The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1913
Page 4
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THE Times and Kews PuoIiEJusg ^^ra^y W. LAVEBE SAFER, TtzlLl? Secretary and Treasurer. E PRIEST BASE BALL SCORES Medical advertising -.Following Is the Result of Games! j - Played Yesterday. - , . G i i n p n y i - AMERICAN -LEAGUE. -\ f l U l * V 2 I At Bos'ibn^-Cleveland, 2;'Boston, 0. Batteries--Falkenburg and Carisch;. A.yer's.Rcnr Vigor keeps the scalp clean and healthy. Promotes growth. Checks fe!lingT~»Does not color. Ask Yoir Doctor. · PUBLIC, SALE SATUKDAY/SE.PTJEMBER 20,- 1913: The undersigne'd-lSxecutors -of ~the ft-ill of-Henry A^Xoung/deceased, -will offerat;Publie'Sale"-the':fpllowIng valuable Personal^Pro^erry land,, Beal Estate at the'.late^"residences/of "the v.idovrjn Cashtpwh, Pa.;-y4z: r - lj waU snt parlor suia^ln*Hne* condition^ 2-une IF TOU receive THE TIMES by ^i^ .^^ -~~ "-^'^-T^'-"^ «v«-.«~i paid o. the pink -address label on yo V " paper. _^ce ^e.^ bep^--o^ ten days after yjotjrjroney vr_reoeiveq_s. ,d s.t ThVTanes Of5 E5iS3~A5gest 15, 1S04, at Gettysburg. » Congress i-iarcn 'a., as second-class matter 5. 1S72. Jl ,_--i PKOXE Qffict 1m* Northwest corner o UNITED PEOis Centre Square, Gettysburg, I relieves sour stom- PE^ ?.E?R£SC:r : £L- fO? ~C~:^' ach, gas on the .stomach and eonsn- pation INSTAXTLY. . . For sale by The People's Drug Store Big SurpVise to Many in Gettysburg X.ocal people-are surprised at the simple as :ce~ German famous 05 curing . appendicitis- _ H. C. ;hi- ] stages, tbar tins simple'resxedy drav.-s rorising amount of old the bodv-'that A GENERAL. OFFICES NEV* V CRK A N D CHICAGr rooms detec- per -word. On« cent per word each insertion. Two cents a Tsrurd if ,, posidon. Resolutions of respect, poetry and memor^ms on* cn. rr^saekins Schmidt's j ;. cs uunu ev:clenee nht.t Sec | ra-J stolen S4«-J iron the Easier .^^ 1 ioetioi: at St. Joseph's c-inrch, ana i NATIONAL LEAGUc;. All games postponed; rain. Standing of the Clubs. FROM HOME ! Statements That Slay Be Investigated.-Testimony bf,Gettysburg Citi- PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS PeopleWisU«§ Here iwl Those coacflesj ji \a$Ff}l invi springs; ajsnattfessas; .BeddingrcpnasSr. in°" o pillows and cases^sneets^ Iin-- Tl-f^re- "r.f*nZf2\*-r?" f 1*Gjl-.?SY\*-tHSf"iS~*. ftlf? "HlTlf^ i-reiici^tuiiui^ ui*iu. »i««cia«ic, s -t-~^- fiiettVFOurgiaos w jasnover tnss morn- ^^S^SS^sr^!^^.»^'«*«s^ at *« ·J "' * » · * -. . ·» .- « ~' . -a* . _ S i^J«-» *-n-n"-(Tk-»- r-a»»- * * , t j»"*£^,j *-*-*. VV.-:..Jy -a---- ***·*«. j*«i»*^jf * ·*··*··-* »TM_ £.- , i _^ I good iron kettle, 1-8 gallon brass \ Hanover fair. bushel, and many other., articles not robbed a vlslnns SI 4 ;-;^n-: ibe night at St. Joseph's j phlia-ia. 81 SO stOa. . n a Gettysburg citizen conies to TO OUP. HEADERS ttvsrnrg- Times takes absolutely no part sitters. Anything that appears in our g ·,.r!t:e- c-^estiou sent tc his cell he j 8 vo i n '**-.T :ne iilaat at si- juep^^i iraizaua. c«i ov -»^ ~.^_.«"-_ -- - - --- v-ejo-hhc i;^o;;;sa ^v**^i «*«*, c*^« f f * .ga^ si I! s£ £* * ; .,,, e-j^-v -. srsc- iGuaa In Schmidt's! E . lE - tSJi =- '^ c ^ J "' - |of peop Ircoas Wc-vcd to Le one trfiSch tliei ' _ . . . . ,, 'V? noc I I £iV»»I £·· \*t %-*rt* » mJ*f+---~£^ -_--._-- -,,,, tlsa ironr,. telling _ his. friends and -- neighbors of his-experience, yon can relv oh.his sincerity.',The statements " " :ople residing in far away places 3W SAW i T ""~"J£Li knev: noe- S of my plans to I Tgj)S QI Ffgll! BSlWS solve the saclal cucstlon by creanss - . -f... - AraioraaWiifl lonie for ell the poor people here anii abroad." Sehrsidt nJaiaiains that he ~aae do not command your conndence. Home endorsement is-,, the kind that backs Doan's Kidney Pills., Such testimony"-is convincing. Investiga'rion L nroves it true. Selow is a statement of ja Getrj-sburg resident. Xo stronger ·o r oof of merit cs.n be had. " jlrs. J.^ilenchey, -46 Breckenridge St.. Gettysburg, Ta./says: "Since 'I used and publicly endorsed Doan's Kidnev Piils some years ago; I have had no further need of a Money medi % ! fccgus money irom phlianthro'plc rao-i Philadelphia, Sept- IS---A tale On Saturday, r . isill£l ^^_ i4i , _ oi j tires only. The case against iluret batE . e bsLweea* t"o m°n armored with. I ~ade little progress, so far as v.-as j r-^^jie shells en Chrisznias island In | knov-n outside the police department, i t ^ ( Deiectlves Investigating Schmidt's | .,,, CfciSvi ·» ilCii i^-tUlA**--^ *«.v*iii^.'-«-«.»-«*- -w*--·-*----· -- -- - -- -caused me much distress. I had pains in mv back and frequently had dizzy snells and chills. "When a~_friend told - -rt -^ -r~*- "nril_ T *-*·*- A ^ S At Stock Yards in Gettysburg* S A carload of Horses and iVfoi © m record learned that ae had rented another apartment at 2562 Eighth avenue under the same of Jacob Sca- neitler. This apartment Tvas engagsfi Thirteen head of JMuIes, two and three \-ears ^ old. vafh plenty of bone and size, \vill make large g mules -when matured. ^ Twelve head of Range Horses -with good size j^ for general purpose horse or farm use. @ Sale to cor.irr.ence et one o'clock, reasonable credit \vill be given by, on September 5. three days after the murder o? the Aniciiller girl. In its rooms the police found clothing be- long'sg to "the priest and some -wo- { man's vreirlng apparel, i Xo ir.aa 01 Schmidt's varied pnr- ' suits could, oe insane, tie detectives I say, and they look upon him as a } criminal ^th a master mind; a man | gleeful body j trainee In many things Trhich he i turned to account in his operations. Pacine, -which Is supposed to be unlnhabltecl, -nas brought to this port by Captain Richard Quick, master of the American ship Eihvara Sewell. The ship -sras close to the island, according to Captain Quick, \vhen the crev.- rcshed to the rail-at, tee spee- Ciu . ; Flor; to-day for7 Kansas spending^-saveral -%veeks mentioned. Also at the'same time v.-ill 1 . .,,»-,,_ u ,, be sold 4% acres of ~ fine chestnut. "' ith relativea here, rlmbc-r, one half mile from Cashtov.-n | Captain and Mrs- Charles G- Miller, fronting on the pike, adjoining land -, O f York street, left this morning--to ° f d^ Ua Shul ? z ' Samuel Kuhn and' spend a wee k^;th their son, F. O- to.commenc-e at_i"P.OL diarpiUw»« r » ia Al»ona- SH1K tO-ClCIlJIieiSCe li» i, i.-.'i- SiJxlilJ, 1 v.-hen terms roll foe made known by | Miss Anna-rionebacgh has returned D. A. and I. D. illCKLEY, Exr. : home from a visit of several days with George^lartz, Auctioneer ^ . I friends in-Hanover.-: · - -- ' , ' - ' John 31-Hartsian/Clerk. - 5 ^, ^-r ^- ^ ,, , _. , * ' 31rs. tlarry ieagj% of South Wasn- PUBLIC SALE jington street, is spending the day at SATURDAY, .SEPTEMBER 20, 1913 J* h * home^o^her sister in Hanover. _ ' _ ,. - " ,, " . . ' « ; - , { -Dr. A. E.'"»Vagner, the 7iev. r os Intendlhgr to discontinue housekeep-" . . ,, ,,: in- I v.-illsdl at Public Sale my house- jof College Cnurcn. and 3Irs. Wa L'"»Vagner, the 7iev. r pastor ig^ner ;iiill \JL tS.l^i\x^fc .*--^--- . - ·eerir-g and-yelling aroancl tacle of a "band o£ almost nude men vrho stood cheeks ttro others , deadly duel. A dusky sk : SEed native v^omzin -xith her cark hair stretcclns to her.-waist stoo«J watching-the coa- :r Jianfis clinched and her remedy acteS promptly and before long. -I "was in good health." · For sale by'ail dealers. Price 50 cents. _ Foster-jlilhum Co.," Baifalo, Nevr York, sole agent for the-United States. ' Eemember and take no other. =elf feeder oval ~stove "with nickle , , _ , , - , trimmings, the third an Egg size, one TMS at i o clock. L^iiiii^i^il^.iy i**.*-^ w*.*-----W- »*·-. --_-^ t *----^ half dozen plank bottom chasrs, 5 chairs insertea seats, and - 'several j others. About 20 yards of Brussels i 000 FREE TICKETS carpet, good - as neV S% yards of | CarHs ' le Fair 5 ianagcmc . R t Allowing ras carpet in gooa.contap.on, and about j . . . -^-- * ~ i ^- -i = :^« ^** F f n i m r r - n In A l r p n n - ^ 35~yards ot otEer carpet, 12 yards of | stau: carpet, a lot of matting. IS yards ' FOR THE HAlR ie first time in the history of isle Far; ·z-hicn -will · be he! ·t, nearly every school child i* Gravity--tvasher. clothes ]Cumberland coanty- -trill attend, 10,' 000 free school ticke'cs having been Unsightly--matted--colorless--scraggy | mentioned. vrrmger, one 100 quart ironjiettle, a t lot of glass jars, crocks, 1 la^vn moxr- ! er, and many other articles not herein £*.** fJiiilX iit - i " iilCi-^LCLL t-VJlUtiCOO ^X--«=-/iJ * iiiCiitl»_r-.4C\J. j _ - , of I hair mad^-fiinry-^soft--abundant and! Sale to begin at one o'clock P. M- Tne lairwdl be of unusual^ educa- or inanv small tunie shells - - with life-at-once.- Use Parisian September 20, 1913- _ ' -It comes in 50c. bottles. termsi'A creditor sLrcmonths on all distribnted, good for either Tuesday or Vredaesday. ttonal value, and. Trill stimulate actiy- V. r C n Schir.Mt's explanation of everyrhmg-- of the murder of Anna AunvaHer and of the counterfeiting-- is that he did It at the cornrr.and of Gcu. These aecla- { rations, the detectives say. are pars- of a olan tc fe;sn Insan: j. Koelble. his lavryer, af-! c^ip passed _-tae Island the ciaelists j ter a Talk is^th Schmidt In the Tombs could he seen through a sriass still is- -^ ««««=. ^ -TM~ --«. - . ,, , « Lfr of sbpronths on all j-y amon the ^rai. 'school,, childrea ^ «me ««.« as armor,,. The.first appucation removes^dandr^ ?^^*$^£S?$^\*^ - s ^»"c; --p-e rsea a 51 sh-°lcls I stops itcnmg scalp, cieaiises toe na^, t2iC=s .^. __nr t^~: w ^_ ,,,, ,;«-- ^- ^^.i^ f c?rip=; rTip- pHiipHtnonal-vslne_ - tfie--irea n~Ith. rudelv hevrn sworcs. of a materl- \ ^£^^J£^\^^^^^^\ ' " .'. - ~ ^ \.~. - o- o f\' and lustrous. -- · -* given on dav of sale. D. A. sanSage. ·i!-;hcnse G- Koelble. his lavryer, af-! criia uassecl -the Island the duelists -For sale by The Peopled Dr ^^.--^ ~-f ---^- ^ ^ l 1 " " " " "" - - ·» . . -Tl ~ i t e r ; * s? rt fr! Store. Forbes an 17 Schmidt admitted that he COTH- ic^tted the mtirder, or. as he termed It. "performed the sacrifice." thnt h.e . -.vas preparing- to rnsnnfactare · ter:e:t §10 and $20 bills, and that he j had c."other Impersonation In -sraieh J he r-osec as "Dr. Smll Moliere.'" in gghan tt iS|Oaiaia8Tfi 68ls 18 MoolUs and Oigp Two" Years, San I-'razciseo, Sept. IS.--ilaury 1. T."hlch. causcity he -was Torking on a medicine vrhich "'~otild · reduce the number ci children in the -world." Dlggs, Icnaer State architect of Afi^Ission- by Schmidt also estab- fomia. was sentenced by Judge \an Ush2J t_se c;her charges and as lo tae and illegal" me-iical practice. Koelble said Schmidt insist- that he ~ss follovr:ng out those ca lines under Gcu-£:ven comrnaads- Q A I "" My 23 acre farm, one- half .; especially aiong agricuiiura.1 n-.c=. ^^~ [sides the educational-value, - the~-frea 1 amusements -sill'be bf" exceptionally ^^ " » ' CV t" '! ^S* 1 cjass -- one " of 'the-attractions ob- l-'-f»-| T7 | I" O -^5^ I £* Itained onlv after considerable, work, j ·*-'* X - *-**-*- Vv«- A V :being: ^tarrette.Big-Circus-^-with per, ! The undersigned \cijl sell. forml *S ponies; dogs and monkeys I at -private sale, his fafrGj situate'd Iwo miles north-; mile east of Guernsey. Goco. buildings, orchard. Fine PRIESTS RIEfJD A SUICIDE - u in Germar;/ k : S~Arcn~CHn;i;Ta!r ^. .. . 1! i-eve last ScJimidt may h XEW EAGtB HGTE Capacity 400 Hooms-'Kitn bsta en Ham ilcConomy, Prop's. l^^JUJJJal^»»M»l« ·lull. !· " ' t ~a I Special for this -week I Men's and Boy's 25c golf caps I}c. j i Trimmer"s 5 and lOc Store. ; I ·^^^"""·^^^TM"TM~^ - -WJM--I -··i-.i i _"·-"· j * --i · ·«·· 11 ·: j EICE PSODUCE GOilPAXY = Highest Cash Prices Paid for all j --FASil PEODUCE-- j Uscer Timea Ofnce, Gettysburg. I CHAS. 5. : --Fire Prool Storage-- rehouse for Fursitere Honseholc Goods stored any length of time. W. H. TIPXON --Photographer-- to r-is-.v AsraSenburs:. Germany. Sept. IS.-A retiree school inspector. narne5 :omrcUte'I snlc:ce at r.Ioencns- | uera. -ear here. He -.vas a friend and Jar correspondent of Father ns!der- | i! sr,ons.i,Ie :'cr tne raurcer c£ a tcie- || "-as lO'ind near his parents' iome £ oefore be !e:t iiere- 1 f szcrt ziir :!! -SEPTE^BEH ON BACK TJnltea States District Court, to 32---e a-sro years In tne State penitentiary at San Quentm and to pay a 5ne of $2.000 for violation cf tiie Mann vrhlre slave trainc act. CamJnetti- son o£ tae United States Commissioner of Immigration, ·'.vas sentenced _to eighteen months ac-San._QuenrIn and to pay_a fine of SI.5-." for a similar offence. :css and Cansinettl \rere convicted ?hlte slavery as a result of their elopement to Reno. Xev_ frita ilarsba u'arrington er.a iola ZSTorriS- ten-oay stay of execution ^as grantefi and for that period Disgs was i^mktefl to ball In 315.000 and Caia- icettl In SI r '.00. jiean'nrnile tae de- .eace ".III perfect an appeal to the trn.tsd States Court of Appeals. Cammsi.2, Dlggs and the two girls He-i to P-er.o Maren 10, -s-ere arrested :r_ Il«ao. Marcli 14, brought back to Sacrsnier.t'j and the men -were re- Brougn Busney Guernsey. "GEORGE R. HARMAN *jO=Tvi^- west of Orrtanna and miles . south-west- of t ' $ t_.. -T- * - -·- m ~j --1. * *. - % T- * | Former Resident. ,of_ York Springs j " ». - Tffeddn Shippensburg. : ^' «· f" George Richard. Harman, of Ship- nensburgr, -tras- stricken suddenly on tov.-n, in the apple belt, con ^ tainincr seventy acreS-45 acres] Monday-of ^this -week.with accteinai clear; the balance in timber. G. A.MICKLEY 5 R. R. 6'rrtann · ! in i H ' i j Bsrres Fror.-i Navy. .ispHcant Ssys He \'s':',l Drape Tattooed F'gure. Te .- O'-'f.'^. Ser*- "S---Because ro- It;r.~ here thoaght a"rapro- .-..c T ^f ' Sayvreber :%iom" taftooe.'l r ·= aeic ^sro"!C "'3 "dsraorai:z:r.g to . ra" *." K- I- Foote. 24 years o:a X.jii'n-:s.e ::."ss.. rras reaised ad ,-a-ce to tre Ucned States Navy. ' · 1 F^oto. «·..'"· -'thor~ise iaci o«allfisc. 1 \\ ,:e'.-.rc-] -rr.z he ~on!a have the figure j i : fz.?~ then nans T.hen Diggi fire until Camlaett! M -" ·VHLLIAM E- ZIEGLI Expert Electrical ~ork. 12 Carlisle Sj Phor.e 54 T. R I l l S'rsc.s \V;fs: K="s Self j-rar -".= r^rry. O.. Sen-. 1G.-- ~C'I Src: C".~ce times In aes -e-^, A-rrjEi non~an sent a bu-Iet ;n;o ,? ; or.rt r.r '. le:'. «:eac In the arms of "3 -on. T.i^ Romans \cere to have i7.-ca-c' li ccart ;n Roman's s-a:t for " ivr'-'. 7-irs. RonsSn, 'wio "svas twice *-*u^r_s_c ^ zmiiy rccoei. The jrosec.-.tion lagged, but the case .,"13.7)0.! ^"jJ-Ienly Into national noti- or:c-;y '-hen .Joan 1^- .IcXab reslgnefi DS Unitca S^zes District Attomey.say- ;n^. In an open letter to Precident ·vr.scn tra. political influence -was 1 : ns; h-o-cir on the Attorney-General o prevon* tiie eases from coming to crlsl. McXa""s resignation -sras ac- 'er-teS. prosecutors wers nam- 3.1 ar.'I the Trials i-cc-n- Ausust 5. 0 ;c.vs a Eee: It Stang Him. .·:·. X. r.. Sept, IS.--Sufiei-Ins ,-_· fleets of the st^ng c:' a bee f « · JoTMn his throat. .Tohn Dyo, . -- FIOTFR firia: ·paater clca-. S5.75-§S.SO: city mills, fancy. S5.2"'? 5.50. - RYB FI.OUK steady, at $3.oO©3.o r barrel s S\T q-iiet; Xo. 2 red, netr, 90% X c;:iet; Xo. 2 yellow, SS%® steady; Xo. 2 -srhite, 49c.; For Sal e 200 feet saffing, pulleys and takers " "Gooa 49 li. p. engine 200 pieces 2x8 joists, 24 ft. 100 pieces 8x12 joists 24 ft. ' And ofner No. 1" Hemlock lumber. W. S. DUTTERA, Gettysburg. gestion-and died at o:SO in the-afternoon. Mr.-, Karmaii ---was :bom -.'near York Spring's', -and was married ' in 1856 torllartha^A. Banner, .xE-^neaj i Carlisle-v: ^ ^ " ' J ' r '·*· -- j His -wife survives^him and the fbl. jlovving children: Mrs- J- L. Eeigie and JTv'-F. Harman.^of Baltimore; H. WJ ! and C. Tv r ., of Sbippensburg. Mr. Har- --f man -wsfiz--zo--Shippensburg---from ' Hantsdale~in 1S92. He has one sistey living. 3Irs. Xancy Trvin, of Idayille. ·" C01VIING EVENTS Sept. 20--Foot Ball. Bloomsburg Normal. Xixon Field. ~ Sept- 22--Opening -week's engagement Manhattan' Players. Waiter 3 -* Theatre. ' ' "' Oct. 4--Foot Bafi. _ Albright College Xixon Field. , · ~ Oc'c. IS--Gettysburg's second annual Farmers' Day. : ID-- er c r . - POTATOSS steady; per barrel. 65c. ·^ ·* £f~ t ** POULTRY- Live steadv; feer«s. 1-3© ISc.: old roosters. 12%c. Dressed firm; caoice fovvls. ^Sc,: old roosters, j - i ^-c k£---c-r r.ear .!«;-«.: «t **=»'"-·» j~^:^.^.g^;" g-- "fancy creamery, · '--;r,J'-:"- V.'nlla coilecttag aortey. a '340 perl') i ' - . - o ^ a ., :-jto his raou:h and passed i " iiGGS steadv: selecte-i, 3 4 ® 3oc.; j f'.c-i-r. h:5 t.:roat stinsms him in the | nearby, 32c.: western. 32c. = p-^rr.c.c:., according to the attenains Live Stock fViarkets. Saturday September, 2Otl: A foil line of Mi 9.25;" Texas steers. §6.70 K ! r.ient in V."as'",ington. requesting thit j 7.90:"calves". 9fivi .*.*..,*. ! e be relieved at the encl of the pros-1 SHBEP steady to lOc. higner- TII- 1 »n* -onth Xo reason is elven. | Uve sheep. SS 40©4.7o^yearlin 5 s 54.Ss i ~n^ n^oniii. .NJ n-^^u- _ | g5_7 o; native lambs. So.2o@i-»0. I JL'lie vaiue or .-wuitewasli as a ais- j Infectnnt may be greatly increased If GOOD restaurant for sale cheap.' iherc Is added to It before it is applied j T .rlv at Ilemlers rcsUurant, York rf"Iorlde_ o f _ l i m o _ ? t the_rate of four j --advertisement . juuces to the gallon. 1C the wash is , / applied vrMle hot it \vill give better . The ^ellJcncrcni Washington House/ opposite the Western Maryland Railroad- Station, has been leased by -John D. Kane, who as proprietor Tvill in the future, to the best of his ability, endeavor to see that all patrons of this established hostelry'are served with the best eatables, "of the substantial and solid kind, as also vath the best of liquors, both spirit and malt furnished anywhere. The fact that-Mr. Kane has a large acquaintance throughout the county should be sufficient assurance that he -will take good care of such of his friends and patrons as visit him. FINK'S PRIZE BEERS ' are served at this bar, both on draught and in bottles. ^.^^ · ··-·- Torelli. With 33 Officers. and Men, Kiiied in Battle With Arabs. -~ f Bengasi. Tripoli, Sept. IS.--The Ital{ Ian commander, General TcrelH- and. ' tairty-th-ee Italian officers and men,' 1 were Killed and seventy-five Bounded ] in a battle -nnt Arab tribesmen. The i Arab losses «-ere heavy. - Tae Italian column found the tribesmen strongly entrenched on a height commanding the_. valley of Tecniz. ! TVhen attached the Arabs resisted -wltii I great stubbornness. The Italian ar\ tillery, .pouring a'hai 1 . of shell on tfcs 1 position, compelled the Arabs to T- 2 reat to the desert. TAFT Vv f E!GHS;ONLY 240 Ex-President' Lost 80 Pounds Smc« · -Quirting Office. - ·*.. ' Brookllne, Mass^ Sept.-.IS.--Wiluam K. Taft has -lost- eighty pounds -in, weight-since iaying db^'tbe ^rea ijch-so with.the^'Office.of President. ;,, is notirag" a]arniing in tnis. \ however, for- It was brought about by deliberate design 'and Mr. : Taft soils j tips the scale at -240, poands. He has dropped the weight, caltivating^a big appetite through outdoor exercise and then refraining from gratifying tae'ap- petite, -He also spends nmchjame on the golf links. . ,.. v '- -, Find Bodies of Four_Alpine Climbers. Pontressna, - Switzerland, - Sept. l^r The bodies of four Alpine elinw-ers missing since September 12,- were found in a crevasse -on the Palu Teak In the Upper Engadina near here. They were said to be all experienced mountaineers. Heavy- snowstorms hindered the rescue parties. Mile. ! Bunzll of this jplace was one of ,tha i victims.

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