The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 20, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1913
Page 3
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Auditors . Report/of Gettys- turg School Accounts Summary of Statement prepared by j the auditors of the Borough of Gettysburg, of the*finances of- the School' District" of the Borough? - of Gettysburg for the Fiscal year ending July 1st. 1913, and of all receipts, expenditures and credits whatsoever of all School offices and of - the assets and liabilities of said District- general School Account. Receipts -By L JU Taylor, Treasurer. Balance on hand, . .$ 177.47 Taxes ." 10,034.78 , State Approp'n, .. .3,799.60 Tuition, 1.149.CO Proceeds of loans, . 1,500.00 · Miscellaneous, .15.75 Total "receip'ts for year . .S1C,677J!( " Expenditures Teachers salaries,§10,400.07 Janitor's Salaries, .1,114.00 Offices, 310.00, Refunds, 15.98 Loans repaid, 800.00 Repairs, 332.74 Miscellaneous, .-49.SS Books Supplies,. 1.72;.31 Furniture Fixuires,32S.30, Collection fees, 279.41 Fuel, 855.19 Freight express, ..32.17 Light current, 64.2G Postage. 12.07 Advertising-, 10.75 Printing, 31.51 Insurance, 7.20 Sprinkling, 10.00 Water. 150.21 Quit Rents, 9.00 Enumeration, 25.00 Medical Advertising M. M. Fenner Co's We Recommend the Kidney Pills for the KIDNEYS, Bladder, Liver, Bowels, Dropsy, Backache,, Rheumatism, Catarrhal Conditions etc. Ask Dealer for a Free Sample FORSALE by The People's- Drui^ Store Dreaming to Order. Dreams can b'e made to order by out* sidtrs.'but not by the dreamer. Yell "Fire!" in the ear of a sound sleeper or allow a sudden draft of cold air to play on the back of his neck and he will dresra to order, but he can't go to sleep viitb his mind made up to fireain of feny certain thing and then actually fireain of it. In spite of this 'act, books are sold in Europe v.hicii tell what one must do in order 10 dream the lucky number Is the lottery. A Decade In Transit Br ALICE T. SURGE NOTES NEADOWBROOK MHk and Music. It is a linle fact tbat the most delightral music at the present day"Is produced bv playing on mllk- The supply o. ivory novradajs does not to a great pstent meet the de- . niandT Strange as it may sound, skim { What a receptacle for miscellaneous ( articles are books! When one closes a j book be or she--most probably she--j will take up almost anything *° mark | ih.e olaee. Then. too. things that may | be" well preserved find their way be-' tween tbe leaves,of volumes. Flow-' 8£? ers. photographs, old letters, bits o paper of a!i kinds, may be shakea out of books. Oae day one,Joseph Werner,'a raan^ of tisirrv. strolled Into a library to cose : William Pittfj milk fonas a substitute. It is used for making the keyboards of pianos. j a out among the volumes oa the · and in appearance tais hardened sub- j s be!ves- He was a scholarly fellow., stance is harciiJ.T. cisiiagtilshab'-e froa j a -,j t !, e books he sought were such as 1 ivory. i few- PUBLIC SALE Interest discount, .12.50 Auditors, 30.00 To'l expenditures, 10,619.13 Balance o« hand 58.13 1G,G7 Building Fund Receipts Bv I. L. Tavlor, Treasurer. Balance on hand... 168.22 Taxes, 1.2GS.73 Loan repaid from General Fund, SOO.OO Total receipts, S2.230.95 Expenditures Bonds redeemed, .$1,000.00 Interest couoons, 700.00 Tax, ~ 4.00 To'l expenditures, $1,704.00 Balance on hand, --532.95 -S 2.236.95 General School Taxes. W. H. Frock, Collector. DR. To taxes outstanding last audit. CR. Bv amounts paid Treasurer, 492.17 By commissions, _____ 25.50 Bv exonerations. ____ 44S.13 By Percentage included in exoneration. ...22.42 988.22 Outstanding' General School Tat. : S633.71 Peter Gulp, deceased. Collector. DR.' To duplicate olas percentage, .. I... §11.99 * .08 CR.' Bv amounts paid Treasurer. 7.054.55 Outstanding- and now charged to H. . Bambaugh, .. .S-3.S43.03 H. E. Bumbangh. Collector. 'BETO taxes uncollected bv Peter Culo. deceased, S3.843.03 CR-' By amounts paid Treasurer. 1.581.95 The underszgised intending- to quit housekeeping v.ill sell at Public Sale at her home 4=i miles from Gettysburg on the Jlidge Roau, Tuesday.. September :j(kh. the following real estate and personal property: Light two horse wagon, very suitable for huckstering, one baggy one ec harness good as new, one cultivator, one set fro::t gears, collars, bridles, two horse blankets,"" ladder, axe, hoes, shovels, barrels, old an£ young chickens, also household furniture consisting of Art-Ideal range with pipe, no better ever set up, two burner New Perfection coal oi! stove, parlor stove and pipe, kitchen cupboard, buffet, safe. 12 foot extension table, half dozen dining room chairs, good as new, half dozen cane seated chairs, parlor stand, couch, two bedsteads, two bed room stands, one bedstead and bureau over hundred years old in good condition, three new kitchen chairs, three rocking chairs, many odd chairs, clock, wash bowl and pitcher, knives and forks, dishes of all klnds,-spoons. pots and pans, parlor lamp, three sniaH lamps, three piir- rors. pictures, lot of empty jars, blinds? lace curtains and poles, two screen doors, twenty yards striped carpet, ingrain carpet, ten yards linoleum, malting, lot of books, bed clothes, table iir.en, doughtray, jars, jugs, wash tub and rubber, cv.x- lard cans, mail box and numerous other articles. At the same cime will be oSered home consisting of 20 acres of land, improved with a seven room frame house, good ham and all necessary out buiidrngs. plenty of- fruic and water, two wells and two good springs- land in good state of cultivation. Sale to commence as one o'clock ?har0 when terms vviil be mace known by MRS. HATTIE E. BOLLIXGER. J. W. Hoffman. Auctioneer. C. R- Fissel, Clerk- Also at the same time and. place. I will sell my safe driving mare. v. ith foa!. also one rubber-tire buggy, good as new; or.e second hand buggy._ two sets buggy harness, one set good as new. one sec gears, collars, bridles and bakers. J. W. HOFFMAN. V/hsi He Would Do. A young lacy visiuag her relations { ^ on r. fzirra -.vent out in the yard to wateJi ber young cousin play v.'Uh a. cbJcicn. V/atchlng bi^a for sosse d=2C- £=s asked liisa: "»V:Uie If thac «'^ 5^.^-0^ -.Yore- to lav an c~g wb ·woulii you. do wHa It':" Ke looked up | car*d for. Passla I s,be:f saarfcea "History." be look down« Te pa-e 1 a copy or -Josephs," aa eraicent Jew-; Ssls historian, xvbo wrote during the] t -entury or tie Christian era.: Give the colt free raage. Spade -up the chicken yard- Select the poultry for the fair. . STOCKINGS FOR YOU! . tmr* experience in selling Hosiery. helped by Parcel Post m*ke thete otfcrs po*uble. Br Mrllin* DIRECT FROM LOOM TO YOU w. 50c. RED HEART SlLK KOSE at 3 PAIRS FOR $1.00 Doobl-^ole and docb!t «xrr« faith «riice^ --H !c£.o. Vurf Silk boxat--e!«*tlc lisle : faU lenicb--iuJI £asbt-a«J--bghr -v colon. Black. White msd Tma. Quality Red Heart mvery day Hose. AIwx we can tn c you brtcr v*lee than %oa-cani« E .»TMbcr,= ia MERCERIZED - :'USLH ROSB «t · ,. ,, ', - , .4 PAIRS FOR $1=00 Ia»n,|tei^ or* csei jusi weight--dotjbje ·oFc~~7--otifc.c £u£^* ·pt*ccd nccl^~" double garter cop--colors ne* er Ude--White. T«a or Slack. T J . " Send 51-00 isd stite ^*htch y^a prefer. THE RED HEART HOSIERY CO. *· 41 UhlOX SQUARE, SEW YCRK CHT BETTER AT THE PS1CS THAN THE BEST AT ANY PRICE. at gro-jad ezrjy. i ' i winter It :s hard to fatten a stunted' Turning over the leaves, he cade upon =n uaacNhed Setter written ia a TTO-J can's band. The words "Dear Joe" i T I caught his eye. and since bis name j was Jwe he was interested. Glancing! chicken. Scald the tiiem in the set Good dfgesilon of the food w!H lead jn o' more eggs. lt ' D *-· | j j p pictured in bis mind the history j -- j C f t {j e vo!u:ue from the day the letter j Stage's Loss Literature's Gain. j {j a (j yeeu placed in it. A girl was writ- j England's censorship oi the drama i « a j, to a man. Some oae entered the J caused Fielding to tara from play- { roo rr w ho:n she did noc wish to see i ^^7 ·wright to novel -a riling. Fielding bet f, o »ettt-r. "Josephus" was lying j gari his literary career as a dramatist,! ererj O n a tab!e. She placed the letter | and by bis political satires brocghs j " - · ' ' "'-*· *" about the establishment o: the censor- j sb.1? In "ilZ~. the bill being introduced · by \Va7pole. one of Fielding's v:ctia:s. · The cost of a cow Qf ^ ^ b * is only the firs; j considered. aafl hej . brood b keep the book and closed ic Either she · o ^ g ^^ foreotien it or bad been called, j -" ~ k nsain. The I lences - feed gets scarce :n pastures o~s"s lor trying the $2-00 EXCURSION TO arid nerer saw voh:l:ie ivuh the letter ia ft had found \Vith playTsrriting thus barred to islm, \ i^ -Tar Into the library, \vhfre ii tnay j he turned iiis a:teatioa 10 lie noveL j no t !s:ive been ^opened up to the pres- j ! eat time. j Had Gone Too Far to Change. · \VhHe Werner was dreaming about] Little Helen and Jae: had grcwa · t:se h-tter he was looking at the chi- j Try and raise some product on the farm tbat will bring ia money every day ia the year. The heifer bred too early always remains stunted in growth and her milk ,, . _ , , . -- .. i - - » ^ * - A ·*- · S*-«*aH*J---* ^^^(-£l.^V* i-i · I-' '* t-* up tosether. a- w-en Jaci nnaily ro^-^y. It reminded him »· ^^t-j outgrew cresses ana donned a:s Srsr ! i B ~ : ! ;: .r t ie bad seen long ago. Ic was j trousers Helen lushed ihas she too. | a!1 Verv vague, but there was some- Tfee AvreWre and Guenrse ,- t v P es be c'.iowed to hav« s. pa:r. =-j: Jac=r i th ; n ~ jae^pressibly tenuer connected j Q , daii _, cattle are increasing ia said: "No r you doa'c, eUber. "ca^ss ! vtrith ic He slanced down to see who j , *· vcu siart^c out. ~o b« a. girl and yo«"v got to bune. keep it up."--Chicago VOU'VQ | V .. a3 ;t. ?-"-"', isheu t the middle western states. e writer, bat since ic was unSn- j ' here was oo signature. j Solne .^ the se _ of the ^^ga ! His mind drifted back to a period | , OTrl fev Jts wattles Ti , ose of the male j Eboiit tl e time Ebe letter vras written.} re do ' uble the Eiz e c r the female. i Perhaps it was an association T-nro items are essential in draining. Secure a good outlet and provide a regular descent for the water. Sorr.- Situation 3o ! ' I'erUaps '.t was an associaLJOU with The managers oC a 3rook:v n ceme-1 '^ UanCwridag: He was then enter- tarv advertise: "Graves fiaely'skcated, «°S u ^» ^ ls Erst, ana thus tar bis surrounded bv the beauties of nature.! on! -"- |n «-- ^«^ delishuul tnat grad- commanding "a Sac- view of the bay. j « a! f '^ a = «' ^-'° - TOl5 f" aearts! Lov- and, in short, asstins everv require. !n - "' as :!s ««'~ ural as breathing. Then ment of tne hunan familv. People" v.ho j «««« tb *-' seriwiw pan. Be was abouc have tried them cannot 'be nersuadea! » =" : '- r -: -'' » Sghc on the worlds bac- t!fie!d for a Eiring-- a competence. " nave co go elsewhere-."* Peflacra Dt:e to Flint :n Water. Professors Scala and Alessacdrini of the "university of Rome have an- nouneea the discovery that pellagra is due to the water cf tse affected districts, which contains coslc-cal solu- a fortune. He. bad spoken bis love, wiiich ·srns returned, but the girl muse have t:nife to think about it. Sbe was farseeing and thought it unwise to earrsije herself to one wfao had not yet even maue :i start. ?be would let him But he fecow before went away. : no£ hfar from ber. ons o£ fi!nt_ The disease can be. pre- 1 \vfc;: e ihns reverting ^to the past his vented qv adding carbonated chalk l ve?; v-ere- Ssi-d on the letter. He read Amount outstanding. 82J261-07 Total outstanding General Tax S 2,899.73 Special Tax for Building Purposes. W. H. Frock, Collector. DR. To taxes outstanding: last audit, S255.27 CE. By amounts paid Treasurer, . 71.25 By commissions, 0-75 By exonerations. 27.0S By percentage added to exonerations, 1.35 S103.4C Less over payment ...4-22 S99.21 Due on Building: Tax, §150.03 Peter Gulp, deceased. Collector. DR.' To duplicate plus percentage. ...1,409.51 CR. By amounts paid Treasurer, 912.97 Outstanding: and now charged E- Bum- bau?h. .S526-54 H. E. Bumbaugh. Collector. DR. To tax uncollected ty Peter dec'd.. - -S52G.54 CR. By amount paid Treasurer, 184.51 to to the \iacer. eve?; e~es widened. 3.nd, crjiwing z. long breatb, bs sa;a he coaicn't do it, because he couldn't support hlmself- I will be In my room on ihs Square over "StaHsmith's Store" on second floor, every Wednesday -afternoon from 12.30 to 8 o'clock, mm FI SEPT. 23-26. Reduced Rates via 1 Ctiln. Due on building tax. S44.03 Reading Railway On sale September 23rd 5 £ ·srithoiir Lnmvins tsiar he. was The ivriter evidently was giving to a Poor PrsvJdsr. iovt-r nsi ansiver st:cb as he bad booed old negro is Te~as was asked : A to r«-»-ivp- he ~as £o;iis to T~^S L A~AC. He vrisaed I.*;irin2: the volJime on the shelf, he to knov.- hcvr he ^rc-Id have to pro- tool: «!it- It-tlt-r in a -window, where he ceed. On being toid that he had tc j -osild r«-t a c-Ii'iirt-r riew of the bands-Rear to cuppcrt the constitution, b f s j v.-riting. Ir oi«U«-d more familiar than b-fore. (»radn:i!!y a belief, came to him that t!.e !etier bad been written to b:ai He reiuernhpced the date that he had i^fr home, aad that on the let- tcr vras the fl.°.y before bis going. As b« looked ncd continoed to loofc the o'.C. funiiJinr b:'ad en me back to him. Thf-re vrns no asi-?takins it. The letter B;:t it bad never l»_-en sent. YVhy? Ahl There was the mystery. The ie-ttcr went i::to TTerner's pocket i^ of the vo'i'-ae in -svhifh it bad be»n inHf-.r-d. II- knew where tbe v.--i;»r iirod. rborsh be bad not seen her sin'-t: hi part-d with her a decade a co He dotfrnnneG to go to her for 33 explanation. They stood face to face. Each rcc- o:rr:i7pi the other. He drew the letter from Bis ;-ocket and handed it to ber. Sbt- looVod at it in woaner. rec- ccmizii:c: it. hi:t **· id^atly being dazed at boJfiinc it in her linnfis. "IIoTr did you come by this?" she n«;keL He related to ttr- the strange bap penln:: !T -ivhirb '.e and the letter had crifi'-fl -o rhe Kbrssry nnC met there Her memory i-eeincd to be confosed is part, though as to -writing the letter it -was clear. "I vrrote tiiis." sbe said.'''!!!" day be' fore you J--ft cs. Mother saspected ! tiint something was oetween us and bad 1 advised that wo reninin each free until you were able to rvarry. Xevertbeless I resolved to answ- r you ia tbe aSrtn- ntfvc. While ! -n .s -wTitJDg 1 heard snotbor coming. A book--I don't re- j i -11 n i mornber what bx)k--Ia~ opcc on tbe Undersigned Will sell] "r^near me. I pnt the private sale, his farm I letter in 3t cr.d c'o-cS it. Wool that cornes from the back of a sheep is good, bad or indiCarent. according: to the manner in which it Is fed- Animals afflicted by parasites-- csn- cot do well and these pests spread rapidly and Increase fast in warm weather. In the long run It is always a £OO3 plan to give a cow a dose of some iax- atlve at the first symptom or judder trouble- Zoolooieai Garden AND P H I L A D E L P H I A Philadelphia Reading Railway Saturday, SEPT.J2T, SPECIAL TRAIN PUBLIC SALE WED^CESDAy-SEPTEMBER 24. 1913 The undersigned will offer at Public Sale on Wednesday. September 2-ith. 1013. S.T. his residence on Penn street. Blerlerville. his entire household goods, which is all praciicaHy new. having; been used bus 3. short "ume. 1 buiret. 2 leather rockers, oak writing- desk, davenpor;. bedroom suit. :j-9 x 12 bmssels ruprs, 9 small foras- sels rues, brussels stair carpet. ~L coal range. 1 gasoline ranre. library table, round dining room table, snuare^ ft. table, stands, rocking- chairs, ^and many articles not herein mentioned. j Sale 'co commence at 1:^0 p. m. j-Rrherc I wiii no fittinir. or I will call on j \ Terms:" "3T" credit pf sir: months on'all: yTu~'n-' r ""c''.isvenieni'e, I f sums of S5 and upward with a note j on any Thursday, upon rt-c---:pt o: To=t' ', a^d apnroved securitv. i card, flease cail and see the Snireiia j EDWARD J T ' ' Ii-a Taylor. Auerioneer. WDliam Kapp, Clerk. Experiments sh ! Trith strong vitality and j masculine characteristics J largest cains. that chickens plenty make of the The aphis can be controlled by spraying v.-ih the tobacco or kerosene solutions. Alficifa yields from to three times as muca as clover or timothy, and :s nore valuable nay. C- r-IYEES. Xew Oxford, Pa- Spirelia Corsetierre. DODGE ZUILUS "EASY I 5J Easy power washer. Easy hand \vasher made of steel and The successful poultry-man is busy tne enrire year and uses horae-grown products if cheaper than those procured elsewhere. From From "= Centre Special. . Ly. A.M. ·_ ^-iVri/Sr-SS .:.^;,.:':.'8:36 .'.'....".8:44 Mills .7:48 'BrandtsvIIle 8:50 Special Lv. A. M. Biglerville' ." ....... ' ........ 7:40 1 Carlisle Junction Guernsey ................ 7:44 1 Boiling: Springs BendersviUe / 7:52 jD. JF. Junction ." 8:53 Gardners : - - -8:00 : ¥ Rosegarclen T-.~. 8:56' 8:03 ·''Grantliam. 9:00, 8:10! Bovvmarisdale _..-. J . 9:04 t 8:161 White Hill 9:15 8:241 Girard Ave. (SlsfSt) -PM. 12.05 8:SO : Reading Terminal(ar) P.M.12.15 Idavllle Starners Goodyear ... Hunters Run . Upper Mill .. RETURNING--Special Train will leave Reading Terminal (only) 11:10 P. M.. for above stations. ressure copper: utilizes air-p \rhichiseasy, fnctioniess and! harmless. Circulars f r e e. j A premium to those buying] from our agent. DAVID KNOUSS, Arenltsvillc. Fa, Private Sale T^ at situated i.\v -. O railCS north- Total special tax outstanding-. .SoOO.03 j Summary of Resources and Liabilities 126tll, good General School Fund. ' Resources. Cash on hand §58.13 Outstanding taxes. . -2 3 S99.7S |\vest of Orrtanna and two! ,, . r /- , ^ for return unti j miles SOUtn-lvest Oi, Cash j tifvir.c her. I was but seventeen and " - September 27tb, Inclusive. on^, . . GO.OO Total Resources. .82,95 -91 - liabilities Bills pav- able,-. $1,500.00 1.500.00 Excess of Resources over Liabilities, 51,457.81 Building Fund. Resources. Cash on hand, ,8532.95 Outstanding taxes, 500.09 1 Total liabilities. .18,oG4.22 I Excess of liabilities ^ ^ over resources, -: S l7.oSl.IS We. the undersigned, duly elected Total Resources, .$1,033.04 Liabilities. Overpaid taxes, 4.22 School -^ Bonds, .18,50C.OO Over due interest town, in the apple belt, contain ing seventy acres-45 acres clear; the balance ia timber. R. R. Grrtann "Motber s=ked me what I was to do ahom vo:J . ar .a i gave ber an evssfve answer. Siie drew a promise frem me to take no action witbont r.o- uncertain whnt to do; therefore 1 did nc. Tbe Setter remained In the Board and~of the Tax Collector of said District for the fiscal year er.dinjr July 1st. 1913, and found them to be correct, and that the foregoing are true and correct statements of said accounts. Sept. 1, 1913. M. A. MILLER. GEO. A. TAYLOR. HARRY D. GEISELlttAX, Borough Auditors. SEWING MACHINES FOR SALE BY B. D. SNYDER Hi H;»no\er Street, Gettysburg. Pennca Rh PAIRING A SPECIALTY book, where I bad placed it Ween we ! gave up bonseKeeping, leaving onr j home. ~we sold all our books to a deai- | wbere yoa found it I can't Iinagine , unless the Hbrcry bonght it from the ) fiealer." j "Your mother, who was present," he your tne, it up :his let- finished, signed, sealed and sest J Kotfains remains but to make tip for lost time." did. alfalfa pasture has been found to be very valuable for hogs, the hay as a part ration for tvinter is scarcely less important. If the little ducks cannot get to grass some kind of green food must be pro- t-lced- Lettuce is the very best green food that can be provided. The gasoline engine comes in handy on tne stock pump ~hen a spell of tares or four days dead calm comes and the windmill takes a. vacation. A small fat sheep always brings better prices than a large poor one; but it the larger sheep is also made fat it ·will command a much better price- Dairying makes the farm attractive. other things being ecsa! the dairy farm is neater, more sanitary and looks better to the passer-by than ths other farm. In making a house, economy of Soor space, simplicity of construction and convenience 5-i handlir-g the fovrls are 'he n^ain things to be arranged for ia the bir.lcir.g of the hoase. It has been estimated that if all. or nearly all. of cir fanners ce-^d be induced ?o discard scrub fo'sis and use the increase d be 100 per Tickets include Admission to Garden only pure-bred poultry, in value of poultry -wo-j cent. If chicks have no stamina, get stunted, or are diseased, it is the careless, ignorant or lazy caretaker -who la to blame. The older a hog gets the more 5t costs to put a found of meat on hitn. O?;r. evnersrnont stations have estab- :ished '.this fact bejond all argument 'Sariy. to' market 5s 'he way to capi taliza'fhls ir.formr.rion. _ r* ? A calf that has or.e half of its mother's rr,5!k will pnt on a hundred pounds of weight a month Knd at three mon-hs it is eating and car be -weaned Such calves at six months will we:gh nearly as much as a year oid calf that was taken away at once from its mother. Calves can -well be fed corn ensilage as soon as they are old enough to be fed solid food stuffs, but they must not be overfed. The vrell knoTvn Washington House, opposite the Western Maryland Railroad Station, has been leased by -John D- Kane, -who as proprietor will in the future, to the best of his ability, endeavor to sec that all patrons of this established hostelry are served v.-ith the best eatables, of the substantial and solid kind, as also with the best of liquors, both spirit and malt furnished anyvrhero. The fact that }Ir. Kane has a large acquain- his friendsjmd patrons as visit SJjm. " FlfsICS PRIZE-DESKS are served at this bar. both on draught 'bottles. - ' " New Fish and Oyster Market Fresh Fisb. and Oysters Daily Give me a trial. F. W. KAPPES, 22 Carlisle Street. . -

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