The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 20, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, September 20, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VcL XL No. 277. Gettysburg, Pit, Saturday, September 20th, 1913. Price Two Cents. LAMSON HUBBARD E\LL AND WNTER STYLES For Sale Bij ECKEPvTS STORE ·'On the SQuare" | Newest Shades and Shapes in | Men's Furnishing Department Window WILL DEPORT" CELEBRATION FOR HOP IK'S M THE LINCOLN WAY ETS O YEAR · Immigration Authsrity Finds Hop: Towns and Cities along the Route to, Former Resident of L;ttlestawn Sen- Lee's! Son in Gettysburg, after · | Five Years' Residence in this j Country Obtained by Trhk. j Have Big Demonstration o n j Friday, October 31. Ho Arrange-' nsgflts Made hers. tenced in Lancaster County Court ta One Tear's imprisonment. His Troubles Surprise. * So **o Ban Hc:i. "he voauees^ son of j ^ T itli local eelebra-Joss from coass j Prof. John W. Lansisger. a native of Hop Lee, who conducts a laundry oa· H coast all along ihe route of the lin- · Littlestown, former treasurer and gen- ibis' eo n highway, oa the night of Friday, j eral manager of the stare normal PROTECT COUNTY LANDS FROM FIRE LETTERS FROM: COUNTYTOWNS Posting Warnings over Forest Land j Correspondents send in Many Items in Adams County, Pointing out the I of Interesting News from their Great Damage, Direct and Indir-j Respective Towns. Personals ect, from Fires. Forest fire posters, issued by the department of forestry, ar Karrisburg, are being posted throughout the different sections of Adams county, particularly the forested regions. The nos- and Many Brief Items. ter, 14 inches by 22 inches in size, con- 2:30. FOUNTAIN DALE Fountain Dale--Divine services in the 31. E. church this Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. Sunday School at St. Jacob's at 1:30 p. m., preaching ,at trasts vividly the advantages of protected forests and the curses which befall as the result of forest 6res. Sometimes people see forest fires start, and do nothing to extinguish them when they are small. They do not realize that the greater the nre the greater their own individual loss. The unfortunate condition is that the ier- j great evils resulting from forest Sres [ is home on a visit for a f the are R0t direct, according to statements Charles Warren made -SLo-.v S:arts 6:43 COMING ission 5c. : that place. Evidence v.-as produced this j Ouu.-oIKi weckcoasmc-iic"!-MONDAY, SEPT. 22 "THE MANHATTAN PLAYERS" SeaL- now on sale s.t People's Drug Store. Prices 10, 20, \ morning- by Charles i United 30C-1 Inspec j EO shovr that Hop Lee V Mallet will soon be a reality, v.-iii be decorated j Srst note. Instead Lansinger discount- stripes, bunting \ ec the second note aiso and appropri- tne Lincoln j ated the proceeds. Lansinger was short in his accounts N E W P H O T O P L A Y ott°n his son into this countrv bv ] S300 to a notorious syndicate had iUe^ilvi Is some towns there will be parades,: a"c the normal school, it :s said, and .1. | band concerts, motion pictures of good jthe discovery of his peculations caused road building: and BFOCRAPrr VITACEAPH A COMPROMISING COMPLICATION ...................... The Iiuly »x:-au left h«r d«rfen-e:«=s= lov !c-nch a;u: a. bally boy appears with MISTER JEFFKESOX GItEEX EDISON of "smugglers, xrho operate ia Hong Orators will tell abou i many speeches. | a- sensation. Lansinger stood high in out the urgent, need j £ -£ Masonic fraternity, having been a Kong , ina and San Francisco. Thev , . ...................... Biosriph Com«iy cec ured t^e vo--jr -nan'« ad-^ar- ver pHol hl-U v.ith bnn.iife, or. .1 park i secured die \ O -- g 31 ---- ^ ------ ~. a ihuorons la-iy and 2i:ys bi:n. on the plea tnat ne was tne^son 01 ll:s mind is employed tijinjf to set his bo-iy ha-.e an: hi= :ntnd a: TI£E LION" Hither d U-r? iis ca A TASTE 0 la order to meet is arreued at ibe meeting piacfa and b very repent him at_ihe police court. Biog-raph Comply C iy out of work, so he electees to iTr Chinese merchant in San Francisco. The merchan'c in question is a friend for the Lincoln highway, and the not- ! deputy grand master, and he was in- able character of the man arter whom | strumeitai to an extent in obtaining it has besn named. Tney will paint the j the Masonic Home for Elizabethtown. Lincoln highway of the future, cars.- | vans of wagons, farm machinery^ au- j MRS. ADAM NOEL nesoay, at 3 p. m., after an it when she idemices Philadelphia on August 1-5'ch to be allowed to return to China the latter oar; of this month, it being necessary to do this in order that when he re| turns co this country he will no: ex- For new styles in ha? hemst* now. but rbrcuisate enoajdi to be a patron o£ The . , . , , , . . hop no\vs tsSt he need not seek any m Pniladeiphiajvrmen were assea nim icrtner. Our handsome and .elegaEt jbv/chs Inspector, Charles V. Mallet. - ! «· erated without toll charges and ma- I AUTUMN HtJNTING suit? and over-coats i Der i e nee anv diScultv in again being %L2*~TM *%£ Bitted, in answering the ques-ons 2. cia%-3. terially aiding in the prosperity of the - X ,;,.,._ sections traversed- i At these meetings plans to rename | each section ''The Lincoln Way", be broached. Local designations to be dropped. Markers will aiso in- I dividualize the hlghwav- It consists of 11 !' chree-day-fe-She-was aged-S2-years and She was a daughter of the late Heny and Martha Spalding. and was born about 60 years ago. Most of Rock. a stria of red three inches wide, white Sfteen inches m '-wiath and a blue! . husoana Qlea 2 ^ 7^ rs leaves two sons-Eaward Noel, , - , - - . . , stna three inches wide, witn a letter --t, ' . S oi JlcSnerrvstown. and Arthur " ^-"^ - one br Will M. Selligman, Cash Taylor. On September 16tfe, we will inaugurate ! charge of- his son Dan tion, j The fact of his having a son in Get- jtysburg, of which the authorities j knew nothing, led to an irrrestigation '- being started and Inspector 3Iallfc";, ac- i w o d s i r c o n f f i g h w a In type,are aiso on the Barker. The aromoters of the b:g memorial - A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. companied'by United States Zvlarshall ^ In the D'solsv of Sui- fabrics for autcaui. now ready | LIPPY STORE f ttsere :s r.o TOGUJ lor doubt s= to the correct fashion or true cnahty. § Early choosiaz is. best criO'3S53i:._ I J. D. LIPPY Is Tailor. m @ si J. "W. Snyder. of Harrisburg. arrived m. town on Friday evening, and assist- · ed by Officer Emmons cf the Getcj-s- [burg police, mace a thorough Investi- ! gation of Hop's place of business and jhis reputation In the community. | Mr. Mallet, after securing the In- j formation necessary, left the case la '.charge of the other two officers who _;.watchedJHopIs.pIace^alLnight_f earing: j that the boy migh'c have secured information that his case v.-as being in- | lO^acmldren and 2 of Littlestov,-n; great-grand- srg to in in this ration buc no · one here has taken in hand arrange- ! ! morning, requiem nign mass being . L. Auj e on the f; ments and it is probable that Gettysburg wiil allow Her neighbors and '= ^ 0 , , , , . :»Ji Conewago Chaoei cemeterv. o_tner places on tne route to conduct j _ ~ · the jubilee. " ~ given out by those interested in forest Drotecnon. This Saturday evening the Brethren congregation of this place will hold their annual Love Feast. The Lord's supper and feet washing ·srill be observed as practiced by this sect. There will also be Sunday School on Sunday morning at 9:SO, Breaching at 10:30. Hiss Bessie Tresler, of Kagerstown, 'ew weeks. a business -, crip to Emmitsburg last Saturday. Diminished streams and iliss Esther Porter, of "^"aynesboro, impure i is visiting Charles Young and family water may not oe noticed for several \ for a few days this week, years. The gradual increase in the? W. C- Tresler, orWgynesBoro, was a price of wood may not be attributed tc the local fire. The money that might have been brought to a community because of its beauty is not missed because it was never expected. The failure of farm and fruit crops is blamed 815.00 CHEQUE j COMFORTABLE NEST i Particular Hen Chooses Comfortable ' vestigated and try to get ou i localirv. the Lynn Sheads Gets Prize for Finely! Xest in House. Dressed "Window. A hen owned by George B. Snively. -- Lynn, the s«n of Mr.-and !Mrs. -John L. Sheads. of East Middle street, who was manager of the J. C. McCro) one of the oldest residents of Shady Grove, near Kagerstown. has develop- Sve and ten cent store in Chester at j However, everything was the time of the Srate firemen's con-' ^ ed the trait of laying her eggs on the - j cushioned seat of a chair in the Snively 1 Student Supplies== 1 'The Approved Kind" I Soda Water, Ice Cresm--"The delightful sort" I Candies, the kind you always ask for. i Its the place to meet your friends, | in the sound "of"the Yictrbla music. I People's and Huberts I Drug StoresT Sun: flHHiniHiinmi HnnnimiUHiinnpiuinnininmnnHimn»nuniininnnmn»inmnnmHnr»s e known j peaceful daringr the rfgfet and shortly i vendon sersa! TM e ks ago has «-j" J "\."·"^ ' I " rie " » «f Ued °» Mm i.^.*. .·** *. »^ «,e u^ c: fo ^r^ HS^^LSESME mane placed the having tne nnest aecorated Trindo-- in ; ^^ p is Chester at ths time of the converr*-- - upon 'the weather" or "the bugs' 7 when unquestionably the real cause was changed forest conditions ia the neighborhood. The poverty of a region G. is blamed upon "hard times,"' "the ad- { ~ E ministration" and other indefinite things. Forest fires have made tree growth impossible, hence lumbering and other industries dependent upon the forest are impossible. The soil is too steep and too poor to farm and is constantly getting poorer or thinner. There is nothing to do but to move out or starve. Fires may increase the berry crop oi "che^pasturagefor a few years but the final result is far less than a crop of forest trees jwould yield. The words on the posters are as follows: Stop forest fires! They are a curse to the people of Pennsylvania. Forest fires destroy--Existing forests, possibility of future forests, possibility of labor, beauty of a region. comfort, homes, lives, prosperitv. Protected forests increase in value. They furnish labor, promote industry, afford recreation and sport, make a region beautiful, make homes safe and comfortable, make life worth living, and a prosperous state inhabited by a contented and industrious Which would you rather have: Forest fires, noods, disease, destruction, devastation, or, green forests, pure water, health, thriving industries, prosperity:-For information respecting Pennsylvania forests and tree planting, write Commissioner of Forestry. Harrisburg, Pa. visitor in oar town last. Sarurdav. Misses FJne, Mabel and Nellie Kline, 3azel Warren, Xoca Tresler, and Messrs. Bernard Tresier and John Condon spent Sunday a* Pen Mar. Corn cutting seea-s to be the ord^r of the cay at present- There will be a normal crop in our section notwithstanding the dry weather- 5-. E- Gladhill aiade a business trip itsbcrg: last Saturday. Lewis Linebaugh, the young man. who left his horae so suddenly on the 7th inst., has been located in Balti- Tiore. H. L. Tresler and wife, A. A. Treser, wife and daughter, Bessie, were Sunday guests of the gentlemen's -nother, Mrs. Margaret Tresler. | three otilcers ·*-! young man under arrest;. When Hop was questioned by Mr- Mallet he truthfully told all he knew and produced zhe papers which the == j United States authorities in San Fran- p ; cisco had given to his son on the oaths = ! that he and zha merchant had taken guests 'were attracted by a ±1TM * - ^ c *"· tae w^eauoa. i-wjse at the door, and Mr. Snivelv ex- V. nue our nremen were unsuccessful 'wi.,; r -i ^i. -- ' . - - , . ~. " _ . · piamea thai, ii, was nis hen sinsins-' offered Trade Gettysburg, as ^sual, was not reDre- U ye- , he hen beK1 ,,, ^ _ . . . . - . . sentec witao-at receiving some notice. *,«- 7«n --,, - - ln g to the door, taoping against it with *,«- 7«n --,,?·-; ~-^ · - ^ Mr. Sheads is the y · - ^ a signal for of any cf the large J that they were son ar.d father. Of 1 coarse, this paper was only a further which extend in a i verification that it was the case of i United States. | another Chir-araan gaining- admission j to the United States by illegal pro- !cesses. [ Young Hon will be deported just s.3 j soon as the necessary legal steps are : Taken, and the matter is seized by the i proper authorities at "Cvssbineton. youngest manager | the door _ 0 be opened . j; enteri McCrory stores ; ilrs . Hen ^ the cus ^ oned clsair chain across the I PAINFUL INJURY LONG LOST TVATCH n of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Stahiey j Hurr in Factorv. ', Find Watch Lost in Fire at BiJlsburg Last Jane. Palmer Stanley, a son of Mr. { While workmen were carting away ^ | Mr. Mallet spoke very highly of = j Hop Les ar.d said that he wocld do all Ir. and | debris preparatory to digging ou =st Mid- ; foundation for the new Lutheran out the j Mrs. Abraham Siahley, of T\~es die street, tras painfully injured Fri- ! sor.age on the iits of the old one decay afcernocn about two thirtv j be depoi'ced so that he may ?ranv iJm. if not across the Save Money-Tliat's what You Bo, When you get Dr. Hudson on tho job. He don't farm you with any xm- * ecessary trips at.your expense. That's -not his reputation, j at ?f 4ny phone. Call DC. Hudson; the leading Veterinarian. ' - WHIPPED ICE CREAM land tea business In town, ilade over our orisTtra!* formula by a secret process- ^Notlnnsr finer than tlusj-^^ ^,3 -^^0--.daaghters can 1x3 niadc. , - ' " VANILLA; CHOCOLATE." PEACH. /5c osart, I5c-nint. "5 and ICte a plate- S^las i r , Ice Cream -*e. -GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN I possible in his jurisdiction to arrange; he had the misfortune to g- | to notify Hop juss when n:s son will j hand caught be~een tse rollers of a 5 was lost in the fire, he not having had } machine kriowa as a "sander" at the! time to save anything-. While the ^Resser f umirure factory. The power s works of the watch were damaged by 1 was turned off of the machine but not! the heat, the case shows little signs of - FREE LIBRARY Adams County Teachers May Havi Free Use of State Books. County Superintendent H. Milton Eoth has been advised by J. Georgt Becht. executive secretary of the State Board of Education, that an educational horary for the use of teachers and others interested in the study of the many special problems in education has been established by the state and bulletins giving accessions of nev, books and pamphlet will be issued from time to time by the board. The library is expected to be ci special benefit to teachers in the public schools who are frequently called LTTTLESTOWN littiestown--Mr. and Mrs. Syivanus Lynn and Mr. and3Irs. W. D. Nau and iaugxiter, Huth, spent Sunday- with Mr. George JUayers 'and family, near Singsdale. · ' Mrs. G. Harry Stover and son, Edjar, of Hampsteadj-Md., were visitors luring'this week in the home of the formers daughter,- Mrs. Howard Stulcz. Mrs. Emanuel' Kqontz, Mrs.. Clar- * ence Koontz, and Mr. and Mrs--Grove \Iorelock and son. Allan, visited John T. Koon'cs and family last Sarurday. Mrs. Paul G. Hartman and two children, of Honeybrook, are spend- ·"ng several weeks with the families of Tacob Hartman and W. G. Little. Mrs- Margaret CasseH returned TO her home in Westminster, last Friday ivenir.g, after having spent several weeks with the family of her sister, Mrs. Carrie-Harnerr---- -Miss Catherine Bish, has returned to "ier home in Union Bridge, Md.. after laving spent some time at the home }f her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Byers. Mrs- Raymond Baker, of New York 3ity, who is visiting her parents, Dr. ind Mrs. C. P. Gettier, spent, several iays during this week in Hanover, the 3-uest of Mrs. Ward HaSner. DANCE Xavier Hall Scene of Fraternity Dance Friday Evening. The Theia Phi fraternity of college antertained at a dance in Xavier Hall Friday evening. Mrs- W. A- Granville ind Mrs. H. B. Nixon were the patronesses and the guests included Miss Frances Sheely, Mis5 Bumadette Fhomas. Miss Edith Watson. Miss Iary Watson. Miss Virginia Tudor. Miss Irene Barford, 3Iiss N:r.a Radi- aecom- United jbefore the young- man's hand was [having gone through a fire. in 1871, and for the past tvreiity-fiv-e; drawn in uecween the rollers nearly up { as conducted his lausdrv | to the -p i years has wrist. He was placed on one of: a the factory wagons and brought up to ] in j China, and also anotzier son in the fd^Sundaes made with tK 3 ! Um " ted States. - Since his residence in _ - * tne united States he has -returned' to j his "native coimtrv four times atid will "RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT make his fifth trip back just as soon as the trouble is cleared up about his I son. expecting to accompany him back FOR SA.LE--110 Acres, o miles from Gettysburg, 10 acre? young limber, bal- jto China if the government does not nreo farm land, 3 room, brick house and pantry, simmer how-*, low bam, sood | take action ot ' nerwise , conditfon pnu/p and ciittti,, n.nnins_ water to bam.hog.oea wuh ~ "-buggy bouse, v.ood hou-e, public road between house ana barn. I n cement rice 42CO. 4! ise, large room s ,wide hall and farm and almost level, slopes to ea-t, Pric WANTED at once several boys ar.d girls over age of 14, steady employ- land in good state or cultivation. ea«y to ' ment and good wages. Apply to Penn 84000. Works, Aspers, Pa.--advertise- 'JtUNTv PECTfl'f/ N", Real Estate, Masonic Building, Getlysburs, Penna. jrnent Dr. Hartman's office at once had the member dressed and resting as comfortably as is possible · 1,500,000 CANS S ° f Ccrn __.,,. , TT r^ he j M!ll - zon and a Halt r.ow is ; Hanaled. considering; the painful nature of the injury. This week will about wind up the ! corn canning season in Hanover at the i plant of the D. E. Winefarenner Com- FOUR pairs of good half hose for | pany. Estimates vary on the corn crop men 25 cents. Dougherty Hartley. -- I this season, but it is generally stated advertisement 1 | that it was a fair one, and came out ] better than was at first expected. The Hanover company was not as busy as during some years, but they put up WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtan- Compauy.--advertise- na ment THE Adams County Nursery offers a fine lot of fruit trees. II. G. Baugher. proprietor, Bendersville Station; Aspers Post Office, Pa. --advertisement 1 about 1,500,000 cans. TAKE the big Steamer "to neighboring towns. Phone High Street "-advertisement fairs in Stoner, .. . , i L' rnicn thej- nave access. This is oar- Stout, Miss Sarah Seau. of Ge'c- ticularly true of rural communities. It is the iurpose of the state board o: education to have the best collection of ! books and pamphlets available. \ ysburg-. and Miss G. 2. Mills, Prince Edward Island. Canada. FUNERAL NOTICE Funeral of John W- Benner \vill Held on Mondav. SECOXD OPERATION Boyd Has Piece of Broken Rib Removed. Brief funeral services will be held ac the home of John W. in Mt- Jov be j Robert Boyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. | Tames Boyd, of Orrtansa, who teas seriously hurt several weeks ago when ~e was dragged by a horse rake, nn- I ierwent a second operatron in the oy township Monday morning at nir.e { Chambersburg Hospital Thursday ·VTnMr. "Pnrrhfr ^prrrirAc tr-ill foVi · _ _ ^ _ _ , . . - _ _ - _j- _ - i _ o'clock. Further will take place in Mu Joy Lutheran church ar.d the interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg. SALE: on account of threatening weather, Mumper's sale has beer, postponed until Tuesday afternoon ac one o'clock, Sept. 23. Charles S. Mumper Co.--advertisement 1 when a broken piece of rib was removed and the youug- man is iow getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Soya visited their son on Wednesday. 1EWSP4PERS 500 yards of wide fancj' stripe Persians, Brocade*. Moire ribbons special priced at IS cents a yard. Ail che 23 and 30 cent widths. Dougherty £. Hartley.--advertisement 1 -IWSPAPFR!

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