Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa on January 30, 1957 · Page 16
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Oskaloosa Daily Herald from Oskaloosa, Iowa · Page 16

Oskaloosa, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1957
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

*2 WeJ., Jan 30, 1957 OSKALOOSA DARY I MUMP Allen Industrial Products Has Fascinating Story Of Growth ef MI AFLC10 Mobilcruiser made by Aliens for airport use. Alien Industrial Products Inc , of Battle Creek, Mich , which will establish a branch plant in Oskaloosa. is 33 years old and now is one of the country's leading niak- wiutm the next year or two. Newest Allen product is A Contracts for the new building bilcruiser des'gned and built for sill be let when architects have Clark Equipment company for completed their plans handling air THE ALLEX COMPANY decided IfS* OFFICERS IN THE CENTRAL Labor «u~.v icv ^ vis Council included, from left: Mrs. Edna Mulvi- ,, , , mp r., nwavs , np ^^en^eTcoach "'"· secretary; Mrs. Virginia Morgan, treasurer; ers of tractor cabs, shovel attach- to locate in Oskaloosa after con- ««? !tm TM* l e Paff^f^ £ oacn D |c: na L,ji n ~«;dJn*. Ralnh Reese vice"d h f b rf i tacts with the lova Slate Devel- ls earned by a straddle truck. ! won PiingKaae, presiaent, naipn Keese. vmm- produets opment commission at D e s The Allen plant is now tooling up i The Allen co^oanv has made Momes, the Oskaloosa chamber of and purchasing inventory for a openfor business in the early falL som~ development toward fdbn- COIR raerce industrial promotion, government subcontract for a Con- j THE CAMPAIGN to sell Oska- catin* some cab parts of lamina- and olner "iteres'ed groups tnental Aviation Engineering' loosa to Oskaloosan* as well as ted fiVe ~lass an- 1 poiyeste«- «-esm. Officials of the company have corporation, a subsidiary of Gen- industrials was so unusual as R AUon ^h S! rTr. an of *ho made two visits to Oskaloosa for «ral Motors Tne first contract for to attract nationwide attention, re- ihe c^m^any m personal inspection of the possi- 5200,000 is a pilot run to be fol-; suiting in press stones, magazine president (and now president in 1957); and Car) Kirk, trustee. Other trustees not in the picture were Robert Broadsack and Bruce Lovett. (Herald Photo) Oskaloosa Central Labor Council Aids !n Promotion Of Hew Industry Mr. Allen was one of the first agents for the Citizens Mutual Insurance Co. of Howell, Mich., and set up the car repair business because he had to send his insurance customers to Jackson, (Continued from Page One) ' avenue west - *** work « starting 1924 At that nme it was known bihues of a new plant here. lowed by others the next two years articles, as the Battle Creek Auto Body Most of the stock of the Allen | company It was engaged in the company is owned by Jacob P. repairing of wrecked automobiles Gardner, Glenn E Mitchell, Lyle and building special truck bodies. Harbeck, and Robert Allen. The remaining 35 per cent is held by the James B. Allen Trust. James B Allen, founder, is Community activities highlighted wala project*. -Employment at a lamlljr wage for heads of household* is our community's biggest need," said Council President Ralph Reese, "and we have cooperated with the chamber of commerce to work for new industry to provide these jobs for our people." Members of the city's labor unions helped form and are sen-- ing on the Community-Wide Industrial council. In line with the goal «-f a better Oskaloosa, the council gave full support to the Mothers' Crusade for Better Schools last spring. After meeting with school officials, the council endorsed the crusade and worked actively in the campaign, securing registration of 93 percent of all union members to vote in the bond election. The council was successful in asking the city council to extend registration hours to the evening to aid in this registration drive. Members also participated in the parade and spoke on radio programs. COOPERATING W I T H the State Federation of Labor, the council sponsored a labor essay contest for high school students. Dick Redman was named the local winner and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers union awarded him a savings bond. Charles Ovens, chairman of the contest, states* that plans for the 1957 contest will include students in three counties In January of 1956 the CLU sponsored and staffed a "poho toll road", a project which was so l o f t t M MeemM that It January of 1WT. dreaaed a* "potto eopa" traffic on the highways and cot- lectod a "toll" from driver* * lean which waa then turned over | to the polio fund. Over $700 waa | collected in 1956 and thia year the i total jumped to over $1,000. I OSKALOOSA LABOB vniona 1 found an official borne in May when the council leased a labor . temple at 213*4 First avenue west. i Members of the local unions dona* ted work and furnishings to renovate the hall, and a dedication , dance and open house was held in September. Officers discovered that this same ha " was the site of a labor .temple 40 years ago. Location of toe labor temple is marked by an attractive neon sign, which uses the clasped-hands symbol df tee merged AKL-CIO. Since the Oskaloosa council waa reactivated in 1955 12 local unions including 1500 union members "have affiliated with the central body. These are Carpenters, Teamsters, Moulders, Machinists, 'Barbers, Communication Workers, Clothing Workers, Printers, Musicians, Electrical Workers. Railroad Carmen, Operating Engineera. i Merger of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and Congress of Industrial Organization* (CIIO) took place locally in January. | The fullest flavor in frozen 'strawberries is obtained by using i granulated sugar and mixing it ! throughout the fruit. But packing , in syrup ss less likely to bruise the i berries. brought many letters is the appeal Oskaloosa is making j ^ 1956 year of ^ Oskaloosa and cities facing for new industries. The chamber j c^^ Labor ^^^ ^th pro of commerce industrial promotion j ----^---------------and the Oskaloosa j Dack to bring the Ideal Manufac- honorable mention class of the Community council industrial com- ! turing Company to Oskaloosa and 1956 AH America City contest. An mlttee are b a n c e m * e ' P rovlde a bufrkng for the plant. delegation the search for more payrolls chairman of the board: Robert L. trim, president. Allen, president and treasurer and ] q^ e general manager: Jacob Gardner, · spirit of the new Oskaloosa found expression in many public newest addition *o Creek, one of the world's largest; TR4CTOR CABS have accounted makers of industrial material ' f° r the greatest volume of busi- at once, according to Morev Sos-1 Oskaloosa story in the finals of fcr Oskaloosa. Him ninuirior.* i ^k e contest before a jury of promi- Oskaloosa has the unique dis- works projects, such as resurfac- the nent Americans at Memphis, Tenn., t_ncnon of having the full coopera- ] ing of 40 blocks of downtown tion of representatives of organized J streets with a heavy asphalt mat, lacor in industrial promotion sue-, extension of street paving, side- tmues. | walks. Existing industries are not over-1 The city administration turns its looked in the promotional cam-' attention to one of the less spec- paiga. with the community aiding tacular improvements, that of both the Iowa Valve Company and bringing long neglected sanitary of the and did it so I Work will include a new front,' cities reaching the finals, other community based its claim -i«. "· comp r j equipment, , i _ ten's biggest customers. i the close of the second world war. The business was onerated much These have varied from cabs for as it was organized until 1941 ex-1 small industrial tractors to large cept for shortening the name to i crawler cabs and some large off- Battle Creek Auto Body Company. ] highway cabs for International Several additions were built onto i Harvester. the original two story structure as' In conjunction with the cab bus- the result of the growth of the I mess, it was natural to work into business. j the heating and defrosting of cabs 1 The company waa given a aR " eventually into the heating of boost into full scale cab manu- the battery, engine and oil pan. factoring In 1941 by an order Special systems have been de- i general remodeling, new fixtures to AO America City fame on a conditionmg, etc. I single project. the Continental Manufacturing sewer facilities up to date and Coirpany in obtaining additional linking all into a sewage system land for plant expansions. Oska- capable of serving Oskaloosa for, The new store probably will be | AI.T. PROJECTS tie in nicely icosa joined forces a few years some years to come. from Clark for 31 cabs for the Hercules Powder Company. Before this order was complete, the Japs had attacked Pearl Harbor and America was at war. A 3IACHEVE SHOP and welding' veloped for many kinds and makes of vehicles. Allen has performed! many government contracts for! winterizing kits for installations on f vehicles to be operated at temper-' atures 01 65 degrees P. facilities were installed and the! The company nas a representa- AHen Industrial Products Division. fave ^ a consultant on the SAE ·was set up for war manufacturing i subcommittee XV in wmteriza- operations tion. which consists of representa- Several months before the war' hves from International Harvester, ended the auto repair business was Allis-Chalmers, Caterpillar, Gener- sold and all efforts of the com- ^ Mot ors, U S. Army Corps of pany were devoted to the cab bus- En£ Pieers ana others. mess and other manufacturing " anv Allen wintenzafion kits The company survived the post ha * e been nsed ^ me cs Air war business dislocations and ma- Force m Arctic operations and tenal shortages, weathered the for * ehicle s along the DEW line. blow set by the flooding of the AIXEX SHOVELS are used by plant vinen the Kalaraa:xo mer practically all fork truck manu- overOo^ed in 1947. and emerged facturers Most of them nave dis- stronger than ever, witn new cus- continued making thei^ own and totners new products and new now use the standard Alien moa- services els The Battle Creek program of Forks are removed and the flood control, slum clearing and shovel installed m about ten roin- railway consohdat-on that followed utes The fork truck then becones resulted in changing the nver a \en. fast efficient haraler of course to include ar area where bulk materials such as sana pow- the Allen plant is located ( dered claj gram. etc. THE AJLLEX CO~\rP4XT our- Allen snow plows are a self con- cnased an industrial site adjacent attachment for all ma-i.es to the Clark company in the cifv and S!Zes of pneumatic *ired fork- of Spni!gt.eld suDurb of Battle trucks The forks are ussa to pick U P Oeek A new factory will be built to house the Battle OeeK industry Action to locate a new factorj in Oskaloosa to improve the freight position of the All^n companj and to provide for future expansion of the business *^ai taken by the compam at a special meeting in Battle Creek on Jan. 21. T h e Gskaifo^ Char'her or Cr- -- srce v'":ii erect and equ.p a bu;i_ rq- on ar r-'^'nal s :e Uiercc on scatn Se-veptr s reet le plow and no fittings or at- tachings are necessary, except to t'gnter two large T bolts The o'ane will plow either right or lef' or straight ahead EN AX EFFORT to find a ma- tenal tnat \\ould stand up under tns exctf^^_ m " ^'it. riitiGiiS of a diesei cravisr 'T-actor tne Allen com- panj, s^.rted exper-ments in 1952 ·Kiln laminated ?b-e glass for a canorr. top The carop-v tops rpr'-e by Allen r.aie oroiea so siiccessiul tnat ooth Iiitemat.onal Harvester and Allis- SOI.-T of tie pre="nt Id°a, Manu- Cha"*ers nave aocroved them fEC^r-j CO^OST. E-veTv^.a} o.- The.v are b"ne sh-nped to man pars r-_ oi ire or-g--sa' ;ac*o-^. DV carts 01 Lie world as well as tne the Al.sr compar;. is art.;ipatea United Stales BHAYWOOD FARMS "You INVEST your money for GOOD Cattle" "You SPEND it for poor ones" Our SHORTHORN HERD headed by ROYAL TALISMAN 8th For Sale: 6 top open heifers. Red and dark-roan beauties. Also choice bred cows and heifers. Our POLLED HEREFORDS are headed by BH ROYAL DOMiNO 56TH. 1st prize winner at the IOWA STATE POLLED HEREFORD SALE. Mated to both polled and horned cows, none of his calves have had horns or scurs. For Sole: J F month old son of BH Royal Domino 56th. Out of Lydia 67th, a granddaughter of Prince Domino Premier I Ith and WHR Jr. Reality 13th. We're all sold out of FEEDER PISS right now, but will have 350 more of those bacon-maIcin" money-makers by the end of April ready to go. About half of them will be the Hemp- Spotted cross and the rest will be Hamp-Spotted-Duroc, using Willis Vande Voort Duroc boars. VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME 5RAYWOOD FARMS--3 Ml. S.E. ON 63 '/2 S. ON ROCK Gamble Store To New Quarters Saturday Night Several High, avenue west business establishments vnll oe mov« ing- to new quarters o^ enlarging their present ones in the near future in a chain reaction G°al First of all. Gamoles wui mcr.e Saturday night frori its iocat-on at 201 High avenue west to the old Sears Roebu^-v co-^-rarv fara store at 210-212 H.gn avenue west- Gambles, ovned and orera*°d b\ Wesley Glenn and Fntz HL n- nchs. has been in its presert location for about four ana a ra'.f years. They vnll be r-o.ir.gr fro~n a 20 by 120 foot store to a 40 by 120 building. And ail ot the r.e.v quarters will be on ore floor They have laid a HCTV t.Ie f-fx-, ir.s"ai!ea new 11 g n - I..MII-CO, pa rr^d and redeccra'ci the cu 1 -·- .~s remodeled tr-eir counters ard v. ' have a new s.gn .rstai · d £O-n. T^e service denarii--* nt ard or. ^ will be ^n the ' c a- or ire r.~ \ aaarters Th»ir Jires o: '- --- C'arrase ^n\\ be exparced "i a.5 d^-^-tirents Thej" plan - o r ? e a cr-aid opening in acoui t^o With Gambles We have moved this past year to a bigger building located at 210-212 High Avenue West. All of our merchandise is on one main floor. We have a complete line of hardware, auto parts and accessories, television, furniture, toys, paint and many, many other items too numerous to mention. Remember ... Gambles are famous for low prices on quality merchandise* V"e hope to see you soon. BLES WES GLENN FRITZ HEINRICHS ZEPHYR Ventilated Awnings Doorhoods 1st in the midwest PROGRESS for '57 ZEPHYR introduces 2 New Style Awnings The New Zephyr Concave Awnings are light and grac?fcrf, with modem lines that blend become a part of your home. Zephyr's New Convex Awning with swept back ends for beauty, strength and protection. There's a Zephyr Ventilated Awning for Any Home or Business. Cusfsm-Byiit Right Here In Oskaloosa! REDWOOD -- ALUMINUM -- FIBERGLASS ZEPH VENTILATED AWNING CO. INC. 312 6th Ave. East Oskaloosa, Iowa

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