Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 5, 1933 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1933
Page 3
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DECEMBER'S BH 1933 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CHEER AND HAPPINESS FOUND IN "THE PERFECT GIFT- SOMETHING FOR KITCHEN, TABLE MOST PRACTICAL Greatest Happiness to Great: est Number Found Ideal Let's bring cheer and happiness for everyone in the household with Christinas this year* This is done through the "ideal gift" and that ideal gift idea is fast growing in popularity. Its vogue and value are apparent around the great Christmas trees on the drive or the small table tree o£ the modest home. The ideal gift in any home is the onj' that gives the greatest happiness and satisfaction to the greatest number of members of a household for the greatest length of time. Kitchen Gifts. A gift Cor the house in general answers, but a real gift for the kitchen or table is tho one that can add enjoyment and satisfaction to mealtime daily. Over 1,000 meals a. year are prepared in the average kitchen. Does the culinary department in your home have as many modern cooking and mixing devises as possible? Many of the newer hostess dishes that the family comes home enthusing about are dependent upon oven heat regulation or coid regulation of the modern electric refrigerator. The time and energy of Milady homemaker for study of new findings in foods and new tested recipes ox 1 serving methods, is dependent upon her having up to date labor saving devices with which to clean the house, and do what washing and ironing for the household that must be done at home. A vacuum cleaner is considered o. fundamental necessity, but too many homes do not have the attachments that make possible the use of this modern and necessary helper in removing dust from high places, cleaning carpeted stairs, getting at the dust in corners or in the final polishing of floors. Electric Helpers. For the more modest budget, there are delightful pieces of electric table equipment to give to the family table. The newest electric toasters have automatic timing devices, that snap the finished rtpaat away from the heat or switch - the heat off when the toast ia done. . large tray, with' dishes fdr'toUated sandwich spreads is greatly appreciated with this gift. A box of assorted de luxe prepared spreads is another addition that would put that gift into almost immediate table action, once the supply wrappings were off. An additional electric waffle iron is never amiss. At up to date Sunday supper parties, waffles are often the main part of the meal and a waffle iron, a tray and jug of batter are placed so that every person presides over a waffle iron. Going back to the kitchen preparation of foods for all the family there is no piece of kitchen equip- m e n t ' t h a t has more constant and important use today than the electric refrigerator. Uractically every course has some food in it that has to be kept in the refrigerator between purchase and use. Many of the newer dishes must be kept in the refrigerator to develop flavors. Frozen desserts and chilled salads prepared in the refrigerator are necessary in homes where any effort is made to keep abreast of the times. Variety of Choices. This is a gift that endures and that helps greatly to extend the family budget. Fresh foods may be purchased at quantity prices and kept in perfect condition in the home refrigerator until used. The family can order the Christmas refrigerator to be delivered as a gift on Christmas eve, afternoon, or early Christmas morning. There are a number of other gifts to the house for those exceptionally fortunate families that are already using, the equipment necessary to modern home keeping that has been mentioned. There are vastly improved electric washing machines. Look, to the type and wringer when you select one of these. If the wringer is properly adjusted, blankets will go Even Time-Worn Gifts Different This Year The old saying, "There simply isn't a thing to buy a man," ia certainly not true this year. Men's departments are crammed with the most interesting and fascinating collection of gifts ever assembled. Of course, it is needless to say that every man will get his due share of the old stand-bys-- handkerchiefs, socks, ties, shirts and bedroom slippers. But even these time-worn gifts are just a bit different today than usual. There is a definite 1933 atmosphere about each article. Precision Drawing New Gifts This Year One of the really new "items" on splay in Christmas gift sections i through it or small dainty pieces The Boudoir Ensemble--Comprises nightgown and robe of harmonizing color a n d material. Helen Twelvetrees, Paramount player, models this creation of flesh satin worn with a robe of heavy pink-toned laces, accented with strass. can be wrung quite dry. Towels can be practically ironed for every day use by folding and running through the wringer. The new electric irons are light to handle, yet weighty enough for Kood service and they have automatic heat adjusters. Or it may be an electric ironing machine that your household needs to take care of that clean shirt a day for several masculine members of the family. Give Music c ^ * It Never Grows Old. an unusual precision drawing toy hat will draw an infinite number of symmetrical designs. It is extremely simple to operate, turn of crank involving the only manual "labor" necessary. Every design, though, ia different and any pattern -ni y be logged and redrawn. You merely change one or more of the adjustments and wonder what the next pattern will be. After patterns have been made you may have just as much fun by trying your skir at coloring- the designs with pencil or crayons. This "magic designer" comes in several sizes and will provide countless hours of amusement for "oldsters" as well as youngsters. Workmen found a sweet rewarc for placing a new roof on a church at Charlotte, N. Car. They uncov ered a beehive and got three bucket of honey. Children Can Have Own Toy Factory Children this Christmas cnn have their own toy factory included among Yule presents. This new device makes it possible for the young owner to turn out whole "armies" of men within a few hours. The outfit is designed for easy, simple operation and safety The molds have wooden handles and a strong; clamp is furnished to hold them in place during the mold ing operation. Some of the many things that cnn be made include soldiers, marines football and baseball players and "Buffalo Bill" figures. at home in the evening. There are ;ome very attractive lounging rowns if he prefers a longer garment. Attractive heavy flannel robes are also being shown in aome of :he shops. These robes are tailored to a "T" and are, in most cases. Smoking Jackets Not Bad Gifts for Men A smoking jacket would nffo: a man great comfort when lounging piped in a contrasting or lighter, shade. For a dressier robe there aro heavy silks and satins, both in plain and printed material. There are .15 separate oil and gas fields in Montana. LET'S MAKE THIS A ... PERMANENT CHRISTMAS COSMETIC CHRISTMAS CARDS /^^\ 7 S o . D e l a w a r e _ _ ^ ( f l V Telephone 9l9 MYERS BEAUTY SALON HERE PILLOWS Pillows in colorful patterns of rayon Dotex silk and velour. Kapok filled. 89c to $1.50 Second Floor Linen Handkerchiefs $1,00 and $1.25 Beautifully boxed linen handkerchiefs for the gift that is always appreciated. Three to each box. Men's Cut Silk TIES 95c Here is the way to please the men on your shopping list, economically. A large selection of latest patterns, plain colors, and stripes await your choice. All are handmade. Gift Jewelry $100 Neatly boxed novelty gift jewelry in alt best styles and combinations of silver and gold. Always an acceptable gift. Table Scarfs Lovely finished, crushed velvet with tooled designs. Several sizes. 89cto$3.50 Second Floor L I N G E R I E This Is Ideal Gift for Traveling Men An ideal traveling bag for a man is a Gladstone. It is every man's wish to possess one of these bags. They can be purchased in a number of leathers and also are made in ·'several sizes. ·;":"""· ·-··' - . · - - · ' ." I Beautiful Flowers Rich In 1 -.53 Fragrance and jj| Sentiment * * * | Sv Can Best 1 *?* Convey 1 Your 1 Christmas Wish I An exceptionally choice lot of fresh, home-grown flowers and plants makes selection easy. The prices are right. Let us have your Christmas shopping orders now and rest assured your friends will be pleased with the gift you sent. We are the only local F. T. D. members and can have your flower order delivered anywhere in the U. S. or Canada. OQ5 o Herman MKraidsorv.Pro P . So. Federal Ave. You can thank the depression for the revival of home entertainment. Before the crash it was no infrequent thing to find the great majority of homes vacated on n great majority of the evenings of every week. But along came the Big Black Wolf, or somethin 1 , as Andy would say, and what happened? With cash scarce, home entertainment became a necessity. Parlor games began to flourish once again. And then, believe it or not, the old da.ys were recalled--the hidden musical talent of many a family member sprouted as old violins, ancient banjoes and antique cornets found their ways down from'their attic hiding places arid into the parlor. That's why one good suggestion on gifts is this: give entertainment --In the form of some musical instrument. Musical instruments range in price and value from the very modest harmonica (an elegant instrument, helieve me) to a grand piano--and each and every one has a very definite place in the present scheme of things, I'iano L,eai!s. To begin with, we can think of no better gift for the male of the family to give his mate and o f f spring than a piano. We suggest that while giving, a good one be selected--and hat it be not an Upright, but a Grand. But that may be neither here nor there. What is important is that you can purchase your piano very inexpensively at any of a dozen music shops here in the city. And perhaps more important still is this fact: You can pay for your piano in easy installments. We're sold on that idea. Thinking of the bigger musical instruments, have you considered a combination of radio-phonograph? If you haven't, do so. The advance in knowledge in the radio manufacturing field hris come so fast that the model you bought n year or so ago today is really quite outdated. Today's instruments are magnificent affairs. They have mastered static; they have conquered selectivity; they have vanquished space. You get your full measure of tone, · - an unprecedented ability to capture 5$* long distance broadcasts plus an instrument sculptured to fit your home, no matter in what period it is decorated. It It's a Question of Price. . . . Have you ever considered how much real, peppy music .can come from a harmonica? And surprisingly enough, it isn't difficult to mos- ^ ter thia simple little instrument-5? if you have any conception of music at all- It requires no training--only a healthy pair of lungs. Then it requires cold cash in an amount rung- ing from fifty cents to five dollars. At the latter figure you will have an instrument of quality that will, with your aid, render musical scores worthy of a Paul Whiteman band. Ukes, or shall I say . . . ukuleles, ,, are likewise very inexpensive. And ^f wht better fun than chords strum- 3! - med on this string instrument? One dollar will buy one that is pretty good At two dollars, look for genuine grain mahogany. And if you wish to absolutely plunge, spend five dollars and win an instrument that .vill last as long as the grand piano first mentioned. But go along now and peek into the music stores along the avenue You'll find what yon want--who the it he any of the pieces mentioned above--or some wind instrument. violin or a giant bass drum. Here 1 the answer to your eternal problcn of what to give. Give entertain ment-- and you'll be a. public bene factor. in us A Useful Gift SATIN UNDIES Lovely satin ensembles of slips, panties, teddies, gowns and pajamas. Also French, crepes. Come in and let show them to you. $395 to *5 95 DAMON'S SECOND JfLOOK. G L O V E S Capeskin and kid gloves in all best colors of black and brown in styles of slip-on and button, plain and fancy trimmed. Luxurious quality. the IDEAL GIFT! For a MAN 'in a STEW . . . McCALLUM'S! Here Christmas Is all but upon yon and you're still in a stew about what to give her. We'll tell you. ANY woman will bless you for stockings. It they're McCALIAJM'S she'll look on you as a superior sort of mind reader . . . for McCAL,- LTJM'S are tho stockings sbe'd \\\y lor nerself. to DAMON'S MAIN FLOOR $250 P A J A M A S $159 to $395 Toys of all descriptions are to be found in DAMON'S BASEMENT . . . Games, Wheel Toys, Train Sets, Dolls, Toy Furniture 5c By Munsing Never have Miinsiiig- wcar Pajamas been smarter than they are ; this season. Smart and * new! You'll be enthusiastic about their form-fitting linca, their lovely new colors, their soft caressing fabrics, their manner o£ wearing and washing . . . which la typically Munsingwear. A n ti you'll be. absolutely _ thrilled at tnclr won- ··' derfully n e w t l;o;vr/. prices! $250 OAMON'S iMAfN FL.OOK GIVE HER A S C A R F All smart new favored patterns in silks, satins, crepes and velvets. A gift priced ii tit every pocketbook. $295 DAMON'S MAIN FLOOR KIDDIES' S. Surataian, Fresno, Cal., f a r m c harvested a pumpkin weighing pounds. B Chinchilla Sets For the little tot we have a wonderful selection of fine quality Chinchilla Sets, Pastel colors. Sizes 1 to 4. 4295 and $3 95 RAMON'S MAIN FLOOR Smart, New H A N D B A G S $295 Others 51.00 to $3.K, Remember Her at Christinas with a good looking new handbag . . . and your wise judgment and good taste will certainly .score a hit. Our wide variety of distinctive new styles, in every favorite material of the season, will make it easy for you to choose exactly the right purse to harmonize with any outfit. You'll marvel at these unusual values! DAMON'S MAIN FLOOR MEN'S SETS A gift men appreciate. The useful gift. A set composed of talc, shavinp cream, lotion, aoap and styptic pencil. * 95c ? *^ -* ^ - JtM$ Cosmetic Dcpt,--Mnln Floor LADIES' F L A N N E L R O B E S Smavtly man-tailored flannel robes in a wide range of new color combinations. A g i f t any girl would lovo. $5 90 to $S0 50 Velveteen Robes ;md Pajamas DAMON'S SF.CONI) FI.OOK MEN'S SHIRTS Urand new shipment. All u R E i u t l f u l patterns. Starched cuffs anil collnr. 1 ;, ready for wear. Guaranteed fast colors. DAMON'S, I n c . D A M O N ' S M A I N FLOOR

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