The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 5, 1933 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1933
Page 14
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4-B VOTE FOR PROBE OF MBA MERGER Investigation of Insurance Department Approved by House. · tES MOINES, Doc. 5. (ff)--Awaiting senate action today was n. concurrent resolution, passed yesterday by the house by a vote of 82 to IS, providing for an investigation of the stato insurance department. Another "investigation" resolution, providing for an Inquiry into the banking: department, has yet to rc- .ceive. house consideration. Introduced yesterday by committee on insurance, the first .resolution promptly was passed by the lower branch of the assembly in its afternoon session. Alleged Irregularities. The insurance department investigation resolution directed attention to charges of alleged irregularities in connection with the merger of the Modern Brotherhood 'of America, with headquarters in Mason City, with the Independent Order of Foresters, of Toronto, Can. Gov. Clyde Herring last July directed attention to the merger in a formal statement which he said was the result of investigation of complaints. He said the investigation .had shown "undisclosed agreements" for payments to officers and directors of the MBA. Both State Insurance . Commissioner E. W. Clark of Mason City IN THE RADIO WORLD . TUESDAY, DEC.. 5 (Oemnxi HtnnBnrs Ttmo Note--AJI ujugrams to Key and chains oj Eroupi thereof uoltja «,,,.,,,. coaat to coast (c lo c designation Include* sU available stations froiraran tobjtcl to ebaiKe. e. M. NBf'WBAI NETH'OBB BASfti-- Kasi: west win weel WUB * _ wtag wcsb wfl wilt wrtji wrc Wgy wb6n wcae wtam wwj wsai; ftltdiruti wmaq wtri ksd woe-woo (vow wda! NOBTHIVEST S IMNaDlAN--Ktmj iritis kfltp webo wday kfyr crcl cfcf. SOUTH--wm, wpti wwno wlj ir]M wlia wsun wjod wsm wniD wab wapi wjdi wamb Kvoo witjr wfaa wimp kprc weal ktb» fctto MOUNTAIN--koa Hdyi kslr kBhl PA'-JFIC TOAST--kfio nn new Komo kfio kfsd ktat km 5:30--Weekly Hymn sing--to c, · 5:45--cheerio Musical Mosaics 6:00--The Mountaineers--weaf. . 6:15--Billy Bachelor's Sketch. 6:30--Lum and Abner--east only. «:45^-Tho Goldbergs, Serial AC*. · 7:00--sanderson-Crumlt, Songs--east; B. Meroff'a Revue--midwest. 7:30--Wayne King's orch. · fi:00--Ben Bernle and the Lads. 8:30--Ed Wynn and Band--c to c. 9:00--Beth Parker's Cruise--to c. r fl:30---Madame 8s\vla--also c. 1 9i43~Robert Simmons; Tenor. TT lo'.00--Jofcn'B;-Kennedy's Talk. . ' lO^l^-Beany Merotr Orca.-^eaat; Lum-and * ; " Abner--midwest repeat'. 1 10:So--Meyer Davis and Oreo. ll:Ott^-Rudy vaHee'n Orch. U^CV-rRegete ChlldV Orch. C'BS-tVABr HE, (WORK BASIC--Eanl; wabc trade woku wcao' waab waao wgr wkbw wkro wan ektw wdrc weau wlp wjaa irean wfbl wtDd .wlsv Klldwnl wbbnj wgn wfbro kmbc kmox wowo whas EAST t'ANADlAN--wpe wbp wlbw wbct wloz wfea wore wice cfrb ckac. IIXIE--wgst tvafa wbre wqam Wdoo Kin wrec w jac wdfiu wtoc krld wrz ktrb kUo truce koma 'wdbo wuds, wbt wdM ? wblp wtar wdW ITWVB mnb c wtlt. MIDWEST--ueb wgl wrm wmod. wtaq wlsn wlbw kfb fefab wUbn wcco wabt. MOUNTAIN--kvor kU koh ksL fcfbk km) Kwg kern bdb kemb ' 5:30--Betty Barthell--east; Jack Arm- atronp--midwest' repeat, 8:45--Little Italy-- east. ·0:00--Myrt and Marge--cast only; Pantcb . Orcb.--midwest. t · 6:15^-Just Plain Blll- mtdivest. , 6:30--J. Denny Orch.--east; Buck Rogers midwest repeat. ' 6:48--Boake Carter. Talk--basic; Between the ookend9--west. ;7:00--Elmer Everett Yesn. Skit. 7:15--Singln'-Bam--haslc. ' 7:30--Voice of- Experience--east; Louis Panlco Orch.--midwest. -7:45--The- Columbians--c to e. 8:00--Stokowskl Orch.--c to c. ·8:1(1--The Poet's Qold--c to c. 8:30--Cftlllamlan Melodies--to c. i 9:00--Sponsored Program--to c. *.8:3o--CBS Broadcast--c to c. .9:15--Nino Martini, Tenor--basic; Myr' and Marge--repeat for west. an:15-- Gertrud-e NNaen--c to c. 10:30--Isbam Jones Orch--c lo e. 11:00--Vincent Lopez Orch.--c to e. 11:30--Ace Brlgode Orch c to c. J2:00--Dance Hour--wabc only, BAKU'--East: wji n'bi-wbza Wbai whani kdka wgar wjr wlw wsyr wmal; hlldweai X*clcy kyw wenr wl» kwk tewci kou wrci iORTinVEST « CANADIAN--wtmj wlba kstp wcbc wday kfyr crcl crct SOUTH--wrva wptf wwno wls wjax wna. weun wlod warn wrac wnb wapl wja» WBnt ;»70o why wfaa wbap aprc woal ktba' kths MOUNTAIN--koa kdyi kgii k«hL VAflFIC fnAKT^kRo kfl ksw komo Kng \Ltto utar .5:30--Mary small,, songa--east; Tne flinging Lady--repeat for wgn. S:4B--Lowell Thomas--east; orphan Annie --repeat to mldweil. . 6:00--Amos 'n' Andy--east only. :IS--Kadto In Education--to c. 7:00--Crime Clews, Dramatic, .'7:30--Heallh Adventures. Talk. . 7:35--Hlllpot and Lambert, Songs. 0:00-- Muslo Memories and Poet. '8:30--Men of Daring--wji only. 9:00^-The Variety Cruise-- wjz. 9:30--Songs by Ireene Wicker. 10:00--Leaders Male Trio--east; Amos *n* ; Andy--repent for west. 10:16--The Poet Prince--basic. 10:30--Paul Whtteman Orch.--to c 11:00--Phi' Harris'and Orch. 11:30--Harry Bosnlck Orch. who had been connected with th MBA, and other officers of th brotherhood denied they had r ceived any money in connectio with the merger. Reported Agreement. · A preamble to the reaolutio stated that "there was a reporte secret agreement whereby funds ap proximatipg $300,00.0 or more i cash was distributed to certain in dividuals including officers and d rectors of the MBA, severaj o whom reside in Iowa." It alao asserted that the "score agreements" provided for a "fur ther wrongful and unlawful pay ment to the same individuals, offl cers and directors of more than $750,000 to be spread over a perloi of approximately three years." The merger of the two companle was effected in December, 1931, th agreement having the approval o the state insurance commissioner, The resolution authorizes the ap pointment of a joint investigating committee and empowers it to in vestigate not only the merger bu also "any and all other complaints reflecting on the state insurance department." Dean Votes "No." It was called up by Repreaenta tive Elmer Johnson of Linn, who told the house the "secret agree ments" had not heen filed with thi state insurance commissioner o: with the commissioner for Canada Johnson was me only speaker. Those voting against the resolu tion were Representative Avery Bowers, Dean, Doran, Ellsworth Garner, Gittinger, Hook, Humeston McCreery, Sours, and Thiessen. Ab sent or not voting were Representatives Craven, Dole, Hultman, Jenkins, Lichty, McFariane, Metcalfe Millhone, Paisley, Stansell, Strachan and Thies. Speaker Miller appointed as hoi..... members of the investigating committee Representatives Johnson Gallagher of Iowa and Bardv of Pottan-attamie PROHIBITION OUT AFTER 14 YEARS (Continue From p« se i wanted just the same to make repeal the more "regular" by proc MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 30 MORE BILLS READ IN HOUSE Grand Total Filed Brought to 263; Amendments to Beer Bill Sought. DBS MOINES, Dec. 5. kT)--Thirty additional bills filed in the house last night were read today, bringing the grand total to 263. Under a joint resolution it is within the speakers power to give priority consideration to iax revision, liquor control and poor .relief. Several new bills amending the beer law found their way into the nopper. One by Representative Gallagher would permit sale of beer on the state, district and county fairgrounds under 51,000 bond. It would also reduce from 21 to 16 years the iiinimum age 'for which beer could je sold and would have the weekend closing of beer parlors from 2 a. m. Sunday to 2 p. m. Sunday afternoon. Dean of Cerro Gordo and Yager of Dickinson would make the ssuance of class B and C permits optional. Would Reduce Age. Another bill by Wlese of Scott would reduce from 21 to 18 years the age of persons to whom beer could be sold. County Farm Bureau federations were made the subject of several measures introduced. One by Aleach of Plymouth would reduce the max- mum to ?3,000 in counties now re- :eiving $5,000 to $2,000 in counties receiving ?3,000 and to $4.000 in lountles receiving $7,000. The subject of taxation also re :eived consideration in the ne\ measures. A bill by Foster taxin eficiency judgments at 50 per cen f the amount of the deficiency an f unpaid after 30 days the judg DECEMBER 5 1333 - Sir Cecil Hurst (above) of Giwat Britain is the new president of the Permanent Court of International Justice at The Hague. He succeeds Mlnelchlro Adachi of Japan. (Associated Press Photo). «ast; Smith Orcb.-- *SE1H PARKER uad the fint of * taia of colorful brood- cxuta from hb 4maited ichooner as he itarta ait unuing voy«je ground the world fa . ftearch of trcaiure and high adventure. H.O.C. RED NETWORK -- COAST TO COAST STATION IVOr-UTTO--3:00 P. M. Vote Against Repeal. When the Maine convention acts omorrow, it will be the thirty-seventh to approve repeal, states which have not yet had a popular vote on the issue now foreclosed are Georgia, Kansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Montana, NCjrskiF, Oklahoma and South Dakota. Latest compilations show 20,813 - Z08 votes have been cast, with 15. 279,216 favoring repeal and 5,533892. against. _ _ It must be remembered, however tuat these, -votes v7er£ not on thi wet-dry controversy as 'such bu only on retention of the federal con stltutional method of control Even with repeal, the majority of thi states are listed as dry. Control by Codes. The Roosevelt administration has committed itself to the principle of federal control by means of codes under the agricultural adjustment act. As though envisaging a swini? back of the repeal tld« and getting ready to cope wit it, administration lieutenants have given the distilling and related industries far lesa leeway than optimists in their ranks had hoped for--and have given the impressioi that there wll he no important relaxations. As on yesterday, President Roose velt today looked to his cabinet triumvirate o£ Secretaries Moreen thau and Wallace and Attornev Genera! Cummings for assurances of official adjustment to the new amendment with a minimum of un settlement and unpreparedness. n. He , ^ ad the dut y o£ Proclaiming the date of repeal, with the accom panying eventual effect of replacing certain federal taxes of over $210 000,000 a year with increased levie on liquor to make up that sum. FINAL BARRIER TO REPEAL FAILS (Contlnned From r» B e i) to curb Imports from Canadian and Mexican border points by casual purchases was before acting secretary of the treasury, Henry Morgen- . Aa drafted by the customs bureau and the internal revenue bureau it would limit purchases by Americans going across the border to every 30 days. It would bar persons from going across the border to bring in liquor to evade the 55 a gallon tariff on purchases of 5100 or less. United States farmers i n 1932 sold lesa than the equivalent of 5,000,000 hogs abroad as compared with 13,000,000 10 years ago RADIO TUBES TESTED FREE AT OUR STORE GHUNOW SUPEtt SEBVICE The first real advance In electric refrigeration for the name. V A N C E MUSIC CO. EVERYTHING Oi MUSIC 124 North Federal Phone 788 Wins Fight With Sick Stomach ««J!T 5 "" *J ad w ter would turn SS lii roy stomach. Could not eat M« at. aa'a.'jLFtS ys? A f t e r uslnc your tablets for about SJ nS?%o"*"« ^ m ^-' to take~ac'da. ""God^fleVs y 0 ^ 1 '" nlKhts Uden. Tablets, a doctor's prescription, have a world-wide record of success in the treatment ol gas pains, stomach ulcers', uxcess acid belching; bloatlns, pains after «at- insr, spur stomach, constipation, · nearrpUrn, poor df^estfan. dyspepsfa. gastritis; and other conditions caused by hyperacidity or faulty diet. way suffer when you can try this safe and harmless treatment with- ^^afufa^d^^-^l^e^,?! ?. OX i a ll° '"·" " you are not positive tliat they have dons jnora for your sick stomach tlmn anything you ever used--return the empty box and g:et your money bnnV. Ask your druBKlot for TJdga today and see. what o. real trfiatzneat can do for Sour a!ck stomach. t rort Hopkins and Mlchntl Dmi Co. would be forfeited. Assess Mortgages. Bills by Mallone of Cass would as ess mortgag-es as real or persona roperty and would exempt from taxation bonds or certificates Issuec by municipalities and school and drainage districts. Swift of Dubuque sponsored two measures, one increasing from 510 to 515 the annual license fee paid by building acd loan associations and the other permitting conversion of state building and loan associations into federal savings and loan associations organized under the federal home owners' loan act. Eight members introduced an imendment to the Beatty Bennett :ill allowing school districts to make the levy on the basis of average daily attendance. This would provide SENATOR LEWIS FAILS TO APPEAR Misses Speech in Missouri; Whereabouts Unknown in Chicago. BULLETIN EL PASO, Te.v., Dec. 5. (/Pi -United States Senator J. Hamilton Lewis of Illinois, whose absence caused concern to his Chicago associates, was located in El Paso today. He arrived yesterday, suffering from a cold ana cancelled several speaking engagements. CHICAGO, Dec. 5. UP) -- Associates of Senator James Hamilton Lewis wero extremely concerned today to learn that he had not ap- eared for a scheduled address -in Iprlngfield, Mo., Monday night. The senior Illinois senator's law ffice here had not heard from him ince he left Chicago last Wednes- ay night. From V. Y. Dallman of pringfield, m., it was learned that enator Lewis left the Dallman esideuce Friday afternoon, sup- osedly for St. Louis. 5700 for rural schools, a pupil , for consolidated schools, $83 a pupil In. cities of 30,000 or more, $78 a pupil In cities of 15,000 to 30,000 andi$62 a. pupil in other, districts. Employers' Association. Representative Reed of Mahaski sponsored a bill providing for an un incorporated association known a: the Employers' Indemnity association to which all employers now under the workmen's compensation act would automatically, be eligible for membership. It would provide for the eatab Hshment of a million dollar reserve fund provided by a 10 per cent pre tulum collected from the members There would be a directorate of nine members appointed by the governor Until such time as the membership would elect their successors. An amendment by Representativ Ryder of Dubuque would eliminate the reference of 3.2 beer and sub stitute "all fermented malt bever ages" which would .permit sale o ales, porters and like beverages. In Both Branches. Bills appeared In both branches for the creation of a state hydro electric commission with authority to conserve, control and develoj state waters and construct and op erate electric power plants and dis tributing systems. Creation of a state aeronautics commission by the adjutant gen eral's department is provided in L. blll by Representative Mercer of Johnston. The commission woult consist of five members appoints 1 by the governor for four year terms A branch banking bill also appeared In the house introduced by Representatives Fabritz, Cunningham and McKlnnon. Bills In Senate. Tax bills introduced In the senate include a proposal by Senator Hicklin of Louisa for a mortgage registration tax; by Senator Reese of Marshall to a 2 cent a ton coa: mining occupation tax and by Senator Patterson of Koasuth to reduce the widow's inheritance if exemption from $40,000 to J15.000. Other bills were: By Representative Brady of Pottawattamie -- Providing that indebtedness Incurred In flood control shall not be considered a general indebtedness of a city; permitting municipalities to establish an emergency poor fund and appropriate 1 per cent from the general fund for the purpose; permitting cities to make a 10 mill levy for flood control of which 5 mills shall be for permanent improvements. Legalize Proceedings. By Representative Wlese of Davenport -- Legalizing the proceedings of the Davenport city council for paving Warren, Balnea and Rus- lolme streets and Robert Place and Spladlng boulevard in Glenarmil. By Representative If aniece-- Making permanent the temporary transfer of $5,000 from the secondary road maintenance fund to the Emmet county poor fund. By Representative Sheridan of Lee -- Permitting any city of 8,000 or more to levy a 2% mill tax for use of police departments. Mrs. Emll Peters of Georgetown, Ky., la the first woman to be elected a trustee " ~~ hern Fails to Arrive. DALLAS, Texas, Dec. 5. UP)-- of Georgetown college, , . . Senator James Hamilton Lewis of llinols . failed to .arrive on a noon rain from the north as schemilec! oday to address a Chamber of Commerce meeting tonight. J. A. Hinton, conductor, who saia he knew the senator, said he was certain Lewis had not been on the train since it night. Hinton left was St. on last the train when it passed through Springfield, Mo., and he said no trace of Lewia was found there. Senator Lewis failed to appear for a speaking engagement in Springfield last night. A reception committee from thte Dallas chamber went to the Highland Park station, in north Dallas, to meet the senator in accordance with arrangements previously made The committee had received no direct word from Lewis recently but assumed he would arrive on the« noon train. REPEAL RATIFIED BY 35th STATE (Continued From Tone 1) state has ratified this afternoon will be as quiet as today's ceremony in the senate. The ceremony In the senate was brief and simple. Arrive by Airplane. WASHINGTON, Dec. 5. f/PJ-- Pennsylvania officials arrived by airplane from Harrisburg late today with Pennsylvania's legal certificate that it had voted for the repeal of prohibition. Moore Threatens Veto TRENTON, N. J., Dec. 5. (1~ Governor A. Harry Moore said today he would veto the liquor control bill in the event the legislature does not ask to recall it for amendments. Postpone Trials of 5 Other Defendants in "Scottsboro APPROVE ROAD BOND REFUNDING (Continued fraca P»je 1) Funds available, he said, would thus be about $1,200,000 a year short of the amount required. Slump In Receipts. He explained that the 1933 receipts of the primary road fund, from motor license fees and the gasoline tax were 514,887,000, or a slump of about 7% per cent. Maintenance costs on the primary road system average about $3,300,000 a year, he said. White said the purposes of the bill were as follows: To spread the payment of the primary road bonds out over a little longer period of time and make the total amount required a year for this purpose substantially uniform at about $8,000,000 a year so aa to keep well within the funds estimated to be available for bond and interest payments. Make all primary road funds in excess of maintenance costs available for the pavement of bonds and interest. Remove Limitation. Remove the area limitation which prevents the payment of bonds in certain counties, even though there might be funds available for that purpos-3. The highway engineer said the effect of the bill would be to put the payment of primary road bonds on an orderly basis; guarantee Insofar as possible, against the property tax to pay primary road bonds; make about $3,587,000 a year available for matching: federal road aid or for construction work; avoid the certainty of a property tax in certain counties where the area limitation of the present law will not permit the paym-snt event of interest, let along maturing principle of primary road bonds. The senate was told that the bills would prolong the payment of the last bonds only one year as the last bond nov matures in 1949 and un- uer the bill it is contemplated that the last bond would mature in 1950. Sponsors Presentation. Senator Booth sponsored the presentation of the bill and Introduced White who answered questions raised by members of the senate. Senator Beardsley of Warren con:ended that the program assumed :hat the income would stay down and said that he felt the proposal fo. this reason was trying to "cross a bridge before we come to !t." Booth, however, asserted that the plan would in effect "build a bridge as we come to it." It should be passed now to take care of the deficiency in revenues and assure that there will be no property tax." · Cannot Meet Interest. In the discussion White said that there are some counties in the state which cannot even meet interest on their bonds and mentioned Scott and Dubuque.-'.as counties which have been notified to levy a property tax for .this purpose. The bill, he said, would take care of this situation and would help out other counties of the state and safeguard against a levy on property. Voting against the bill on final passage were Senator Beardsley, Elthon, McArthur, Miller of Buchan; . Miller of Jones and Ritchie. The senate adjourned for the day to take up committee work. PRICE FOR GOLD AT SAME FIGURE Strong Dollar Abroad and Firm Bond Market Fails to Cause Boost. WASHINGTON, Dec. 5. UP)--A strong dollar abroad and a firm government bond market failed to prompt a new boost in the RFC's gold price today and the three day old figure of $34.01 an ounce was set a fourth time. It was the first quotation named for newly mined domestic gold since President Roosevelt reached the white house yesterday from a two week vacation at Warm Springs, Ga. During his absence, the gold price advanced 45 cents. The $34.01 offer represents the highest figure yet quoted. The price never has been decreased since gold Buying began, though on occasion it has remained stationary for several days. London's price for bar gold today was $32.16 on the basis of sterling opening at $5.12% to the pound This represented a weakening of the dollar from yesterday's official close of $5.03% but during opening trading it began to strengthen again. At Mason City THEATERS "CHRISTOPHER BEAN" ENDS RUN AT CECIL With Marie Dressier and Lion Barrymore performing In leadin roles, "Christopher Bean" ends it run at the Cecil theater Tuesday Much aa one likes Marie Dressle one can but admit that she must b misdirected or miscast when, fo Instance, she pours the contents o a hot water bottle upon some elde ly gentleman. Such conduct i3 no quite in keeping with the genera tenor of the story and is not neces sary to the picture. Nevertheles the picture is enjoyably entertain Ing. LINDBERGHS TO START ON HOP Plan Takeoff at Midnight on 1,900 Mile Flight to South America. BATHURST, Gambia. Dec. 5. OB --Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh planned today to take off at midnight on a projected flight to South America, 1,900 miles away. Colonel Lindbergh chose that time for his departure because the winds then are most favorable for a getaway. A freshening breeze sprang up during the morning-, giving promise that the flight, which has been delayed by a calm since Thursday, might proceed. Coke, a comparatively new product In Texas, will furnish an estimated 50,000 tons of export business from Galvcston during the winter months. IOWANS CAN GET ONLY 3,2 BEER 16 States Put Hard Liquor on Sale but Hawkeye Law Not Ready. DBS -MOINES, Dec. S. JP--Let drinkers of Iowa may quaff only 3 2 beer, although 16 states may lawfully sell hard liquor for the first time in 13 years. Although repeal of the eighteenth amendment is effective todav Iowa's legislature ha s not yet acted to provide for sale of liquor In this state and may not do so until early next month. Statehouse commentators are of the opinion liquor will not be available in Iowa under government supervision until the latter part of January. Some held, however, that liquor control legislation could be enacted before Christmas and that a few cities might be able to dispense beverage by New Year's day. Until then, however, citizens desiring to drink legally will have to journey across the border to Illinois or Wisconsin. Except in Chicago, Bale is unrestricted In Illinois and will remain so until the legislature has drafted a control law. Sale likewise ia unrestricted In Wisconsin. No provision has been made-for sale in Nebraska. The Missouri legislature may act soon to set up some plan of dispensing liquor. Ickes Hits Bankers S y n d i c a t e for Not Aiding Recovery Plan WASHINGTON, Dec. 5. JW-Secretary Ickes today accused a syndicate of bankers of non-co-operation with the recovery program because they demanded what he termed "the unconscionable rate of 6 per cent" for §13,490,000 of San Francisco bonds. He did not name the bankers PECATUR, Ala., Dec. o. (/PI-Trials of the remaining five defendants in the "Scottsboro case," on charges of attacking a white v\-pman in Jackson county March 25, 1931, today were postponed indefinitely by Judge W. W. Cnlla- han, presiding, at the request of the defense counsel. The postponement was granted, while inside a room adjoining the Morgan county court room, a jury deliberated the fate of Clarence Norris, Negro, charged with nn attack on Mrs. Victoria Price, aboard the southern railway freight train. The jury begnn deliberating this morning. The case was given them ast night. 'ase Against Silvan Oswald Is Dismissed Word has been received here of the dismissal of the action against Silvan Oswald, Forest City, at a reliminary bearing at Faribault, Minn. The case was dismissed bo- cause of insufficient evidence. CO UJ Wed., Dec. 6 Mason City Armory by popular request ensational match last rcmatchcd alter their Thursday n One Hour Time JAlit Abi KASHEY --vs. -Jack HADER OTHER BOCTS -- Alnn Eustace vs. Bob Jessen, Including Meskc, Dr. Muhl The best attraction booked this «ea«on. Do not mlis tM« thowl Tickets, entire balcony 40c AH main floor seats 55c Ladies, any sent, IfKEE Grand Prize Championship Cake Walk AND PUBLIC DANCE An Old Time Georgia Camp Meeting--Twelve Couples Wednesday, Dec. 13 TJniler the Auspices of the Senegalese Drum and Bugle Corps. Admission 45(' Tickets on Sale at ... Killmer Drug Co., United Cigar Store, Huxtable Drug Co., Plcazol Clgnr Store, Vance Music Co. Mickey Mouse furnishes an adtie attraction in a good bill. B O * "The Kennel Murder Case" was good mystery story and it has mad a good picture. With Wiiliam Powe as Phllo Vance, the detective whos powers seem clairvoyant until h explains them, the story move along smoothly. The second featur atara Cheater Morris and Hele Twelvetreea in "King for a Night, another rather interesting- pictur with a strange ending. * * « "MANHATTAN TOWER" ENDS TUESDAY AT IOWA Mary Brian and James Hall heat the cast of "Manhattan Tower which completes its engagement a the Iowa theater Tuesday evening As tho title suggests, this pictur portrays one day's occureaces in one of Manhattan's skyscrapers. Irene Rich, Hale Hamilton and others are in the cast. · * * Adapted from a story by a native lowan, "The Stranger's Return' plays last times Tuesday night a the Strand theater. Phil Stong whose home is in southeastern Iowa, wrote tills novel after completing "State Fair." Lionel Barrymore, Miriam Hopkins and Franchot Tone head the cast. e « « From Sinclair Ixswls' novel of tho same name, "Ann Vickers" comes to the Cecil Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starring- Irene Dunne. Walter Huston, Bruce Cabot, Edna May Oliver and Conrad Nagel. This picture will have a fine cast and a strong story and should be wel] worthwhile. theater NEW DOUBLE STARTS WEDNESDAY Coming to the Palace WED. and THURS. ENDS TUESDAY A n I o w a story writ- t e n b y a n Iowa author, Phil Stone. Sounding the . Battle-Cry-- ot every bride! "Why can t o u r marriage continue the -way II started? W h y must we live our UVM like others w a n t ua to do?" Return KnsnRement Itobt. Montgomery Helen Hayes la "ANOTHER LANGUAGE" ALSO CO.UCDV AND NEWS Wednesday for a three day run ia a new double feature attraction with "Hell and High Water" and- "Stage Mother." The first of these two pictures is more or less a sequel to "I Cover the Waterfront" by the same author, Max Miller, and stars Richard Allen and Judith Allen, "Stage, Mother" has Alice Brady cast in the leading role, supported by Maureen O'Sullivan, Franchot Tone, Phillips Holmes, Ted Healy and others. * * * "Her First Mate," a comedy with Slim Summerville and Zasu Pitts in the leading- roles supported by Una- Merkel, Warren Hymer and others, comes to the Iowa theater Wednesday and Thursday. * * * Starring Helen Hayes and Louisa Closser Hale, "Another Language" comes to the Strand theater Wednesday and Thursday. This ia an extremely interesting story dealing with a mother's selfish hold upon her sons and their families. Robert Montgomery playa opposite Miss Hayes. Americanism: Planning violent action to get justice for your class; working off your anger by fighting members of your own crowd who won't co-operate. -- Lincoln Star. Marie Dressier mn Barrymore '» CHRISTOPHER BEAN" Picturl: Scasi Sensat Sclle: STARTS SATURDAY "LITTLE WOMEN" Klarrltiir KATHEHINE HEFB UIIN LAST TIME TUES. Mat. 15c Eve. 20c Child. lOc "Manhattan Tower" --with-Mary Brian - Irene Rich James Hall - Hale Hamilton Comedy - Cartoon - Sports Wed. and Tliurs. Offering; the Greatest Entertainment Values in Mason City STARTS WEDNESDAY FEATURE PICTURES on the Same PROGRAM KISSES for CASH! Alice Brndy in a new triumnh «» n blackmailing "stage mother!" HELL DANCE AYALON BALLROOM SUNSET INN, MANLY Bennet Gretten and "That Swingin' Band" Tuesday, December 5 BIG CARNIVAL DANCE Saturday, December 9 MENKE'S ORCHESTRA MUSIC BY "AL" LADIES 25o GENTS 40c WATER A Po/orapimt Plelari ... will RICHARDARLEH JUDITH ALLEN C H A R L E Y C B A P E W I K Ends Tuesday: "King for A Night" and "Kennel Murder Case," with ALICE BRADY MAUREEN O'SULLTVAN FRANCHOT TONE PHILLIPS HOLMES TED HEALY

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