The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1913
Page 3
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jEfNORSEIiGLOAN I U I IN U U U l l L l i U n U O At Washington--WjtsMagton. C; De/ l * s - S " - ^ i S *" ' ' i trcit, I. Batteries--Renter, Jtiarximg - "* re-1 * - j? -f ** and Gibson; Groome'aad Henry. ' ~ - Boston--Boston, 5; Cleveland, ' BASE BALC SCORES Ftiltwing ·v AMERICAN LEAGUE PUBLIC S Less Work Running Separator I F YOU knew what a good engine the Olds Engine is--if you knew' what it ·wctild do for 3-011--it would be prettV"harH to'lioM you back; you'd have one just as quick ^as you could get one.' That's what we want to show you--we said thbw you. We want you to come, in here when you've got time and look at an Olds Engine; watch it run--you'll like it. Make this year store. You'll fmd the things yea get here ·re the kind of things YOB want--quality and satisfaction. If you can't find time to come and sec us, a^k as to come and see you or send you a free e:i!i-!og of O'ds Enjjmcs. We're here to serve you; give us the chance. in} to Borrow . -- , , . Batteries--CuUop; James aud Car:seh: '- 3. "Batteries--Kussell,-\Ya!sij aua E.Z*- ~± 5 terly; McHale arid .Qosssu. ' Standing of the CSucs- M R P Q - w.i^pc-i w.i_?c WHLLO Athletics £0 49 ^T Ch-cagc. 73 77. 507 La Cashtovrn the following : :at!e. 1- leg table. 2 small tables. 1 j · WE'RE READY | sink, 1 cupboard, 1 tr-jn'-c. 2 v.-ood box- JL^T*-^^--*- ~** Ji .^ii^^cit^-. - - - - ~ - - , York--Ne-i-Yorj-,0; Chicago c-rtissels carper. SO yarvis rag carpet | Advocates cf Good Roads Meet in Hsr- ; :o Socm ConstitutionrJ Am-! NATIONAL LEAGUE. endrr.eit. " ' ' I At Cincinnati--Ciaeiana:!, 2; Brcols- | Ivn, 5. Batteries--Atne-s and Klin^: Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 19.--AT. the" Kacker, Kagou aud T · - - , = v Chicago--Chicago. 3; Boston, 0 _ session or tne -mass meeting ol good; .,; ga^e}! ' UattC". :es--Pierce i , i ·»--, _- »-» » v ~ _ C7 ,,,. ' . --- 1 rff'SZ -*:**« aaitriHiaseiit authorizing W.I- J'C. *iii:r-iiv;--s^riSfc. ts.tii.i-.^/..-^.iiii^ ct uv^4_ - j^.^u.%, j v »»..-=-·-. _j». ---- --_- -^ - -_ or S5 O.OW»00 to cover the cease of ihe | XA£*. ; § « |£f J^ % % ~$ j SEiuroveaeais. Another called on the! j."j;Xr o " ^{, 5? !·! cfnr fcti! »i a'- -^2- j AtuJJtox-Geaerai to expediate proceed-j I'l-u-jrg. 7X 65 52 St.!.ou!5 4^ 1-4 ^47 I ings brought 10 settle questions ov j sngs urousaL 10 seu-ie QueSi.;oiis uv«i « j ihe use of income from stale auto-1 ' sioliile license*?, so the moaey may be i:sed for aish%vai- oetEermeat. | A third -resolution, endorsed the Lin- j coin -Slemorial Highway and Federal I aid to scaies in road construction. There, v.-as a large Philadelphia delegation of business and pro-fessional 22ea present, iaciuding a big turnout { MINE CAVES IN; "LAKE FLOOOS TOWN S. N. BOWERS, Farm Implements and Engines, BiglervillcT Pa. of the Philadelphia Automobile Trade j ! Residents "of PitlsiGn, Pa Association. -Senator "\V. C. Sprcul as the first | B.T.Babbitts speaker. He "vas the sponser of the Flee In IsrroL ia.aighOTay act, and review-ed Penn-| svlvanfa's good reads legislation from j 190"" TO 1S13. ! The chief address was delivered by Governor Tener, Pi:tstoa, ?3~ Sep:. IS.--A cave-in j ia the Butler niine c: the Penusylva ! ,-,; a Coal Comns.nv, at IlughestOTvn showed in a Sve: carried av.-cv thit Avails of n storage ' " "" ·':;·'"· gallons rugs, lot of sheets. fs!* 1 ^Icf-r^ "**OWG!S ^ji olvi *"* s .ilricij, 4 line^ tal!e clothes, glas^-j v.-are and c--aeens\vare of all -and. blankets, pillov.-s and feather cooking utensils of all kinds, -wash- boiler, stone jars and crocks, pi! cans ^ and buckets, lor of empty fruit jars. ] i£g: canned cherries, raspberries, and can-1 fcx$. ced tomatoes, jellies of all kind. 5 ;. . »» * - . * 2* ·j~:c£i.. tiiacA.e.2 \;wis ti:;*a ?¥. , shovels. rakes and hoes, work bench. -; Tianure forks, set of planes, hand ; =a%vs, dnivdnjr knives, v/ood saw and Blades. step ladder, lo foot ladder, s:pty barrels, *i bu. and pk. measure, j c^* Ded" cord and v.-ash lines. _"jccod home | home R e d { 5 3 nade bags, lot of wire. 4-j .. .. pullets. 3 R. I. Red erov.-ers. These arc iard to bear. Many other articles nor r.en.tsoned. Sale to commence at one o'clock :harp \vhen terms and conditions v.'IH s "iiacis knoivn bv J. H. BIESECKER. jeo. J- 3Iartz. Auctioneer, xi. D. Bream, Clerk. T Ready v/e are -.vith our Choice Outfitting for Men, Boys and very Little Men. Suits, Overcoats. Headwear, Haberdashery, Shoes and Sweaters that v:e are very proud to show and That any man will be fully as"- jjroud to v.'ear. 'AS YOU KNOW OUR PRICES ARE ALWAYS FAIR! To shov." you vvilTbela" Qreru pleasure for us and you .ire eornesily invited to call and see what's new in Fall Outfitting. "Clothing of Quality" Lewis E, Kirssin, Gettysburg Bargain Store. GETTYSBUKG . _ Prwes at the Gfcitysbarjr ware'icuse cor- ] ^g reeled dailv bv C. Mihon^'olf, Jr., Sn=-- ! ^_ osbor to ^ Ui o. \Voir.-. WL- Co. · X IsewEar'Corn '^~* b * - -- - Oati EEIA1L I'RiCES __r Dairy Feei] r=e Si-rnfj: Kron ... uataia- Hand IV.eki-t! Bran minute plain talk that a modern sys- \ reservoir, permitting 1.400.0G'" 1 ; tera of highways mc.y be hau for the j JL -Aater to gsish the mc^.^...-- , .^.u.^ «..»,«.·« ..,,.- The various speakers :ook j £ ;£ e at a ierr:£c speed and flooded a i Cora anil Oats Chop .. aaks it ola:n that the good i M -Uci' 01 Pitisioa. Jri 0 ^" 1 ^^,^. 1 -^ ~ or "'~ _ ~ . . , : s 7 -*-- "-- -· . . _ AV1.,«. Mi?i!!-n*'S! ! -If. \vishing. pains EO ma roads agitation is not bein^ ·- --.-- - t only by that portion o£ the pop-a!at:cn j o - A -r, g c . . - . presses:. Residents of tae upper part 01 «.ne g or operating moior cars. \v"hat the Motor Federation means to make a state--,-ice campaign has the support cf pabHc-spirited citizens representative of all parts of the state and all the professions. It v.-as laca- 1 J KS -jjesi out. In terror as the v.-aser rash- apoa them- 51111 stree;. for a dis- ;i three blocks, ·s-as Sooaeii to a ceprt of several feet. \Vater rushed I~to the hosjes o: niauy persons, destroying zheir furnishings ana driv- "\\1sit Red 3Iid«i!u:-iS Timotiiv II-xv" Eve Chop ...(Si Plaster ·:7.- r X) s^r ton ; t-r - Opening Priday and Saturday Sept. 19th and 20th Display of Pattern Hats and all other seasonable Millinery goods. ~-' r ~ Flowers, SHks, Velvets, Feather, Ribbon Hats. '·*'-·- The Misses Chritzman 3:'-7 Biilduiore Sr., Gc-tcysbur£-, Pa. "We tEe ^omen of 'Ajneiica, "declare ourselves free from endless scrubbing-- free-from'buying expensive soaps ---tree from Dosing certain cleansers that inj-ore hands, fabrics or surfaces. 5Ve will use BABBITTS "1776" SOAP POWDER The Big Ne^ DC Package £ fine "craick-suds" soap that cuts grease like lightning. A time, toil and money-saver that will wash, oishes, china, woodwork, floors. Use for every cleaning purpose ex-^ cept the bath. Babbitt Trademarks Can Be Exchanged for Yaluafele Premiums jSTetv' oremiiini catalog sent on request, B. T. BABBITT, Inc., New York Cits; Imost simultaneousiv isrith ths build a barrier to di- ! xvithin the nexr ten years, at a cost of r ahout $50.000.000. An amendment giv- I Ing the Legislature no^-er to borrow i this sum en road honds, at the rate of aoout $5,000.000 annually, -a-iii he voted on at The Xcrv-esDer elections. Governor Tener^safd after. a reference to the absolute neglect which the state has sho^n in the viial question of reads: "The present highway department begat its -work of organization and snrvey tn'Jjily 3.911/ -Today the sur- vevs have been corapleted, the department organized and, these main fcign- Trays. mar^y of-rsrhfeh hare seen t:t- -rsrly cesleeied for several pears prior 10 their being taken over by the Srare are today admitted In better condition than-ever before- All this has been done in addition to a large mileage of roads permanently constructed-" Considerable v.-as done to property, and the Joss runs into many zhousands of dollars. The Pena Coal Company is robbing pillars. As the support in the Butler ^ mine v.ere removed, the surface gave: xray ana ~he vralls o; the reserroir, v.-eni inio The FESTIVAL There will be a festival and chicken soup at Centennial Hall school house on Saturday Evening, September 20. Chicken soup JOG. The money will be used to purchase an organ. Everybody Welcome . l S ) 4 i *tt**6XXXXX^^ ARSON SQUAD BUSY AGAIN » _ i* £. S, *· Militants Biarried for Destruction rvisnsioa of Rich Land TTalthain- Eag.. -Sep:. 10.--ililltant saSragettes continued their cepreua- iens b^' s orri ~5 fir '* ~" ~^ g maiisioa of . Parailee at Theobolc Park. The nassioii fras T!i!OccnpieG. at the ti;ae and the flames aad gained such headway before they -orere discovered that the costly structure could Tiot be sev- ed. A namber of rare pieces of art were destroyed- The damage estimated at -5100,000. Although the incendiaries left no ·nrere responsible. T-^O -srpmen ^ere suffrage hterature. as is their castom the police declared they Trere pcs:- tive that members of the arson squad seen in the vicinity just beicre the Sanies "s~ere discovered. · t ^ooo FARMERS, TAKE NOTICE - I have for sale the Fearless Manure Spreader, the only spreader with a circular beater. Spreads twice its own width -/nd from i V~ to 2 ft beyond'the wheels with less worry on tne team - You only need drive half as far to get your load ori, While the ordinary spreader throws manure on a narrow strip fcehind the spreader. If you want a spreader, come to see now thev work and examine it yourself before you buy I have them here on my farm and will be glad to show how they worK. for catalogue. Can get any machinery m the W alter BELIEVE 8!SL .MURDERED Kearney K. J. Fotice Sure River Vi Urn .A£saulted~r5rst. Kearney, JX. I. Sept. OS.---An exa~ snauoii inaqs rre'iairiary to ^;ie a tops" ronvlncec polios Glacials th?tj .A-Mco iTop7»r, 2.s£*i. t-£tn. "ii tirst at:acl:8'; and then mr.rc-ered ancl her Louy throws in:o the ri'/er here. The S"i \Qii i*or home Satardas'j Tilgiit to mn.'^ a 1 crier Xae lette.- bosi \ras~In a sen-1 --le^rtea seeJca. She neve-- remraeJ n 3 :--e. Eer ;3Giiy '-"-"as foHEG :r. the Passaic xiver. It had sto^s. Bn-ises en her bsfiy sa-i iicsc led the ;js ; -ce 10 Relieve -lisa; sue hac pi;t a^rrrijc s:."5?ie before she ea~iei to HP:- deatn. 'A Wood line, on short ;? " -!U;^ W notice. Biglervilte, R. 3. SOLDIERS FOR_WALL STREET Fir;anc:crs Want the Force at Governor's Island Increased. Washington. Sept- 19.--More Than 250 Xew York financiers have petition i the War departtcent to increase the nuaiber of troops on Governor's Is !acci to protect TTall street and the f ( aauc : al district frona mob, -,:p- risrag or fereiga invasion. The moTeiaeat ss said to have been started by Charles E- Warren, of the Lincoln Xatioual Bank. Xe«. - York. Governor's Island, in XSTT Yorl? harbor, a comparatively short distance from the Snancial district, has only a saall fietail of soldiers. Co!c r cd Van Killed. Chcstrr. Pi, Srpt. If'.--^^Vi.I-1 iani S^yar. colored. 25 yea-r? olJ, -eras! shot as:i i.IHe.1 during aa earJy inorn-j Ing srTrsy a: Bev--:ristcvrr;. Kis s'ayer j Yrsr.iair. E n . - ans. cUo co!ori?a. rO years! o3a. is^nn'Ier arrest ana District At- 1 tornoy. Harris L. Sproul, and County Betec-tiie Rrtbert O. -TeCeris are inves- -:sa:2ns. Evan3 Ced. bai -eras captur- eo. Have the painter do your work with the paint that will prove most economical and satisfactory. SKERWJH-WILUAMS "_ PAIHT, "PREPARED It will Drove most economical because it Tnil put oft the need of for the longest possible Special SHOE SALE If You Dc- ·ire to Save MONEY Come In _i ORDERED OUT We have made the rounds dered out all of our Mea.-s, ;Womea's/-*J and Children's Summer "Sh'oes, arid^ now v.-e are going; to Make Them Move. We offer Shoe Bargains that you-', : | cannot afford to ignore.--No one^ with feet should ignore this sale.--",_. Remember the sale is now on and if-. 1 " YOU do stay aw?y, YOU are the;^j Loser. ,-'' l^ricc= to varied antl iib.nerous too'enmneratehere.' C. B. KITZMILLER, FJi'e Pcrss-- crs SshScnSr. Grslfpon. Miss.. Sept. 19.--^Five men e arcvi'-o-J ·svhen the schooner B- 3. Currett irora Ne-- Or'.saas. san:t i H3SCO noes: ha:-.n. vriio v.-as pnr in a small yacht to ta\e tLe wife of the ship's captain ossorc. and the v.-ere the only s;s~v:vors. rime; ^ios£ satisfactory because it wiil give the best results in application, appearance and vresr, ·^ We vs-ould like to have tbe "opportaaity of figuring on your pa.:nt requirements when you arc ready. A full line of colors in S.W. P to select from. Gettysburg Department Store. I 4^ (a: !==; Ooeninq Day * ^ jj _ FRIDAY anil SATURDAY of THIS WEEK at Beroette Rinehart's LXI ;oti "Noted Railroad Engineer Dies. Beacon. X. Y_ Ssnr. 15.--Jwua Douglas bouquet, a preeminent railroad construction engineer, diod -at his home here, at tne age cf -S4. Ot - GENERAL MARKETS PHILS-DELPHi T. -- FIX5TJR firm: ·crinter clear. _S-?.T5^ 3^0; city mills, fancv. 85.25^3.60. RYE -FLOUR sieaay, at $3.50^3-73 per barrel- - . ,, WHEAT qraet; :o. 2 rea, netr, 9u^ " Catch Insane Highwayman East Ma'.jch Chunk, Pa.. Sep^ 19.-Corporal IXeritt, of the State police captured the Insane man who held w? Eln;er Wetherxlc. at Coalport, recent^ Teamed that his nanis *s quiet; Xo. 2 S7c. OATS "steady: X^o. 2 -white. 49c_; -wer sxades. 47 3 ^c. POTATOES steady; per barrel. 6o Valuable Real Estate j On Saturday, Sept. 27th, '13 | Tr,e nr.t!crs;i:r.el nil! oi"cr at Pm^J:--, Sale att3:eLitCTCs5] of Fannie Stock, j decM. on Breckenriuge street, in i!:e, boronds of Getiy^hnrg-. j HOUSE and LOT I sitnate or. list? Snuh rfde o: Cr 5 -ckt-nr-«ise', street. In 5he lorong:i o: Gcityj-i.wnr- i fronting 3«» K-c-t thereon, ;mriro-.e»i THE GREAT ; CARLISLE FAIR SEPT. 23-24-25 and 26 $4750 in Racing Purses : { FREE attractions. Reserve tfee a tvro-story V.itl.1 (date for Cumberland Valley's Big * * \ - Y i Live steady: hens. ISc.: old roosters. 12%c. Dressed choice fowls, ISc.; old roosters. S * \.uw^^^ iv.-.^-, * v ^-. -- ---------- -- -,_ -B. SH-oMe, of Wllkes-Barre. ^BUTTER Snn: fancy- creamery, Brick Dwelling House ·svith a iwo-strov Bark BniWins. fran.ei Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair Shop - 42 W. HIGH STREET TUBES A SPECIALTY ffiffiiSSB^ Satisfaction guaranteed. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE ·e repaired. *·· ana that he escaped froin the at Kclreat, He had been living ITJ the inountalr.s past tvro around here for ths j S4e. per Ib. EGGS steady; selectee. 34 nearby, 32c.; -western. 32c. Live Stock Markets. CHICAGO--HOGS l?@35c 35c.; will Ixsdn at 1 o'clock, T. M-! JACOB ATSTOCK," cr.tor of J;uxb Stool Indian New Register of. reasurcr ^p's^-fgg^of^ea^r S7.50@8.75; \Vashingtcn, Sept. 19.--Ga;;e E. Parro {,^ S7.50^7.SO; pigs, S4.25®8.60. \-e" a Chccta«r Indian, cf AcaSerry-j CATTLE steady to lOc. higher; o-V-, ^.-?^ ?-^on into oFc* as -e-"^ beeves, SSS^S.Sa: Texas steers §6.0 = O.^la.. ^vas s^rorn into o.»_c_ a^ .e a .. . ^ tockers ad feeders, ?5.40© ter of the treassiry. His signatnra-svil.'{ ? go . J alves $8^11 75; appsar on all currency. He said h | " SHEEP teadv_ *o_l regarded his appointment as a signal recognition of the red men. . SHEEP teady ^o_10c." higher; na-; A . FESTIVAL: will be held by the Comfortable, Reliable and Powerful. Try it. Tor.r* an,! Battlefield trips a SKcialty. Arendtsvine schools, Saturday, Sep- 'Uniled Phone 117 X C. A. STQNEll, prop jtamber 20th.--advertisement 'Gleaner and FOR SALE: sevei-al choice building lots fronting on South ( street. Apply George P. Black. --advertisement « LOOK HERE, A number one chance. A grocery store on the corner of the square in East Berlin and four good bread routes for sale. Have been in business for nine years. On account of ill health and desiring to go west will sell out. Come at once. J. B. Martin, EAST BERLIN, PA. JNEWSPAPLI SFAPiiRI

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