The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Are You to be Reckoned Amon 90 Per Cent of people at fifty years of aige are penniless This crrave state of affairs can be avoided by systematic saving. Capital $100,000 The average manjhrows away enough money In ten years to keep him comfortable all his life. The First National Bank offers you the sure road to wealth and comfort in old age. Star*; on that road to-day by opening an. account in our Savings Department, Under the Supervision of the United States Government. Three and one-half per cent compound interest allowed from the first of each month, Do not hesitate If your account is small, you will receive the same prompt attention and courteous treatment. i Handsome home saving safes are loaned free of charge. You keep the safe. We ke ep the key. The temptation to spend Is emoved. Our special representatives are bonded and a receipt signed by them will be honored at this bank. ional Surplus $150,^ t L-^^ST'^? jf* ' fFES .'-e/rw You are invited ro the shoiving of FALL and WINTER MILLINERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, SEPT. 19 and 20. " Located in Basement of First National Bank. Corner of Square and Chambersburg Street. Mrs. D. J. Ride. ^ss, from hens that have made a j --- ·=bow!na: in lavine this winter will Heroic pruntng measures are neec fair showing in laying this winter w ] be more fertile than those that d:d i heavy laying. · ___. It may not pay to keep any very great surplus of corn in the cribs, yer | it is sometimes mighty comforting to I know that it is there. i Scarcity of-stoclc cattle of all kinds : and high prices asked and oliered is j ed to bring many old trees into bearing; but It need not all be done the j first year- ' §S In cool weather 10 to 13 chicks ara sufficient for one hen, while in warm- _ er weather 15 to 20 can be cared for j successfully- - j A pound of clover seed to the bushel! and illeiil £JtlCt;£ tlortcu einu. \si^^±*-\*. *~* t --- j a common local condition reported ! of small grain helps to give one's lana , I i-._ _ _i ._.,,. "L.«T*:«- **-**n ~r\-r*e*Tt'*T£*^ T r l ^ TV^TJ 13-October 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,-i913 T^ "^ 5 ! from the corn hslt states. the clover habit, and prepares the v.-a? . for a good stand. illlll H The Ladies" Aid Society, of Grace Lutheran Church. = 1 | f i oflVo Taverns, will hold a festhalon the church = 1 Caicfc = == j are S6 I fl ]av,-n, Saturday evening. September 20th. Cows must nave salt. Don't ieep irritating dogs. Use care in the cow's ration. Sheep help rid farms of "weeds. I When moss creess into the mead i ows and pastures they need to be s broker- x:p and the soil exnosed to j , ! tn-'s-n and air before reseeding. j of nitrogen. 21 pounds of phosphoric ! \ acid and 7~ pounds of potash. } Raspberries produce good crops in A 200-bu'shel yield of potatoes per j i acre removes from the soil 46 pounds ^ Purses ${ m i the same soil for year, while For the Greatest Racing- Events by the best horses in the ·jjrthe country; including; Ruiming- Races. -- An apple tree that has been prop- j ; tee same son ior ^«»r, *.mie ^u-a.--, , ^.^ ~ yl ,*~ -- _ i berries produce their best crops the i erly pruned from the time it is '· =rst year they come into full bearing *· .~TMTM,«,TI«I,T T.rrt* ««« I As a rule, tee ca-se of a Seek being -- ; " "' * i unprofitable lies largely with the The scratching hen will^ nave be,, ( Brooder lamps should be cleaned i ^^pg- a -. a ^. care they receive; ter vitality, and a better laying rec needs comparatively little attention j g hen it reaches bearing age. ; § The Managers also announce the follovrlng 8 H every day. j fcs should not be fed until they j = j are S6 hours old. -- ! = 1 Every home should have an abund ~ i ance of strawberries. keeper and rather than a su 77 of one b^-eed ord than the lazy hen that waits by . i the gate for the next feed to be doled 5 -- ,, ! eggs and fowls for food Powder the chicks occasionally dur- -- ; over another. , -- "-- : I - [out. i Bv raising standard-bred poiP.try i , { ! en-' -ill be able to sell stock and i There is this to say for incuoa^or , for b-epdrag purposes, and get | hatching: Mites and other pests a.e- bettor prices than when seUI=s 1 ^o; waiting outside the shell reaay *o , uch ing the first eight ·weeks. hens are r-ot only the b«st T I e SS pmajcers. but tbe:r eggs shov.- Erperience is or more value than i ^^ t e =t fertility. In order to keep capital in poultry raising. The Srencltsvllie Schools rjcxlil hold a Festival on j ! Saturday, 2Oth! fDusIc by tne Rpendtsville Band Hlili KlfiDS OF HHFRESHfvIE] the Date \ 01 uie pej The specialist succeeds in any Hue j scal t er the ! of bjsiness, while others are failing- j ~ pounce on the helpless as soon as it emerges High fertility is exceedingly impor-, .^Mi^. -- -.-- », --.,. tar.t for cabbage. Ta:s crop must: "^d at work strew the Loor ! nave an abundance of jnicfcl.»_avail- j hay or straw and j able plant food. Application cf m- . in this. i trate of soda usually pa:«s. The Margaret Hill Dog: and Pony Sho\v, The Cavalcade. Lorzana Troupe of Seven People in marvelous feats of Vire v/alkin^, balancing, etc- The George KoIIartd and Rose Dockril! Troupe- The Grc?t Patterson Troupe. The Seven Grunaths. Car;vile Brothers and others. -- i Cue of the safe things to tie :o 1 A pig nust not be allowed tc stop ? Plowing is at best the hardest j on , he farm 5s a gooa brood sow - ] growing- If it -does, the ,oss is ^o.. -vor . our farm, horses have to per- ] ^j-o-bred In a few vears she a-j3 ! confined only to the dars of untn, ,rt»' · form. ! he/oSspricg. a prope'rly cared for. i but all the food coasamefi afterward -- j will pnt raaiiy dollars into the pock- { ^s likely to give less pro^r. ; An orchard. If you have one, is the ets of g, farmers of the ccuatrr- '. ' v-rv best place in which you can raise 1 _ j For a straight hog fence it nas beer, , Hens prefer the morning sun to the i fouad that tv.eaty-six inches is ncl j i _ .- . -» 1 T-:--. 1 !. ««.««»»n-'n T^ *l-i-»i-^ -ai-^i ^t*t T"iO T\{\ * I ~-~, Charge Of Washington House J yv T/' 1 ] 1 1 1 T · raise chicks in. . IA Ivane, who has had 1 / years exper-. - _ _ _ -» » f, A ?(iTC" ^T'^Tl^ f \ · \^ i rnit of the entire soata. side being ] Attendance Last Year 213.000 Largest 25c Fair in America ^ Rcsei^ecl Seats on the Grand Stand 75c. Y*"ill be on sale on I and after September 22nd, at the office of the Society. Room 4. WIest Building'. ...Excursion Ra- es on AH Railroad?.-. For Further Information Address, H. C. KZCKERT, Sccyl. 1 A feld of corn after it Is a fe« j thrown oren. ! feet high makes an. ideal place tc · Plants send their rootlets a suTprl ing distance iri search o' tood ard . The last United States census shows j ter. and these rootlets show aSr^ost. O. XX. £VCLilC, VVUU iidS iiau ii V t o i 3 CAlJCl* - ! that there are 307.TCS women farmers j haznan intelligence o traveling a^nd i , ' 17 - i T T f" A few strips of tile will often turn 1 . :n this ce-^^y. The numbers has | stones ana o.her ob^ruc.ions cO gaiu ience in the hotel ousiness, nss taken cnarge or a mud nose i^o the most proactive s ^^ snc t he census v, as taker spot or, the farm. . ( presses to increase. Man, wo,.,.. ^ en plowing tbe laad ;or parsnlps _ and other deep growing root plants. » 5. "§ "5"3 7 r promises 10 increase. Marsy women I have horr.esteaded clairns :n all of the -- , . An egg may be fertile and hatch · - veste rn states and have made - suc- not live be- j cesses of \ ' *-~ ar.a su;I the caics: -«5ii and is prepared to take care of the trade, Bar cause of lack of ^ aiity ' _ The coop for hen and chicks should en of them. KANE j i n y CwUt* i*J». *i*-ii i«iv* vjt»*w.*kw K-..-.-«--- i SsiiCll JJIcuito «*5 *-o%*'·*****·'**» »-v**-**' ! be well ventilated, easy to clean, and j c - UC uinber3, melons, iruskmelons i cf suircicnt proportions to insure com- j ; :!11? tj ea:iS Xar.ure u*ed in i a','ays ce fairly vc!i decayed plow deep and keep the manure deep: otherwise you will have a lot of , | surface roots instead c" the long, i | straight rcots desired. ! s The silo will help you meet the feed , I ing problem, enable you to save about ] | 40 per cent, cf the reeding val'ie or t * the corn plant and make it prss'Dle,! for the :arm crop to maritain nore . | an'mais. The silo is a good -r,-.-st. menu on Saturday, September 20th io John Cool's woods a^ Good ffiasie nil are Invited

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