Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 20, 1954 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1954
Page 3
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-:- THIS WEEK AT THE THEATERS -:- At Your Theaters-"Knights of Round Table Stirring Film The d r a m a t i c impact of th« story f tin- " K n i g h t s of fho Round Table," showing »t UK; Cecil Theater, together w i t h impressive- color tnd pageantry of thc backgrounds, .enhanced by (he new Ciiicma.Scopejlers. and stereophonic sound installation, (showing at the Palace Theater. 'I'ln; scenes represent a period in tiie life of America's great enter- j l a i r i e r , d u r i n g which he was a star jof the Hiegfeld Follies. The hall- bearing eyes are Keefe fJrasselle's starring roles of this story of Bag- clad, It is in technicolor and tells a story as exotic as the Arabian Nights. Cabin at G l e n v i l i e Destroyed by Fire Feb. 20, 1954 Ma*on Cllj- fitobe-tJuietle, Mason Clly, It. Krasselle does a complete personality t r a n s f o r m a t i o n . In black-face, .straw hat and while gjoves and GLENVJLLE, Minn. -- Fire !e- Cantor-like eyes, he dances on strayed the shower cabin at thc stajji; lo the tune of "Yes, Sir! Crocker f)-X cabins on Highway 05 That's My Haby!" and its "The ' "' Cantor Story," Eddie complete with Ida, played by Marilyn Er- skinc, and the five famous daugh- THEATEHS AT A GLANCE "Sabre Jet," air spectacle in color showing at thc Strand Theater, has the distinction of h a v i n g been filmed higher and faster than V I K A N n --"Sabre ,Iel" and OF C H i V A L R Y - N l c l Ferrer, as K i n g Arthur, leads his a pledge to chivalry m the Hall of the Hound Table in one or the spectacular sequences of "Knights of the Round Table " Cinemascope production showing at the Cecil Theater. The picture stars Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner ami Kcrrcr at the head of a cast of S A\th'ur '" '" I S u K i a n '' i l s thc ""«mfico,il story IN SHOW BUSINESS--"The Eddie Cuntoi Story," in t e c h nicoJor at the Palace Theater, is the life story of one of A m e r i c a ' s greatest entertainers and citizens who sang and danced his way from poverty to f a m e and fortune, in show business. Keefe Urasselli- as Eddie Cantor is seen here in a m u s i c a l n u m b e r from the f i l m which stars him with Marilyn Ersltine as his beloved wife- Ida It's backstage drama. if Ihr (toiiiHl Tahle" ,. .... ., any other f i l m · in movie history. : Cantor M,,r, i » » L N j n e f n f , e s ^ ^ , f ^^ ^ ^ i»u u n . i h c l t e r than (iK) m i l e s per hour, this isi n.vs-1. iinv .-,·, », , , i the story of the jet fighters. Kob-i 'TOU^M.O n, 5ru""··""«" s.iu';!icrl.Sluck and Coleen G r a y are the: I i l a . ".Man From tlie A l a m o " and "Ab- j CO-.sUir.S. Also On ItlC bill is "Ghosts' I holt ami CoslL-lin Mi-«:i Dr. J f k v l l a n d ! it. i ii ' u » /·. i \ i .Mr. ii,uv c,|,m S u n d a y . ' j o n t n e Loose," W ith Ava Gardner,! I I . A K K -- " T h e HOV from okuhoma" doses' '' e GoiX't'v, H u n t z Hall and Belaj v . w . t * - f t J ~ V f c ^ « 4 I V I ^ till II IfcllVY f t j ItJ in Glenville Wednesday. The fire was discovered by a passing motorist who awakened Wayne Crocker, proprietor of thc cabins and station. The shower house was destroyed, but the volunteer firemen prevented the flames from spread-, ing to the station and adjoining! cabins. 1 IOWA'S WONDER SHOW PLAOk NO. SHORE . CLEAR LAKE. IA SAT., FEB. 20 GUY DELEO AND HIS ORCHESTRA MON., FEB. 22 Garner Firemen's Ball JULES HERMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA FRI., FEB. 26 ; AMERICA'S POLKA KING Frank Yankovic AND HIS BAND H u t i l i t y . "I lie (Julik'ii liljd m a k e a stirring evening for opens J . | "The Man From the Alamo/'j t[ ie jtcchriico!or adventure production,! movie-goer. opens Sunday at the Band Box! Such Ls thc i m p a c t t h a t the au-| T h c a l c r v ' i t n suspense that ever: diencc feels itself to be an actualj' n c r o a s t ; S - ^'enn Ford has one of] p a r t i c i p a n t in the heroic events t n e mealiest roles of his career' from the opening sequence when i P° r ' r ' i y ' n " * nc character of John| Arthur draws Ihc sword Exca[ibun^ r o u '' t n o on 'y m a n to leave the! from ils a n v i l to thc final duel ( o l A l a m o alive. Chill Wills and .Julia! the death between Lancelot and' A ( i a m - s -' jrc co-starred. "Bod Ab- Modred on the edge of a pool o f ' b o t t a n d Lou Costello Meet Dr. (quicksand. j J e k y l l and Mr. Hyde" is the co-i Lancelot's single-handed combat ( f e a t u r e . ' j against six knights, the episode at The world of reckless romance: RIVERSIDE 725 NORTH KENTUCKY MASON CITY SATURDAY, FEB. 20 MALEK'S ACCORDION BAND S E R V I C E MEN IN UNIFORM ADMITTED F R E E FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE 2002 the Ring of Stones in which Lancelot foils Modred's efforts to murder and adventure is recreated in "The Golden Blade," which opens at the H U M A N STORY--Robert Stack and Colcen Gray are co-starred in a story about thc jet flyers and their wives, "Sabre Jet," now showing at the Strand Theater. It is a color f i l m , w i t h a story of officers at a Japanese jet plane base from which they launched attacks on Korea. T E N S E MOMENT-This is a tense moment m thc technicolor adventure drama, "The Man From the Alamo," showing at the Band Box Theater from Sunday through Tuesday Glenn Ford is starred as the only man to leave the Alamo. Co-featured are Chill Wills and Julia Adams. L I F E IN B A G D A D -- L i f e in Bagdad is adventurous for Rock Hudson, in ''The Golden Blade," at the Lake Theater from Sunday- through Monday. Co-starred w i t h the swashbuckling Hudson is Piper Laurie as a royal - -- _ -- ..., - , , , , . , * ^ . i , u i_t iv** v. j v\/ j j J U 4 V - i \ ; i *-» w i w».n i_i i D U E j *v l l i L . i l u I J ^ I l o til. v l l Q J ! Arthur, the first .meeting between|Lake Theater Sunday. Rock Hud-! Lancelot and Guinevere when he!son and Piper Laurie are in the! rescues her from the Green Knight;- - ' in a jousting duel. The tumultuous battle against the Picts, fought with darts, rocks and arrows dipped in oil and fire, Ihe trial in the Hall of Ihe Round Table in which Arthur hears Mod-!j red's accusation of Guinevere's un-!j f a i t h f u l n e s s and Lancelot's treach-l i cry, and Arthur's death in the' LEGAL NOTICES la.K's M:,U;UI: STANDINGS w. j.. ...: r;ii ;;T. :i!i :::t :IH :; i Superior Oil low-it l i u l h l e r v . . , H l l l o n - l t l r k h i i f y . . . -Seven "U|" K a y Seney Km-ctltr-.xrl J f r r a c l I'hllll|is "W" . . . House of V l i l u u .'s l . a i i i r s , . J l l l b C l n l l i l i - r j . . . L y l l e ' i t r . r l l l I I J . K ' S I.I I'd. .r,H Paralytic Develops Business by Phone DENVER, Colo. (UP)-A complicated little device with which he ida Leiier. ,i t .- c * n cli ? k tho lclc P h °"L' on and off - -.- ^. icth, IMS,' hav- w ' ln his tongue has opened thc X«:«?{?,, '^·oS;;: n ^r?; duor °" a n c w i i f c . f °'- D TM«'^ v. ("»· » .1- '* *' W 1 ' J *··' SI Alb OK I O W A , Corn, (iordo County ss. In UUiricl Court No. 823'J. January Term, 19M. Tn AIJ wiiiun it M i i y Concern: You are her.-by n o t i f i e d , that an Instrument ol writing puri'ortlnj; tu ti« th: l a s l ami of Jda Lester, ili- vni . . . """ """ ""·' i'".··i, opunwj ;iml n "(Hi ',, U f s c l a y ""· n "' ""' ol M.i«'f, 135! ·'K''!t'oia' "!'..- 1U! "'' ln ¥. " r "" f ..." f sa »"-' at · I' 1 j t i l l ! · ·'.·'*. 0«r in 1) It, ,, , ~ - - · · ---- ·-· ---- ·«- · . t \ he Vowlcs, a' paralyzed Salt Lake Cily man «'oi . . 1 . . S H.'iX HIT. '.',1 tc - I ' c n n y Z'Jt. . i H;;I ;ut -,H* i KKSUI.TS' '^nd :trd l l r p . T u t . 7.VK H l l ISO ».vil t.ytle'.t C r l l l Hub Ciothlcrs Johmlrn'» Kl. i '· T U I I X l i 8M I1C :!MJ Jlob Sailer n.V/1 IJiib Ikeiibcrry ·«*. ' H l l l o n i l l r k h o l z I 717 7 I ' J 7t:i l« iinx S e v e n "I'p" . . . 'J 7:« H O I X l ! » ··njil I t a y T c n u e y S l l j !·'. . M u c l j K l n H f l ! ! 1 ) . la. H u l U i t t r s . . . I 73fi ii:in B30 7'i 2-".IK S u p e r i o r Oil ... '^ 7117 7 1 7 7 |:i ^1117 I.oil Croy 1 7 ! l l .lohn M l U o v e c 18.". Ii»ii-ie of Vli(on 1 7 1 7 X-".' Hft asm S . l i . D r e a d . . . ;', Hl.T X U I ~,".\\ CD L'.lll Wo-i I t r n i U ^ 17. lln«. ·'·"'"j.v.Vi The mechanism, engineered and 1 produced by Chester H addon ofi Court of nalcl County, or thc ·K of sairl Court: nnl at li) : no o'clock ln'lcV«t«7 aft rc°^Sb" l 'wU l fl'!.-J 1 Ta '""" vl ^ u "* w«t: S u:r naui to appear, nnii «how cnuse, if Gairies Orthopedic Applian l a s t W i l l i i n J Testament · til Dated n lllti. 1351. ami Testament o/ »;.i.i tiwi'asJ-'tL vowies to operate a phone solici nt M.iaon City, loVn, Kthruary t n t i o n SCfvicC. n a v Si-nVr ' · - - ' , «vt -CK ···»· "ror Y "" " ri -' » c «''' notified, thai [·hill!,, "n-"" 7 x-Vi xrr .',1'- Mr??" mcnt nf wrlt'nK purpirtin« to i o n i ] [ t s nn . . i n.ti ftt,«i u i 4 »u I I ' Vl'iu T n i l Tt^cl i m n n l f r v. i * Him!M-:i'r.i|^r-: i m v i ' i . i v ^ i i i - ' A r . i i i . ' « i u u 01 jonn r. H O W I J N G I . K A G l . ' K 111 I n i l .Vitl f.Nll Won C a l l a i f l i r r ' s . . . : t liii'.l I ' . i r i n \. T u w n . n (il)l Ii. C o l l i n s 170. I.V.'. A r n o l d ' s . M o t o r i '.{ t"t!l h r l a n l a l c l-'ooilK n TiKK .M. Shneliy ·;»:·. 173. food C i t y '.' (WiS 7 f l 7 K 7 1 M . K . A . Thar. . I lili! f)K7 7 1 1 !·:. O l - l e l l I H . ' . 111.'. .Mur.slmll - S i v i f l V 1)17 D7:i fi.S5 M.C. K a i l l n . . I 117 I ,",0(1 117:: I t . H r r l Kil), I ) . A l l e n i:i',. i.fe's i.iincA . . . '.* 7 - :."i 70:1 tict U n i t e d li. itiuik i :::; i;nn .;;: ·M. 17.1; C. I.ce 17.1. Martin'n :: iii7 i;:in rjiii Sedar'* M o t o r * I 'J^O -%K7 IHIil .M. Mail-iura* H..".: .M. .Mr-Mon-;! Malhre 1:W. HOKDEHl.INK l.KAKUE STA.Vni.VfiS \V. M . I ! . A . I'harinnry .Marsliall .t S i v i f l . l.'oltcil l l o n i r It-ink "oil 'tnl Urn Tnl V."* 11 "- «·"«! may 211. l u t i f . liavlni,' DCCI -"- '""I l l c '- f]" 1 .; t"!s tiny filed, opened ami read. Wcilnes fi fill 13 * for h e a r h i K proof of same at the Court i House In .Mason City. !own, hefoi-e thc ; Olstrlet Court ol fi.ilii County, or the Clerk f said Court; nnd .it 10:00 o'clnek A.M., "ii"' ''' ""' ''"v ll '' ovc m u n t l o n D d all persons In.'. ,,!: ti'i-fstrcj are hcvchy nollfled and required -""·' lo a p i i c a r , and show cause. If any they .,,,,,,, h a v e , why I n s t r u m e n t should not lie pro- T"I" b a l e t l ""d allowed as nnd for thc last Will nnd Testament of Raid ilervnscd. Dnlvii «t Mason City, Iowa. February tu:i- :!0 is.-.o In;,) O. 1,. I] to . A r o l l l d ' * .Mulnr.H . ...... I'liuil c:ity ....... M i i r l l n ' H I l l i i c k s m l t l i K a m i A' Town l.uinhcr Manon C i t y I l n d l o Hrliirdaln J-'uods ' J P i -IP/a Scdftrs i\Int*ir« ,. ^'i'i JX^ HO It 1 Kill. ING TKN H I G H I I O W I . C K S II. Colllim 151 M. Ornjiaril us .1. .lolin-ion 1 in K. f'ahalan 11:1 W, T r c h l l c n r k 1 ( 3 I). Ahli Ill C. l t d II. K « in n u Mil I I . . l e r r e l l l | l | II. l . o h n i n n n KiU nun,OK its icxcn.vNCR Won 1st inil .'Iril I f r p . Tnl. NOTICI5 TO VOTKRS I / n d u r Ihc plan of permnnent rcijlstra- (lon adopted by the city of Mason City you can rcgiMcr nt any time, diirlni; the ·tni- ..,-ti o f f l c « hours of the City Clerk In the City · i i ' i i »'!r I l a "- » x c f p t ilurinu the nine CJ il»y perlml .in . -.11 , )r | or to n|ly t .| cc [| 0n ' you are not registered, or having , . i s l « r c d have chnnKctl your residence i t - - t - i x "ddress since reRlstcrins, or If a woman, , .',,, nave ch.inacd your namo by mnrrlaKe or divorce, you must register, correct your address, or ic-ru«lster to enable you to vole. Any foreign-horn person who lias been naturalized may reKisler, but you must present your n u t n r a l l z a t i n n papers at thc time you register. Thc l a s t day fru- registration before thc School K l e c l i o n lo he held Monday, March B, ISM i.s PrWny. fcliruary 2fi, l o s t at 5:00 o'clock p . m . I ' E A K I . n. K K U . O f i G , sioni-r of ni.-KJ.strallti) 1(1^ M!)0 ;:to 771; tu WIG I - l n n e k r 1ST. Hi:t. is;* a.'i'st 717 VI!) ZKIS K a y K. P a u l c y :: 7«: 7 7 1 Nlrhol^ Wire . . 0 7tl 78,1 i:!r, N. llciali )«!; H. H o l i r r l t ino. l l e n k r l ConM. . :: 7:10 K i l t 7!: I'i:! a i D I i U n l l e i l II. Hank I M i 7IIH 7UI1 1K:I ::f::\ N. I l r e k l e y 'ill), r.117. Iowa Itillhlers . :! 7.10 7«5 7.'l! 391. '.'.W'; C a « h « a y I) r. Krlanilson I H 7 : Farm .t Tnivn . ;i HJ'I 7(iO 7IIS Curries l l d i v . - (I l i l l l lii^ U'l'i O. 2 1 X , net. N. la. M f l l w n r k * '-' 7l)( 7crhlc H u l l d e r H 1 (in.*! -- ,,.,. v I,. Dnlchcr 2111: M. Clark B i t . . M. C. Aimn-nrJia'« 7I)!» 71.1 ««1 .I.IO W.'lfl Fiillerlcin . 1 IW!» 770 Ill'J a l i t 1 M I I J». SIcKInnciis 'iO'J; r,. l'r:dcr»rn 4 i l . nlJM.DKliS K X C H A N O K STANDINGS W. I,. Pel. ITcnkel Construction . Cmihway Nichols Wire Altnn. I-'arm A Town Mir. . . North Imv.a M l l l M i r k 7crltfl [!ulI((crT( U n i t e d , llcinic Hank . . H a y K. I'niilcy Co. . . . I mi a ItuIMerji Fullcrlon 'M'.t Curries Hardware *(i'.-"i M. C. M l l l w o r k s MOOSi: I.I i:{ .'17' i :i.'i H I ilK :!1 :l I :v: I l l .TJ .(!") ..'.IW .:.:!0 .MS M :CI .r.iid :« »:i .MO .li'.a .1.114 .(fli Kfl'/i . l l f i 'MVi ,1111 II ,M,1 w. i.. Sjl's Trull M a r k e t B:l Itlalj; Hcrr - I I :il Oranrr Slirll Service ·!!) 3ii Onynor's Orncery :i!) nil Pctc'n f'la'cr 37 :H K o z y Korner 3:'/i MI'.'J Iliid'n Uncd Cjrs :.'[ I: T.ecjii) Jl»r!icr Sliop .'1,1 ·!-' Illark A Whltfl Cafe 3'i .is Mannn C'lly Tile A Aliirhlc . . M^OOSK LRAOIJH Wnn i M t 2nd :lnl Hep. Tut Dlack W h i t e . I) 710 717 77:1 Oaymtr Oroc. : :( 738 700 1H~ II. R f l R R o m n n 2":. fi'JI. fSlal* . : i 79(1 711) 7«3 O r i n e r Hhrll . I 191 'M 7:ifl Klmhln 1H:I. Kill. rrtci'f ftsuce ... 3 8.11 flM 797 ISO K u r y Knruer .. . I 771) H7I Km w. niiiicnii 'Jin, n.r.i, ' · I,rr«e K n r h f l r :.~t (1(11 7.1n 7f!1 Syl'n ' M r k t , ... -I iM'i IIS;i 7711 J. K. llnrU 1",K, (Hit, ZM a I 37 7H 2 1 I X Stricken wilh a creeping paral ysis 10 years ago, he became bedridden seven years ago. He is paralyzed from thc neck down. »/,, v, UI -r,i i.uruo i_oumv IS . IIe lias on| y lo touch a plastic Court No. S'231. January lever Wl'lh the tip of his tongUC to ..--........ ,t Ma r concern: a u t o m a t i c a l l y dial the . operator YOU «rc hereby noiified. that an instru- who in turn dials the number for e n t o f writing purporting t o b o the lust . · T L I ,. . .. ..ill and Testament of John I-'. Dolan. do- m m In C a S C ^° ^ ocsn t know the Ceased, d.itcd May 2a. IDui. fiavinl; iiccn number, the operator can switch nil flitv f t It'll nnitrtinl r» n.l *-«-.,! l i r ^ . i -- , . TM . . .. . . . _ . _ . . . _ S. H. M n c P E A K . Clerk o£ tho District ( ourt l»y JO ANN MULLEN, Deputy NOT.IpK OP P K O B A T R OK WILL STATE OF I O W A . Cerro Cordo Countv is. In District Colin No. 8i37 Term. 195-1. To All Whom It May Concern: , day the !Uth day of is fixed information" after which he reports the number to thc dial:,,,, l n S l l t h , . K. 11. MacPEAK. Clerk of the District Court Hy JO A N N aiULLBJV, NOTIOP; or Tun ArroiXTAiu.vT OF A H M I N I S T R A T R I X STATIC OF IOWA. Cerro Cordo Coiinly ss No. H243. Notice is hereby given, (hat the undersigned has been duly appointed and quail- Itrd as Administratrix of the estate of Elizabeth H. neddlnf, deceased, (ntc of ocYrvl" in Cerro C.ordo County. All persons Indcbtod L;ll - tl ln t» said estate arc requested to make Inr- m e d i a t e p a y m e n t ; nnd those linvlng clnlms Diu same will present t h e m , duly autlicnllcaled, to the HndcrnlRned for nj. lowance, and file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court. M A I J Y REDDING MOUOAN J. McKN'ANRY. Attorney Dated F'cbniaiy 10th, 10S-1. S. I f . M a c P R A K , Clerk District Court l!y JO ANN MULLKN, Deputy NOTICn OK THE -APPOINTMr.NT OF KXIvt'UTRI.Y STATR OF IOWA, Ccrro Gordo County ss No. 815fl. Notice Is hereby slvcn, that tlie under- s i n n e d has been duly appointed nnd qualified as Executrix of Hie estate of Rebecca Nlckcrson. deceased, late of Cerro Gnrdo County. All persons Indebted to said estate nro requested to mnkc I m m e d i a t e pny- m e n l : nnd havInK claims against thii saiix.- will prevent tlicru. duly n u t h e n t l - catcd. to the umlcrsluncd for allowance, nnd flic in the o f f i c e of the Clerk 'of the District Court. MRS. EI.MEfl K. NELSON MASON STONE, Attorneys Dated February 19. 1954. S. II. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court Ily .10 A N N . M U L L E N , Deputy :,:.; ; ,, NOTICE OF ritOHATK OF WII.I. .111-2 'I3W STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County ss I n ' nislrlct Court No, 82«. .fnnunry Term, IOS'1. To Air Whom II M»y Concern: You arc hereby notified, that ,in Instru- ··if" 1 o f . w i ' l l l n g nurportlnc to be thc last Will nnd Testament of Enrl Srluiltz, ric- ccnucO. dated Septnmbcr 2fl, 1D.10, having . been t h i n day, filed, opened and rend, tn Wednesday the · 3rd day of March.' 1954, '* l.i fixed for honrlhff proof of nnmc nt the Court IIouiio In Mnson City, lawn," before District Court nf said Cflimty/ or th r e i Clerk of said Court; nnd nt 10:00 o'clock mcntion?l nil i*. M.r «..r, r-*, · -.u. SITII ' i,«.» o.i. "·"'·· '" " lc my nimve mentioned nil pur- Si- Tiir '" f'255o ; 5;iv?? H i ..,,. *." « on ", ln , tci ; o " lc(1 nro "*«'?· "«""«" nmi m.l/. Tile ; . . . . , I t'tn HUn Illtl :J07: S'illll required to nnncnr niul «)ir.w onncr. if ----- »·"«» " '"""f" ·«»"'» "III R r h r l v c r n.v.'. any they ^yg!*^' InX.n.nT ,g,f'Jf lady with the spirit of a g a m i n . Thc picture i - , r , -- --,1 is in technicolor. l a r m s of Lancelot -- all are there'J -- __!wilh dramatic Impact. about George." Her mother a i j t ° b o i t I aylor, Ava Gardner and little less enthusiastically s'avsi M c l , L ?r rcr . arc ^-starred m this she tolerates George around thcl£ r o d u c t l o n ' n ( s P«tacu! a r Cinema- house but "draws the line" at pct! Sc ° PC P r " dutUo " »"d thc perform-' 1 ances measure up lo its panoramic- conception. Thc stage is literally alive with feathers, spangles, French frivolity and Eddie Cantor's ball-bearing MASQUERADE D A N C E AT D U N C A N C O M M U N I T Y HALL Duncan, tov/a Tuesday, Feb. 23 Music by John Buiicky Band Old and Nev/ Time Music Prizes will be a w a r d e d Doors Open 8:30 P.M. Firemen Sneeze at Smoke Cloud FOR WEEKEND FUN IN CITY IT'S Skateway Roller Rink ( I n T h e A r m o r y ) Matinee Sunda Afternoon C h i l d r e n 13 Years and U n d e r 35c, A d u l t s 40c B e g i n n e r s Lessons 7 to 8 eyes in the lavish musical numbers oC "The Eddie Cantor Story," ASH'EVILLE, N.C. .«--Pcor--, oil , 15ve over a-country store near! jn here were- alarmed by clouds of! for w h a l looketl lik c smoke after an' automobile crashed into the building. They called firemen. The "smoke" turned out to be clouds of snuff dust boiling up from a tobacco counter the car hit. SEEK R E - E L E C T I O N NEW HAMPTON--Walter Pose and Dan Donovan have announced they will seek re-election as school directors here at thc March 8, elec- .ion. Motorist Tells the Bear Truth K E N M O R E , N.Y. (UP)-Kep Bchrens is responsible for this story of n bear that knew what to do when lost in Allegheny Slate Park. Bchrens explained that he was] driving through the p a r k when suddenly thc big brown a n i m a l flagged him down and sauntered over to the car. Bchrens offered the bear a sandwich, but the animal spurned it. Instead, jt grabbed a road map and ambled off. Girl, 18, Likes Pet Blacksnake DAYTON, Ohio W -- M a r y Lou Hall, 18, has- a pel blacksnakc named George. She says she would rather have thc 5-foot George wrap himself around her arms than hold a kitten or a puppy. Mary Lou has been inter- since she was old enough to hold a garter snake. A clerk-typist by day, Mary Lou studies hcrpetology in her spare time. Her father, ,lamcs T. Hull, says, 'The whole family is enthusiastic bo probated nnd allowed n.« «nd lor tlic last Will and Testament of .said deceased. Dated at Mnson City, Iowa, February IBth, 1954. S. H, M n c P E A K , Clerk of the Oislrlet Court Ily JO ANN MULLEN, D e p u t y YOU'LL ENJOY FAMILY SUNDAY DINNER With Music By "Ozzie" Palenyk and His Hammond Organ Coral Room ·t th« V. F. W. 1315 4fh S. W. VAST VISION SCREEN ENDS SATURDAY SUNDAY and MONDAY "TechnTcofor THRIUING .SPECTACLE! J$jm GoiDENBlADif ROCK HUDSON PlPfR IAUBIE Added -- Circus Specialty "Under The Big Top" Disney Cartoon and News Continuous Sun. from 1 P^ M. DID YOU KNOW? . . . lhal you may enter The Cosmopolitan Room by the rear entrance after : parking your car, free, dhecily behind The Town House Res- faiirccnt in Zenor's Used Car. Lot after 5:00 P. M.' and all day Sunday. NOW mtuh MON · E N D S A T U R D A Y · "THE A r i J I C A . V Q U E E N " Color " T O U G H E S T MAS' I N A R I Z O N A " C H I L D R E N U N I K I \ . I? ADMITTED F K E K WHEN A C C O M P A N I E D UV P A R E N T S THE THUNDERING STORY OF UNCLE SAM'S ''FLYING BULLETS! IN COLOR by Color Corp, of America TYRONE POWER TERRY MOORE HJUEL REMWE In The New Magic of Stereophonic Sound.' THUffS. Released thru United Artists · 2ND HIT · EAST SIDE K I D S wHh AVA G A R D N E R in "GHOST ON THE LOOSE" NOW! KIGHTi Regular Prices! SOc 'til 5:00 P. M. After 5, and Sun., 65c Children I6c CURVE! WARNER BROS. P R E S E N T KEEFE BRASSELLE^MARILYN ERSKINE-K-SSSRS, [ A S EDDIE CANTOR | Cominol "KING OF THE KHYBER RfFLES" In CtnemtScop* NOW SHOWING ADMISSION THIS ENGAGEMENT Matinee Week Days 'Til 5:00 P. M., 75c Evenings and Sunday $1.0O Children Under 12 Years--25c Anytime Doors Open 12:30 Daily · Show Starts 1:00 O'clock THRILL TO A NE^V GREATNESS IN ENTERTAINMENT! YOU SEE (T WITHOUT SPECIAL GUSSES g*-\ Alt Ifie Splendor, Grandeur and Exiitemen) of the' Age of Chivalry! CSnrtri t, BCHAflD THORPC · taixa b, PAHDflO S. BUtWJI With the rich quality of stereophonic sound inslalled and improved by "Bud" Kelley of Northwest Sound Service, Minneapolis, the Cecil Theater now offers new enjoyment In motion picture '·'entertainment. Frank X. Cola and Paul Cota, projectionists^at the theater, have worked hand In. hand with Kelley.;in l: the completion of 'this installation, which ig one of the finest in the state, the »ama typ« of eo^alpment as used in Music Hall, New York City. -- ; -- --^ ...

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