Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 3, 1931 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1931
Page 12
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12 AlOVE STORY Author of-* 'DAD'S CHAPTER 59 Mrs. Bowling came downstairs -o meet Jim, reluctantly, resentful .y. And yet, in spite of herself, see ing him so worried ant} anxious an; yet so handsome and courteous, shi Lhot, "What a pity he could no nave been somebody." All women are-,sussceptible to the influence o a. handsome man. "So you have come for Joretta when we could not let her go back' you are very selfish.''indeed,'' were the words with which she fortifiec herself against him. "I came because Joretta sent fo me, Mrs. Dowling," he replied, veo quietly. "She sent for you?" she repeated with surprise. "Well, she isn't here Evidently, If she had wanted very much to see yo'u, she would have been here. I had expected her back last evening, so she may be her any minute; but I cannot say." "This is--not--a stall--to get rid of me, by any chance?" he asked sternly. "You will pardon me, bu from your former attitude, I am justified in suspecting anything." She arose indignantly, as if to dis miss him. "No, it happens that am telling you tne truth, tho I know no reason why I should, in view of the way you have humiliat ed me. You may search the house it you wish." I "Thank you, Mrs. Bowling. 1 sha! go now and call again when Jettv returns." And yet, he was not wholly satisfied. However, if Joretta were not at home, it was because of something she could not help. She womil have been there to greet him, he was sure, were possible. Well, there was no need to lose more time. Joretta had wired him the facts of the situation. He i might as well get in touch with ' Williams and have a showdown now as any time. He went directly to Norman's office. To his surprise, he was admitted readily. He had expected evasion and that Norman would refuse : to see him. "Good morning, old man," Nor' man greeted him cordially enough "When did you get in? Must be having pretty cold weather in Chicago. Good to get back to the sunshine again?" "Weather's all right," Jim observed, briefly. An awkward silence. "Well, I'll have to hand it to you, . Norton,; the: way .you kidnaped ray, ^V r wif e'.V'-V'Nariuan/r, bffered-V^ext; · r , . . . . . "She'watn'r y Our · wife, and r n'svet wYmld have been," curtly. "Darned near it,"' he shrugged. "Might as well have been, as far as I am concerned. It didn't hurt me any less." "Too bad, Williams, I admit. But 1 didn't take her against her will, you know. I didn't come here to discuss that, anyway. How about my carburetor ? Jetty sent for me,, and said you were giving it out that you had invented the thing." "Well?" defiantly. "Well. Is it true?" "You doubt your wife's word?" he sneered. Jim controlled his rage with difficulty. "We'll talk about.the carburetor. What's your idea?" "Only to protect my rights." "To what?" "My invention. What do you mean, stealing the idea and develop. ing it as your own 7" · Jim was astounded. "Look here, Williams. Let's lay the cards, face up, on the table. If you have invented a carburetor, it can't be exactly the same as mine, you know. So tho. better man wins, that's all. Perhaps Jetty was mistaken. She may have misunderstood the situation in her loyalty to me." "No, Jetty wasn't mistaken, except Chat she has it in her head that I took your idea; whereas, it'was you who took mine." Jim's face flushed with fury. "I don't know how you get that way. but you can't prove it--to anyone' I never saw you do anything witU your hands all the time I've known you." "You've forgotten that carburetor I had .you do some lathe work on for me?" accusingly. Jim deliberated .for a moment. "No, I don't remember. Never once while I was here did you ask me to do anything for you, personally." "You don't remember? Of course not. More convenient to admit nothing." Jim could have strangled him. Stepping closer--at the same time, Norman jerked back a step from him--Jim shook^his doubled-up fist in the other's face. "No, I'll admit nothing of that kind. Just because you have the money tp fight me and you see a good thing in it, yoi. can't get avyay with a big thing like this." "How can you prevent me? Let me stiow you something," He went over to the safe and took out the copied 1 model. Jim gasped audibly at sight of it. The thing. represeutec his very life--his and Jetty's. Nor man said, "I'm having the smaller one made now, to scale, to send to Washington and--" Jim stared at him and his face brightened. "You haven't applied for the patent yet?" "Just about ready--" ' "Then you've lost already. Why. I had everything in a month ago model and all--" "Say, Williams, if you're going lu be a crook, wake up, you fool. Why, we tested that out on our Packard car--" he isaid the last with a twinge of satisfaction, "--for over a month before Jetty came here. Besides, I've got witnesses to prove [ have been working on that thing 'or two years. All you want, and more." Tense silence for several minutes vhile each of them 'could hear theii vatches ticking. Finally Williams locked at Jim and laughed, in a strained voice. 'All right, Norton, you win--oa one condition." "That we get first chance to buy t. Now, I'll tell you why I'put up this little drama. In the first place, after seeing .It,. I, didn't dare let anyone'elae.get a. ,c'haiice.aS.VL. i .WhSj itiaTi; ; it's v a' wonder, and we can af- "^ ford to pay you what it's worth as well as anyone. I knew you well enough to know you wouldn't ,come to us with it, under the circumstances. By pretending to steal it I knew I'd get you here right on my trail, where I .wanted-you. I made the model so I could fight to get it if I had to." Jim sat down, bewildered and abashed. He didn't know just what he believed out of all this jargon, but there was one gleaming light in the darkness. His carburetor was so successful that it had sold itself. '"What do you say?" Norman insisted, very pleasantly, now. "What is there to say? Of course, you can bid first, for al! I care. But I don't have to sell .unless the price suits me. I have been doing some investigating on that score, too whole I was waiting for Jetty to come back." "We can offer you more than anyone else. Besides, we will have no more competition, once we begin using this device on our engines. I'm confident of that. No one can touch us. We want exclusive rights for marine engine use and all rights for awhile until we get started. Later, (Turn to rapn 14, Column 3). FEBRUARY 3 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE KMou) ~ i LOST HOUR Muggs Should Install Chimes! CopyriRlit. IDS I. L-y Cental Press Association, Inc Bringing UP Father QV MOSTM'T L.E.T THAT SETTLE 1 :) IT-I'M ME.EDL.E MOOE.L.* By McManws D lSj.ll-inn Pca.un, s«-v,«. | 0e Ora., Uriiam ,,,,,,', uooc AT TUB TIGHT WAD GO-/ THAT T.PIOCIJNE SUSE RID OF HIM .',' NCW FOR A MICE QUIET ENENING) AT /--' HOME. WITH BAJRD -- TWT5 THE FELLOW TO TAKE ME oor- '1 WANT TO TAKE IM ,^. - A DINNER- THEN AND THEM TAJ.I UHCER THE NCO.1- WHEN BAiF3D IS COMING, OVEQ - WO SHOW'S UP 131/T BUGS' -THE PEST; I've.' scsr TO cer rao or HIM QUUOC (3E.FOCE SAIQD -- 1 KNOVJ i! -- I'LL PRETEND - LULKM-I HEARD HE-f2'ON TYte. PHONE--THERE BA1BD-HE'LL. GE.T PLENTY - NO CIOLS GOIN'TO MAKE fOOl. OF ME. I'M TALKING OH THE PHONE. By Paul Robinson TI.3.-P«. On, copyright. 1331. Cittrftl FrtM Aja'n. VOHPfTVL. | DO? -I'VE. ·tfte. (yioMH.^ ^one. VOFV-/-- RUM FsNO "^ee. VF stoO c^\ \o Fote. VoO, POION THERE- ue-s i«u- BV \j5H6r, PiNP 10 Peer fiwW 5 FN -- HO to Does He. ser ttA SLftCK VJ0005 UP IN. \_oe-T cf- Other End Wasn't Tied BERT and ALF . By CLIFFORD McKRlDE "Well, you can say what you like, but the Riviera in the winter never had the glamour for me that Coney Island has. Big SisUr It's a Dizzy Business IT'S JE5 OOLUWR.ISWT MEANJ O'Tk-?AT.BlROMAM MOTTO LET BUDDY HAVE SOM6 CA^'ARie^ TO SELL AT JERRY'S BAZAAR! AS TMO BOODY'D RDM OFF UJITH MAKES fM£ MAD. 1 By Leslie Forgrave Swifty so Mo see Dl-SAPPOtNTED. 1 COORSE OJE CQO1.O TAKE SOME O' HISMOUEYTMEC/XPTAIN OOfO'THE BAtOH AN)' BUY A FEU3 BIRDS BUT THEM UJE'RE WOT REAL SURE UJE'D SELL'EM ALL^NJew WE'D BE CAUSHT 'tTM TOO MAWV BIRDS WO, IT UJOW'T DO Tp RISK BUDDVS 'MOWEY THAT OUAY. i -S'POSE r 1 COULp ASK. JERRY Tt5 ADVANCE. \ THE NIOWEY ISUT i DOMT HKE TO \ DO THAT. SHE'S so^'wooaH Tndtoss ^ TDBOY FOR. HER.eoOTH'-rn[OiJT THAT.' 4 SUE5S Tt-tERJE.^ ONLV ON6 THICVJTODO.' I'LL JES KXWETO GOTeLL ER. HOUJ IT C3 AM'CALL THE COHOLE THl M OR? CAUSE VT'S-SES'UKE QOOCJY SAYS, MJE CANl'T GE.T THE BlROS 'THOUT MOWEY ANi' YUE CACOTGET AKJV KOWEV THOUT THE BIROS- MIGHT JE3 A5 WELL. ujHeM THEY SET YOU TO ' ito cio.cues THATACOAY. 5" I WONi'T HAVE YOU WEARING THAT -Slt-LY HAT AMD WHEN YOU'VE GOT IT OFF YOU LOOK WOR-SE. THAN VER-YOUR HAIR AUWAYS LOOKS MUSSED That's Logic / By Verd Copyright, 1031. by Central Press Association, Inc ~ytM?/. lopyricnl. IP.1l. by r^ntr.Tl I'rcM Assncintinn. Inc so WE. BOUGHT You -- IF I WEAR. A WIG. rr'Lil MUSS MV HAIR MORE THANJ EVER MRS. VAM RHYME, -THAT AIM'T SENSIBLE--

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