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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, September 18, 1913
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Id's Gallefy Record- MraBtiMAN * * . * テつォ ? - * * - t. テつキ ) j* Bgaj Demands" Slgjers of Mor-1 THE SULZER TRIAL Three Men Who Fjgure Promin- entiy in Impeachment, 8IVES UNO INSTRUCTfOHS! ' with Remingtofi-UMC.22MetaUics * f * " ' V テつキ*-.- shooting a .22 calibre riSe. ~ You- -ivast ac- L "curacy, sure fire, penetration just as much as if you テつキwere shooting a big game-rifle. Be sure to get- tlie e Hfixiizian-U'-"C .22 's--made vciih the sa=ae care. fro=i" the same tested mateiiils. as the heaviest big ga=ie cartridges- They arc j .' Remicgtos-UMC 22's cost you EO more than ordinary cartridges, lust cdr for Remission-CMC--and see tiiit e\cr box or .22's joa bay bears tlie Red Ba!! Remington' mark., _22!_ors*.-22-Lo=g Rテつ」Se--Bi. . fo'テつォicjテつサ. For spccsJ V"'.ty power--gsJ -22 a e-ia ASKS poirei J Had t! Despite H-jena's Attitude U. S. Y/ar- i ,sh;ps Will be Kept in Mexican \ Waters. テつキ Remington Artcs-Unroa Metallic Cartridge Co. 299 BroテつォdwnT s - Ner York L TO AND PHIL テつキ \ \Vasbington, Sept. IS.--Formal de-1 Kiand for the -Arrest and punish-1 men* of, the slayers of; Morns P- itCot, Pousiown, Pa., was made upon Provisional President 1-iue.rza, o? Mex- Ico^'ay Secretary of Siate Bryaa, follow ing the "receipt of information Of iteot's death at the hands or bandits. ^Secrerary Bryaa also" cab-ed addi- nonal isstr'-ctions to former Governor Lind at Vera Cruz, based on President ilucria's message to the .Mexican Congress. He refused to make public the テつキlecaHs of h:s message to IJnil. American battleships probably will remain in Mexican -..-aiers, despue j Provincial President Huer:a's declara- j tion that they Trill be uav.-elconie alter another monta.. There was no official expression o: this Government's attitude, but it was p!s.ia!y indicated that the Unued States vcoula keep Its vessels OS the jiexiean PaciSc and Atlantic coasts so j !oag as the present insecurity of Ame- i rieans warranted. [ It was pointed out that in inter- J .national lav* the United States clearly " ) had a_ right to protect- its citizens in a foreign ccur-try where internal disorders-prevailed, and to that end despatch warships to ports where American interests demanded protection. It was pointed, out that American, warships in i-exican waters would i continue- to- adhere strictly to the injunction of President Huerta not to "entail an attack upon the dignity and sovereignty of ilesico." but further taah that it was not likely that the "Wilson Edministratioa would accept dictation frcm Huerta as to the c:r- cumstanees in which Americlan vessels might Ue 0:1 the ilexican coast. It is thought that Huerta's move is a shrewd step to try to get rid oテつ」 the American ships on or before October 25--the date on which he says the permission to remain expires and the; day before the scheduled elec- GOV. SULZER PUTJJN TRIAL Impeactment Coort Sils in jj Aiiiany Today. WE'RE READY MAY TAKE 40 TO GDNVICT テつキg IE2. by AsfSric Press Association- PMadelpMa Reading Railway r i 3 OY^l^T* ^^ Saturday, SEPT. 27. tlcas. the battleships ga 3 . now at Vera Cruz, vould no have to move. TIO ci^erecce "vrhat ae- t?oa the ^fexlcaa goremnseat takes, because jthey already are more thso, taree-miles-oa saore and therefore technically on the high seas. - It -eras said at the state department that, so far. there appeared to fce sothli:^ In Huerta's rcessage to cause the Unltea States to change Its attitude. Kt-re are three Hgures on v. hom the eyes j' the sts;^ of Xew Yor!c as テつキnrcll as the en'irf- country ar^ no*"." turned Trie Im- rjiehs ent trial of YT.ll^rr. Suli e - or-^cs ^j' ATbany oa Thuralay niorc- !i^~ _\t Ll*e lop is ihe accusecl go^'ernor, :r. the cenr^r Is Ch:=i Judge Edgar it. C;:I!K:.. ana at th^r bottom Is Eobert^ K. ""e?mテつォr. v."bo -rfll,b the prcsiclins oscer ^t tbfe t^:s.I. As lie vriis pr-ssicent pro t^r^- po-s of t"e senate, he because presicent '-..-in I,--utenar:c Governor Glja^ ats- tOTUiiic^"'." r-romotvfi to t-e o*5ce oi governor ;if ;er che ImT^eicnmei- ar^c!es haテつ」- b^en 2.ccpteC by the sisscmol"- Counsel for Accused Official Questions \ Right of Members cf investigating * Committee Sitting With Court. Albany, X. Y., Sept. IS.--The impeachment court to try Governor Sul-j zer on charges oi railing to report' campaign contributions and diverting" some of tiie funds to his o'..'ii use,' convened today in the senate ehtinsber of the capital. Eevery available iach of space in the gallery \テつサ-as packed i\Uh. spectators, many of whom \vere '.\onieri. The court is composed oi use judges of the Court of Appeals and members of the state senate. Governor Salver did. aot attend. He was represented by a large array of lawyers, headed by D. Cscij Herric-k. Alton B. Parker is chief counsel for the prosec'st ; ou. One of the first Questions raised by Governor Sulzer's" counsel right cf certain members of the investigating committee to sit as members of the court. Thes Senators are James J. Fra'.v- ley, Xew York; Samuel J. Ramsperger, Buffalo; Felix J. Sanner. Drco'-i- IVE, Democrats; and Sites R. Bravm, "U'atertowrs, Republican. Counsel Tor Governor Sulzer Questioned the property of any member o f j the senate sitting as a member of the High Court who may be called up- oa to testify before It. These Questions and others, including the expected attack by Governor Sulzer's counsel' upon the validity of the impeachment proceedings trill be determined j bv the court of impeachment itself.; Until these are decided no evidence テつキwill be taken. Scores of witnesses "Kill be called for both sides during the trial, estimates as t" the length of -arnica. \ary from one to two months. Although the impeached executive's legal advisors have aot disclosed any of taeir sians, it is generally understood Governor Sulzer -nrill not attend the ses.! sions uhile The preliminary arguments I are--under--sray, Should -he validity Ready we are with our Choke I Outfitting for Men. Boys and very Little "Men. Suits, Overcoats, Head\vear, Haberdashery, Shoes and Sv:eaters that we are very proud to shov,- and that any man will be fully as proud to \vear. AS YOU KNOW OUR PRICES ARE ALWAYS FAIR! To shov.- you will be a gren.t pleasure for us and you are earnestly Invited ro call and see what's new in Fall Outfitting. "Clothing of Quality" Lewis E. Kirssin, Gettysburg Bargain Store. Opening Friday and Saturday Sept. 19th and 20th Display of Pattern Hats and all other seasonable Millinery goods. Flowers, Silks, Velvets, Feather, Ribbon Hats. The Misses Cliritzman '~ J '- 107 Baltimore St., Gettysburg. Pa. *** Navy Department c5oals say -s^s nisr ixnzlsiana and M.cbi- y] j] \|||JJ テつ」 I-IT TrnnTn nnr ** -- テつキ* w テつサテつサテつォテつキテつサテつサテつキテつォテつキ LUril ivsral Tlioosand Pass Review- Slahdla Oiiaflanooia, *' "e SPECIAL TRMN Special Lv. A. 31. . From Special. !テつキ"- A. M From Gettysburg . -. Biglerville Guernsey ^Centre Mills . Bendersrille . Gardners *IdaviHe Starners - *Go"odyear ... Hunters Run . %pper Mill - . . RETURKEXG--Special Train will leave Reading Terminal (only) -ii ~ H ;io p. M-, for above stations. 7:2-5 JMt. Holly Springs 8:8E 7:40 ""Carlisle. -Junction^ S:36 7:44'Boiling Springs 8:44 _ _ 7 7:48 Brandtsvilie-- 7:52 jp. 31. Junction 8:00 j^Sosegarden \ .. 8:03 rGrantham 8:10 rBowmansdale 8:16テつキ White Hffl ..8:58 . .8:-D6 .:9:00 . ROOT IN MEX|CO_MANY YEARS Pottstown Man Was Formsr'y Superintendent of Iron Company. Pottsiown, Sept. IS.--Morris ?. RooC vv-ao met death at the hands of bandits in T.Iexico was a member of a well knows faniiiy here. He was the son cf the late Eii and Sarah 3. RcotT Ke left Pottstown in. IS9S. to take charge of a. mining operation at Tepic. Mexico. He had been, superin-- CCIH- 9:04 9:15 8:24 \ Girard Are. (31st St.) -P-M. 12.05 8:30! Reading Tenranal(ar) P.M.12.15 Tickets include Admission to Garden FESTIVAL There \vill be a festivaTand chicken soup at Centennial Hall schooMiouse on Saturday Evening, September 20. Chicken soup 'i The money will be used to purchase an organ, Everybody Welcome of. tae Pottstowa Iron paiy's. "Vvorlcs and an inspector of the II Valiey division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and was we'l io\m. in this section of the Siate- His Drotier. R. ilorgan P.oct. has oeea in -comaiuiiicatios with Congres- Diefenderfer, of rhis district, and other "Wasnlagton omcials concerning Tuorrls's reported death and only Tuesday had word from "vTashington that Trent to confirm his brother's fate and that egprts were being made to run the bandits who were responsible for his death- It was later reported that Root had been slaia and that his body had baeu cut to piecss. PUBLIC AUCTION |n Centre Square, Sept. 19th 1 o'clock \ The undersigned will sell a big lot of second hand Furniture, Stoves, Car- *! ~ テつサ pets and all sorts of house furnishings, also several good light wagons; one has top, suitable for hauling milk cans. Do not miss this sale as we will have something that you will need. "'" CHARLES MUMPER CO. ARGENTINE BEEF-CHEAP Stesks IS Cents '" New York and Some Came Here. York. Sept. IS.--The consignment of IfiO tons of Argentine beef, which arrived Monday, the first bis shinnieat ever brought to the ITnited States has been sold to dealers heie an"! has found lis way into retail trade The retailers gave eleven and a. halt" cezts a poanJ for tae onaners. Here are some of the prices at which the seat was said: Porterhouse and sirloin steaks, e-ghteen cents a po md; prime rib roasts, sitteen cents: roun-l of bee:, eighteen cents: chuck roast, twelve and a half cents, and soup :neat. ten cents a pojmd. Chattanooga, Tennessee Sept. IS.-Through a ni : sty rain, several thousand "Cnioa veterans and Sons of Veterans zunrcbe:: i- the forty-seventh an^inl parade cf tfie Grand Army cf tie Republic. Tae unfavorable weather conditions C;d not dampen the ardor oi part'c'pasts or the Thousands of spectators Ent::usia=r3 of tlie crowds frequently In-erri!T:e- the progress of the parads. It v,as with diruculty that hancreas wi_o rushed into the raslcs Df~the""^nsrchcrs to~sa^ike hands with the veterans v.ere forced back. -s^r: un33!rlテつォ: order conveyed by an ;^Jen::3etI pcrscu to Colonel L. L. j T. DIck.nscn. a'Jjutant of the X. E. Forest Cai23 O-~ Confederate Veterans creverrted tbaz camp from participat- ^g Is the parade. Thirty Confederate march wir- C--c-nel H. Anson and For- 3-=rbe Post ~')- of Toledo, or which i.s Is comrssncer Gre 5 c disappG-Iuziaeni was extsressed ^y Union and Confederate Veterans and aii investigation jas bear Irst.trted. , The order -..rported to come fram Coramander-.r ciief Alfred Beers, of iha G. A. R~ "j"t General Beers emphatically oeciea knowledge ot If- _ Half a u'sea Confederate veterans, -_, --^^.v i:nI~V"^ns. were taken "pris oners" by 1'rs.on veterans during t^e nrosress o: tne parade. TOC auiid shouts oi Ia,:~r-er. forced to partiri pate in it. D-j.r.g heartily cheered oy speotatcrs. ~Tiie raraf was led by Coaitnaiider- in Cafef Beer- and staff in carrircss rriieri the "テつサ03 rcacaei tie reviewing stand on Sroa: street the comjr.anaer- li;-ch:ef and v 's sta:T. together テつキ?. 1th ar21 v oKice'3 a"d civic ofScials, ascended tee s-a:.'i. Frora tJ a rro~ent of the apBsar- ance of the parade the ovation accorded tn.8 veterans was almost con- c3 Jill Glテつォ S. I oテつ」 the proceedings be upheld by tnc court, it is expected that the presence' of the accused olncial -in the court room daily will be a feature. jlrs. Sulrer wiil be one of the most Important witnesses for the defense according to the governor's friends She has been going over evidence^. In the case with her husband at the executive raansion since her recovery froro. the nervous breakdown following her alleged admission that she was responsible for some ot the TVall street transactions attributed to her husband. - If the ten judges sit with the forty nine members of tne senate, the two- thirds vote required to expei Mr. Sulzer. as calculated by the assembly impeachment managers, would be forty. gss^riaa^ m S 1 | 3 m Special SHOE SALE If You De^Ire to Save ROBBERS GOTS2QO-000 WOR1H Latest Summer Raid in New York's "Millionaire Row." Xew York, Sept. IS.--Residents of] 'Millionaire's Row," on 79th and SOtn streets, just east of Central Park, es^ テつキ.imated that robberies during the summer had cost them 3200,000- The latest robbery was committed at the home of Mrs. Karl -TTailach. Mrs. TTallach's son said the thieves aaa taken silverware, jewelry, furs and household goods worth SKO.OGO. Several families learned of their los ses for the first time, when they reopened their homes after being absent during the summer. The robbers entered the "Wal'ach residence through a skylight in the roof and cleaned out the house in a leisurely fashion. In one of the bedrooms they established a small smeltIns: furnace in "ahich the;" melted down the silverware to convenient in gets. They left the iraprooshed furnace behind theru- Aasons the lost valuables --Ir. \Va'i iテつォ-^. rft-p'-.giipd :';irs valued at $J'X- i MONEY s, g Come In s ORDERED OUT" " We have made the rounds and ordered out all of our Men'.s-/ Women's and Children's Summer Shoes, and now we are going to Make Them Move. テつキ_ -: We offer Shoe Bargains that you cannot afford - to ignore.--No one with feet should ignore this sale.-Remember the sale is now on and if YOU do stay aw?y, YOU are the Loser. Prices to varied, and. ncjierous too'ennraeritehere. C. B. KITZMILLER, M Si S3 a Opening FRIDAY and SATURDAY of THIS WEEK at Bernette Rinehart's g a M=ft=fcau=mj-^ru^, a ..Timi Receiver- i-or insurance Conr.par.y. TVilrasasJon, De!.. Sept. IS.--Joan B. HattoB. deputy actorsey-ceneral ci Kent couniy. vras apro.iiiec; receiver for the Mercantile Fire and Marine Insurance Company, ths Honie Fire Insurance Ccnpany and the Anie-Ican Kre Insurance Company cha-gcd un- テつキler the lav, s cf the state of B-Javrare Trlth fraud-iler.t business. yuO, a pair-tins' valued at SX5CO ttvo chests o. s:lver. Chi id Accuses Merchant. Mount Hotly. X. J- Seot. IS.--AVh:!e running a^ay in fear that Italians here Tsrocld carry O'Jt threats to kill h:m. -Tosept Thomas, a merchant o; Mo.:nt H^'i'y was caugat by Shenit Jorslan near Bndgeboro and is now Mary Volarlno. five AGGGE TRANSFER day or night. Prompt attention guaranteed. Eden Barnes -5 "tt'esi; Breekenriuge Unite1 Phone t. GETTYSBURG MARKETS Price? at the Gettysburg warehouse cor- Odd Fellows to Meet in Atlantic City. Minneapolis. SoiJt. IS.--Atiantic C'.ty was awarded the 1914 convention of die Sovereign Grand Lodge o f Odd fellows. Do not uncover roses or other p*an*s until their new growth makes it nece* |テつォary. KHied in "otor Accident. Alieato-nrr.. Pa., Sept. IS.--E. P.! Connelly. 60 D'iVisicTi avenae. Srook-| lyn, er^pioyed in the Xefr York Gen j erai Postoince. TMas sailed -when he' nltched head'.ons from his autorcDbiZe at \Temersvir.e. His skull was :rac tared. Two companions, 12. F. Gav lor, Wood Haven. L. I., and E. G. Heines. Philadelphia, were slightly in- Jared. The accident^ was caused by the toniieau becoraing detached. ous ailegatioas against Thomas. Limit Reserve Bank Leans. TTasajngton. Sept- IS.-- The adopted an amendment to the cnriency j bsli HmiunsL the Federal Reserve' BanVs, in their Jean activities t3 trans actions witn the Government. It was de Xew Dry "Wheat ^TswEar Corn......... Rye Oats RETAIL PRICES Wf-, -5: r D;i*ry Feed" Coarse Spring Bran Per 100 Sl.S-5 1.S5 1.40 esisned to prevent those banks from 1 Hand Pjwkol Bran rtn'^テつサtiT r i'n commercial business Com and Oats Chop x -* 1 ' i * テつー _ ol,^ nn *.i'l*^r Qテつサrut- PVM'fcl - . . . con: with the member banss. Woman ISTorfolk, Kiiied in Auto Race. Sept. IS.-- Louise 10.000 Negroes in Session. Xash\5He. Sept. IS.--The National NTegro Ba?t3t convention opened a sixテつーdav session here. An attendance of 10,000 is expected. A feature will hoemaker Wliite Reil Middlings Titvothv toek Food 1.45 1.65 Menghetti was killed when ner maca- be a semi-centennial celebration - - autoiaobile i "flity years of freedom." Booker ine overturned durin race here. an T. Put your thinking cap on anfl don't let other work crowd out the chicks. , Washington will speak Friday night. I Don't allow broody hens to remain f oti tne same nests that are used ft? layers. Baled Straw W) Plaster ^7.50 per ton. Cement .$1.40 per bbil | . Fer bbl. Flour., ^i""^ TVesiern Flour fi-C^ Per hn Wheat $1.00 Shelled Corn '-^ Ear Com SjO \ew.0ats ' 3 ? SVテつーistera Oats 5o Have the painter do your work \rith the paint that will prove most economical and satisfactory. SHERWIH-WILUAHS PAIHT, PREPARED * It vrill prove mast economical because it wll put oS the need o, repainting for the longest possible duie, most satisfactory brcauss^it テつキwill give the best resait* m application, appearance and wear. テつォ. "We would like to have the opportunity of figuring on your paint requirements vrhea you テつォre ready. A full hne of colors 1Q S.W. P to select from. ^ Gettysburg Department Store. NF'WSPAPFEJ

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