The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, September 17, 1913
Page 5
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THAW LAWYERS OBTAIN DELAY WILLIAM T. JEROME Thaw's Nemesis, Who is Fight- .Sng to Return Him. to Asylum. Has U, S, Hate Corpus Writ. to Fa!! Bssk On, JEfiOME FAILS IN FIGHT Attorneys are Granted Delay Judge" Says There is no Law , Which Thaw Can be Extradited. by] i Littleton, :- H., Sept. 17.--Judge | Aldrich, sitting ia the United Slates I District Court, here, granted a sus- \ pension of the Federal -.vr:t of habeas 1 corpus procured by attorneys for liar- j ry K. T2jfav, fugitive slayer or Stan- 1 ford White, on the plsa of Thaw's I counsel. The decision -.vas made de- j spite vigorous opposition by "William j Travers Jerome, special attorney for i the State of Xe-.v York. j In an open discussion with Jerome J after announcing the suspension, cf the hearing, judge Aldrich said that search o: the statutes had failed revea! to him any la.iv tn:tn in Thaw's po: uha'rgesl with a crime, could be extra-1 cited. The* action of Judge Aldrich is a notable victory kr the able lawyers directing Tha-.v's fight against return to i£attc-a*.van, 7.-hence he escaped 02. the morning: of August 16. The vlo j i3 tory !:e3~!:T tHe fact that Governor Fetker ;s to hear arguments in. Concord next Tuesday by counsel for and against the extradition of Thaw, and, should he decide" to sign the extradition papers. Thaw's lawyer may, under tne- writ, of habeas corpus have the .er- BASE BALL SCORES Following is the !\es-j!l 21 Games Played Yesterday. A.VJEBiCA.N LEAGUE. At Boston--Boston, 5: St. Lo^is. Batteries--Benedict. Tli i Uady; TaicF and Agev.-. and Over Bar Inoidsots. BUESTS SYork/ 3?t.t*r"«.~ --.Dai'-is 1" At Phi:aaeii.'bSt--At-Ietlc.. S: A Double Game By HARRY VAN AMBURG \\-rn WE'RE READY hotel "waiting for something:." man to ancilier who occupied beside ?;;m. Ready \veare »v:th our Choice ARE Oarnttsng for J Little Men. o s a n ver \V. I* PC ! Cii- a=o. 72 i G \Ya,hn. 7y 59 ~ft± £'. i.o.:is ^: Hrection 5n Chattanooga cf a Peace" Boston.. 71 C« jJ-X.Vor^.. 41 A. a. Atiests Res;iut-cr Monument. -- NATIONAL LEAGUE Heivy clouds hovered over Chatta-; eel^LIa, J. (1st gx n---ga, Jhfe iecciid ei the :or:y-se".eath : Jon-- ~' J ~ a2t * ·"--"£. come ei.tsads.-d vlsUnj th* eiSeulty about csrds is vou must i K ' "I couldn't Co that." said th- othor. · ^ ·-for I don't itno-.v a soul sselsl-y In the! ^ town. I expected to finish my busl-'^ Suits, Overcoats. Henowear. Haberdashery, Slices and Sweaters that we are very ness here unlay 2^d get CUE this evening-, but I didn't: sue i-1 "I know several ^! Philadelphia, 4; Cincinnati.'". i2ui|~ e r e ' he "A el-· fjamo. Satteries--May.-r and Burns; · of getting up a UttJe jmi . j V n~i£r*-- -- *··+ * f »nt\ O3-3--" .j veterans yy; itousrr^av-- ·*«-« v--- ~- boinin the other. "I was thinking j i of :yk*rj s at a reception c-a by Governor j '^ifg e veiling in my room. ~~ j or some-thins like that-" "I wish you ivouid and let n;e sn." . ,_,,,-. -i .-.v under which a | Mj. i\\\ osition, a lunatic } "it. A SU -i« n -- t ^ - \\~rl l» n*v OKI Atchiej,; ?h:lada. SI 30 Got-rio in P^n'f i djiUirf Hi USpH History Marks Mexico Ci:y. Sept. 17.--The largest para.ce ever held In Mexico City v.'as formed in celebration of the 103d aa- traditron-heid up. This will delay the j a vers:rv o- the nation's tcdepend- follaaiag organizations v.ith the G. A.", R.: National Association cf Army Xur-J ses, XVcmen's Relief Corps, Ladies". of the G- A. R , Sons of Veterans, Sons Of Veterans' Auxiliary, Xational As: S3ciatitm 01 j\avai \ eterans, J^ation- al Association of Union ex-Prisoners. of Y.'ar. Xationa- Association of C:vii \Var Musicians, Lovai Legion and, United States Veterans' Signal Corps Association. : matter for, some time, and possibly will result'in Thaw's,freedom. ^The'Srfet argument in the case ivas made by "William Shurtleff, for Tha^v J who 'pointed out that the extradition hearing in the Tha^V case was to be held in the near, future, and aslted th'at 1 the. habeas corpus hearing be postponed. Jerome objected. -"There is no Federal issue involved here," he said; "I feel constrained to sav that this ·nrrlt has been obtained ence. Cold drizzling rain cnused the Sage and bunting to droop and mads marching over the sodden pavements a dreary business, bat It did rtoi c.iench the holiday snirit. From early morning detachments of soldiery, cadets, students and volunteers made their "ay tov.-ard Chapultepee, v.-here the day's celebration began, "with s"peeehrual:lng and music, and v.-aere patriot-c ucterartces of orators appointed for the occasion, stirred Tiiey Are to Bs tte Largest of Tteir Gl3ss= V.*ash:ngton. Se;;:. 17.--Sscretary contracts for six torps-du boat destroyed 0-, as follows: the I\ti".v York Shipbuilding Company at SS25.00'/ e-ch; sometimes Jostnir. Ic vras not lon^: before covered rant, though he neither -o^j nor "won much, the money ht- st:i'^i.-J: vras sraduailv nussinsr out of UIs ~^nds: -. " . " - , , t- -i .· s anti \vas SUCD.Iei by ne^v nv»r i.-»..:i. ; bills, all on the same bank. The fsct:2 didn't seem to surprise- him. nor did; -Ire object to It. Ge did not »-veu eosn- · upon :=^ iiu-; ilr. Jout-s. from; ? tliati «· proud tc shov.' and that any man will be full}'as proud to wear. AS YOU KNOW OUR PRICES ARE ALWAYS FAIR! To sho'.v you will be a ^reac pleasure for us and Yt,'i: are earnestly invited to call and sc-'i \yh.iz's n~v.' :n Fall Oiuritjing. "Clothing of Quality" E. Kirssin, Gettysburg Bargain Store. he had had ?I.COO paid him that :ifter- j | noon an a bank and it hud been :riv.;a = * him all ia these ne-.v five oo!!:ir bills j | oa the bank from tvhich he had recei"- [ I - U. rsro to \ViIliam Cramp Sons' Ship j ^ _.,,- ^g- This exalained bL-^ hav-i and Engine gliding Company, ?h-ia^i . Qg . so ^^ Q , fc a ,, -,, . he ^^ Ce . j under circumstances ^hich. approach enibvro soldiers to excesses of enthu- very near~tr5fiing vrith. the court." t s jasm. Here- he introduced an affidavit by j provisional President: Huerta, m LinffsaV Dennispn, a nev.-spaper Tvriter i f^ uniform, surrounded by his staff setting forth that Thaw's counsel had | a r,,j accompanied by mny Government told him that the v.-rft had been oo- oScials and foreign diplomats, made a talned, not to bring about the fugu- tlve's freedom nov.- but to safeguard htm in the/future against sudden removal should extradition be granted. "-"This -a-rft," he concluded, "'presents no serloas-ouestiorL of la~ or fact, but - was -"oDTaineS. ior^~iio^ other purpose than delay." George F. ilorris, one of That's N"e?r Hampshire lavryers, ans~ered -Jerome. The application for the Tfas entirely regular, he said, ivhile ther warrant, on "hlca Xevr Tcrk sought to get Thaw was a mere subterfuge. ' "It is an honest endeavor on cur tsart to get this matter before the court," he said. "We have had no assurance that Brother Jerome would not take -Ir. Thavr at once if the extradition v.-rrant were signed." -The court declared that the Xew^ Hampshire statutes prevented him from holding a hearing upon the ~rit while the Governor's extradition inquiry was pending. "The immediate question," continued the court, '"is whether the proceed^ ings snail go on or be suspended. It is^the judgment of the court that a suspension would not menace the interests of either side and in view of the fact that the Governor hesitates tcT proceed with the extradition near- 2115 until the statuts of this matter is assured, I suspend it. It is BOt adjourned, but suspended, and I suggest that either side notify me within six days when they are prepared to g§ on with it," ^Hiaw sat with nis eyes riveted on ti\e court. His lawyers were grinnfng. He was remanded back to the joint cristody of Sheriff Drew, of Coos county, who arrested Min after his receit deportation from Canada and United States Marshal Zvute. short address applauding the patriotic ardor of the younger element of the population and calling them the "hope cf the nation" and "worthy sons of loyal fathers." .Ai .tas^hKir appplnied jor the open- !ng-of the civic observances at Caapa- Itenec. the Presidential salute boomed from the guns of the arsenal. At the conclusion of the ceremonies the Pres. i ·-----~ r!C . Icentlal party drove through the KILLS ARMY CAPTAIN German Court of Honor Was Judging ? if Due! V/as Necessary. Berlin. Germany, Sept. 17. -- Army circles were greatly excited over the filing of Capt. Ton "vrerteshagea, of t5e army reserve, oy Prof Keisrlch ilaas, a noted artist^"While the court of honor of tne army reserve was in session Investigating whether a duel was necessary oetween the men Maas met the officer in a corrider of the building and sho:. aim. Ton Wertenaagen died instantly. It is said that the oScer struck Prof. ilaas in tae face. Worid's Tallest Man Dies- Calmet, Mich.. Sept. 17.-- Louis iloilafcam, thirty years ola, believed to lie the biggest man ia the world, died in a Hancock, 3Iich., hospital after sa illness of a few days. He was sev «n feet eight inches tall and at one time traveled with, a circus. "He be- zame tired of that life and engaged It farming. "Movie" Actor Blinded. New Tork% Sept. 17.-- Wilfred Xortb ^?Mle takin part in a moving picture «Srama at Sea Gate, was badly injured tV the premature firing of a cannon Be may lose the sight of both eyes cannot afford tcr-over!ool:?llM h-of "your fowls. 22 streets lined with holiday makers showering confetti and Howers iro: windows and balcoziies to the Xation- al Palace, where Euerta re%*iewed the parade. - It was noticeable that the guard about £he United States Embassy was unusually vigilant. There were scattered anti-American demonstrations and cries of '"drive out the grmgoes' were heard at Intervals. In f'K2rc-ss a ; ; jll boy rapped at the door uskeu j : if ilr. Ttaeelodt ivas in the room. Oa |: being told that he TVOS be handed in a [ bonqnet of 2o\vers- XVlieelocS; receiv-i efi the flowers with evident astonish-j menu When the others raiieu tiir. r.t j having a STCeetlieart near nt band he! Private Ortando Somers, of Koko- ers ^ Cumbers 57 ; mo, Ind., was elected president of the Tvro vessels to Society of the Cumberland in forty- first annual session here. Other officers chosen v.-ere: Captain H. 3. C. D. Mtehel!, corresponding seere- Fore River Salpbuiixlmg Corporation, ( tary; Lieutenant Charles E. Stivers,- Quincv ilass., at-S-jI-y-'-O; and one toj recording secretary, and W. J. Coci( t rve Bath, Elaine, Iron Works, at §SS4,- burn, treasurer. All the officers ex- 000. % c-ept the president are local men. , These vessels are to be the largest _ A. resolution was adopted favoring' O f their class. They v.-i" have the the erection In this city of a peace came high snstainel sea speed that monument. A similar resolution ivas n as proved so successful in previous adopted months ago by the United beats of the same type, but they mark ; oo trea embarrassed and declared that j Confederate Veterans at their reunion. 1 a decided advance In radius " --"· ' The veterans' parade ure today. It v/as announced detachment of Forres march, at the head of the Ohio civ!s-J officers. on. The challenge cently issued by Colonel J. I_. Smith.: draft and 10SG_ tons Clsplaeement- sixty-aiTie years old, of Detroit. Mich..! The:-" will be oil burners exclusively, a Union veteran, has been accepted j ana Trill be propelled by steam. v:r- by Private Wolf, eighty years old a^ bines. local Confederate veteran. The race, will xake place at Chamberlain Field i T , __ tomorrow. One hundred yards is tasi i rif I distance- When Colonel Smith iss_ued his ^ ^ ^__ challenge he was Quoted as claiming! A .o _. --^'-^'^^sc 17--The homrar'-- the veteran charapionshin cf the Uni-j ^--Z.^'fcrThe lunsraf of Mayor tsi S^xtc-s for any distance.; ^^"..^_ . T ~ e , e sc i sc e(i bv ii rs . Gayo=her TJiilon veterans have announced' they will cont honors with Colonel inlle race. These veterans are e-^or ·X:-^-0-Jo*KKHS-C»0*«3-0-f Opening Friday and Saturday Sept. 19th and 2Oth Display of Pattern Kats and all other seasonable Millinery goods. Flowers, Silks, Velvets, Feather, Ribbon he Misses Baltimore- St., rsr. Pa. The destroyers "*il! be 310 feet long, for a foot race re-! 9 feet 10 inches beam. 9 feet C inches TO 3E PALLBEARER trnst that you will drink to tae lady, whoever she may be. with n:e." And, rising, lie pressed the electric button and on tne arrival of a waiter, ordered a bottle of wine. The quuffing of wine ^ and the game went on together :ifter _ ia this, but none of the rcen present see-n-" '" ed to care to drink to excess. lur. Mrs. Gayr.Dr Seiscts Persona! t-rienris TT. iiowe. seventy years old of Por; Huron. Mich.: Colonel S. j£. Barnes, slsry-eigat years old. of Pittsburgh, i and "vTilliain A. Eelushon. six:y-n;n= years old, of Cleveland. Ing a confarcr.ce between Mayor Kline · was especially abstemious, burely sloping his wine- Snt Mr. Wheeloci and one or rrro of the others baviag finishea the bottle. the first anmed ordered aaotber. anu tv-aen it had been left In tbe room Wheelock foiiow^ed the ·wnirer out for some purpose and when lie returae i 3 shut the door r.nd turaad the ki y unknown to the others. He then defrly slipped ir up his sieeve and nfter re- INFERNAL MACHifJE FOR OTiS Explosive Contrivance Sent to Owner] of Lcs P-ngeiss "Tsmss."-" ayna naacnine. v.-hica failed to explode, was sent to eneral Harrison Gray O CIS- owner of the Los Angeles "Times." The "Times" is the newspaper whose plant was destroyed as part cf the ;g activities of -Tames B. ilc- ind Ortle 2. Ivlcilansgal. The mysterious package was sent through the mail. The package was about four by Sve inches. When, ii was set on end it clicked like an alarm clock. Bu-gess and Siy r detectives, went to General Oris's home got, the bos an-i took it to police head quarters. A powder expert was sen' for and. after an examination of the package, advised that It be taken tc the river where Is could be opened without damage to any one. Foes Siay tach Other. Aberdeen. Mississippi. Sept. 17.-State Senator H. F. Broyles and E. F. Henaricks. a lumberman of Selma. Tena_ killed each other In a :1ghf the result cf a quarrel of s. year's standing over a sale of timber lands. The men met and after s. few words Eendricks drew a pistol and Src-d As the bu:l3t struck Senator Broyles near the heart, he drove an ase intc the head of his assailant- WHATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of united States weather bureaus taken at 8 p. m. -yesterday follow: Tem?. Westaer. H Atlantic City |j Boston ...- Chicago ........ New Orleans..-Xe-- York ....... philanplphia ____ St. Louis ........ Washington ..... 60 62 5S 60 SS SO 5S 62 70 P. Cloudy. P. Cloudy. Clear. Sain. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Kaln. Cloudy. 375-000 A YEAR_FOR DRESS A Few Chicago Wcratn Sper.d Thai Much. ?i:any Others Don't, Chicago, Sept. IT.--There are a few women ln~L'mcaso wlio"~spena ^^. s. year in pe'rsorsal adcmnent. accord Ing to aa estimate stibmitted at the serai-annLis.! convention of the Clncacc Dressmakers" Club. The crassmakers figured that the average factory g;r! spends 3-S.Si a weslc for clotb:~g. These figures were arrived at by av- eiaging the estimates mace by thf various delegates. The table reads: "A. few S75,000; one nundrad social leaders. S50.0QO: ten thousand. S5.'.0u: well dressed club vroinen. 31.50'J: the sugragfst, S500: the church v.-o:ker, 350u: tae social worke". §300: the stenographer. S275: the shap girl, S23i and the factory girl. $2r-0." jiadamc C. H. Pna:-. president o; the club, ceclared many wer^im -ir'H lose mcn-jy because they c!o net r.dov. sow to sake their own clothing. s as V.~-!::an H. Ta:r, Mayor ArdslDh ~L- Kliiis. Si:r r ~~c Court Justice Martin J. rCeo£r\ Herman K.idcsr. Jacob n. Scr.iX Kceert A-aaiason. Deck Com- 3ii33'or.or R A. C. Smith. Creel --sn. C~~- r ~::sit--Counsel Arch:bild R. V"ati-~n. nNvard i. Grout, Po::ce C'l'ir.nsi I- ;:^.- IH-irelanier vValco ana 7o"-.r: 7. Cr'^i "1ns. T.ic c^i:' c: \~III sctua-ly be borne !,-v :o^r pr-'comea nnd four firemen. Special I SHOE ^.^ M|^ *· A» *"hiir AAMM! ·1 o a f g- i bALt We offer Shoe Bargains that you I 3 £: a If You De- ure to Save MONEY Come In ! OPJ)£RED GUT I We have made the rounds and or| dered out all of our ISien's. Women's j and Children's Summer Shoes, and 1 now \ve are going to Make Tneni | Move. I I ~ , ; cannot anora t-"» ignore.--INo one § I \vith feet should ignore tills sale.-- B | Remember the sale is now on and if 1 I YOU do stay a\v?y, YOU are .the 1 | Loser. " ffi | I'rltos tn v:ir:eil rtn'l r.n.r.c-rous to"enamCTJteIic-re. S B. KTTZMILLER, 1 C. avi.-jter. a:o; J:» =:«£.- ·'"· i co::3i::. IXi. r.," = ato~ t.-. "^ .-v^aj^r Succumbs. ".-- it. 17.---P. C. Bavrs. a:: c;. tie result cf an ac-ti is the ssn-ond Chiang hfs life ~Ith;n fvcaty '"." !_HUe having l^een THIS IS SGAlE EATER Rsiircad C!er' Ests Fifteen Jce C.-carr in Twcive rvtinutes. a jarf clerk here for the Pennsylvi nla Rallrosd Company, bet Hr.rr.- Z-.Ic Iniyre, another yard clerk, tact TIc Istyre couldn't eat fifteen ^-cent Ice ereata cones in Sfte?n minutes- Th£ --ager was -$5- o: a m him v- : . ^7.--17 Harry ?a.-ker :~co nc 1^ n ds-a f l man at tha CI~ Kcsp". 2.1 per.-, Tn-.;rs'I?./ -.r.i'.i r lie v-~as sttr";"iv 01 ''-· GENE R c i itTE "I.CCi! steady, at ~ '\VI1EAT C"iet: Xo. 2 rc-J, nt-vc, 3' .ucin.yre '..oa ^a« .Jt^. in- . iouiii. v^IiEAT C"Ie:: -Co. 2 rc-J, n= not only had to pay It. but ha«i *c pa? j?-"'·'"- ._ _ 73 cents as the price of the d^rcacy. 1-^ COKX c, If-t: Xo. 2 ycliOw. At the start of his feat 7tI:Ir.t:--r- ate two cones r. niimto. b":t s'.ov. cJ Overdc-sc of Drug Ki"s ; L!iti8 Gap. PaTM Sept. ~~.--SalTer^c from r.ervcu- hea-lacl:ee. M~n-oe Uo;: fifty voars o31. a farmer I:cr;. t^ck s.-.. Be"r was sir ns a^n :o OATS P'CT I": Xrt. 2 vrnitc. 19c.: -v,--"r "~n "··=. ;7 J -V. POTXTOK-^ s:eady: rjer bar-?!. G"' i "ETTTfKR " Sr.n: fancy crec-sie":- The Weather. Unsettled today; fair tomorrow; soutb winds. overcoss 01 hoiirs 'atsr. bust and t^o't'zr.i iic large dose of ills drt;^. Live Sis=" r\"isrke:s. part? very decided perfume." Tery deciaeu.'" cbirned In another. "It makes me fee! like turning ;n.'~ said a thirxL "Per-baps we'd better open n wia- Sow," observed the host, "and set some air. Would you object. Mr. lock?" "Certainly sot-"' Jones vrent to 3 window r.nd tried to open It. Ic seemed to be srnclt. TH ·vent to nnctber. whicb also rosistwl his efforts. Mr. Whee!xrlc ;=fe:n«l to be intent on the cards, but ''.is :oi;i3 was on the windows. He h:;a gained access to that very, room curli.m the day and had driven a nai' Into the sii^h of each window. Jones turned axvsy with a frJcntorte,-: look on his face- There v.--_-re :wr- gauies being played in his rooni--·;!( by himself, zhe ether by Mr. V.'h-.-e- lock. Jones staggered to zhe co^r :;:i~: tried to opess it, Fiadini: it !orke5. roofed more fri^btecei! sti!L "Some one hns locked us In 5:ert." he said. "TV"e must get oi:t" He caught on to the back of :i cb.::r Tbe perfume from the Soiver- «·:·· overcoming him. He retun»-J to ::··· window and made another eC".»:t t- lift tbe sash. Ee fni'ed and V.-.TS ·_»;; his way to tbe other window sank down unconscious. Meanwhiae the otbsrs of tbe twirir were also giving v.-ny to the effects of tae flowers and one by one either ed down to tie floor or bent over un conscious on the table. \VieeIook counteracted tlie fumes by ho vial t-naer bis nose. 'K'lien cH aitnself had snccniabed be s::mm a waiter ar.d directed bira to brine the j ^^jL. police as quick as possible. They sir- n rived in n few minutes end were much surprised at the scene before them-several men as^-ep nncl raoney in heaps OZ2 *,2G *.--2iO. -TTiiEt rann," said "rrheeiocir, point- i Ing to Jones, "is a counterfeiter. I am ' Parkinsoi!, a bere, and the colleagues- He has been trying to ^ -u,:,;!--^ shove his stuff on me for ray good j -'f.,, o: 1 A 'H"^.'.'.'..".'.'..". money. Better put the bracelets on him before he conies to himself." "VThen the party woke up they found themselves in tbe hands of the police. But the only one "wanted" was Mr. Jones. g-- FRIDAY ml SATURDAY of THIS WEEK at raette Rlnehart's i a I will be in G f t t y » b n r i: «v-ry Tneftlay :i t F - n T~ =· t; Grai-ate o' Optics 23 E. Postr : GETTYSBURG MARKETS EETAH. PP.IOES ! Dairy F '"o.irse Mtrins ]ran S. 3S a cutiiiLet.Cic^.. i *..~* ; iia.i^i i .^iv^.^* *j......... , a detective. I tracked hita j Com xa-l O:ts Chop.._. .he others. I fancy, are his pl\'"t : \ : "f- r ^jf^ rOCn1 '" TTo has been trcinz to i., ''^ .·'.', V-.* '"" ·\;, ' ·V.«l --tr.u-, ... "·lister Ceau-nt Early ten more prpfitably_thaE^lajaP Start the brooder a day or two be- If you do not Intend to use liens for fore pl)tting in the chicks to see that hatching break them up at once and th(i heatins apparatus is working prop- get them to laying again. __«.. *' -- ~ -- c/Aijr. - - _ fertilizers should by no means be allowed to toucu, tie leaves-of a plant 6 }or i r, ;xr M' IVr f-W Flour r.- 5- f o r n NewjOats ..... \V r %tcru Oats. .50 .00 SHERWIH'WlLLIAMS PAINT, PREPARED It vrili prove rr.o=t economical beccusa it vr:Il put oft the need of vril! give the best resaits in appii- cstion, appearance and tvear. We would like to have the opportunity of figuring oa your paint requirements when you are ready. A full hne of colors In S.W. P to select from. Gettysburg Department Store. \". / \ '^

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