The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, September 18, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XL Xo. 275. Gettysburg, Pa^ Thursday, September ISth, 1913. Price Two Cemt*. FARMERS'DAY REFUSE PARDON WALKED INTO OCTOBER 18TH WM, EYLER! REVOLVING SAW ERECTED NEW TEXAS MEMORIAL LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS LAMSON HUBBAED E3J.L/AND \VINTER STYTES , |_ For Sale BTJ ECKERT'S STORE "On the Square" Newest Shades and Shapes in Men's Furnishing Department Window: i Business Men Keet and Decide upon I Effort Fails to Have Murderer of; John W. Benner Widely Known * First Southern State Memorial on I Correspondents send in Many Items I Day far Second Annual Event.! Howard Miller Pardoned. Twoj Resident of Mount Joy Township! West Confederate Avenue is| of Interesting Mews from their I More Premiums, Better Enter-! Gettysburg Attorneys Registerj Receives Serious Injuries Loses] Erected. Women of the Confed-f Respective Towns, Persinafe tainments and Other Features. [ Objections. Three Fingers and an Arm. i Farmers' Day, bigger and better i William Eyler, convicted of first de- 1 Walking directly into a rapidly re- oosesrved in f gree murder in Adams County Court i volvrng saw at the farm ._ IS. I and later sent to "the Eastern Peniten- {Fornev in Mount. Joy township ing \ tiary for life after his sentence was f morning, John W. Ber.ner, a j than last year, will be I Gettysburg Saturday, October J This decision T .vas reached at a meet ot .. k ; ,,, ·of the business men of town in the I commuted by the Board or Pardons, i known resident of that township, was Edward this well eracy Finance the Plan. and Many Brief Items. The first mounment to be erected on i West Confederate avenue by a south- j ern state was pur in position on Wednesday when the granite memorial to Hood's Brigade was raised. The ex- VIRGINIA MILLS Virginia Mills--Mr. and Mrs. James Kinc and children, Arthur, and Leroy, spent. Sunday at the home of Mrs. Kint's mother, Mrs. Wilson Eyler. WALTER' S T HEAT R E PATHEPLAY E35ANA SELIG «-r-l=rc Co-usnj: n! draiua that holda vour interest il THE BURIAL OF A RICH CHINAMAN (Manners arid Customs ANT1BE3, FRANCE, AND ITS ENVIRONS (Scenic.) MONUMENTS AND CASCADES UF RUilll (Travc-1) T! i E FIGHTING LIEUTENANT St-li* A r signet Of MfXJraa v,-j.rfar-'-. FANCY POULTRY S-% (Educational; DAN PLAYERS'' Prices 10. 2""-. SOc. H E W P H O T O P L A Y EDISON Tc-ziighf the show will be For the benefit of the Firemen. v IT ACT: A rii KALEM DELAYED PROPOSAL - -- Yiiagraph Comedy Ja-k has a tme prooosinjr. lie is alwavs interrupted, linally be pop= thf · iKeslioii befvru everybody. With M AL'KICE COiTELLO. ' ' -- j Law Library of the Court House Wed- inesday evening. j The celebration will be conducted on ia roach more pretentious scale than j last year, there wii! be more enter- Itainment for the visitors, more music. ! better premiums and many new fea- i tures which will make the day worth : while. A good stare has been given the | fund to meec the added expenses, and j the liberal response, which has follow! ed the nrsc solicitation, promises saf- j ficient funds to secure music and di: versions galore. | The Farmers' Day celebration has j as its head_ Wm. Arch McClean. and jits treasurer, George E. Spangler, i who occupied the same offices last year. The committee to visit the merchants with a view to securing their his body and only saved from was on Wednesday refused furth- {terribly cue at a number of places on! pense of the monument is borne by j Mr. and Mrs. Elmer JBennett and er consideration by that body. Aoolication for his pardon was made at. the instance of Rev. Kenneth M. Craig, of Brooklyn, Md., formerly fatal | the Texas Division, United Daughters j daughter, Margaret, of Fairfield Stain jurv bv the stoaping of the engine, ot the Confederacy, Mrs. Mabel M.} tion, spent a few days last week at the The power was not shut on, however. Bates, chairman. j home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. The mounnient is of two large gran- ! B. Lightner. before he had suffered the loss of an Emmitsburg minister, near which j three fingers from his right hand and town Eyler resided prior to the crime j the bones of the left forearm were which cost the life of Howard Miller" of Mount Joy township. Mr. Craig is somewhat noted as a. poet and an author and he pleaded earnestly for Ey- ier's pardon, presenting a widely sign- sawed through requiring the amputation of 'chac member- It was also found necessary to take ofr the one knee can. Zvlr. Benner was carrying on mill which tne had er, petition and letters from Eyier and j boards from the his family. The prisoner, he said, had jbeen started about eight o'clock to pre- repented sincerely of his crime, had j pare lumber for a shed which Mr. become thoroughly converted to the | Forney is building. He had just car- Christian faith and was now one of \ ried away the first siaD and was re- the best prisoners in the penitentiary, turning when, in some manner that Rev. Mr. Craig farther presented letters from several mission workers list of premiums is Roy P. Fankhotis- who had come in contact with Eyler YOKOUAMA FIRE DEPARTMENT An interesting fire review in a Japanese city. CUPID'S LARIAT - Kalem Comedy The Irate father pnrsGeS a. cowboy in odi\ided skirl thinking it is liis eloping V.'ith RUTH BOI-AXD- SMOKED TO A rrsisa- -Kalem Comedy *n The husbands, forbidden by their vdvts to fcinoke. gather before the Ore-place ' scad so runch sinokejip the ehiamer that the fire department i= called oat and s the house with water. With BUTH ROLAND. THE E-VTL THEREOF - Edison AUTUMN HUNTING er, P. Ward Stallsmith and X. L. Min- "cer. The committee oa program and entertainment is C. Wm. Beales. Jo!::s F. Waiter and Philip R. Bikle. The sol:eiiing_bf funds is in the hands of Penrose Myers. Ac Wednesday evening's meeting many of the merchants announced their premiums and the general plan seems to be" to give more and better prizes 'cham were offered last year. A I number of firms tha~ did nor come ia" · girls, who ! ° n ^he plan last yeax regretted it when they witnessed its unqualined success and this year xhev, too. will oner premiums, swelling the ncmber considerably. A complete lis'c of premiums will fortunate enough to be a patron 01 The Shop knows that he need not seek any fcrther. Onr handsome and elegant fabrics are av.-aiting your choice and car --vies arc un-ro-the-ininute and ive. will 5 :in-l rinlsh your orient; in a manner at can ouiy b'i !one when you have it it tilde by W£=I M. Selliginan, Cash Taylor. On September 16th, -we will Inaugurate A STRICTLY CASH BUSINESS. _ into consideration nearby attractions on other dates, fairs, holidays and various other" events 'chat would 3;ct; with a. ^Gettysburg- day. s celebration was on October 25. and who were sure of his repentance. Mr. Craig argued az sorae length for Syler but his speech, followed immediatelv by s. statement :from one of the members of the board who had voted in 1907 for the commutation of the death sentence TO life imprisonment. He said that he recalled disrinctly the details of the case and that he regarded ic as one of the most horrible j tne~eng:neI~Tnese~twb men. with sev-- " eral others, carried him to the house has not been explained, he stepped immediately in front of the revolving blade. The sharp teeth first struck his right knee, lacera'cing ic badly. In trying to save himself, he put his right hand in front of the teeth and three fingers were cut off. His left arm was next caught, being cut almost entirely off when the saw passed through both bones. ite stones, olaced on a. heaw founds-1 John Kauffman, of Fayetteville, visited his daughter, Mrs. Charles tion and containing a suitable inscription. Hood's Brigade was composed of the First, Fourth and Fifth Texas In- Xintle, on Sunday. J. S. Currens spent Monday in Get- fantry and the Third Arkansas Infan- | tysburg. try. It was commanded by Brigadier General J. B. Robertson, father of General Felix Robertson who was Texas' representative for the arrangements for the fiftieth anniversary celebration. The new monument stands on West Confederate avenue near the intersection with the Emmitsburg Soad. Its interest lies chiefly in the fact that it is the first memorial by the South along that avenue, the Virginia monument thus far having only tne pedestal erected. Numerous markers erected under the direction of "the National Park Commission show the positions and movements of the Confederate commands. No arrangements have been made His brother. Edward Benner. rush- for the dedication of the monument ed to his side and Mr. Forney stopped erected Wednesday- murders thar had been committed in this section, and saw no reason why any pardon should be granted at this time- John D. Keith ESQ., district arcom- and Doctors Grouse and Kohler, of Littlestown and Dr. Elliott, of Harney, were quickly sent for. Mr. Benner bled urofuselv from his manv wounds ey who cried the Eyler case for the and is now greatly weakened from the Commonwealth, presented bnefly the evidence produced at That rime and Robert E. Wifale Esq. offered further objections TO the granting of a pardon. Severaf .parades are being planned by the entertainment committee. One fn the DLsp'av of Snic fabrics for actarnn. now reacy at the LIPPY STORED there is no room for donb: a= to the correct fashion or tree quality, hcxtelns :s best choo?icc- J. D. LIPPY Tailor. m 1 ! of these., is assured by the athletic ] management. at college. Gettysburg and Muhlenberg play foot ball here as a special Farmers" Day attraction and s. parade of the college boys carrying their-orang.and blue pennants and preceded by "their band will form one of the interesting spectacles of the early afternoon. The other parade, of a different character, will likely take con-i Mr. Wible said that, prior to the Last I murder of Howard Miller and the subsequent incarceration of Eyler, the neighborhood in which Eyler lived had been constantly in a state of excitement over rowdyism and law foreaK- ing. Since Eyier's arrest the condition has changed and the place is now peaceful. 3Ir. Wible seated thai; he believed this was due largely to the removal of Eyler as the disturbing in- iiuence. I~ required but a very few minutes to determine the outcome of the case shock arid, loss of-.biood- years of age- He is sixty YORK SPRINGS York Springs--Mr. and Mrs. John After the physicians had arrived at J 1: Menges, of De'croit. Mich., are the guests of Henry Menges Mrs. E. C. Stock, of Baltimore, is spending some time with her mother, Mrs. Markiey.. _ _ Miss Reba Enimert has returned to Ga., where she is instructor of the Forney home and had given preliminary attention trie injured man ·was removed to his home and there the left arm was amputated a short piano at Wesleyan College. Mrs. Hebbinger and granddaughter, Miss Hollinger. Mrs. George Pfleiger, of Reading, are the guests of William township. Mr. and Mrs. Wffifam Gibb, John of L. _and Eyler still place late in the day. Foot; ball is a I f O r a life term, sport which-many Adams Countians " remains committed distance below the elbow and the knee Hassler and family, of Huntingcon cap taken oif- jlr. Benner is one of the most widely known farmers of Mount -Toy township and the news of his misfortune spread rapidly- His large circle of friends and acquaintances trusx that he may recover speedily. Miss Zella Currens, teacher of Weeping Willow School, was home over Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Currens. Emamiel Shindledecker, cf near Gettysburg, spent a -few days recently visting relatives at this j!ace. Mr. and Mrs. Geary. Shindledecker and children, of Waynesboro, spent Sunday visiting among friends and relatives at: this place- Miss Daisy Currens, of Fairfield Station, spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mr= J. S. Currens. * Clarence Daywalt, of TTayetteville, ,-isited. Sunday with" his sister, Mrs- Mauriee Lightner. Mrs. J- S. Currens- and daughter, Slda, spent Snnday with her daughter, Mrs. Mervin Kepner.- Mr. and Mrs-' Daniel. Benchoff and children, Mae and Donald, of Fountain Dale, visited s. few- days recently with her father, J. O. MickJey. Wilson Hummelbaugh, of-FairfielS Station, visited Sunu-y with. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lightner. Mr. and Mrs. John. Kint~"-and sons, Tehn and. Bryanj"Jf : ifear f 'Glttylburgy spent one day recently at this place- Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mickley a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kint spent Sunday with her parenfs,~"T\fr. and Mrs. John Kepner. ,_ - f ~. ' LICENSE LAW May Hunt Free upon your Own Land by New Law. a g £= nHII.inilUH5lHI«IHI!UlUHHHlHniIHH!IIHnHJ«£U5HIHIHIHIH»aii!llimmi!i5Dil«Hni!IHH!inilHHtt 1 Student Stipplies== 1 "The Approved Kind" |" Soda Water, Ice Cream--"The delightful sort" Candies, the kind you always ask for. game--always a good one--will draw many of the younger people of the county to town. Wednesday evening's meeting show-1 ed this year's Farmers' Day getting a good start and. with four weeks which to complete arrangements, and GUIDES FINED Two Guides Fined for Violating Borough Ordinance. Samuel Yaugnn aric * James Weikerc P aid SI0.30 and costs at -a in hearing before = \a. better understanding of the pi r= | than last year., there seems to be eve Squire Hill this mom- for violating- the borough ordin- a nce with regard to soliciting tourists ever _ and strangers more than two feet from j reason to believe that the day will g j far ahead of the big success of 1912. 1 Its the place to meet your friends, Ir the sound of the Victrola music. e's and Ehiber's Drug Stores. = i = for IS IT COAL? Black Substance Resembling Coal Fonn Near York Springs. An artesian well 200 feet deep has been dug at the York Springs Creamery by Kohl Brothers, of Myersto-An. At the depth of 150 feet the well drfll- j ers Si*mc£C a JL^S Xt- vein OL oiacfc rocic !much resembling bituminous coal- In discussing the new hunters' license Dr. Joseph Kalbfus, State Game Commissioner, makes this statement: '·"I desire to say .the law provides that a land-owner, or a tenant, residing upcn and cultivating land, may hunt up that land without securing said license; he may also none upon land immediately adjacent and connected with Ms land, without 'che license, if he secures permission to so hunt from those curb line. The information wasj who control the adjacent land. This Sarnitz. were the guests of ribb and family on Sunday. Cashier W. R- Faust of the Penbrook Bank, accompanied by his wife and daughter and Mr. Wolf, made a run to Gettysburg in his Cadillac car Sunday, stopping to see friends in York Springs en route home. Harry Gardner, of Cynwyd. was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E- K. Gardner several daysF"iast~we13cl A number of the automobile owners from York Springs took a run to Gettysburg, Pen Mar and Chamfaersburg last Sunday the entire distance covered on the trip being IIS miles. C. W. Gardner led the procession and was followed by Dr. C. L. Myers, Wm. Davis, Harry Starry, George Harbold and X. R. Criswell. C. T. Lerew laid by OScer tmmons. I privilege covers only the property It was developed at the hearing that j npon which the owner or tenant resid- or the morning of Sepc. 6th, at the Western Maryland station, both of these guides solicited within the line. es and cultivates."' Fifteen days have been given the sportsmen in which to secure the li- after having been warned by Mr. Em- i cense and tag, and the several game mons, along with ail the other guides who were at the train, to stav back along their proper line at the edge of the walk. protectors 01 tne estate^ in connection wizh the State Police and others interested in the enforcement of the law Vvill now be directed to arrest individ- The following witnesses were heard j cals who may be found hunting with- Wallace Emmons. Samuel Vaughn, ] out license. These licenses can be se- ;hur Vaughn. William Shealer,! cured only from the several county ses Bair. ! Sarnoles have been sent to Barrisburg j" rtnu - 1^-analvsis-AbBndar.ce of water was CnarleS P3nk and - - ., - Complaint against otfter gmces was jirom justices o: sgistered here this morning when an j have be imn nnnmillinmn inn»linninmHnt!iniinHtlinninininmn»iHnii»inmHHtnnitnnmnninni;_ j '^~ of ^"gaSons Ber "mi'nate* " ' allto:jl °~° : ' Ie ?*rrr *^om Lancaster were I treasurer to represent him went along to Gettysburg but a brok- BONNE AUVDLLE Bonneauville--Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jchn Wagner, a daughter. Miss Annie Staub returned "Sunday after spending the past two weeks in Baltimore; the guest? of Miss Annie Shultz. £ f . Mrs. Steirneltz and^ son, of Baltimore, and Miss Cathyrin-Staub spent Thursday at the home of J. J. Staub. Miss Annie Golde£ left for Harrisburg- to-spend-soiae-|irjie--^ E. L- Golden and Fabian Staab spent Sunday in Gettysburg. Miss Annie Gebhar^ of JMt- Rock, spent Sunday at the home of John McMaster. ~ , Mrs. Fran's Smith and "Mrs. John- Miller spent Sunday evening at the home of John Wagner- Charles Straushaug-h. ^transacted business in Gettysburg Saturday. en wheel in the gearing- of his caused him to abandon the trip. Postmaster Gil. P. Emmert took a j run in his car to Marysville a distance of 3-5 miles. William Bowers has returned to his home in Hazel ton, Iowa, after a visit back to the old home in Huntingdon township. Mr. Bowers expects to return to Adams county if he can purchase a farm to suit him. car j I r atner HERE FOR OXE WEEK treasurers of the Commonwealth or 1 the peace who may FIRSIGA3IE gave Money-That's what You Do, When you get j Dr. Hudson on tho job. He don't farm you with any un- | B]oOTnsborff Xo ^T~ an d Gettysburg -s ecessary trips at your expense. Thaifs not Ws reputation, j ^yi 3i ee t here Saturday. Any phone. Gail Dr. Hudson, the leading Veterinarian^ j Q ^.^ rg ^"tovers ^ first opportunity of tne ~ I struck at the depth of I9o feat s»d it j = I is now gushing forth at the top at the · T i so annoyed by solicitations that they 1 matter. They may be secured either JlanhatSan Players will Appear Trailer's Theatre Next Week. A big novelty is offered at Walters Theatre next week commencing Monday evening, when the Manhattan j se to nack the! The charity sermon which Rev. Shanahan .preached Sunday ! was heard by a large congregation. Mr. and Mrs- Lewis Weaver r of Littlestown, spent Monday at the home of their daughter. Mrs. George Frommeyer. Jerome Golden transacted business in Gettysburg Tuesday. Joseph Staub, who underwent an operation in St. Joseph's Hospital, Bal- (timore, is getting along nicely. He is j expected home Sunday, i Peter Berge and Leo Frommeyer re- 1 rurned home after spending the past at two weeks in Xew York the guests of the formers sister and the latters parents, Mr. and Mrs. John From- mever. "WHITE j-g Hall--William Weikert, wife performance, will give a L rd daughter , Ada5 j^e a trip to Get- ! men. WHIPPED ICE CREAM the I football season when the II nave: present: team 'from"' NO COUNT whatever to issue "these licenses to any | other person than a county treasurer. V r cc«art 15f pint, ' can be made. VANILLA, CHOCOLATE. PEACH, o and lOc a plate. Sodas and Sunuaes made witls Ice Cream 5c. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN WANTED at once several boys and -« i team in the state, coached bv "Dutch" ! j ment Weimer, the old Gettysburg j and a good game fullback,; FQR j?£XT: eight ' « · * · - - - = room dwelling FOR SAL RUNKPECKMAN'S REALTY REPORT i°l icrc? 1 mile from town. 9 acres timber, 500Q locu»t 'mission fifty cents.--advertisement *.--**· »*V'""^~ T * ·**__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *. T - ' l all culti- [game may be expected, j h d locatio ^possession Octo- ! will be callea at 1:30. Ad- ber ls ," At)piy to MartJn Winter.-ad-1 f-x* ^*£i-r»-f-CT I/?T*AT~^-I c-^iTviiiTT?" i trees, running water, water system 'o bnJMmeg, fruit of all kinds, land all culti . . . ^ . i a .-_: n*:^ eood Lank barn oOxlbO, 11 room bncK !-.onse nrs "'- ^ v T _ -, - _ ^/rA 1 \ vated, fences fair condition., ^ v , . . class condition, this is a good farm ana you can buy n, ior vertisement WANTED: eggs 2Sc; lard 12c Trostel's Store. Arenit^-ni .--advertisement 1 FIFTY blankets and lot of bed. £·6500.! springs will be sold at Mumper's j IF you are looking for style, '"li'sacre* "''"mile from R. R. Station. 2 acres timber, 15 acres pasture can |auction, in the Square, Friday after- vice and comfort, try a pair of 1 e farmed rnnnlno- water, land slis'ntly rolling, S room frame house, papered and , noon.--advertisement I painted throushont* bank barn 74 x 45, \v.i_;on shed and other necessary buildings, well at house and barn, extern on lurn bridge, water pipe.1 to hoii*e. This farm FURNISHED rooms with nrivate is in a good neighborhood and is well located and will produce the crops U U K M b H t U rooms with private Price · 5»oOOO. i bath, for rent 32 3Si. Stratton street.-- RUXK PECOL-: X, Real Estate, Masonic Building, Gettysburg, Penna. advertiserjsnt _ 1 ser- i SEE ad of Mrs. Lucir.da Bender's Saturdav afternoon jrt, t r v i p«xii v-t. v^i*vv-i ' ford shoes at Louis" E. Kirssin's.-ad- | °' clock - -advertisement vertisement 1 at one WANTED: chambermaid Hotel.--advertisement WOMEN and girls wanted. Orrtan- at Eagle na Canning 1 ment " Company.--advertise- comedies and j dramas. No expense has been spared in tysburg on Monday in their automobile. selecting a competent company or in ^ ^ _ ^ stage settings. The offering for Mon- | K Jhn7wife'ar,Q~ son," Bernard 5y drama lull of i^.,^ at , be home of Ellner day night is a comedy thrills and smiles, entitled "A Thief in The Night," a fascinating and'inter- esting piay, overflowing with a happy mingling of mystery and excitement. The Manhattan Players are headed by J. S. Sheely and wife and Augustus were ting at the home of Elmer Whaler and family, near Barlow, on Sunday. Daniel Sell and family, of Christ Church, spent Sunday a't the home of Edward Parr and wife. The Indies Missionary Society Ralph DeHaven and Alice Whitney,} succesSj Jieaxly every member being two young and talented actors. A mat- \ Dreseil{u An ^ercise was rendered by inee will be given Saturday. Ladies' 15 cent tickets are being issued for Monday night but must be reserved in advance.--advertisement FOR SALE: number of nice clean barrels, suitable for apples. Apply Gettysburg Water Company office.-advertisement 1 some of the members which was enjoyed by all. Several new members joined the society and it is open to all the ladies who %vish to join. DON'T forget Mrs. Lucinda Bender's sale, 454 Baltimore street, Saturday afternoon at one o'clock. See advertisement 1 .NFWSPAPFRf NF'WSPAPFEJ

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