are visiting James 5 MclIhei:ny and family, of Knoxiyn. Mrs. H. M. Hartrnan and daughter. Catharine, have returned to their hem*; on Baltimore street from a visit in Hanover. Mrs. Anna Eyler and Miss Anna .Mosey, of Harrisburg, are guests of C. E. S'-visher at his home Mrs. A. W. Fur.t. of Spring: Grove, received 6-J nos: cards on her birthday on September 17- Mrs. Funt has a i number cf friends in end about Gettysburg. Preparatory service Saturday at 2 p. is. Sunday School Sunday at 9 a. m.; Koly Communion at 10. Junior Endeavor at 6:15; Senior ar 7: missionary a GOOD -VTTR -\CTIOX * " - "*" - "- ~ Vsude-.-iUe Feature Coming 3Ianhattan PlayersI -with SALEM L- B- The app-earanee of the Manhattan Stmday School, 9:00 a. m.; preach- Players at the Walter's Theatre all ing 10:00 a, m.. by Rev. P- C- Hoc- j of r.e-r -.veek. starting Monday night; man. subject. "Christ the Smitten ] rnsh the usual matinees, promises to Rock." -J. Chas. Gardner, pastor. j set tne pace for popular priced theat- EENDER'S REFORMED jricals here this season, and if the pat- School 'at 9 a. m. and jronage is not more than ordinaniy a little onion fiavor, is made by §rat _ _ ing tvro large Spanish onions and let j are aehing at 10 a. m. "ihe pastor Tvil! i good it cannot be attributed tu the ting ties: stana-srtta. rs-o teaspoonfuls'" - -- · - " - -* --- - » '·· ' - -^--L. 1. ^ ^ n ,,,,,,,_ In spite of the fact that, it has reached the bargain counts stage It is still a feature of many e: Quisite toilets. Saturday September, 20th 1H" BLUE AND WHITE'STRIPES" al Little Frock That Combines Serviceability With Many Other Good Qualities, for an hoar or so and then rt of viaegar. Bcttie this and sliake the bottles every day for a couple of -weeks, then strain the -.-isegar through cheesecloth and bottle ir in sraail bottles, corks and keep in a cool- dry place until it is wanted- TE = -s better to bottle it pennaapntly in small bottles, so that -svhen only a iittie of it is -wanted only a little need b tmcorked. coni- -HC Sfty. I eoartl talk in a year, ana tc IKS beard by eacii other -ere scarce!;, uesdeu to -srti^ner. for ivies I spoke] tay 2fs taiiched her coral ear. anl] --hen sbe spoke Ler ISps were a ajii- ;ionia of an inch froa mine. "vVbo's there"" came from the in T-iHIe arose. Trent to the bed anc 2kesl her ztaaSinother if sbe vrnr.tec anytisin^. Sbe re:»"e.l tnat she th'-'UghJ ae beard w-hi-per:Bg. Lillie toicl be: :hat sb-_- raust le ralstifcen. put hei har.u on the sick -^-.crum's bead tc ^·--jthe her F.T.£ Jo5'l her she had better trv to eet a KUJe sleep. this or Btc she s:i!d no more, ai:l .ie, after tt-3C"J=g her a»vhile. came« to ~e. I had been vrishins i bcr^t the remains of the drus the o5d lady's ear viith a rflmrod nt -«hjn]:e came back I felt bet A practical iittie frock biaes the regaisite coolness -srfth serr sceak on "Jesus'" Call To Use Jiiin." " ARENDTSVILLE REFOR3IED Regular service ac 2 p. m. ST. PAUL'S :.I. E. ZION South "Washington Street. Preaching at 11 a. m.; Sunday School at 2 p. m.; Christian Endeavor Tneetin:|: at 7 lack of eirort on the part of the management, for r.o expense faas been spared to make the ilar.hattan Players one of the leading attractions of the season. The Sisters Russell have been sacured as s. feature vaudeville act carrving over a Ton of special scenery p. m.; sermon ar S p. IB., subject. '"The jand electrical enects--They-will ?re- Sin of Drunkenness." A cordial T?el- | ser.i; tnexr spectacalar-dar.cing novelty come to all. W. 0. Cooper, pastor. j in four beauty rransf omiation num- ibers. The sisters present the Grotto ~' " I dance v.-ith a -R-ealih of =cener- fol- DOES God care tvhen mars suffers ? j ] o -srea by the radium dance in the The citizens of our-to-^ -»viil be-given {flashes of many colored lights, after aado~ lace here. This is ae- velopad in blue and ivhite striped voile- The stripes are about one- quarter inch in -width, ~hich gives a suSciently dark tone to the frock to make it eminently serviceable- The upper iglf of blouse aac sleeves is of -vhlte voile heavily em- oroifierec at tae invisible joining ^ritn. the stripe. Tae neck Is cut ia T shape shOTv- 5sg s. small yoke at the back is Eggs Stuffed With Cheese. Stuffed eges are al-s-ays -welcome, ^rc^^cSesSoiTSeS 1 --- P^ ***** TM ^s interest-i ^ hich Xellie Eusseli appears on the hard th*n remove the volts: mash ing- subject tomorrow (buntlay) at-, p. globe, and Smsr-es ner act wa theni v.-ell and add an eoaal quantity rm. in Walters Theatre. Evangelist i- j a beautiful rainbov- scene \vnen botn of grateS cheese--tie yellovrer asc p. Zink, of Australia, the speaker, is j s « £ rers appear dancing in a night ·snappier the better. Add paprika and jjo-^ Baking- a tour of the Western j scene cf a. snow storm. Ladies" 15 cent salt, also a very little mustard if ^ fr | Tjamisphere, a large turnout is ex- ; ^fckc-ts are being issaed for Monday sired- Moisten -Kith meitea cream or olive oil, according to one's preference. A fe^ drops of onion juice may also be added. Spinact makes an agreeable garnish for tins dish. To Remove a To remove a the head broken off driver against one side of the head, a"ad -v.-ith a small block press firm!? ; pected tomorrov.-.--adverusen:cr-" j r.igbr.--advertisement LADY canvassers make S4.GO daily, f selling comple'ie line of ^adies" r.scss- j CO3IING EVENTS A fail liae or \^. However, "sre 15dn - t think it pru-j Oi saaao -C-,- -o a 0 a T nior^ Tvhisperir,- and? a Toand collar o: blue satin reacarag "* " ' - 3; | to the shon-der. The girdle and baud i*el into -srtnch the sleeve is gathered are " of dark bins satin- The skirt has a. beta are finished by | Emma Kuhn s _ 2kHUiiwtmwmiffliraimunnnnfflnnHnHHiiiuH!«$jnnH!H»niiimiHmmifliiuiiiun:uiJH5'jsi^ _ from = 1 iK«k*i ard sorae old letters and = | \V'^L.Z I 'zzd. to say--very short sen = * ts^ca?. 12 every ooe «f vrhich. the wore = I ·"iove" S?^rc-d conspicuously. = I ile^, issreafi of choosing, as is sup- iikelv to choose] tc! f*£, appropriate ls ere quite piC-In turic aad Rinasng the Changes. The outdoor girl -will find a suit of TO THE LADIES ! Shampooing, Ekdrical Facial asd J Scalp Massage, Manicuring, SaperSa. ous Hair EemoveI. !( Mr«. Ziegler, Phone 91 Y. 12 Carli=le ~ i t *. rf5*t-?* ,nr T -rr*-^ Q ""'"lllj C I A ^" »-vix^-_7» *jii - "" **-* -1 I ^t-^C-^^tiel^h^rabvai striped Sasael or woolen material a = ! IS ^^^d^oSan: cnd^t 1 «^H possession *be »««*.»»£ = i rzSt ^e^ choose the moment tc xnOi a neat yoke at -a»e bac. a-c a paper) and asls] straisat cut :n -· , .,*___ _ t ·*vi*^i ** f*f*i"*TT Tt^'" C%A *»f"'-fk*Ti w l Illfe ' * v *-*- *· v »**--'*-- cu- Vji-^ «*^ ta /».v.^ -- ^ I »s*-i X *^ ir~/^""*rfir* AJtogether Too Literal. Boarder "(tackling a tough steak, ro 1 Orcnard. boardlas: house keeper)--"Wbea you vndertook to provide me witlx bord, madam, I was unaware that you meant to do'BO literally 1" FOR SALE . My 23 acre farm, one half | mile east of Guernsev. | Good buildings, Fir.e yoke at -the front, may be -woni uraover collar and cuffs a kaot^ec scarf of self-colored against the screvr driver, at tie sai^ ^ Christian Endeavor time tensing the screwdriver and the; -- c - n " \; or _ D i st rict Xo. I. block. The screw -will come out almost ! as easily as if the aeac vras intact. ! Xir-ron Field. ; --1G--Lutheran West Pa. Syn- Conven- | ° meeting. St. James church. ; Occ. IS--Gettysburg's second annual Bendersville- September 24 1913 j Farmers' Day. Program \ftcraoon-- ±30 O'clock ' Stir together asfi bring to a boil ono ·- qnart granulated sugar and one cu -rater. Add one box gelatin, dissolve^ in one cup cold -aater, aac boil miautes. Add Juice of a lemon orange and cook ten minutes more Cut in squares aad roll ia pulverized ] sugar. A substitute for candy. Can You BeUeve i his? Service _ } ^alare's most deadly antipathy " ] D»votfonal Exercises - 1- M. ilolTman; sectas to have been overcome. A rat Music by Convention _ ,, | TVS killed in a produce company s To stop soap into a thick paste vrftn a lit-! j all adult rats that come ia sight. · · Brough Bushey Guernsey. ttosally a sr t" case from the sickbed. dear:" -e. and 1 in color j. Another day its oomer can 1 -wear her coat and skirt together vrilh **!i«o, graz-fima." ; " "Ob, I though i T heard soinetMns Cat BOtsnSfed like thundez." | ~j.v£ v/as Erst -csrea mecncinany, ana j 't izzz not until the seventeenth cen- twry tint It v-as Indulged in as a bev- j sragp. Of lts*tJ£ tea has little nutritive ra!uc-, but increase's respiratory action and baa a stimulating effect on the a;rvouj» system. _ ar.d v.ell turned out, or the skirt may be wcrr. or. th' 1'nts w:*-li a -«c-i:- PossimistJc. The best luck z.ny man can have is never to have been born; but that seldom happens to "ij i Address Charles Culn | ! solo iirs - Joseph Arnold ] andyeI-i A w o ^ d t o ^^f^x.BJcV 1 : ? Music by Convention - .-*· - __ ~ "T --O rt /^'wl *«w»Tr -. Apply this to the place | Evening--7:30 O'clock e,leakage^ is_ and,it -will tsjs rtT1 jr Ser-dce I. K Taylor j £I: a tnat "vvorasi co'Iect.23 -- -, _. n e ^f nntt- mErs. 5sh ai.a ^ea, failed to the leakage. UL and,it TriU t s j Song Service .- ^ ^ ia itjl -| er.d tnat w 0 ;a=^ «-^-. --^ ^ ^ Instantly stopped. A visit from the 1 Devotional Exercises ...... - - - - - - - - - } fan the poetic ores, bn- - -- ^ Smoer will still be necessary, but ] Rev Joseph Arno.d . to tie fact thai ^oaan n-s.^^.^J Nereis no special hurry for more radi-L^ Reports f rom Dg^s ^^ I ier pedestal » to che UnW. 1 Address V.V.V. - - - Prof. C. F. Sanders ^ Miss Mary V» e-.dnar j cal repairs. Cooking Vegetables. To preserve the color of green vegetables, put them on to cook In bo"" ·water into -which a pinch of salt been dropped. i Recitation i" Mus'C by Convention i -fhs "Aiisgsd Gentleman. " e =* 1 Address ". Kev. Deitrich · Tbis atal aol ice ^ Jt ='-'-S! Solo , ^ -= !a K , a ?P posted in a Cardiff club. H ^ . has | Recitation ... Miss Harriet Garre^son j * ,, eIlt i el Kan -n'ho took _ _ Collection j . * ° from Mr. --'s color recently the al- A good grain mixture for chicks is two pans cracked corn, two parts cracked wheat, two parts kafir and one I part millet. Collection Music by Convention Benediction i Each society in District No. 1 will i out tl - - ' to report he is u , or " paint poultry O f the master hand to their ^^^i^b^^yhaveand-the ^ ^ we ll -TM£ t*- Gazette number added during the last yeai. ri£ht f U l owner. --Pall MJ1 faazrtte. Also to tell why they hold endeavors, i ^ . - - SPAPFRf

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