The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1913
Page 4
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Published Daily Except Secretary and Treasurer PHILIP R. BIS-LE, Editor for 25 cents per monti; CURRENCY BILL ~ J S IN HOUSE FlGURES'lN TRAGEDY Dr. iWurel Held as Counterfeiter and Zech, Girl. Medical advertising Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. admiflistratiflfi Measure How Sees to tte Senate, Ayer^s Sarsaparilla Toj3icaBdaKera4ivelncreasesstreBgth. Restores healthy functions. 2"io afcohoL Sold for 60 years. Ask Your Doctor. - - j f r Cornell. -_*-·*· x^l?::** J5-* PHONE ' i!?S££?«« of Centre Sqoare, Ge^sbu^P-sy^ j S ^ Adopts she Initia- -HIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR ADVERTISING BY THE CENERAL OFTICSS NEW YORK AND CHICAGO fCitvrt- »5s- One cent per -word each insertion. Two StWJxSto lewtonon. of respect, poetry word. TO OUR HEADERS Our advertising cclumns are open to all candidates of ail parties. Retgns. Washington. Sept. 1?.--The admin-f ; .strauon currency bill was passed by j the house by a % ore 01 2SO to Si. » The sue^s'are, cor-tplered in detailed. conside-cuon. alter three days of ef-j VOT 10 amend, reached a final vote] practically unchanged in its essential j ro\ isions. | The anal vote brought a number o^ to the support 01 tie ^ ^ Tvre::tv-i"our Republicans . otedTior the bill and three Democrats j ote.1 against It- , i Applause greeted the passage 01 the j ·11. The three Democrats who votec,; ·"fast it were Representatives Cal-1 ovay, of Texas; Elder, of Louisiana. { nd vv'itherspooa, of Mississippi- | The Repabhcans voting for It were: 3altz. Browne. Gary. Cooper, Cramtoc, Onion, Esch, Farr, Fess, Trear, jsa-as- en, Helgesen. Kent, Lenroot, Linqui ^ Public Sale | On Saturday, September 20 | At Stock Yards in Gettysburg. J A carload of Horses and Mules @ Thirteen head of Males, t\vo and three years ^ oid,Vith plenty of bone and size, \vill make large ^ mules when matured. © Twelve head of Range Horses v.nth good size ^ for general purpose horse or farm use. @ Sale to commence at one o'cio ck, reasonable credit \\iil be given by, Now Is the Time to Get Rid of These i I'LMPLES'ALL OVElfFACJS. [Cleared by Saxo Salve After Everything Else Had Failed. "Miss* Bertha Timmerman, Salisbury !Centre VN T --Y-, says: -"About, three ' vea-s~ago mv face began to break out v.-ith pimples- They woyld be red and tore at first^ and in^a- _sho"rf time would gather, and then P- would have 'ro Diiieh. them-out. After "a wliile my face v/as so sore I could not." bear ~ to touch it.-1 tried many "remedies which were recommended, but they did not do a oarticle of good until 1 thought Ugly Spots " !. . ' ' /-i-i :s Thero's sx ;i longer need of feeling the ashamed slightest of vour freckles. as the prescription othine-- doable strength--4s-gaarsnteed to remove these comely spois. Simply get an ounce of othine-- double strength--from your druggist and apply a liule of it night and morning and yoa shoald soon see that even zhe v.-orst freckles have begun to disappear, while the lighter ones have vanished entirely. It is seldom that; more than an ounce "is needed to completely clear the skin and gain beautiful clear complexion. Be s'-jre to ask for doable strength crhine as this is sold under guarantee of money back if it fails to remove freckles. nothing would help me. About a-iveek 2«x I wen?:'to Lat'tle Falls to visit my . I bought only jsing it a short time, it began to help me, until Mm_my face is quite clear and all "che , pimples and eruptions disappeared.'' ^ In i.11 forma of eczenia end all other trusted or scaly humors and eruptions, rt . ^ ^ -- . C*^!..A ^..^n, . _.t«-^k^ *i r-r^»«-»ic-V»»nO'il* PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs ef News TettM| tf the Happenings in and atari TSWP People* YisitiMi Here Md Those Sojourmn|£Elsewherr. has -returned from at- Gocd Scads' meeting at dztcriiiuuig- '- * * | ; 3!r. awL Mrs. H. T. Wesyer,-.o£-,Bal- tirppre street,~are visiting relatives In Saxo^Salve has given aston good results. George F. Eberhart returned Thurs- LV evening from Pontiac, Michigan, : r ' w h e r e he was-the~ guest of the Oak- . _,, ^ . We have so much. confidenc V *? liilVtr toU -.Illitll CV121iU=il--t --= *"*,, , -»» s* j-% -hat we give back vour monev if yoajlana -.iotor Car Company. " ^ _ ,.. , ·*-? « t T-v *" e~* 2 ··* · TT .-» T _ - 1 J Uhe Daughters of Rebecca in Cfcam- jjuarantee it. Sc-concl Christian Endeavor Conven-j lion. District No. 1- » *! bersburg this evening. of Pitts- jinc'..- have pointed to t^-- marked Dr. Erai A. the . o= a r:o Jc£in«ie tvi- ,-«.. fou-sr, ot North Dakota. The Progressive vote split, rwo Progressives, Representative Temple and of Pennsylvania, voting a«t the bill. Fourteen others voted for it. They were: Representatives Bell, of California: Hmebaugfa, Woodruff, of Michigan: Kelly, 01 Pen^ ^^ McDonald, Mana- « h___ "burdock. :olaa, Xorton, Rapley, and" Thomson, of Illinois; Llndbers'a id Stephens of California. passed by the house the bill ^ow goes to the senate, where a long period c£ consideration before the Bankins: and Currency Committee awaits ;r~~ it will nrobably be several weeks before tae measure Is reported to the senate, where further debate is expected to delay the final passage 0- the bill. Some house Democrats were fci- r-Iined «o loolc wiii disfavor on--an. amendment incorporated In the raeas- .:re with the endorsement of the bank- lag and currency committees. The amendment proposed by Representative Fess. Republican, Ohio, In- _«-*= v r ^ M S P «c«v« ^ C c ; j.^..,.,,:^- s e P ! c j u , e . as 'ieM as z«.c also sbo«Ti b i-« a^iE aJ-ti Foot Callouses Removed Quickly Anything on your feet,, that" shonWn'i e" there--^whether corns, ca!!ou»^ O T »re luiapa--tbe-y can all be reiuoveu is: short order bj- Punioni's- Com F_Ktractoi-. Think w die pain yoa aresaved wh\as tijat sore corn ^oes. -.*" foolish to experiment with untried remedies- better usr- Pistnam's Extractor aad the^vork will be done" quickly asul vsth- ouc pain. Putnam's Exrra-tor coats 2oc per bottle, sold dh'd -recommended by jrugHistsand People's "Drug Store. 01 i NkBlil BICH is esiii Who Attacked Him Baltimore, Sept- 10.--In a terrinc 'nand-io hand combat a^.tl Iniurlatecl negro. a--e Tiltlcn occurred in the garage * ·_»!_ \:i a. crazed armed~wirn~an his residence, 227 utav,- Place Charles G- Girth, former president o^ rHo. G-.ith Clio-ola-e Company, shot ana _ - - - . _ - » _ _ . * - Forbes and Forney NEW EAGLE HOTEL Capacity 400 Soom* -with faaih en «uit« Ham t McConomy, Prop's. Special for this week and Boy's 25c go 1 ! caps lOc. Trimmer's 5 and lOe Store. SICS PRODUCE COMPANY Hig'nest Cash Prices Paid for all --iFABM PRODUCE-- Utdef Times Oace, Gettysburg- TR__. - ~"""-t.t.' TM -ou -want a weekly paper get THE ADAMS COUNTY NEWS More local leading matter than any other paper p-ablished- Price Sl.OO per year. CHAS. S. MUMPER --^Eire Proof Storage-"Warehouse for. Furnltoxe and Household Goods stored s.ny length of iitne. S eluded a statement that none of its provisions were calculated to repeal moitev standard or to disturb the par- \ ta Uv o£. nvoney. Representative Glass I -o _t- cfiafrman'of the Banking and Currency i Committee, declared that the amendment only inaae clear the meaning of the bin as originally framed- A fevv- minor amendments, changing phraseologj or desisnett to make clear possible ambiguities in the bill, were the cnlv cues adopted In the consia eraricn'of hundreds of amendments oaered by Republicans and Progres- sl\ es. _ Representative \Vaters, Progressive of I*ennsi Ivania. ofiered a mouon to recommit it v.ith Instrxietions to incorporate a provision to prohibit ia- ter""oelaiis directorates in national banks. This was defeated. 206 to 71 On roll call the vote stood 266 tc- 1CO Acrains^ recommitment. mortally wounded, his aa The negro, George Murphy, vho ha Ber.dersviHe, September 24 1S13 Program burgh, is the guest of Miss Elizabeth Cox at her home on Baltimore street- Mr, and Mrs- J. P- -Haranau, - of Hanover street, returned lasfc evening from Atlamic City where "they - spent PUBLIC SALE IATURDAT. SEPTEMBER 20. 1913. The undersigned Executors o; the .vili of Kenry A. Young, deceased, v.*i!l offer at Public Sale the following val- Afternoon--2-30 O'clock Song Service Devotional Exercises-- D. M- Hoffman Music by Convention ; Welcome Address -Eev. Joseph Arnold j some time. . Recitation - - - - Miss Lillian YVeaner Mr. and Mrs. Chanes Ecscer, of Ste- Recuation ; Miss ilary Eppieman j vens street, have rerunied from Fred- Why -AC- ha've Endeavor^..._.... -^.-- ^ er ick, where they visited'the last ten The Ladies Octet j days. Address Charles Gulp { Miss Alice Martin, or Lincoln aven- Solo Mrs. Joseph Arnold i ae ^ j s spending several days with A word to Endeavorers ...--.------;;!frfer.ds ia New Kingston. - "Rev. JS.. B- C- Inomas- ." . Music bv Convention. .' -JSS Anna McGuigan, 01 Cnamners- Evenins--^1^30 O'clock j burg street, is visiting for several Seng Ser'.'ice LL. Taylor; ^.g^^g v.-fth friends in Philadelpnla Rev. Joseph Arritld; °"" " """ '**"" Renorcs from Delegates So?o . - T Miss Jean Lower, Address Erof- C. F. jSanders | Recitation ,. 3Iiss 3Iary ?rusie by Convention CHURCH KOTICES BIGLEPAILLE U. ,B: Companion 'Sundav evening, ;lus!C nv convention . - __ _. - ,,,..,,,,_ Address .-.:...-'-- Ilev. Deitrich j Sept, 2Is"c. at / :4a. ,. B. .S. Thomas, =; c }/ '. .'. , ~ I ^ola Kapp J Castor. ' "~ ·'- Recitation .. - Miss Harriet Garretson " YORK SPPJXGS'M. E. YORK SPPJXGS'M. E. Jabie^Per^af-Rr^erxy ;_nd~Eeal ^sietv 5 Co^enrion ' York Springs, Sunday School, 9^:00; Es-cate at the late residence of the] - ^eiiedictioiL* ,-. ' - sermon, 10:00; Epworth League,-/:30. widow in Cashtpi.vr, ?a.. viz: 1 wal-j j^;j, SO cier\'" in .District^fo. 1 will'. Hunters'cown: Sunday" School, 1^30; nut parlor suit in fine condition. 2-nnej Blea=e sen d,two "delegates "to report 5^,.^^ bv Rev . j^ ^_ Gardner, 2:30, marble top centre _ taples. 1 PF'? r ! how rnanv. members the^liave and the} ^^^^ ^ v ^ ommu ^ OR service _ j^j. School, 3 :30t sermon . - ...,,,,, ^«-- _. communion service. PJJBLIC^SALE -, Luther vv. McGarvev; t»astor. ' Estate- BIGLERVILLE LUTHERAN Preparatory- service Saturday at 2 p. m. Sunday School Sunday a'c 9 a. m.; Holy Communion .at 10. Junior Endeavor at 6:1-5; Senior at 7; missionary at 8. - - -----" · ~a= - SALEMTJ. B. i^ iiTtlie hearc of the fruit Sazdav School^-9:0b i. TO.; preach- ^jciii.. j. ^".---^-,-,---------- _ , , ijr vaiuaouixxeai j_i_i-ic. ing of pillows and eases, sheets, kets. comzorts. Tjec. spreads. 2 OK coverlets and brussels. 'ingrai .Jl^«i-J^ ~*~Sy- _-_*^-*--_'J ' -- -- -- -- --- tv. situated at Center Mills. .., nine miles "^ oruaseii,.. iiigiiiv. *^u. -'-s "---· ---· i /-,,_.,,_ -\rnis; on th» T . jL,I^ looking glasses, queensware, consist-t^eace- j-U-aon ^Q'^J-^-^- -- j.Ir. G-ata was arrested ana Is being helfi pending an Investigation by the For several cays, according to 3Ir. t'i. itarpby had been acting strang- . He -v£3 inooiy and insolent and d gives 1'ttle attention to "his du- 3S. "\Thea jlr. Gutii -srent -o the gar- to be dri\ en in iiis car to his ot- Cce, :.lTrrra;v still in a sullen and d. He respondeU inso- 1 good iron k ke'ctle, lamp The mill is known as Center Roller tive'Ubck.. J.tChas. Gardner pastor. one half mile from Caslitown -R1LLIAM E. ZIEGLER Esperr Electrical -vs-srk. Eepairs ar.a s-pplies. 12 C^r Is'e S- Phor.e S4 Y W. H. TTPTON --^Photoprapner-- Gettysburg Souvenir* HELD AS FATHER'S SLAYERS B-orhers Chargsd With Patricide to Get Estate. Stoc'Kton, Mo.. Se?_. 10--Charged It'n itnpilo'.ty :n the murder of J. C. _-iaiimciif.. their father. Oscar Ha-a i inons. a raerchact. of Dannega^. Mo . ind Albert and Arthur i-.ammoas v. ealtr.y farmers, of Cedar coniity- -.\ere held in the criminal court here. fee body of the elder Karnmon. bearing three Dullet wounds, was found on the farm June 12, -ast- i_:o^c nmioris. fourth SOE, charged ~o~ t-e state w^h ise fata] shots has not iaeea ic«ud dei eloped that tte state will attemp. to prove that t'^e foar brothers c-on- spiroc to kill their lataer in order to get possession of a valuable estate. :entiy to his employer's orders Hr. Guth rebuked his saarrtly. The rebuke seemed to inspire llur- -ay v-'ita a -'jrderous irenzy Ke piclcea up an axe that lay near at hard -ir.a made mad rust for his employer Vr. Gtitn managed zo evade the attael: and ve=;t back in:o tae house nrccure«i a revolver. ,- -- irle :r.sir.e his residence he tele- to the ncrihern po- .ce s*at'oa ar,^ then ireiic back to :rc garr-se. He had j-j2; entered tae scarage ~r.en .I'jrishV repeated his atiack'-vrita the ^e/--5.Ir. Gut'i grappled ''vith the _haj2er.r. at tre same time menacing :Is assailant \r:ta his revolver. To im-d i~o across tae floor of the -srage the ^:cj fought, Sir. G'jtb eelxinr to stfjJue jlurphy Tv.tcOut in i' unnecessary injuries. Morphy v?s :n a r-nrferous rage, determined ^jarentiy -? \,11 or be I'.niec. Fir.a'1--- he v. rested the -weapon from ~.r "bt-th's ?~2s dre^ atray ana flrea -ao sro*s. 'Otl: of v,-hich -west others. , ; Sale to commence at 1 P- At- snarp. i -: when terms will be made known bv ' D. A, and I. D. MICKLEY, E:cr. George Martz. Auctioneer. John M- Hartman, Clerk. . and full Roller system of most L ! torn mills in the' county, -with plenty iof grain, and feed bought and sola ' right at the door. "Water po-srer strong ! t _J I_ i~*~-~,**-~.r- -- n. ^l^-iT-vl "%-r\f\ TO f*t*~ Sunday School ac'9:3G s~ mj; preaching at lfl::30. Subject of-sermon, i-The Whys and VTaerefores of. the 4000 Years Delay in Christ's Coming, -and the Key to the Old Testament Scrip- FOR SALE My 23 acre farm, one half mile east of Guernsey. Good buildings, Fine orcliard. Brough Bushey Giiernsev. INSISTS 'ON EUGENICS ' .3sa:l?.r,: an,: alter a long Sght wrest 3d th^ rcv-jlvr from him. He ti «acKCd away and fired. the -.tnicing il'irph;- jast below the heart. HURLED FP.Onl PADDLE WHEhL Larscsstsr Rabbi Demands Health Car- J f O -if. tificate V.'stn Marriage License. Lancaster. Pa.. Sept. IS. -- Rev. Dr. . Isaoore Rosentaal- rabbi of the S'noar- 1 i | ai Shoraain Cossregatloa, anr:o-:ncefl that ae proposes to carrj oat fully t provls:ori3 of the ne , r.'.s-. is Drowned in an Un ·jsuai Manner. Y-ir^t. Pa. Sept- 3.3.---"Will-sm Tioist 55 years ('A. a river man, was dro--n . Persons desiring to be married by { n --le ihe rabbi most give at least t-- enty ·Inys' notice and bom prospective brstSe and Drices^oo^ rai:st fnrr-ish certsf.- { cates of health from repatable_pbys c.a-s. The tror.ees of tbe ier3?"-e 1 support Roser.thal cr. Ke *as standing on the paddle heel of a rr.or steamer v,-aen th ?;.t :n aiotios arsd he -nra re -water. The -vrhe his l)OCy as It rose to the sur ?.zc be cask again. His bed: not b=en recovered. :ace cas DAY i and constant Concrete dam and race: turesr"; Epworth League at 1 Both in excellent condition and chiefly ] ^^ ccmi ^. ~ o 2 n. S en.-ice3. L. .maintained. With, the mill tnere is i ~ _ -, »»- i_ ·*· S «.·.-·.«-. ~wj-i/IT*-, f L/-LZ«rVl.- » also dwelling house'of seven rooms, 2. stable, and a blacksmith, shop. There, is also a ^rell of good-.ivater at _ this house. As these properties Join they be offered for sale together or separately as the purchaser rnay desire. Terms -will be made to stilt purchaser. Any one -wishing to buy a Dropertv of this kind should not" fail to be Dresent at this sale. Season zor selling is old age of o-«ner- One hundred dry locust posts vail be sold at the same tinie. Saie -will begin at one o'clock sharp- Ten per cent, required at time of .sale. .EL___.-N ]ti x JtJ.OJL.ti.- 6:15. .-A Dovr Ott, BEXDER'S REFORMED Sunday School at._9 a._jn. and preaching sx 10 a. m. The pastor will sueak on '-Jesas-' Call To Use Him." " APvSXDTSvTLLE REFORMED Regular service at 2 p. m. ~ CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Stratton Street: Sunday School, 9:30; preaching 10:30 and 7^30. Friends' Grove: Sunday School, 9:30; preaching 10:30. Jlummasburgr preaching 10:00. ' ST. PAUL'S _»!. E- ZIOX South Washington Street. Preaching at 11 a. m.; Sunday School at 2 p. m.; Cnristian Endeavor meeting at 7 p, m_: sermon at-S p- m_,-subject, "Th« Sin of Drunkenness." A cordial welcome TO all. W. O- Cooper, pastor. - COMING EVENTS ]Sep ASD WINTER STYIJES For SaleBij EckerfsStore ·'On the Sqnare'' Saturday 2Oth 127 Degrees ; n California. San Bema-ci-jo, Ca;;fora.a, Sep --V-'iiat :3 ""e!ie^ ed to ha\ e n^astmuin of heat in C _ . jepr was reached at S:lve = JThursdaj. v. nen the mercury = i at the 127 mark, according to informa-j = \ i.on reaching here. j Ends Life by rianging. La-caster. Pa . Sept. IS.--Myrtle e-r T»-:r. an-i r'ort,"ce Da.vis_ found t'n body o: Char'es Cramer. SO years old, a stcrc inp..=or. hangsas frcm a tree srs Bctz's =an-l c^arry, near Lancaster The rope vas so short iiis knee= touched the srouad. He hung until cut lO'.»s :.y tne police- A full line of Millinery Drain P:t to Find Body. i- 3 svam:. Po., Sept. 19.--The ab- re pits near here are In the search for the elected pre?roent of t're sionary Feaeration of i General Council here. the i ! - , .--refi au_. -_,.,,., r^l company of a number o£ co,ored Emma Kuhn L f t usL-a;y T ana · not until tlie seventeenth cen- I .nry that It trns Indulged in as a bev- cheap. ' ; rn;rc. Of itc!f tea has litUe nutritive Apply at Hemlcr's restaurant, York' ·"""% ''"t incn-nscs respiratory action 11 ·* j ind has :i htlrmilatius effect on the __ I 3t, i rvou» GOOD restaurant for sale pply at Hemler's re street.--advertisement NOTICE IwillpayGSc per bushel for potatoes delivered to Biglerville, Bendersville and Gardners Station, and lOc per pound for halves delivered to 1. S. Orner and Brother, of ArendtsviUe and Bucher's Meat Store, Biglerville. J. W. PETTIS . .^ ^ - *· ^ j^.^--^-^-^--^r-^. 20--^Foot Ball- Bloonisburg Normal- Nixon Field- Sept. 22--Opening sreek's engagement. Manhattan Players. Walter'* Theatre. Oct. 4--Foot Ball. Albright Collega Xixon Field. 18--Gettysburg's second Fanners' X)ay- on't UK! Ni-M'SPAPFRl Use Mi-o-na--The First Tose Brings Sure, Safe and Effective Keaet- If vou ^re. not able to digest your food7if 'you.lack an appetite,-^, ^our stomach is sour, gassy,. u f se *; 0 ^^ tongue coated, if your head aches and you are diatzv, if you have heartburn ind pains in your colon or bowels, why suffer needlessly . -t. Buy now--to-day from Peoples ru«- Store a fifty cent BOX of Mi-o-^ia Stomach Tablets. 'There is no more effective remedy for stomach ills. Mio-na is a digestive giving quick relief, also strengthens and builds up surely and safely the -digestive , organs, soothes the irritated membrane and increases the flow of the digestive juices. Your whole system is benefited and you become well and strong. 1EWSP4PERS ".X

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